Oct 3, 2011 Death Knight or Paladin? I'm coming back to the game after taking nearly a half year break. I'm starting fresh and need help deciding which class to play. I'd like the following in the class: 1. Good at soloing. Besides instances I'll be leveling up on my own so I'd like to be able to do group quests on my own etc. I'll have dual spec whenever it becomes available and pick up a tanking tree as a sub spec to my dps leveling spec. 2. Good at PvP, MAINLY battlegrounds but maybe a few arenas here and there. I'm not a big fan of arenas but I do enjoy battlegrounds. I'd also like to be able to do alright in 1v1 (the less HARD counters the better). I don't have any intention of healing, just DPS. 3. Good DPS and decent AoE tanking. I'll do some raids later on but likely just as DPS. I'd like to play a class that has good AoE threat that doesn't require intense concentration, but isn't exactly faceroll. 4. In addition to #1, I enjoy going back to old content and farming set pieces, mounts.. etc. Which class has it easier when it comes down to that? I hear good things about Prot and Blood. I'm assuming Blood is faster? The main thing I want in my new character is the ability to tank and dps. I've never been much for healing. Druid and Warrior do not appeal to me and Paladin/DK both seem to have their pros and cons. If anyone who has played both recently can comment, I'd really appreciate it.Whobu27 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 3, 2011 4.3 Seal Of Insight Nerf. Hello, This is a huge nerf btw. 4.2 Seal of insight is great yes does take a GCD but gives 1466.24mp5 1171-3513=(2342/8)5=1466.25mp5 4.3 Huge nerf cause people thing all of your combat regen comes from spirt which is not true.Every class has about 1183 base incombat mana regenand since, n addition to providing haste, the effect from Judgements of the Pure now increases mana regeneration from Spirit by 10/20/30% for 60 seconds. You have to subtract 1171 from your base incombat regen to find out whats really happeing and for me its with no buff just trinkets stacks. 3376-1183=(2193).30=657.9mp5 So thats a difference of about 808.35mp5 from 4.2 to 4.3 Oh but it doesn't stop there you will still have to use 1171 mana to get 30% regen ever min 657.98*20=13158-1171=11987/20=599.35mp5 When 4.3comes out so the real difference is 866.9mp5 so thats fun. yay Geomatic9 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 3, 2011 Better weapon for ret pallies? Zoid Great sword with a slot but slightly less strenght OR the Skullstealer Axe with lots of mastery and more strength? Hit is capped, so is exptertise but if I switch to Axe expertise would be at 24.Crappytank10 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 3, 2011 Two easiest and hardest classes? In a BG encounter...1 vs 1. which 2 is "yes, free honor!" and which 2 is " omg, gotta get away"?Burnyoursoul11 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 3, 2011 Holy PvP advice. Im going to start PvPing in holy on my paladin to get a better grasp on healing, nothing like being thrown head first into massive damage to learn. Anyway, whats a good spec? How would I generally gear? Like what enchants, gems, reforge. Whats my stat priority list? I do already have a holy spec, but its for raids as well as my gear. But, im gonna start using this gear for the time being. Any help is appreciated.Holoo10 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 3, 2011 ret pally vs mage WTF am i doing wrong i cant kill a good mage, they steal all my spells, they slow me like crazy, and when i do catch them i cant get through their ice sheild any advice?Monorion2 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 3, 2011 PvP Ret Set Bonus...? Am I the only one who thinks its kind of useless since Judgement no longer hits as hard as it use to? It feels as useless as Shadow Set 4 Bonus and so on and so forth. I mean I would rather have it decrease CS cooldown by one second. Any other suggestions?Lyadonne14 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 3, 2011 RetPally PvP How are rets doing in PvP right now? Should i make a Pally? do they get owned a lot???Mâdara12 Oct 3, 2011
Oct 2, 2011 Dps trinket - Brewfest Hey guys. I was just wondering if anyone knew which is better. License to Slay or the chilly coaster from the Brewfest boss (think that's what it's called anyway). Any help is appreciated. Also wanted to know for my frost dk if it was worth replacing the volatile alchemist stone with the brewfest trinket.Trucidare2 Oct 2, 2011
Oct 2, 2011 Starting a new Paladin So yeah, I am starting a new paladin(haven't had one yet) and i just thought I would ask what race do you guys think should I pick for a paladin?Feyhn12 Oct 2, 2011
Oct 2, 2011 I'm new here. Hello, a couple months back I decided to level a Paladin. I loved it at first but lost interest in it for whatever reason, sold all of its gear and deleted it. Just the other day I decided I wanted to dedicate all my time and energy on one character so I could get to the level cap and begin raiding and such. The only problem is, I know little to nothing about this class... Aside from reading what the tooltips for each spell do I'm having trouble finding a good way to learn the class. I was wondering if there were any PodCasts for the Paladin class or some easy to read guide on them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!Siern1 Oct 2, 2011
Oct 2, 2011 No yellow sockets in holy paladin t12 gear? Why am I forced to socket reckless gems into non-yellow sockets just to activate my meta?Wât10 Oct 2, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Tier 13 Prot 4-Piece as it Stands... I have been tanking forever and playing this game since it came out and this is my first inquiry about who attends your board meetings to discuss paladins. Who's brilliant idea was it to nerf Divine Guardian from 2 min cd 100 yd. then give us a four piece bonus a couple months later that only undoes the nerf. I am sorry but that lacks ingenuity and I am INSULTED that your committee on this subject has spit in the face of my entire class with this pathetic excuse of a "cool bonus." I would rather have no 4-piece bonus than have a reversion of a nerf as my bonus. Please consider the disappointment of your paladin tanking community prior to releasing this patch.Shendalzare5 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Class Feedback (sticky is full) # What type of content do you focus on? Both when time allows. Mainly PvP for now. # If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other] Heroics, no time for raiding usually. # If PvP, what type of PvP? Arenas when I can get a team, BG's otherwise. # What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? HoPo, maintaining inquisition. # What makes playing your class more fun? Right now nothing. # What makes playing your class less fun? Holy Power is the big one for me. I hate the mechanic and think it should be removed. There's too many things to keep track of right now. I have to monitor holy power, mana, make sure I keep inquisition up. It's all too much. # How do you feel about your “rotation”? Our rotation is garbage. We had a rotation in wrath, not it's just pure RNG. Its bad in PvE and boring. In PvP it's a nightmare. I spend too much time auto attacking while waiting for something to proc. It's a nightmare. # What’s on your wish list for your class? Removal of holy power. I'd like to see the guardian removed too, it really doesn't fit with a paladin. Paladin's are pet owners. I think it'd be cooler to get another ability. I also would like to see us made into what we are supposed to be. Hybrids. This class has a certain uniqueness to it that no other class has and I think it's being misused at the moment. Our gear should work across the board with our specs. For instance making one stat give us our attack power, spell power, and what not across the board. We shouldn't be chart toppers on healing or dps. In fact I think holy paladins should be a melee healer entirely. DPSing the boss at tank level dps while needing to be in melee range to heal people as needed. Afterall they are plate wearing healers. That should be an exclusive role for melee healing. Ret I think our attack skills shouldn't be based on weapon damage so heavily. I think we should be able to utilize a sword and shield effectively as ret, and be able to tank heroics in a ret spec(higher dps than normal tanks, but decreased survivability), however unable to tank raids due to lack of survivability. We should not be chart topping dps. We should be more or a utility spec. Which brings me to my next point. Our auras are pretty useless and that's one major thing Paladins are known for. This should be a huge thing that our class brings to the table. Not chart topping heals or dps, but utility regardless of spec. Tanks I think should be the only spec that is a pure spec. I do however feel that paladin tanks should be designed to be able to utilize two handed weapons to tank heroics, but not raids. It would increase overall dps, and speed of the runs, plus add a new level of fun to at least heroics. It would also give them the ability to DPS in raids without switching specs if less tanks are required for a certain fight. Next Paladins are NOT casters. The idea of our healing is mean to be infusions of holy power instantly healing it's target. We should not have cast times on any of our spells or heals. They should all be instant, managed with cooldowns before being able to be used again rather than waiting for the spell to be cast. The only on I can see a cast timer making sense is resurrection. Finally ret paladin survivability in PVP needs to be fixed. We are supposed to be a hyrbid class. We shouldn't be topping charts on anything, but we should have a ton of utility and survivaility because of it. Our healing spells need to tie in with what ever causes us to do damage rather than being on totally seperate stats. That would allow us to dps semi effectively, yet still have useful heals as a paladin should. Basically What it comes down to is all three specs should feel like they can do a bit of everything. Not on the end game raid content of course, but be effective enough to be given space to do more niche type things in pvp and heroics. If a ret wants to sacrifice his dps to tank or heal a heroic, it should be possible. Maybe not the most effective solution but viable enough to be the tank or at least keep just the tank up (definately not the rest of the party). If a tank wants to dps heroics or for certain fights in a raid it should be viable. If a holy spec wants to be able to melee while healing they should be able to do at least tank level dps. # What spells do you use the least? Consecration, Divine Storm, Turn Evil, all of our healing spells aside from WoG.Serovin0 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 What's a realistic number for strength? What's a realistic number I can expect to reach for Strength for a Paladin? I currently pack 3395 in my tanking set, but for a ret set what should I expect to have?Utopia8 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Prot Pally Trinkets What are considered BIS trinkets for paladins? Spinder Silk + Symbiotic Worm?Fleets6 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 2pc Tier 11.5 or 2 Tier 12? Heroic T11 2pc or Regular T12 2pc for Ret? kkthanksFabiø2 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 WHich do i use!!!!?? I can NOT decide which of the 3 trinkets i have to use. :( i hear a LOT of conflicting opinions. currently i have Dwyers caber , Liscense to slay , and esence of eternal flame! someone gimme a difinitive answer? which ywo of these 3 do i go with! Davalis1 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Could an 84 Pally tank Coren Direbrew? I recently made Kaiceynn my main and I want those trinkets fast from Coren Direbrew. So could I be able to tank him? At 84. I'm not 84 now, but I will be in a day or so.Kaiceynn18 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Holy Pally Q's (I do not have my holy gear on currently, logged out after dailies.) I am trying to maximize my healing ability by having an efficient amount of Int and Haste, while still having enough spirit to last. So, I gem Int/Haste, have haste enchants mostly. Now, my question is about Mastery. I have always read, and thught that our mastery was not that great. However, I saw a pally stack Mastery. Is this wise? During the raid, I looked at the shielded damage, and I had bigger and better shields the entire fight, and I did not even stack Mastery. So should I continue with Int/Haste, or is Mastery something that is important when progressing into FL's?Quickheal1 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Paladin T13 Shoulders on Female Characters As much as I love paladin t13 the shoulders look terrible on female models. Please resize them and have them actually on our shoulders instead of floating. :(Maybeppe0 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Arbiter of light/Glyph of judge for T13 2p? So I was just kind of bored and wondering if anyone thought of the value of speccing into arbiter of light and glyphing judgment for the prot T13 2p? I'm not really sure as to whether or not what you'd lose would be worth the gain, but I wanted to hear some thoughts on it. (This is assuming the values for judge and the 2p as of the most recent update to the PTR.) (I believe the most recent value is a 25% absorb shield on judgment) What you'd lose to get arbiter (+12% judgment crit): Either 2 points in Rule of law, losing 10% crit on CS, HotR, and more importantly WoG, or points in PoJ, losing the 15% movement speed buff (which you could sort of supplement with the boot enchant, but then you'd be missing out on the better boot enchant.) For Glyph of judgment (+10% increased judgment damage): Assuming you're still using Seal of truth and SoTR, in that slot you could use glyph of WoG (10% bonus), or CS/HoTR depending on fight. What are your thoughts on this?Darthelmet4 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 If a Holy priest is healing you... Let us put our Guardian Spirit on cooldown before you pop your LoH button, please. :( Nothing makes me sadder than us popping those cooldowns at the same time.Flyinghair2 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Ret Survivability/Damage Survivability: Let's face it, everyone tunnels us. I even tunnel me. Give us back those sweet, succulent heals please. Wrath was so fun being able to actually survive something. If not heals, give us some defensive cds. Damage: Sustained is only good through procs and crits, 15 seconds to do actual damage is pretty horrible without procs. And limiting factors in some situations where we need to spend a global cd to catch up with the target too, if not needing to use the holy powers to heal while taking heavy damage. Give us a new spell or something, 4 buttons isn't very interesting. DiscussRetrified16 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 The start of things I went from a warlock to a warrior to a paladin. I stopped at the paladin. DPS to TANK to BOTH. I have been playing wow since BC. Where did you start? Bigntuff26 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Off spec questions. I have been main spec prot, off spec ret Paladin for quite some time and have found ret not much fun at all. Would it be more viable in raids for me to keep my off spec as ret or switch to holy to try something different? Any suggestions?Evlpallie2 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Who's going to reroll ? Just curious, I will stick to my Holy Paladin as long as I can. I normaly always find a way to get around these nerfs, but this one seems big. I dont know what I will do. Let me know what you guys will doLegende15 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 CLCRet issue Hi, quick question for anyone that uses it. I've been using it for a while, know my way around it pretty well, but when I made a new alt paladin today, I can't, for the life of me, get it to show up. I know its not conflicting with any other addon because i tried it with nothing else on, just the stock ui. It still works fine on my other two paladin's, and I've even tried copying my main's files from the wow folder into this alts files and still nothing. Anyone expierience this? Or it just not working in general? Any ideas on fixes?Misknocker4 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 How to fix Ret Paladin DPS It's no mystery that the Ret paladin is completely subpar in current game standings. Ret dps can be fixed with a very easy and NON bursty solution. Simply have mastery affect our judgment damage (Because quite frankly judgement hits as hard as a wet noodle) as well as our seal of truth damage. This would give us a minor yet significant dps boost without tipping the balance of PVP. I wouldn't go as far to say have it affect our Exo damage over time glyph as well, because that would make the Exo glyph extremely powerful. However it still is an idea to play around with if ret dps is still behind with mastery affecting our judgement and seal of truth damage. In the off chance any Developers reads these posts and like my ideas please feel free to contact me.Denariuss43 Oct 1, 2011
Oct 1, 2011 Tauren paladin names My guild is making a horde alt guild. Need some good Tauren paladin names. All I got right now is, Holybeef, Holysteak, etc. I want something kinda serious :PVaniish45 Oct 1, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Just came back I pretty much just came back and I'm level 81. Ret is ummm weird, very weird. Wtf, did they do to us? Vanthalos5 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Repentance So now that CC doesn't pull packs of mobs in dungeons, (Been like this a while) I've noticed a trend when I repentance something just because I can. Usually I do it on big enough pulls where the tank asks other classes to CC or even on the "scary" mob like the flame casters in ZA just to keep them out of the equation until they're the only thing left to substract. (See what I did there? ) Unlike EVERY OTHER CC in the game, repentance doesn't have an obvious graphic. It's the same as Sap which is more obvious because you see the rogue go club the mob in the head. We just fling our beautifully manicure hands at range and no one notices and then what happens? THE TANK THROWS SOMETHING AT THEM! Now usually it's not a problem (especially on this character) since there is other CC but wouldn't it be awesome if instead of new icons for spells that are confusing because they all look the same that we got a shiny new graphic for repentance so that people know it's up?!Aecyn14 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Can anyone tell me if I have this right? Seal of insight healing is equal to (.15*Spellpower + .15*Attack Power)*Holy Power? So if I'm at 3 holy power, I heal for more than if I'm at 0? Can anyone confirm?Utopia2 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Beacon of Light & Protector of the Innocent so a friend of mine said tonight that he liked beaconing himself in pvp and healing and he would live through anything, etc etc. i told him that i thought you couldnt beacon urself, and he assured me you could. you wouldnt get a double heal when healing urself but you would get the 50% heal if u were healing ur friends. but i still didnt believe him so i went to test it out, and found out that i was not getting beacon of light heals on myself at all. I have the protector of the innocent talent though and i was wondering if it was interferring with the beacon heal triggering or not. i wasnt about to go respec just to find out. anyways, is beacon supposed to work when it is on urself and you are healing other people or not, is basically my question. and does the protector of the innocent have anything to do with the way it is functioning.Lindorage15 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Please don't break us again...(holy) I am pleading for blizzard to not make the changes that they are planning on making in 4.3 to holy pally. I chose pally because I don't want a mind numbing healing experience. Why is it that pally is constantly given complete make overs while all other classes simply have small spell changes? I don't even recognize the original toon I started playing anymore. After sitting my pally out for almost 4 years because of how broken they became I finally capped this toon and have LOVED playing her in Cat. And now the stupid complete make over again. I don't want my pally to have AoE that's not why I chose pally. I don't want you to make judging easier... if people are crying then they chose the wrong class. Most of all don't take away the one good spell pallies have had in forever and turn it into a druid healing circle. Just leave us alone. We don't need any "fixing" or "helping" ... stop trying to 'improve' the game and offer new content by breaking classes that people spend endless hours gearing and turning them into retired toons. Please please just leave us alone.Kemosabeuno32 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Holy radiance first impression. Used it in a few heroics including the new one. The mana cost isn't horrible since it has no CD and pretty good throughput with it's decent crit rate. however. I think 2 things need to be looked at. 1. Mana cost. I think the mana cost MIGHT be fine once it starts adding holy power. 2. Radius. The biggest issue I had with this was getting it to hit multiple people. I mean if I am having trouble getting more then one target out of it in a 5-man something needs to change. Thoughts anyone? *edit* for number examples in full 378 gear if the initial hit crit and EVERY radiance tick crit. It did around 18k healing. so meh have fun toying with that number. One thing I noticed was it has the potential to be the best AoE heal in the game pound for pound hands down...but it's reliability is the question. Todtmacher3 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Ret t13 2pc changed 100% Chance to gain holy power on Judgment. Good move for sure, now about that cast time or mana cost on HR....Judiscpriest64 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 T12 Headpiece problems How come the tier 12 headpiece fits Draeneis and not Taurens, I mean Draenei males are the biggest race on the alliance side and somewhat close to the same size as the Taurens so why does the immolation hat look so out of place on a Tauren? It really doesn't make any sense!Kagrithh5 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Offhand items. Okay, So I've got a small... most like retarded question. In endgame raids, is there really a preference to holy pallies going for shields and offhands items. For instance, the Goblet of Anger dropped for my group last night and no one needed it cept my pally really. We usually put BoE items in the guild bank when it doesn't go to anyone in the raid. Now was it a bad idea for me to take the goblet, when I currently had the Elementium Stormshield so it was a clear upgrade. I wasn't quite sure if I had done bad or not. TLDR: Are shields better then offhand weapons for pallies?Tlik9 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Seal of Insight Question Hey guys I recently started working on gearing my Holy spec for PVE and I was wondering, apart from Judging using SoI for mana regen, do you guys also constantly keep melee attacks up on the boss for the 4% base mana regen?Cowjudgement2 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Why do pvp ret pallies have to Why do pvp ret pallies have to get the ugly dk boots/waist and the holy paladins have all matching armor? thats discrimination.. thank god for transmog but still ill need both pieces of gearLightyagami11 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 My feedback on 4.3 Holy Paladins. I like to think that Blizz listens to the players to see what they like when they change something in a game, I wanted to take my part in feedback for Blizzard. I have been reading up on, and have watched footage of the new Holy Radiance. To put it bluntly, I'm disgusted. I liked the idea that paladins got an instant hands free AoE heal. Of course it was limited to around ourselves, but that's just a part of the play style. Having Holy Radiance as a cast, short lasting AoE heal is very inefficient. I can only think of three particular words to describe it, really. Prayer of Healing. A lot of people have complained in the past that the different kind of healers have been becoming too much like each other, this is just another instance. I like the idea of your trying to make us more viable raid heals, but the only way would be to remove the CD on Holy Radiance altogether and let us burn all our mana. Changing it to this thing is highly unreasonable. I enjoy my Holy Paladin because of the play style, not how much I heal. If this is a buff, I don't care. I don't like it. I nearly stopped playing at the release of Cata because I couldn't stand my warrior anymore. Luckily I got into my Holy Paladin a little more before my time ran out. However, I digress. The point of all of this is, I'm against your Holy Radiance changes in 4.3, I want my classes to be my classes. Stop changing them entirely.Blackemeon6 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Rework mastery for Prot? While i'm new to tanking as a Prot Pally, I've tanked for quite a while as a warrior. One that that is glaringly off to me is that most of our mitigation is based off mastery which converts to block. Parry and dodge also work into the combat table coverage, but to a much lesser degree. This would be fine if 1. Block worked vs all boss attacks (think Baleroc) 2. Mastery was in as much abundance in T12 as it was in T11/troll's What if mastery was changed so that it provided less of a conversion into block, but instead provided equal amounts of block/parry/dodge? IE instead of each mastery = 2.25% block 1 mastery = .75% block, parry, & dodge.Lancé4 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 So now that deathstrike... Heals and activates blood shield even when the attack fails(dodge/parry/miss), can we get the CS/hotR failed holy power generation change reverted for prot? In 4.3, we will be the only tank penalized for not hit/expertise capping since our WoG and high threat attacks are dependant on HP generation. Warriors and bears don't lose rage, DKs defensive abilities still activate, but prot paladins defensive/offensive options get delayed by 3 seconds.Holycrít38 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Paladin Aura graphic Would be nice if we could always see the aura spell of the pally under the palladin like in wc3. It's what I liked in wc3. It could be turned off in the option window or if your spell graphic are low.Nefrate4 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Class Feedback - Paladin I know I am rather late for this but I wanted to have a chance to provide some input. Anyone else feel like contributing use the same format. Please keep this thread constructive so that it will not lack focus. •What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both] PvP and PvE (very minor) •If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other] Raids and Heroics •If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs] Arena, BGs, Rated BGs •What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? For instance, no longer requiring ammo could be considered a quality-of-life improvement for hunters. Using forbearance related spells such as [Lay on Hands] and [Hand of Protection] on targets that are near to dead and when they die you end up still usign the ability but rather on yourself. Would prefer the option invalid target rather than waste a cooldown and give you the forbearance debuff. Seals should remain on character indefintely unless changed, regardless of the scenario such as deaths. •What makes playing your class more fun? PvP ability to thrive while playing holy ultra defensively. PvE tanking mechanics seem very smooth. •What makes playing your class less fun? Lack of PvP tools, make the class skill cap low. Position being the only thing required in Arenas is a low, easy requirement. No defense mechanism towards casted CC (breakable on damage) other than LoS (another position requirement) like R.Druids [Shapeshift] to negate [Polymorph] and [Mana Burns], D.Priests [Shadow Word: Death] to negate [Polymorph] and [Fear Ward] to negate [Fear], Shammans [Tremor totem] to negate [Fears] Agreed we have [Hand of Sacrifice] but it is more of a "gamble type deal", and requires a target to be within range. Allowing some form of defense or prevention rather towards CC can greatly decrease the need to spam cool downs in Arena to be completive. Lack of offensive abilities in holy PvP. •How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.) Holy and Prot are fine in terms of mechanics. Retribution is a bit clunky I feel. High Dependency on proc rates shouldn't be the case when considering rotation. Unless the proc rates are consistently high and occuring at regular intervals. •What’s on your wish list for your class? Defense Mechanism towards casted CC effects as mentioned earlier. Slighty more offensive abilities or CC would be nice such as when using [Avenging Wrath], [Turn Evil] can be used on any target, useable only on one target at a time ofcourse, but that might be a bit too powerful, but somewhere along those lines as far as investigation possibilities are concerned. •What spells do you use the least? [Judgement] .... just joking .... As a pally I use all my abilities and still find that in a way I'm missing something.Summary0 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Big problem I see with the judgment change. I have had to use the judgement of insight several times because of running out of mana. I play a very defensive role with WOG/Flash that has been very successful at times. I have been at the point several times where I used judgement of light to get mana back *because I play my role as it should be played until my burst is back up again* and then swap back to seal of truth. Now this isn't as much of a Ret problem as its going to affect the few of us that still like Prot pvp. I have played double prot with my buddy off and on since Cataclysm. We have got up to 1850 which I feel is pretty good for that setup. One thing is for certain, in arena and even in duels your biggest weapon is the mana return from seal of insight. You have got to offheal each other to survive long enough for the right opportunity to land the kill. Take that away and I know for a fact that you will never see a prot paladin ever going to far in arena. *yes I know Prots arent meant for arena, but some of us still have fun playing it and honestly I have more fun most the time as Prot then I do Ret* This is my biggest complaint here. Why does Blizzard make such drastic changes when people develop a playstyle on the toon. You get use to a playstyle and then they make a change that you would expect to be one of the last things they would change, you know what I meen? Another thing that bugs me, I have always enjoyed Moonkin pvp even though it's not great in arena. When Cataclysm was announced I spent my money real quick only to find out that everything they had told me Moonkins would have in the new expansion, was taken away? A Moonkin that can starsurge and knock people down is way to OP, but they can give Mages a little bit of everything. It really is Frustrating. Other then maybe a little buff to Ret and Prot I really wish they would just stop messing with things. The class you play today might not be the class you play when you wake up and log on. It has got really ridiculous.Bubblewrath1 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Which spec best for pvp? Hi making new pally, wondering which spec is best and most fun for pvp and why?Rainstorms0 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Firebound Gorget for Ret I saw this the other day in our guild bank and I thought wow! That's a direct upgrade from my 365 Fireheart Necklace...! Until I saw it's itemized for tanking, thus it has less strength than the fireheart necklace. However, I noticed it was extremely high in mastery, and I'd gain almost 100 mastery at the loss of 30-ish strength. Since no other strength necks in the instance offer mastery at all, would it be worth taking over my Fireheart Necklace despite the loss in strength?Maeltum1 Sep 30, 2011
Sep 30, 2011 Reckoning and Seal of Insight... Does reckoning affect seal of insight procs, or does seal of insight have a fixed proc per minute rate regardless of weapon swings? (and yes, I'm aware that "I should be using seal of truth for tanking". I still prefer the mild heal from SOI to a bit of extra threat that I don't need).Utopia15 Sep 30, 2011