8h Declined for Mythic because I am Shadow I'm over it. Done. I give up.Pennyplague28 8h
8h Need help with Shadow So I'm leveling my shadow priest alt and would like some advice. 1. What's the AoE rotation? Personally, I think it should be DoT everything up then mind sear, but that feels horribly inefficient, especially if I try to put Vampiric Touch on everything. Even just putting SW:P on all targets, Mind Sear seems like a waste of time. Unless I can hit at least half a dozen target, it feels like it can't outdamage single target instant spells like void bolt or SW:D, never mind the awful insanity generation. So, how do you AoE? 2. Do shadow priests really have no ability to help survival other than a pitiful PW:S, Shadow Mend and VT? And I don't count Dispersion since not only was the damage reduction buff nerfed like crazy (90% to 60%, you essentially take 4 times more damage than you used to during Dispersion), but the fact that you can't cast spells during it means that unless you have that trait which causes it to heal you over its duration, all you can do during it is watch your DoTs tick, meaning you're barely doing more than delaying the inevitable. The fact that not having any damage during it other than DoTs cuts YOUR damage by way more than 60% doesn't help. Not much of an issue for group content, but I find myself having a lot of trouble soloing content which I breezed through on this rogue and my DH, and which I would no doubt breeze through on my ret paladin, WW monk or affliction warlock as well. I mean between the weak AoE and having not only low survivability, but having to stop attacking entirely to defend yourself, shadow feels like it has very little soloing potential, never mind how much of a liability it is in PVP. Psychic Scream is little help, especially when soloing as the mobs you get off you with it tend to come back with friends. 3. Last talent tier, what should I pick? I really don't want to pick StM, the guaranteed death mechanic sounds absolutely idiotic in any setting other than a raid boss, and even then it's only worth using towards the end of the fight, never mind what happens if the boss can make itself invulnerable for ten seconds while it talks about how this is just going to be a set back or something. Like if you pop it on Renf and she flies to another platform, how the hell do you not die then? Meanwhile, Legacy of the Void is a monument to uselessness and Mind Spike is apparently a downgrade from Mind Flay while taking away our only snare. Am I missing something here? Do I not understand how these talents work? Thank you in advance for the help. And please keep qq out of this. I'm painfully aware that shadow has issues, your "shadow is bad just reroll" post is not welcome.Herménégil2 8h
8h Power Word: You Heard Me Welcome to the latest Power Word: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been following in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic guidelines: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. Don't feed the trolls. If people make threads to complain about our discussion thread, just ignore them. If you must post, make a reasonable post explaining the benefits of community threads and leave it at that. Otherwise, we gain nothing and just make ourselves look bad to the moderators. 5. Can't get enough of the Priest community? Join us on IRC! IRC info: #powerword Discuss: What are your favorite toys to use? I'm surprised I don't see around the order hall more often.Constance360 8h
8h Why complain about DISC? I am a casual Raider, I have always done PvP. I cleared the nightmare raid on normal 2 times in a 15 man group with 3 healers (MW and Rdruid). I was either #1 or within 20k HpS of #1. The only addon I am using is DBM and I pulled ~200k HpS and 70k - 100k Dps. I think that this spec is amazing! Some Dps in our group was doing 130k Dps and as a healer topping healing charts I was "competing" with some of the Dps. People say its hard to play but all you do is spot heal the raid with shadow mend and then plea and PW: Shield the tanks and do your damage rotation. I guess my Ilvl is a little high (852) but regardless the other healers are about the same. I don't understand why people are saying this class is "hard" or "under-performing". From my experiences neither of those statements are true. PvP is another issue though.Nìck3 8h
8h Shadow priest and melee pvp How do you shadow priests deal with melee in pvp? Any tips? i find i'm just riding a melee train all day and having to hardcast all day into interrupts or just sit and take it. My shield last 1-2 globals and fear or mindbomb does nothing as melee can hop right back on me within a global.Dhunterz14 8h
8h Heroic EN Spriest Is it just me or is it very hard to pull required DPS for heroic bosses (at least before the end of the fight). I would love to speak to a few top tier spriests in game for a few pointers to see if I'm doing things wrong. By the end of the fight I'm usually ok (being a tail end burst spec) but its difficult explaining this to a raid group trying to progress on a boss when we are not consistently getting sub-35% and they are looking for the weak links.Trino6 8h
8h How to not OOM as Disc in raids? Healing 5mans up to Mythic +5 has been no problem at all as Disc, but when it comes to raids, I'm finding that I'm just burning through my mana in no time. I'm talking, even at 850 ilvl, on Normal mode raid bosses, I'm completely OOM (potion and all) when the boss is still at 20-30%. Other healers don't seem to have mana issues, and as Holy I don't really have mana issues (usually OOM just as the boss dies), but Disc burns my mana bar so fast, even when I'm using PWR very sparingly. How exactly is one supposed to not OOM? Even just using Plea/Smite/PtW with the occasional Penance and very sparing PWR, I'm OOMing way faster than any other healer.Vook10 8h
8h Spriest placement on recent Warcraft logs #6 overall, and within spitting distance of the highest-damage mage spec. Historically, this has not lasted long. But it's pretty darn good as of right now... Edit: apologies for giving the news! I thought people would be happy spriests were doing much better. I guess not?Poetess18 8h
9h Disc buff suggestion. I don't play disc very often due to being dps and holy is better, but when I do it's fun. I can see the lack of healing and I may have a solution to it. Bring back the old heal players automatically when you DMG something but in a lesser form and give disc a spell kinda like prayer of healing but puts a stronger atonement on the healed targets. This will help with aoe healing so much in my opinion.Polô1 9h
10h Holy Artifact weapon Came here to see why there hasn't been any fixing to the Priest Holy Artifact weapon. The numbers on the add that may or may not come out in a fight is complete garbage, not only that the tank is able to out heal it with a single spell that was used only one time in the entire encounter. All the other classes are being tuned which is fine which is needed, but if the key weapon for a holy priest is a stat stick and a crappy add that pops up on trash more often than in a boss encounter there really needs to be some adjustments made in regards to this ARTIFACT BEING BROKEN. Why is this not being addressed??? Why is the spec to be Disc??? You wanted diversity among the about an effect that idk does more than a 100k heal, holy orbs that fall off fully healed caused by renewed targets would've been a great idea to add to uniqueness. Rant Complete. Add more if you like, maybe a #makepicklesgreatagain P.S. we named the add pickles, just wanted to add that since i can.Omegapain20 10h
11h No more voidform Tentacles? Anyone else notice this? Lame.Hurgleburgle30 11h
12h Any luck finding Twisted Reflection? Anyone have any luck finding this Shadow artifact hidden skin? I've tried looking in places in which were strong with Old God lore, possibly looking for a 110 mob in a lowbie zone, but no such luck.Alistair7 12h
13h Shadow recomendations These are just some ideas for shadow and disc i'd like to share in hopes that blizz might be inspired. First off I'd like to address AoE spells and potential. 1)Mindsear baseline -3sec cast or channel time 8-10yd radius -deals 3 ticks of dmg, each tick causing a corruptive debuff -debuff amplifies the critical strike chance of all shadow dmg(10/20/30%) I believe Mindsear should reward a Dot playstyle while also being intuitive. This will reward maintaining DoTs and debuffs on as many targets as possible. 2) Shadow Word: Void (reworked) -deals dmg to one target and triggers a void rift -void rift causes any target within 10yds affected by SW:P to erupt -void rift consumes SW:P One thing Shadow lacks right now is any kind of front loaded dps and I think SW:V should be reworked and it is already clunky to our single target rotation and could fit very well as an AoE burst option. 3)Mindspike (reworked) -Mindblast and Mindsear embed Mindspikes in targets -Mindspikes deal shadowfrost dmg over time and slow targets by 50% -Mindspike dmg is refreshed by voidbolt and each target can have up to 3 Mindspikes active Mindspike in its current form is also clunky and I think there is so much potential in changing it to a DoT or a Proc rather than another hard cast spell. Onto talents now... 1) Mania -Consume insanity to increase your movement speed by 60% -depletes 10 insanity every 1 sec with a 30sec cd Usable in leveling, pvp, and raiding for a cost 2) Shadow infusion (power infusion reworked) - grants 100 insanity, 20%haste, 75% insanity generation, and allows you to cast while moving for 20sec - 2min cd This will allow Shadowpriests to have a worthy cd for both pve and pvp that focuses mainly on single target dps and opening burst. 3) Legacy of the Void -voidform usuable at 70 insanity -voidbolts reduce cd of void torrent by 1sec -increases void torrent dmg x_% A competitive tier 100 talent that favors longer fights and a smooth rotation.Dasumia1 13h
13h No Shadow Love for Relics? Every day since I've unlocked World Quests, all I've ever seen as a reward as far as relics go is either Holy or Disc. What is up with that?Trixxz22 13h
13h Hearthglen Annals of Light and Shadow Why is this only obtainable by one person an hour? Didn't Blizz learn their lesson from the Kosumoth orbs? QQ etc etcArstra36 13h
15h Do Spriest get recognition in the campaign? I really dig all the Old God/Void stuff and was thinking about leveling my Shadow Priest to play through their campaign, but wasn't sure if it was mostly about the Light side of priests or a balance of the two. Without any spoilers, can someone just tell me if it goes into the Void kind of stuff?Senjougahara3 15h
15h Druids: Recruiting Come where the grass is greener, where the development team listens to your concerns---where the paladins don't have to rescue you like a stranded puppy. A class that provides you mobility and results in raid. If you are facing burnout---and you're going for the unsub button before you go, give druids a try---I'm thrilled with my choice. The druid class is definitely willing to accept any priests that don't want to be priests any more. It is a solid community that is like priests used to be. I've never felt more welcomed. I know you love trash and idiots who stand in trash mechanics. I know you've always wanted to do a stealth run. I know this because I was once a priest. Druids make those stealth runs happen. They don't happen by magic. You don't have to kill everything to just get to one mob or loot item. Sick of getting tab targeted down in pvp? Stay stealthed. Pop out for a healing surprise. It isn't perfect solution, but it is change. Lets talk about the class design. Druids forums get blue responses. Priest forums; they don't even know you exist. Next patch, you'll get tool tip changes or more 'balance.' Shadow ramps like the short bus and it's a ton of work for no reason. Holy has been gutted, has no tank cooldown, and awful mobility. Disc got all the cool toys and they took away your fun shields. And Discipline...I see you folks out there trying to make a go of it. I respect your skill. I suspect, if I gave you a bandage launcher you'd still be able to heal mythic+. You are absolutely better than me. But, you'd be absolutely better than me and not gimping yourself if you were a druid. It is absolutely time for a change. I hope I have motivated you to just take a look. If you make a character on Madoran, I'll help you level. Sometimes you just have to move on to the next thing. And, if they turn around and see a mass exodus of priests to ---everywhere else like a sinking ship, maybe they'll address it. Maybe they won't. This is a game. And, I was where you are. I legitimately was upset about changes. Does it matter? No. Stop torturing yourself. The grass is legitimately greener on the other side. Most respectfully a former priest.Yrene14 15h
16h No tentacles I was on my priest and I noticed I didn't have any wiggly tentacles sticking out of me.. Is this a bug? I can't imagine it being a problem or anyone complaining about it. It didn't clutter the screen or look terrible or anything. It gave the class a lot of flavor and looked especially cool with CttV procs This can't be intentional...right? Bc if it is Blizzard and I are fighting. Be at the flag pole, 3pm sharp.Gonger2 16h
16h Where are the voidform tentacles? They don't pop out anymore at 15 stacks.Malficious2 16h
16h Voidform Tentacles Not Spawning I wrote an in-game bug report, but I'd just like to be thorough. Please fix this bug. The Tentacles are literally the best part of the spec for me, visually.Alistair12 16h
16h Shadow Priest DPS is still garbage Even after the tiny buff, I am still pulling about 170~180k single target dps without S2M. At Item level 850. That is pathetic. I had a little hope and decided to give it another chance with the changes, but it changed nothing. ALL of our damage needs to be buffed significantly, and S2M removed or changed into something -completely- different for Shadow Priests to be viable.Seraphimon73 16h
16h Is Disc in a bad place or do I suck? I'm currently ilvl 817, doing heroics. Nothing major. I feel as if no matter how much damage I'm doing (rotation as per Icy Veins' guide) and now matter how well I keep Atonement out, I'm ALWAYS falling behind on healing when there's AOE damage going out. Worse still, once I fall behind, I have almost no options for bringing everyone back up to full, so everyone is constantly on the brink of death. This doesn't feel right... I've been healing since Vanilla WoW and something is very wrong here. I just can't tell if it's something I'm doing or something wrong with the class.Annella100 16h
16h Dying way too fast in meele? I absolutely love my shadow priest. It is my main toon and I have played since wrath of lich King. Don't get me wrong I do love the offense part of this class I love void form and how they changed it around. It's much more fun of a class to play. I wish the class had more mobility like a Mage does though. Now the only problem I have and the big issue I noticed when the legion patch came out was the defense of the shadow priest dropped extremely.. Since they took away the shadow form buff that increased armor by 100%. We have nothing for armor now. Even in pve you can watch your health jump down as your getting hit. And shadow word shield is almost pointless now cause anytime you take a good hit it drops your shield and exposed you. And you have to keep applying it and applying it but you still take the damage. This has weakened the shadow priest class tremendously. I do pvp that's the main thing I do and I love it. But I get so frustrated when I do cause the shadow priest doesn't stand a chance against meele, hunters, pets anything like that. I'm at 825 item level right now and it's still the same like when I was leveling. I hoped that my defense would get better as I geared up but it didn't. Don't get me wrong my priest does great damage. Right know I'm just trying to make my class as mobile as possible so I can run and cast spells at the same time so some rogue can't come up and from behind me. Blizzard you really need to do something about this asap! Iv had tons of people telling me how they don't stand a chance against meele cause of the defense of the shadow priest class. All classes are suppose to be fair. There isn't suppose to be 1 class that's stronger or better then the other. Yes all classes are different but equal enough to where it's fair for everybody who knows how to play and has good gear on. I have never had this problem before on other expansions. But this is just horrible. I mean it's to the point I can't even pvp my favorite class and I can't do anything. Guys if your having this problem as well try to make your class as mobile as possible. Like a Mage. so you can run and cast spells at the same time. We all need to reach out to blizzard and let them know they have to do something to the defense of the shadow priest. And make it fair for spell casters and meele. I feel like shadow priest got !@#$ed over on this expansion when they changed the classes. I do love void form and the offense of the class but defense has to be fixed. If you guys also love your shadow priest and enjoy pvp let's let blizzard know this isn't going to fly. If you guys have the same issue or figured out a way to fight meele comment below for others who are having trouble with the class.Saluud2 16h
17h How to get used to the class? I am pretty basic to shadow priesting and find it interesting and at the same time confusing. So wait, priest whole damage viability is dependent on its aim to stay in void form? So instead of focusing on game play there is a constant looming danger of falling out of the form ? Do you guys and girls like that? Seriously (this isn't complaint) I am just wondering, do you enjoy that particular mechanic? I don't know any other class that is dependent on being in some form. The spell casting seems to be confusing compared to mage and warlock. I can never "figure" it out for some reason, I always hit the wall with the shadow priest. I really tried to learn and guides seem to be also not straightforward. I don't need a mathematical evaluation of spell damage priority listing.. Can someone explain a gameplay in more humanly readable way?Ariæl8 17h
17h Disc in Review: Emerald Nightmare So, I'm going to start off with saying that yes, I indeed was able to clear normal EN with quite some ease and also progress on Heroic Nythendra very well. (which isn't a disc's forte due to the reluctance to stack w/ Rot.) We've gotten her down to 7% ~ with a full raid team up @ enrage multiple times, so we just need to get our dps up a lot to start moving forward in heroic. My core team had a few, well a decent amount of under-geared outliers that we are working on before our 2nd progression night. The Good 1. A lot of the boss fights play out to a disc's strengths. Ill'gynoth, for instance, when we are stacked on the eye killing the oozes. Two more notable moments are Ursoc when we are stacked in two groups swapping charge stacks and Xavius when we are stacking on the afflicted member to spread the DMG. I had bursts of 400k HPS. 2. Mana was KINDA, not an issue, but a change of playstyle was in order. PW:R was used exclusively w/ Innervate and rarely w/ Power Infusion. I had to resort to using rapture to get 6-8 shields out and then a radiance into schism -> LW for intense raid wide healing at AoE intensive phases. All other times I was spot healing with Shadow Mend + Pleas and dpsing for filler while casting an occasional PW:R if needed. There is also some bad points from this however that I will discuss further down. 3. Dmg Mitigation is king. You may not top the meters but you will definitely be bringing effective mitigation to your tank and raid when needed and used correctly. (Pain Supp/PW:B) 4. Fade!!!! If you are in your Artifact Weap deep and picked up the passive dmg reduc from using fade, use that spell liberally! 13% dmg reduc on a 30s cooldown is freebie survivability. The Bad 1. The Level 90 talent row. I'm not sure what else to say but utterly useless options. CoW is a noobtrap. Divine Star is meh, I can't justify the mana cost and cd for the pitiful numbers, input->output is horribly skewed. I've been resorting to Halo for raid healing. I have a couple ideas for this row that could make it more intersting. CoW - All other variables of the spell constant, as long as the barrier persists on a target, all SHADOW MENDS casted on the target will cause the barrier to chip off holy light, applying atonement for 2/3rds THE DURATION (10s) to 2 - 4 nearby allies within 40 yds. Divine Star + Halo - All other variables of the spell constant, the abilites also apply atonement for HALF the duration. (7.5s) 2. So the mana issue. If you are accustomed to your 5 man mythic and mythic+ healing rotations, you will quickly learn when casting more than 1-2 PW:R then doing your dps rotation and seeing your mana pool 50%~... The ability as a whole is useful at rare moments. The mana cost, 71,500 coupled with a 2s~ (haste dependent) cast time is a priest mechanic that is akin to shooting yourself in the foot. I believe it would be better to maybe cut the mana cost down to 30,000-45,000 range and removing ALL HEALING it provides (only provides atonement) and a cast time of 1.60~ base would be a good route to take. Conclusion Now I know this forum seems to attract individuals who scorn the Disc as witches and burn us at a stake. Knowing that I invite anyone to provide their experiences and add their opinions, we are all entitled to them. However, don't be delusional. Blizzard, a multi-billion dollar company, a company I believe is truly invested in their community and thrives solely on that connection they keep with us; Would NOT design a class and outcast their playerbase and individuals who live by the Disc spec through thick and thin by making them "UNPLAYABLE", "100% USELESS", "PROVIDE NO BENEFITS WHAT SO EVER". Just be real, there are talented individuals at those offices with teams assigned to every class and I'm 100% sure that a class that truly was "useless and provided no benefits what so ever" would NOT make it through the entirety of the WoW team. Cheers :DCillo21 17h
18h Disc Priest Destroyed In Legion It seems to be a failed weak version of a druid. They won't out-heal any other class, nor will they out-dps any other class. It's a shame, I've got all classes to 100 except my shaman, and this is the only spec I enjoyed playing with....gone.Verrigan240 18h
18h Aff vs Shadow i have always played the DoT style classes cant make my mind up at all in legion to play i always main either a unholy dk / spriest or aff more so spriest then aff but the new changes with void form in things it seems like im losing luster for spriest any more but the complaining about aff on fourms ... as well as shadow is making it hard to decide between the 2 from what i gathered tho Shadow priest - better for ST sustained dps? Aff - is better for mythic + in multidotting? but bad at sustained st hard to find anything out with nothing but whining on both ends of them if you talk to ppl that main them.Ðemonicsøul1 18h
18h Sorry for the sh*tpost... Can anyone edit this video so that instead of coding he is using Surrender to Madness during the execute phase? 18h
19h addons I am curious what addons people might suggest for disc. I use grid2 for my druid. But I can't get grid to show what characters have atonement in their box. It seems like that would be helpful. Are there any addons that help with this?Lluthien6 19h
19h Healing Then and Now I come from an era where healing a person was usually a two to three spells and you're done affair. A tank drops low? No problem. DPS in the fire? No sweat. (Ha. Get it? Sweat? Fire? Heat? omgplskillmenao) I healed through heroics as disc. Didn't have that many issues. Then I decided to up the ante with Arcway. And oh lawd. What the hell. I couldn't stop thinking that the Blizzard mind set has become, "Oh okay! So huge amounts of unavoidable AoE damage is epic, right? RIGHT?!" I spec'd Holy because RNG gave my Holy weapon a higher ilevel and I had about the same amount of traits filled out on it. But oh boy. It sure didn't take long for things to collapse. It felt like I spent most of the time screaming at the monitor for people to not die as my "4" key (Flash of Light) was pounded into oblivion as people were getting their faces ripped off by deranged elves, elf ghosts and marauding legion. I guess the issue I'm having is, it feels like our heals don't keep up with the health pools. I can understand the idea of anticipating damage, that's fine. But when the group is eating 500k damage for "reasons" and that's a few casts to heal. I have to wonder, is anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer damage?Kratheros9 19h
19h Divine Star - From fire to throw Divine Star throws a Divine Star forward 24 yds, healing allies in its path for [ 1 + 90% of Spell Power ] and dealing [ 1 + 145% of Spell Power ] Holy damage to enemies. After reaching its destination, the Divine Star returns to you, healing allies and damaging enemies in its path again. 100 yd range. Instant. The only thing changed is the wording of "fire" to "throw" Can someone fill me on the point of this change?Confushissay9 19h
19h Maybe these hotfixes are required? Maybe they are getting everything ready for a major spec overhaul in 7.1? I guess im just trying to convince myself not to drop the spec... I like shadow so much but we already are a liability for mythic+ groups, i cant imagine after these changes drop :CBabil6 19h
20h QQ Disc Priest Ok, so this isn't actually a QQ post at all. I actually don't mind the current state of disc save for one thing that seems very flawed to me. I'm having trouble with trash packs with multiple mobs, or those bad pulls where 2 groups come (a good healer should be able to heal through that with a lot of effort), or just tons of AoE damage. But as disc, that much damage on multiple people is hard to get through. Yes yes, I know, per-atonement people, but atonement doesn't last THAT long and it falls off half way through a pull. My suggestion for this: Instead of power word: radiance being a distance heal, make it a smart heal or a 4 person heal (with less healing done) that will target people without atonement first. I'm seeing this spell continually cast on people at full health that already have atonement. So I'm getting maybe 2 max atonements applied with it. I've had times where I cast it 3 times just to get the whole group atonemented. I would be ok even if it was a 5 person group heal that cost a butt ton of mana. Otherwise, I'm spending WAY too much time using my super weak "group heal" and not actually DPSing to get those big heals out that people actually need to not fall over dead. To keep with the idea of disc, maybe even making it a super small/kinda expensive (50k ish) shield with atonement on the group would feel nice. And yes, i know you can use rapture, but that's still 5 GCDs. Still way too much time. Maybe barrier could apply atonement (that would probably never work in raids)? I really feel like this would fix the issues that I know a lot of discs are running into in 5 mans. I'm sure it's a none issue in raids (honestly I haven't even gotten that far because 5 mans are discouraging me.) Anyway, I do love disc, so don't think I'm crying about having to DPS. I have taken lots of time to practice that part of it and I'm fairly confident with it. It's just those oh crap everyone is dieing moments that I feel incredibly weak. Hope this is seen as constructive!Missix18 20h
20h Best Disc Priest Xmog? Coolest priest xmog set? I'm a big fan of the Avatar set.Exaedius19 20h
20h Idea to fix Holy in PVP So to start off - don't tell me to spec disc. I used to like disc until it got turned into the ret*rd f**kfest it is now. The problem - Every keyboard drooling spastic CCs you constantly (spell lock when you only have ONE school is CC). Demonhunters are a big chunk of the problem because they can casually CC you in just about every way possible because I guess that makes sense or something, lol flavor of the month.. The only time you can actually cast a spell is when you are dead. I take improved death because the other two talents are a waste of time and only there as an IQ test. The fix is simple - give me a button that instantly kills me. That way I can at least do my job for 30 seconds. Right now I have to wait 8-10 seconds to die before I can actually play my character. That is time I could be healing if I were dead. I have also considered removing all my gear so that I die faster and thus reduce the time I spend useless. The only problem is that I can't keep up with the heals. Maybe Blizzard could remove all stamina from our PVP stat allocation, that would help a lot (and no versatility too, cause it only takes me 5% longer to die). The sad thing is, I am actually serious. Having a button to instantly kill myself would be a massive buff to my group PVP effectiveness. I would be surprised by the state of the game being like this, but beastcleave has already happened.Ayran5 20h
22h Atonement Question Does atonement debuff applied from another disc priest's spell count toward my atonement heal?Gratiae2 22h
22h Shadow Priest buff inc? Apparently Shadow Form is coming back, 10% dmg increase + dmg reduction?? 22h
22h Artifact Traits With the recent changes is there any reason to change the artifact route for Shadow?Trìverce1 22h
22h Disc Trinkets? What sort of trinkets should I be using as Disc. At the moment I'm using two static int / haste ones from WQ but I'm not sure which I should be aiming for in Emerald Nightmare. Should I use one healer trink and one dps one?Moistwoman18 22h
23h Shadow Priest - Feedback Hi spriests, I am a player who has mained a shadow for the last 7 years. Been in it through the good and the bad. I can say that in legion we are easily the worst we have ever been, yes we got a tiny buff but in our current state a buff of about 30% across the board is needed for every damaging spell just to put us even with other DPS classes. I don't quite know why or how blizzard released shadow to live the way it is. I'm looking for constructive feedback from people on what changes they would like to see, and please keep it realistic. So take a walk with me into the void and resist to Surrender to this Madness. EDIT: posting from my DH alt.Naethrorn6 23h
23h LotV or MS? Is legacy of the void better or mind spike and if mind spike is do i wait until i have 10 stacks to use mind blast or so i use mind blast on cooldown.Àbyss4 23h
23h Shadow PvP legion thoughts So I'd like to say I haven't gotten into PvP yet (although I will soon) and I've seen alot of the hate for spriest in PvP. A couple thoughts on the class that I think would make it pretty good. One thing I'd like to emphasize is that StM allows you to cast while moving OUT OF void form as well as in. This added with 30% dmg honor talent at max insanity and 20% movement speed at max insanity seems pretty good. That's basically a shamans spirit walk that lasts 3 minutes which is great. And then of course when we need to push for insane damage we can just pop void form. Obviously this isn't a great approach in rbgs as StM has a 10 min CD but it seems like it would work for 2s/3s. Idk, thoughts? And plz don't turn this into a "blizzard needs to change x to y or allow x to do" thread. We all have ideas on how spells could be better, but let's talk about what we can do with our current kit. Suggestions/tips on cool tricks/play styles welcome :)Cróssblesser0 23h
1d Holy power Hi guys, returning player here. Ive always enjoyed healing as a holy priest and have a question about the class as it stands now. From what I see spirit has gone the way of the dodo. Is there a stat that helps us regain mana like spirit did or any other way to passivly speed up your mana regen other than the enlightenment talent?Seeba1 1d
1d 7.1 Shadow Form Request Hi all you shadow priests. Now that we have a moment to breath thanks to Blizz's Sept 26th patch changes, I thought we could talk a bit about the 7.1 Shadow Form return. My Thoughts I know there has been debates about some wanting shadow form to return in a way that is removable for the cosmetic feel and those that don't want to keep reapplying it after death or even the possibility of accidently turning it off. Not sure if this has been brought up yet but, I propose Blizzard should implement shadow form with the option to be toggled into an auto-cast. There have been abilities that utilized this in the past where you are able to left click the ability to cast it on or off but also to Right click the ability and set it as an auto-cast. This left/right click functionality should appease both parties. Those that want it off would have that option though disabling the auto cast and self casting it on/off as they like. But those that don't want the hassle of ever needing to cast it would be able to set Shadow Form as an auto-cast and they wouldn't have to worry about it again. Closing Remark Let me know what everyone thinks about this and if any Devs would like to confirm or deny this implementation that would also be great. TL:DR Make Shadow Form castable on off with left click but allow an auto cast functionality with right click.Fatherlewis15 1d
1d Disc Priest: Spec Inconsistency I've played disc almost exclusively since Legion came out and in some other expansions. I think we're in a pretty good place overall. However, there are two main problems. 1. In any high incoming damage fight with people taking unpredictable damage, our spec devolves into Shadow Mend spam with Penance on cool down. This means any challenging content. People always take random damage (standing in fire). You as a priest have no control over their actions. This is awful and boring and inconsistent with our spec fantasy. 2. Our Mastery effect is useless. It's not enough and is completely ignored when casting Shadow Mend. Heck, I would rather have Penance on a longer cooldown against Tormentum than Shadow Mend. Since no complaint should be given without a solution: Tweak mastery so that, when geared properly, single target healing when casting Smite is equivalent to or better than casting Shadow Mend. This means maybe scale the effect of mastery down logarithmically to where it is now with respect to the number of atonements active. This would make Shadow Mend an unappealing option but still important to have when spell locked or when you have a lot of atonments out and only the tank is taking damage or there's nothing to hit. I'm basically saying to make our Mastery stat good which it is not currently. The stat priorities are Haste > Crit > Mastery > Versatility in raids and Haste > Crit > Versatility >>>>>>>>> Mastery in dugeons. For most specs, improving mastery means reinforcing class fantasy. If you want to see where you have a problem with class fantasy start by looking at where Mastery is in stat priorities (more of a heuristic than an indicator). This is a bonus suggestion in case you implement the above: Implement an ability that clears all atonements and returns mana for each atonement cleared. This would help manage atonements and make you not feel like crap when removing them.Ancienne25 1d
1d Schism vs Castigation Greetings. I have been noticing a lot of people favoring Schism and I wanted to pose a question or two. Now I know in perfect world where you were able to cast schism every 6 seconds it would be a slight hps increase, it immediately makes me think that is unrealistic and questioning mana issues in mythic and beyond. Schism, from the napkin math I've seen is more heals per second in a perfect world but not more heals per mana. This leads me to think that either there are no future mana issues or it is not being used on cooldown. Are people taking it for more of a burst? I see in 5 mans most are taking grace which indicates a notion of direct healing a fair amount instead of atonement which wastes the buff of schism so wouldn't Castigation pull ahead assuming you can at least Penance on cooldown?Lanthos5 1d
1d Shadow, if only.. (this will be ranty) If I could only stand in one place and dot 12 mobs in the blink of an eye... If only that I'd feel a tinsy bit better about playing shadow. And now that I have no tentacles I don't even get to look cool. Thanks Blizz. Just got out of Archway and every time I got into voidform move, move, move,, voidform gone and no dps during it. Boss and mechanics shut me down every time. Can't have me doing decent dps. Was so tired of trying to dot everything up I just sat there and mind flayed with abysmal results. I was down with tank a few times. Of course the hunter and monk tore !@#$ up. Not to say it's all bad because I have been near top for EN pug runs but this is just too much damn work for such crap results and frustration. Started my mage last night and made him fire which I never have played before. Read up on playstyle and then went in and devastated dungeons and was blowing stuff up easily. Haven't brought my MM hunter in but I'd expect the same. My deathknight, can pull stuff like there is no tomorrow and then I can read a novel while mobs "try" to kill me. What's that Blizz?? You want me to take S2M and if I don't get shut down and die I might be able to catch up with other top dps in raid. What else Blizz? Oh yeah, you keep giving me holy and life crap in WQ so really I should give up shadow and go heal....?? F you Blizz. Suck mah big fat one you muthas.... Challenge is ok but near constant frustration just is no gd fun. And no, I am not going to spend every damn waking moment leveling another alt in the hopes you don't make it suck also. You and your damn AP and other gated crap <flys one finger salute> Sorry for the pointless rant.. Going to disengage from this game for a while me thinks and watch forums to see if this crap gets fixed. Le'sigh....Idolator6 1d
1d Only getting Holy/Life relics? Is my RNG terrible? I've been doing the WQ every single day since about 4 days after launch and have never gotten a Blood relic :( It's *always* Holy or Life.Alexis3 1d
1d A legacy of shadow Greetings fellow shadow priests. Let me start by saying that I am by no means an expert when it comes to our class. I do not number crunch or do any of that sim-crafting theory. Now then. I started WoW back in vanilla. I was a mage. I was in my 40s. Then I discovered pvp. I've always loved pvp in other games. So i did a LOT of pvp as a fire mage in the 40-49 bracket. Over a period of time I started seeing this "priest" decked in shadow. What was that I asked? Everyone said to kill him. Boy was he tough! I learned eventually that if I stayed 21+ yards from him he couldn't, ahem, "melt my face off" with mind flay. cool was he? So then I was "shown the shadow" and converted to a shadow priest. I love the class and the idea behind them. I loved back in vanilla stacking shadoweave armor for + shadow damage and sacrificing intellect gear to really destroy people in a few spells. The only downside was my mana pool, but once I learned to manage that - the sky was the limit. I've always been shadow. I dabbled with discipline a little in BC for arenas - but always had shadow as my main spec. I've grown with the changes in the class with each expansion that came out. I would have to say that my second favorite "redesign" was in Warlords. We've never had great mobility - so to be able to have a few spells instant cast and to use clever footwork/items to make oneself a formidable pvp opponent was quite rewarding. Which brought me to thinking: Why did shadow lose so much utility from WoD? =Spectral guise, I think, synced well with the idea of a shadow. Phasing in and out. It allowed for a quick getaway or for an offensive surprise. = Old dispersion. Now I know we get the 90% dmg mitigation back with talents - but we've had it at 90% for so long. Why did we backtrack to being given a lesser form? Also I enjoyed the minor speed boost it gave. It allowed me a chance to get away from melee to set up a possible short CC with my horror and nets from tailoring. =Angelic feathers. I understand that the idea of an "angelic" anything in shadow makes no sense. So losing this was understandable. I wish they had given disperse some type of move enhancing ability to compensate. =Psychic horror. Another oldie now gone. Our Psychic scream should be a base 30 seconds. I would love to see psychic horror come back and have it consume insanity to use and talented have it refund insanity like it did with orbs. Anyway. I am rambling a bit. I hope it gets better with honor talents. I want to be feared again. I don't feel that way right now. I feel that if an engineer beams a flashlight at me I will disperse ( no pun intended ) and disappear like the boogie man under a child's bed that doesn't exist. Stay wokeNazzgul2 1d
1d Legion:Disc Not Viable in Higher End Content? From a developer interview with Towelliee, SpartySmallwood, and Slootbag: ... So the spec has been made far more complicated than holy - which is described as being one of the most "accessible" healers - and is only viable at low level content? That doesn't sound promising for disc.Dliver36 1d