1d PSA: The Vault and Marin Noggenfogger TL;DR You have to turn a Vault Ticket in before you turn a Lucky Coin in every single day. Once a ticket has been turned in you can turn in as many coins as you can find and receive a chance to loot the vault every single time. If you turn in a coin before turning in a Vault Ticket that day then the coin will be lost, and you will not get the option to loot anything. It looks like nothing happens because in fact nothing is happening. This resets every day with the dailies reset. When you turn in your ticket pay attention to the loot options you have. Those are static and will be the same thing for every coin you turn in that day. These loot options reset every day when the vault resets at daily resets. This means, if you are hunting for the SUB hidden artifact appearance, if the keys appear when you turn in your Vault Ticket you will want to go farm all the Lucky Coins you can get your hands on. Remember the coins are unique. So as soon as you get one go turn it in since you can only have 1 in your bags at a time. ONE MORE THING: Marin will NOT be in the vault for you to turn in a coin if you have him out on a mission. He will however appear if you have a vault ticket to turn in. Make sure to coordinate your coin turn ins while he isn't on a mission. Also, if you are planning on doing a lot of coin farming don't send him out on a mission so you can turn in coins as soon as you find them. I wanted to make a post detailing the vault. There is a lot of confusion around how it works, and blizzard made some changes which have further confused people. The vault is an area inside the rogue order hall. It's Marin Noggenfogger's vault to be precise. You can loot items from the vault. Some are utility items that you can use out in the world, as well as cosmetic items, toys, and even hidden artifact appearances. This post will explain how the vault works, and what you need to do to get the most out of the vault. When you have Marin Noggenfogger active as a follower he gains an ability called Sticky Fingers. This gives a chance when you succeed with a mission, which Marin is present on, for him to return with a Vault Ticket. The ticket begins a quest. You turn the vault ticket in to Marin, and he lets you loot an item from his vault. When you complete this quest a number of things will become active with in the vault allowing you to open them, and loot an item from them. The possibilities are: Poisoned Throwing Knives - Acts as a second blind. Has 8 charges. Only useable in the Broken Isles. Pack of Battle Potions - Gives you a random buff which lasts for 30 mins. Suppose to be multiple options, I've only ever gotten +10% Crit. Smoke Powder - Acts as a second vanish. Does not share cooldown with your Vanish ability. 10 charges and no cooldown. Only useable in the Broken Isles. Smoky Boots - Single charge item, increases movement in stealth by 15%. Only useable in the Broken Isles. Sticky Bombs - Toss a bomb on your target that explodes after 5 secs. Causes damage equal to 1500% of AP to all enemies within 5 yards. Thistle Tea - On use item, restores 100 energy. You can also have a 'Large Sack of Plundered Goods' appear. I've seen this twice. The first time it contained just gold. The second time it contained the Uncrowned Shadowcraft Cap (solid purple recolor of the Shadowcraft hood) cosmetic item. A box can also appear, which when looted awards the Suspicious Crate toy (turns you into a box like the Metal Gear disguise, complete with the audible alert/detection noise from the Metal Gear games) I have yet to receive this item; personal experience excluded from this write up. The final option is a set of keys on one of the pillars can appear. This awards 'Key to the Palace of Lei Shen'. This is the exact same scenario as MoP. The process is the same as MoP. Once the scenario ends you use the looted keys to open Burial Trove. The trove has a chance to contain the hidden artifact appearance for sub. NOW, for the part which has confused everyone, and how the vault works. As mentioned Marin has an ability to award a vault ticket when he returns from a successful mission. You can also research the tier 2 Order Advancement: The Vault. This gives you the chance to get a ticket from every successful mission, even if Marin isn't present. And gives you increased chance for a ticket with him present. If you research The Vault, you are also given the unpublished ability to pick pocket 'Marin Noggenfogger's Lucky Coin'. This item allows you to loot the vault if you turn it in to Marin. Here is the part where everyone loses their mind and calls the whole thing bugged. It's not bugged, it's just not documented in any way from Blizzard at how it works. Blizzard recently buffed it as well, but still offered no real documentation at all. You have to turn in a vault ticket, and loot your items before you can turn in a Lucky Coin. This resets daily. Previously it reset weekly. This means you use to turn in a vault ticket on Tuesday, and you could turn in coins all week long and be given an option to loot the vault. The reason this changed is the loot is static. So on reset it is determined what the loot will be. So the options you are given on your first vault ticket turn in will be the same options when you turn in a coin. With a weekly reset it meant if you didn't get the key option this week you had to wait an entire week before you had a chance again. Now with the daily reset change it means the loot spawns in the vault will be different every day. The negative bit of this, and the confusion with the coin turn ins; The daily reset means you have to turn in a vault ticket every single day, before you can start turning in coins. If you turn in a coin without first turning in a Vault Ticket then nothing happens and you have lost your coin.Psipress6 1d
1d Subtlety 2 dagger or 1 dagger 1 sword? Is this spec better with 2 daggers or a dagger and a sword?Narinindor1 1d
1d Rogue PvP Multiplier There was a blue post back during beta under the PvP section which showed all the pvp multiplier for all classes. I remember for sub rogues that Shadowstrike deals only 70-75% damage and crimson vial heals for 15% instead of 30%. With the hotfix announced on the 23rd that SS is taking another -15% damage done in order to compensate for the 15% buff in pve, where does the multiplier sit now? Additive? Also anyone know where the complete list is now?Foehn0 1d
1d Blade Flurry I have a general question about Blade Flurry. Does Saber Slash generate additional combo points when using Blade Flurry or just the damage?Ibehidin2 1d
1d Advice on reroll Hey I originally rolled a DK at the beginning of the xpac and I'm just disappointed with the lack of mobility and poor target switching. I wanted to reroll rouge but I am wary of the coming nerfs. Do you rogue players think the specs will be close to where they are at the moment?Chungles4 1d
1d Subtlety survivability Ok so first I'm not having to much trouble unless I'm going up against a rare or 3+ pack but I was wondering if there was something more I can do to help my survivability. I'm using Crimson vial and such on cool down but I still feel very squashy and I'm worried that any world quest at 110 that has be kill a rare will be a matter of hoping that someone else is also there to soak up damage. When I play Sin with leeching poisons my health rarely drops below 70% unless it a hard hit or big pack but I kind of like the play style of of Sub better. I thought there might be something in the artifact trees that helped with survivability but didn't see see anything. So have I missed something in either talents, artifact, etc. or is Sin just that much better at staying alive? How are others at 110 finding world quests difficulty as Sub? P.S. Before anyone says go outlaw or such let me say I tried it several times and have hated it every time. I actually die faster as it than either of the other two, maybe because I'm so busy trying to deal with RtB I don't pay as much attention to my health.Karrule7 1d
1d How to counter DH? Maybe i'm clueless, but i just get destroyed by them in every situation. I feel like i have them then they just heal up. Any tips?Malroth11 1d
1d Class Hall Upgrade Tier 5 I am having trouble finding information online about the teir 5 upgrades so I was hoping someone would have some insight here. Plunder - I can put in a work order for a seal of broken fate but how many resources does it cost? Under the Table - How many resources does it reward when completing a world quest with a combat ally? The tool tips for these upgrade are rather vague, would be nice if blizzard would update them to give more information.Gnârr3 1d
1d Consider a lower cooldown on Death from Above I've noticed they've increased the damage by 100% on the AOE aspect for this spell which is nice and welcomed. It will helped marginally at best with the long cooldown timer that DFA has. Although it's an effort to help us compete in AOE, I'd like to recommend lowering the cooldown to 8 seconds so we can use it multiple time in trash fights. I feel it will significantly address the AOE pressure we seem to be falling behind in. This pertains to Sub and Assassination mostly as I know outlaw has blade furry and true bearing those lucky bassstads.Dragonrise3 1d
1d What do you use? Dps calculator / spread sheets. What are people currently using?Gryx0 1d
1d Outlaw combo point costs (math) I was having this discussion with someone in a other thread and decided I would do some math. Basically, how much energy do combo points cost for Outlaw in each situation? Saber Slash: Our main combo point generator. In PVE, we use almost nothing but this to generate our combo points. Costs 50 energy. So let's calculate the cost with different scenarios and talents, and maybe check a few averages. So: Lone Saber Slash: Without anything proccing, it's 50 energy, so 50 energy per combo point, which I'll abbreviated as e/cp from now on. So, 50 e/cp As you'd expect, lower values are better. Double Saber Slash, not specced into Quick Draw: That's 50 energy for 3 points. So, 16.67 e/cp Double saber slash, specced into Quick Draw: Four combo points for 50 energy, so 12.5 e/cp Swordmaster Saber Slash average: 45% chance for three combo points instead of 1. That's an average of 1.9 combo points per saber slash, so 26.32 e/cp Quickdraw Saber Slash average: 35% chance to get 4 combo points. That's 2.05 combo points for 50 energy on average. So, 24.39 e/cp Swordmaster Saber Slash with Broadsides on average: 13.16 e/cp Quickdraw Saber Slash with Broadsides on: 13.3 e/cp Swordmaster Saber Slash with Jolly Roger on: 2.4 combo points per 50 energy, so 20.83 e/cp Quickdraw Saber Slash with Jolly Roger on: 2.8 energy per 50 energy, so 17.86 e/cp Swordmaster Saber Slash with Jolly Roger and Broadsides on: 10.42 e/cp Quickdraw Saber Slash with Jolly Roger and Broadsides on: 10 e/cp One peculiar scenario which is worth investigating is the value of Saber Slash and Pistol Shot during CotDB. This allows us to compare Swordmaster and Quickdraw while it is active. Broadsides becomes irrelevant during CotDB, but not Jolly Roger, as it increases your odds of getting free pistol shots. So, here, since after using a combo you have a combo point left, we'll assume each ability use generates 5 combo points. Thus: Swordmaster Saber Slash: 55% chance of no proc, 45% chance of proc. This means 55% chance of 5 combo points, 45% chance of 10. At 50 energy, this puts us at 6.9 (e/cp) Quickdraw Saber Slash: 7.41 (e/cp) Swordmaster Saber Slash with Jolly Roger on: 5.88 (e/cp) Quickdraw Saber Slash with Jolly roger on: 6.25 (e/cp) As you can see, during CotDB, Swordmaster pulls ahead.Herménégil10 1d
1d Hidden Appearance: The Cypher of Broken Bone *UPDATE 9/20* As of people reaching Artifact Knowledge level 4 the Cypher seems to be dropping from the Underbelly rares. Screenshot proof provided by Setja, but there seem to be numerous reports coming in even in this thread. Case closed guys, thanks for hunting!~ ** ~~Possible Leads~~ *Provided by Senorvorpal. Found at Felsworn Tower on the Isle of the Watchers * *Provided by Schurke. Found in the Vault of the Wardens, the only cell with a hover-over tooltip. * Alright fellow assassination rogues, outlaw rogues are out looking for clues on their hidden appearance as well as even holy paladins, now it's our turn. This just isn't dropping from the rare in the Underbelly as reported by numorous people farming there including myself. Some guy on mmo-champion and wowhead reports farming over 20 hours and no drop from the various rares in the Underbelly. There's also a reported ticket response from a gm stating wowhead is more than likely not correct and hidden appearances have their own methods of being unlocked, they do not simply drop. I'm thinking it might be safe to say we better start looking elsewhere. Found in a holy paladin hidden appearance thread: The flavor text from beta reads the following: "Secrets of a long-dead assassin known only as "The Bonebreaker." It's rumored that she took up the habit of breaking the leg bones of her slain victims after one of them came back from the dead to seek revenge." The outlaw hidden appearance was confirmed to be in game and related to the Broken Isles as well. If anyone has heard any report of this appearance being obtained please post sources here as well as any ideas or clues.Brøck270 1d
1d Important Outlaw decision help! So this is an important decision critical to my fresh 110 outlaw rogue, Should I transmog this goofy !@# hood to an eyepatch or the admiral hat?Zaxnoril1 1d
1d WeakAura workaround for SS proc delay If you haven't already noticed, when your Saber Slash procs a second hit there's a large delay before it actually hits and gives you your CP. When you're trying to avoid energy capping by spamming the SS key this delay often makes you waste CP by not having enough time to react. Wanted to share some kind of solution (not sure if this has been done by someone else). I made a WeakAuras combo points bar which tracks whenever you get an Opportunity proc (which only happens when you're about to hit twice) and instantly adds CP to your bars in anticipation of the SS proc hitting. You don't actually have the CP for another 200ms or so but you can't use it anyway because you're still on the GCD, so this allows you to react accordingly. I haven't tested it long enough to find any problems but I've run a few dungeons and it's worked perfectly so far. I haven't added support for Anticipation because I'm not using it but you could probably do that easily yourself. Here's the import string: 1d
1d Might have some info on Thunderfury. Can anyone point me towards the Rogue Discord with discussion or theories or information on Thunder fury hidden appearance I may have some new info.Skyfer10 1d
1d Assass BG's/Arena. QQ I gave it a good week of solid BGing and Arena. The results are in. Assassination is 100% useless. What we were good at before ia now hotfixed away with one foul swoop. We dont have the toolkit an outlaw rogue has and now our dmg is on par with them. Where does that leave us? Thats right, sitting on the bench with all our artifact power down the !@#$ter until something changes... Bleh. I dont even want to log in anymore i feel like ive been completely had by blizz...Kustomx12 1d
1d Outlaw Gearing I just recently reached the point where I can start doing World Quests and can now start running heroics/mythics. What stats should I be looking at when upgrading my gear? My understanding is that crit and haste are the two stats I should be on the lookout for. Is this correct?Beepbopboop13 1d
1d Sub Hit and Run... longer exists. I can see where Blizzard was trying to go with the Sub changes to fulfill a "class fantasy," but I think they missed the mark. I believe they were trying to double down on the notion of "misdirection" by allowing a Sub Rogue the ability to instantly traverse between multiple targets with Shadowstrike, perpetually leaving enemies scrambling to keep track of the Sub Rogue's position. Conceptually, the idea has merit. But in actual practice, Shadowstrike is mostly being used to remain unpeelable on a single target. Sub Rogue's biggest burst should always be tied to Stealth. Open from Stealth, hit hard enough to make folks panic and blow cooldowns (or deal a lot of PvE damage), then run away so that you can repeat in short order. ^That is the theme Blizzard should have doubled down on in some way, shape, or form. They could have drastically reduced the CD of Vanish (I'm talking like a 30sec CD) and done away with Shadow Dance altogether. Baked in Cloak and Dagger (stealth only use) to buy some extra mobility in Stealth or after a Vanish. Kept the bleeds, kept Find Weakness, kept the CC, kept Eviscerate as a really meaty, dangerous finisher. They could have given Sub Rogues a monk-like teleport that left a temporary Decoy in your place and acted as a Vanish to port you elsewhere. I mean... I could come up with all kinds of ideas to move the needle closer to a true Sub "class fantasy," or easily advocated for older Sub playstyle options to remain. Outlaw and Assassination do a pretty good job fulfilling the fantasies. They could stand some tweaks, but more or less, you can feel like a pirate or an assassin with those specs. What do you feel like when you play Sub? I believe it's supposed to represent the "ninja" spec. Does anyone feel like they are playing a ninja or a stealthy trickster?Endricane1 1d
1d DPS help heya. i Know im only ilevel 834, but i feel like I should be doing more dps...Im doing about 175-210k on standing fights and around like 150k if moving around - this is without group finder buff. I feel like half the time im spending rerolling roll the bones. Also, i feel like im sitting there for so long doing nothing with blade flurry up cuz the energy regen is so bad. I havent played rogue since cataclysm, so any advice appreciated.Doshar1 1d
1d Macro Help Anyone know a macro to tie kingsbane and exanguinate together?Slothbag6 1d
1d Pick pocketing epics pickpocket the heroic ursoc trash - can also get boots.Akt111 1d
1d Noob here looking to Sub So, Since i've been playing my rogue off and on since around BC i believe, I've always played combat or assassn. Here as of late I've gotten a lot of really nice upgrades to my sub artifact putting it pretty much on par with my artifact and wanted to try it out... only problem? I suck with sub. I was wondering if any sub rogues might have a good solid beginner guide to both pve and pvp that I could study from, or recommend any good youtubers or something. Any help would be appreciated thanks!Quickjob0 1d
1d look at this guys does this mean we need to post like this dude to get a blue reply? if so then: "Recently hotfixes have been announced that from what I can tell (and although I'm not experienced I am a gamer and I understand rotation and max numbers) are going to severely limit my classes playability. I work, I have a family, and it's taken me a lot of gameplay to get to where I am and there is no possible way I could re roll a new character. I guess we will see what happens with this hotfix, but I will be severely disappointed if I am in a position where renewing my subscription doesn't make sense. I just wanted someone to know how gutted I feel as I really want to keep playing, but I have limited friends and they want to raid and I just don't think my character will be wanted after the hotfix." come on blues show up and tell us why you design rogue like thisVioletear17 1d
1d BtE too much extra RNG? (PVE) So, looking further down the road, it seems like there's an option to start weaving BtE into the rotation when shark is up. When BP is factored in it will of course provide extra damage over RT -if- it crits. If it doesn't crit it will be a significant loss of damage over using RT. My question is, do you feel the risk vs. reward will be worth it, or will it require crit stacking so it's not just another layer of RNG? Is there a certain point where you feel (factoring in shark) your buffed crit is at a sweet point where it should be used on CD when shark is up? I feel like even if I had 3 ranks in BP right now (I don't) a 56% chance for it to do the extra damage is still lower than i'd like it to be before I start using it on CD. Thoughts?Keynidalibas4 1d
1d Sub Rogue - Rebuild What does everyone else think? 1. Shadowstrike replaced Ambush. 2. Shadowstrike should not have been set as our main attack. 3. Shadow Dance should not have received 3 charges. 4. Shadow Dance should be 1 charge, and we use Shadowstrike as our opener/burst dps in our rotation from stealth or once per minute when Shadow Dance is available. 5. Gloomblade should be its own attack which can hit front or back of the target, this replaced Hemo/Sinister Strike (why change it after 12 years). 6. Gloomblade should deal AOE damage, "which does not break CC". 7. Backstab should only "be able to hit targets in the back" and deal more damage as shadow with a shadowy effect, (why change it after 12 years). 8. Bring back Garrote for Sub, (why change it after 12 years).Phay26 1d
1d Stealth button and bribe So, when I bribe an npc, and they then get a pet bar, it is bumped up one bar level by the stealth tab button. Now, Why do I need that button may I ask? If I want a button there, all I got to do is enable left bottom bar, and poof. A button. Now, this wouldn't be an issue, except that I have bottom right bar enabled, but not bottom left bar. Give rogues an option to hide that tab button. To all commenters, do you have any suggestions that get rid of tab?Khasoul0 1d
1d You can Pick Pocket 860+ Loot from TEN trash I got (880 Heroic Titanforged) from Ursoc's trash. Everyone in discord was flipping out! Simple! Just do: /cast Pick Pocket /cast *ability* (ambush/cheap shot/etc) Happy hunting *To add, this was Heroic 25mHesback32 1d
1d New Ability for outlaw: Powder Barrel You drop a powder barrel. If an enemy steps too near to it, it explodes for X damage, causing knockback and damage. The damage does heavy siege damage as well. Ie in strand of the ancients, a rogue can drop a powder barrel, cause it to blow up, and do damage to a gate with it. You may have up to 3 powder barrels up, and if one powder barrel explodes, all powder barrels in 10 yards explode. If you walk more than 40 yards away from your powder barrel, the fuse starts. 8 seconds later, they explode. You may trigger powder barrels to explode manually by shooting them with your pistol. This refunds 75% of the cost of pistol shot when used in this manner. Powder barrels have a 75 energy cost, and a 30 second cooldown.Khasoul3 1d
1d Fire Holinka Make it so number oneKaratecow12 1d
1d STEALTH AND VANISH broken BADLY!!!!! My rogue is conttantly knowked out of stealth in bg's by nothing. COmbat log shows NOTHING at all hit me. Also I get dotted from 50 yards away in stealth when there is no way I should be seen. If you hit vanish any pets keep chasing you...spells keep hitting you and ruin stealth. In wow before you could vanish a cast but this is broken so badly now it is ridiculousScorpio50 1d
1d Will Alacrity finally be viable? Deadly Poison damage increased by 30%. Bag of Tricks (Artifact Trait) duration reduced to 3 seconds (overall damage unchanged), radius increased to 6 yards (from 3), and now benefits from Mastery. Poison Knives (Artifact Trait) no longer benefits twitch from Mastery. Damage per point increased to 4%. Haste increases our poison application rate and also increases the PPM of Bag of tricks. Will the buffs to poisons be enough to make Alacrity a consideration over Exsanguinate?Spoobypls4 1d
1d Recent tuning, Assassination input. I was actually hoping Outlaw would've taken a bigger hit than that, considering they're pretty much the go-to spec when it comes to rolling a rogue. That being said, I hope they consider bringing back the damage on Venomous Wounds (no idea why they removed it in the first place) and reduce damage on Rupture to compensate so that mastery is once again a useful stat. Rupture is doing waay too much of Assassination damage despite having the potential for more poison interaction with our artifact. I am also not a fan of overlapping with Feral druids since they are also bleed oriented and do a much better job at it. Not basing it off numbers, just gameplay and ability interaction. Any one else have similar thoughts?Ötome6 1d
1d Second Shuriken worth taking after Hotfix? So any thoughts on Second Shuriken trait after hotfix? I do mainly dungeons, as Sub(I know; was planning only pvping), and wondering if Second Shuriken is going to be worth a point after the hotfix. I'm 2 points away from Shadow Nova, or I can dump a point in Second Shuriken now. I know the talent sucks now, thats why I've skipped it, but is it going to be worth after tues?Dynomitedave1 1d
1d No Rogues in this weekends ARENA TOURNAMENT Gee I wonder why...Bargargaelah24 1d
1d Assass In Mythic+ I feel like assass will be the best spec for mythic+ after the buffs but I wanted other opinionsTalentedk2 1d
1d So glad vanish works! Which is to say it doesn't. Because the only way I can think of to counter a BM hunter sicking the 87th hairbourne on me, and backpeddling away with turtle up, is to vanish...then get instantly knocked out and killed by AI pets. Then have him talk trash, because hitting turtle and letting AI pets do the work = skill. My new favorite website: 1d
2d Combat/Sin/Sub, which for PvP? Combat/!@#/sub. Casual PvP. Which spec won't lead me wrong? Looking to invest all time into just 1 spec.Jigxlt9 2d
2d Marin's Lucky Coin - ripoff! So, is it intended to get completely ripped off and get no reward for turning this in if you haven't gotten a Vault Ticket that day? Because I just turned one in, got nothing, and quickly found a post (I think on Reddit) stating that this is caused by turning it in without having turned in a Vault Ticket that day. Bug, or is this just a !!@@**%@ move by Blizzard?Harmarth3 2d
2d Outlaw rogue Hey guys, How's outlaw doing at the moment DPS wise?? Looking to level one as an alt. Thanks!Naethrorn7 2d
2d Outlaw rng hates me? Kept gettinf told to spec outlaw by my guild for pve but.... I keep getting single rolls on rtb and thr energy starvation is gross. Im crit /versa /mastery in that order and im pulling way bigger dps numbers at 832 ilvl on tank n spank dungeon bosses using Sin. Outlaw with optimal spec im at 163k dps where assassin im at 220k roughly. Zzzzzz i hate rtbHellestraza18 2d
2d Tier 6 talents with patch Switching back to !@# for single target since reading notes. Have not played it in a while so question is. 1: how much of a dps loss is taking alacrity over exsanguinate, with elaborate planning ? 2: with the poison buff does agonizing poison/master poisoner become an optimal setup with mastery stacking ? I know people were getting god numbers with it pre patch.Hawk7 2d
2d Crimpson Tempest for Assassination I think a return of Crimson Tempest would greatly improve the assassination dungeon and AoE experience. Our AoE rotation almost feels 'unfinished' currently, since we have an AoE generator (FoK), but no real way to spend it, other than rapidly tab targeting. Many rogues seem to find this clunky, and more than a little unfun, especially when we previously had an AoE finisher, Crimson Tempest! Not only does it help the flow of our AoE, but it fits the assassination ***CLASS FANTASY*** quite well, with the bleed aspect. Honestly, it makes you wonder why it was even removed!Inisahn8 2d
2d Assassination rogue help 22 traits So I am progressing through my last few paths and I am almost to Bag of tricks. I did NOT notice master alchemist could take me to bag of tricks. So I spent 1 point in shadow walker by mistake. Question: Do I keep going with shadow walker to get bag of tricks asap? ( it looks insane - especially with the buff it got. ) OR Master alchemist and just suck it up and wait an extra point ;; Everything costs so much right now. Thanks for the feedback.Spuddwebb5 2d
2d Sub PvE: The waiting game I don't why, but I always find myself "waiting". I do my best to manage my SD charges, always using when I have 2 or more available, manage my energy, pooling when properly, and ALWAYS find myself just waiting for energy, SD charges, or both. I'm not saying my rotation is flawless, I've tried multiple builds to find a workaround, even with vigor and Goremaw's Bite, I run out of resources quickly. And its the most frustrating thing ever.Aldher1 2d
2d Sin PvE: Venom Rush or MFD? Just wondering which is better by the numbers atm. Most guides I see are recommending venom rush - also noting MFD as a viable option. It seems to me that MFD would have the best synergy with night stalker, as you could more readily put up 5 cp, 50% dmg buffed ruptures or envenoms when vanish is off CD; I can also see where the extra energy procs from venomous wounds throughout the fight could be even more effective when running with venom rush though. Just wondering if there is a clear consensus here among those with experience - thanks!Veloxman5 2d
2d Rogue campaign I just finished the 30 world quests and im on the last follower mission, Where in the world is Mathias: SSI: 7 Am I close to the end as far as follower quests go? im really wanting the third relic slot.Ambrega3 2d
2d How is Sub AOE post hotfix? Do you guys think it'll perform OK on AOE/Cleave fights now or will sub still be in the gutters?Valanr9 2d
2d Valeera Sanguinar follower ability bugged. I have noticed that every time i send my newly "green" Valeera out with troops at full health, she takes 2 hearts from every team! Which wipes out my bandits? Her new ability says "A random troop on this mission will restore 1 vitality" This is not happening and i have tested it on 3 missions in a row now. She is killing my troops faster!Biggstank9 2d
2d Sub rogue changes in 7.1 So warcraftlogs for the first week of raiding are up, and Sub is in the trash DPS wise. These are just some of the changes i hope they make to bring sub up. Shadowstrike energy cost reduced to 35 (from 40) Symbols of Death energy cost reduced to 25 (from 35) Backstab damage increased by at least 20% (to stop it from hitting like a wet noodle) I know they recently increased Shuriken Storm by 30%...but it could use more love so it does more than just give us combo points. I feel like we need deadly poison back to spread. Overall i like sub and its playstyle, i feel like some of our abilities cost to much, so the energy changes are really for quality of life.Sidisi9 2d
2d Sin Combo Point question! Should we use finishers at 5/6 CP or use Mut to get that last CP for a full?Lostross3 2d