Jul 30, 2011 Doing something wrong with spriest.. So lately, after getting geared for the past 2-3 weeks and hoping my dps would improve it hasn't. I've looked on multiple pages/threads and other forums, and no matter the rotation I can't break 12.5k on bosses in za/zg. I was in a normal dungeon with my friend and a 7k GS warlock was almost out DPS'ing me.. I'd like to think that my enchants/reforges/gemming is correct, and about to buy new valor gear, unsure which atm. For example in the boss in za where you have the green !@#$ to stand in which give mana back, hazili or something, I only got 12.5k trying my heart out.. My rotation changes, been trying to find something that works, but generally it is VP, MB, DP, SWP, MF, and MB whenever its up, MF in between and recasting dots. When moving I'm normally spamming DP, and once the boss is 25% or lower I cast SWD. I've done variations of this, where I wait till I have 3 orbs and THEN MB, having MF while waiting, and where I cast all dots first, then mb then MF then MB when available. My dps is really not where I want or think it should be. Thanks a lot!Hurkules11 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 CHANGE US BACK !! 1) change back the damage to dots, remove it from Mind spike/blast 2) change back Vamp embrace to 15% Cmon, it's not like we were owning everyone in PVE or PVP.Moondrake18 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Shadow Priest Addons I just made my new main, a wonderful little shadow priest. I'm one of those guys who likes the default UI but also likes a few solid addons. I've downloaded Quartz and I'm just unsure which addons to try. I've heard a lot of names thrown around like MFClip, DoTimer, Power Auras Classic, ForteXorcist, etc. Just wondering which ones I should take the time to try out and if you have any other addons that you would recommend?Loquat3 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Help I suck at gearing up as a Spriest!! Recently started playing my Spriest. Last time i played was in WOTLK. I am doing something wrong because my damage is very low. Please advise. Im interested in PVP, also i am working for better gear. I need help with gems, stats, talents points. Thank youWalkyria3 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Disc or Holy for 5 man gearing? Hi all thank you for your help! I am at level 83 so I will be 85 soon, and then I have to gear up, and I was wondering which healing spec will be better for 5 man groups/heroics while gearing up? I am undecided on spec long term as I like them both a lot, so just was wondering which is probably gonna give me the easier time while I gear?Ravid2 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Someone clear up Archangel for me... From everything I've read in guides here it keeps getting said that disc priests get 5% mana return on popping AA. But the tooltip on talent calculators and even in game say 1%. I've looked at patch notes from 4.2 and nothing mentioned that I can find (unless I'm missing it) about the change. I'm pretty sure it was 5% before 4.2 and I know priests would be making some noise of a change from 5% to 1% on disc priests but no change for shadow priests (who have more options for mana recovery). I've even thought about asking a GM, but thought you all here may know.Peani3 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Timid on Raiding So I would like to try healing some real raids (not BH), but I am scared of screwing it up bad. Never really raided on this toon (MS is Holy, btw . . . just messing around with Disc spec), except for BH. I know I will OOM, or b push some wrong heals, or something. I would hate to be the cause of a raid wipe. What would you suggest I do (my guild only has enough raiders for mains, and this is one of my alts)?Mimijennasea3 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Disc PvP audit xD Hi, fellow Priests! I seek your assistance :) Short backstory: I started at 85 as shadow for pvp, decided I liked Disc more. But, I had already bought the set pieces recommended for shadow as well as boots/bracers for shadow. Not sure if I should change any of those around or not since I know the Mooncloth 4-piece bonus is sexy. I'll be changing to Spirit boots/bracers this weekend and picking up the spirit ring as well. What I am looking for is thoughts(hopefully constructive! :P) about what I can change to be optimized to best potential. I mainly do random BGs, but did some RBGs last night and 3 Arenas also so my friend could get one of the Arena pieces he wanted. I really feel like my haste is lacking and that my crit could be higher but am not sure how I should go about this without losing regen. I played around some with forging and got my hit to 4.01% so I'm weary about changing that, also, since it can be tough to get so close to cap without being wasteful. =) Ok, go! Just.. be gentle! /cowers :P One last thing: I know I do not have head/shoulder chants just yet. Gear first, then those 2 chants! :) Rasklinia15 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Rawrcast discussion on healers NOW! Featuring top end, middle end, low end, every kinda healer. Worth listening to just to see all the different perspectives as a healer! Entertaining to say the least!Adizzlle1 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 SPriest help? Im wondering if my gear or enchanting or gemming/reforging is wrong at all? I want to maximize my damage as much as possible, sorry i have no logs but i average 22k+ on most bosses, some even more. Im open to suggestions. Current rotation as follows; Open:SW:P,VT,DP,Shadowfiend,MFx2,archangel if orb is up, MB, VT,DP,MF. After opener: keep dots up, MF for fillers, MB when orbs are up. >25%: keep dots up, SW:D on cd, MF for filler, MB when orbs are up. thanks.Sixseven9 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 LF 1800+ Disc for RMP Lf 1800+ Disc Priest for RMP. Myself and the Rogue have 2k experience playing twos together. We realize that does not translate into super awesome 3's ability. Hence the reason we are not looking for a 2k disc. We are looking for a Disc that's wanting to improve into high ratings with a new rmp team. Myself and the rogue are laid back but are still very competitive. We are looking for the same in a disc partner. Someone who can take criticism and not get all butt hurt over it. Looking for someone who is competent (ex. knows how to shadow word death a sheep/actually knows what a focus macro is) and seeking to improve. We play 7pm-11pm Mountain time daily on the Kel'Thuzad(alliance) server.So if you're a disc, not a re re, can play 7-11 mt time daily, and wanting to play some serious three's without nerd raging hit us up. Thank you (alt 0208 to make the Ð) Ðirtylarry mage/ Eidreven rogue(message in game or skypeÐirtylarry0 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Please stop using this excuse. Arena-wise "Have your partner peel for you" "Get a rogue" "Get a mage" "Get a warrior" or whatever else anyone feels like saying that says get a-. I read these a lot in complaints about having little mobility and having poor peeling abilities. So... just stop using it. I mean that just proves how much the situation is bad that you just can't rely on yourself for survival, the class just turns out so... dependent, and if the intention is to solve an issue then this just creates another one: Priest class is too dependent. I don't want to explain every single complaint that a lot of you most likely have read anyway ( Like how we are the easiest class to CC and have less mobility than most other classes, but ironically we give mobility (Leap of faith) ). Don't use that excuse, its dumb, thanks. (This goes to either shadow or discipline) (my discipline tree for now isn't something to flame me about, I am testing something out thx)Wofye17 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 Trinkets: Eye, Shard, Jaws? I'd like to hear fellow Priests' thoughts on the relative merits of the (Heroic mode versions) of the trinkets: Eye of Blazing Power, Shard of Woe, and Jaws of Defeat or combinations of these that are best for Disc and Holy Priests respectively. My own thoughts are that Shard and Eye are best for Disc, but I can't decide as easily for Holy. Jaws seems like it would be amazing for Holy, though, because of our many instant spells. Thoughts?Synariel3 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 30, 2011 T11 healing bug 4pc no longer works If you do not already know, the 4piece buff from healing tier 11 no longer stays when you take it off.Rebirth2 Jul 30, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Please someone explain. How do you beat anything in a duel that has half a brain? I have tried everything. There are some classes I can beat under certain circumstances, though it mostly comes down to luck it seems. Rogues, I can't even hurt. They can reset 2 times, get 3 openers; their Recup heals more than my dots tick for and I can not cast on any competent rogue. Same with just about every other class. Ferals are about the easiest class it seems to be able to beat 1v1, or mages. Say duels don't matter all you want, but I remember being able to either cast or at least kite in cata, TBC and vanilla. I remember being able to actually do well outside of BGs and arena. Now? Ganking and dueling is just a horror story against ANY competent player. Its beyond frustrating. My account was hacked and lost, so I leveled this up after cata was released. If someone can help me, please do. I love arenas and BGs on this. But Jesus... Is it possible to do well 1v1 with shadow anymore? I just feel like I'm either silenced of interrupted 90% of any fight.Ingsoc5 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 dps as spriest wut should they pull in 359 gearCarrees23 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Disc priest PVP tips So I recently just got my priest to 85. I love playing her because I am able to heal. I do arena with a friend who is a hunter and we do pretty well keeping a ratio about .5 (only at 1200 team rating tho..) We recently just played a Holy paladin/arms warrior combo and the fight lasted over a half and hour. The paladin was dispelling every fear or cc that we could throw on his friend or him. Is there anyway priests can do anything like that? Also any tips are welcomed!Sytick5 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 What if FADE gave us a speed boost? Shadowpriests are good for PVE, got it. In PVP, just need a little more escape mechanisms. So, how about fade providing a speed boost for 6-8 secs? Decent cooldown, so not gamebreaking, but synergizes well with the talent to remove snares. Just add a speed boost.Moondrake9 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Switching Disc to Shadow What gear changes would I have to make if I wanted to start using my shadow spec?Dragooni2 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Shadow DPS is bad... lolz whut? Seriously. I've lost track of how many times I've read here, people complaining that Shadow doesn't perform well in PvE, that mages or warlocks are better, etc. I'm not having any issues myself, as I'm almost always in the top three DPS in my raid group, and raidbot has us listed as #2 in DPS currently in 10 man Normal modes. So I'm curious, are these people trolling, or are they genuinely struggling with their DPS? If you are one of these people, please enlighten me as to how this is inherently a flaw in the class and not in your skill or knowledge of the class.Popina6 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Discipline - Smite VS Shield Sorry if this one has been done to death, but this is my first priest and looking to my peers for advice. There appear to be two lines of healing for the Discipline priest: Smite & Shield. I started with Shield, but recently tried out the Smite approach. And I’ve noticed two things while in LFD Randoms. With Shielding, things are usually very feast or famine. I’m either firing off heals and shields like crazy or sitting back and flailing about with my wand while the shield clicks away. Mana doesn’t become a real concern unless the tank (or ever ‘helpful’ DPS) is a moron. With Smite, things get frantic healing-wise (as I bounce around targeting), but I still pull off some nice heals with Atonement and help things go faster. However, mana becomes a concern throughout the entire instance. Which approach do you prefer and why? Are there tricks for each approach? Does either get easier as the game progresses? Thanks. Blodewed4 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Ragnaros Dps Question, please help My guild is tackling ragnaros on 10 man atm and i'm assigned to trap duty in first phase. I am having trouble getting much dps time in while moving around from trap to trap and being flung in the air. in particular as hard as i try my dots are falling off (mostly) and i have very few flays in. my question is: in the first phase would it be more benifical for me to MS+MB and throw dots on him right before I trigger the trap, or should i be trying to force more MF in between the traps? note: on transitions i'm MS+MB the adds and 2nd and 3rd phases i'm dotting the boss up and doing reg rotation. this is only a 1st phase question.Crestfall13 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Need to be a human to survive in PvP? So been playing around with both of these trinkets as a disc priest. Darkmoon Card: Tsunami and Ruthless Gladiator's Emblem of Tenacity Currently at 2160 rating in threes, playing with a hunter rogue (Gnome priest, name is Simmias) The problem is that, while the tsunami card gives me amazing regen and I barely go OOM, I find that without that extra resil I'm going down VERY fast when all my cooldowns are used. Even with peels from teammates, I still get decimated vs nearly every class that can set up any decent cc followed by burst (i.e silence me, cc rogue or hunt and then destroy me) But when I use the other resil trinket, I find that I cannot outlast the other healers mana. Is the answer to all my problems that I reroll human? I love the gnome racial, and it's saved my !@# a ton of times, but is two trinkets really that amazing when it comes to being a healer?Robanybody8 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Spriest strats on rag 10m normal? Putting in attempts this week for the first time on this fight, and just wanted to get it done right asap, hence research >_> Any of you out there that have already done this encounter successfully have any tips on what I should be doing as an spriest to handle the various mechanics? What I know so far: I'm going to be on explode the puddle duty with levitate - I know I can hit levitate a bit early on my fall down and cancel it handily with a sw:d when I know I won't take a lot of damage from the rest of the fall. Spam DP on my way down? Idk this seems like a big DPS loss in general here. For the sons of flame stage.. I'm not really sure how to handle this. MSpikex3->Blast? Should I be on one of the further back elementals? I don't really feel like spriest frontload damage is our specialty so to speak... but what do you guys do to get passed this phase / help the group? For the run from side to side, while a ton of little adds spawn phase, I assume I just have to mindsear the crap out of them >_> dunno, fairly simple, could target a pet I suppose. Our guild got this far in our one day of attempts before raid time ended, and I know very little about how to handle the rest of the fight. So yeah, rather than go in trying to learn this all from scratch, or watching more videos from non priest perspectives, I figured I'd ask you priests and see if you guys figured out the mechanics well enough to know what specifically to do already. Any input is appreciated =P PS. Oooh yeah, I made another thread earlier about sorrowsong because I've seen some spriests using this on this fight... Should I grab one, and is it really a significant improvement? What makes the last 35% of this fight so significant compared to the first 65%? For the record, my raid comp is Tanks: pally/dk heals: pally/druid/shammy dps: boom/spriest/fury/arcane/survivalMìsery4 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 leap of faith who else thinks this spell is just a waste of space, i hit 85 and im like yes my 85 spell and what is it leap of faith people are like oo but you can pull people to you when they are standing in !@#$ , but heres what i have to say to that if they are dumb enough to keep standing in %^-* let them die but hey if you can think of a reason why this spell is good please let me knowSpareribz51 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Mercurial Robes V. Dizze's Whirling Robe I have enough points to get Mercurial Robes but I have access to Dizze's Whirling Robe. Which should I choose?Holyofholies1 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Whats better for FL 10 man, Disc or holy? Hello! what topic says, i just started raiding FL today, I am disc and have been since this toon has been made(Not long ago) we downed shannoxx and 3rd attempt not bad, i was MT healer. we then went to spider boss and could not down him. My guildmates have kinda pointed their finger at me :( I was at first healing the tank that stayed down and picked up the adds while trying to help raid heal. after a few attempts i was sent up with the other tank and a dps. i was not able to keep them up along with myself. using Binding heal i went oom way to fast. Now, the other healers were a shaman and druid. i am very comfortable with disc and dont know a dang thing about holy healing, they suggested i respec my OS to holy which could help. I am just wondering if it is worth it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. My normal disc rotation would be: PW:S, POM(on my assigned roll) GH alot and POH to for DA. Another question is right now my spec is for Archangel but at no point during FL raid did i find myself to have time to do 5 smites without fear of tank dropping to get my wings. Is it still worth keeping?Norlin11 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Shadow Priest help Ok so the guild was short a ranged dps and I had to switch to shadow (first time shadow in probably 2 years). I reforged my gear and set out to kill bael. Now I was dispersing on CD for the shards, so I know that would lower my dps somewhat. But I barely pulled 16k....while the rest of the raid was at 22k+. My rotation probably needs to be cleaner (again over 2yrs since I last played shadow). But my gear is pretty good (I think, let me know), I would like to think I could pull more than this. Basically I followed the recommended rotation noted on the stickies. I think I let DP drop off a few times because Im not using any CD's to track my dots and I got a bit tunnel vision while watching the rotation to pickup shards....but wow 16k!! I feel like a loser right now lol. What is a good DOT tracker that doesnt clutter my screen too much, I have heard quartz is good. Will try it out tonight. Any other ideas though? As far as the raid comp, we didnt have 10% SP, or 5% crit vulnerability or the +spell damage taken debuff in the raid...will those help with my dps all that much. The raid comp was purely physical damage except for me (hunter,enhance,rogue,fury).Nisse0 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Holy PVP spec Never been spec'd holy before, but am considering it as an off spec. I'm not familiar yet with the play style, but I don't intend to build a shadow set. What do I need to know? Is disc/holy gear comparable, or do I need to stack mastery to be effective? I've seen holy priests putting out massive amounts on the charts, but am unclear of their role in rated battlegrounds. Looking at the talents they look to be effective raid healers, with some more utility than say a paladin has. Any PVP holy priests I can take a look at? edit: my other option is to build a PVP spec around attonement, which was fun when I had it, but never what I would use in rated matches.Trygveseim5 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Do I need 2 gear sets I heal mainly in discipline but recently took up holy as my offspec in case my guild needs me to switch from tank heals to raid heals. With my disc build I gemmed for intellect and mastery and pretty much reforged everything to mastery. I just wanted to know if I need to redo my reforging or pick up a second set of gear to function as a raid healer in holy. If its relevant, we are doing 10 man normals and are a tier behind on progression (4/10)Dessedra7 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Shadow DoT Timers I was looking for a way to track what DoT's are on what targets - Is there an addon for this? For example the Shannox fight, DoT on Rage and Rip and Shannox, and keeping track on when those DoT drop from each one so you can reapply them. I was looking at ForteXorcist but I could not tell for certain that it was what I am looking for.Fiinnch2 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Manage mana Hey i was wondering if any of u Disc and/or Holy priest healers (preferabley disc healers :) ) knew a good way to manage mana. I mean me being below 80 atm i wont have to worry but ive seen lotsa priests go OOM reeeeaaaal fast while on my mage. Would anyone care to give me any pointers on how to manage mana ahead of time? i wouldnt like to be known as a bad healer and get kicked from dungeons...Hugglez4 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Disc Shoulders for a new raider. 85 Atonement Disc priest here... wanting to know which shoulder item is better for raiding. This is what i have to choose from for shoulders. Of course neither are ideal. However, until something drops for me in a raid I have no other options that I know of. Claw-Fringe Mantle Ruthless Gladiator's Mooncloth Mantle I know one is a pvp item... however it's 31 Item levels higher. I'll lose out on crit, about 164 of it... (.91%) And I'll acquire 214 points of useless Resilience rating I'll gain 80 int, 60 Spirit, 120 stamina and a bit of armor. With the PVP shoulders equipped I'll have 6094 int, 2348 spirit and 12.86 crit. Maybe it's a dumb question now that I am looking at the stats. I guess the question really is, "Is 80 Int, 60 Spirit and 120 stam better than 164 crit for an atonement spec'd tank healing disc priest?" Sqyntz3 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Healing Beth'tilac 10 H as Disc: a Guide Healing Beth'tilac on 10 man Heroic mode is definitely a tight (but fun, imo) check. You have to use your mana and cooldowns more wisely than on other encounters this tier, because at lower gear levels Phase 2 will require you to go into it with nearly full mana in order to make it through. Here is a guide for effectively healing as Disc for the fight, aiming for mana efficiency and high HPS. Please note that I am by no means an expert, but have found that these methods make healing Beth 10 H less scary for myself personally and so I wish to share them with the Priest community. Also note that this guide is for Disc Priests healing downstairs: tank healing upstairs is quite different and so would require different strategies for Ph.1 healing. Gearing/Speccing I am pretty lax about my gear: I don't theorycraft, and so I usually just go with what feels "right" for certain encounters. For Beth, I use a mixture of Haste and relatively high Mastery (right now I am reducing my Haste for Mastery and Crit for Baleroc, so ignore my current reforging.) This really helps for Phase 2 healing. As for spec, if you are healing the Spiderling/Broodling tank (which is, of course, a dps), take SoS and ToT for more Shields and periodic free GH's. I would also recommend taking Veiled Shadows for a second fiend in Ph.2. Glyph PoH and, if you wish, Barrier (also for Ph.2). Phase 1 Healing Pop PI early to heal Beth's first Venom Rain and heal normally until your Broodling tank runs off to kill Spiderlings. If you are healing this person, use the usual combination (as if you were tank healing) of GH, Penance, and Shields for Rapture. When needed, help out the other downstairs healer with IF'd PoH/Shields on low people. Have a timer up for the fight and pop your Fiend early (before 2 minutes) so that you have it up again in Phase 2. The second Venom Rain she does (the one before she comes down) is usually a bit scary: pop PI again for this one and you will have it up for Phase 2. Right before she comes down (that is, when the three upstairs people come down for the last time) call out for help on your Broodling tank and pop Hymn of Hope and/or your Concentration Potion. This will lead you into Phase 2 with hopefully very high (above ~85%) mana. Phase 2 Healing Once you are able to enter Phase 2 with almost full mana, it's pretty brain-dead healing. Start out with Shielding the starting tank for Rapture. Then basically all you need to do is spam PoH. Pop PI when it comes up again (early in this phase) for fast PoH's before Heroism, and always Shield the tanks for Rapture. Weave Inner Focus in to conserve mana. Use Fiend when it's up again. And, of course, use Divine Hymn and Barrier when they are called for (usually Hymn will be used first at lower Ember Flare damage, and Barrier will be used second when Ember Flare is really hurting at ~15%.) Congrats! You killed Heroic Beth! (I hope these strategies help you heal! ^_^)Synariel14 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Does PW:S interfere with DK's Blood Shield? The main tank in our raids just finished comparing notes with another Blood DK who pulls 8k HPS in raids. His question: How the heck do you do that? The answer: Get rid of your disc priest. Apparently, my shields are interfering with the DK's Blood Shield. He isn't taking enough physical damage to maximize the spell's healing return. Since I crit absorbs as well, the ideal solution would be for me to be taken off tank healing all together and replaced with a class who specializes in direct heals. this true my priest community? Have I've been secretly gimping my tank all this time? Sihu14 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Haste Threshhold Question Can anyone tell me if haste thresholds factor in the 3% from Darkness? For example: Recommended Threshold w/o Dark Intent is 2589 rating. Haste rating from Darkness is roughly 385 and my current Rating is 2090. Would it be safe to say that I have 2475 of the 2589 recommended rating? Or do I need 2589 regardless of the Darkness talent? ThanksFelyan10 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Another spriest thread. I'm not here to complain. I know I can do a lot better and when I say a lot I mean, 12k dps on dummies isn't right. Considering my rogue of lower gear does more. I realise I have a few unenchanted items, because of new pieces of gear, but I don't think it makes all that much of a difference in a boss fight like Occu'thar I do about 18-19k dps. Which I can't say is bad, but like I said I feel I can do more with current gear. Let me go into more detail. I've reached 2180 haste. which is roughly the haste softcap. I have also reached 17% hit within that too. My reforging priorities are as Haste>Spirit/hit>Mastery/crit. My rotation goes as such. Open with either; 1. VT -> DP ->SW:P then MF till orb, then mindblast, continuing to use it off it's cooldown, and maintaining ES. 2. SW:P -> MF till orb -> MB for ES -> Apply VT, & DP, and continuing to keep everything up. Another question I have is when to use my cooldowns. I have heard from the majority of people to use them at the start of the fight, so that you can use them again, but I feel that I'm wasting 2 big mana returning cooldowns by using them at the beginning at the fight. So what do you recommend?Lescandale4 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Is Shadow a lost cause? Seriously. We can't break 1800 in arenas, I can't 1v1 anything, PvE damage is pathetic and the buffs they bring are trivial as all other classes provide equivalent ones. They've reduced the damage on DoTs, which were already weak, and buffed damage on easily interupable spells- and let's be honest, shadow priests are always the first to be focused. I feel I'm wasting my time with my priest.Talira12 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Which spec is your fave? Holy and Disc :) So, when Cata first came out I was rolling disc, I didn't know how to really heal disc, all i did was spam bubble and flash heal. Not smart I now realize. I dual specced holy, and eventually learned how to heal with them both. It's been a constant struggle with me choosing which spec I like best. I started healing BoT and BWD as holy, and then eventually switched to disc because i went to a guild that already had a holy priest. When my guild started doing heroic magmaw *I quit playing for a month right before we downed him.. :(* we decided to run two holy priests, which made it great to have not only one priest, but two, yelling at you to use the lightwell! When I came back I got put into a diff raid group, so, I had fun being the only holy priest again. But, with firelands i found healing disc is much easier then healing holy (because of my play style) I recently got moved to the core raid group in my guild, and my old holy magmaw healing buddy is disc now aswell. I'm going to try healing in holy spec again and I can't wait until he gets off vacation! I think it's fun to switch healing specs on a priest every so often just to see which you prefer. I love disc because rapture is amazing and divine aegis is a great talent. I love holy because yelling at my raid to use the lightwell is fun and gaurdian spirit serves and a great "Oh Sh!t" button when I screw up. Which spec are you as a priest currently healing in and why do you like it? *Feel free to add your healing experiances*Khaleise13 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Shadow LF some Stat Prioritization Advice Hello all, I'm here to help max my DPS. With my Current gear, I honestly think that 20 - 25k is somewhat low, Id like to sustain 23 - 24k +... ATM I have almost 30% haste, but only 13.3 mastery, and like 11% crit, question, since I only need 15% hit, should I just reforge out of spirit to get haste on items, or do like Im doing and reforge out of crit and mastery?... Any other advice on ANYTHING is helpful. Thanks ;)Nèx5 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Shadow Priest LF Critique (Have Logs) Hello and thank you for taking the time to review my performance. I feel my dps could be much higher with my current gear. Would like someone to verify my reforging and/or enchants. Logs consist of a 10 man BoT where I had DI/FM. (Recently name changed to take the alt code out of my name). I was disappointed with my V&T dps I feel it could have been much higher. Ascendent council was also low and I felt satisfied with Cho'gall but it also could be better. Any tips you have for me would be much appreciated. Again Thank you for taking a look.Omnipotent8 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Dark Archangel idea Hey guys is it me or does dark archangel's buff seem to be neglected in a normal pve situation. Problem: On a boss the only spells that are buffed are MF, MS, MB, and SW:D. Since MF hits as hard as SW:P and MB is on a 6.5 sec cd... It's seems to me that is a rather shifty dps buff for pve since 1/2 of the buffed spells rely on boss health (you don't do MS/MB combo unless the boss is so close to dying that you dots won't tick enough to really count). And of the 1/2 of the spells that do benefit from it while being part of a normal rotation, one of them has a 6.5 sec cd. Which equates to about 2 buffed MBs, which doesn't really equate to much of a dps gain as one would hope a 90 sec cd would provide. Theoretical solution #1 Make DA reduce the cd on MB by 2-2.5 sec for the duration of the buff. This will allow us to utilize more time to shoot off more MBs in the same time restraint, giving 2 more MB to use, equalling a small but noticable dps gain. Theoretical solution #2 Make DA give MS a grace period in which casting MS doesn't remove pre-existing dots on the target. This allows for more burst without the loss of our already nerfed dots. This will make the MS/MB combo more useful in pve situation where the boss needs to be killed, or perhaps a rather annoyingly high health add to be brned down faster. Now to those that believe that this could possibly make pvp faceroll, remember that in order for us to be able to get to the DA phase we need to sit still for roughly 5 sec building it up (without interrupts/cc/dispells) and another 10 seconds of standing still to get the most out of the buff. In which case you would be trained on by interrupts/ccs or if someone is being a real douche, some Mage will probably spellsteal it from you (even though they don't benefit from the buff in any way). In high-end pvp interrupts and dispells fly amock, so in the end there will be virtually no difference in dps towards pvp oriented fights. Or if there is one it's not a gamebreaking ability. Any thoughts you would like to share about this topic? If so leave your comments below. PS. Please don't just say stuff like "that's OP" or "that's a stupid idea" unless you can back up your reasoning in that same post. I'm open to criticism so long as it is constructive and not blatant and rude.Whitemàne1 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Support a VE Glyph here! That is the thread I created outlining what Shadow Priests' want as a glyph for Vampiric Embrace. It's lengthy, but essentially the 3% healing gets outright removed, and the 6% healing gets buffed to 25% (or whatever number Blizzard feels appropriate).Oni1 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 PW:S crits? Can power word: Shield "crit" so it absorbs more damage than usual?Healingone5 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 How are Priests doing these days? Been thinking about leveling this guy to cap and joining a raid guild But before all that, I would just like to know where Priests stand now days. Is it too hard to heal, too easy, too boring? Any feedback is appreciated -DDRDropdeadred1 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Divine Aegis looks sucky now Divine Aegis was cool looking. It was cool to have a bubble within a bubble. Why must this game always change the aesthetics? Who made the tarded decision that this spell didn't look cool. I have a discipline priest alt and it pees me off.Garmaximus14 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 pvp and tier 12 2 set bonus According to the sticky here the priest's class base mana is 20590. The two piece bonus heals 2% of my mana every 5 seconds for 15 seconds... which is a total of 6% of base mana. I am discipline for PvP and am wearing the two piece bonus... Am I right to assume that this is only 1235 mana per 15 seconds in combat regen solely from the bonus? I am just weighing the idea of buying the PvP chest and gloves and replacing this. (this is the Battleground setting not arena). Thoughts, opinions comments.... trolls? etc? You know all that forum goodness.Humblepower2 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 Herpderp look at (and rate) me I'm just curious what sort of criticism I can receive from people here. I've come and gone frequently and read a lot of opinions, but don't listen to many. But I'm getting in a mood of experimenting with talents and reforging and the like, so I'd like some suggestions. Anyway, opening rotation is same as most people's: VT - DP - Pain - MB - MFx2 - Arch - Shadfiend - MB - MF - VT etc. (That's my entire opening rotation, the rest is fight dependent) Valhe13 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 What % absorbs makes mastery good to stack? So I have been reading all I can about Disc stats. Ultimately, everyone has different opinions and it comes down to "do whatever is best for your spell rotation and raid composition." I understand what each stat does and what they boost, but am still unsure about how I am optimizing them. Exactly how much PW:S and DA should I be using to get the most out of Mastery? I think I saw a consensus before 4.2 that you needed to use at least 30% absorbs to have Mastery pull its weight. Now that crit has been buffed, is this still true or has the % increased? Looking over my WoLs from the past few weeks, my PW:S and DA have been hovering around 20% and 15% respectively give or take 5%. Just for some perspective: I am mostly tank healing in a 10 man group.Sihu2 Jul 29, 2011
Jul 29, 2011 looking for advice have a 70 lock on shadowmoon(secretlover) and my old 80 priest on ysera(diamondraine) highest personal rating is 1914 i believe on my priest and lookign to do more serious pvp on a diff toon so choosign between those 2. would like to be self suffiecent to some degree, not worry so much if i get tunneled. and not need certain classes to be OP with. problem is this applies to both of them. priest need peels and locks are mostly good when paired with a resto shaman so thoughts, advice, opinions?Quikitty0 Jul 29, 2011