Oct 9, 2011 Professions Starting a new paladin on a new server. Cant decide between BS or Eng, Will be a non raiding toon, Casual maybe the occasional pug. No mains or money so Mining will have to be the second. Prot main, Holy off, Which of the two would be more useful do you think?Logík2 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 I've waited so long... But finally, I can wield Verigan's Fist once again. I can't explain how pumped I am for this. Made this guy back in Vanilla just because I loved the weapon.Turin0 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 9, 2011 Protection pally with intellect Ok so I have looked through the forums and cannot find what the answer to the question I have. The question I have is whether or not I am completely wrong in how I choose stats for my pally. Currently I tend to focus on intellect, stamina and strength, in that order. My thinking behind this is that in pvp I usually outlast my opponents by alot in both mana and stamina. But also in dungeons I never run out of mana so I virtually have no downtime. I typically hold aggro 98% of the time unless I get stunned or what not. But basically im wondering if anyone else has concentrated on intellect and stamina with strength being third. And how did that work out?Bravhert19 Oct 9, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Ret PvP Video Hey folks, put together a short video of my Ret in 3's, or rather 1 3's. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the support:-) --DorritDorrit0 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 PvP Is just bs as ret The only CD We have that makes us actually do decent damage is removable by 90% of every class in WoW. So whats the point of actually PvPing on a paladin? Even if your holy they will take wings away. Any buff you have gone. Its complete BS but hey thats blizzard for you !@#$ing this game up 7 years running. Why balance it when mages can Icelance for 30k right?Bellyramos25 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Weird half-holy, half-ret geared holy pallies What is up with the increasing amount of holy pallies in pvp with half-holy/half-ret gear? I saw a total of 4 in a BG yesterday, 2 on each side, and they did absolutely terrible healing. Is there some weird Pally strat that involves gearing like this?Byniri4 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Making the switch from Holy to Prot(PvE) So, I came to the realization this morning that I have too many healers. I have all 4 heal classes at 85 and enjoy them all; but really want to give tanking a shot. I chose protection pally simply because I like having a shield when doing any sort of melee. I've read the sticky here in this forum and pretty much have a grasp of the basics(plus, I tanked a small bit in early Wrath). I am here for a few questions that weren't 100% clear to me after finishing reading the sticky. I logged out in my prot spec and (so-called) prot gear. The gear I have on is what I was able to cobble up during my 2 hours of play time before work today. My questions are as follows: 1. Ignoring the Holy gear I wasn't able to replace this morning and ignoring the Ret/PvP pieces; am I on the right track with stats and reforging? I'm reforging out of Hit, Haste and Expertise and into Mastery and trying to keep my Dodge and Parry fairly equal. 2. With my gear, as it stands, do you think I could zone into a Cata REG instance and not put undue stress on the healer? Or should I heal more instances and hope the tanks don't need on the Prot gear? 3. How does my spec look? I wasn't 100% sure I wanted to put the point into Hallowed Ground; but didn't see much of an alternative. If I could get some opinions/advice here; I'd surely appreciate it. Thanks in advance, UdderfailureUdderfailure5 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Holy Meta! Why Ember Shadowspirit? Every holy paladin guide I've read says to use an Ember Shadowspirit Diamond. This requires two yellow gems, so you lose 40 intellect in order to get 54, for a net gain of 14 intellect and (probably) 40 haste, and the +2% maximum mana. Why not take the Revitalizing Shadowspirit Diamond? Hitting the yellow and blue gems means a net loss of 40 intellect, but you get 74 spirit, 20 haste, and the +3% bigger crit heals. Is it just because it's standard to hate crit heals? It seems like a nice thing, especially after crit heals got buffed. The tank isn't topped off at all times, so crit heals are actually very useful and not just overheals, as they were in WotLK. I guess I'm just looking for some math here. I currently don't have any yellow sockets, so I find the requirement for two yellow gems to be annoying.Sithra6 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Idea for rets. I personally don't play ret and haven't ever in a serious setting.But as i understand it they are extremely RNG reliant for their dps/damage in pvp. Looking over the talent tree i saw two talents that could be changed to help with this issue in both pvp and pve content. Sancitity of battle: Your auto attacks grant one charge of holy power(cannot happen more than once per six seconds) The art of war: Your templars verdict has a 33/66/100% chance to make your next exorcism free and instant cast. The idea behind these changes would be to give ret the ability to gain holy power more reliably in between crusader strike casts. Crusader strike being a 4.5 second cooldown would mean you would begin a fight going CS < auto attack < CS < auto attack < CS < auto attack. Giving you a much more smooth holy power generation. The art of war change would simply give your "rotation" the feeling of a true rotation and not just hoping and praying for a AOW proc. The changes would also give you more templars verdict casts in pvp and pve. Making your spec much less cooldown reliant and improving your consistant damage while keeping your mobility and defensive cooldowns un-"nerfed".Insa16 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 How should I lvl a pally How should I level my pallidan. I speced ret because I had boa's from wrath that were the to get plate gear. Just wondering How should I level him to hit level cap and enjoy the experience.Elash7 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Pally or DK for burst? Heya, I'm interested in an alt character. I usually play a rogue and am accustomed to burst damage, big crits, etc; I am sort of looking for that kind of 'feel' from my alt. I mostly pvp. All that said, I'm looking for a response to whomever is knowledgeable with both the paladin and the death knight. Which class / spec gives a more burst-like feel when playing? Do either seem slow on either rune or general spell cd's? Any and all opinion will be appreciated. I would play both but my time only permits 1 main and 1 alt. Thanks!Uzu9 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Looking to go from prot, to holy. So, is it viable to heal non-troll heroics in the crafted pvp gear set? I'm looking for a way to switch over from prot, and that's the most readily accessable gear at this point sans JP gear as I get the points to switch out. So, so long as I know WTF I'm doing, is it viable?Rhelath3 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Holy Paladin, healing style changes? Hello Holy Paladins! I used to heal raids and Heroics during BC as a Holy pally and all these years later I've been trying the various other healers, lately I've been focusing on my Shaman and reminds me of my Holy pally and I started feeling Nostalgia towards pally healers. So my question to you all is this: How much has Holy changed since then? Has it even changed at all? Depending on the answers I may go back, if it's not too different. It was my first healer and it would be cool to try it again.Galwrith5 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 how would you rate each spec for leveling? Holy Ret Prot?Itza7 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 I QUIT so i been leveling this paladin really enjoying it, but with these 4.3 changes to sanctified wrath i give up!!!! QQTirios17 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Holy Haste Stacking Batman There are countless threads on H Pal stat prioritization. Being the good little boy that I am: I read them and pretty much followed the crowd. The only thing that still concerns me however is haste. I get it we need haste but do we really need as much as what we are putting in? I have searched countless forums posts, gone through WOL and looked at peoples gear and most seem to be stacking haste like crackheads. I just dont see the point tho. If you get your cast times down to 2seconds what other value is there (couple extra ticks on HR?) I just get the feeling that I am missing somethingNerruse8 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Hunters in PvE (While Tanking) Having leveled up from levels 15 till 47 almost exclusively as a Dungeon Tank I have always had troubles with Hunters. (Not with my DK though, weird) My threat levels are usually very high with bosses and mobs, If it drops, I can use more than one ability to get aggro back and mainly, keep it off the healer as a priority and then the most damaged DPS if I can. But in case of scripted events such as when fighting a boss, some mobs spawn from a distance while am very close to the boss, usually I tell the Ranged DPS to stay as close as possible to me without taking AoE damage and not entering a cast dead zone if there is any. If a rogue pulls Aggro it's usually quite easy to get it off him, but if a Huntard multi-shots freely before I even get to see the spawning mob they end up with aggro > Then try to kite away from the core group and I get dazed while trying to run over there and help before he/she dies. I dunno if I'm doing something wrong, or they are, or if the game is just flawed like that. Can tanks please tell me about their experience with hunters? Because playing with hunters is extremely boring and annoying now, literally the only class I hate having in a group.Veath18 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 PVP for ret pallys what is the best gems should i get and whats the idle amount of strength crit and mastery should i have for my pally and what are some good enchants. Thank you for the people who can help me :)Anaea4 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Yay Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (passive) now increases damage by 25%, up from 20%. Cool Seal of Truth, when Judged, now benefits from a multiplier of 20% per stack of Censure, up from 10%. Cooler (I think they mean "Sanctified Wrath." vvv) Sanctified Retribution now increases the critical hit chance of Hammer of Wrath by 2/4/6%, down from 20/40/60%. POOPRetrified3 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 I wish I had a glyph that... [Finish the sentence!] I wish I had a glyph that... ...granted me levitation for the duration of Avenging Wrath. (dem wiiiings!)Snixar10 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Yo retdawgs! That is all.Bubblewall12 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Please help!! my ret gear is at ilvl 363 with hit and exp cap, im using master ele deathblade with 2pc t11 and t12 chest. for some reason im only pulling 14k dps average with 30 sec of 21k dps from zeal, inq, golem pot, wings, FL trinket, and lifebloom (haste buff from alch). I was thinking it was my rotation so I found CLCRet ui and that still didnt fix it. All my gear is reforged str>mastery>haste>crit. I have all str gems as well. Any thoughts? Please help!!Flol1 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Holy in PvP? I've only played ret in PvP and even though it isnt the greatest spec, I still manage to do alright with it but now i'm wondering if I would be better going Holy, mostly for cases where a flag is needed to be ran back to a base. Ordelor0 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 8, 2011 Why HOW should be taken off of WINGS. They SHOULD take HoW off of wings, give it its crit back, and alter the way wings functions. Wings' damage bonus should be cut in half and instead of allowing you to use HoW it should instead grant immunity to movement impairing effects (like Bladestorm). Why this is necessary: Ret Paladins, more than any other melee class, are susceptible to CC. It is possible to take a Ret completely out of the fight by spamming overlapping CC on him. Bubble isn't the answer since its on a long CD and isn't a pvp-burst CD by any means. WINGS is the current burst CD, but it is completely out of hand with Buff stacking. It is clunky and easily countered. A 2 min CD that can be instantly dispelled is a pathetic thing to rely on for burst in PVP. Giving Ret a second CD to protect them from fear and stuns is essential. DK gets Lichborne, and icebound fortitude. Warrior gets berserker rage and bladestorm. Ret needs to get a CD to pop to prevent/getoutof CC while still being able to maintain pressure. While I'm talking about RET mechanics. Ret needs more to do. Judgement should do 2x as much damage and always grant a Holy Power. Crusader Strike should always grant a holy power even on miss, dodge, parry. Divine storm should have its own CD and be another option for damage dealing instant exorcisms needs to return Templars verdict should do a decent amount of damage on its own, not require Holy Power, and have a 6 second CD. Depending on your holy power, it gets a damage Bonus as holy damage. Ret should be able to constantly be stringing out attacks like DKs can. Adjust their damage up or down according to balance. Give them a snare. Give them a gap closer. Also, is it too much to ask to make auras actually important and worth having. Ret aura damage is less than in combat health regen. . . this is an unnacceptable slap in the face to the ret community.Draegore34 Oct 8, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 PVP and PVE talent specs Hey guys, I have been eyeing the Paladins for quite some time now, wanting to be one but whenever i talked about it with anyone they said it was a terrible class, especially ret spec. My question is, are paladins good pvp and pve at begining/middle/endgame? What is the best spec to cause the most possible DPS? Is Ret still broken, as the people that i have talked to said? Thank youJoshuam0 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Blood Knight Tabard My fellow Blood Knights, what are we rocking as of lately for a tabard? Our Order's colors (blood knight tabard)? The Tabard of the Argent Crusader? Sunreavers? (don't know why you'd rock that since its basically a blood elf mage tabard)? I am curious... as you can see I fly my Order's colors with pride!! FOR SILVERMOON!! FOR QUEL'THALAS!!! FOR ANASTERIAN!!!!Lightsworne79 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Haste or crit? Alot of pallies that I have seen stack alot of haste. With my build I am crit stacked. (Also keeping spirit) Should I reforge into haste or keep with my build... I've read a few guides and they were before the 2x crit healing. I've only started doing PVE 3 weeks ago and I'm never ooming in any of the FL fights. Haste decreases cast time and the GCD but if you crit one heal that equals to one of the hard casted ones. E.g, Casting Divine light = 62k crit, you will have to cast it twice to equal that, takes longer and consumes more mana. I find haste has such a small effect compared to crit. Thanks in advance. Distortionn2 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Idea for Righteous Fury My idea is to make this move useable by each spec. For protection spec it already increases threat generation. For retribution spec I think it should increase haste to a point where the rotation isn't nearly so clunky as many people describe it. I don't play holy very often so I'm not sure where any changes would benefit them. I'm thinking RF for ret could grant enough haste to reduce the CD on CS to 3.5, maybe 3 seconds. I admittedly only recently started playing as a ret, was protection prior to this, but I'm wondering if something similar to this would fix atleast part of the ret spec?Hagren16 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Looking for an "OH S***T" macro What are folks using? I am thinking it is best if the spells are: Divine Favor Avenging Wrath Flash of Light (2x) Possibly incorporating Guardian? And what order is best, seems like the above would work. Thanks I realize LoH is the main oh S**t spell, but just as back up in case it was used prior...Jozay6 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Thy Holy Pally... Thy holy paladin can do everything. Thy holy paladin does not die. Thy holy paladin doth backpedal and Holy Shock whilst being assaulted by three players and living to tell the tale. Thy holy pally's will is as he does. Thy holy paladin is immortal, stopped by nigh mage nor warrior, nor shaman, nor anything, or any combination of aforementioned. Thy holy paladin doth not fear death, for if faced by cruel fate, thy holy paladin activates thy divine protection and /rofl macro. Thy holy paladin does not die.Rhoderìck64 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Glyphs so what should my first 3 glyphs be for a Prot Pali? i've never leveld one before.Rufin1 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 CTC How do you calculate prot pally CTC? I have 104 unbuffed not including 5% miss chance. Is that too much?Bravara5 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 IM SICK as a pvp paly Why did u nerf the pvp holy paly and to make the pve holy paly usefull ? We cant mana burn we are horrible at aoe healing.. and after you release this patch we will still suck at pve even thou a little less but meanwhile u nerf the pvpers who need speed boosts and instant cast mana regeneration to deal with preists. turning our mana regeneration into a spirit base makes use usless agaisnt mana burn. spirit stacking cant handle mana burning, our only hope was instant mana regen from droping hammers... i started this cause im made as hell u !@# kissing pve based blizzard... PVP wants to not b nerfed to make pver's happy , UNDERSTAND BLIZZ...Toopic10 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 As a retadin... What would I get more benefit from with my gear? - Reforged Trollbane or - Jeklik's Smasher? As a side note: What is the current hit-cap? I know its in the 900 range.Ordelor4 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Paladin BG Healing? I'm currently stepping back into the game and am debating between my little level 12 priest or my level 34 pally to level. Honestly I mostly just level in BG's and the occasional instance so it's all about helping my team win a BG and collecting that sweet sweet bonus xp. I like the idea of the pally for the multitude of cooldowns available for different scenarios and the occasional DPS burst. not to mention plate. But the disc Priest just seems so much better for healing on the move. Between shields, renews, penance, an offensive dispel and the ever useful fort spell. So, just looking for some insight on Pally BG healign as I get more tools or if anyone knows if priests maybe peak early and it evens out a little later?Bartuk1 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Gem stacking for pvp? i know the popular trend is str or str/resil gems but im curious as to peoples thoughts on stacking crit/haste first?Captnkaos6 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Ret Trinket selection Hey guys, just got Crushing Weight. I already have Heart of Solace and Dwyer's Cable, what should I replace? Cheers.Providentia1 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Explanation for Ret PvP Ghostcrawler's Daughter: Daddy! That Ret Pally hurt my cutie mage! I'm sad :( Ghostcrawler: Ohh, its OK hun, Daddy will fix it! *Logs onto forums* Ghostcrawler: TO THE GROUND! Ret Paladin: Oh shi--Painadol11 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Dual Spec Holy/Prot... Opinions? Tips? Hi all, I'm new to Wow, only playing a month so far, and having great fun. I've decided to make this my main & I'm thinking about dual spec-ing her prot/holy when I get to that point. I've been looking for guides about this, but haven't found any. So, what opinions and/or tips do you guys have for doing this? Thanks!Myskos16 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 I'm a Paladin wanting a Nerf I'm a Holy Paladin that have been on the PTR and i believe that the New holy radiance needs some form of diminishing returns, I stood next to the transmogrification and casted it with a beacon upon myself, I got 1 million healing from the beacon. This means i healed 2million from just 1 HOLY RADIANCE (yes in a raid situation they aren't that many people) but all other AoE heals has Diminishing returns. Yes blizzard want to make holy paladins more flexible in healing but they got to remember this is going to make them even more of a tank healer. If there are 25 people stacking(which by the encounter journal there will be) If a paladin wants to heal a tank. They will beacon the tank and cast holy radiance because it is the same mana (close as) to a divine light. and the beacon will heal the tank for more then a divine light could. p.s. WTB hide tabard option (like hide helm and cloak)Relil8 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Will holy stack spirit? Also what seal will holy use? (The talent that increases spell/melee haste by 3/6/9% will now give 30% spirit for the duration in 4.3.)Nicetomeetya1 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 7, 2011 Tauren Pallies So been only playing a bit to log in grab a hatchling and then log out (13 razormaw 12 darting to date). I found out purely by accident that we can now be taurens, so out I whip my CC and pay for the change. Truly happy with it. Seems that how fierce we can be should be followed by a fear inducing size. Gotten a few whispers asking where I got my mount from (the Tauren Pally racial one). Gotta love that thing, figure we would look odd on the reg pally mount. I can't think of anything funny at the moment other then the Ret Bull gives you wings cartoon. Anyone come up with something funny or heard something interesting from someone else concerning Tauren Pallies?Orbital84 Oct 7, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 A touch of advice (Holy) hey all just wondering in my current state (gear, spec, stats) am I right to raid FL? Stopped raiding pre 4.2 and am just about to get back into it, thought I would come to the forums and get a final check :) Thanks all!Zavala4 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 Regarding Paladins in General Greetings everyone. You might have seen me around talking about the Holy Paladins mastery. Oh well, I'm here to talk about paladins in general. What makes and not makes me happy about playing this great class. - Holy My beloved main spec. Well, I really enjoy healing but i already created a thread regarding our mastery which is IMO not that good. Priests easely overcome us with Divine Aegis (which is a talent). I thought Holy Radiance used to apply our mastery but only this week i realized that our mastery is useless with it. Which makes our AOE healing even worse. I played in the PTR last night and the new Holy Radiance isn't any better. It just applies an instant heal in the beggining and then ticks for 3 secs adding the mastery shield only in the instant heal! And its cost is 7k of mana. Not mentioning that the overall healing of it has decreased... I noticed that we have a initial healing of something around 4k~4,5k and then ticks for 3 secs for another ~1,5k. The overall healing of it is 9,9k [4,5k + 0,9k(mastery) + (3 * 1,5k)] and our current healing overall is 16,5 [11(ticks) * 1,5k]. So it is a ~6k decrease which would not be a big deal if its cost were lower and not forgeting that it has now a casting time. Now regarding our new Seal of Insight changes. I personaly don't like it. The 30% of spirit is kinda usefull but we are already used to judging all the time. Without this bonus we regenerate ~2,5k of mana every 5 secs. With the bonus we regenerate ~3,5k mana every 5 secs. With a 1k of mana increase we are certainly going oom much more faster. The 8 secs Judgement give us something around 3,5k of mana back. This bonus give use something around 2k of mana back in 10 secs. It could be de diference between succeeding or wiping. - Retribution I never played as ret as I played as holy or prot. It has always been my off-spec so i might not be the best person to talk about this spec. The thing i hate the most about ret is that it doesn't have a rotation. I really don't know how is to play with a good gear but it shouldn't have some kind of rotation or something? I feel really boring playing as ret because the only thing i can do is use Crusader Strike and Judgement and when i get 3 holy powers (2 days later) i need to use Inquisition and then start getting some holy power to use Templar Verdict. In comparison with DKs they are really superior. Lets take for example, Killing Machine. I don't know exactly what is the proc chance but it procs alot. The reason is because Frost DKs attacks really fast (they use one-handeds). Acts of War doesn't proc that much because we use two-handed weapons and our auto-attack is in fact slower. There is one thing I really like about ret. When we pop cooldowns we really kick some asses. It is really good but we kinda stick to our boring "rotation". Depending on the cooldowns to have a rotation isn't cool. - Protection I think prot is the best Paladin Spec atm. It have an awesome mastery and have a really good rotation. It would be the best tank imo if it were not for our Word of Glory's cooldown. It was really good. We were able to solo stuff just like Blood DKs. Maybe even the Lich King(trololol). ================================================== Well these are my thoughts. They might not be the best but there you are. I would like to hear some of your thoughts too. And lets work together to change it in-game. "Only by working together can we succeed." Anu belore dela'na. OBS: English is not my primary language so if i missed something or wrote something wrong please let me know.Apfelfrau0 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 Totally new to the class. Compared to a resto shaman, this is a huge change. It's incredibly fun though. Ironman on my first BG was really awesome! Loving the class so far.Jukum10 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 Just started tanking and is there a addon that I can install that will tell the DPS what I'm attacking? I've seen markers before but did not know If the tank manual adds it to the target or if it's an addon.Blutò0 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 So priest... How do you guys handle them...Synenster11 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 Advice for Ret? I've noticed in arena and BGs/rated i'm struggling to 3 hit players when my wings, trinket, guardian and various other procs are up and available to me. Is there any advice i can get to 3 shot or better yet, 2 shot people?Henrycooper14 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 Simple suggestions to fix ret a bit, maybe. Give Hammer of Wrath a 100 percent crit chance against targets below 20 percent health, keep sanctified wrath talent the same, except it no longer grants crit chance to hammer. Glyph of Everlasting Glory (lol) - Templar's Verdict now refreshes the duration of Inquisition to its 3 holy power duration. Holy Wrath now dazes the target for 3 seconds, CD changed to 6 seconds. Ret exclusive. Revert the Judgment change back to how it was in Wrath, a 2 percent maximum health heal (or whatever you feel is balanced) since it clearly states on the Pally quest that it's supposed to heal.Watermelyn3 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 6, 2011 Basic doubts Hello, I just got back to the game and I wanna check some info, what is the current def cap (or whatever is the new name) for prot pallies? And what about hit? I noticed i've being missing a lot, should get some hit? Thanks :) Tyd~Tydrik1 Oct 6, 2011