Rogue Leveling FAQ (6.x) Update: I know that this is out of date for the prepatch. I plan to have a new version ready before legion launches. This FAQ is for new rogues. It is full of simplifications and generalizations. The focus is on optimal leveling speed and viability. This is not how things will work for end game pve/pvp. Be sure to read though the notes, as I've tried to explain major exceptions and caveats. Bold/underline is direct question answer. But, as you will see, many choices can not be made in a vacuum. If any class is about experimentation and situational planning, the rogue class is and to fully understand the class, you will need to think this way as well. As always, I do my best to field questions in this thread as fast as possible. But don't be afraid to pop in a say hello, and ask a question on the floating community thread which is nearly always active. Just look for the "Tricks of Our Trade" thread and I guarantee that you will get a near immediate response from a knowledgeable and friendly rogue who will gladly take the time to help you. Or you can contact me on youtube, twitter or email. Ask me anything. Email: wavefunctionp on gmail Twitter: @wavefunctionp Youtube: Video Combat Video Guide: A basic explanation rogue mechanics and combat spec rotation. Assassination Video Guide: Down and dirty assassination gameplay guide. Twitch: Watch some unscripted gameplay of from past streams. Feel to free to laugh at me. :P I announce a live stream on twitter. (Usually late night into the morning). Aeriwen385
Jun 10 Feb 12
Ganker's Kit of Ganking 2.0 Rogues may be the most feared and / or hated class out in the world. They are built for ambushing the unsuspecting, and can easily punish a target relentlessly. Here are a few utilities you ensure your quarry doesn't flee prior to satisfying your sadistic tendencies. Don't get caught unprepared!* *Originally written by Io (, but I was unable to locate the thread so this is reconstructed from Google, memory and suggestions. I'll do my best to keep it updated. ... Blackened Worg Steak Track Humanoids, self explanatory. Elixir of Camouflage Prevents anyone from tracking you on their mini-map, including Druids, Hunters and Worg Steak users. Tracker Snacks For Druids in Cat form, etc. Rogue's Draught (Pickpocketing) Healing potion exclusive to Rogues. +Stealth Effectiveness Sneaking Potion or Stealth of the Stalker (Quest) and Various items with +Stealth attributes: +Stealth Detection Catseye Elixir (+1) or Elixir of the Searching Eye (+2) or Distilled Stalker Sight (+3, Quest) Use to find another Rogue or Druid. +Invisibility / Detection Elixir of Detect Lesser Invisibility and / or Invisibility Potion or Invisibility Field ( Use to see invisible Mages; the latter two actually bump you into the same realm. +Anti-CC Living Action Potion 3 sec. immunity to slows, snares & stuns; usable while stunned. Extra trinket. or Free Action Potion 10 sec. immunity to slows, snares & stuns; not usable while stunned. +Ranged CC / Interrupt Embersilk Net (Tailoring) or Big Daddy (Engineering) or High-Powered Bolt Gun (Engineering) or Gnomish Poultryizer (Engineering) or Discombobulator Ray (Engineering) or Arcane Bomb (Engineering) Frost Grenade (Engineering) Gnomish Net-o-Matic Projector (Engineering) The final three reportedly do not share a cooldown with the others. There are also many options for pure ranged damage, such as Hand-Mounted Pyro Rocket (Cataclysm version is "Tazik Shocker" +Decoys Cardboard Assassin ( Can take a pet off of you; especially useful with Vanish. or Explosive Decoy (Engineering) Explosive Sheep (Engineering) Self explanatory. Great fun in lowbie towns. +Diversions Fetch Ball Send your favorite pet running to possibly divert attention from your location. Breaks stealth. or Blue Smoke Flare Green Smoke Flare Purple Smoke Flare Red Smoke Flare White Smoke Flare Can be thrown from stealth! or Rogues Deck (Quest) Archmage Vargoth's Staff (Quest) Highborne Soul Mirror (Archaeology) These will summon a semi-transparent stationary unit that may distract your opponent. Useful with a Vanish or to divert attention while already stealthed. The mirror creates a replica of your character, but it will face your direction, possibly giving away your location. Critter Bites Lure your opponents into a false sense of safety. Amass a critter army, stealth, profit. Tantojutsu246
Jo's Compendium of Mutilating: Seeya in 7.0! DISCLAIMER: This guide is outdated currently! It will likely not be updated until a few weeks after Legion launches. Until then, I will be changing things over time, so don't be surprised if things don't make sense! The tell all guide to assist you in plunging two daggers into the heart of Archimonde! Learn how to maximize your defense! Be the envy of the other melee in the raid! Live through extreme damage! Pull more burst than ever before! Be the prize member of your raid team! (Warning: Do not attempt any of the practices in this guide unless you are an Assassination spec'd Rogue!) ~Changelog~ 10/16/14 - The Iron Tide crashes into Azeroth! Made my first pass at updating the guide for the new patch and decorated the hidden gumdrops with spikes of iron and bone. 10/18/14 - Herped my derp and missed some things with the 6.0.2 patch update, changed the stat section. Began the Great Changelog Purge to prevent having the changelog become half the guide. 10/22/14 - Found more missed parts of the guide, mostly wording to things that aren't around anymore like profession bonuses. Updated gem section and some talent descriptions. 11/10/14 - Updated rotation section to reflect the pandemic changes affecting Envenom. 11/14/14 - Started updating the guide for Warlords of Draenor. 11/17/14 NEW N' TASTY! Finished updating to level 100 Warlords. Combined enchant and gem section, eliminated some outdated wording, added new glyph recommendations, added new talent tier, reworked stat priorities, changed rotation guidelines and covered everything in a delicious Lemon Zest. Removed Herobrine. 11/19/14 - Made some changes to the 100 talent tier section. and expanded on the rotation section to accommodate for Shadow Reflection. 11/21/14 - Changed the enchant recommendations, elaborated more on multi-target section. Released the Molten Corgis. 12/02/14 - Expanded on the rotation section. 01/06/15 - It's a new year! Finally got off my lazy butt and updated example fights for talent descriptions. Also updated the enchantment section. 01/17/15 - Added a paragraph on Vanish and Premeditation into the rotation section, expanded on Vendetta section. Changed some syntax and grammar choices. Removed all parasprites and sent them back to the Everfree Forest. 02/02/15 - BRF OR BUST! Began updating the guide for Blackrock Foundry. Lamented that 'Blackrock n' Roll' doesn't fit as the new tag line. 02/19/15 - Stopped being lazy and updated enchant section to reflect Shattered Hand losing value. 02/25/15 - Updated Leeching Poison for the new changes in 6.1. Removed Herobrine. Or added. I forget at this point. 03/02/15 - Updated the foreword section with another communication option. 06/29/15 - Patch time! Started updating the guide for 6.2: Fury of Hellfire. 09/3/15 - I'm still alive! Finished updates for 6.2... Almost three months after the patch came out. Changed references to Premeditation to Preparation. 04/27/16 - Since there's very likely to be no update until Legion, I had some fun with the title. Compendium of Mutilating 1. Your Initiation - Foreword (J1): 2. Your Tools - Common Terms, Abilities and Abbreviations (J2): 3. Your Build - Talents and Glyphs (J3): 4. Your Gear - Stats, Enchanting and Gemming (J4): 5. Your Cunning - Common Tips, Tricks and Strategems (J5): 6. Your Victory - Afterword (J6): ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your Initiation - Foreword (J1) The first spec on your left, Assassination has classically been a bit of an oddball spec. Originally following the same path as the Arcane spec for Mages, in the early days of the old talent point system, most Rogues only ventured into the tree for Seal Fate, a talent that gave extra combo points on critical combo point generating moves like Backstab and Sinister Strike, or for Cold Blood, a now deprecated talent that used to ensure a critical strike on your next ability. As it went through expansions it slowly began to gain traction until Cataclysm, when Assassination was able to hold it's own against the other two specs. Now, Assassination is as competitive, if not more so, than Combat and Sub. The rotation is simple and requires less management than the other two specs and pulls exceptional numbers. Assassination has come a long way from it's origins. This compendium will help you identify common Rogue terms, maximize your gear, talents and glyphs, and perfect your strategy in raid encounters during patch 6.0.3: Warlords of Draenor. Most of the advice in this guide will focus on preparing you for Blackrock Foundry (Which releases on February 2nd.) but should apply just as well to previous raid tiers and other content. If you have any questions or suggestions, please, feel free to leave them in a reply to this thread! I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I also have a Twitter! Just send a tweet to @JoTheRogue to chat! ... Your Tools - Common Terms, Abilities and Abbreviations (J2) Common Terms AP - Attack Power Crit - Critical Strike Rating Mastery - Mastery Rating Multi - Multistrike Rating Vers - Versatility Haste - Haste Rating CD - Cooldown GCD - Global Cooldown Common Assassination Abilities and Abbreviations (Stuff that should be on your bars) Mutilate (Mut) Dispatch Marked for Death (MfD) Shuriken Toss (Toss) Rupture (Rup) Garrote Cheap Shot (CS) Kidney Shot (KS) Envenom Slice and Dice (SnD) Recuperate (Recup) Shadowstep (Step) Burst of Speed (BoS) Sprint Deadly Poison Leeching Poison Crippling Poison (Crip) Gouge Blind Kick Feint Evasion Combat Readiness Stealth Vanish Fan of Knives (FoK) Crimson Tempest (Tempest) Vendetta Smoke Bomb Cloak of Shadows (Cloak, CloS) Sap Venom Rush (Rush, VR, Lemon Zest) Shadow Reflection (SR) Death from Above (DfA) Non-Assassination Abilites and Abbreviations (Things that can't be on your bars, for reference) Hemorrhage (Hemo) Backstab (BS) Shadow Dance (ShD) Sinister Strike (SS) Blade Flurry (Flurry, BF) Killing Spree (Spree) Revealing Strike (RS) Adrenaline Rush (AR) Jokaste262
Jul 19
[Guide] Rogue Raiding Compendium Good day! My name is Alc. I am the writer of this guide. I do not own or claim any information here. This is not based off of my experiences exclusively. It's based off of a pool of knowledge that someone cataloged, processed, and presented. If you wish to dispute anything in this guide, here's what I want you to do ... ...............................................!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!......................................................... Jokaste has a guide written specifically for Assassination Rogues. I cover Assassination in this guide, however, hers is more in depth and likely better. Check it out! =) Table of Contents Introduction Section I: Specialization Overview Section II: The Basics Section III: Talents and Glyphs Section IV: Gearing and Preparations Section V: Passive Effects Section VI: Stabbing for Dummies Section VII: Non-DPS Spells Section VIII: Proofs Alcone85
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6.0.3 Mutilate PvP How-To: Cold Blood... ... Ladies and gentleman, I'm going to be brief. And by "brief" I mean I'm going to update this stupidly-structured, gargantuan and entirely NOT brief post of mine. Patch 6.0.3 is here, and that means I need to get back to work. I think it's time we hacked out some of the brain-dead introductory material to streamline this steamy pile a bit. Here we go. ------------------------------------------------ 6.0.3 ASSASSINATION CHANGES IN THEIR ENTIRETY ------------------------------------------------ Lovingly stolen from Jokaste's PvE guide: Go read it. ... ------------------------------------------------ SPEC-SPECIFIC PERKS ------------------------------------------------ Improved Slice and Dice -- Slice and Dice is now always passively active. Enhanced Vendetta -- After activating Vendetta, your next Mutilate, Dispatch, Envenom, or Ambush has 100% increased chance to be a critical strike. Enhanced Crimson Tempest -- Crimson Tempest also increases the damage targets take from your poisons by 30% for 1 sec plus 1 sec per combo point. Empowered Envenom -- While Envenom is active, you deal 20% more damage with Mutilate and Dispatch. ------------------------------------------------ TALENTS ------------------------------------------------ There will be differences in opinion here. Keep calm. Breathe. This is a guide, not a bill on the Senate floor. Use whatever arrangement makes you happy. I'm only suggesting what has worked for me. ... ... Nightstalker -- Increases your movement speed while stealthed by 20%, and the damage your abilities deal while stealthed by 50%. The only time I would consider this talent is MAYBE for carrier-killing in Kotmogu, and that's still a stretch. Great for transmog runs in dungeons/raids? Subterfuge -- Your abilities requiring Stealth can still be used for 3 sec after Stealth breaks. Nerfed in 6.0.2 to no longer keep you hidden. Not really a deal-breaker though. Incredible CC potential (see "Openers" section), but since we don't like to use Ambush it no longer has much going for it in our eyes. Shadow Focus -- Abilities cost 75% less Energy while you are stealthed. Another good choice, and a recommendation for the casual PvPer that enjoys random BGs. Paired with Anticipation, it makes for very high burst potential without starving you of energy or forcing wasted combo points. With the advent of Subterfuge's change, this talent shines even brighter. ... Deadly Throw -- Finishing move that reduces the movement speed of the target by 50% for 6 sec. If performed with 3 combo points, also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for a period of time. Good when you're up against ranged opponents. Essentially lack-luster in any other situation. You will almost never find yourself timing the throw correctly to interrupt/silence anyone. Main use is a ranged snare. Nerve Strike -- Causes a successful Kidney Shot or Cheap Shot to reduce the damage dealt by the target by 25% and healing done by the target by 10% for 6 sec after the effect fades. Sounds good on paper, performs well in practice. The choice between this and the next talent really comes down to whether or not you're selfish. Would you rather peel for your healer, or save yourself? Combat Readiness -- Enter into a state of heightened awareness, deflecting enemy weapon strikes with increasing effectiveness. Successive attacks will deal 10% less damage per application, stacking 5 times. Lasts for 20 sec, but if 10 sec elapse without any incoming weapon strikes, this state will end. An "Oh !@#$" button if I've ever seen one. If staying alive means your arena team wins then it's absolutely worth it. Only works against melee, so obviously not recommended against ranged players. ... Cheat Death -- An attack that would otherwise be fatal will instead reduce you to no less than 10% of your maximum health, and damage taken will be reduced by 85% for 3 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once per 90 seconds. In situations where 3+ potential targets can wail on you (5s, RBGs), this is not the talent to use. Formidable in 2s, even 3s; situations where you won't be slammed by the GCD of the next schmuck in line with you in his sights. Can really save the day when the stars align, and if you're willing to ride that train all the way home, go for it. Also works great on Hexos in the Brawler's Guild; gives you an extra shot at killing him if you screw up, so hey...knock yourself out. Leeching Poison -- Coats your weapons with a Non-Lethal Poison that lasts for 1 hour. Your melee attacks have a 50% chance to poison the target for 10 sec. Your subsequent weapon strikes against the poisoned target will heal you for 10% of damage dealt. Hilariously terrible. All your damage is from poisons, not weapon strikes. Of all 3 specs, Assassination makes the least weapon strikes against a target. You are hurting yourself with this talent. Move along. Elusiveness -- Your Feint ability also reduces all damage taken by 30% for 5 sec. Elusiveness' 30% mitigation, and 100% up time when you need it are tough to beat. You can stack it with other damage reduction abilities (smoke bomb and/or glyphed cloak) to buy yourself time for a heal if situations are dire. ... Cloak and Dagger --Your Ambush, Garrote, and Cheap Shot abilities can now be used from 40 yards away, and will cause you to appear behind your target. I still can hardly fathom why someone would want this talent. It serves some purpose when paired with Subterfuge for a multi-target Cheap Shot, but that's about it. I'm not going to hide behind a pillar forever or use Vanish just so I can port 40 yards. No thanks. Shadowstep -- Step through the shadows and appear behind a target. Movement speed is increased by 70% for 2 sec afterwards. A very strong talent considering the present choices. Great for reaching players on ledges above you, and saving your skin in BGs like Eye of the Storm (I'm looking at you, Shaman). This is the talent you run when it comes to interrupts or stuns that need to happen RIGHT-%$(@ING-NOW. You got ground to cover, do it instantly. Burst of Speed -- Increases movement speed by 70% for 4 sec and removes any movement-slowing effects. Does not break stealth. Great choice here. Doesn't exactly carry Shadowstep's surprise factor, but you're going to be hell to kite or catch. Works hilariously well with Shadow Focus (costs 7.5 energy in stealth; spam it). No longer stacks with Nitro Boosts (/cry), and is back up to a 30-energy cost. Time to start being mindful of how often you mash this button out of stealth, people. ... Prey On The Weak -- When you disable an enemy with Kidney Shot, Cheap Shot, Gouge, Sap, or Blind, they suffer 10% increased damage from all sources for the duration of the effect. It's useful all right, but man is it boring. I am not a personal fan, HOWEVER, I also don't find myself in 3s or 5s very often, where this talent really shines...and lordy does it shine bright. That's 10% from all sources. Everyone. Sic 3-5 people on your stunned target and they're going to cry. In 2s though, I find it far more useful to opt for a control talent, I'm just not convinced you're going get the maximum benefit from that 10% bonus unless you're running a 2s team whose sole purpose is simply to pop all their cooldowns, slap things and hope for the best. Internal Bleeding -- Your Kidney Shot also causes the target to bleed for (124.2% of Attack power) damage per combo point over 12 sec. Paralytic Poison's replacement, and not a bad one at all. The bleed can be pretty wicked. Useful in twos; useful with a healer; useful in any situation where you don't have a bunch of helping hands to smack people when they're stunned. For instances when you DO have said help, Prey on the Weak is still probably your poison for 10% damage from all sources. Also has a bad habit of not applying when the target is immune to stuns. Watch out for that. Dirty Tricks -- Your Gouge and Blind no longer have an Energy cost, and no longer break from damage dealt by your Poison and Bleed effects. True, this talent is definitely not the talent of choice if you're doing 3s or 5s. There are far too many sources of damage that can ruin your CC. But it's solid in 2s despite what you've been told, especially if you're running with a healer. Gouge becomes a free interrupt at worst, and a solid free 4-second CC at best. It's your new best friend. Gouge everything. Keep your Glyph of Blind if you see fit, just remember you'll have to get your peanut butter all up in your target's chocolate to gouge them without Glyph of Gouge (ie. face-to-face). You will also lose the ability to Blind -> Stealth -> Sap your target, as better explained in the glyph section. This tier is situational and depends on a lot of factors, not the least of which being your personal play style. I can't make a strong recommendation here. It's better you find your own preference, or use what the situation calls for. ... Shuriken Toss -- A ranged attack that deals 2493 (+ 60% of Attack power) Physical damage to an enemy target. If the enemy is farther than 10 yards away, your autoattacks will be replaced with ranged shuriken for up to 10 sec, granting them a 30 yd range. Shurikens are coated in your Lethal Poison. Awards 1 combo point. Replaces Throw. It has some merit against ranged teams, but we've got other means of catching them. There are better alternatives in this tier. Marked for Death -- Mark the target, instantly generating 5 combo points on them. If the target dies within 1 min Marked for Death's cooldown is reset. Works pretty well with Combat and Subtlety because they can use it for back-to-back Eviscerates among other things. Back-to-back Envenoms don't translate quite as well for Assassination rogues. You'll end up clipping the initial Envenom's 30% poison application buff. We don't necessarily like that. It's good for 5 free combo points if your target is about to die. Can also be used for instant 5-point Kidney Shots or Ruptures. Very useful utility when you need that special something right this very second, and you don't have the energy to make it happen otherwise. An obvious life-saver in stressful situations. With the advent of our 4-piece bonus in 6.0.3, Marked For Death's use, while still undoubtedly amazing, is diminished slightly. Take that for what you will. Anticipation -- When one of your attacks generates a combo point on a target that already has 5 combo points, you gain an Anticipation charge, up to a maximum of 5. When you perform an offensive finishing move on an enemy, any Anticipation charges are consumed to grant you an equal number of combo points on that target. Solves a pretty major quality of life issue with the Assassination spec: 4-point finishers. Without this talent you will CONSTANTLY find yourself debating whether to use a finisher at 4 combo points, or risk wasting combo point procs in order to get 5. Problem solved with Anticipation. For the assassination rogue that likes to "GO HAM!" and keep things simple. ... Venom Rush -- Increases your maximum energy by 15. Increases your energy regeneration rate by 5% for every enemy you have poisoned, up to 3. A marvelously simple talent. A good way to get that 150 energy feel back, considering we lost our 30 energy set bonus from the previous season. One cheap FoK in a group of players should land you a solid regen buff and a high chance at a crit proc for an additional CP. Shadow Reflection -- Summon a shadow of yourself on the target that will watch you and memorize your offensive ability usage for the next 8 sec. After this time, it will mimic the memorized abilities on its target over the next 8 sec. I'll admit, I haven't tested this one in great detail. Been having far too much fun with Venom Zest. Granted in PvP it can have a solid impact on control, I'm going to defer to Jokaste's appraisal on this one: ... Death From Above -- Finishing move that consumes combo points on the target to empower your weapons with shadow energy and perform a devastating two-part attack. You whirl around, dealing up to (133.3% of Attack power) damage to all enemies within 8 yds, then leap into the air and Eviscerate your target on the way back down, with such force that it deals an additional 50% damage. Is that not the f*cking coolest-sounding and coolest-LOOKING talent ever? This was the first talent I chose when I dinged 100. It's also the first talent I spec'd out of 15 minutes later. As an Assassination rogue, your CP-builders are expensive. You've lost the 30 energy bonus from the last season. If you're not using glyph of energy you're sitting at 120 energy. This talent costs 50 energy. To me, it just doesn't seem to have the oomph it needs for the cost it demands. If I can manage to use it when I need it, I'm usually energy starved afterwards and I've gimped an Envenom buff. Compounding this issue is the fact that DFA can be nullified. You can be pulled by a DK mid-air, or shadowstepped or wild charged or what-have-you. Ultimately this means you've spent 50 energy for nothing. I've had much better results with it in Subtlety, though. ------------------------------------------------ GLYPHS ------------------------------------------------ 6.0.3 brought us a lot of new glyphs. Let's take a look. Glyph of Energy -- I'm running this one. With Venom Rush you got yourself 155 energy. I'm in the business of dumping my energy, and Glyph of Disappearance -- Also running this. Works wonders with our new 4-piece bonus. Just remember to bind/activate stealth afterwards. Can be a bit buggy in that if you Vanish while in a large group of people AoEing or what-have-you, it won't allow you to activate stealth manually and you'll pop back out a few seconds later. Better be prepared to run. Glyph of Elusiveness -- Misleading name. I haven't yet been able to justify a major glyph for 30 seconds off a 2-minute cooldown that I can reset with Prep if I really need to. Glyph of Energy Flows -- Haven't tested this one. Sounds hilarious when used against the right people though. Doubt that laugh every 2 minutes is worth the major slot. Now, for the oldies-n'-goodies. Glyph of Blind -- Pretty much your main-stay. You don't want it breaking when you need it most. Thumbs up, but it does have an unintended side-effect. Dirty Tricks users will not be able to Blind -> Stealth -> Sap as their DoTs are not removed via this glyph, and will break the Sap. Fair warning. Glyph of Recovery -- Everyone loves 20% more heals, but is it worth a major slot? My playstyle has me using Recuperate in short spurts though, so I personally haven't justified it yet. If you love using Recup, you love this glyph. That's the short of it. Will definitely see a lot more action in arenas where you can be the center of attention. Worth a recommendation for sure.. Glyph of Gouge -- Amazing with Dirty Tricks. Enjoy your free gouge without positional requirements. Casters will loathe you. High-five, bro! Glyph of Feint -- Pretty straight-forward. Maximize your up-time with Feint for that sexy 30% damage reduction through Elusiveness. If you're using this glyph for any other purpose you're just silly. Glyph of Cloak of Shadows -- I'm not much a fan of dying, so I like this glyph. Tell both casters and melee to shove off. All with one button! Glyph of Garrote -- I don't personally use it. If you take the Subterfuge talent, Garrote ends at just the right time for a Cheap Shot before the talent wears off so I find little use for it. Others are absolute diehards over this glyph though, and I can't say they're wrong so it still gets a recommendation. ------------------------------------------------ REFORGE STAT PRIORITY ------------------------------------------------ ... Hit and Expertise are gone; BREAK OUT THE GOOD WINE! Mastery is still your bread-and-butter. Crit will always have value through Seal Fate. Multistrike has a reduced (1) chance to proc in PvP as opposed to PvE (2), so it gets knocked down a peg. I'm unsure if multistrike procs can also proc Venemous Wounds, so until I do I'mma leave it pretty much equal to Versatility for now. Anyone got some insight in that regard? Holler at me. Scream like only the forums can. ------------------------------------------------ GEMS ------------------------------------------------ Everyone gets their knickers in a twist over this, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. With resilience gone, and the fact that socket colors seem to be irrelevant, maybe this'll be less of an assault on everyone's sensibilities. For rich !@#$%es: Greater Mastery Taladite or Greater Critical Strike Taladite For poor peons: Mastery Taladite or Critical Strike Taladite Good lord are those blue gems going to be expensive. Especially at the start of the season. Buyers beware. I took a look at Noxxic (my eyes!) to see what they're babbling about over there. I don't know what I expected, honestly. I just...I don't understand why they're listing the mastery gem so low in value. With the return of Cold Blood, you'd think the crit gem wouldn't be as high as it is either. Then again I've never understood why Noxxic recommends what it does. I want what they're smoking half the time. Get back to me on this with your own personal experiences. This guide is always subject to change. ------------------------------------------------ ENCHANTS ------------------------------------------------ ... Neck -- Enchant Neck - Gift of Critical Strike or Enchant Neck - Gift of Mastery Cloak -- Enchant Cloak - Gift of Critical Strike or Enchant Cloak - Gift of Mastery Rings -- Enchant Ring - Gift of Mastery Weapon -- Enchant Weapon - Mark of Bleeding Hollow ... Neck -- Enchant Neck - Breath of Critical Strike or Enchant Neck - Breath of Mastery Cloak -- Enchant Cloak - Breath of Critical Strike or Enchant Cloak - Breath of Mastery Rings -- Enchant Ring - Breath of Mastery Weapon -- Enchant Weapon - Mark of the Shattered Hand ------------------------------------------------ OPTIONAL ITEM(S) ------------------------------------------------ Greater Draenic Agility Flask or Draenic Agility Flask -- Really shines in WPvP and random BGs. Obviously not allowed in arenas. Draenic Agility Potion -- No arenas either, but a great addition to your cooldown macro(s). STOCKPILE THIS ITEM, SERIOUSLY. You will burn through these almost as fast as I change channels when an ASPCA commercial comes on. Draenic Invisibility Potion & Draenic Swiftness Potion -- If you gotta get away, you gotta get away. Sinister Spores & Super Sticky Glitter Bomb -- Earned mainly through the Gladiator Sanctum, these are hilarious. Both are wonderful in WPvP, but sinister spores can't be used in any instanced play. Glitter bombs, to my knowledge, can't be dispelled through Cloak of Shadows, so start slappin' 'em on every yellow health bar you see! Any of the engineering devices -- The shield shares a cooldown with healthstones, but has saved my #$% countless times already. The rockets hit like a freakin' TRUCK (50-77K crits, not in Kotmogu), and the gliders are useful to anyone that doesn't have the cloak tinker. Stealthman 54 can't be used in combat, so that sucks. ------------------------------------------------ (DE)BUFFS TO MAINTAIN ------------------------------------------------ Rupture -- Rupture provides has a chance to proc something called Venemous Wounds every time it ticks. Each tick has a 100% chance to deal nature damage & give you 10 energy.Sadly it used to work with Garrote as well back when the proc chance was 75%. It was a trade-off I guess. You should have at least 1 Rupture on somebody, somewhere. The more people you have bleeding, the more energy you'll get. Elusiveness -- 30% damage reduction. 100% up time if you're carrying the flag/orb, or when you're being tunneled. All other times, you can save the energy for something else. Glyph of Feint can help with this. Recuperate -- Restores 4% of your health every 3 seconds (5% if glyphed). While you can argue it's not the greatest or fastest heal in the world, you can't really turn your nose up at it either. Use it when flag carrying or being tunneled along with Elusiveness, or whenever an encounter is going sour. ------------------------------------------------ COOLDOWN(S) ------------------------------------------------ Vendetta -- A wonderful 30% damage boost. With Shadow Blades removed, this is all we got, folks. Be aware this is not considered a buff for you. Rather, IT'S A DEBUFF PLACED ON THE TARGET, IT CAN BE REMOVED. Vanish no longer seems to be able to do that though. Hoorah! Bubble & Ice Block will still remove it. Boo. Make sure to be at 5 CPs and pool your energy before using. Use the Cold Blood buff on Envenom, then spam Mutilate/Dispatch during the 20% envenom buff. ------------------------------------------------ TRINKETS ------------------------------------------------ As far as DPS trinkets are concerned, you have a few options. Primal Gladiator's Insignia of Conquest -- An absolutely marvelous proc. A full 213 agility more than the on-use trinket. This would be my first choice. Primal Gladiator's Badge of Conquest -- No longer a huge fan of these types, but everyone has their preference. The question becomes: are you willing to accept the smaller agility bonus for the control of its use? Primal Gladiator's Badge of Adaptation -- This one's interesting. We sure do like mastery, and the versatility bonus is large enough to matter for a change. On-use though, and requires a rep grind. Sounds iffy to me. There's really only one option for your free-action trinket: Primal Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty ------------------------------------------------ MACROS ------------------------------------------------ Now, I'm one of those super cool guys that uses a Naga mouse so I don't have many macros that aren't something simple like a rebound key: shift-1 or ctrl-5. I will tell you however, that I use Engineering for both the Nitro Boosts and Goblin Glider. If you're seriously considering going the PvP route, I suggest you do the same. The reason I say this in the macro section is that as of 5.3 the Goblin Glider will NOT FUNCTION WHILE THE NITRO BOOSTS ARE ACTIVE. Because of this, you'll have to make something along the lines of the following for your Glider if you plan to use the Nitro Boosts just beforehand: /cancelaura Nitro Boosts /use Goblin Glider With that out of the way, let's talk damage. We've got our one-and-only cooldown mentioned above: Vendetta. We've also discussed your trinket options. We need to make them work together. If you're the kinda player that likes to control your damage and you chose the badge trinket: /use <badge of conquest goes here> /use <whichever draenor agility potion you're using> /cast Vendetta If you did not take the badge trinket, just remove that line from the macro. Remember, VENDETTA IS A DEBUFF ON THE TARGET. You need to be targeting something for it to be used; it will not activate with everything else otherwise. How about a sap macro? #showtooltip Sap /cleartarget [nomod] /targetenemyplayer [nomod] /cast Sap This will target the nearest enemy player and sap them, duh. Because of the cleartarget line, do not target a player before hitting the macro. You'll deselect them and sap the player next to them. But the cool thing is if you hold down any modifier key (shift/control/alt) it will cast sap normally so you can still use it on mobs or players you want to hit specifically when targeted. ------------------------------------------------ OPENER(S) ------------------------------------------------ Your opener largely depends on the target. However, there is a cookie-cutter option if you are spec'd into Subterfuge. It's most effective on casters/healers. I use Mutilate instead of Ambush in stealth as it costs 5 less energy, has an additional chance to poison the target, and procs Blindside. Some consider this a gamble, and like to stay with Ambush. It comes down to personal preference. The possible benefits of Mutilate outweigh Ambush in my opinion. For most casters/healers I open with Garrote -> Mutilate -> Cheap Shot. Since I do not have Garrote glyphed, its silence effect only lasts 3 seconds (which is the length of subterfuge) and therefore lines up perfectly with my Cheap Shot. If the player does not break either the silence or the Cheap Shot, this opener makes for 8 straight seconds of lockout. It's very effective, but we're not done. At the end of this opener, you will have 5 combo points. Sit on them and do not use them right away. Just let your auto-attacks unload on the player while they're sitting in the Cheap Shot stun. If you proc'd Blindside in your opener, use it now. If you're spec'd into Dirty Tricks, as I suggested you be, Gouge them the second Cheap Shot fades for 4 extra seconds to build energy. Your DoTs will continue to damage them while you stand there. /emote at the player while they sit in Gouge. This step is ESSENTIAL but highly variable; which emote players use is subject to personal preference. I prefer /fart. When Gouge fades, use your 5 combo points on Kidney Shot. You'll have pooled a very nice amount of energy at this point. Pop your cooldowns and go to town. That's one dead player you got there. And if your aim isn't to kill...all said and done, this method tallies as follows: 3 seconds -- Garrote 4 seconds -- Cheap Shot 4 seconds -- Gouge 3 seconds -- Kidney Shot at 50% diminishing returns 14 seconds of lock-down. Highly recommended against healers. ------------------------------------------------ POISONS ------------------------------------------------ Lethal As you just begin to gear, you will make a bigger impact on an enemy's health using Wound Poison as your lethal. As you obtain gear and stack your mastery, however, Deadly Poison is going to be your bread and butter. I use it nearly exclusively, save for a particularly pesky healer. Non-Lethal With Paralytic Poison out the window, we've got one less thing to consider. We also no longer have our 2-piece bonus where Crippling Poison would always apply whether or not it was active. Leeching Poison -- We've discussed its uselessness before, so I swear I better not see any of you out on the field with it active. You'll hurt my feelings. Crippling Poison -- This is probably going to be your one-and-only. Without the 2-piece from previous seasons, we don't have much of a choice. Mind-Numbing Poison -- Finally has a use now that caster's aren't insta-casting everything, but if we use it the only thing we're gonna see is our target running off into the sunset because we had to give up Crippling Poison for it. It's up to you, folks. ------------------------------------------------ USEFUL WEAKAURAS STRING(S) ------------------------------------------------ The following is for WeakAuras users that wish to easily track their Vendetta/SB durations, and when to use Dispatch without having to stare at health bars. Simply copy this string and then import it into WeakAuras: d8drhaGAQq16LQOBJe7sQsTnK0(iHYmPc5Zk1SL4WICtQq58urFJk1PP0ojP9c7MQ2pjQFsLmmL04uKVtfmueIbtImCP0brGlrcXXuuNtkSqsXsffwmcYYr1dri9uvltQ8CjnrKstLIjtQMoXffLUQOOllCDuAJsrBvQcBwuTDsWhLQKVscPPPeZJeQgPuv9mez0Oy8iuNeb1TqkUgP09KQYJrQ(lI63kmMHbpbde8k(CVx6T7EpVItbxhxhgCESTdVXzBGV5d2w8G42Kxp0Hg8AuYjYW6fCnUmgxoMJY20GN01TID4tfYc3U3bVcdeCRoUdjU363vCplfd3U3bVc1z8YiPddoFucyWPWwelmqGabcoDyG6mm45dVCBpdO2nHtFugCyGAhuxHkj0CrB3Ch11P1osUB4UrhYPrBdi462ABj50eel4ksRYk1JSQ0M1yiaNhB7WBC2g4sqSG70vEEneOUGB1X7rwvAZAmeGlC7EhCyW5bf8v8HdEx(ItObN1BfCjX3HGZwJmckqdopO4Qn4jzWXvmCFIsuHbQZ49i86Hiji46bHyZZnoBd8(jidhRzMoccUdwDHbnD3n35UHw3lZKi1G6YeYPzrlE(Wl4zlkKjHvwPMdVG7zPy429o4vOoJZe2nJGMUNMM7AqLkvsAxinToHCAwMWlJKom4S1Gm9sQwHgC(OeWGtHTiwyGabNEjvRWGxT(DjWZWvVYmlei4jDDRyh(uHSWT7DWRWabcu7GbpF4LB7za1UjC6JYGddu7G6kujHMlA7M7OUoT2rYDd3n6qonABabx3wBljNMGybxrAvwP3pb06srvwjAjqLOzX5X2o8gNTbUeel4oDLNxdbQl4wD83pb06srvwjAjqLOzXfUDVdom48Gc(k(WbVlFXj0G7tuIkmqDg)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(koBniZePIWan4mrQimKhTbpjdoEF9H3gC6HxyIuryWxXzRb52Gtp8ctKkcdieEBWPhEHjsfHH8On4jzWX7RpC2AqM1BfObcei4c3U3bhg8HdEx(ItOb3NOevyG6mUMI1RxT6bei462QJZ6PlwfcObpNNOex4jjbvT4oy1fg0u7kvQAxOo1G6cj3DltiNMfT45dVGNTOqMewzLAo8cUNLIHB37GxHAhoty3mcA6EAAURbvQujPDH006eYPzzc3PR88AiqLMUv8YiPddoBnitVKQvObNpkbm4uylIfgiqWPxs1km4vRFxc8mC1RmZcbcUvhNwcFIqGHO9dbcUcqDEzDfca ------------------------------------------------ Well guys, those are my basics. It's not my intention to have this be the all-encompassing guide to Assassination PvP. I'm sure everyone has discrepancies. The intention is to reduce the amount of question threads. Deal? Now get out there and make their blood run cold. Toryk174
Oct 31
Welcome Rogues: Please Read! Welcome to the Rogue forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the rogue class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth! Lylirra1
Oct 26, 2010
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Combat rogue gone I could NOT be more disappointed with the changes to my class. I have ONE character that I play on WOW and that was a combat rogue. I get back from comic con where I attended the Legion panel and everything, where the focus was all on artifacts and demon hunters, and the only character I have has been striped down so thoroughly, my specialization gone, that no artifact is going to make it exciting to play my rogue again. I understand that the creators wanted to define the specializations more concretely. However, even the attempt at forging the "outlaw" spec seems lackluster. The defining factor for that spec seems to be the reintroduction of the rogue ranged play (something I actually wanted when I first chose rogue years ago), but there are only 2 or 3 attacks that are geared towards this, very basic ones I should add, and there is no appeal for it since you don't even acquire interesting weaponry, just push a button. I've lost most of my attacks in whichever spec I use because they narrowed them down so much, which makes my rogue just plain... boring, I am so saddened to say. I can't keep extended ambush, killing spree, poisons, and stealth attacks, and there are no real new abilities that make up for the dividing of the old ones. In fact, stealth is not even the exciting ability it was anymore, with there barely being any options for attacks under it, even with subtlety. What's the point in being a rogue without stealth, when you could just go fight as a warrior or paladin? I can no longer blanket a team in stealth, or use a smokescreen, and I cannot understand why ambush couldn't easily be utilized by every spec? I am just so disappointed by what has been done to this class, and I can only hope something changes before the expansion hits or I don't know what I'm playing anymore. Junivogel23
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Concerns about Assassination Im not in the beta, and therefore cannot post in the Legion class feedback, but I still wanted to put my thoughts out there and see what people thing. Im by no means a "pro" Rogue. I enjoy it alot and it is my main but Im not a great pvper. Despite that I love pvp. I also love the new Assassination spec but Im starting to see problems. Cons- Lack of mobility- after shadowstep is gone I feel screwed in duels against any form of ranged dps. Energy Starvation- Self explanatory, even with the passive energy return we get from bleeds its still a pain. A weird indentity crisis- I know this seems stupid, but I thought we were supposed to be the "poison" spec. I dont mind it being a bleed spec, but whats the point of having Mastery-Envenom-DFA syngergzie with poison, when everything else is geared towards bleeds. Lack of Recup- I LOVE combat potion, for the burst healing, but otherwise its garbage in my opinion. Id rather they drop it and I have to go back to managing it with combo points but be able to keep it up constantly. Maybe Im missing something but it feels clunky and its starting to get aggravating. Ive dueled against a good number of people. My biggest problems have been: Disc Priest- he was 710 pvp gear, I was 707. Still only got him to about 20% HP, and he immediatley jumped back up. that was using all my cds and keeping him out of spell casting via Arcane Torrent-garrote-Vanished+garrote again-kick- and kidney shot. Are you kidding me right now. Hunters (Minus Survival)- just kite me easily for days and I cant do anything about it anymore. this one isnt as bad as the priest. But the kiting my god. Arms Warrior- Im sorry I just dropped stealthed and had 3/4th of my health bar dissappear. Even if it was a 1hit macro, are you kidding me. Frost Mages- Must I say anything, 1 shadowstep and they just blink away AGAIN or throw down a ice nova, then as soon as I can get close they drop the freeze zone on top of themselves, so I either walk in and get frozen or just wait to die. Cmon. Now for the Pros- Burst Damage- Despite there being a problem with the whole poison/bleed thing(again in my opinion). The burst with vendetta plus exsanguinate is ridiculous. To the point of being way too high. CC Chain- Kick-Cheapshot-Kidney is amazing Ill admit. I love it. Might be a hair too strong even with medallions. Id rather they nerf our burst a bit, and make us more cohesive. Maybe make mastery increase bleed overall damage? I know haste makes it tick faster and my gear is from last season Assassination so its all mastery. But even with all haste is the difference even noticeable?? And with the damage reduction, perhaps more mobility even if its just something like the ability to reset shadowstep cooldown on a bleed tick(potentially broken with exsanguinate 400% tick rate so maybe something else) Class Balance is not my forte. But I know there can be tweaks and improvements :( Subtley is amazing with its mobility-however it lacks the burst with assassination(I dont mind). ITs a sustained damage spec in my option and quite fun. Still new to it so maybe im mising something. Havent tried outlaw yet, and maybe this is the spec that I need to go to. Assassination is just so frustrating, I feel like you blow everything to kill someone and if you fail you may as well sit back and wait for them to kill you real quick. Im aware I can force out their CDs like a priests pain suppression or a pally bubble. But how without burning a couple 45s+ cooldowns in the process that are needed to kill them in the first place. Maybe im just bad. Any pro rogues that can help me out?:( Edit: Maybe with legion pvp talents and artifact weapons will help with these problems? I just feel so lost on my favorite class. Thyjudge3
Basic QoL features missing... I'll start off by saying that I like the rogue changes overall. Outlaw is a lot of fun even if it has some wonky RNG reliance, and I've enjoyed what I've seen of sub so far as well. But it boggles my mind that some incredibly basic QoL features were completely overlooked. First off, the shadow dance bar. What the actual !@#$? Who that is on Blizzard's payroll is the idiot who actually thought "you know what? Lets make the shadow dance bar the same as the out of stealth bar, even though shadow dance's whole thing is about using stealth based abilities". Look, I get that there aren't as many buttons to press as there used to be, and I'm not going to complain about that, but why would it make any sense to have a standard bar and a stealth bar, while making the shadow dance bar the same as the standard one? Shadow dance has for as long as I have played this game been the same bar as the stealth bar. Fix this ASAP. Secondly, free Pistol Shot's have no on screen indicator other than a buff and a highlighted icon on the action bar. This is not at all consistent with other classes who get free ability uses based on procs. Bear druids, feral druids, warriors, death knights, mages, literally everybody else who gets a proc to make an ability free get proper indication. I should not have to set up a weakaura for this on my rogue. Again, overall I think the rogue changes are good, but it drives me crazy that several absolutely basic QoL features were completely overlooked. Taam0
9h 11h
Vacant UI - Become a better player. Vacant UI Sleek, clean & functional, with buttons built-in to control minimalism. Hey. I'm Vacant! I've played a Rogue(+) on Tichondrius for 10 years. My goal with this project is to provide a visually appealing UI that clearly and cleanly presents pertinent information to immensely improve awareness in PVP and PVE situations. This UI is currently tailored for Rogue, Survival Hunter, Arms Warrior Frost Mage, and Retribution Paladin with other classes and specs on the way! Regardless, the UI is still extremely good for each and every class. DOWNLOAD @ v1.3 Notes: -Support for Feral Druid!!! -Organized how certain WeakAuras are displayed. -Added several WeakAuras for, Feral Druid, Rogue, Arms Warrior, Retribution Paladin. Frost Mage, Survival/Marks Hunter. -Configured Grid to display PVP crowd control icons on the unit frame. -New Default Grid profile, moves Grid to the left-hand side of the screen directly under the player buffs. -New Default Grid profile only displays members of your party. (If you want to display the entire raid, you can choose the other profile. -Added Bartender Profile for Feral Druid (if you are using this with a Druid, you must select Druid rather than Default, when loading the UI on your Druid. -Moved Skada v1.1 Notes: -Skinner now used for in-game Skinning. I feel it looks a bit cleaner than Aurora. Aurora is still included. Simply enable it and disable skinner, if you prefer it! -Retribution Paladin added! Installation Instruction: Enter your World of Warcraft folder. The default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft 1. Make a backup of your WTF and Interface folders. 2. Download and extract my UI to your desktop. 3. Go into my WTF folder, enter the Account folder, and rename the folder called (YOURACCOUNTNAMEGOESHERE) to your own account name, ALL IN CAPS. 4. Enter the (YOURACCOUNTNAMEGOESHERE) folder and change the folder called (YourServerNameGoesHere) into your server name. 5. Enter the (YourServerNameGoesHere) folder and change the folder (YourCharacterNameGoesHere) into your character's name. (Also do this for any alts you have.) 6. Put my(the ones you've been editing) WTF and Interface folders in the place where your own folders used to be. The default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft 7. When installing for the first time, make sure you select "Load out of date Addons". 8. Once installed and in the game for the first time, type the following: /gladius and select the profile: Default /sexymap and select: "Use Global Profile". /bt and select the profile: Default /raven and select the profile: Default Interface > Addons > SCT > Profile Vacant-Tichondrius You may have to manually adjust TidyPlates. You can turn nameplates on within Blizzard's interface options. To display enemy castbars under nameplates, you must go into the combat section of Blizzard's interface options and tick the "display castbar under enemy nameplate" option. Also, you will have to adjust the Last Second (diminishing returns icons) positioning and visibility options to your liking. For some reason there is no built-in profile system for this addon. I use this to see my target and focus target's diminishing returns status. I place the icons under each respective frame, lined up with the bottom right edge with growth moving towards the left. I'd like to have these Icons grow downwards in the future. AddOns: NPCScan - Alerts you to nearby rare creatures. Aurora - UI Skin BagBrother - Shows contents of bags/bank for alts. BagNon - Merges all of your bags into one. Bartender 4 - Actions bars / easy hotkey adjustments. BattlegroundTargets BoneFilter - Filters the annoying Broken Bone loot message. Clique - I use this for Tricks of the Trade. It allows me to Shift+Right Click the frame of the person I want to Tricks. Deadly Boss Mods - Disable unless you PVE. Error Filter - Filters annoying / unnecessary errors message (You cannot do that while mounted. Etc.) Fonter Gladius - Arena target frames. Gnosis - Castbars. Grid - Party/raid fraim. HideRaidFrame kgPanels - Buttons, panels, borders, etc. LastSecond - Displays diminishing returns of your target/focus target. LoseControlFix Masque - Button skinning. MasterPlan - Removes the annoyances of managing Garrison missions. MoveAnything - Move anything. OmniCC PetTracker - Shows stable locations on the map, and ability cooldowns of the pet(s) you're facing. Prat - Chat management. Postal - Mail management. Rarity - Displays via Tooltip if the mob you're hovering over drops anything of interest. Raven - Buff/debuff icons. Recount - Damage meter. SCT - Scrolling Combat Text - I've been using this AddOn for 10 years. Perhaps going to get rid of this for Mik's. SexyMap - Map management. Skinner STUF - Unit Frames. TidyPlates - Nameplates. TipTac - Tooltip management. Titan Panel - Bottom info bar. TrufiGCD - Displays every GCD your target uses(in icon format). Quite helpful in PVP, for certain abilities that have no sufficient visual queue or sound effect. WeakAuras - God Mode Past Notes: -Recount removed. -Skada added. Click the crosshair button to show/hide and control click to reset data. -Auctionator added. -Various WeakAuaras added, most notably an aura that alerts you when a teammate successfully interrupts a cast. (Work in progress.) -Bagnon polished. -DBM alert positions adjusted. -TidyPlates Raid Icon position adjusted. -MiniMap position adjusted slightly. -Polished the border visuals of several unit frames. -Adjusted Gnosis castbar frames to match. -Performance Tweaks -Added several WeakAuras strings for Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warrior. -Raid Frame is now skinned. -Minimap position adjusted. -Changed several bar colors in WeakAuras. -Added bars for several abilities. -Moved placement of DBM alerts. -Removed RougeSpamReborn -Fixed quest objective updates not displaying. (Example: 6/8 Ravagers Slain) -Performance tweak -Farewell to Ace3, Pet Breed ID, and a few others -FINALLY fixed a bug that has been plaguing me for some time now. Apparently there's a bug in Blizzard's UI frame that affects the STRATA(frame level) of certain UI elements making them sometimes unreadable/unclickable. Well, I finally found out that there's an addon called StrataFix that fixes this ANNOYING bug. Hugs and kisses goes to the legendary oscarucb for authoring this addon. That guy rules. For any of you using the UI who have experienced this ridiculously annoying issue, this is now fixed. -Moved target unit frame and WeakAuras bars to better balance the UI -Removed DBM bloat -Removed SharedMedia LIb 3.0 -Blacklisted Windwalk -Added tenths of seconds under 1 second in OmniCC DOWNLOAD @ Vacant500
11h 12h 13h 13h 14h 14h 14h 15h 15h 16h 16h 16h 17h 18h 18h 18h 19h 19h
Dance on GCD, How do you Feel? (Lets Fix It) I am currently trying to bring to the attention of Celestalon one of the simple yet very 'awkward' issues I have with Subtlety. When used, Shadow Dance does not Trigger a Global Cooldown. However, when you are on GCD from say Cheap Shot or Shadow Strike. Shadow Dance, if pressed. Will not activate until that GCD is finished. I feel the functionality of Shadow Dance is awkward due to this. For example, when opening in 3v3 I generally find myself Cheap Shotting Target 2 then Target 1 after Sapping Target 3. Subterfuge fades, I Shadow Dance & start to Shadow Strike. When the GCDs line up comfortably this feels smooth. But there are countless times I have 'pressed Shadow Dance' only to realize I was actually on a fraction of a GCD. Leaving me pressing Shadow Strike hopelessly for a moment or two. Another situation I have experienced GCD locked Shadow Dance as an obstacle. Is when I am trying to Sap off of a Kidney Shot or Blind. If I'm doing my rotation, I have to make sure I am 'off GCD' before I press Shadow Dance Keybind, then quickly press my Focus Sap Macro to to seamlessly Sap. In the past we could Dance->Sap smoothly while in our rotation between GCD now I have to stop my rotation to ensure I can Shadow Dance and then Sap These are the types issues I have with Dance being locked to our GCD and why I would like to see it removed from it. Thank you for reading. -Sativ Please, comment below telling me how this issue has effected you. If i If it hasn't felt like an issue at all to you. Do you feel this change would hinder you very much? Take a moment to personally explain how you feel to Celestalon himself! PLEASE, STAY ON TOPIC. BE RESPECTFUL. KEEP IT SHORT & TO THE POINT. There are many things that some of us feel could be changed or reworked regarding our favorite Class or Spec. But things like these are simple quality of life changes. Together we can improve what we've got to work with. Sativ6