Aug 20 Can we please get a toggle for Shadowform? I understand that, since Shadowform isn't even labeled a "passive" anymore, it's going to be a clunky mess for something like a Glyph to apply. But man, I really don't see why we had a basic roleplay tool (and neat spec designating buff, RIP Sanctity Aura) that we've had for years snatched out from under us. I understand the logic -- with no holy spells in our kit anymore, Shadowform was redundant, and pressing Shadowform would just be one extra thing to for someone new to mess up. But a glyph that applies to the Voidform passive and removes the Shadowform effect, or a toy that removes it with a proper CD/duration, or something.Anatolis14 Aug 20
Aug 20 question on holy priest rotation So I just switched from disc to holy, and while im getting my legs under me im still a pretty good healer. I'm in a heroic raid and there's another holy there, mythic cat about 20 ilevel above me, and he's long timer so i expect him to outheal me. But he's almost exactly 3 times what im doing in all situations. almost to the penny 3 times. i do 22 he does 66 etc. I check him out on recount and he appears to be doing it by spamming flash heal, at least that's his Number one healing cast. How does he do that without running out of mana constantly? or am going about it wrong? Im doing a lot of AOE healing.Hgolightly11 Aug 20
Aug 20 Disc healing addon, besides healbot Curious if there is any addons to help with atonement. I don't heal dungeons but i have always enjoyed it in pvp but as much as i like the disc set up I'm finding it really hard manage who has atonement and who doesn't. So far i do use healbot but i still need to get used to it. I also have the nameplates turned on (V) but if i recall it's only showing enemies and my own. Is there an addon that helps with this or maybe something in the options i can turn on? Would love to find a way to make this more effective for me but as of yet it's been pretty difficult to figure out.Kerken3 Aug 20
Aug 20 Disc PVP in Legion Anyone who PVP's as Disc thought of how 50% dmg and 50% heals is going to work? How can we sustain our healing with dps if tunneled by a warrior or dk with constant stuns/interrupts. Anyone have any thoughts on this or a different opinion on it?Option44 Aug 20
Aug 20 sp stat question I always have stupid stat dilemmas so I'll ask - what's better? +239 haste or +46 int, + 79 crit, +210 mastery aka does the +dmg outweigh the -3% haste? thx in advance!Strigidan3 Aug 20
Aug 20 Shadow kinda sucks rn Feels clunky. Things I was disappointed with: Cast time/GCD on Void Form Void bolt damage is weak af Cast time on MB inside Void Form Lost feathers, Spectral, Horrify Things I liked: Graphics are coolerThalandir39 Aug 20
Aug 20 shadow AoE questions Quick questions for you guys since I am a noob spriest. 1.What is your AoE rotation? Straight mind sear? Doting 2-3 mobs then mind sear? Etc etc 2. Does it get better with the artifact ? Feels kinda low at the moment :$ 3. How viable is spriest fort mythic+? With low AoE and quick fights and all I know this isnt the best setup for Spriest but how good/bad is it ?Màrtinez4 Aug 20
Aug 20 MF & MS Don't Spin Nodes in PvP Not sure why this hasn't been address by a Blue, but Mind Flay and Mind Sear still don't spin nodes in battlegrounds. It has been like this for a while but has never been fixed.Shraug0 Aug 20
Aug 20 Shadow Priests competitive in PVE? Hey guys, I've been pretty much deciding what classes I might want to play in Legion based off the artifact first, then trying 'em out and seeing how I like them. Xal'Atath seems like the most badass artifact out there. A claw from an Old God that speaks to you? Sign me up! My question is mostly how competitive are Shadow Priests in PVE content currently, and how competitive are they expected to be in first tier legion content? Thanks :)Ghostmaster5 Aug 20
Aug 20 Which spec to level in Legion? Hi all, I haven't played the beta at all, but I heard the early levels are a bit rough for squishy characters. I will switch off between Holy and Shadow in Legion, probably maining Shadow, so is it best to just level as shadow or maybe level as holy?Gay4 Aug 20
Aug 20 Leveling as Disc, or even Holy? So yeah, shadow is the obvious choice, it is a dps spec and duh. I'm not concerned with the loss of power on an Artifact weapon, because of catchup mechanics and what not. I want to enjoy leveling, and I like the IDEA of leveling as Disc or Holy. Questing, not dungeon chaining. I'm not going to do a dungeon before I finish the zone it goes with. In previous expansions I went to the 5-man before I even set foot in the zone it pertains to, so it's hard to feel invested when you've already resolved the issue. So yeah, solo leveling as Disc or Holy. Pure speed isn't an issue, survivability is though. I understand there will be companions that will go with you on quests... what is the limitation on that? Can they come with me everywhere that I'm not in a group? What about small groups of two? I'mean factoring in having some sort of companion, but hmm, not that I want spoilers, I'm just thinking out loud here, will the companions all be the same class as you? I'm wondering how viable a priest tank would be, even with heals. But yeah, leveling Disc, or Holy, with a follower to do the killing for me while I heal them, would be some good practice. I've heard playing Disc optimally is sort of complicated, so it would be great to have ten levels to practice with it before I get into the groups. Anyone else considering not leveling shadow, or am I being stupid for considering such a thing. I mean, I'm not thinking about leveling my Druid or Shaman Resto. Or my Monk as a Mistweaver. Paladin leveling as Holy could be interesting. I've heard bad things about Ret, but maybe Prot? Especially if I can get a healer follower. I've rambled on long enough though.Noxveneficus5 Aug 20
Aug 20 Why does every spec have Dominate Mind??? Why does every priest spec have Dominate Mind??? Holy to me is the only one that needs it cause they don't have any power damage output, not many CC abilities, and barely any defenses other than heals. Dominate mind really helped me in PvP for peeling someone off of me. I just checked today and learned that no only is Dominate Mind no longer a talent it's in every priest spec. I found this out after deciding to do some PvP today. My team sucked but, I managed to get some of the arm flailers and spell spammers off my team's platform by dominate minding some of them into the water and under the dock. Peeled a warrior off of me with it. Then Dominate mind a priest who was on my tank. Then I was dominate minded by a shadow priest. Shadow already has power word shield and a fear. Why they need Dominate mind as a defense? They have the damage so it being an offense is also unneeded. We lost the match for other reasons and I checked discipline. There it was Dominate mind sitting in that spec's book as well. NOW I know what that dumb idea came up about removing the ability to use Dominate Mind on players cause someone decided it was a good idea to give that spell to every spec instead of allowing it to be a talent. Nobody really used Dominate Mind in WoD or MoP over the other talents cause it has weaknesses. Now everyone has it and everyone would use it as a counter to someone else using it. WE'RE TALKING 5 PRIESTS ON A TEAM CAN CLEAR A BRIDGE IN 1 MIN. Remove Dominate Mind from the other two specs. Holy is the only one that needs the defense. In both PvP and PvE. It's like giving every damn shaman spec thunderstorm. Players would never be able to touch a group of shamans. Giving every hunter explosive trap. Giving every druid typhoon. Someone didn't think things through when designing priests if Dominate Mind is in every specs book. It's very powerful in BG's especially if you're intelligent at knowing positioning and where to move someone. Everyone just go into a BG with 5 priests and spam dominate mind till the team rages cause their healers, tanks, and dps is being thrown into water, off cliffs, into abyss, and pulled into your group waiting for a DK to snatch em up like a fat toad to digest. Ohh let's not forget both Shadow and Discipline have fears & shields.Meshahl6 Aug 20
Aug 19 i am feeling rather lost with these changes so, i finally logged onto my priest for the first time since maybe wrath/start of cata and i found that disc is SO much different. looking through their talents and spells and seeing that they now heal through DPS, i honestly can't say i even want to play my priest anymore unless i end up doing holy/shadow. this change, while "unique" has completely destroyed the whole reason i made my priest to begin with. all the shields and absorbs was so much fun and i absolutely loved it. am i the only person to feel this way about these changes?Bankö23 Aug 19
Aug 19 healbot macro for serenity no longer works and it wont let me just type in the spell name-how do i get Serenity into healbot now? was working last week.Hgolightly0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Shadowy Apparitions Am I the only one that feels like these guys need to fly at the same speed as other spell projectiles to really be viable in pve/pvp? In pvp I've watched druids out run them and in pve they take so long to get to the target, their insanity generation from auspicious spirits tends to be too late to keep voidform rolling.Ahzuul2 Aug 19
Aug 19 Considering rerolling to Shadow. *shields eyes* By Sargeras, it's bright in here. I don't know how you stand it. Hello priests. Yes, I'm a warlock wandering over from the doom and gloom forum that has already banished my spec to the nether before the patch even arrived. I'm loyal to this character and will clear content on it, but I'm here because I'm . . . intrigued by recent changes to one of your specs. You see, I absolutely adored the glorious mess that was MoP-style Demonology Warlock. It was clunky, unintutitive, complex, and inaccessible without a great deal of time and effort. It also was extraordinarily rewarding to play once I mastered it. Now, alas, it is gone . . . but perhaps not forgotten. I note with great interest that Shadow has been reworked into a spec with two dots, a build / spend cycle that depends on generating a resource with ordinary spells to build to an apotheosis, and transformation into a higher, more powerful form that changes certain spells. One of these spells even refreshes dot duration. The class occasionally summons otherworldly creatures to do its bidding on a cool down. It even has a deliciously dark flavor to go with it all. I could go on, but I think we understand each other. The new iteration of shadow priest, at least on paper, patently resembles a simpler version of MoP / WoD-style Demonology Warlcok - even down to both being cloth users on the Conq token. I was wondering if any of you wonderful shadowy creatures had dabbled in the darker side of warlock and might be able to give me some insight. I understand that there are some key differences - most notably, Spriests apparently do not stance-dance in and out of meta / void form to take advantage of trinket procs, and instead build to a more or less full bar to blow CDs. But could anyone offer an informed opinion on whether the spec feels and plays as similar to meta-style demo as it looks? I also welcome any feedback on the spec's strengths and weaknesses in the raiding environment (kudos to you pvp folks; just not my thing). I'm more interested in hearing about the playstyle, gear dependency, and the versatility of the toolkit than I am in specific numbers, since a tuning pass can turn a dps ranking chart on its head overnight. But all constructive feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Now I'm off to sacrifice another felhunter on the altar of the Stormwind Cathedral for old times sake. Cheers. -M.Mero5 Aug 19
Aug 19 Struggling as Disc in PG (even bronze) This is embarrassing. Dusted off my 100 priest to try out the new specs. Healed up through gold with ease on Holy and decided to give Disc a try. I'm failing to keep my tank up on wave 4. Even with Atonement on him, SW:P ticking, penance used on CD, PW:S used every 6 seconds, and smite spamming he's still going down. Am I missing something fundamental here? I have level 700ish gear so that shouldn't be an issue. Are people using Shadowmend or Plea as an oh sh*t filler? I feel like the healing through my damage is negligible and feel like I'm missing something. I'm trying to anticipate the damage ahead of time but the damage spikes are massive and he's getting waxed.Grizzld12 Aug 19
Aug 19 Should I boost a Shadow priest? I really want a shadow priest BUT I don't know if the spec in general is fun, I've seen some videos but I think I need some deeper thoughts about it. Is it fun to play? or naw.Zaneroth2 Aug 19
Aug 19 Missing Shadow Flay Ok, just logged into my Shadowpriest after a long time away, and redid my talents. I was redoing my rotation, and then when I went to do a fight, I noticed my Mind Flay was no longer in my bars (It was in there), and it is no longer in my Spellbook either. This is a spell that is not a talent, it is a normal spell for Shadowpriest. What is happening, please help Aerialpriest I logged out and logged back in, samething, disabled all addons and no helpAerialpriest2 Aug 19
Aug 19 Disc Priest and Haste I got to tinkering the other night to find out how low I could get the cool down to on PW: Radiance. I am currently sitting at 33% haste and that allows for a 1.88sec cast on PW: Radiance If I pop Power Infusion it brings it down to 1.5sec flat. If I pop a drum it brings it down to 1.2sec. I do not think I can get it below that time to cast. I was at 108% haste with all of those things. Smite and Shield could benefit from the extra haste but not Radiance. I have a theory, can PW: Radiance only reach a 1.5 second cast unless a Heroism is cast? If that is the case then the soft cap for Haste is 40%, yes? I'm hoping someone more intelligent than I is out there and is better with these things. I've been playing Mythic HFC as Disc recently and I can really see the Disc spec as an incredibly fun play style. I used to think that it was just not quite right but as I've played more and more I've found a couple of things that has improved it's perform, in my opinion. Having Grace selected instead of Purge the Wicked I am finding to be better in practice because each ticket of SW: Pain does a little more healing than PtW. With Grace now select relying a little more on Shadow mend is big help, considering it also puts Atonement out there. But since Shadowmend has a cast timer we arrive back at the discussion of "Haste" ... Haste is king for us. I know "mend" is a mana drain and shouldn't be used all that often but for a ~1 second cast that heals ~200k (with Grace) it's really strong. So when your shield is on cool down don't be afraid to cast a mend on someone low health and then a PW: Radiance on another and then do a damage rotation. Besides what I said above the only other things I can think of to add is that if you plan to play disc go get the EnemyGrid addon and configure a cast over macro for SW: Pain at the least. Has anyone else done any theory crafting on Haste and what some milestones are? Am I totally wrong on the PW: Radiance and haste relationship? I wish I knew the equation on it directly so I could set a goal.Xyrel8 Aug 19
Aug 19 Surrender to Madness (modification) Instead of flat out dying (which while hilarious and great fun isn't quite true to our class), we instead took on the form of a Faceless One at the end of the duration, lost control of our character, and began attacking all nearby friendly/hostile targets. Thus truly "Surrendering to Madness".Grimmell0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Best horde race for PvE priest. Looking at making a priest, undecided which spec i'll be disc/holy/shadow. Looking for the best race to make for racial bonus'Finesse12 Aug 19
Aug 19 Insanity insane? Am I the only one around here bugged by the flavor of Shadow priest insanity? I feel we should be trying to bleed off insanity and retain our faculties, rather than actively building it. Shouldn't a direct connection to the void drive us nuts, not bring us back to our senses?Naokazu6 Aug 19
Aug 19 [Request] Voidform/ Insanity Toy I'm really enjoying the voidform look and the fact that you sprout tentacles after a bit, but we really don't get to just hang out in town with this form on. With the amount of toys in the game now that alter our models, is it too much to ask for a temporary voidform toy?Isocelez4 Aug 19
Aug 19 Why doesn't Shadow Covenant Apply atonement? If it's because it's a shadow based spell I mean..I guess that makes sense from a more standpoint but... There's GOT to be an easier way. Spamming plea to get atonement on every Single Person Is driving me crazy. I tried using radiance more, only puts it on 3 people for 10 times as much mana as casting plea 3 times in a row, too slow too expensive. I like the idea of atonement but holy jeez this is tedious, by the time I get set up to start doing damage the first set of stacks are dropping off. Is there gunna be anything in the artifact tree that's going to help this? I'm not sure contrition is worth takingBloto3 Aug 19
Aug 19 Any working Weakaura for Void Bolt? Having a brainfart here and can't get this to work. Tried the same settings that worked for HW:Chastise transforming through Chakras, and it's not updating. Tried triggers: Event / cooldown ready (icon never appears) Status / action usable (icon never disappears) Is there something special about this ability that's messing it up? WA recognizes Void Bolt as a valid spell, wondering if it should be using Void Eruption or if it matters which version.Breathkeeper18 Aug 19
Aug 19 Please Remove Surrender To Madness Or Fix It. Surrender to madness is ruining my experience as a shadow priest, and i'l give you guys reasons why before you crucify me. #1 It's The most power a priest can get out of the shadow spec, meaning that the whole class will be balanced based off this powerful ability. MEANING the other 2 talents will either a, be completely useless for the majority of the expansion, or b, be made so incredibly powerful that surrender will no longer be a viable option. #2 It Kills you. How is this going to be good for timed runs? for Mythic +? if after use, you die. and have to be ressed. every bossfight. This is beyond a joke. I for one do NOT want to die when i'm focusing all my power into a boss. #3 It's Detrimental to people on older computers and punishes lag. Imagine your in your surrender. at about 20 stacks of lingering insanity. boss mechanic happens. Lag. You Die. Now you can't be ressed for 3 minutes. ENJOY! #4 It's a talent that punishes you on transition phase bosses. Think say illidan. Imagine this talent was around then. Illidan does some dialogue. leaps into the air. summons his flames of azzinoth. Guess what, you can dispersion for a little bit, but if you still have nothing to hit.. YOU DIE! 3 minutes of being able to do nothing, yet again. ^ illidan is used as an example, there are many bosses with transition phases where you will not be able to hit anything and will die if using this talent. SURRENDER TO MADNESS MUST GO. its so stupidly powerful, that it's your go to talent for maximum damage, use the other 2 talents and your simply not getting the most out of your priest. This Sucks. Horribly. There are so many reasons why this spell should never have made live. There were many posts about it in the beta. yet for some stupid reason, the developers pushed it to live. Get rid of it, or give us a suitable alternative.Drflaygood36 Aug 19
Aug 19 (More) Discipline Ideas! It's no secret that Absolution ranks somewhere between mediocre and hot garbage. There is also an artifact trait, which happens to be the least accessible in the tree, called Sins of the Many. From what guides I've looked at it's held in similar regard. So I figure, why not switch them? Mastery: Sins of the Many: Increases your damage by 2% (plus 1% per 500 mastery) for each Atonement buff you have active. Artifact Trait: Absolution: Your Power Word: Shield increases healing transferred by your Atonement by 25% for 8 seconds. {specific numbers all pending, and mastery would likely need diminishing returns at higher numbers of atonement} The overall effect being that the mastery is engaging and rewards good gameplay, and the trait aids in tank healing (with interesting interactions with Rapture) Anyway, go ahead and explain how bad I am, I eagerly await.Naokazu3 Aug 19
Aug 19 Prevent auto changing to Disc in PVP? As the title says, is there a way to prevent me from changing to disc when i que for pvp. I run either shadow or holy. It just doesn's appeal to me to play disc so I dont even have my bars, spells, ui etc set up for that spec. I am usually out in the world doing things in shadow spec and will que for dungeons and random BGs as heals or dps. In dungeons you can change spec since it doesnt auto change you when enetering. But in a BG you cant change specs from disc to holy even though they are both healing.Darvale1 Aug 19
Aug 19 I want to be a dark priest again not happy.Easylife3 Aug 19
Aug 19 Holy Priest Mastery v. Haste? Just wondering. Icy veins says mastery but im not sure if at my level mastery is as important as haste. Insight please!Taere4 Aug 19
Aug 19 Leveling spec Hello I mained a Warrior since Vanilla (not day 1 but pretty close) so playing a caster is always going to feel weird to me. I have tried to make a priest tons of times over the years and I now have one I like. She is level 39 as of writing and I have tried out Holy, Discipline and Shadow specs. I like Discipline most and I do like how Shadow plays with Holy being last on my list. My question is which spec do you guys think would be most fun? Edit: Spelling mistakes.Danstiril3 Aug 19
Aug 19 Disc live vs beta Disc is my fav spec in the game. When the changes kicked in for legion i was ready to bench her. But I decided to try my best to learn the new way the spec works. I eventually got a really good handle on it and I felt really op in arenas on live. I was stoked for season 1 of legion. The slow pace was perfect for the new disc play style. You had the healing and extra time to dps like you are susposed to. Then I got a beta key... It was so bursty I wouldnt even have time to dps. I would be spamming heals just to keep people alive. Its almost to the point where I would trade the dps for saving grace as much as i hated that mechanic...its needed in beta. I love the new playstyle. But they implemented it at a bad time with burst going through the roof. Iv played beta a bit more and im doing a little better. But its not easy finding time to dps. Amazing idea blizz. I love it on live. But beta...the pace is just to fast for this style of healer.Vitamino3 Aug 19
Aug 19 Even with no insanity gen on StM... It would still be the best and coolest level 100 talent the SP has.Myrthel0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Holy Priest PvP kicks, what to do? When I'm playing as Holy in PvP and I get kicked .... ummm ... yeah. Maybe it's me, but the options left are basically useless .... Mind Control might be of use. I don't have anything Shadow to do in the meantime. I understand kicking is part of the game, but imo Holy Priest kicks extra suck and needs to be addressed. What do other Holy priests do? Other than MC I pretty much just fade and take a sip of coffee or something. Nb4 the 'LoL Holy PvP' comments. Save it, try hards. Thanks in advance :)Robölogy3 Aug 19
Aug 19 3v3 buddies for spriest Hi guys, I have a friend who is a shadow priest, a rsham bud, and me, who has no idea what to main still two weeks before Legion. I have a lock, a mage, and a hunter that I've been considering. Mage and Hunter are still fun (not BM though) and warlock is out because it is the opposite of fun. Destro is some weird not finished spec. Do you think a mage or hunter would be a better buddy for one of your dark brethren? I haven't kept up on all the changes at 110, but losing deep must've hurt God comp. Would the new spread pressure of marksman work well? Both classes seem to have the ample peel that priests crave. Sure, traps are gone, but you have a stun, an aoe frost trap, and Roar of Sac for when the melee train pulls into station. Mage has RoF, Sheep, and two novas if frost/DB if fire. Any thoughts?Clavier1 Aug 19
Aug 18 Disc priest as a first time healer? I made a priest primarily for shadow but i thought about experimenting as disc for a while. Can anyone give me an opinion on the learning curve for the spec as someone whose literally never played any type of healer before?Jérémý7 Aug 18
Aug 18 Can we 1v1 any melee class? We seem to lack a good damage reduction spell(s), healing and escapes. We used to have Fade, Dispersion (which we have but its meh now), Phantasm, Feathers, lots of random healing from spells, etc. Now there is, well, nothing besides dispersion and Shadowmend (which sucks). It seems as though almost every other class heals more than we do (most if not all melee, some casters), which is sad considering where we came from as SP... Are there any melee classes we can 1v1? I have been doing more and more pvp (Ashran, Duels) and it just seems we don't cut it unless we have a team to help us. Any hardcore pvpers out there care to answer? Its just sad when I look at all of my other classes (Hunter, Feral Druid, Mage, DH), everyone has loads of outs and escapes (although my DH can't get out of a snare to save his life) but we lack them.Bradybunch7 Aug 18
Aug 18 Let's discuss disc without actually DPS'ing I've been playing around with this for sometime since the patch to disc. This play style has been fun for those disc priests that don't like to dps and has been outperforming healers with absolutely no mana problems. One downside is however, no effective raid healing but that is why you bring along a resto druid or shaman (even a holy priest at this point). So if you want to try this set up, start with changing your talents: The Penitent, Masochism, Shining Force (this one doesn't really matter in pve) (for PVP, I recommend Psychic Voice), Shield Discipline, Twist of Fate, Clarity of Will and Grace. So let's start with this set-up in 5man (Heroic/Mythic). On CD you apply PW:S to the tank. If you do that, every 6 seconds you will get 1% of your mana back (as long as the shield is absorbed - see Shield Discipline). Then you are applying Clarity of Will to tank only but repeatedly during damage (sometimes you feel like you are chain casting it). If someone in the dungeon is taking more damage than a Plea, then Penance them. If necessary use Shadow Mend but call them stupid as well. Most importantly if YOU are taking damage, use Shadow Mend. Masochism is very powerful. One trick to this carefully designed spec, is in Grace. Healing is 30% more powerful when the target has Atonement, therefore before you Penance, Plea to apply atonement. Make sure the target of any of your heals, absorption or otherwise has Atonement, easiest way is to Plea due to it being an instant cast and low mana cost especially in a 5man. In a raid setting, clearly state to the raid lead you want to tank heal. You are NOT a typical disc priest right now however they will be impressed. Don't change any talents. At this point you are keeping the tanks and yourself up. The tanks, you are healing proactively, meaning you are absorbing any of the damage they take before they receive it. You are healing yourself reactively, you take damage then you heal yourself back up. Shadow Mend yourself anytime you are taking damage but Plea yourself first. The tanks, be proactive and learn the fights therefore you know when and who will be taking damage. You are still using PW: S on CD, chain casting Clarity of Will. Be sure the tank has Atonement not because you are going to DPS but for the 30% increase of heals gained by Grace. During heavy damage, use penance, if needed Pain Suppression and since you have Atonement applied to tanks automatically in this rotation, cast Shadowfiend that puts out a lot of damage thus heals. You can also Shadow Word: Pain the boss (instant cast lasting for 18 seconds) to give a little extra heals in your atonement. During heavy raid damage if stacked, PW: B. So of course, this is just the basics, every 5man/raid is situational but note, I never use PW: R. Also since I'm a Blood Elf, I use Arcane Torrent at 80% and then on CD. I do strongly encourage disc priest to try this set-up and give feedback. On a side note because a lot of priests have asked me this, atonement can only be used by the priest that applied it. So if you are in a raid with another disc and they put atonement on you and you cast Shadow Mend on yourself, you do not get the 30% increased healing. You have to apply your own atonement, which does stack with the other priest's atonement, so at that point you have 2 different atonements with two different countdowns.Julie51 Aug 18
Aug 18 Leveled to 90 Holy, now Shadow, dying a lot Hey guys, I leveled to 90 as a holy priest and it was fun. I plan to play holy during Legion mostly. Anyway, I just switched to Shadow to level from 90-100. I am failing bad. I've leveled most classes and with full Heirlooms I find it always easy and fast, but with the priest (full heirlooms), I just get dominated all the time. I cant seem to easily kill groups of mobs. I get ganged up on before I can get dots on everything. I shield but its not enough, and the passive healing seems nonexistant. The mobs just kill me or mostly kill me. I have to eat between every pack. Even a single mob often does a good chunk of my life before I get it down. If I'm facing a single mob I usually open with Vampiric Touch, then Shadow Word: Pain, then Mind Blast, then Mind Flay till the mob is dead. For multiple mobs, I try to dot them all up then Mind Sear instead of Mind Flay. When I can, I do Void Eruption to get into Voidform but it doesn't seem to change anything other than I can cast faster and have a new ability: Void Bolt. Mobs just crush me, I have no ability to heal while my dots are counting down. I feel like I'm missing a critical factor or playstyle. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks for helping a n00b!Niyax11 Aug 18
Aug 18 Should I tough it out? SP Been hearing a slot of disheartening things about SP lately and I'm a bit concerned. I'm really huge on their class fantasy and currently have DH reserved but I love lovecraftian inspired stuff so bad that I am thinking of letting DH go for SP in my guild. I've even been learning disc as well to feel more useful:) Should I stay with and main my shadow? Or go back to my original plan? P.s. I'm thinking of making another thread to petition for a glyph that makes void eruption turn you into a faceless one tentacle monster!! :) Pp.s the idea of using old God powers against the burning legion is like Freddy vs Jason or alien vs predator in my mind! It's like two very iconic fantasies fighting each other and it enhances the experience for me! :)!!! One wishes to destroy everything, and the other wishes to subjugate everything! Ppp.s I've always loved the idea of using dark or forbidden power for good purposes.Nyxontha9 Aug 18
Aug 18 End Game Disc I get that some people think that you should switch between the two specs holy and disc, depending on the fight. Do druids have to switch between moonkin and cat to dps? So why can't a priest just stay with either spec without needing to be switching. I for one like the disc changes, but I also hate that in a lot of cases it is not ideal for the average player. I get it requires more skill now, but I fear it may end up benched by a lot of people. One could say people should just lean to play but at the same time disc has been heavy absorbs for years, most people just can't or won'the get past that. On the other hand I understand it made healing boring or people were upset because recount. What I don't get is why isn't a class that is almost pure healing not designed to be the strongest. Druids can literally do everything, and for the most part great at each. How is that balance?Cuteyjudy4 Aug 18
Aug 18 SPRIEST OR DK ? What should I boost ?? FOR PVPCaptnsap4 Aug 18
Aug 18 Just got proven healer title as a disc priest I had tried many times to get it before 7.0 as a disc and i just could never do it, i would always run out of mana or something would happen where the tank would get bursted down faster then my heals. Just did it a few hours ago and man was it easier. If there is any proof that disc is in a good spot, this is it for me.Burlapsack20 Aug 18
Aug 18 Shadow Priest Legion Alpha (PvP) Thoughts Some of my first thoughts after playing several hours of Shadow Priest on the Alpha PvP realms last night. Just to add to the discussion, I'm not really too thrilled to see the direction that Shadow Priest is being taken. I don't feel too good about having Leap of Faith and Fear Ward removed on the current Legion Alpha build. Offensive dispelling shouldn't cost insanity, it makes the class feel clunky and awkward and also discourages dispelling since insanity is an important resource to build up. Either make the cost 5 insanity or remove it altogether. The removal of DP I feel isn't necessary. I understand that new abilities were added but now that orbs have been removed DP can be turned back into a static DoT like it was in Cataclysm. This would in turn perhaps make Shadow more of a DoT class. The direction that SPriest seems to be going again is more towards burst instead of actual damage-over-time. I would much prefer to see us take on a DoT role again with bursty mechanics instead of a straight up "Cooldowns are up, kill something," and "Press buttons off CD," play style. I LIKE the insanity resource, and I like being able to control when I pop void form. However, the very right-most 110 talent, the one that kills you once your insanity hits 0, is quite troll-y and I can't see it making it to live. A ten minute cooldown shouldn't exist for any class. I don't know how I feel about shadow mend being on the same spell school as other shadow spells. If I get interrupted on my healing I will literally have to jump around like a fish for five seconds and get nothing done. Flash heal felt more fluid and more useful. Mind Spike talent is pretty much useless, won't be used as casting vs. current melee meta is impossible. Little spells here and there are gone. It's probably a bit early but my class feels pruned even more-so than it was before. (PoM, Fear Ward, Life Grip, etc) Purify is next to useless. Why do we get a defensive dispel that only gets rid of diseases? Perhaps also being able to dispel curses would make me actually want to waste a GCD on it. I AM SO GLAD the run and gun. never cast play-style is finally over with, HOWEVER... Melee are going to need to be put in check. I am already discovering it difficult to deal with being trained. Disarms might need to be implemented again. Spectral Guise: I am a little bit torn with this ability. In a sense I feel like we need it as a way to escape being trained into the ground, but at the same time I can see why it is a little bit too much. Now that we've lost angelic feather, I don't think offensive stealth fearing is going to be too big of an issue, so we should probably keep this ability.This is all I have for now. I've been submitting constant feedback using the in-game suggestion box, which I hope you guys use, and I'm going to continue testing out spriest to the best of my abilities. god blessMontyx9 Aug 18
Aug 18 Loving the new Shadow! Some questions... I've always been attracted to the idea of Shadow Priests: Psionic casters like the Drow of House Oblodra in the Forgotten Realms universe. But up until now, I'd never been happy with how it plays. Cata, Pandaland, WoD went by, and I didn't like anything other than Disc. But the other night I tried the new Shadow, and wow, it is all that I ever wanted in a caster. Thinking this will be my new main! (Previously Frost DK) Really liking... ...Voidform and the new resource mechanics. Was not a fan of Shadow Orbs. ...having Shadow Mend and PWS while not having to leave Shadowform to self-heal. ...being able to replace Mind Flay with Mind Spike, to make a all-quick-casts playstyle. I have a few questions though: 1. Is it good practice to clip Mind Flay to get Void Bolt and Mind Blast off once they come off CD? 2. Should I delay Mind Blast for Void Bolt? 3. What multi-dotting addons do you recommend?Aegi9 Aug 18
Aug 18 Is contrition as bad as it looks? I mean I feel like i'm missing something with this talent. I look at it and think "how can this possibly be on the same tier as twist of fate and power infusion" The theme of this tier seems to be steroids/emergency talents, but I don't see how a 13% increase on atonement duration helps much at all. Maybe if it doubled the duration or increased the healing from it.Blathers8 Aug 18
Aug 18 End Game Disc Cuteyjudy6 Aug 18
Aug 18 San'layn best for ST fights? From what I've read AS should be the "go to" talent for that tier, yet try as I may I can never get better DPS results on a dummy with it vs San'layn. Is it just gear not giving me enough crit yet or is AS only good when you have 2+ targets?Netherblast6 Aug 18
Aug 18 Surrender to Madness + Mind Control = GG Alright so I've been playing around with talents trying to find what I like best before I decide if I want to raid again and I have one MAJOR problem with Surrender to Madness. Every time there is a Mind Control ability in game guess what is the first ability that they use for me? YEP! Surrender to Madness. I've tried it probably 10 times now and everytime it is used first. It has basically 3 minutes until you die because they never enter you into voidform but lets be honest Its kind of BS. There needs to be some kind of safeguard otherwise in any fight where a boss can cast mind control you will basically be dead weight to the raid 3 minutes (or sooner) after the fact and cannot be revived.Nerwind2 Aug 18