Oct 16, 2012 Sinister Strike gone at 40?? I hit level 40 as an assassination rogue. I had sinister strike in the my first toolbar slot the whole time, then it just swapped over to dispatch all by itself and sinister strike was gone right as I hit 40? Looked through my book and the only place I see it now is in "Combat" spec. Is that normal or is something going on here?Karrowyn7 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 What this forum has turned into... Look through the pages of this forum. There are approximately 7+ threads complaining about rogue changes. (No hate on the rogue bugs like Subterfuge going off randomly) I'm not annoyed that there are threads complaining about the changes, and I understand this this stuff can "improve/fix" us but I feel that there are WAY too many reposts about the same crap (DPS Sucks, Prep and Step bull!@#$, Recup sucks now, etc.) Yes, this stuff if informative, but come on, I have to sift through dozens of these threads that say the same thing over and over again to actually find something interesting and informative about rogues. I understand we got a little wrecked in MoP, I understand that we need a little attention, I understand the majority of us are upset, but this forum became one big circle jerk.Arktick32 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Playing my rogue feels like... Playing my rogue these days makes me feel like i'm Rain Man trying to escape the noise of a smoke detector going off. Meanwhile GC(Ghostcrawler) is Tom Cruise saying "Its okay", "Everything is going to be alright", "Haste will fix everything". After however many years it has been since i started this game at the middle of TBC as my main being my rogue: ...I have recently decided to switch it up to my only alt a Warrior(also don't get me wrong i completely agree Warriors 100% need a nerf right now) as the Rogue class is just no longer what it use to be, even pre - 4.3 where it was still in a good state.. Alas i bid you fellow Rogues a farewell and I hope to return in the near future, and i congratulate those of you that stick through it in what is the darkest time Rogues have experienced. P.S. Since Druids and Paladins get a move similar to our signature abilities Vanish and Blind respectively, I feel we deserve some abilities similar to that of ooohhh I don't know maybe Cyclone and Bubble..just sayin...Mìmsy0 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Yet another QQ thread. So I'm in a BG and I open on another melee due to the fact I know I won't get kited. I start getting hit by some Frost Mage from god knows where so I Vanish and open on him. He ofcouse Blinks and starts firing away, I Shadowstep to him but then I get Nova'ed or some crap so I cloak and run back to the melee. I start hitting away hoping for some reason that he's going to stop firing away at me. But to no avail I end up getting Frost Bombed and KO'ed and the melee I was targeting wasn't even attacking me. This is what is wrong with Rogues. We pop every single defensive we have to stay ontop of a Mage and they have to pop NOTHING. Ontop of the fact they can kite us so good they also have the ability to do a crap load of damage which DOESN'T heavily rely on cooldowns as ours does. All I know is Haste aint going to fix this problem unless we get unlimited energy for BoS.Pshero7 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 In search of a new Main? So, I'm not going to QQ. Basically I don't like The rogue class anymore. However Rogue is the only lvl capped character I've ever had. I'm going to reroll to try to enjoy this game more. I'm very tempted to pick Mage because I know they will never be subpar. I'm not sure I want to pigeon hole myself into a only dps class again. I love the look of the new warlock, and I love the first 30 levels of gameplay that a warrior has. Basicly, if any of you are rerolling what too? I really liked Monk, but it reminds me too much of what I want from a rogue so I honestly don't want to play it. BM Hunter? :PEggsactly9 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Resto druids Burst/hit higher than me now. Wat.Mircy3 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 combat and daggers in LFR just wondering, if i go combat do i get a chance to win daggers from LFR ? or will i have to change to assassin to get said daggers ? since it's auto roll... Thx in advanceShiyvana8 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 I'm Confused about Rogues Would love the opinions from all you Rogues out there on a few things: Started a rogue a few days ago, got her to 20 today. Played in PvP battles and had some fun, but felt like I was (for the most part) just getting pwnd by people. From what I'm seeing, that's to be expected since Rogues seem to be the black sheep of classes. My question is, should I hold off on playing the rogue until I can manage heirloom gear or something? (My gear as of now is laughably awful) Does better gear really impact abilities? ( in regards to heirloom) And should I just muscle through PvP rounds to earn the honor points to get the PvP gear? Outside of PvP, are rogues best for soloing? I've gotten flack in a couple of dungeons and just don't know if I'm better off grinding out quests on my own. And why are people so hateful on rogues anyway? Can't tell you how many times I've been bullied undeservingly playing my rogue, but log in to my healer and everyone's completely different. WTH? (Ok so this last part is more vent than anything.)Liesiel5 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Movement 101 Shadowstep = Baseline Ability Shadowstep Talent replaced with: "Improved Shadowstep, reduces the CD of Shadow Step to 15 sec." IT'S THAT EASY BLIZZARDChubbsmalone5 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Blood DKs... So me and a Ret Pally couldn't solo a Blood DK is that even suppose to happen -_- that is annoying I honestly hate Blood DKs with a passion are they hard at all to play or faceroll easy? He was in Darkshire by himself so he had no healer ugh D; I could just be bad but I've never had a problem with another class in a 1v except for Blood DKs and Healers. Healers I understand if they can't be taken in a 1v it makes sense. Blood DKs have too much self healing and absorbtion is crazy lol. Just wondering if anyone else is having problems killing them. Frost is simple never fought a Unholy one sadly lolAbrakastabya9 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 The good ol days. Ive been playing since Vanilla, and seeing rogues this bad is a sight. I have stuck around playing my rogue both PvE and PvP through everything. the days of Hemo prep mace stun in BC, to our domination of duels in cata. but to see rogues this gimped is just stunning. The fact that we cant even touch blood dks, close any sort of gap with ranged without being energy starved, or even being able to live in a duel is pathetic. Blizzard has dropped the ball. they practically spiked the ball, and Sh*% on it. to think that i cant hit some one as hard as an instant cast ice lance is disgusting. this is the first time in all my time of WoW, of rerolling to ranged, since they are cottled, and beloved by the workers of this company. as we can all see.Betrayér1 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Rogue + Leeching Poison + Windsong Enchant Windsong on both weapons and Leeching poison Active. Is leeching poison can proc the windsong enchant ? Meele attack does obviously but what about the leeching poison ? This could be almost a 100% proc for the enchants ?Zythes1 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 I love how people QQ'ing about rogues They're fine. PVE wise and PVPwise. Just learn to adapt to the new changes and stop QQ'ing Well don't stop QQ'ing cuz your tears are like honey.Szoila13 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 My rogue design This is for my own amusement. Unlikely as it might be, I do wish some of my ideas turn out legit and are used for future patches,xpacs. Rogue general changes: White damage is significantly reduced, yellow damage is increased to match up the DPS. SnD is removed from the game. Shadow Walk is removed from the game. Shuriken Toss is now baseline. Damage is increased by 500% when used in stealth. Versatility is now baseline. GCD of redirect is remove. Anticipation is now baseline. Recuperate is now passive. Whenever rogue takes a direct damage that's greater than 10% of his hp, or whenever rogue kills that yields xp or honor, a 12secs recuperate is triggered automatically. This effect will not happen twice every 12 secs. Stealth: 3secs CD. When rogue stands still while in stealth, he is undetectable to anyone. Rogue takes triple dot damage while in stealth. Vanish: 40secs CD, removes stun and snare. Smoke Bomb: 30 secs CD, last 4 secs. Sprint is no longer baseline. Preparation is removed from the game. Dismantle is removed from the game. (It's sooo boring.) Evasion will not improve your dodge chance, stead make you untargetable for 5 secs. Evasion and Blind CD reduced to 2 mins. Rogue Specs Definitions: Assassination: Poison and bleed dot damage. Combat: Physical and shadow damage. Subtlety: Backstab, ambush damage. Amor penetration. Specs change in details: Assassination: CP builder: Mutilate Finisher: Rupture & Envron Dispatch is removed from the game. Vendetta is now a glyph. Coldblood is now a glyph. Or they can be made into one glyph. Overkill is back. NEW SPELL Poisonous Outbreak(passive): A poisoned target will take a great amount of damage and consume the poison effect when its health reaches 35% or lower. This effect will not trigger twice every 6 seconds. Basically an execute. Mastery: Poison damage increase. Combat: CP builder: SS & RvS Finisher: Evis Shadow Blades(passive): All yellow damage against a target is increased by 10% for each CP it has. (maximum of 50%) The damage bonus is dealt in shadow damage. But for each CP it has, SS costs 5 more energy. ARush: 2 min CD. Requires 5 CP to activate, but does not consume CP. 20% increased attacking speed. 100% increased energy regen. Combat builds up CP slowly with really hard hitting finisher. Mastery: All CP builder and Finisher damage has a chance to duplicate itself with no cost. Subtlety: CP builder: BS or Hemo Finisher: Expose Armor & Evis BS and Ambush crit increase is back. Hemo ignores armor at all times. Expose Armor: Now again it's a finisher. Reduces target's armor by 10% for each CP, maximum 50%, for 12 secs. Shadow Dance: When this effect is active, rogue is immune to snare effects. Ambush always ignores target's armor. All openers apply the 70% armor reduction debuff. Mastery: BS and Ambush crit bonus damage increase. Effectiveness of Expose Armor increase. Talent: 1. Stealth Tier: a. Your running speed is increase by 70% while in stealth. b. AOE effect will no longer bring you out of stealth. And you are undetectable at all times while in stealth. c. You are untargetable for 6 secs after coming out of stealth. 2. Survival Tier: a. Cheat Death: Any damage that will otherwise kill you will miss completely. 1min CD. b. Combat Readiness: 3 min CD. When active, you take 40% reduced damage from all sources and 5% more reduction for each damage you take, stacks 5 times. Passive: rogue's armor is increased by 300%. c. Improved recuperate: Heals on you increased by 20%. And recuperate will trigger on any direct damage you take. Dot damage not included. 3. Mobility Tier: a. Sprint: 30secs CD. Remove all snares and make you immune to all CCs for 1 sec. Increase you speed by 70% for 6 secs. b. Shadow Step: Same thing with 15sec CD. c. Burst of Speed: Like the way it is now. And can be glyphed into "Increase you speed at all times by 30% and BoS removes all snares with no energy cost". 4. Utility Tier: a. Roll Behind: Like monk's roll, but instead of rolling forward, you roll behind your target instantly. range 8 yards. If used against mobs, they will be facing where you were for 2 secs before they turn around thus interrupting spell cast and auto attack. (Just imagine using this against a keyboard turner :D) Cannot be used while rooted. b. Deadly Throw: A ranged finishing move. Applies poison dot, shadow damage or expose armor effect depending on your spec. Lasts longer with more CPs. If those effects are already on the target, DT will make it last longer. Target movement speed reduced by 14% for each CP. 70% maximum. c. Para poison: Instead of a new poison, the old non-lethal poison will trigger this effect. Fun new spells: Steel Line: Requires stealth. Put an invisible steel line on the target location. Anyone that runs across the line will be a. knocked down stunned, b. silenced with dot applied or c. take a big direct damage. Attach to wall/roof: Without falling, like ninjas. Disguise: You look like you are from any unfriendly fraction allowing you to walk freely among them and talk to their NPCs. Say an NE rogue can disguise, go to org and talk to Garrosh or pretend to be any kind of mob and buy stuff from those mob NPCs. A rogue daily quest can be made from this too. There are restrictions of course. Hunter's pet will detect a disguised rogue from the opposite fraction. Any player from the opposite fraction can /smell or /hug a rogue out of disguise. Effect is cancelled on entering combat.Mãna0 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Ghostcrawler speaks about rogue pvp Rogues are fine in PvE. We're looking at movement in PvP.- GC So, All hope might not be lostMylittlepwni2 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Ive tried, I really have..... Well guys, I have tried, but i've finally snapped. I have levelled this toon to 90, I gave the game the benefit of the doubt, things didnt improve (and no I know im not full epic raiding gear yet or full conquest pvp gear). I'm losing literally 3 -4 hours a day doing dailies to get access to enchanting formulas or blacksmithing patterns or valor gear for possible future raids. When im doing the dailies I need to take it steady else well im dead, when doing dailies like shado-pan the idiotic companion (which I need to help with some of the pulls) ends up pulling half the map and then, yet my vanish will not take me out of combat. Instead im still in combat AND they carry on killing me. I mean have you seen the Sra'vess map. It is literally covered in npc's and if you pull one (for god sake hold still cause you might pull loads more). This is on top of half our abilities being wet paper towels or not working properly or our armor simply being for show instead of doing anything. Ive tried levelling my sham, and pally but I lose interest at 87 cause its such a long grind to get to 90, and the idea of rep grinds once I do get there, make me feel physically sick. As I say these are my reasons for taking a very long vacation from a game I came to enjoy over the last 1¼ years (not cause of how rogues were at end of cata but the way I could choose what I wanted to do not felt obligated if I needed certain things). Its a shame to be honest as I dont really get into many games, so I was into this one and just lost the taste for it :( Take care guys and hope you lot will be able to hold out where I couldnt.Macstabby5 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Prey on the weak. Why is Sap, Gouge and Blind included? Do they even know the game?Aou13 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Compensation I demand that any rogue who put up with the !@#$ we got and leveled to 90 gets 2 free epic mounts of -our choice- OR a new, unique, not terrible, rogue specific epic mount and title. Any ideas on the epic mount we deserve for this bullcrap? This or a unique item that's BoA and lets one of my alts use stealth for 5 minutes every half hour. All in favor? *disclaimer: not entirely seriousNanaya9 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 are rogues really that bad right now? seems like every other post on here is about how rogues are horrible right now. im extremely tempted to level mine (only at 16 atm) just because i find the whole rogue thing to be fun. but if they're really that horrible i guess i shouldn't. input?Kalow13 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Subtlety weapon choice. If you choose to use a dagger in MH would a slow weapon or a dagger be better in OH assuming they're all of the same ilvl? Also what are your thoughts on a slow weapon in MH and dagger in OH? Is there a big difference or would it be recommended it this fit your playstyle?Pshero5 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Can some good rogues here give us some tips? *PVP* forgot to mention this in original post. I am looking for 2 things. 1. Good rogues who don't feel that the class was completely wrecked and still have found a way around the lack of mobility to tell us what they think blizzard did right with the class on this xpac and what they did right. 2. Some tips on how to get around the perceived issues some of us are having with CDs and somewhat less burst. Thanks!Evilgenius14 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 A message to rogues... I can Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yoooooooou.Voldoi24 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Hunter pet V Rogue? Soo, a hunter controlled pet.. vs a rogue.. Who would win? The pet has more mobility, some say more damage and clearly more self healing. Interesting fight.Zìr1 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 THE PEASANTS HAVE NO ENERGY?! LET THEM EAT HASTE! - Marie AntoinetteUfrustrated11 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Resto Druid More Burst Than Rogue PvP is broken Blizzard. Recommendation: Healing classes should not do this much damage. It also amazes me that Holy Paladins are one of the high burst classes. I like the Warrior killing someone in .98 seconds.Freeze13 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Picture this A rogue is like Captain America in the Avengers movie. You think he'll be badass but he really sucks compared to everybody else. His mobility sucks cause he never gets to the fight on time and he maybe gets in those few good hits. MAYBE. But overall he was pretty useless the whole movie. No, I'm not saying we should be Ironman or the Hulk but got damn, help a guy out. As a matter of fact, I feel whenever I try to pvp, I feel like I am Loki and the hulk is just smashing me around like a rag doll. QQSpambush1 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Why can rogues not do this? We pay Blizzard a monthly fee for entertainment and to have fun, not stress and anger.Hôrus3 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 xmog one handed weps to look like other types if hunters can mog a gun to look like a bow, why cant we mog an ugly !@# mace,axe or $%^-y fist weapon to look like ..oh idk a sword? since blizz is seeming trying to do away with with agi swords. i heard they want us to appreciate the look of these other weps, that's just an excuse, if you wanted us to like how they look maybe make em look better? i think other rogues would agree with me on this.Dåwnbreaker4 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 [PVP] Making rogues competitive again In my opinion, right now there are 4 main problems with rogues. Long cooldowns, horrible survivability, expensive mobility, and long ramp up time to deal proper damage. Here are my stupid ideas to solve some of these. 1) Overhaul Vanish: 40 second cooldown, usable while CC'd and breaks CC. This is our escape mechanism, this change allows us to actually escape instead of sitting in a stun and getting 2 shot. Lower Cloak CD to 80 seconds so we can at least use it every other vanish. 2) Burst of Speed Baseline @ 50 energy, replaces sprint: Yeah everyone has been wanting shadowstep baseline, but Burst of Speed should be our bread and butter movement speed buff. With all the CC right now it is pretty much required. Replace BoS on the talent tree with a talent that increases passive movement speed to 130% and maybe something else cool, like reduce the effectiveness of snares. BTW, BoS should not break stealth. 3) Change energy regen for Sin and Sub to non-finishers. for Sub it could be hemo bleed ticks, for Sin DP ticks or WP procs. This removes the ramp up time and helps with energy starvation in PVP. Wouldn't do a lot to PVE rotations except sub would have to hemo now and then, but it could all be balanced out easily enough. 4) Revamp pvp set 4 piece. Allow it to give the crippling poison aura, and not proc deadly brew. Deadly brew has been broken forever with a long delay, and it is pretty obvious no one cares enough to fix it. Throw it in the garbage and lets move on. This will allow us to still shiv a snare, and whatever other non-lethal poison we want. ermahgerd, options. We might be able to use some of the fancy new poisons you gave us. 5) Buff Stealth. Seriously I have never had so many problems with being found. Too much AOE junk flying around now knocking me out of stealth early. Makes it very hard to survive or even be effective. I thought we were heading in the right direction in Cata when shouts stopped taking us of stealth, but now...Freschetta10 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Rogue - The Dying Class Posted by Miseriey, Illidan-US, Horde. I've been playing a Rogue, along with 5 other level capped classes(Shaman, Hunter, Death Knight, Druid, Warlock) since The Burning Crusade, both PVE and PVP aspects, and this is the worst experience I have ever had with the Rogue class due to the fact that the class is no longer unique to it's design. For an example, we are one of the two original stealth classes(other being Druid.) Our abilities that once made us unique has been stripped away and given to other classes and we've yet to receive anything in return. Stealth has been given to Hunters as Camouflage, yet we got nothing from them. Priests received Spectral Guise (30 sec CD), used in and out of Combat, yet we got nothing from them as well. Our Vanish (3 min. CD) has been given to Druid's Prowl, springing them forward and putting them in Stealth while in Combat. Our single-target Blind (3 min. CD, 8 sec. duration, breaking on damage) has been given to a Paladin (Blinding Light, 2 min. CD, 6 sec duration) as an AOE effect. Our signature move, stun-lock, has been improved and distributed to Warriors and Feral Druids. Last but not least, the thing that we have always asked for, as a Rogue community, is to let our combo point system stack on the Rogue and not the target. Paladins, Monks, and Enhance Shamans all have received the ability instead. Now, I knew this would happen with the Monk class being introduced with the expansion, but that's no reason for the Rogue class to suffer. This expansion has really made the Rogue class completely useless. Not to mention the fact that the class can offer multiple roles much like the Druid including much higher damage and DPS. I'm not even going to waste the time talking about our damage/dps output since we don't have any. Out of the three classes that offer an ability to reset CD's(Hunter; Passive. Readiness, 5 min. CD. Mage; Passive. Cold Snap, 3 min. CD. Rogue; Talent. Preparation, 5 min. CD.) Rogue having Prep on a 5 min. CD, yet having to choose between mobility and a reset. I understand all classes are supposed to be different, no two classes being exactly alike, but the thing I don't understand is how my Throw does 500 damage compared to a Mages Ice Lance doing 20k+ damage. I can reroll another class, it's just I choose not to. I'm not asking for a nerf to any class or any ability, I just want to know where the balance is that was promised. Out of the Rogue design with this expansion, we are completely energy starved (Overkill). We lost our energy regen abilities and passive combo point regen(Sealed Fate) and it was replaced with Shadow Blades, 3 min. CD, 12 sec. duration. Why not change the Rogue class to be called a 3 Minute Class? With the lack of improvement, an expansion released 3-to-4 weeks ago, it makes me really disappointed in the class and the unique-playstyle that's being neglected by Blizzard and it's developers. The lack of improvements is completely undeserved and unacceptable as this point. I will be unsubscribing up until there are improvements made upon the Rogue class.Aggrivation9 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Mutilate PvE optimal rotation. I was in LFR today and another Rogue told me they open with Garrote > SnD > Mut / Mut x2 > Envenom. I've only picked up Mut for MoP since it wasn't that viable in Cata. My rotation has always been Mutilate > Mutilate > Rupture > Mutilate > SnD (and hope for a blindside proc from one of the first two mutilates for optimal CP spending). I take Shadow Focus and Prep for double Vanish and Mutilates during Shadow Blades etc. I just want to know what you guys think is better or what you do personally?Pshero3 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Wow Rogues suck. Seriously. Anybody who says we are fine right now is high.Spambush6 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Are Rogues as bad as people say they are? I've been reading around and hearing that they're god awful... Is this true? lol I haven't touched this rogue in a bit and I just bought her them BoA legs... Wondering if I wasted the 1.5k lolResilience7 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 DPS Loss on Elegon Just wondering if anyone would have suggestions on maximizing my dps for the Elegon fight? I don't have amazing gear and I know the fight doesn't favour rogues too much but my dps still feels very lacking. I'm only pulling roughly 52k on the encounter even with using my CDs at the optimal times and double potting. Is there something I'm missing? Is combat maybe a bit better for the fight? Any advice is appreciated.Terces10 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Perfect Assasin's Roguestone Does anyone know if it's still bugged?Viiss2 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 This made me giggle. Saw this on blue tracker talking about the changes to windsong / elemental force enchants. ... Yeah so it doesn't take much to amuse me lately, sue me.Varbog3 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Does Glypn of Blind even works? Does it work? Because for me, sometimes it doesn't remove some of the DK dots or Warrior bleeds/dots, or sometimes I swear it just do nothing. Is this supposed to be like this?Inokn3 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Bugs that need fixing When you vanish when a huntard pops his retard lynx rush move the pet still attacks you minimum another 5 times, and yes this happens even when there is no flare nearby Stealth is bugged it drops whenever you pop recoup or your weapon enchant procs Constant out of range messages when I am practically on top of my target Cloak of shadows does not get rid of pally dots and after usiing cloak a DK can still apply diseases (im not sure if this intended but if it is please blizz do us all a favor and make cloak a 5 min CD last 3 seconds and only remove 20% of magical damage) As many posts have stated before pvp as it is has become an increasingly frustrating experience, we are gimped as it is and all these bugs make it even worse. Its bad enough as to what is going on with pvp in general right now and what kind of an utter joke the rogue has become, top it off that as a rogue you are ignored by your teamates and tunneled by your opposition, bugs like this only make the experience even frustrating.Failrogue5 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Its not fun My rogue is fully pvp geared and i got arena master on him i mean i still know what i am doing and stuff. But it's lame if a mage a hunter or a warr is on the other side its just not even fun you INSTA die if you get stun once and dont trinket , and since that we dont have prep and SS anymore makes it even worse. Why on a full resil target a mage can do me DeepFreze then 100k frost bomb , 15k fireblast , frostbolt 80k , ice lace 45k and frozen orb hit you for like 15k each. all this just insta kill me and if i cloak by luck well they to that time thing or cold snap or wtv its called and do it again. Rogue dmg is low and on top of that were SUPER squishy . So we have all those fun utulitie and skill that i would like to use but its useless since i die before doing anything really.Zozotier16 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Blood DK Just had one, in world PVP, solo six mobs and then kill them all while also killing me. I mean, I escaped, but then the diseases got me before I was able to drop combat. Even after using a potion and a warlock stone. And I think she probably only used 3 globals to drop me to 0 health. I would respond with my dollars, but I subscribe in 6 month blocks.Alvaro5 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Stealth keep breaking from nothing :S Umm, hello. I'm not sure what's happening here, but my stealth ability keep randomly breaking from absolutely nothing. Just now I was doing an Eyes of the Storm, I was stealth, no one around me, I was about 20 yards from this Warrior and boom there goes my stealth again. I did nothing. It keeps happening in PvE, at random too. Am I missing something? Is this a bug? What the hell is going on?Inokn7 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Visual Spell Effects and Animation updates So GC and the devs have said a few times that they agree the visuals for spell effects and animations for the rogue class are lacking and/or dated. And that they will like to addresses these issues at some point. I figured we might as well say some of the visual effects and animations you might want to see. Before we being let me say (and visual effect/animation artists feel free to correct me) Spell FX are: The lights and sounds that you see after you use a kill. Wings on AW for pallies, or the Shadowy effect from CloS are examples. Animations are: The movements and gestures of your character model. These take a bit more time to implement due to having to make them for each different model. But the way you look when you jump/swing a weapon/run/etc. are animations. Now that that is out of the way. Some things I would like to see changed are: SnD: I believe the only visual FX here is a tiny thin blue line that circles around your character....pretty wimpy tbh. I think it need something that gives the illusion of speed a bit better. Personally I am a big fan of after images to induce this effect. Like when you activate SnD you see a bunch of after images (faded images of your own char model) swinging and striking for a moment. Or a lingering effect. (i.e. every X sec when you attack an after images follows with the same looking attack [no damage just a visual]) ____________________________________________________________________________ Recup: To me this always looks like light red lighting around my char.....not sure how this induces a feeling of healing. At least if it was green it would feel a bit closer to healing. I think when you activate recup you should get a soft green glow around you akin to what you see from a Holy Word Sanctuary heal tick. Followed by periodic green sparkles like you get when you heal from Healing totem or Pally hammer. ___________________________________________________________________________ SS: Lets face it....the purple disco ball is as dated as what its named after. Something that makes you feel more like you are cutting/smashing into a target would be better. Also the sound.....not sure what that is. A more "steel cutting steel" sound would fit better I think. As for the animation of it...not sure. Something that would work for both slashing (for blades) and smashing (for maces). Maybe a backed slice/smash? ____________________________________________________________________________ Shadow Walk: Has NOTHING. As befuddled as I am that it made it out of beta with ZERO audio or visual is non the less. So what I would suggest is: When you use the skill the world around you fades a bit akin to a mage going invs. However everything would have a deep purple/violet tint instead of a blue/white one. In addition all people you see would have a shadow over them...essentially as if they were in shadow form. I think this would invoke a feeling of walking through shadows for the duration. Also if used while Shroud of Shadows is active the affect (both the visuals AND the actual effect) apply to all allies in range. ___________________________________________________________________________ Shadow Step: Again, this is really just vanish animation x 2. Maybe when you use it you go into a shadow form look and slowly fade back to normal over a few seconds (2?). This would be like you are actually dashing through the shadows, and they still linger on you for a second after you appear from them. Like shadow walk. ___________________________________________________________________________ Burst of Speed: The sound is good imo for the skill. But the effect is...meh. Perhaps an ethereal addition? So that when you run while the skill is active you leave behind you after images like ethereals do? ____________________________________________________________________________ Envenom: Is just a green arc last I checked. It think that when you use it your foe should turn a dark green (as if they had just been poisoned) with green drips of poison flowing down their char. This effect would slowly fade out over a few seconds. ____________________________________________________________________________ Shadow Blades: 2 black versions of Illidan's warglavies would be really cool as other have suggested. ____________________________________________________________________________ Evasion: Meh not sure here...perhaps an animations that procs every time you dodge while under the buff? Like a more showy/flash version of the normal dodge. ____________________________________________________________________________ That all I can think of off the top of my head.Timat1 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 So I called Blizzard... To demand that my subscription fee be refunded for the absolute !@#$ that I've had to put up with for the past month. I even had to take a day off work because their hours conflict with my schedule. Yes it was that important to me. So I search the website for their phone number. Its 1-800-592-5499 for anyone wondering. Then I wait on hold. I waited like ten minutes on hold before someone finally picked up. TEN FRIGGIN MINUTES! Do you know what I could do in TEN FRIGGIN MINUTES? I could Vanish three times in ten minutes. And then after I finally connected with this person (that I'm pretty sure was doing a fake Indian accent) I chewed his %^- out! I demanded my money back for this past month and for free play time until rogues are fixed, and do you know what he said to me? Do you? Just take a guess! I'll have to speak to my supervisor. He had to talk to his friggin supervisor. So I was put on hold again. And guess how long I was on hold for. Ten Minutes. TEN MORE FRIGGIN MINUTES! I can't get those 20 minutes back, do you know what could be done in TWENTY FRIGGIN MINUTES? I could have made pancakes and bacon in twenty minutes, but no, I'm on hold. So when this lamebreath finally does get back speaking to his supervisor, do you know what he says? Uh... What issue are you experiencing again? I went on a friggin rampage! I was like the Dr. surrounded by Daleks. I'm pretty sure I even heard sobs and that made me ecstatic. After about five minutes of screaming he told me that I could talk to his supervisor, but he had to put me on hold. TEN MORE SUCKERLOVIN', CRAPTASTIC MINUTES! And do you know what I did? I just sat there and stewed for TEN MORE MINUTES. It's like they assume people will just hang up before you get to the ten minute mark, but not me. When the guy finally did pick up the phone I could feel foam bubbling forth from my mouth. I was pissed, but do you know what happened? I bet you dont. This is what he said. Uh, sir, I'm sorry for your inconvinience, but we can't give you a refund, what if we give you a free mount instead. So after nearly an hour of being on the phone all I get is a free friggin mount. Was it worth it, you be the judge. Now I need to go call McDonalds and make an appointment to buy some pickels.Katim19 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Shadow Walk Shadow Walk - 1min cooldown - Significantly increases Stealth effectiveness for 6 sec. Where is the creativity in this? This should be a passive effect after entering stealth. Suggestion: Shadow Walk - 1min cooldown - Requires stealth: Teleport to target location. (30 yards)Xefian23 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Rogue v rogue, losing the opener Strats on countering, rogue v rogue, after losing the opener? Assuming player is combat and did not take prep. Had this down in Cata as sub... but... you know.Alvaro3 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Shouldn't "Pure Class" be better than hybrid? I'm sure every other Rogue is feeling my pain with MoP. I feel useless in PvP, heck... In RBG's people say "lol we have a rogue in here? ewww." In arena I struggle, getting blown up and out damaged by every class there is. PvE is boring, most of the damaging coming from poison and auto attacks. I've played Rogue since November 2004, but now I feel hopeless and wanting to play warrior :(Sharper24 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 You guys think you got it bad.. ...My alts a shaman...Exodist8 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 A simple request: Cooler Mutilate sound For 55 energy and two daggers to the gut, it should land with a slash and ca-thunk or something.Angrenous6 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Watch the stealth bug in action - pvp video Before I fired up fraps there were about 30-35 seconds of this same behavior. Getting instantly unstealthed by absolutely nothing. I had just been fighting and vanished away almost dead. Got rid of all my dots and everything right away with cloak of shadow then I STILL got unstealthed, which made me go wtf? And it kept happening as you can see on the video.Lïlíth23 Oct 16, 2012
Oct 16, 2012 Reforgelite Hey to you that use it...what custom weights do you use? Or do you just use the presets?Nimand2 Oct 16, 2012