Oct 12 Assassination bleed build stat weight Anyone got them, please?Nichi8 Oct 12
Oct 12 How Outlaw feels right now. First off I'm not here to complain about low DPS or my raid team forcing me to switch specs for certain fights. I'm talking about how the class feels to play right now. I've mained a rogue in some form of combat spec ever since I started this game and looted a Mass of McGowan back in the day. During WoD I felt combat was in a really good place. It had mechanics that, if played correctly, in my casual raid team I could set myself apart from other rogues and even other classes that were supposed to out perform combat. And it felt good...trying to line up insight with other cooldowns. Energy was an issue but it never felt like I was standing there doing nothing for 4 to 5 seconds at a time. Right now Outlaw has none of that. RtB RNG can mean a swing of +/- 30k dps or more on a boss fight. I constantly feel like I'm standing still for 5 seconds waiting on energy. The new awesome sounds and animations only amplify the fact I'm only doing white damage. In my casual raid team I still come out in the top 2 or 3 in DPS on boss fights but I'm mentally exhausted after and it's not in a good way. So I am not upset with the overall output, it's how the class feels right now. I've leveled my Shaman and find Enhance far and away more fun to play. But, I identify as a combat rogue, I want to play my rogue. I'm just not sure what can be done without a complete overhaul of how RtB works. I'm afraid just making SnD more competitive is not a solution, without insight or a similar mechanic it would be too boring. Either that or please give shaman grappling hook and stealth...Wärgus0 Oct 12
Oct 12 Unstable Arcanocrystal from J'im Yay or nay? No main stat, but a butt load of everything else.Rivalzz2 Oct 12
Oct 12 Vanish and Crimson Vial 2 questions. Is the half second of CC possible on a rogue after vanish intended or has blizzard just overlooked this? I've tested crimson vial and it does 30% in world scenario, and 15% (not 30% tooltip) in arena/BGs. Intended or overlooked?Doctaboom1 Oct 12
Oct 12 what order hall followers are best? what order hall followers are best? so far i've dismissed fleet admiral tethys but i dont know what 5 to pick! thanksRød8 Oct 12
Oct 12 Sub rogue guide I noticed there is a outlaw, assinayion guide does anyone have any advanced guides for sub beyond, noxic, skeet and icy veins something officials we can get for the forums? Also st what I level should I start to parse better then assination. I'm assuming 875 plus?Abalon17 Oct 12
Oct 12 Rip my rogue I went into this expasion set on maining as my rogue, but honestly the class it to broken to be good at just about anything. I can only use sin while fighting raid bosses cause of dps output. Mythics atm the pulls are to fast for our dps to warm up. I have to use outlaw on trash to potentially not get kicked from group, but can't pull optimal dps on single target. I'm frusterated. I shouldn't have to switch specs multiple times a raid, when they are both dps classes. Honestly I think I'm just going to take some time off from playing, because I don't have the time to do that long grind to 110 and then have to farm my way up to raiding tier.Ronsolo13 Oct 12
Oct 12 The Woes of Rogue in Legion I love my Rogue, I have played it in every expansion and raided with it in almost every expansion. This expansion however, is the first time I have been disappointed and discouraged from my Rogue. Let my try and set this out for everyone as simply and cleanly as possible. As you can see I mained Outlaw with a level 26 Artifact as Combat/Outlaw always does the best with low level items and I am in a Mythic progressing guild and I need to metamax my character to meet DPS check fights such as Mythic Ursoc. Unfortunately as you know Outlaw received some minor nerfs and Assassination got some minor buffs bringing it quite a decent bit ahead. Well, now I have been feeding and grinding AP for my Assassination Artifact which is now just shy of level 22. This is all fine, I now do more single target DPS as Sin rather than Outlaw, even with my nice boots. But it doesn't stop there, we have completely forgotten about the Subtlety spec, you know, that spec that scale really well with gear and will soon completely smash both Outlaw and Assassination in DPS numbers? Well we are going to have to start leveling that up too, lets just hope it can actually make us do the type of DPS a pure DPS class should do, like a Fire or Arcane mage. The fact that we have been left in such a position for so long is ridiculous and I would of imagined some sort of communication and changes in 7.1 but apparently not. Well lets keep on spreading out our points and swapping between out Artifacts and lagging behind while that Shadow Priest that completely dominates our DPS already is about to get level 31 in his Artifact as he only needs to focus on one. Not only are we a pure DPS class but we are the only pure DPS melee class. The fact that all we can do is DPS yet we are still ranked 16th in mythic DPS, and ranked 6th out of the melee DPS is concerning. We are outclassed by DPS specs such as Windwalker and Retribution. Now I know the concept of the "Hybrid tax" is a thing of the past and I'm not really suggesting it comes back, I'm more interested in us pure DPS classes getting more flexibility between our artifacts rather then having to manage three artifacts for what people can do better with one. The system grossly favors hybrids for progression.Mossycleft10 Oct 12
Oct 12 Confusion to Stats to max? I keep seeing both Versatility AND Mastery as something to max as a bleed assassination rogue- I was under the impression it's versatility but now I've gotten confused and changed half my gear and I have a headache because I heard again that it's versatility haha. Someone please help this noob rogue.Vyiia3 Oct 12
Oct 12 Can goblin and orcs post mogs plz Looking to pick between one of the 2 as my race for sub rogue. Haven't seen many goblins to compare to orcs. Thanks :)Spookygoblin1 Oct 12
Oct 12 Worst case legendary luck? So I'm working on a calculation or countdown for my legendary I do not account for raids or world caches in this calc. I am assuming that if you have the worst possible luck in wow it takes approximately 820 M +runs to get one I currently have 729 runs to go Is this realistic or with worst possible luck what do we assume?Abalon11 Oct 12
Oct 12 Applying poisons every arena is awful. Hi Blizzard, I'm unsure if this topic has been brought up but I find this to be a serious oversight. As long as arenas have been a part of world of warcraft, poisons have been a part of the rogue class (for longer might I add). Currently, poison buffs fall off after every arena, so when you queue up again, you have to re-apply them each time. That was not the case in every other expansion, to my knowledge. What was the point of this change and is it possible to go back to poisons staying equipped?Kasparaitis1 Oct 12
Oct 12 Starting back after hearing so much hype.... Hey all, I was hesitant on starting back but after so much praise of legion I thought I'd bite the bullet. I'm curious which spec is thought to be best to level and dump artifact power into. Figure it will be easier to do while levelling. I keep reading mix reports for mainly sin/outlaw and the occasional sub. Is there any clear though on what the go too spec should be. Hoping to run mythic + mostly and clear raids on normal/heroic. Cheers!!Castal2 Oct 12
Oct 12 Low dps -- Assassination vs Sub Hi, I've been maining subtlety, and my dps is much better than when I play assassination. The problem is, it's still fairly mediocre dps. I honestly don't know what I'm doing wrong, but when I switch to assassination I'm only getting 160k dps max, whereas with sub I can do over 200k sometimes. I don't understand why. I'm maintaining ruptures with pandemic, vanish > rupture, exsanguinate. I have weakauras to track these dots and buffs like I do with subtlety. But my damage still sucks. Like, it's atrocious. I finally got my first golden trait in assassination, but it's still doing mediocre damage. I've read guides and I still, for the life of me, don't understand why I'm doing such awful damage. Can anybody please help me? I'm at a loss here.Nozphexezora2 Oct 12
Oct 12 More 7.1 Outlaw nerfs Dismantle down to 6 seconds.Mandingoo1 Oct 12
Oct 12 Roll the Bones and Re-Rolling How come whenever I attempt to re-roll my RtB it seems to only refresh my current roll? I see everyone saying that re-rolling is viable if you don't get at least a 2 combat modifier roll, but whenever I try it just seems to renew my current single roll..... Am I missing something?Bholo6 Oct 12
Oct 12 Assassination relics question Hey guys. I'm currently using an 845 rupture crit Chance relic, but I just got an 870 envenom damage relic. I'm wondering is it worth losing the rupture damage for the Ilvl gain?Kegal6 Oct 12
Oct 12 balance of power quest? I've looked all over and I can't figure out how to start this quest.. finished my class campaign a couple weeks ago and nothing has happenedFapnsap2 Oct 12
Oct 11 Technically PvP Podcast Ep. 8 - Rogues Hey rogue forums, Technically PvP is a WoW PvP podcast which just released an episode all about the rogue class. I had the opportunity to join up for 2 hours along with another rogue Lazrtag and the regular host Gerissar, and we had a great time going over some of the changes to each spec, tips for how to play it for new players, and our opinions on the development direction of the class. It was really a fun experience for me participating in this podcast and I hope you will find it both entertaining and educational! Oct 11
Oct 11 farming for hidden sub' artifact appearance As the title suggests, I've come across a handful of vault tickets and even a coin, but lady luck was not on my side. In retrospect I think I should have only used the coin after having used a vault ticket that day, as no items appeared when I just handed the coin in. I now have another vault ticket and am wondering, should I combo that puppy up with some coins, instead of just using it? Are there any other ways to obtain palace keys (or even chest keys) other than the Rogue hall/palace?Remontoire3 Oct 11
Oct 11 Outlaw Rogue DPS issue Hello Guys, I have been having trouble hitting high DPS as an outlaw rogue. We've been raiding for 3 ~ 4 weeks by now and my numbers are still low. Firs I thought it was just RNG issue but then I realize I can't have bad RNG all the time. Please check my log and help me out on seeing what's wrong with my rotation. Here are my logs on Nythendra and Ursog Nythendra Ursog and here is my Armory Oct 11
Oct 11 Legendary drop rates. Supposedly legendaries have loot protection. At what point should we be close to 100%. Seems everyone has got leg already. Kinda sucks waiti g for one to drop still...Silntdeath6 Oct 11
Oct 11 Legendary Discussion Hey folks. Just got another legendary and I wanted to make a thread to ask about the best way to use it / make a space for everyone to theory craft and all that good stuff. So I have Zoldyk shackles, the FoK cape and Sephuz (lol), but I can't yet equip two legendaries. I was wondering if someone could tell me their experiences with the cape? The proc seems kind of clunky for AOE, since I usually spam FOK to get 6 CP and tab dot mobs. Any advice? I was planning on using it for trash then switching to the bracers on the boss.Enculermoi4 Oct 11
Oct 11 Hello Fellow Rogues So I am currently ilvl 830, and cannot seem to get invited to any mythics. Is my gear level high enough to consider starting my own group and hoping people join it? If my ilvl is not high enough to start running mythics, can I get some advice on the fastest way to get it there? Currently I run world quests, keeping an eye out for gear, pvp, and run a few heroic dungeons here and there. Any help is appreciated.Omnadren13 Oct 11
Oct 11 Trinkets! I have a question about Trinkets. I tried using ShadowCraft, and it even says, "Mana Crystal Shard" @ ilvl 835 is better than what I have. Is ShadowCraft broken? Every time I add it to my DPS Spreadsheet, it will give me errors. Is the Mana Crystal Shard actually better? It has 1073 Agility and 882 Versatility on it. The Raid Leader says no; and apparently he always specs and reads up on classes. I feel like this is a no too...Gummibeär8 Oct 11
Oct 11 Whining Culture. People Complaining that they dropped all their AP into outlaw. So did I, then I got my Assassination artifact to the same level in like 3 days. If you have been keeping your artifact power up in your class hall. It takes like one zone of world quests to get two gold traits. Idk why people are so up in arms about it.Cruelix25 Oct 11
Oct 11 I'm a fury warrior Heroic leap, check. Dual wielding two handers, check. Ability that makes me take more damage in exchange for dealing more, check. Slow and clunky, check. Nowhere near as good arms, double check. Using my lacklustre abilities makes me build rage which has no effective use in game, check. The only things missing are that I can't use a tank spec and I use leather agi gear instead of strength plate.Variant4 Oct 11
Oct 11 so it happened to me too So I was in a group of 3 (me and two other dps), and the tank/healer who joined happened to demand me to go outlaw of threatened that they're going to the party. Offered the party leader to make a choice to either keep them or kick me out of the group. Why do us rogues have to be treated this way?? is blizzard even aware of the rogue dps issue??? I had to share this because I literally felt miserable playing the class that I really like to play. Oct 11
Oct 11 Finally got cipher of broken bone. 20 rare kills it finally dropped! Now timr to start farming players for that sick yellow lookKustomx18 Oct 11
Oct 11 Poisonbomb proc rating is low As the only competitive aoe for sin in m+ (let's face it, you don't have time to run out of your rupture before the mobs are killed by your dh and monk teammates) it is a stupid rng based trait, and the proc rating is ... omg Can you increase the proc rating blizzard? I can't get an inv to m+ because my aoe sucksVioletear5 Oct 11
Oct 11 Rogue legendary pants nerfed? Anyone notice that Feint heals you for 4% instead of 20% on the Subtlety legendary pants? I know 20% was OP but damn down to 4%. It went from the Legendary I wanted the most to the least.Dragonrise2 Oct 11
Oct 11 Hardiness or Reinforced Armor? Regarding Honor Talents - I can't decide, which way did you guys go?Malakir8 Oct 11
Oct 11 Outlaw golden traits are lackluster. Ghostly strike is the only real cool ability. Blinderbuss has the potential to be cool, but it's only a 33% process rate that's activated from a 35% prof rate abilitie. And I won't even talk about blurred time. I would trade that one in in a heartbeatMandingoo0 Oct 11
Oct 11 Subtlety has been OVER NERFED! See Ladder. There is not a single Subtlety Rogue on the Top 248 of the US 3vs3 PvP Ladder... All of the PROs and top players have abandoned Subtlety and switched over to Assassination. This is clear proof that we have been OVERNERFED, please revert some of those changes. I would consider switching to Assassination if I haven't already invest the last month into my Subtlety Artifact Weapon. I don't have the time or willpower to level a new weapon. If rerolling was an option I probably would, even if it costed real money. I plan to keep reposting this every few days/weeks and I bet my Title will eventually change to "Not (1) Subtlety Rogue in Top 500."Bærek19 Oct 11
Oct 11 Mut or Garrote (Opener)? with MP/ExsangLilbastaard3 Oct 11
Oct 11 Sub rogue getting kicked from Mythics I can't get passed the first few trash mobs without getting kicked. I have never felt so useless as a dps in my life. In arenas I feel great, but can't really get gear from those atm. Prot pallies are out dpsing me. I read the rotation guides I spread nightblade on all the targets. I don't waste combo points. I feel like I'm playing quite well. I just don't do damage. I hope I'm not the only one having this issue, or maybe it's easily fixable.Perfëkt42 Oct 11
Oct 11 Creeping poison issues I love the talent. It's sneaky and devious, just like rogues. I'll die and rez and continue to see ticks from it clear across the BG. The issue I have with it is that it seems to put me into combat randomly. I'll rez and be nowhere near anyone else and I'll be in combat. No stealth, no mounting. Same thing seems to happen if I get too close to the person with the Creeping Poison, even if they aren't currently in combat, I'll get combat-flagged. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I just missing something that's flagging me for combat and misinterpreting the reason? Thanks in advance for any help/insight you guys can offer. Also, I'm new to PvP and only really do BG's now. I'm sure arenas would be a different story with this issue.Abrakastabra4 Oct 11
Oct 11 Sub Talents/Rotation I've found 2 things recently and I was wondering if this was the same for anyone else. Vigor seems to be much better than Deeper Stratagem. I'm guessing this is because I do not have the legendary boots and the ability to always get 4 Shadowstrikes in Shadow Dance even when refreshing Symbols of Death is a big plus. Also with Vigor using Shadow Blades with Shadowstrike will overcap you so I've been saving Shadow Blades until I get down to 1 Shadow Dance charge, making sure I have full Symbols of Death and then using Shadow Blades with Backstab to act like pseudo-Shadowstrikes and get my Shadow dance charges back.Kirvin13 Oct 11
Oct 11 The Most Anti Stealth Xpac to Date Mini salty rant on the bugs and all the extra things now that seem to remove stealth that shouldn't. ***I won't even mention in detail demon sight because that's intended, even though that's still dumb they can glaive you before you could step+sap. #1. The stealth bug. You've had it before. No dots, walking around, no flare, no nothing, and all of a sudden your stealth icon disappears and you're out in the open. It seems to be me prevalent in legion than before, I don't know why. This bug has been around for ages, it's never been fixed and it never will. Today I had it happen to me twice within 30seconds as I was just moving around a BG. #2. Shadow pet. You can be 100 yards away, stealthed, and it just turns and attacks you in stealth. This is stupid, and shouldn't be allowed. #3. Mutagens. This one is has to make me rage the most. I've had mutagens from a UH on someone else, MILES away, just randomly TELEPORT/spawn and melee me out of stealth. No dots on me, I am not even involved in the combat and a mutagen spawns and removes me from stealth. It happens A LOT, I've even clos'd off dots, stealthed and had a mutagen just spawn on me. It's buggy and frustrating. #4. Hunter Pets: the amount of times, I've had to definitely vanish and have pets STILL HAVE ME ON NAMEPLATE, following me while I am stealthed, 80 years away from the hunter, no marks, no dots, nothing and pets there. I've had pets randomly target me in stealth as well, but the fact you can get off a clean vanish and still have a pet chase you half way across a map in stealth, then melee you out is beyond infuriating. #5. Vanish bug. There's different kinds of this spanning way bug but vanish is buggy and sometimes I've just randomly been removed from stealth after a vanish. The whole "improved stealth for X seconds" is gone, it's rubbish. Today I clos'd, vanish, and had to sprint, than I was removed from stealth for no reason, RESTEALTHED, then removed again. Are you still reading? Well done. One more to go.. #6 COMBAT BUG. The xpac, and my friends and many others have all noticed how buggy out of combat resealths are. I am talking up to 12 seconds in some cases. Getting off a kidney, losing to resteaslth, a blind, then you'r standing there spamming your stealth shouting "come on, out of combat already". One bg after a fight, I was still in combat /say "10 seconds now still can't stealth remount" while people who just came nearby could see nothing could possible be causing it. Getting "REs" is crucial and timing them with out of combat is more buggy than ever in bgs, world pvp and all forms. Now all of this has been done under no add-ons as well and in situations where lag would not account for anything. I just find it so frustrating in a time where we only have 1 vanish that so much unintended nonsense can remove us from stealth. TL:DR: Too much unintended mechanics and bugs remove us from vanish/stealth and combat timers bug too much.Loginerror5 Oct 11
Oct 11 Vendetta CD vs. Rupture damage relics So, I have a hard time acknowledging/understanding why 3x relics that increase Rupture damage are actually superior than the ones that reduces Vendetta cooldown by 10s each Can anyone help out and do some clarifications on this? I get that Rupture is the top damage dealer and even with BotA ( Blood of the Assassinated ) and all that !@#$ and blahblahblah Was just hoping for a math approach, a situational one, something like that, instead of the same answer that people would say when they're asked "why do you use hemo?"Omgbak25 Oct 11
Oct 11 Agonizing Poision Not Applying? Moved here I'm fairly new to WoW, so forgive me if this is a noob mistake. I am talented for agonizing poison, and as far as I can tell looking at other builds online, I am set up the way I should be. I apply the agonizing poison to my weapons, and I get the icon showing the hour countdown. However, in fights, it doesn't apply to any creature/enemy I'm attacking. If I switch back to deadly poison, everything works fine. I see the mark on the enemy, and I get the damage from it. I am spec-ed for assassination, have about 35 crit, and 80 mastery. Am I missing something? Is there something I should try changing? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!Sayco5 Oct 11
Oct 11 Outlaw low DPS Help needed Hey guys, So I'm doing really really low dps and I'm looking for any help at all. I'm in a progression guild and have been dropped from the progression group due to my low dps. I don't have any issues with mechanics, of course i'm not perfect but I try to put mechanics first. I'm not sure what or where i'm going wrong. I've followed guides with advise on rotations, i'm working on not letting ghostly strikes drop, nor having RTB drop. My performance history is at like 9-15% on most fights. Below are links to my wowprogress, and warcraftlogs info. I'm not sure how accurate wowprogress is but it lists me as the #11 DPS on my server, and the #3 Rogue yet when it comes to the raids I'm basically one of the last on the DPS charts. Any feedback, or guides or something is welcome. Also i neglected to mention i use askmrrobot to help decide what gear to equip.Kilum3 Oct 11
Oct 11 Zoldyck Shackles Hi all. I recently acquired the Zoldyck Shackles for assassins. It increases poison damage for enemies below 30% health. I would like to know does this also affect Envenom? Also which build to go with the braces? Currently MP/Ex sang. 40% crit 93% mastery. TIAAshsa10 Oct 11
Oct 11 outlaws sub lost so how many subs was lost in this nerfbat on the outlawsBoytoyz1 Oct 11
Oct 11 Six feather fan Hi guys, does anyone know if six feather fan can proc off of bleed / poison dots ? Thinking to get 1 to replace my flat stat trinket. Thanks in advance!Killuapvp9 Oct 11
Oct 11 LFG to farm Outlaw Hidden Artifact Title says it all...Tetsubo0 Oct 11
Oct 11 The current state of rogues. Pretty god awful isn't it? Reroll or quit time?Kerund78 Oct 11
Oct 11 Quick Draw and Blunderbuss DO they interact? And is Quick a DPS increase over ghostly anfter you have blunderbuss?Bozley6 Oct 11
Oct 10 Agonizing Poison DR Curious if anyone has numbers as to how much DR Agonizing Poison has with mastery stacking. I am suppose to be getting 9.1% per stack, not sure if that is including traits too. I am however only getting 43% tooltip at 5 stacks on a mob.Deadlyshadoe14 Oct 10
Oct 10 Returning Player - PVP Hello Guys! So I'm coming back to pvp... how are rogues doing? What are our best specs to RBG / World PVP? Sadly I won't be able to play arenas... I just want to casually gank some people and have fun at Battle Grounds and World PVP... What should I roll? I used to play combat in Draenor but look like that they changed everything... Thanks!Djent2 Oct 10