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Pro Disc Priests - Gear Check this plz Hi Guys, I will be dinging 85 in a week or two. I have slowly collected my level 85 BOE gear from AH. Basically these are the total stats for all the attributes for my gear. ( Spiritcaller Cloak, Bloodthirsty Embersilk Belt Bloodthirsty Embersilk Bracers Bloodthirsty Embersilk Cowl Bloodthirsty Embersilk Gloves Bloodthirsty Embersilk Pants Bloodthirsty Embersilk Robe Bloodthirsty Embersilk Shoulders Bloodthirsty Fireweave Boots PVP staff, PVP Neck and 1 PVP trinket and 1 Alchemy PVE trinket ) ***All these stats are JUST FROM THE GEAR.I am not including my base stats.*** Stamina = 5211 Intellect = 3821 Spirit = 1652 (added +225 spirit..I will be having Ghost Elixir on me all the time and also I am an alchemist) Haste = 1050 Mastery =225 Hit = 142 Crit = 279 FYI... i) I will be healing as disc priest only. ii) I will be reforging, gemming and chanting as and when needed.The only purpose of me using this gear to get grind for JP (so that I can PVE 359 gear). iii) My hit rating is low but I dont think it matters cos I will be non-AA/A priest only.I can also glyph for smite if you think so. My questions to you guys is this a) Is this gear enough for reg 5 man cata instances (NOT HEROIC) ?. b) With respect to the above stats, what would you suggest for me to concentrate on (i.e reforge more for spirit or mastery etc) ? c) Do note I have not added enchants with this and let me know which chants should I concentrate with respect to the above stats. Hopestar13
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Class stacking healers in 10M: A Priest POV **Disclaimer: I'm just saying my opinion. Not ment to be saying this is the best or worst way. Raid groups are all different. Use what works best for your raid group.** Do you think class stacking in a ten man raid group when it comes to healers would be sucessful? Many people in my guild first doubted having two priests healing in our core ten man. Our raid groups healers are: a restoration druid and two priests both specced disc/holy In my opinion I like having two priest healers. At first we were worried about coordinating our rapture cooldown and shield stacking in general. We easily fixed this by talking before a fight and identifying who we will put our shield on during the fight. Example: We have been trying to down Ragnaros and our first disc priest will keep a shield on our paladin tank and I will keep a shield on our death-knight tank. The two of us are usually communicating through skype while in vent to make sure we aren't over laying are barriers or shields or cooldowns. ~Many people doubt having two priest healers, here are two fight examples for how we have delt with 2 disc priests:~ Shannox: We both stay disc Our first disc priest will heal the tank taking the dog I heal the shannox tank This way works best for us because we don't have to worry about who is putting what shield where. We can just focus on our healing without worrying about cutting someone else's rapture off. Beth'tilac: We both stay disc Our first priest goes on top of beth's web with the tank I stay on the bottom and raid heal We coordinate our barriers for when everyone is on the ground. Our first priest drops his right off the bat at the beginning of the fight. I drop mine the first time smoldering devastation comes out. He drops his again the 2nd time. When beth comes down he will drop his shield first around 30% and I will drop mine once his is gone. When it comes to shields He keeps his on one tank, I keep mine on the other so we both benefit from rapture. During this time he is mainly healing the tanks, I am mainly healing the raid. Granted, on alysrazor and ryolith I switch into my holy spec, but, overall I have found having two healers of the same spec in no way affects the performance of our raid group. Our healing numbers are just as good as some groups with all 3 healers of different classes. While doing this I have also learned having two barriers during a heavy aoe damage encounter can be a major help. So, to those fearing class stacking in general when it comes to healers, I would say with some pre-planning, there is not much that could bring down a raid group as long as you have capable healers. Khaleise4
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Holy spec isn't for me...? So I have healed as holy as my only healing spec since I made this priest five years ago. I liked the faster and more powerful heals, but I always loathed that I went oom so fast in difficult situations in which parties often wiped anyway. I was aways conflicted by my belief that my method was bad, but nothing I tried to fix it semed to help at all, including my healing method, which I adopted from a top holy priest on my old server. I could never figure it out, and I wound up levelling a Paladin because I thought I would never solve my mana problem. i tried my priest again about a week ago because I needed a break from my Horde toons (Lv 85 Holy Paladin and 85 MM Hunter, both highly geared at this point). I got a ton of justice gear, gear drops in the Zandalari instances, a Valor wand,and I left myself with some of the heroic blue gear (346 or so) pieces, which suffice until I win some rolls on upgrades or finish my Justice and Valor gear list. I tried ZG again, which I had successfully done on my Holy Paladin countless times, never struggling to keep up, with about three item level points more than my Priest (Holy) at the time. I did everything I could think of to conserve my mana, and I failed. I was entirely discouraged. I just never really got it. I have never been a bad healer, as I could keep parties up in very difficult situations...until I would go oom after 20 seconds of casting heals and monitoring Recount, observing that I wasn't overhealing that much. My real-life friend (my raiding guild's top moonkin), and apparently almost tops charts in the Firelands raid) who has always supported my healing role, asked me to try Discipline with some points in the Holy tree and a couple in the Shadow tree. I made the disc spec myself, and while it may not be 'pro', I feel I got all the more necessary talents and- for the most part- avoided the less useful and even useless ones.. I healed ZA today with the Disc spec, and I must I have never, on any of my three 85 healers (shaman, priest, paladin), been able to constantly cast big heals and shields for a minute straight and never drop below 60%. It truly felt like a miracle, and I felt that my largely agnostic prayers had been answered after years of having panic attacks over going oom in raids really fast and getting verbally abused by my guild leaders on vent. I have always thought of Discipline as a purely PvP spec, and so I never thought to try it in PvE previously... But, after trying it in three zandalari heroics today, and casting more than I would have with holy (before going oom) while only losing a maximum of around 40% mana the entire instance. I feel that Disc is a way better priest healing spec for me, as I would rather cast smaller heals and use some shields over casting a few huge heals that are expensive and might not even *almost* save a squishy player. Does anyone else feel this way about disclipline? I just feel like Holy is, and always has been, incompatible with my healing methods and styles. I do way better with less expensive heals, albeit smaller and slower, as I can cast a shield and prevent a target from getting drilled while I catch up. I always felt that, with Holy, healing was a race and it would always end early when my mana bar went black before my eyes. Does anyone else feel similarly? Theshizirl0
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Feral & Disc vs. DK & healer Hey guys, so I searched around a little and could not find any definitive answers on this topic so I though I would make a post. All suggestions welcome. Myself and my disc friend just started a 2's team for season 10 and our goal was to get to some pretty high ratings and at first we where doing really well with just a little hiccup at 1700. After only a few days and a 100 matches or so we got to 1900 and where doing amazing. (something like 70-15) Then it happend.... We started getting a whole host of DK / healers that completely obliterated us. The DK would always go right on my disc friend and there was not a whole lot he could do with the insane amount healing Necrotic Strike absorbs combined withthe deeps on the DK's part. I (Feral) would have to get on the DK and try and control the healer as much as possible because the DK could kill my disc friend waaayyy before i would kill the DK's healer. Still though with the DK's self healing + the healer I could not kill either one of them. (Take note I still had my season 9 weapon at this point.) After a few days and the sudden increase in DK's we had dropped to nearly 1650. Since then we have managed to struggle back up to 1800 (with my season 10 weapon) but still regularly get stomped on my DK healers if they are good. So what my question to you disc priests out there is what do we do? I am asking this on behalf of my disc priest so any strategies you disc priests have against DKs is welcome.(any feral insight is also welcome) I know this team is not impossible to beat because disc/feral is one of the top 2's team right now. PLEASE HELP! Batlechicken3
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Disc priest on Rag 10 normal What's the best way for a disc to approach this fight, phase by phase, with a holy pally and resto druid as the other two healers? So far I've been switching to inner will to bubble spam group 1 (the group I'm in / left side of the room) before each trap, occasionally hitting a player or two from group 2 if time permits, and shooting out borrowed time direct heals in the meantime if necessary. Aside from countering the trap damage with preshielding, I aim to focus on healing the two tanks who are again, on the left side of the room with me in group 1, with shields, GH's, PoM's and PoH if the whole group took damage. For sons I just ignore healing for a bit to toss out some minor damage >_> For the seeds, I shield people on my side of the room again as I see the seed about to hit, and throw renews while we run to stack (shields if they don't have weakened soul yet, renews otherwise) When we stack I look for the lowest health target and shield -> PoH, and repeat looking for lowest target following with PoH. I pop barrier second seed stack, and hymn third. We honestly haven't passed the second sons phase yet so yeah >_> I'm just trying to see if there are any flaws in my healing. In general it feels like I'm given a heavy raid healing role, with the preshielding, PoH spam. Up until now I've always heard disc was meant to tank heal, but in my group setup I don't seem to be able to focus on just the two tanks like ever... if I don't heal the raid the raid will die. Is this common for rag? Is raid healing just not possible with 1 healer in I guess, 370ish ilvl? When a disc priest is a tank healer, do they typically preshield the raid anyway when appropriate / PoH spam, or do they focus on just the tanks? It's worth noting I'm a shadow spec main, and only recently switched to disc like last week, so I only have experience healing as holy. I've been disc for this fight this week just because a healer from our group was absent a couple days lately. Mìsery8
Aug 9, 2011