1d Heroic Xavius Pulled him about 10-15 times last night. Very fun fight have to be much more conscious of the corruption mechanic. Got him down to 40%~ multiple times; it makes me cringe cause I believe that the 30% burn phase where we stack and do the BDDeeps is where I could make game changer burst HPS to keep us alive as long as possible with my CDs.. Anyone else make parses with this encounter? i had some issues on the pulls when I wasn't a dreamer early on in the fight so I could blow my load in dream form and get a fresh reset later on. Seems rng can really mess up my performance.Cillo0 1d
1d Disc spec before changes. I miss it. Used to be my main. Just can't do it anymore. I'm a Monk.Pokemonk1 1d
1d Ornyx, the morale of Priests is..dark. Given the changes to shadow, some welcomed, some definately not welcomed, has caused a legitamate uproar in our community. Also, Discipline wasn't addressed at all, nothing. This is extremely upsetting. Surely there has to be SOMETHING that can be done for disc and shadow priests that show that our feedback is being relayed back to the developers? I know you're our "waiter" per say, and don't make any of the changes in the food (development), but it seems as though our feedback is not being listened to, and it's very disheartening. Any communication would be greatly appreciated, thanks Ornyx.Vollux15 1d
1d I'm glad Shadow was nerfed, and I think they should nerf Shadow more - and I vote.Constance3 1d
1d How To Raid in EN post Nerf Drop professions, Pick up herbalism and Alchemy. When you team is raiding Farm herbs and make potions for mages and warlocks. Cause you know they're the caster master classesTalentsqt4 1d
1d Just make Masochism mandatory That would explain why i'm still playing this character despite knowing that Blizz doesn't like it when Spriests are above average in dps. Only with StM of course. Its perfectly fine if were bottom of the barrel with Legacy.Aldanis1 1d
1d I will unsub if the shadow nerfs go through. I never post on the forms and I sure as heck hate quitting posts, but I've put weeks into this class that I love and we are getting utterly destroyed tuesday. We could only compete for the top 3 spots on 2ish raid bosses prior to the nerf . This was with S2M. Without S2M we are nowhere near competitive in any aspect of the game. Now we are seeing a massive 50% nerf to mass hysteria which is the only thing that kept S2M viable. So now we will be completely outclassed and we kill ourselves to do 3/4 the dps of anyone else on 2 raid fights. I will stress again, we have put weeks into our class/spec and blizzard said they would not gut any classes. Why did they even think we needed a nerf? If there was a buff to our other 2 level 100 talents I could understand this, but in the absence of this, we are not viable at all in any aspect (aoe, single target, 3-target cleave). What is going on here? I would love to stay subbed and continue enjoying my gimmicky, but sometimes effective shadow priest. Please, reconsider this wildly inappropriate kneejerk reaction. extremely disgruntled and may even retreat back into the void, PigsanityThefinalboss63 1d
1d Regarding Shadow Priest Nerf "The overall goal of these changes is to buff up some underperforming specs while also reining in a couple of over-performers, without dramatically changing anyone’s playstyle or causing them to feel as though the spec they chose to focus on became the wrong choice." This is literally a gameplay change: Voidform stacks no longer increase while Dispersion and Void Torrent are active.Valial11 1d
1d Disc in Mythic+ I want to hear other Discs experiences in these. I'm not getting invited to them by my guildies because I am disc and I want to figure out a way to make it work. With talents, etc.Moistwoman11 1d
1d regarding recent nerfs I came back to wow after quitting back in lich king largely because of shadow priests. here was a class that looked fun, challenging and had the possibility to put out huge amounts of damage if played right. the downside? if you messed up you died.. and we're terrible at aoe which is most of 5 man content. from a class fantasy stand point it hit the nail on the head. we sacrifice everything for an old god and in return we become insanely powerful for a short while.. Now not only do they remove part of the synergy that was our rotation but they dramatically reduce the damage the best of us (and by extension the rest of us) can do. there was so many ways they could've handled this without just nerfing us to next to uselessness. they could've made s2m a baseline talent and created a 100 talent in its place that buffed our aoe at the cost of single target dps, they coud've played with the baseline damage of our dots to bring mh more into line if it was getting to op. basically they nerfed us because the best of us where godly at the class instead of saying "hey those guys are very good but the balance of sp's arn't near those numbers so good for them!" and left us alone.. I don't know what im going to do if these changes all go live as is but blizzard you did so much right this expansion and it was a ton of fun but why do you keep going so so wrong when it comes to balancing classes... this is how mages felt during bc watching locks do everything they could but better and offer more....Ilyena0 1d
1d Can we hide t'uure proc? This big naru is in my way, blocking my view and its just overall annoying. This is very counter productive to being able see surroundings and things on the ground etc. Obscuring vision for raiders with something they do not, and cannot interact with, is not good design. IMHO.Quiggles8 1d
1d [Holy] Mr. Robot/Pawn Stat Weights Anyone know what weight numbers to use?Nalyna0 1d
1d This is for real? Fellow Spriests hold your head high! Show pride in your spec! Show Blizzard you will not give up on your class! Show them that we are stronger! That we are better..... But tonight don't forget to cry in bed cause this is actually happening.Methos0 1d
1d The Least they could do Is refund all our AP, and gold that we spent buying gear and upgrading. That is for us who aren't going to unsub. I feel this would be the honorable thing to do as Blizzard has decided to destroy Priests. Not only from the beginning mind you but continually, We have been mislead, lied to, and punished for no reason, We are taxed beyond any other classes, and I for 1 am just sick about it. If they don't want a priest class then just remove it from the game and stop destroying peoples enjoyment. I personally want some compensation for the work I put in thus far this x-pac. I also feel it would be legitimate to offer us a reroll with current progress carried to new spec. Or maybe we should all just unsub!!!Annock2 1d
1d Shadowpriest dps wtf Shadow Priest I have a pretty solid dps set. and I've gone through my talents and rotation to optimize as much as possible, but my dps is jack f***ing S*** compared to other dps classes with worst gear than me. I leveled holy to heal but i need to dps for the raid. but as a dps my output is worse than tank. Blizzard, do you guys even think??Linxer1 1d
1d Anyone using tellmewhen for Void Bolt? I cant seem to get it working. it wont track it when the spell is available to use.Toophat4 1d
1d Mark of the Ancient Priestess Debunked. Useless, save your gold. Proc'd an average of 40-60 times a boss fight on heroic EN, tallying up a whopping 0.5% of my total healing, DONT TAKE THIS ENCHANT!!!! Mark of the claw is MUCH better.Cillo0 1d
1d Remove Surrender to Madness Please.Âthiest29 1d
1d Dropped from heroic xav Quite a funny one here. Pugging heroic xavius and we were wiping at sub 40%~ repeatedly but dying to early MCs from too many corruption stacks. Raid lead explains that heals are solid for first 2 phases so save your mana and focus on executing the mechanics and burst heal for the burn phase @ p3. 1 pull later "sorry disc your numbers Arnt good enough" when I'm 90% mana and waiting for the 30% hp burn phase to blow my load, as he instructed. XD (people dying to avoidable dmg lead to wipes repeatedly). I was happy to see they wiped at 50%+ for the next 5 hours and healers were dying constantly :P To each their own Edit: I will admit tho.. If you're not well versed with disc heroic cenarius and xavius will tear you a new one *.*Cillo0 1d
1d Bizzard. Please listen to your Disc Priests Ok, I have spent alot of time reading in here and we are all saying the same thing. We LOVE the play style BUT... #1 Issue: Atonement needs to have faster application to more people at a mana cost we can afford. #2 Issue: If we are going to be a hybrid spec, make us better at either dps or healing. Right now we are low on the pole on both. PLEASE! I'm begging here. We love Disc, and have spent tons of time and points on our weapons. We don't want to be sat on raids or kicked out of mythics just because we are Disc!! And this is happening all over! Either fix us or scrap the spec, refund our artifact power and make Holy the only healing spec. The way it is now, is not working for the vast majority of us, Blizzard. Thanks PS. Sooner than later please...Requîem153 1d
1d Shadow Feedback. My two cents, sure may seem like its me venting but just hear me out. I am not even mad at this point, I am just so disappointed. I mean after pouring so much energy and time into my class, grinding for gear and working on my rotation to see it get such a heavy and unexpected nerf to Shadow, it just makes me feel like everything I worked so hard for was for nothing. After weeks of feedback you claim to be valuable by your Shadow Priest community it just seems like we were ignored and everything that we have been saying was misunderstood or perhaps just not even considered. For the longest time we have been saying that while STM is a fun and interesting talent, that it just needs work and the talent is far from perfect. We have screamed for the longest time that Mind Sear is a useless ability and we refuse to use it to AOE, it is ABSOLUTE GARBAGE. It is so insulting the way you treat this class tier after tier, we ask for help because our AOE compared to everyone else is just lackluster and your response is a possibly crippling nerf around a play style that you designed? how is it even logical that Void Torrent no longer allows you to gain stacks while channeling? where was the logic in this change. The mass Hysteria nerf was more than enough, the changes to dispersion and Void Torrent are excessive. Damn it man, I won't re-roll but this is just so frustrating. /end QQDemeter1 1d
1d Shadow and Mythic + So we are basically completely useless in mythic +? No aoe, !@#$ single target without STM, cant use STM because death penalty and time spent ressing. With STM nerf its probably not even worth using anymore. Even my prebuff pally is worth bringing more for bubbles+LoH, what a %^-*ing joke.Eystrine5 1d
1d Considering moving away from haste I see the same posts about what I'm experiencing, oom in raids. Sure I'm rocking most fights but running out of mana is no joy and bad for the raid. Chewing the cud on moving from haste to possibly more mastery for bigger heals but more control. Anyone else thinking it?Daketh3 1d
1d Thoughts so far raiding as Disc in EN? Please not looking for a disc bash thread, trying to have an intellectual discussion, and getting better at the spec. No complaints needed. With that said! What kind of numbers are average through the EN raid? I did the entire raid so far 7/7 as disc and had really fun time. My haste is still pretty low for where I want it to be, and see if my numbers will improve. Also did not use PtW which I think would give me a considerable increase. I havent been able to hit that 150k HPS level..I'm not throwing out 10 attonements more so spot healing/sheilding and popping barrier/pain suppress through tough fights. Also my raiding group has another Holy so being able to coordinate our Dispells has been nice. I don't throw Schism into the mix because I like my rotation being simplier. What kind of HPS/DPS have my fellow disc's been putting out thus far? & Honestly so far Healing has not been an issue for our raid group more so then just coordinating boss mechanics. Mindbender has been great for manging mana, and using potions when need be. I haven't come across the mana issue greatly. Also having druids on the raid team has been invaluable, and our druids coordinate with healers on the cd.Aauriel6 1d
1d Feedback on the S Priest nerfs I'll start this off by saying that I absolutely love surrender to madness and it is one of the primary reasons, shadow is my current main. The high skill cap that came with surrender to madness that gave me something to work towards to be better at the game made it my favorite spec in the game. The dispersion nerf is understandable and I don't have much of an issue with this as it felt weird and clunky to use our defensive personal as an offensive ability. I don't understand why the void torrent nerf had to happen if mass hysteria was also getting nerfed because the reason void torrent was so strong was because it stacked up mass hysteria without applying insanity drain. This change isn't the end of the world but it doesn't seem like much though was put into it. The big nerf was to mass hysteria and blizzard even contradicted themselves in the post. They said they want it to feel rewarding when you can stay in void form for a long time, but obviously they don't because they nerfed the only thing that made staying in void form for a long time rewarding. In the proposed changes, mass hysteria will hits its cap in 50 seconds of void form. This is an absolute joke and almost any player can hit this cap. Skilled players have been hitting 2 - 2 1/2 minute void forms but they won't be getting rewarded for doing so, in fact all they will get is a death and other classes beating them in damage without having to risk their life. And the damage is one of the reasons other than the fast play style that made surrender so fun, it felt like you had to risk your life and not make any mistakes and you would be rewarded for it. Now you have to play at the highest skill level to be on par with everyone else. I think the best course of action would be to revert the change all together because priests weren't even top tier most fights, they were in a good spot. But if Blizzard is too stubborn to revert this change, at least make the other level 100 talents viable.Insanenecro0 1d
1d At 840+ Disc vs Shadow for World content What is generally better for WQs at 840+ Disc or Shadow. I know shadow is a dps but the high ramp might make Disc better in short fights?Biraelenn6 1d
1d Make Dispel grant Atonement Let Dispel slap an Atonement on that fortunate soul. Would feel really rewarding and fluid. Thanks.Ozzie1 1d
1d Level 100 playstyle ideas We all know STM trumps the other two talents, so I just wanted to provide some quick and easy playstyle changes to the talents along with some ways to improve the quality of life of shadow priests. All talents should interact with priests iconic voidform in some way, so I have provided some ideas below. Surrender to Madness This is a great fantasy talent that provides a fun game play and makes you actually feel you are losing your mind. It may need some tweaking, but the playstyle should remain the same: sacrifice early fight damage for a strong execute phase that will average out our dps to respectable numbers. As it is the most complicated talent, it should parse a little higher, but not by an INCREDIBLE amount. Legacy of the Void. This talent provides a slight increase to voidform uptime, but it doesn't so much else. It should focus around being in voidform for most of the fight. I propose that taking this talent should increase insanity generation while in voidform and/or give a set amount of stacks of insanity once entering voidform. Mind spike This ever-confused talent needs an identity. It turns a shadow priest into a more traditional type caster, but needs some other benefit to it. I believe we should alter l this talent to revolve around lingering insanity. Perhaps increase the damage of mind spike and mind blast (maybe VT) by a %damage amount based on the stacks of lingering insanity. This talent should make it so you only want to cast voidform when your lingering insanity stacks are about to fall off, only to gain the benefit once again. Note: none of these include numbers or data, because I do not have the knowledge to do so. These are simply gameplay and playstyle changes based on Blizzard's idea that tier 100 talents should just change the way one plays their class. Please feel free to share feedback and/or your ideas!Foxroll0 1d
1d Why we were nerfed. Since Blizzard can't seem to figure it out, here's where Shadow is currently ranking in the hands of the average raider: On Nythendra: ( Watch out, look at that crazy DPS we're doing ) On Il'gynoth: ( Careful, we're out of control here ) On Elerethe: ( Hold us back. We're like gods. ) On Ursoc: ( I can clearly see why they're nerfing us. ) On Dragons: ( A cleave fight. We're clearly nutty DPS here! ) On Cenarius: ( Our DPS is so amazing here, I can see why we die to do it, and work 10x a s hard ) On Xavius: ( Daaaamn. Someone get the hose because we're on FIRE ) Sarcasm aside, it's mind boggling. When you go up to the 99th percentile, yes, on some fights we're crazy. I mean, imagine that. The world's best players and guilds taking advantage of mechanics. Even in the 99th percentile, mages beat us on almost every fight but they.. wait. Nope. No nerfs for mages. At the 99th percentile, Arcane mages beat us on almost every fight, and they're getting BUFFED. In the 99th percentile, we do crazy DPS if the mechanics of the class and fight are gamed on two fights. Two. We're being nerfed because 1% of players, on two fights, are doing crazy DPS instead of altering the mechanics of the fights to not give Spriests an unintended? advantage. We're being nerfed, when we're already bad at every. Single. Other. Aspect. Of. The. Game. Because of 1% of players on two raid fights. We're being nerfed, when we have to not only work harder to do that DPS, but we are punished for it severely not only if we mess up, but even doing well we die. Yet a spec that does better on more fights than we do, in the very same percentile, is getting buffed. This is absolutely absurd, Blizzard, and shame on you and your designers for their knee-jerk reaction.Thorean1 1d
1d Are Disc + Shad priest..Broken? I've been doing much reading here and I'm rather concerned. My two favorite in-game specs are Disc and Shadow Priest, but it appears that they are currently both are nonviable options for the inevitable mythics? From what I've gathered, Shads don't do enough DPS when it comes to trash, and are getting rejected from queues.(S2M deaths count towards the timer - wtf?) While Discs aren't all that viable as healers? (This is something I'm kinda noticing while leveling, having been kicked a few times at the start of dungeons 'cause disc', and its a headache to heal through mistakes/accidental pulls etc. While healing certain tanks alone is sometimes hard enough and results in what I call the two button special - PW:S and shadow mend spam' until bosses when I can do some dps and breathe again.) I personally find both specs really fun, mostly easy to play, and aside from the kicks from dungeons, I'm enjoying the leveling experience. But I'm really worried about the late game aspect. I wanna do Mythic+ with friends, but reading what I'm reading, I'm just gonna be a liability to them playing what I enjoy most. Should I re-roll and find another class? Wait? say a Prayer of Mending for our specs? Are the specs fine and I just gotta 'git gudderer'? Whats peoples thoughts on this?Foralkus22 1d
1d I felt it Seriously I could sense something like this was going to happen and for the last few days I've been slogging off my emissary quests on my shadow priest because I just had an inkling that all my time was wasted and I didn't want to get a legendary before I retired this guy, I would just be that much more salty. Seriously blizzard you need a system to move points from one artifact to another because this is absolutely !@#$ed and the feeling of investing so much into something that I now have no desire to play is extremely off puttingLoreashe0 1d
1d Mind Spike vs Mind Sear in 23/9 Hotfix Ignoring the clunkiness of Mind Spike, and the rest of this ridiculous hotfix for now... Mind Spike (T7 / Lvl 100 Talent) deals 35% SP per GCD, followed by a 35% SP AoE and 70% SP ST explosion after a Mind Blast. Per GCD (Ignoring the detonation GCD), this is 105% ST + 35% AoE damage. It also generates 4 Insanity/GCD Mind Sear (Base with changes in hotfix) deals 270% SP AoE over 3 1/3 GCDs (Previously 180%), this is 81% SP AoE / GCD. It also generates 2.7 Insanity/GCD Per target hit. (Previously 1.8) Mind Flay (Base) deals 210% SP ST over 2 GCDs, or 105% SP ST per GCD. It also generates 4 Insanity/GCD Mind Spike was already worthless for single target - breaks entirely even - and barely worth anything for AoE, especially due to the clunkiness of the skill and delaying the damage for a later MB cast (phasing, shields, invulnerability stages, etc allowing stacks to drop and lose all damage for a start). Now, Mind Spike is a DPS loss in every situation. For single target, you use Mind Flay for exactly the same damage and insanity without the clunkiness, and at 2 targets Mind Sear is king for insanity (5.4 vs 4), better than Mind Spike at purely extra AoE/cleave (81% vs 35%) and better at total damage (162% vs 140%). This begs the question: What was the idea behind Mind Spike? It fits into absolutely no role whatsoever. It's a net DPS loss to take compared to no talent at all for all situations, and even moreso it's worthless as the 35% (!) insanity advantage from Mind Sear far outweighs the meagre 14% damage difference.Fissionary3 1d
1d Absolutely Ridiculous? Does anyone on the blizzard balancing team even play the game? I think the current patch notes make it clear they do, and that they play mm hunters, fire mages, and feral druids. Priest can be high on damage meters ONLY because of Mass Hysteria and Surrender to Madness, and the damage ONLY comes at the cost of dying once you reach a certain point, and the damage requires more concentration then any other spec to reach this point, and its NOT EVEN TOP DAMAGE IN RAIDS AND ITS BEING NERFED WHILE OTHER TOP DAMAGE DEALERS ARENT BEING TOUCHED?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? Absolutely ridiculous, if the patch goes through and there is no corresponding buff the following week, I feel I will unsub. Is this thread constructive, no, does anyone else care, probably not, but its so incredibly frustrating to put 200k AP into an artifact, enjoying the unique playstyle of a class, only to have it nerfed in a balancing patch to a point where I will be below faceroll damage dealers by a large margin in raids, and will still not be able to get into groups of high mythic + because nobody wants to have their keystone depleted because they took a spec that is simply worse at dps then others in all aspects. Just had to vent somewhere.Alkestis1 1d
1d Shadow Trinket Recommendations? I'm specifically looking for trinkets that drop from heroic dungeons, as I can't do mythics yet, but want to be actively looking for specific items in heroics. Thanks in advance.Carnation19 1d
1d No more class hall missions? So I logged on today to finish my class hall stuff, got my items from my followers missions but there were none to send them out on. It told me to check back later. Okay, so I went and finished my world quests and the class hall storyline to get my third artifact, this took about 4 hours. Still no missions. Has anyone else run into this?Ânnora22 1d
1d [Shadow] Balance Feedback after W1 Raid/M+ Warning: This is an extremely long post. To whom it may concern, After the first week of raiding and Mythic+ dungeons, I wanted to provide some feedback about how Shadow feels to me. Please note, this is entirely my opinion, but I do like to feel that I am well researched, if not the best physically performing player. TL;DR at bottom as well as possible balance idea to fix the discrepancy between using Surrender to Madness and other level 100 talents. I'll start with individual areas: Mythic+ Dungeons: Mythic+ dungeons leave Shadow feeling very lack luster and, quite honestly, undesired in most groups, especially in group finder pick-up groups (PuGs). We have no real AoE capability to speak of. If there are 4 or less targets with larger health pools we do OK by multi-dotting, but maintaining the multi-dot leaves you with no Global Cooldowns (GCDs) to spare without being in Voidform, which in most cases you don't have the insanity to enter until the pull is nearly finished. Mind sear is not a viable way to AoE. It it's real use is for resource generation, not damage. I understand why. If Mind Sear is too powerful, you'll use it over Mind Flay. However, baseline we have no other option. The only talent we can choose to take is Shadow Crash. Shadow Crash gives us a (unreliable) burst hit on a fairly long CD that is not competitive with classes that have natural, sustained cleave (that also usually have options for burst cleaving as well). Historically this has never really been an issue outside of Challenge Modes, but with the new emphasis on Mythic+ dungeons (and dungeons in general) this leaves us at a disadvantage in small group content. The class also has one of the longest ramp up times for our damage, which in small 5-man content, leaves us so far behind that bosses die before our damage really kicks in, taking away the point that we actually could stand out and earn our place, for lack of being able to help in meaningful ways getting to the bosses. To be clear, I'm fine with the trade-off of being sub-optimal at AoE and being able to shine on single or dual target fights, but being non-existent in AoE, while having single target fights not last long enough for us to get into stride is a problem. Also, dying from Surrender penalizing you with time loss as though you died to NPCs makes using Surrender in M+ dungeons even more punishing. Raids: Raids suffer many of the same issues as Mythic+ Dungeons, however the fights do last long enough for us to come into our strengths. While clearing towards bosses, Shadow contributes very little, however that's not really an issue in a raid environment save maybe very small raid group sizes. The issue in raids is the discrepancy between someone who is using Surrender to Madness, and someone who is not. And this is two-fold. This is my main point I want to highlight. When learning a new boss, pushing progression, you try to gauge how you'll do different phases of fights based on how you expect damage output from the player performance. At the end of a fight, if you see someone doing 250,000 dps, you naturally assume that they peaked above that point at some point and then held around that point over the course of the fight, with dips and crests as cooldowns come up and fall off. Shadow does not follow this course. Someone using Surrender to Madness, or someone who chooses a talent other than Surrender (for sake of this part of the discussion we're going to assume if you're raiding you're using Surrender), prior to 35% performs quite poorly by comparison to everyone else in raid, in some cases fighting with the tank for bottom of the charts. Once 35% hits and you're at a point you can use Surrender effectively, due to interactions with the buffs you gain from Mass Hysteria (Artifact Trait) and the bonus haste and how it affects the speed that DoT's do damage, you end up doing nearly four times the damage you've been doing up to that point. An example from my raid last night on Heroic Ursoc, from the point I hit Surrender (around 30%) to the point the boss died, I alone did 10% of all damage done to the boss in a group of 25 people. I understand Surrender is designed to be a high risk, high reward ability that should be difficult to use, however, due to the power of the ability, the class is now balanced around the assumption that you're going to use it to it's full effectiveness in all scenarios. My Solution The best way I can see to bring Shadow more in line with other classes outside of raid boss scenarios is to shrink the discrepancy between Surrender to Madness and periods outside of Surrender to Madness. To do this is two steps. First, buff baseline insanity generation of all skills. What this does is allows higher stacks of insanity while in voidform baseline. If average stacks of insanity during voidform are in the high 30s to mid 40s depending on play instead of mid 20s to low 30s then you're only dealing with a 50ish insanity stack difference when compared to maximum usage of Surrender. This allows higher overall damage for Shadow in all scenarios, and let's you utilize Mass Hysteria to a real effect without using Surrender. Second, to counter-act the increased insanity generation, Surrender to Madness's bonus insanity generation will need to be brought down to be in line with where it is now. I don't have the number for this, but having Surrender hover in the 125-135 expected duration is fine, as that gives you 25-35 seconds of full potential damage when played absolutely perfectly as there is no margin for error at that point. At this point, with the discrepancy between Surrender and non-Surrender periods of time being less dramatic, it makes it overall easier to balance the class to be more in line with other classes, and also makes them more viable for use in smaller content and open world content as your ramp up time is less of a hindrance in content that has short lived enemies. The TL;DR: Buff baseline insanity generation on all ability, nerf bonus insanity generation from Surrender to Madness. This boosts overall damage output in all scenarios that Surrender is not utilized but keeps Surrender about in line with where it is now. Fine tuning is now easier overall for the class since you're not dealing with massive discrepancies of what could be with Surrender and what is the remainder of the time. Sincerely, Kagoranda - Shadow Priest p.s. For clarity, I love the talent Surrender to Madness and think it's the most entertaining ability ever put into this game, but balancing the class solely around the potential of this talent makes us very under-tuned for everything else, so I would rather see it less powerful than it currently is, but keep it's playstyle.Kagoranda13 1d
1d Why? It's times like this that I look at patch notes just completely confused. I'm barely even angry, I just look at them nerfing shadow and do not comprehend it. Sure, Mass Hysteria could get out of hand, but it's not out of hand right now, and it's unintuitive for dispersion to be a DPS cooldown, but void torrent shouldn't be cut down with it. Surrender to Madness was keeping us from being a joke, and not only did they nerf Surrender's top end by cutting Mass Hysteria in half, they also cut down on our pre-surrender DPS output with the void torrent nerf. It doesn't make any sense.Ladnil9 1d
1d Help on choosing trinkets? Just wondering which trinkets i should go with out of the 3 I have. I'm running Surrender with 26% Crit and Haste using the Swarming and Infernal. Any help would go a long way. Swarming Plaguehive(855 ilvl) - Infernal Writ(840 ilvl) - Moonlit Prism(840 ilvl) - 1d
1d When to use VTor post-nerf? Currently I pop VTor after my first VBolt while Void Lord stack is up. Pretty smooth. Post-nerf, using VTor early means you're 4 stacks behind where you should be for the rest of VF. It seems like you're going to want to wait until you're about to drop out to use it, but of course you may have to move and not get the chance. So what's the safest + best time to use it come Tuesday?Nepty3 1d
2d Giant Undeserved Nerf To Shadow PSA: To anyone that hasn't seen the upcoming nerf to shadow priests they are practically cutting the damage of the good shadow priests in half and making it so if you are terrible at the class your dmg will only go down by around 20% Voidform stacks no longer increase while Dispersion and Void Torrent are active. The benefit of Mass Hysteria (Artifact Trait) is now capped at 100%. It was if you were good and could get to high voidform stacks through clever ways of optimizing your rotation you could be on par with other specs that are getting buffed this patch. But not anymore I only wish I could meet whoever made this change so I could explain to him how shadow priest works and he could explain to me where he gets his psychedelic drugs he loves to use so much while balancing shadow priest Thoughts? Will you guys be rerolling this expac or just waiting for the next one to come out?Lucksnipe6 2d
2d Rerolling or unsubbing... Undecided I have been playing WoW since Oct of 2006. I have mained Rogues, paladins, druids, shamans, warrior, and this priest, as well as raiding on DK and mage. Never once has a set of patch notes made me want to quit. I have doumped SO MUCH time into this priest over the past few weeks, and for what??? WIth the current system it's not like I can just level and gear a toon.... Im tempted to go back to my warrior that I mained in WoD, but being in a 13/13 M HFC raiding guild, Im not sure I can catch up and maintain my spot. The amount of time it would take to level, grind gear, rep, AP, dungeons.... It's all so.... daunting and tedious. Maybe its time to hang it up. Maybe it's time to call it a day and move on. I was really enjoying the xpac, but it's grindy on a level that Im honestly not ok with anymore. And to add the ridiculous nerf to the class that I chose to waste all this time on.....Hendoe3 2d
2d Withered Army Training Toys Hello, fellow priests! Would just like to know if we have to complete the entire scenario or reach a certain amount of points for the big chest at the end to have a chance to contain one of the many toys? Was wondering if once I hit exalted, I could just go in and instantly fail the scenario for the final chest (since I don't need the rep items anymore)?Moringa1 2d
2d Guys pls raid next week as Shadow We need to show Devs just how much the nerfs hurt via logs so they make fixes. I know you all want to sitout as shadow nd reroll but we need those logs.Biraelenn23 2d
2d Maybe these hotfixes are required? Maybe they are getting everything ready for a major spec overhaul in 7.1? I guess im just trying to convince myself not to drop the spec... I like shadow so much but we already are a liability for mythic+ groups, i cant imagine after these changes drop :CBabil2 2d
2d Is there an AP refund coming with the nerfs? If blizzard substantially changes traits in the artifact tree, the least they could do is provide an AP refund. I'm sure lots of SPriests already feel like they flushed a few weeks of effort down the drain, but refunding the AP might make the pill less bitter.Balmy4 2d
2d Mind Sear Buff Mind sear buff proves that no one on the balance team plays a shadow priest.Ppgblossom2 2d
2d Disc and Mythics-How to please? Please share your strats for healing Mythics. I just ran my first one and it was disastrous. Yeah I know I suck so I have np with that accusation. Just asking you wise DISC ones to share how you do it. Thanks.Brundhila26 2d
2d Please refund artifact power So I can re-roll and not have wasted my time and my guilds time dumping power into a dead class. If not then this will cost me my raid spot Cheers.Lynxed2 2d
2d Blizz actually fell for it They actually listened to these ppl crying about holy nova being stronger than sear. Such a minor part of our aoe was lacking and holys only aoe ability for world quests gets nerfed. Shadows trash aoe is weak just due to the way the class works. There wasn't any need for holy nova nerf, and the sear buff still won't make sear anymore worth casting than it previously was.Rudeboii6 2d
2d Priest Campaign I cant advance in my priest campaign as there are no quests for me in my Hall or my quest log. Yes i have looked in both but there just not there anyone know what the problem may be? Last quest i remember doing i got a helm from some people in my hall. Ty in advance if anyone knowsFadèd3 2d