Aug 3, 2011 Paladin or Warrior? Hello Paladins*, It's very rare that I make a thread asking for help or advice when I usually try to find it myself, and I did but I'm still undecided. I'm planning on starting either a Paladin or Warrior in the very near future and I would really appreciate your opinions on how these two classes differ from one another. It's likely going to be my main or close to it so I'll be spending a lot of time with it. As either of these two classes I'm looking for how: much better/fluid to play/and fun to play each of them are as tanks in PVE/ DPS in PVE and in PVP. I'd like to do a combination of dungeons, raids and battlegrounds, maybe even some arenas with my brother. So if you've had experience with both in the above situations, your input would be great. If you don't think there's much difference in performance, or perhaps you haven't had a lot of experience with Warrior, than please tell me why you enjoy playing Paladin. Thanks in advanceMethanos9 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Awesome Ret Idea Instead of Rets' guardian being a non-controllable pet, Allow Rets' use of this cd to be a TRANSFORMATION into the guardian that does the following when used: - transform into the guardian - still gain stacks of str from attacking - all enemies within 40 yds are forced into combat (because u wouldn't have a pet to stay on rogues) - all attacks used in this form slow your target (seal of righteousness would allow cleave slow) - guardian form is not usable with avenging wrath - duration reduced to 20 sec - this form would also cause forbearance to avoid OPness (or at least block off bubble use until duration ends or aura is cancelled) - possible perma freedom during this cd Edit: i guess a 10-15% dmg buff in this form would also be in order to make up for lost pet auto attacks thoughts?Deathstrika2 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 How am i to hold threat for Death Knights? i mean seriously im having a problem here....always has to do with Death Knights and Shadow Priest threats......i tried so hard in controlling the threat...i did everything piss holy power on the ground, single mob taunt, 3 mob taunts i literally spammed all the taunts i can think off but it just wont hold....can somebody anybody any pro tankadins help me here because i love tanking and such tbh but i dont think it can work out properly if i cant even hold a DKs outburst of OPnessPerce42 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 3, 2011 Where is our "PEEL" The word peel is now used a lot in arena. Just wondering when the Ret Paladin will have a peel. Please don't say HoJ or Repent is a peel.Speedlot4 Aug 3, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Are Holy Paladins not supposed to exist.. Under level 85? I'm really trying the get ready for my Plate Specialization when I hit 50, but it's starting to seem like I'm not meant to. I mean I can only have so much strength and stam pieces. Has anyone else leveled as Holy that has any tips?Chronicle8 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Question about the Pally Tabard. So over the course of the two years this account has been open, through the many main switches and the hackings I received, three times, I lost my Blood Knight Tabard along the way. I loved the tabard and was wondering if there is a way to get a new one or anything. I miss that thing :(Forthejim6 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Best Gathering Professions for a Ret Paladin? Levelling my first 85 paladin, and can't decide which gathering professions to choose. I'd prefer something that makes the most money, but also boosts stats that I'll find useful. So, I'm thinking skining and mining. Is this a good choice?Erotharys3 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Pally T12 2p? Hello!! My fellow pallies! /hairflip! I am trying to decided whether or not to lose my T11 2p which increases dmg done by TV by 10% for the T12 2p which gives my CS an ability that deals 15% as a fire dot over 4s I am curious to see what other pallys think? about the T12 2p in general I did read that the dot does't lose dps from clipping from Elitist jerks which is always a good thing lol! even more so in this case! But yeah what do you guys think?Silverocean3 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Vuhdo and Razernaga I'm curious do any paladins out there use the combo of a razernaga and vuhdo? How does the interaction work out? Do you use the number keys or just the normal mouse buttons? I'm mainly looking at it from a tank point of view, but I'd appreciate the insight of anyone who uses this combo. Basically I'm trying to be better about using my available abilities while tanking to help out the raid when I can.Dherin1 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 would like some advice [tank] Up until now, I have had no issues with tanking, but its better to be safe than sorry. I have tanked some instances pretty well, tanked and completed all of the raids except firelands. I am looking for any input as to spec, gems, chants, reforging. Anything I could change for the better I would appreciate. Bottom line is, for the past week, I have suddenly had issues holding agro in boss encounters. I havent changed anything about my rotation or ability usage. but more often crap i am tanking goes off to hit someone else, sometimes ive had them go and start attacking someone else right after I used RD and HOR to get them back over to me, and I have never had this happen before. Any insight appreciated.Alenar8 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Protection Paladin Help Needed Hi, I'm currently building my OS prot set, main spec is ret. I'm not sure what the next direction for me would be. Other than the head enchant and DPS shoulders, what else should I be looking to change? Also any tips regarding reforging, gemming and enchantments? Also I'm thinking of replacing the darkmoon: earthquake card, would the tank jp trink be a good replacement?Erethor1 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Ret Paladin Question (there is a point there) This guy used to be my main toon back when ret pallies were laughed back during vanilla and TBC. I pvp, pve and ran some dungeons as ret (I am not claiming to be good btw) and then WOTLK came out with all of the ret buffs, I was healing and dpsing but at the beginning of wotlk something happened, I just did not like playing with my pally (had been my main for 3 years) so I started playing my DK and liked it. When Cata first came out I went back to the pally and I what I saw was a class that I did not recognize, I do not play a rogue because I dislike having to build up combo points and now the pally feels like a rogue building up combo points. I liked the pally for what it was a hybrid between a warrior and a priest. Did not kill fast and at the same time it could go against npc 6 lvls higher and with enough time you could kick their butts (PVE obviously). I see two things with this pally, I have a lot of free time waiting between judgements, CS, wrath, exorcism (proc) or consecrate and while in the process I am tracking for some other abilities to proc. I think I need to get an add on that basically puts numbers on the action bar to track how long before the ability is ready and something to bring down that god awful combo point generator that it is at the top of the screen and put it at the bottom or somewhere else. The current setting, just gave me a headache where instead of looking at my positioning I was looking for information in 2 different places in the screen. Now my questions are: 1 - Are there any addons that as a pally that I should have in order to avoid the looking at to sides of the screen? Anyone else has the same problem? 2 - I’ve read the stickies and find myself only pulling about 5k (6k depending on the group) while running regulars. Am I missing something? I do not have a priority, I judge (seal of vengeance), CS, Wrath, Exo (on proc) conc and then wait for the holy word, inq, and something else to proc (and then apparently I have to choose 1 because if I select one, I can’t select the other ones) and hammer every chance I get. 3 - Am I going to be able to run 10 man instances as a ret pally? To me the class use to be a lot of fun, and I did not mind not being the best out there with regards to DPS, but it was simple and to the point, now you are working extra hard for not that much of a payback. Now this is me just having picked up the class after a long time, if you know more about the class please educate me, I do not mind being taught stuff (just please do so in a respectful manner please). I guess the free time has always been there and this feeling comes from having spent a lot of time playing other classes. <li/> <li/>Doriak2 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 holy pally question (leveling) hey guys i had a question on gear for holy pallies i am new to wow and was wondering will a holy pally be grabing cloth caster gear till later cause from all my runs as a priest all int gear is cloth leather i havent seen any mail or plate int gear. or do i just use int greensFunsizeheals2 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Ovale prot pally rotaions? I dont play my pally enough to care to remember does anyone know if someone made a good rotation for ovale prot pallies? Holycrits0 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Totally stuck on what to play This week I'm going to get my T12 chest, but I'm stuck on what spec I should buy it for.. Prot is my best set so far, but I only use it to tank heroics. And I rarely try ZA/ZG because I'm really not the best tank in the world. My holy set is pretty decent, but still need rings and trinkets, and I've only healed old heroics with it. My ret is basically consists of my prot set with a few dps pieces here and there, but still pull about 17-20k on single target fights. I'm really debating between ret and holy.. considering I don't think I'm really made for tanking. I've only raided as a DPS before, so do you think I should stick with dps so I don't hold the rest of the group back if I try to heal?Alypsis0 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 THE TRUE PALADIN HERO. /aweApocs5 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Holy Paladin Macros Just wondering if anyone has any useful holy paladin macros they would care to share. For that matter any paladin macros in general would be appreciated for any spec. Thanks.Dhartin6 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Holy Paladin..... Draenei or Human?......go....Lunafaze24 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 2s Arenas I have a friend that is leveling a holy pally atm (he is 84 atm) and we want to create an arena team together. What is the best teammate for a holy pally? I have the following 85s, Frost DK, Arms Warrior, Enh Shammy, Resto Druid, Aff Lock. Which one do you guys think it would be a better partner for the holy paladin? Any help will be appreciated.Doriak10 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 level 84 im stuck :( i literally cant find ANY quest givers in twilight highlands can someone help me on what to do?!?!?Bludream11 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Enlightened Judgement HR for holy pally The first part of this ability confuses me as to what it is and how it would be useful for PvE. It reads, "Grants hit rating equal to 100% of any spirit gained from items or effects." How is hit rating important when you are primarily healing? Plus how does the math for this work? Is it spirit gained over a certain period of time or just spirit in general? Do people pick this ability primarily because of the increased judgements and heal on judgment?Andrais8 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Elementium Earthguard vs BLS I would think BLS would be be better, since it has more mastery than EE. I know EE has hit, which we don't need, but both seem solid to me. Is one actually better than the other, and if so, why?Trolled2 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 im so happy thank you blizzard, the latest changes to the holy paladin is great!Vadum0 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Level 70 PVP Pally Greeting Paladins, I don't own Cata or WOTLK and so I end up playing a lot of 70 twink BGs. In 70 BGs Pallies and Frost Mages rule all, so I've decided to roll a pally. I've played a warrior since vanilla and love hitting things hard with big 2 handers so I'm thinking of rolling a Ret Pally. My question is what heirloom items should I get? I was thinking Arcanite Reaper with valor pieces, but that doesn't give much +int or +spell power or the like, is that going to be a problem? I'm a complete noob when it comes to pally and would like to dominate PVP up to 70. Maybe I should even go Prot instead of Ret? Any help would be welcome. Thank youGeorgun1 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Sacred Duty/Grand Crusader Annoyances So this is something that has really been bugging me for awhile. Don't you guys absolutely _hate_ it when you build up your 3 HoPo and you Judge and throw your shield until your face is blue and Sacred Duty absolutely refuses to pop? I hate that crap. Whenever I have 3 HoPo and both Avenger's and Judgment is on Cooldown, I have 2 choices: Use Shield of the Righteous anyways, and get absolutely Piddly damage (solo, about 9-10k... woooo) or wait for Judgment or Avenger's to come back up and PRAY it gives me Sacred Duty (in which case, I get dry spells where it refuses to pop). As a test, on one mob, I counted 6 Judgments and Avenger's in a row and no Sacred Duty. Another thing I absolutely hate, is that I keep getting Sacred Duty when I have 0 or 1 HoPo, then I have to *scramble* to get 3 HoPo before it wears off. It only lasts 10 seconds, and that's not even enough to build 3 HoPo. If I have 1 HoPo when Sacred Duty pops, I have exactly 9 seconds to get my 3 HoPo and mash the SotR buff, and Sacred Duty usually shows as 0 seconds remaining when SotR actually happens, sometimes I get the crit... sometimes I don't. Given that SotR is the biggest-damage attack I have, and that's only with a crit, it is pretty disappointing that we can have such dry spells sometimes. Honestly, I think that: 1). Sacred Duty should be 12 seconds, not 10. This would allow me to more reliably take advantage of Sacred Duty when it pops when I only have 1 Holy Power. Relying upon a Grand Crusader proc is not fun. Sometimes I go entire battles without seeing one. 2). Sacred Duty should have a chance based upon current Holy Power of popping, something like 33/66/100% chance of causing Sacred Duty based upon your current Holy Power. If we could do 1 or both of the above, then I wouldn't be wasting so much HoPo to non-crit SotRs. Oh, and it'd be nice if 2 HoPo SotR was worth using. Even with a Crit, it does less than a 3 HoPo non-crit SotR.Hirai7 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Shieldless? I know Capt. America is a BA with his, but I am sick of my ZG token lookin' shield. Would you sacrifice 11480 armor for 57 int 28spi 22haste I am debating buying the Shannox priest/dru BoE OHÐj12 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Severely reduced damage in old instances? So I've always liked going back to old dungeons and instances and soloing them and AoE grinding them, I just find it fun, and its something I like to do. But lately out of nowhere I notice that when Im in these old instances (first noticed it when soloing heroic hellfire ramparts) my AoE damage is severely nerfed from what it's supposed to be. In cata dungeons in AoE pulls my hammer of the righteous hits all enemies around me for around 3 - 3.5k self buffed, but in all these older dungeons (and it happened when i solo'd karazhan too) on big AoE pulls HotR is only hitting for like 600 - 800, Holy Wrath hits in the 400s, and Consecrate is only ticking in the 80s. I've checked and made sure I have no damage reducing debuffs.Layonhoofs2 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 level 84 quest: Warchiefts Command: Twilight highlands. ok so i get to level 84 and do all the quests i get in orgrimmar and then i go to the undercity to get the warchiefs quest so that i can get to the twilight highlands but when i go over there the quest mark is gray. the exclammation mark. usually it does that if your not a high enough level so i dont understand??? someone help please!Bludream4 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Consecration animation A thought popped into my head whilst leveling my tauren re roll pally and i just had a simple question, why isnt the consecration animation a stomp? The cast looks janky and it's even more visible on a tauren.Marwolaeth2 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Do you like being the pretty blood elf? I DO. Why would you want to be a smelly fat cow that scratches their !@# while idle or looks around aimlessly and does that huff thing.Lawlbringer20 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Prot 4-piece Can you activate this by canceling divine protection? Or will it still wait however many seconds are left before it would have naturally expired? I'm leaning towards the latter based on the wording of the ability, but it'd be nice to be sure.Kythiara2 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 2, 2011 Prot DPS Just wondering, what other Prot Paladins do for DPS on Fireland bosses. What kind of avg. do you guys put out? If you know your avg, and the boss you pulled it on, please reply. If not just your avg. DPS will work. Thank you in advanceBigßoss4 Aug 2, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 HOLY DPS IS AMAZING! level 79. Man i wish it scaled passed that. Ran 4-5 instances last night and not one DPS could even touch me. 50%+ dmg on bosses. Why cant they make this a viable DPS spec? So much fun... ahhh...back to healing..Rilo5 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Palidans Suck! Ok the title was to get your attention, im tanking as a lvl 17 pally, do i suk because ppl with heirlooms keep taking my aggro or no? aslo i keybind on pve but when tanking i click??Nonlegend12 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 pallies in pvp so im going to start pvping on this toon and i want to know. how are pallys of any spec doing in both arena and bgs and which is recommended? thanks in advance. fungiArealfungi2 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 am i named after some famous pally? OK so anyways I just opened my account back up yesterday and started going so BG's and in about 5 mins im getting called a "poser" and "Faker" and they kept saying your not the real yoggy. Does anyone know who this real yoggy is that this person was screaming about? are they like the swifty of paladins? Yoggy12 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Divine Shield and Hand of Freedom. Hello, Just looking for clarification on why Divine Shield was nerfed down to 8 seconds. I was told it was because ret's could heal to full in wrath while in a bubble which I do remember being true and got that. However, in cataclysm..which I just started playing and pvping again on my ret..with the nerf to mana it costs for Flash of light and our mana pool its almost impossible to even hit 50% of a 132k health pool and thats at the cost of going down to zero mana. Side not : Dearly miss being able to freedom stuns. It was part of the utility I loved bringing to arena. Mage's can still blink stuns..just pointing that out. ThanksTpainn3 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 How can Retribution mechanics improve? It seems to be almost unanimous that people think the Retribution rotation is both clunky and takes too long to get going. I'm curious to hear some ideas on how to improve the rotation. One idea I had was to give 2 holy power for a CS crit and have a TV crit give us one holy power back. Not sure if this would throw off stat weights such as mastery and crit, but I think it would speed up the rotation a little bit. Please don't complain about our damage in this thread, I'm only interested in ideas that improve current gameplay mechanics.Arterios34 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Ret PvP: Crit or Mastery? I see paladins reforging crit or mastery. I currently reforged mastery because i just copy Vanguards. :-P What is the benefit of reforging crit?Cinnamon15 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Plate healing gear Around what point does plate healing gear begin to drop? Most of what I see now is DPS gear, with a few tank drops in instances, and I haven't seen anything in BS patterns yet. I'm prot/holy, and I imagine prot gear will be easy to get.Iamachilles7 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Holy Paladin Heirloom Trinkets I am about to level a holy paladin alt, and I am curious if the haste heirloom trinkets would be beneficial to me. Will the intellect trinkets just be wayyy better than the haste trinkets, or are they pretty close? Keep in mind this is for leveling.Lebowskî2 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Need advice: Raid tanking with Eye for an Eye Firelands has a lot of fire-ish magic going down. And it had it's uses in T11 raiding. What I want to ask is advice on getting Eye for an Eye for Firelands raiding. I have enough room to make for it. Heck, even tempted to switch Improved Judgement for it (because I can't remember the last time I needed a long-ranged judgement attack). I tried searching top guild information about this, but there's not a peep about Eye for an Eye in builds. So, asking here!Liongale7 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Protection Pally - Which Attributes? Hey, I am new to playing a paladin, and I was wondering which attributes I should focus on as a Protection Tank. My thoughts are Strength and Stamina...but Agility seems like it would be good to. thoughts? Thanks! Brula3 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 New to tanking.... Hi all, Can someone please check my gear and let me know what needs to be changed? I'm learning how to tank heroics and right now it's a bit hard to keep aggro. I'm open to opinions. Thank you.Dothrakï1 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Holy Paladins are Overpowered in BG's Holy paladins are way too strong with 2 instant heals and instant cast aoe. I want my class nerfed before I begin enjoying it too much. We are and have always been casting single target nuke healers, Enough with this instant healing junk, even if it makes us better, I want too start dropping 95k nuke casted heals instead. That is how pally healing should be... Go for huge heals or go re-roll a druid.Lumiin8 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 darkmoon card BiS for Ret pally pve? Or should I not spend the money on it and get the bardin hold one for cheaper?Crappytank8 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Thoughts on Illuminated Healing I think Holy Paladin mastery has made Leaps and bounds improvements over where it was Pre-cataclysm release patch. However, i as a Raiding Holy Paladin still can't find a reason to justify getting any mastery at all for any reason ever. My proposition is to do the following two things to improve it. Firstly, Allow Holy Radiance to apply, stack, and reapply the Illuminated Healing as well as bounce through Beacon of Light. Second, Allow for all healing through the beacon of light to cause Illuminated Healing to apply to the beacon target. I think this would bring about compelling choice on a subject of haste vs mastery, or Critical Strike vs Mastery. Would anyone else who raids seriously as a Holy Paladin have any thoughts in regards to this?Carll5 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 So my first impressions of Retribution. [rant] I play Holy MS and i decided to put on my old Prot pvp set and respec Ret to farm skinning for monies. I went into some BGs for lolz, and wow. Ret has got to be the most cool down dependant easily countered thing in the game. I went against DKs, popped Wings; AMS LOL. Ok.. Mages, Steal wings (I tried keeping wings up to blow them up, tried getting 1 hammer off then cancelling it) or they'll iceblock or just blink. and even when I rep them to get close they just freeze me and run off again. Bubble to heal? Get Mass dispelled. Vsing a Hunter? Get tranq'd. Most definitely not playing Ret in BGs ever again haha. But i don't claim to be a Ret hero, I just played around with it a bit and I got some nice KBs but man... squishier than Mages imo heh. Holy for me ^_^ [/rant] :)Reclusion10 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Human vs Draenei What is better for healing the 1% to hit or the Spirit boost?Remph15 Aug 1, 2011
Aug 1, 2011 Paladin or Warrior? Hmmm. See other plzMethanos0 Aug 1, 2011