Sep 12, 2011 Question about mastery for Disc For discipline, is it ideal to stack Crit or Mastery as a secondary start with priority? The sticky suggests Mastery, but with crits healing for 200% I'm not so sure anymore. Also, is there a ceiling on shield mastery, after which it is no longer useful to reforge for mastery? Thanks!Konijn130 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 spirit stacking in holy, t11 at least we were getting into a debate about how to gear holy priests I read that (other than INT), spirit is the most powerful stat for holy priests. I don't know, I imagine it is because when you switch from disc to holy, you get 50% more regen from holy? Someone explain plz A guildie tried to convince me that my priest had "too much regen" and that I should stop reforging my haste and mastery items to spirit. Her logic was that all the regen in the world was worthless if I didn't cast my spells fast enough. My logic was that a fractional reduction in cast time meant nothing if you're going oom at some point in the boss fight. Does anyone have some math or some evidence of what pros do to settle this debate?Siuahp8 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Is the Tier 5 recolor still available? I'm looking to pick up the silver tier 5 recolor pvp gearset, but have been having trouble tracking it down. Is this gear still available in the game? Thanks for any help. :)Salamantha4 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Shadow struggle hello i am relaps and thank you for reading this thread. I am sort of new to shadow priest and was just wondering if i was doing something wrong as in reforging and stuff. I know my enchants aren't great but it's all i have. please reply with a rotation and or advice. Thanks! -RelapsRelaps3 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Power Word: Hat Trick! Welcome to the latest PW: Discussion thread! In an attempt to keep threads from being deleted, we've been follow in the footsteps of the Sentry Totem and Mangle: Bear (for those who don't know, explains what I'm talking about) and making one thread that will last until cap. The archive for the Power Word: Threads is here: To keep this thread from being locked or deleted, here are a few basic rules: 1. Everyone is welcome. Newbies, oldbies, lowbies, mains, alts, bank alts, non-priest alts. Everyone. As long as you're here to join a priest-based discussion, you're welcome. 2. Keep it civil, if not friendly. If you can't manage that, please stay out of the thread. We don't need or want drama. If you just got out of a heated discussion with someone, leave it at the door. Along the same vein, avoid badmouthing others in this thread. 3. This is as much priests talking to priests as it is priests talking about priests. I firmly believe our community is one of, if not the most welcoming on the forums. I'd like to learn more about the community on an individual level because of this. Both the Mangle: Bear and Sentry Totem series derail after the first few pages of each thread; I think this is fine. 4. In n' Out burgers are the best fast food burgers available. This is not up for discussion. If you start the newest PW:D thread, I ask that you copy them into the first post of every Power Word thread. Feel free to add or subtract past the first three, but don't disturb that initial trio. Thread Discussions: - Have you ever had an awesome encounter with a Blizz GM? What happened? - What's your mog set of choice? Why? - Who's your favorite FL boss right now? Who's your least favorite? - How many priests do you have? If you could only be one race for the rest of your priesthood, which would you choose?Elethia500 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Leveling a priest :) Hi there, I'm lvling up a new priest of mine, he's is currently lvl 20 and I was wondering about what is usually the fastest way to lvl up. My original plan was to be shadow the entire time, pick up a Disc OS at 30 and queue as both, questing in between, but it seems like you out-lvl questing areas so quickly im wondering if it would just be quicker to work on tradeskills while in the queue instead. My main question is if anyone has recent experience leveling a priest and if they prefer Disc or shadow. I honestly want this char to be shadow in the end but I've heard about mana problems at low lvl dungeons until you can get shadow form and VE. Any input would be awesome thank you =)Brios4 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Holy Priest on Sinestra ph3 Lol ok this is mildly embarassing. I haven't healed as Holy in several months (pretty much since I started doing hardmode T11 - aside from Atra which doesn't count imo). Anyway my guild worked on Sinestra last week (in a 10 man) and we didn't get her down (best attempt was 23%). So this week we're changing from 3 healers to 2, and I'm going to try out Holy since I've heard it's better for this encounter. (Also, one of our SPriests will be using Mass Dispel). So I'm mainly curious - what is the ideal method of healing as Holy in Ph3? Considering the boosted Haste/infinite mana. Thanks in advance for any advice.Intrigue3 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Arcane Mages How can i survive against one 1v1?Kyrìe1 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Bring Benediction/Anathema Back!!!!!!!! Blizz pleassssseeeee bring benediction/anathema i swear it will make up for all the bad thing you have done!!! Please, every priest will love you so much for it!!!Lilsmee14 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 12, 2011 Next Expansion: Desperate Prayer Glyph I'm hoping that for the next expansion they introduce a Desperate Prayer glyph which causes Desperate Prayer to also give 90% damage reduction for 8 seconds, or something similar. Agreed?Danbuckles6 Sep 12, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Shadow Priest vs Rouge Yes i know they are 2 way different classes but for those of you that may have both i would like some pros and cons of things like shadowplay vs rls for instance (the difference of playing each of them not literally them against eachother). i have an 85 rogue and a soon to be 85 priest and i just cant make up my mind on which to play mainly. it may just be a preferance but i still would like to know what u guys think. ThanksObligates2 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Heroic Ragnaros Thoughts Alright my guild is finally putting in some attempts on Heroic Rag. We are barely scratching the surface of phase 2 atm and I've come to share some of my thoughts on the fight thus far. Most of our wipes thus far have not been to healing inefficiencies but rather rng/timing/positioning. I am pretty confident that the normal Disc spec can heal this fight relatively well, however I can definitely see the benefit of body and soul / guardian spirit phase 4. Anyways our current strat thus far is to have everyone in phase 1 pretty much positioned inside the axe shape on the platform with range spread out in somewhat of a semi-circle and tanks and melee stacking directly in the middle. From our other strats we found that it was a bad idea trying to have melee on the opposite side of tanks due to the severity of the push back damage/ tank damage and not having the two healers in range of everyone. And melee get pretty much parried where ever they stand anyway so it wasn't a large dps loss. When the first magma trap comes out we would pop it immediately so that the debuff had the most time between traps. Regardless of how you pop them there will be one left up pretty much till phase 2. The damage when you pop them is about 40-60% of ppls health depending on resist. You have plenty of time to heal the raid between traps so don't worry too much. However, rng is crap and sometimes a range will get hit by a Wrath of Ragnaros and magma trap damage at the same time and die. Transition is also a bit tricky as well since the Living embers will spawn in random locations of the hammer. It isn't very hard if you have two designated ppl get the closest Embers regardless of where the hammer is. and have tanks get the ones that are furthest from the hammer with the rest focusing on the in-between. Unlike normal they increased damage quite abit in this phase and although it will probably never kill anyone, it is kind of a pain since everyone is so spread out. After transition comes phase 2 or what I like to refer to as "The Guild Killer". This is were you will most likely have to weed out ppl with bad computers or bad internet connections. And have the person with the best computer/internet with correct timers call out when molten seeds will be coming out. For in this phase everyone needs to stack except for a mage/warlock/spriest that will stand out. The rest of the raid will stack on the very left small side of the platform and will run when at about 1sec till seeds spawn. If anyone gets hit by a seed when it comes down they will be one shot, so timing and a tight grouping is key. The group stops about midway on the platform to heal up and put down aoe spells around the seeds before they pop and elementals come out. Immediatly when they pop the entire raid runs to the far right (the elementals cant go thru the lava so following the path of the semi circle around rag is best) and the mage/warlock/spriest, blinks/ports/runs in and aoes them from behind while the rest of the group does as much damage as possible while running. All the elementals need to die before the dancing phase otherwise dancing becomes really annoying for healers. Between the dancing and when the next seeds come out is when you pop the last magma trap and defiantly a raid cd should be used. We have tried the other method of doing phase two where everyone is spread in the beginning of seeds and stacks in the middle then runs back to there seed after it pops and trys to dps each of their own elementals down before dancing, but hunters get screwed and so do healers. They still hit for about 14k a hit when they are alone, which doesn't seem like alot until you notice that everyone is not fully healed up and everyone is spread out. Anyways that's as far as we have gotten with 4hrs total on it so far averaging about 4-5 min fights. It is an extremely hard fight and will take lots of practice. Zeaka0 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Holy - Shortfalls, Raid CD, and Spec Pride I've written a few posts on a number of forums in the last month or two, but I'm gonna post here too... here's my thoughts on the 'state of holy' if you would. Throughput Holy Concentration is one of the biggest follies that Holy Priests have to manage. It forces you to stack a zero throughput stat, to maintain your biggest source of mana regen; while the other classes (and Disc priests) have Intellect to fuel their biggest source of regen. This allows them to stack more mastery, haste, and crit... and in many cases reforge AWAY from spirit. Scaling is hard for Holy Priests too... Druids gain exceptional amounts of scaling from haste; and they all chase their 2005 Haste to get an added Wild Growth and Efflorescence Tick. Looking at COH alone, you can't get much added oomph out of it (even if you have a metric crapton of mastery); while getting more Haste improves WG's HPS and HPM substantially. Raid Cooldown Now I don't think we need to compare Holy Priests to every other class out there. People will always compare Tranq to Hymn; because they are so similar to eachother. Does this mean Holy needs a 3 minute raid cooldown? Maybe... perhaps not. People need to stop counting Holy Priests as their own CLASS, isntead of its own SPEC. If your raid ABSOLUTELY NEEDS a raid cooldown. You have Disc available to you. You don't see Fire Mages screaming that they don't have Focus Magic in their spec. Its very similar. If they NEED FM, they can just spec Arcane. Now I know we'll hear the screams and cries of "But I want to play the spec I enjoy and be viable.". Ok... thats fine. If you enjoy Holy... play it. However it might be the quid pro quo. Barrier is in the Disc Tree... just like how Barrage is in the Marksman Tree, Focus Magic is in the Arcane Tree, and Jinx is in the Affliction Tree. Spec decisions have both positive and negative repercussions. Will Blizzard give Holy Some sort of raid CD be it through modifying Hymn or perhaps even Sanctuary or Hymn? Possibly. However, it isn't in the game as of the current patch so, as priests, we need to know how to manage around that. If that means speccing Disc on a fight where we 'need' Barrier... so be it. Personally I don't want to see Hymn changed that way. It just is too 'knee jerk' and 'lets just match what druids have'.... BORING! I do have some thoughts, or suggestions as to what I would like to see, but I dont want to turn this post into the 'pipe dream spell list'. Remember this in that ONE Beta Build back in August last year? Obviously CRAZILY OVERPOWERED... but Blizzard DID at one point hope to give Holy a Raid CD. Spec Pride Priests have a unique "problem" that other healers do not have: Two opposing healing specs. Does this mean that these polar twins have to be constantly struggling? Raw healing vs. Mitigation Healing.... No, it doesn't . However, it does mean that you SHOULD be prepared to consider what spec you should be. You should always be prepared to answer the questions: "What does my raid GAIN from me being holy/disc?" "Does Body and Soul provide a substantial benefit here?" "Does PW: Barrier have a practical use in this encounter?" "Does GS work better mechanically for this fight over Pain Suppression?" As I alluded to earlier, we need to remember that we are ONE class with two SPECS. Can Holy or Disc successfully heal any fight in Firelands? Of course. This isnt an argument/conversation about inadequacy, but utility. Would being one spec and bringing the tools that spec provides over the other spec make the fight easier? Does one spec have core mechanics that work to the raids advantage? These are all questions you may need to evaluate and answer. Another thing that is exceptionally important is the makeup of your other healers... running with 3 Trees? 4 pallies? No Shaman? 3 Priests? (Hyperbole was intentional) That can materially affect your spec and spec decisions just as much as the utility you can bring/not bring. Blanket statements that X is superior to Y because of Z are myopic That all being said, there is a certain... stigma around holy and it's lack of raid cooldowns, as a result so many people just put Holy in a box and label it as "inferior". That is hardly the case; holy played well can be just as viable as disc (on many fights) and visa versa. I'd much rather have a great holy priest in my raid than a !@#$ty discipline priest. There are, however, certain fights (eg: HM Baleroc) that mechanically favor Disc over Holy. (That is of course, running with the assumption you don't already have ther Discs you 'need') *tosses 2 copper*Derevka33 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Makin a priest : ) need help! Hi guys! Well, I've been getting a little bored on my shammy. So right now I'm in the process of making a PRIEST!!! : ). Can't wait, heard its a great class and very fun to level. To get to the point: -What are good professions to have as a priest?(Already Max enchanter and Miner on shammy) -Also what is the best(in your opinion) raise to have? Please reply ASAP. GREATLY APPRECIATE IT! XDHiredtokill14 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 How are priest doing? I might lvl a priest and was wondering. How are healer priest in pve and pvp? And how are shadow priest in pve and pvp? (compared to other classes)Hertaru9 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Tauren Priests, come hither And be seen!Fahdah25 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Disc vs Shadow for pvp which is a more fun/effective spec for pvp? I am talking all aspects like duels, BG, world pvp, arenaSynestar7 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Shadow pvp specc Iv looked at the shadow specc for some of the top priests around and tweaked it a little according to what i feel is good iv taken 1 point usually put in Harnessed shadows and 1 point put in pain and suffering and instead put it into paralysis what do you guys think?Drlecter3 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 H Domo tips for shadow The guild just started doing H Domo attempts tonight since we decided he'd ultimately be the best choice out of all the other heroic bosses, we almost had him down and whatnot hit the enrage once then the rest of the attempts were minor screw ups with orb soakers (Me being one of them and messing up a couple times like a jerk) so I was noticing towards the end of the night though that I'm consistently on the bottom of the damage done/dps charts, I know it could have a good amount to do with dodging the leaps non-stop since I start to move @ around 78-85ish energy on domo's bar, which I'm starting to think may be too soon...but other times he'll jump from 80ish energy and hit 100 and be leaping at me. The orb soaking obviously I won't be able to hit high in the sky numbers with having to do that, but the other person soaking with me on our orb is a mage that has been hitting higher numbers non-stop. I'm just wondering if I may be doing something wrong, I don't have any logs as I forgot to run them tonight, much like the last few weeks. I can basically tell you this, I'm normally the top dps or the 2nd and on this particular encounter I'm on the bottom with VT having the most damage done with the lack of the ability to flay a lot. We're doing the strat where you don't take any of the scorpion scythes. Any tips on what any of you that have done this may have done to maximize will be much appreciated. We're a 10m guild and well we've got the strategy down just the last attempt where we were certain it was a kill (The raid dps was spot on and a bit above what was needed to avoid the enrage) I had died to a leap/orb stacks got brez'd and died to another leap that someone was dodging at that very moment...dumb idea to take the brez before we were stacked up I know, along with people scurrying to take my place and ultimately just panicking at the wrong time.Seem4 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Priest Pants I would like to ask that for at least one tier set, priests have pants instead of a robe. Thank you. (=Zolvolt31 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Dilemma Merging into ZA/ZG 'Roix Okay, I have a dilemma here. I'm new to being a Priest. My main for, like, ever, was always my warlock. But after coming back from a 6 month hiatus, I've decided to concentrate on my Priest. Mostly for the versatility. If I have to gear up a lock, might as well gear up a Spriest & a heals at the same time =] I want holy to be my main spec. I love Chakra & I love the mastery (although I'm currently stacking haste). Plus, I did Disc back in Wrath. Want something new this time around. ~ I can heal relatively fine in Cata roix. ("Relatively" because since I've come back from my hiatus, I'm a little rusty.) But what I really want is to do ZA/ZG. Lots of purple gear, lots of extra valor and JP. Here's my dilemma. I've been collecting almost nothing but Spirit gear, but not enough for enough spirit to feel confident about healing. It's at 1800ish right now. I really don't think I could heal ZA/ZG. But - I haven't tried. After that, my second spec is Shadow, because I figured - might as well be a !@#$ty DPS out of 3, than the only %^-*ty healer. My DPS is pretty horribad. I tend to get yelled at in randoms, if not kicked. TL;DR: I can't heal ZA/ZG yet, but my Shadow DPS is awful enough to get yelled at a lot. Some tips would be nice~ Would I have a better chance of not sucking by switching to Disc for ZA/ZG? How much spirit is fine to heal it as Holy? (At the risk of you yelling at me for missing enchants, its because I don't know which road to go down yet. Disc or Holy, or just working on Shadow.)Luxwyn4 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Main hand I needed a one handed weopen because I just obtained the book of binding will and needed a main hand weopen to go along with it, what can I get that normally costs under 3k ?Trasp1 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Holy Word Chastise? Hey guys, I was wondering why holy priests get Holy Word Chastise at level 10. Every other class gets a class appropriate ability like mind flay for shadow, penance for Discipline, Water elemental for frost mages, pyroblast for fire mages, the list goes on. I'm wondering why a raid healing class gets a damage ability? I mean, it's not like we need it for leveling, holy priests don't have a hard time leveling. I can't find a valid use as a healer. Why doesn't Blizzard give feral druids a healing spell in their feral spec? Or survival hunters a healing spell for their spec? In my opinion, it's the worst spec spell in the game, because it's so not suited for holy priests. Why can't holy priests have a spec spell that is a base heal like penance? Anyone have any thoughts?Domski11 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 [PvE] My DPS is sucking...bad. I seriously don't know what it is. Just threw in some Rag attempts tonight and literally EVERY attempt was pulling 14k. I'm not getting it. I always keep EP downtime to 0% and ensure that VT/DP always get the benefit of ES. I've tried both waiting for 3 orbs to proc for MB/making sure ES never goes down and I've tried the normal use MB whenever it's off CD. I seriously am lost and it's aggrivating with as much gear as I have. A simple cry for help for some good SP's to help me out.Voyevoda9 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Transmogrification Priest and the RP'er I know there are alot of MOG threads, anyone doing it for also RP purposes? I have made a profile for my Priest that what she plans to look like, items are very easy obtain. You don't really have to be on a RP server to want to be something or feel your apart of something If Scarlet Monastery was to ever have a Heroic version, this is how i would love to see "High Inquisitor Whitemane" look like Below is wow items that are in the character profile in-case those who don't trust external links RP Title: <High Inquisitor> Satqiel Head: Whitemane's Chapeau Shoulder: Crimson Silk Shoulders Chest: Furious Gladiator's Satin Robe Bracer: Furious Gladiator's Cuffs of Salvation Gloves: Furious Gladiator's Satin Gloves Belt: Furious Gladiator's Cord of Salvation Legs: Furious Gladiator's Satin Leggings Boots: Furious Gladiator's Slippers of Salvation Staff: Invincible StaveSatqiel0 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Shadow Priest rotation I quit prior to 4.2 a while back, i recently came back and knew some nerfs had taken place. My old rotation is no good, dps drop was far too significant to be simply dot dps. So i ask, what's your shadow priest rotation?Therrem15 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Fear Ward Notification As a priest, my Fear Ward only lasts 60 seconds. Is there a wow addon that will warn me when fighting a mob that uses fear so I can remember to cast it?Aclevername5 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 21k HPS I pulled 21k HPS in (N) Beth last night. We 2 healed it and I was using a new reforging (trying out mastery/haste build...just for the hell of it). It seemed a lot more fluid to me than my haste/crit build. I really like the higher mastery....infact we 2 healed every fight except for domo (we tried a number of times to 2 heal it...but just couldnt push past 7 scythe's). Any thoughts on a high haste/mastery build? You can check my logs from last night, I didnt start logging until after beth (dumb me). So it's not on there, but the rest of the fights are.Nisse14 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 Disc Pvp questions. Ok, so i'm nearing 85 and i was thinking about changing my holy OS to a disc pvp spec, and was curious on a few things: What is stat prioity? Does anyone have a spec they could link, i use AA spec for Pve but i don't think i would be able to get off enough simites to make use of that. How is Disc generally in Pvp, is holy in better place or no? Also, just any general advise or tips. Thanks in advance ;)Dragonvich8 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 My shadowpriest sucks I'm wondering what I can do to make him not suck. He's just an alt that I use to VP farm ZA/ZG and sell bracers so I won't be getting any FL gear with him anytime soon. He just seems to pale in comparison to my other VP farming alts. I have a hunter and a pally, and until recently all three were geared out relatively the same (Hunter went on a couple FL trash runs and got some shiney BoEs). My hunter could do around 16k-20k or so, more if the DPS were competent, and my ret pally could do about the same as well, though he usually sat around 17k-18k unless he got really lucky with procs (for those who know how ret pallies work). My spriest sits around 12k-14k on bosses, more if the DPS is competent, and if we have lust I've barely scratched 20k occasionally. I know the priority system. I make sure my DoTs don't fall (I have power auras), Mind blast with at least 1 orb, and mind fly in down time. I pop shadowfiend as much as a 5 man heroic boss will allow me (usually once, sometimes twice). I use AA often as well. I believe I have the proper spec with the right glyphs, and I'm not really skimping on enchants as far as dungeons go. My trinkets aren't as nice as I'd like, but at this point in time I feel finishing off one of my other alts and using them to do dungeons. I typically carry the other DPS on my other characters(as you know how pugs can go), and with my spriest I just can't which can make the dungeons drag on way too much for my taste. The reason I ask is because Spriests are apparently supposed to be doing really good damage in FL, so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong, there's some sort of gear point that Spriests start rocking at, and I'm not there yet, or if I'm possibly doing something wrong.Hellsing7 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 11, 2011 What is the mastery cap on Disc priests? come Cata?Styxnreo4 Sep 11, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Does shadow need help? Or is it me? I pulled my priest out from hiding a couple months ago and started gearing him and up and re-learning how to play (rotation, gemming, reforging, bleh). And it seems to me that our mind sear has been buffed through the roof (almost excessively) and everything else has been nerfed. I remember shining on single target bosses at the beginning of cataclysm and struggling with aoe, but it seems to me as if aoe is a no brainer (mind sear and profit) and single target fights are an exercise in frustration. I have read every thread I can find that talks about rotation and have worked on it with dummies tirelessly, yet I still have to work my a$$ off to barely keep up with other dps classes. It seems to me that we need some single target help. We can't have our dots buffed because that would make our aoe (multi-dotting) even more silly than it is right now, so it seems to me that mind flay is the answer. It's a spell that people rarely use in pvp, so the balance shift would be minimal there, and it's a single target spam that we use on bosses religiously as filler for our rotation. I really hope we get some kind of attention. We used to be sought after for all of our special nuances in raid settings, but now that each class is becoming less unique and more balanced we are constantly replaced with DoT casters that can outshine us in almost every situation (Boomkins, Aff locks). At the moment the only unique attribute we possess is vampiric embrace, and the healing bonus is made almost worthless because of the sheer damage that top tier raid bosses put out. I've thought about this a lot and whether or not to bench the priest. It's not rewarding to me at the moment to put out the amount of work I'm putting out and barely make the dps charts in raid boss fights. Hendal9 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Gear check please hey guys, is my gear ready to heal firelands content? I know i have the pvp helm on, i had a pve one, but it was blue, so i asked someone if id be better off wearing the pvp helm because its got better stats they said yeah, till i get a better one.Drlecter4 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Shadow PVP noob question So I know I'm not even in the level range of mind spike, but I'm a little bit confused on what to do as shadow in pvp at 85 since I've seen a lot of different opinions. I was wondering if I'm supposed to dot up the target and mind flay mind blast or use the mind spike mind blast rotation. Remember I'm asking at 85. Thanks so much for any replies!Accendant2 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 What happened to the effect of Penance? I know this is gonna sound silly in a sense, but WHY did Blizzard have to change the "pushback effect" of Penance on the target. While it may be categorized as an insignificant change I disagree. I used to really like that little effect. I remember when I didn't have a priest and would be sitting in dalaran or SW and just randomly receive a series of jolts from a disc priest. There is two reason I leveled a priest and a druid. One, so I could have two healers, and secondly, so I could appreciate their distinctive looks. i.e : Penance effect + treeform on druid. Now, apparently both of them are gone. I know there are people out there who feel they like the changes that are happening while others may cringe at them. I for one am against these changes as it takes away from the fun of having the different characteristics of the specific toons. Now all Penance looks like is crap. A regular heal that looks so dull when u cast it on someone now.Potvin3 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 LF Cast Bar Addon! I don't like the default cast bar by Blizzard because I can't move it and it's in the way of some of my UI. Does anyone know of an addon that allows me to move my cast bar to wherever I want on my screen? Must be an addon with just a cast bar. Nothing that will change my entire UI.Nightwarden6 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Disc PVP - how am I doing? So, I'm working on my gear, I picked up that Dominance trinket last night and currently have it macro'd to Power Infusion (which I'm still learning to remember to use :D). Good/bad idea? Any comments on the trinket choice? I'm currently going for mastery for tougher shields - I realize this seems to be a debatable move and maybe just personal preference over haste/crit? I'm working with a combination of healbot and naga bindings... I have most of my important abilities bound to the easy to reach naga buttons which are non-modified cast at myself while shift-modified cast at my target (sucks that modifier macros don't work on the naga buttons so I have to use two bartender bar buttons for each naga button). Healbot seems to make me tunnel too much.. to the point that sometims I find myself dying without realizign it and not having time to save myself (running BGs only right now). It's so easy to see when someone neesds to be dispelled cured via healbot though that I will probably keep it just for that unless I find something better. It's also very beneficial in BGs where there are so many targets in need of healing. For arena, I'm hoping to get used to my binds enough to be able to use those instead so I can have increased situational awareness. Any thoughts on my strategy here? I feel like I haven't gotten familiar enough with the subtleties of my talent tree including things like Rapture... I've seen people mention "managing Rapture" as a means to increase mana efficiency. What does that mean? What do I need to know about this? Are there any other similar subtleties of the spec/buff management, that I Might be missing? I feel like I'm not doing as good a job as I can at offensive dispelling, are there any tricks anyone can share with me about how I can improve at this? I use an addon called debuff filter which shows me a select list of buffs - my current configuration is copied from my main warrior and only includes big cooldowns so I know when to go defensive or cc. I can probably change to list all dispellable debuffs but it still only helps against my current target. I'm working on getting used to mana burning and figuring out when the best time to do it is without losing focus of the people I need to keep up. Probably nothing to learn here other than practice/experience but if anyone has any pointers I'm all ears. Just looking for some more advanced tips now that I have most of the basics down (I think). Appreciate any and all (even you nasty trololols) comments/advice. Thx :)Callahan7 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Confusion bout Current Disc stat weighing I look around to a lot of these disc sticky thread on EJ and here on the wow forums and see alot of out dated info and I'm confused some say mastery is best overall for disc healing and other say stack crit. some clarification on this subject. I'm currently trying to get my healing gear to the best it can be to help progress thru Firelands.Orboros29 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 My First Priest Hello there everyone. I just have a few things to ask about being a priest because before this I was a Rogue and a Death Knight so I have never done heals before. Basically my questions are: 1.) What Spec should I choose for healing (or what spec do you personally suggest) Disc or holy? 2.) what Glyphs should I get for what ever spec I choose. 3.) What should I be doing in Instances, groups, bg's, etc.. to better heal my party? 4.) Do you have any final tips, tricks, or anything like that? Thanks in advanced, I am really having fun even at this low of a level as a priest and I want to make this one my main so please help me get everything worked out :) PS: I know a lot of this I shouldn't worry about till 85 but just so I keep excited with priesthood I wanna learn anything and everything :) ~Eldersun2 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Is it difficult to heal in BG's? I've always gone DPS on all my mains when it came to BG's, but since my priest is almost 85, I might give disc a chance in PvP. But I'm just curious if it's difficult or not, and what sort of defence you have if a melee gets all up in your face? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated :D. Thanks!Noirvetica4 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Disc attonement needs hit? I thought the divine accuracy glyph makes hit not an issue, but a disc friend disagreed and gears for it. Can someone clear this up real fast? Thanks for any response.Sarei11 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 help with Power Word; Shield well, made the jump, converted to Discipline from Holy, now getting used to the differences......on the plus side, mana is of no concern now.....I am having a hard time though, with the PW:S (important mechanic for us for rapture). When I cast it, I lose my target, and instead, the target changes to whomever I cast it on.....its kinda clunky when you are smite healing, you want to reshield the tank, which you do, then have to re-acquire the mob again......I have assigned PW:S to a button in healbot, but, I guess put simply, is there any way to NOT lose the mob when I cast it? Im just trying to make it simpler, and streamline.....I dont like having to pick the mob again during a fight.....tend to lose me some valued time! Apologies if this is a dumb question, but boy, Disc is sure different than holy!Heallikehell7 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 I hope Season 3 is brought back That is by far my favorite Priest armor. With Mogging coming out in a bit, I would hope they release a way to obtain it once again.Vicé2 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Spriest dps I am turning to this community for help. I have a spriest core raider not pulling his weight. He is almost always #5 on the charts. His 13.5k dps on Baleroc cost us a first kill with a 2% wipe. I am being forced into a situation I would rather fix by aid than by force. First, the formals: In you think you can help, here is the armory. While input on small and personal choices are welcome, I would most like to know if there is a gaping hole noone can overlook and leave his personal choices, well, personal. When I speak to him about his performance, I tend to get comments such as "orbs are broken" or "I cant hit 4 bilion haste". In current gear, on a helter skelter fight, with moderate lag, and average skill, he simms at 28k. 28 - 13,5 = wth is going on here. He is a wonderful guild member. I have raided with him since lvl 60 when he played a different toon. I want to explore the possibility that he can become a 20k dps and continue to raid. Hard choices are coming. If you are sincere about helping, anything you need I will try to do, as I am serious about fixing this. Please, save your l2play, delete, fail, and baddie comments as they are not helpful.Tanker31 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 BIS spriest trinkets. Apparently Necrotic Focus is no longer bis. !@#$s me to tears but anyways, what is the new list of current BIS trinkets I should be looking atDaketh3 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Spriest trinkets What's better Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor or Necromantic Focus?Wtborbs4 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Help w/ S.Priest lvl85 I have a lvl85 Blood Elf S.Priest ... still new to wow only been playing for a few months and this character is my only lvl85. My gear lvl is only 355 which is still low. Its kind of embarrassing but I am only doing about 8k damage and I have been kicked from groups in raids because I am not doing much damage. I am not sure if its my rotation or my gear. I have reforged some of my gear to have more hit and haste because from most post I seen that Haste and Hit are the most important on a S.priest other that Intellect/spell power. My rotation is.... V-touch, Pain, Plague, blast and death, flay till dots need to be used again and blast n death when off cool down Seeing some S.priest doing more than 18k makes me want to be better than them lol Is there anything I am missing or just need to work on (stats, gear, rotation, etc.)? Acapela2 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Ive had it with the DPS yoyo. One day my dps is awesome, another day its crap. Let me explain my situation. I have been a shadow priest since the old days of Molten Core 40 man raids. I know how to play this class, even with the Cata changes. When I raid, its only with my guild and its always the same 10 players. So there is no fluctuation in buffs, classes, bosses....ect. Last week in Firelands I was pumping out over 20 to 25k dps easy with no problems. Last night I could barely get to 16. NOTHING has changed. I have not reforged, gained gear, enchants or anything. Same bosses, same raid, same gear, same raiders, same buffs. Same food buffs, same flasks. If I popped all my cooldowns, and used my fiend, I could almost hit 17. I wont blame my rotation. I know my rotation, and it is solid. So what causes the fluctuation of DPS levels? Is it the wind? Are the servers in a bad mood sometimes? Seriously what makes this happen? My patience with wow is wearing very thin lately anyway. Its things like this that are making a Galaxy Far Far Away look really appealing now.Zorthis18 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Shadow survivability Given the current state priests are in, I was toying around with the idea of a survival spec for shadow in pvp. Rather than relying just on Disperse and our so called "shield" I tried this spec out: Give me your thoughts on it, just want to know if there could be valuable changes made to it to where it could useful. I know the spec is pretty situational but it's just an idea.Njh4 Sep 10, 2011
Sep 10, 2011 Glyphing for Lightwell? I'm wondering why more holy priests don't glyph for Lightwell? I'm a tank, and every time I'm tanking, our holy priest in our 25-man drops the Lightwell beside me (and/or the other tank) on low mobility fights (which is pretty much everything except for Rhyolith (but the tank damage is loltastic on that) or Shannox). I always use up all the charges long before the 3 minutes are up. He recently glyphed into it, and the healing was amazing. He was tank healing for Ragnaros, and it ended up being his number 3 heal. Isn't it worth glyphing for it?Dekkar14 Sep 10, 2011