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Hai I am new to WoW, what class to pick? I heard WoW is an RPG. I have been playing RPGs for awhile such as text MUDs and Elder Scrolls. I like a very specific playstyle but I can't figure out what class in WoW will be most fun for me. - I want to be hidden and choose when I want to start the fight. - I want to be able to surprise my enemies with a huge burst of damage right away. - I want to be dexterous enough to fend off any of their initial retaliation. - If my enemy makes a mistake during the engagement I want to be able to take advantage of the situation with another surge of on-demand burst. - If my enemy tries to run away, I want to be able to punish and confuse them so I can block off their escape. Actually, I've changed my mind, that doesn't sound that fun to me after all. I'd rather play a different class. Can someone help me find this class? - I want to sometimes be hidden, but I want to make sure everyone has a way to spot me easily. - I want to be able to surprise my enemies with a small amount of damage. Afterward, I'll think about ways to increase my damage for awhile. Then I'll show off my prowess with mediocre, sustained, and easily mitigated damage. - I want to be able to fend off specific types of damage, briefly, and rarely. - If an enemy makes a mistake during an engagement I want to be able to continue to do mediocre damage. - If my enemy tries to run away I want to be able to watch their escaping technique for awhile before jogging towards them. Can sum1 help me please? Rostropovich3
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Para/leeching should get the SL/Gosac change So there are two lock talents on two different tiers: ... ... Now in the beta Blue noticed that taking both SL and Gosac together was pointless.....why? Because SL requires you to have a pet out. And Gosac requires you to kill you pet. Thus taking both talents at the same time was was either one or the other. So what did Blue do? They made it so that if you have the SL talent AND the Gosac talent....when you use Gosac you gain a 20% increase to your MAX health. Now suddenly...taking both talents together wasnt so could still make used of the 20% health buff SL gave you, and the damage boosts from Gosac. Why isnt something done in the same vein for Para and Leeching poison? Just like SL and Gosac, a rogue cannot benefit from both at the same time. It HAS to be one or the other. In the past Bliz had said something to the effect of "If you find yourself switching poisons a lot it might be best just to take both" Yet this same logic wasnt applied to locks for what reason? "If you find yourself switching between SL and Gosac a lot, it might be best just to take both" What I dont get is that both these issues are nearly the EXACT SAME ISSUE. That is 2 different talents on 2 DIFFERENT tiers are blocking each other. If you use para you CANNOT use leeching, and if you use leeching you CANNOT use para. Just like before the change, if you used SL you could NOT use Gosac, and if you used Gosac you could NOT use SL. Yet SL/Gosac combo was changed while para and leeching still remain locking each other out. There have been many suggestions on how to fix this (make leeching a passive effect for less healing,, make a poisoned theme tier on its own, etc etc) and personally I think Blue could easily figure a way to fix this issue.... However I am just curious as to WHY this issue was not addressed in the beta and/or why this is not even considered an issue. Basically how is the SL/Gosac problem different than the Para/Leeching problem? Timat1
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Hail's thoughts on rogue PvE DPS: An Analogy WARNING: This post references sexual intercourse and other potentially offensive things. If you do not want to read this, DON'T! I just finished up raiding tonight, and I realized something: Being a damage dealer is like being the male in sex. You're goal is to get the biggest finish the partner most effectively. Of course there is the slight difference of trying to kill the partner in raiding v. trying to pleasure them in intercourse. But anyway the analogy is pretty sound in most other regards. So. Rogues are great. We are meant for one thing, and we do it well. Rogues are extremely good looking, have tons of stamina, and have mastered the art of finishing. Hell we even have finishing moves. Today's rogue is no different: We are in a good place when you look at the numbers. If our mission is pleasure our partner, then mission accomplished. But we need more. If we aren't having a good time, then we will get bored, and nobody wants that. You see, rogues are EXTREMELY good looking. We have mastered the art of passive damage to the point where with minimal effort we can take our partners most of the way there. The problem is, that just isn't as fun. When in guild chat we see other classes talking about how they can deal 1M damage in 4 secs (I think the person who said it is full of crap but that's beside the point), we start to feel bad. We may be the sexiest and swiftest, but being swift isn't always being good. Sometimes it's nice to really jab our knives into our partner and see some borderline ridiculous results! So I guess what I'm trying to say is, one can't skate through life on just looks. Most people aren't like Narcissus (the original narcissist). They don't get anything out of their looks. Rather, they get something out of seeing a big chunk of some enemy's HP ripped out and knowing that it was their Eviscerate that did it. Also, please don't report me, I swear I'm not usually this crass. Haileaus18
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[Feedback]Rogues aren't "fine in pve". Warning ! This is a text wall, if you don't wanna read skip to the Conclusion. Basically the three rogues specs have the same playstyle, i am saying this because i rerolled to mage for mop, and mages have something cool they have 3 dps specs and all the three have diferents playstyles, including diferent reforges, TOTALLY diferent skills, stats priority etc. The three rogues specs have almost the same boring playstyle, and rotation, following this priority. 1 - Build Combo Points 2 - Slice and Dice 3 - Build Combo Points 4 - Aplly a Dot 5 - Build Combo Points 6 - Evicerate/Evenon Can you understand what i'm trying to say? I know there are some diferences but not as many as other pure dps class does. I feel very good when i have three options of playstyle and all the three are good and at the same time not boring. Rogue's rotations, end up making a good DPS, that's why devs are saying "rogues are fine in pve", yeah if you look into the recount rogues are making a nice dps the way you make high dps isn't fun. My proposal is : Change an entirely Rogue Spec. Combat for example. Don't delet it, but change it entirely, change all the playstyle. Transform it into a new spec which i DON'T need to use Slice and Dice..or Rupture.. or Eviscerate. What i am proposing is NOT "BUILD AND WASTE CPs" playstyle anymore, just make something like real Combos, start a rotation, wait for a proc, then BOOM! first combo, proc again, Double Combo.. my idea is based on Fire Mage playstyle, but not based on crits, since crit is something rogues already have alot, these are real COMBOS, Combo Points aren't COMBOS, they're just points. Like Arcane Charges or Holy Power or <insert name here> Points.. you can call it anything not just Combo Points.. what i'm saying is give us REAL COMBOS, something we have to make correctly or we lose the entirely combo.. maybe a combination of skills to make the right combo.. i don't know, but please give rogues some love, make an entirely new way of play, stop pretending "rogues are fine in pve". DPS is good. Gameplay is awful. Make not diference if you play combat, assassination, or sub, the base rotation is the same the only thing that changes is the skill you use to build CP, main skill you use to waste it and the burst. Why don't you just make all skills with the same icon, and change the tooltip for "Build CP" "Waste CP for Dotting" "Waste CP for a big hit".. won't make diference, because the damage for rogues is based on dagger's attack speed and Poisons, and i think this is the problem since Attack Speed is very important for all three specs, we don't have a decent rotation, our main damage come from daggers and poisons anyway. Change this attack speed based damage playstyle, insert new weapons for rogues like short swords, small one hand axes, etc.. With attack speed decreased but viable only for one spec (Combat maybe), also, make viable for this spec to use those slow weapons on both hands, and change all the rotation. Conclusion: 1 - All pure dps classes (and some hybrid with two dps specs) have an entirelly diferent playstyle for each dps spec and rogues doesn't. 2 - Rogues are NOT fine in PVE. DPS is good but gameplay is awful. 3 - "Combo Points" aren't real Combos, they are just another <insert name here> points, i prupose a change on this Combo Points playstyle, since you have implemented this same combo point based damage for Feral druids and WW Monks, this isn't funny for rogues anymore, we have nothing special or diferent. 4 - Change the Attack Speed based damage and insert an entirelly new spec with slow weapons and a decent rotation. Explanations: 1 - "You are Brazilian, why are you posting on NA Forums?" Because on brazilian forums we have only 2 Comunity Managers (Blue Posters) and all they do is lock threads when they want, and talk something here or there but only at General Discussion boards, no one pays attention on Classes boards, no one is there to listen our feedbacks. Sorry for any English mistake, i tried to do my best to make myself understandable, if you still have any questions or don't understand something, i will be pleased in trying to make you understand. Apoxy4
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