Oct 6, 2011 Is my health a bit too low?!? I know stamina isn't the be all end all it used to be, so I've gone out of my way to stack avoidance and mitigation to try and get unhittable, and I've basically made it, but my hitpoints look really low. My guild raids firelands, and since the nerf we haven't had any issues at all really and have been working on ragnaros, but our other warrior tank has like 20k more then me, and it makes me a bit self conscious. :P I haven't noticed any issues while tanking firelands, and my healer last night told me she was bored healing me, so I guess that's good.Pwnpie2 Oct 6, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 A few PTR changes for ret. Just posted on mmo-champ. Retribution•Blessing of Might now increases melee attack power by 20% and ranged attack power by 10%. •Seal of Truth's Judgement now deals an additional 20% damage for each application of Censure on the target. •Two-Handed Weapon Specialization now increases damage done with 2H Weapons by 25%, up from 20%. •Sanctified Wrath now increases critical strike chance of Hammer of Wrath by 2/4/6%, down from 20/40/60%.Kátarn62 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Seal of Insight - Tanks Have you guys used Seal of Insight in your tanking specs? It generates a lot of mana and trivial self heals, very valuable when you need to use Consecration on very big pulls or emergency Self-Heals (I can't count how many times it saved us a group wipe) Also, instead of upgrading damaging seals I can use those 2 points to upgrade consecration which I now freely use in my rotation.!!jhjSdWg!!kNo - My talent tree so far. I have a link to the one I'll be using when am 85, but that's subject to change, so I didn't post it. Veath7 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 stop nerfing rets - go nerf mages. to whom this may concern, hopefully GM's. but anyways, rets are going to honestly be horrible in 4.3 and i personally think that its not fair to us who have played ret paladin seeing that after all the nerfs we've been through, we still get our abilities decreased, especially when we only have 4-5 attacks which proc randomly = RNG. we lack slows, we lack abilities and holy power during certain situations. nerfing the crit on hammer of wrath will completely ruin the class due to our lack of damage as it currently is. we revolve around avenging wrath soo much, not to mention there still dispellable, and steal-able. i'm sure that any paladin will agree with me that we would like for you guys to honestly take our class seriuos, and focus more on mages and other classes that have abilities to slow targets with no cds. we have no slows and cant keep up to targets. thanks for reading, and please review the retribution spec of paladins, we severely need to be fixed and not nerfed.Pallystrasza43 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Ret Slow and Attempts to Fix Damage Hi there! I know it's been talked about, but I'm hoping this post will be noticed by Blizzard (even if it never happens.) Ret Paladins are a broken class. They are broken because they have no slow, their gap closer is weak, and they have to rely too much on Hammer of Wrath to sustain enough damage to targets. In my honest opinion, a melee without a slow will suck. How do you think they will catch their target? I know they have that Seal of Justice so people can't run fast, but that's not a minus to normal speed. And it hinders their damage even further since they have to drop Seal of Truth! I propose that you give rets a slow so they do not get kited by other melee. When a melee can run from another melee and not have to worry about them catching them it's just dumb. Another thing is their gap closer. A 4second 45% run speed IF you judge targets 15yrds or futher from you is ridiculous. It should be longer and a bit faster. Now this is not as big of a deal if ret paladins gets a non-dispellable slow. The last thing I will post about is their damage. It's weak when cooldowns are gone. Ret paladins rely so much on Hammer of Wrath that without cooldowns, their damage is a joke. I recently read that Blizzard is spreading out more damage to censure judgment and passive damage, while lowering the crit chance to hammer. Is that enough? I sure hope so. So again, I am not posting this to troll or whine about Rets being oh so weak. I am simply trying to get people informed and suggest ways to fix all these problems. If you agree with me, have any suggestions, or just hate this post, then comment. Show Blizzard what you think. Tamyrand3 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 So Daxxarri how is ret for 4.3 coming along? The post about the hotfix 40% censure buff lead me to believe that ret would be getting some changes in 4.3. I know that the ptr as only been out for a short while, but I see no ret changes listed in the 4.3 patch notes thread. Was just wondering if we will be seeing changes and if so how soon? The suspense is killen me D:Livann9 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Infusion of light and daybreak procs So I'm leveling my 68 paladin and I'm trying out holy for the first time. Has anyone else noticed that the two of them aren't able to proc together? They seem to cancel one another out....Xcer2 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 I'm Angry I've been playing this game since the mid-Burning Crusade. I started out pretty terrible at the Paladin class, not understanding the mechanics of the class, or of the game itself. Over the years, I've played many characters across many servers and have created a knowledge about the game that works for my level of involvement. While that level of involvement has not been raiding, I have always had a good grasp of Paladin skills. As Paladins, we have seen many, many complete class re-vamps over the years. More than most any other class. With the coming of Cataclysm, every class got to see what it felt like to have every mechanic changed and every intuitive skill deployed to deal with a bad situation become useless. I still find myself having muscle memory to Seal, Judge, Re-Seal (how long ago was that??). I started my Paladin in the age when Seals were on a very short timer, they would disappear when you judged. That mechanic was interesting because you could pick and choose what Seals you wanted to unleash at any given time. Want to stun that player or mob and then go back to your buff? Seal Justice, Judge, Seal whatever. This of course has now been streamlined in a sense, but that mechanic is gone and I can't say it's for the better or the worse. I had to re-learn how to play. I still have that muscle memory though, probably because it was the first rotation I really understood. That said, these new Paladin changes are very confusing to me. I will use Holy Radiance as an example. With the changes to Holy Radiance, it completely changes the way I heal. I was healing Heroic Stonecore earlier this morning, which is a place where I use Holy Radiance quite a bit (especially when people forget to jump at earthquakes and such) and I'm trying to figure out how this change is possibly good for Paladins. So logically, if the change isn't good, then it must be for balance. But why is this balance needed? Someone could argue that Paladins should be lucky to have an AOE heal at all. While I could halfheartedly agree with that, this day and age calls for every healer to have an AOE heal. It's a necessity with the way the RED NAMES do their damage these days. This changes my rotation. It changes my intuition. Again. I've played a rogue for a long time as well and not once has my INTUITION for the class changed. I think that speaks volumes. Perhaps I am missing the bigger picture in the design of your game, and that is to challenge the players into re-learning everything. Please help me understand.Kruger1 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Holy pvp I'm looking to gear up for pvp and realy was looking forward to a holy pally pvp guide,. but there is none :( Is there another site anyone might know of to help me with holy pvp gearing, geming, reforging etc..?Jèt2 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 What pally tank spells can be spell reflected I was wondering what kinds of prot pally abilities can be spell reflected, I am just getting to the point were bosses start to do that kind of thing and I don't want to screw up and smack myself in the head.Esri2 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Open Libram 4: Ponydins Assemble! ... Someone forgot to start Open Libram 4?! For shame...for shame... Also, I didn't remember the name, so you guys get stuck with this. :pArthinas4 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Is refreshing INQ additive? If there is 10 seconds left on INQ and I refresh does it add to the existing amount of time on the Inq timer?Agincourt5 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Class Feedback II - Paladin What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both] Both If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other] Everything If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs] Everything. What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? I like the way paladin works since Cataclysm with Holy Power at all. For retribution spec, it's far better than the boring 1 2 3 rotation we used to be. And for protection spec, the whole design with more threat generation spells is great. What makes playing your class more fun? Our HUGE BURST is awesome together with our insane offheals, the freedom we have from the Blessing and the Acts of Sacrifice talent from the retri spec, which give us the idea to be a Killing Machine if used right when pursuing enemies at the BG. And for protection, the idea to work with a lot of cooldowns while holding a boss, using it on right place on the right time give the sensation to be on "Top of the Game". What makes playing your class less fun? Protection spec is perfect for me at the moment. But the retribution... : - Lots of RNG with just a few consistent damage. - A good player will always faceroll dispel, purge or spellsteal upon Avenging Wrath. Making it useless when played against players with high rating and knowledge. - When a player dodges Crusader Strike, we don't receive a holy power and takes the 4 seconds cooldown on it!! Different from a frost Death Knight for example, which receives his rune to use the Howling Blast on you once again. - Using Seal of Justice is a disaster. Switching the Seal requires 1.5 GCD, and you'll hit your enemy like a 'Barbie', difficulting the game when playing against Druids and Shamans. How do you feel about your “rotation”? The rotation from both specs are good on my concern (I say both because played just a few times as Holy, so I won't comment anything from a spec which I don't know well). But the Crusader Strike should take 3 seconds when playing retri too. This should makes us more consistent like a warrior, who won't stop to hit you if he knows how to manage his rage, and like a Death Knight, who manages his runic power and runes. What’s on your wish list for your class? - 3 seconds on Crusader Strike (Could be applied to Sanctity of Battle, instead of reducing the CS based on haste, simply make the CS on 3 seconds). Afterall, no paladin who raid as retribution gem or enchant haste. He takes all the haste from the raid buffs. - Defensive abilities - Less vulnerabity to CCs / outside overall damage received / (like for example, resistance to fear, or to stun, or to sheep, or to imparaing effects). To compensate, reduces to duration of Divine Shield by 5 seconds. Or makes Hand of Freedom to remove stun like used to be on Wotlk. - Less vulnerability to dispels. - Zealotry allowing Divine Storm to generate 3 Holy Power. - Holy Wrath don't hit targets who's under CC, like Avenging Shield works now. - The old and LOVELY Judgement of Justice back - An improvement on the auras. Because Resistance for PvP is useless when fighting good players who gemmed for Spell Penetration, Devotion works only for melee DPS (who can Colossus Smash you or Find Weakness too =/), Concentration is excellent, but don't work for Retri Paladins. And Retribution Aura, despite the fact that's help, the damage still is very low. - Some talent, or 2/4Pieces bonus on the PvP set which "Reduces Disarm by 6 seconds", it's unfair to have Landslide on the game and we have to use Pyrium Weapon Chain -.- ! What spells do you use the least? - Seal of Justice - Devotion Aura (when playing as retri) / Resistance Aura.Hagarth0 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 HELP! Prot tank question Hey my fellow paladins I just got a few question I was hoping one of you could answer. What should I reforging my gear to? Are my gems alright? What tabard should I be wearing? I'm working on enchants Edit- What should I gem my shoulders with?Gilric5 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 DPS Help Please Alright guys so here it is. I have never played a dps toon before a couple of months ago. I have always tanked because that is what I love to do most. However, I have found dps pretty enjoyable and a refreshing change. Yet, the last couple of weeks I have found it increasingly frustrating. My problem is that with my gear I feel I should be pulling above 20k in Firelands. But I'm stuck at about 17k. If I'm wrong in my assumption of where I should be at with dps please correct me. My question is if someone could give me some suggestions (gearwise) where I can improve. Maybe gems, enchants, glyphs, etc. Or is it my rotation? I use a standard ret priority system: Inq > CS > TV > HoW > Exo > J > HW > Cons Please help!! Thanks.Madheels11 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Snares does it upset anyone else that all melles have a viable way of slowing except us.the only thing we have is a stupid seal that murders our dps if we use it. this has to be fixed if were going to contend with the likes of a dk or rogue.Lenluv3 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Did I miss this somewhere about Pursuit of Justice. Get struck by a fear, immobilization effect, or stun you get 50/100% chance to gain a charge of Holy Power. ON top of the movement speed increase. Playing around on the PTR last night and I noticed this.Dremall3 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 4.3 Holy Mana Generation Hey everyone, I haven't seen many posts about this yet, but I'm guessing I'm not the only one who thinks about this stuff. I first figured that the change to mana regeneration would hurt holy overall. I started doing some theory crafting with judging on CD vs the amount of mana I'd regenerate with the new system. I was appalled when I saw how much mana I stood to lose over a fight. In some fights, by my calculations, it was over 150k mana! Then I went and did some raiding today. I was looking through recount, because I was bored during a break and I noticed that in a 5 min 34 second fight I only judged 23 times, which is a full 19 times less than I should. So I started looking through the other fights and sure enough I found that I was only judging about half as often as I was anticipating. Now while I'm not the best geared by any means I decided to replug the numbers in with my current (rather lackluster) mana regeneration (I tend to reforge away spirit) and found that I actually stood to GAIN several thousand mana more. In that fight my math had me gaining around 20k more mana than judging. So to sum it all up, thanks blizz for making my life easier and for the free extra mana. Light Bless, SinanonSinanon14 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Tested out the new Sanctified Wrath on PTR Was testing this on ruthless and vicious geared people. Frost mage ice barrier with 8029 spell power, full vicious Took 3 hammer of wrath's to break it noncrit without Inq. 11000-11500 per hammer Took 2 hammer of wraths to break it noncrit with Inq 14000-14700 Took 1 hammer of Wrath to break crit with Inq 32k crit. (After 15 HoW's to get the crit) Mage had 3022 resil and HoW was hitting him for 11000-12000 range noncrit without Inq. 14000-15000 with Inq noncrit 29k-35k with Inq crits Rogue - full ruthless, 4139 resil HoW was hitting him for noncrit of 9k-11k without inq HoW was hitting him for noncrit of 11k-11500(it varies between 11k-12k) with inq No crit happened after 10 HoW's Rogue having full stack of combat readiness HoW was hitting him for 6k-7k per hammer without Inq HoW was hitting him for 8k-9k per hammer with Inq I had no crit after throwing 20 HoW's (RNG wasn't happy with me and he didn't feel like waiting every cooldown just to get a crit) Hope to have more testing done but its kinda hard on the PTR with people all mage crazy right now -_- Edit: I do have to add the fact, doing bgs, I wasn't much of a threat with my wings up with no crits coming from HoW. The burst is pretty much all gone <.<; P.S.S I got hit by an 80k deep freeze shatter combo by the frost mage in the bg though in 3 seconds with a Counterspell after the deep freeze and IMPACT stun after the slience. :-/Sodred21 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Ret paladin slow.. Is it ever going to happen? That's all I want for PVP.. I would sacrifice the dispel removing a movement impairing effect.. Thoughts?Decisionz21 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Best Looking Paladin? (Alliance) Deciding on making a alli pally. Can't decide on which race to be. Convince me on which race looks the best and has the best animations :)Kelilia30 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 4.3 Ret Changes Thus Far I was happy to see these updated changes for Ret pally DPS recently posted. *Seal of Truth, when Judged, now benefits from a multiplier of 20% per stack of Censure, up from 10%. *Sanctified Retribution now increases the critical hit chance of Hammer of Wrath by 2/4/6%, down from 20/40/60%. *Two-Handed Weapon Specialization (passive) now increases damage by 25%, up from 20%. What does this mean? 1. Less bursty: Bad for PVP since we won't be spamming crit hammers, but we all know wings are dispellable anyway, so not such a bit deal. Some PVE encounters it is nice to have the hammer crit spam burst, but we're fine on CDs when we need to push higher DPS out as it is. 2. Change in dps: This is clearly a buff in overall dps. -Hammer spam(Counting when using with wings up only) is about ~4% of overall dps in a sustained fight, and that will be nerfed a good 54%, losing lets say 2% dps. -Judgement damage will be increasing 33%, we're going from base judgement +5x 10% censure stacks (150%) to base judgement + 5x20% censure stacks (200%). Judgement right now is about 12% of our dps, so we're up about 4% dps from this buff -Two-handed weapon specialization buff, small buff but we're going from a 1.2 multiplier to a 1.25 multiplier, theres a lot more involved but lets just simplify it and say 5% buff So we're up around 7% dps, probably a little higher but I'm just throwing out rough numbers looking at a few meters Good enough? maybe not alone, don't forget melee will be benefiting from 10% more melee attack power from might and similar buffs this next patch. I don't think it'l push us up enough to be on the top, but I think it'l make us feel more viable. I could also see blizzard being weary about overbuffing ret pallies due to this 10% AP buff coming as well, and we may see numbers go up a little soon too. Remilia8 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 PTR RET DMG Judgments hit for about roughly 90-100% more. If you are wondering FYI. base damage is higher not as noticeable as judgment damage though. all in all; Less RNG more damage.Vazquez9 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 I know how to fix the ret "hole" I've been looking at the forums for quite some time now, and no one seems to have a decent fix to the ret "hole" or proc reliance in their rotation. What I propose is, that instead of Art of War giving exorcism a 20% chance to be instant and 100% more damage, to instead increase it's damage by the same amount, but place it on a 6 second cooldown. This way, holy pallies can still hard cast and spam exorcism in pvp or whatever, but the ret "hole" is plugged.Bublemehardr5 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 4.3: Time to go ret PVP? Hey guys. In the first season I was ret and I LOVED it. I just hated our no survivability. Not many people wanted to do arenas/rbg's with a ret. I was kind of forced to go holy. I kind of liked holy in bg's and I was able to do some bg's with high ranked players because they like pocket healers. The thing is, in arenas it was so stressful. No like at all! I'm wondering, with the few ret changes in 4.3, should I be able to go back to ret and find some teams / rbg's or are people still focused on getting mages/warriors in their teams? Is it worth it to go ret over holy? ThanksWafflès3 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 4.3 Feedback These changes are hitting us in all the wrong ways. This will not up sustained damage in pvp at all. We still have poor mobility and have really no decent way to close the gap. Our burst is what makes us decent. Its hard enough to get into RBG groups cause noone wants to take a ret paladin. Arena teams do not want to take a ret paladin as well. You are required to basically make everything you do and this is a team game. Fix this please.Nomic11 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Now that Rets are the easiest-to-train on PvP Selfless Healer needed to be nerfed. 50k Heals on teammates are gamebreaking and not acceptable. But instead you devs dealt a huge blow to Rets already poor survivability vs hard tunnel vision. Just look at Ret representation on the higher level brackets. Just ask a high end RMP player. Just ask a high end Shatterplay player. Just ask a high end Shadowcleave player. One. Single. Question. How hard is it to tunnel down and kill a Ret on 3v3? I honestly hope we are getting something in return. Do you guys realize Divine Protection is dispellable? It never stays for more than a couple of seconds. Same about Hand of Freedom. Popping Zealotry to help your healer bringing you up with some self WoG's is so clutch, dear Blizzard. You're taking that away from us! I completely agree on your vision that damage specs should be more concerned about actually doing damage, but on PvP we also have to worry about being alive. That will be a serious problem when 4.1 hits live. I (and probably a huge percentage of the arena community) ask for a revision on Retribution survivability. It is ok to tune down the healing when most of the times the best option to spend your HoPo is on a WoG. But just don't forget we already have serious issues versus tunnel-vision tactics, and that plus the SELF WoG nerf may "kill" the spec viability. I heartfully respect Blizzard's job on Retribution so far since 4.0 is out, but we (the ret community) are afraid you guys may have taken a long step on the wrong direction. PS: Please keep this thread clean; post serious ideas and theorycrafting you may want the devs to read.Tretinha31 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 HoP Macro Question I currently have a Hand of Protection macro that automatically HoP's my focus (usually my 2s partner or a healer I wanna keep an eye on in a BG), without me losing my current target I'm on... It is as follows: #showtooltip Hand of Protection /cast [target=focus,exist] Hand of Protection What I'm looking for is a way to alter that so that if I want to HoP someone other than my focus (as in I target someone else that needs the HoP), it will HoP them instead of my focus... Anyone know how to do this or if it's possible??? Interventiön3 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Is H dodge/parry gear worth getting? So my guild is now able to consistently farm 5/7 H, and as such we've been getting a few tank pieces that... I've been passing on. Such as the H tier chest, and the H alys shoulders. Mostly because of the fact that I thought that without the mastery they'd be worse from a CTC perspective, but I'm just kind of starting to wonder if I've been thinking about the #s wrong, and if they'd be good with reforging to mastery. Ideally I'd like to get the chest off H beth and the shoulders off either H domo or rag, but until then is it worth taking these?Darthelmet1 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 hyjal bout to do battle for mount hyjal, any tips? i used search but i couldnt find exactly what i was looking forIliriel4 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Moving forward in retribution changes Now that HoW is about to be nerfed, will Avenging Wrath be un-dispellable? We have been asking this for many years. The real threat of AV are HoW Crits, and with that being almost completely gone, we can look foward to keep at least AV for a "decent" damage.Gem6 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 5, 2011 Am I OP? 1896 resilience, 120-125k hp buffed Takes 3 geared DPS to take me down in BGs, I have time to make calls and do my taxes before I need to pop cooldowns. Just started arenas, never lost to a double dps team and only ragequitted after 30 min matches with 140k+ hp healer/dps teams. Too skilled, too OP, or both? My 2s parter was a frost mage with 3k resil from trade channel btwAverlon23 Oct 5, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 What old raids can be solo'd? What old raids would i be able to solo with my Ret pally? such BC and before,etc. Thanks ahead of time for the help.Gwuap7 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Impending 4.3 Holy Judgement changes "Seal of Insight, when Judged, no longer returns 15% base mana to the paladin. Judging Seal of Insight still causes damage, and melee attacks will still restore 4% of base mana." Really?......Really?!? This is the change that I think should not get through the PTR but it probably will because everyone has been saying that pallies are OP in arenas. It gives less flexibility in PvE and obviously is a big blow to PvP and how one will be able to us the spec trees......(which is short for.... SPECIALIZATION : | ). It will give even less of a choice on how to fine tune your play and it will feel more like a cookie cutter spec. Enlightened judgments and, more so, improved judgments will be worthless to all specs except ret. What is the point of even having the judgment of the SoI doing damage?...for a holy pally!! (sarcasm) Oh wow <=1% of raid damage thanks Blizz! Let me run around chasing adds to top off my mana while the raid gets pounded! Oh better yet Let me try to chase that mage down and hit em with my wet noodle cuz I am about to go oom!! : | I like(d) the ability to continuously judge when I am (was) not doing anything else and forge out the spirit I don't need to increase my haste and crit. I feel that it allows better players to show they can do more with less gear. One of the things pallies had going for it was its holy spec. If they want to balance holy they could make you trade off on another glyph or possibly spec in the future to either have melee or judgements to restore a % of mana some % of the time with a trade those who do arena can still either choose to glyph or spec for melee or judgements to restore mana (with judgements restoring to have some kind of trade off perhaps on another CD) so that based on whether you are facing casters or melee in the mix of PvP you can still manage to defend the group. Perhaps having melee restore more mana than judgements to reward those who can chase down someone or is in your face trying to pound you down while you are regaining your mana (so your opponents have to think on another layer/level whether to engage you because of what you could do to the group in terms of healing/survivability) .... Or have a spec point to choose between something like denounce which is more offensive to another spec point to choose where exorcism will have a CD but can restore a % of mana on proc or something like that. What do you guys think about all of this? I say poo poo on that! Andrais45 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Strategy against Arcane Mages. I need one. Badly. The bad mages I can handle, but every now and then, and conspicuously more and more lately in Arenas, I'll find myself getting nuked by one with the usual 50k Arcane Blasts to the face. One who also has a tendancy to get out of the way when I get close enough to do anything. One who spellsteals my HoF the instant I cast it. Everything I can do to negate their Slow spell that won't get stolen is bubble, and I'm not huge on blowing something with that long a CD with that short a duration. It's absolutely frustrating.Doomgazé3 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 PvP - ret or prot for support gameplay? Hello fellow paladins, I just got this toon to 85 and started doing some BGs. I soon found out that I am much more useful to the team when casthing those 40-60k WoGs instead of Templar Verdicts. 1 WoG and an ally can fight for another hopefully 20+ seconds, 1 TV and it won't matter much... Then I started wondering - if I am to occupy this backup healing niche (just for fun, no big plans for it), should I go prot, so I get extra interrupts for casters, while doing same amount of healing? Is prot capable of as much healing as ret? And I don't want to be holy at the moment. Ret gives me an ability to kill something on demand, while holy is not much of a universal support spec from what it looks like to me. Am I wrong? How does prot PvP feel at the moment? Thanks in advance, going to sleep now.Alleluia7 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Best way to level 68 to 80 I finally just hit Northrend. What's a good way to level? I did 0-10 Quest. 10-68 Dungeons. Someone told me to kill Shoveltusk in Howling Fjord from 68 to 72. I'm not a big fan of grinding. But I'll do it if it's good. Seems like I'm getting 1 bar per 10minutes.Manapäuse5 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Quick Question. Hi brothers and sisters. Tankadin-in-training here and I have a problem. I was running a Stormwind Stockade dungeon yesterday and the healer ( Druid ) told me and I quote ; "You are build like paper , man" . Im guessing he had difficulty healing me because I was taking too much damage, but as far as I know im not badly geareds and I know not to stand in fire. I know being geareds in low level dungeons is alot more forgiving than Heroics/Raids but I want to make sure im not doing anything bad. I would also like to note that I dont have any heirlooms items. Any advice or bits of info would be appreciated. Thank you =)Unshu2 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Need some serious views on Paladin/Warrior. Ok so i have returned to WoW once again after a rough year or less being inactive. I know the forums tend to be a breeding ground for sub-par players that rage when their class isnt able to hit 1 a bunch of times and win. But im asking for you SERIOUS players that know what your talking about to give me some help. I normally would not ask this question because it usally comes down to DO WHAT YOU ENJOY. I have been leveling my paladin and my warrior and i fell in love with both these classes but since i am fond of end game and my playtime is very limited by life i cannot simply choose the level/play them both option. I love my paladin because of the versatility, even as ret i can stop to toss a quick heal on myself i love the idea of being a holy knight i like our spells etc. I HATE cooldown reliance tho and i hate how we are so RnG but things i can deal with. I love my Warrior because i love being upfront in the action and NON-STOP acting with tons of GCD's for attacks. I love the idea of a Warrior and i think our abilities/talents make for a really fun class that is simple but extremly difficult to master. I am really looking for some input / knowledge / knowledge of upcoming changes ANYTHING to help me really set aside one and focus on a main. Sorry i ask this of you guys, but please try to keep it from becoming another BLAH BLAH GARBAGE DON'T PLAY IT thread.Lithik8 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Noob Question about Holy Hi guys, I have some noob quetions for you ... 1º - Many people like the holy paladin for PVP, but and 1x1, as the holy paladin is to win in the 1x1? Note: I've seen it, but do not know how Note: anyone who can say, and a rotation, I thank 2º - In the battlegrounds, so while I'm healing fine, but when the enemies come and try to kill me, what the best thing to do? how? Thanks a LOT! ;)Cesão13 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Healing? Could i heal with vicious gladiator gear in cata heroics? amd what about rise of the zandalari heroics? or could you tell me ilvl i need for these if i prob wont do well healing in vicious glad gear?Nadenn4 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Check me out! Im sexy! Hey can you guys help me out a lil. I'm a holy pve spec'd Pally. I have always been prot but got bored and decided to go holy. It's been a lot of fun but just curios as to what my numbers should be at. I understand it's Intel>Haste>spirit>crit? I have just reforged all my crit into haste. Didnt seem to make to much of a difference and I also have relied in the past on a big 60k+ crit heal to get me out of jams. Is there anything I should be doing differently? Maybe my spec? Gems? Glyphs? Thanks a bunch!!!Primero2 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 what Prof is best for prot? hey guys/gals im going to be lvling prot and wanted to know what prof i should be looking at? tySaintangus19 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Holy Reforging What do I reforge my vicious gear to?Rishira5 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Ret "DPS" (Rage Thread) Ret paladin "DPS" blows. Having to keep Inquisition up at all times isn't hard just kind of annoying, and when your on a raid boss that last 10 minutes its easy to keep it up but in an arena when your trying to be "Defensive" and off heal with WoG or w/e your losing 30% holy damage if you cant manage to keep it up? Fail. Our burst is nice, when we dont have our CD's up our dps is total !@#$ and when your cd's are up you have to try your %^- off to mash in as many hammers TVs an w/e procs u have so you can be close to the frost dk's and arch mages on the dps meters for like 20sec... I spend most of my time waiting for CS and judgement to get of CD and holy wrath is just about the most *!@# filler ever if your lucky its hits for as much as an auto attack... Fail. Consec is useless in Pve for single target and as far as aoe goes we are average nothing close to the Death knights ferals or what have u. now for the rage part: Its f*****g retarded how an arcane mage can pull 25k< using 2 buttons an a cooldown macro its f*****g retarded how a frost dk can use Fstrike Oblit Howling blast oubtreak plus a cooldown macro and still pull retarded dps and all the Ret "dps'ers" out there are contemplating wasting half their mana on single target because they having nothing else to hit ret needs work bad... Also if your wings get dispeled purged or whatever you screwed Massive amount of your burst taken with 1 keybind i mean with dks darksim its like ya he planned that but others they are like: "pally has wings? not anymore!" (if your some ret who pulls retarded dps i would like to know how because me and practically all the rets ive met are maybe average dps'ers at best)Novacon33 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Do paladins have a raid cooldown? Considering leveling this character to heal. But looking over the spells I'm not seeing a raid cooldown. Can you let me know if I'm just blind?Quebacon24 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Killing a Hpally is like catching a rainbow I understand that perhaps I shouldn't be able to kill one solo (although I have a well geared resto druid that can sometimes get taken out 1v1), but when me and 2, 3 others are pounding on you and you still don't die, then there's seems to be a problem.Tasaii23 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Hand of Rag Finally you are mine to wield & spread terror in the hearts of the horde =)Blázer12 Oct 4, 2011
Oct 4, 2011 Crit or Mastery as ret Noob question i know but can some plz help with this?TY.Thanose60 Oct 4, 2011