Sep 18, 2011 Palidin Feedback I have probably 8 pallys 4 of em 85 all ret and prot. My top palidin Spazly does about 25k-30k dps. I have no problem dealing out the dps. I think its fun and not everyone can play. Main concern for ret: We don't have a slow. In wrath we had judgement of the justice wich slowed but we have nothing. All other melee classes have a slow wich is both useful in pvp and pve. Alot of the current raid bosses it helps to slow adds to help the healer and the tanks but a ret cant help where other melee classes can. Bring back divine intervention. If the raid is going to whipe a palidin is just going to have a repair bill. Can't bubble hearth anymore so bring us back divine intervention so we can save the repair pop it on a healer mass rez and keep the raid going.. Prot: Is easy and doesnt need changes i can tank all day prot.Jallexx0 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 What do you think our t13 will look like? I hope they model it off our GotAK, I wouldn't mind looking like Tyrael =)Valshaw12 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 CLC Ret question So I've recently downloaded this addon but every time I swap to my holy spec the addon still stays up, I've looked into and can't find anything about it. Is there an auto way to disable it when I switch to my holy spec?Critaris4 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 2 questions for Prot Pallies As I'm starting to get the bulk of my abilities and get closer(ish) to end-game, I've started trying to pay more attention to my rotation, skills, and glyphs than I had, say, In my 50s and such. After lots of reading on the forums I have two questions... and they might be stupid, but I can't seem to find an answer: the less dumb question first: 1. None of the talent builds that I've seen seem to put points in Eye for an Eye (they put it in Crusade instead)-- does Eye for an Eye not proc in a PvE setting? or does it not generate threat or something? From my (limited) view, it seems like it'd be doing a bit of dmg to a random caster, which should increase our threat, etc. etc. --- or is Crusade just too awesome to pass up? this is probably a stupid question, but I have to ask it anyway... 2. While I tank, if I'm not taking a lot of damage, should I just go ahead and pop ret aura on instead of dev- or is there a reason to keep any dev on? (like I said- assuming I'm not taking a lot of damage and the healer is having a fine time and all that stuff) Thanks!Lindisty3 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 tier 13 hypothesis mmochamp-[...] Most of this tier was attempting to play off a new ability the class got in Cataclysm, so for instance Time Warp for mages and Wild Mushroom for druid, in some cases (like warrior or warlock) there's playing off of the raid and those themes, and then for others it's a bit more just doing something we think represents the class in a more abstract manner. We're putting them up as soon as they're done, essentially, so from here on out they're likely to be posted rather randomly. we are going to made to look like our guardians :DZugs2 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 Ret PvP - Ability use and clarification Basically, I am leveling my pally to play as ret in random bg's and <1500 arena/rbg's Pallies have many more abilities than I would have expected and as I am leveling I am wondering which ones I should not get accustomed to using and after looking closely I am wondering the difference between a few of these: Divine Light, Flash of light and Holy light, so I am guessing you use holy after any hk's for 300% increase, but do you ever use divine during a battle? is this what I should use when bubbled? I heard we should use bandages because we go oom fast with heals. Should I bother with flash of light? it seems the best for pvp due to short cast and big heal, but will it make me oom too fast? Holy radiance, can't imagine using it in arena or even 10 man bg's. Is this only really useful for AV and such with plenty of allies around, and is it still worth the mana/gcd? Seal of Insight/Divine plea, should I bother to switch to seal of Insight when I am getting low on mana? Or does the changing of seals basically negate that? Should I always be using divine plea when low on mana as well? Holy wrath, basically a stun against lichborne dks and their pets? not worth the aoe for large groups? Consecration, does it follow me around or is it more like Death and decay? (my graphics are lousy so I cannot see any effect apart from the puff of golden smoke that vanishes after a second) also does sit break rogue stealth? righteous defense and hand of reckoning, do i need both? Any help would be appreciated. I have researched a number of guides but I haven't found answers or info about these abilities. Thanks! Tulkäs5 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 Holy pally WoL eval, please Hello pallies. <3 We've recently acquired a holy paladin, who previously mained ret, to join our healing roster of disc priest and resto druid(myself). Atm we're working on H Rhyo, and I am clueless on paladins. I'm asking if you wonderful people could please evaluate our pally friend and see what he could improve on in future raids? Yes, his gear and experience is a little behind ours, and he is doing well so far, but there is always room for improvement for anyone. Armory WoL for H. Rhyo(you can view other fights by clicking our guild name etc) Our priest usually goes shadow for 2heal fights, since he is the top dps out of the 3, ranged too. The pally already has a 391 pants token saved for when he has enough valor, otherwise he is hoping to be lucky on drops. Thanks for any assistance! Love you guys. Cocoa11 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 Why dont people like protection for pvp? I like to pvp in protection, but, when ever i ask for an arena buddy, they ask me what spec i am, and i say prot, than they say, "Sorry but would be better if you were holy or ret" Ive done arena before in prot with a mate of mine, and we did fine??? Peanutman6 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 4.3 Changes? It's obvious. Ret's need a slow. solution? #While long arm of the law is activated, an exorcism will slow the enemy by 50% for (x seconds) depending on the amount of Censure on the target. (5 = 5 Seconds) or even scratch the censure part, and hitting an exorcism will slow them for 5 seconds instantly. thoughts?Scaffatoon20 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 pvp gear ultimately i plan to get into raiding and am in the process of gearing up, my question is at what point does the pve gear become better the the pvp gear as it seems to be better overallIliriel2 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 Paladin Questions The thread was capped, and I didn't want my voice to go unheard. So here are my answers for the questions provided by Blizzard. ...Lotherain1 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 I think I know the reasons y there is noSnare Jacy2 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 Good alliance race combo? Excluding human males, What would be a good race combo to roll if I want to do BGs and Heroic/Raids?Prucianso5 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 I'm calling it now... Paladins will be the last group to see their Tier 13 armor.Jerald7 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 18, 2011 Can I do anything besides heal? I've recently started participating with arena a few weeks ago for the first time (2's and sometimes 3's). I'm a holy pally and I'm playing with a RL friend who plays enhance shaman (sometimes have a friend who joins us for 3's as arcane mage). It frequently feels like I have little to offer besides healing. I can ride the enemy healer for rebuke which works well. My hammer of justice can be good if I use it in conjunction with what my partner is doing, but if I just use it alone it just gets trinketed and I'm left with not much left for CC besides my warstomp I've tried to use crusader strike to do some deeps when healing isn't needed and it does very little damage. My exorcism does very little damage, unless I bust out the gardian of ancient kings and spam it, but it doesn't put enough pressure on and is a drain on my mana. So I was wanting some suggestions for things I can do as a holy pally to add pressure on the enemy besides simply keeping myself and my partner(s) up on health/dispells.Justheoa3 Sep 18, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Class Feedback... continued Please copy the below questions into your reply and answer each one. What type of content do you focus on? [PvE/PvP/Both] If PvE, what type of PvE? [Heroics/Raids/Other] If PvP, what type of PvP? [Arenas, BGs, Rated BGs] What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? For instance, no longer requiring ammo could be considered a quality-of-life improvement for hunters. What makes playing your class more fun? What makes playing your class less fun? How do you feel about your “rotation”? (Rotation is the accepted order in which abilities are used to maximum efficiency.) What’s on your wish list for your class? What spells do you use the least?Gerhalt5 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Valor Points Hey so building up a tank set, my ret set as you see is horrid. I'm just wondering if I should get my Relic with Valor points first or save up for Tier pieces and just get Justice Points relic?Bellyramos1 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Idea for ret snare A big complaint on the forums is that ret doesn't have a snare, and that eveything can just walk away whenever we wind up. So I thought I would try an idea for a snare, that didn't sound too bad. First off, it would be a ret only talent. Far down in the tree so that it isn't speccable by prot/holy. 1 point talent - Justice Aura - All attacks by the paladin have a very small chance to slow target's movment speed by x% for 2 seconds. It seems pretty crappy, but then they could do an improved Justice Aura talent. 2 point talent - Improved Justice Aura - Removes the random chance that target will be slowed from paladin attacks, and instead adds a 50/100% chance that Consecration will slow the target by 80% while they remain in it. Also reduces mana cost of Consecration by 20/40%, reduces cooldown by 5/10 seconds, and increases radius by 2/4 yards. This just seemed like it could give consecration an actual use, instead of it just sitting in our spellbook. Please comment and adjust as you guys think. I was just bored and thought I'd try a new idea.Holyrayne1 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Blizz Post reached it's limit I am leveling but I do rated bgs, arena, and heroics (no raiding yet) on my main. I'd say redesign Holy Wrath completely with a shorter cd to use as a filler attack to close those awkward caps in our rotation. Then I'd say to make Divine Storm work with Zealotry. Lastly, please tweak how our proc's work a little. By this I mean give them DR's but increase the chance of them proc'ing. The only reason I say this is because i can go 3 fights in a row where I don't get a single proc. The next 3 fights I'll be getting them left and right. I think this will add more consistency while still giving us a bursty/random kinda feeling (one of the reasons i love ret). Love holy at the moment though. Maybe change the last talent, though and make LoD baseline or something.Kîngcukoo1 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 LET'S FIX RET TOGETHER!!! holy wrath - aoe combo finisher: deals up to 70% TV dmg/# of targets in area. If 3(or 4) targets are hit, a second identical holy wrath is cast instantly for free. An aoe finisher that is better for aoe situations than TV and worse for less than 3-4 targets. I like inquisition but it is annoying so I came up with 2 options: 1. holy wrath and TV proc inquisition for time based on holy power used - 3pt = 9/12seconds 2. holy wrath and TV refresh inquisition timer Main rotation changes: Divine storm and crusader strike stop sharing cd seal of truth makes divine storm deal single target dmg instead of aoe (less single target than CS) both guarantee a holy power per use Seal of righteousness increases divine storms aoe damage This will speed up holy power generation and keep downtime minimal. The aoe rotation will prioritize DS over CS and single target will be the opposite. If consecration was viable, conc and exorcism will also add variant to the two different rotations. Crusader strike and divine storm 3.5sec cd don't really need This spell is basically never used anymore.... consecration mana cost reduced by ATLEAST 50% Avenging wrath gives zealotry effect (kinda lame 31pt, but both are used at same time anyways...) I can't think of a time where you would ever use one and not the other... Many people, myself included, like paladins because of their utility. Alot of the utility comes from the hand spells. reduce hand spells cooldown by 30% atleast Honorable mention. I wouldn't mind, but it's not a big deal. seals have no duration, last after death For PvP: judging seal of justice slows target. if dispelled, judgement cool down reduced by 8-10 seconds judgement dmg increase This should help with kiting without being OP. Hand of freedom ACTUALLY gets rid of all snares, boss encounter or not I use this in PvE and I keep finding spells that HoF doesn't get rid of. Might as well put *Only works in PvP. That's all I have for now. Constructive criticism please and keep in mind coefficient are not worked out. I'm only focusing on the mechanics for ret.Grôundêd12 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Holy Gear Question So I just got Plumed Medicine Helm in ZG and I'm wondering if it's an upgrade from the season 10 vicious helm that I'm wearing. I kinda don't like that my PvE gearset is suplemented with PvP gear, but it kinda seems like the PvP gear is better. What do you guys think?Alyve4 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Double Glad's Insignia If I equip 2 Vicious Gladiator's Insignia of Victory will I be able to get a double proc? (i.e. will I be able to get two 1077 str buffs?)Zalerus1 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 PVP heals wanting to get into PVE Nothing serious, but I wanted to check out some of the new instances since Cata. Anyway, I have no PVE whatsoever, although my PVP stuff is pretty good. Can I heal the average heroic group, say, Shadowfang Keep? Will I have mana problems? I've been kicked out of 2 groups straight, before we even started. If PVE gear matters, what is the stat I'm missing... spirit?? Thanks! ps: what aura do ppl in these 5 man groups prefer (so that I know what I'm doing) ? Ianoya2 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Story of a Holy Paladin So here's the deal; I'm a paladin with a Holy leveling spec (comment if you want I don't really care). I also queue for dungeons as holy dps. I haven't had any problems with group before, rather they are more impressed that I can keep up with the other dps and on many cases beat them. However, in one group, the healer kept complaining about how holy paladins make !@#$ty dps; I asked him why he cares as long as I'm pulling my weight as well as linked the dps charts with me sitting at 2x overall dps of the rest of the group. Nevertheless he kept complaining that my dps is %^-* and I should start healing (I've actually went into a group as healer while maintaining top 2 dps overall). So eventually I got kicked simply for topping charts as holy. So my real question is: Who actually cares what spec the dps are? If they can pull consistent dps, why care if they are healing spec, tank spec, frost mage etc?Athenenot7 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 consecration either reduce the mana cost or just get rid of it. Prot doesnt use it (threat boost lol). Ret doesnt use it (way to much mana) Holy doesnt use it (why waiste mana). Thats my thoughts on it and reading the class least used spells i think im right. So do any of you use it and when why.Dionpally1 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Spell Steal and Ret needs to be addressed I am by no means a master of pvp, I do play on a 2500 rated 3s and pvp a fair amount. I think there are some areas of opportunity for Ret to be adjusted. This post is to address one item which is unbalanced: Spell Steal Right now a frost mage played properly can easily kill a Ret. They have numerous cooldowns to stay alive and do a large amount of damage. I CAN LIVE WITH HEALERS DISPELLING FREEDOM AND WINGS, I think it its completely unbalanced that a mage, is able to destroy a Ret by Spell Stealing the 2 things which would give us even a remote shot at a kill, Freedom and Wings. As long as the mage pops off your freedom when it is up you are fairly locked down. You easily can go out of mana trying to double dispel (2 gcds) out of roots. Cd's like frostfire orb and mirror images hit the ret with a steady stream of slowing effects, while the mage runs around freely. Mages have a number of cds available to burst as it is. By simple spell stealing wings they gain unbalanced power in 1 gcd and remove one of the only hard hitting ranged abilities a ret and hit a mage with while being kited. For all that needs tweaking on ret, Frost mage vs Ret is one of the most unbalanced matches that exist in today's pvp game. I know this game isnt balanced around 1v1 but this applies to all areas of arena and rated bgs as well. You often find mages focusing rets for these very reasons. These change would still give the mage plenty of power and also give the ret a fighting chance. Keep the healer dispells, But give ret a change vs mages and mage teams. Remove the ability for mages to easily steal wings and freedom (at least give it some decent protection vs spell steal). Oh doubling the cost of mana on spell steal will have 0 effect on this. Any good mage knows stealing freedom and wings are an immediate priority in any arena match or bg/1v1 situation. Thank you. If you agree/disagree please comment and lets keep this discussion to spell steal only. I know there are many other areas such as self healing survivability which need reviewing, but that is not the topic here.Juustice72 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 My Paladin Retribution PVP Feedback The official feedback topic has reached the limit, so I decided to create this one, because I wanted so much to tell my opinion. I know that probably the Blizzard employees won't read this one. But here's my opinion. (would be nice if they read) ... PVP only. ... Arenas 3x3, 2x2 and BGs. ...: Something that would help paladins to reach the enemie. Something like death grip, or charge. Retribution paladins are having a big problem on reaching ranged enemies. Getting some slow effects would be nice too. There are more ranged than melee opponents. And most of them have ways to avoid melees. But paladins are the only melee class that doesn't have an efficient way to reach the ranged. Paladins waste too much time walking, trying to reach, and not dealing damage with some of the most important spells (because most of paladin's spells aren't ranged). ... Paladin is a fun class. They are very versatile. ... Its a very frustrating class as dps pvp (retribution). Very easy to avoid. Retribution Paladins aren't an attractive class any more. It's very hard to find a retribution among the top arena teams. So, being a paladin PVP nowadays is being a healler. ... We have very few damage buttons to press during the combat. Retri paladins are very predictable and lack of strategy. ... A slow effect, a spell that makes possible for retribution paladins to reach the target, way to avoid slow effects (not only hand of freedom, because it's not solving the problem), heals not so mana-expencive for retributions, avenging wrath not stealable by mages (PLEASE! It's one of the few really good attacking spells, and also very important for being stolen), and finally, i can't see why nowadays lay on hands couldn't be used in arenas. There are other much more powerful surviving spells that is used in arenas, for exemple cloak of shadows and cheating death. ... Holy wrath, divine storm.Berronnar0 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 2Peice set bonus confusion? So the 2 peice set bonus says Holy shock has a 40% chance to grant 6% of your base mana back. I have 106.6k mana un buffed and when iuse holy shock it grants me 1405 I'm not a math wiz but I dont think that is 6% of my base mana. So did blizzard screw up the description or is it broken? or am I just bad at math?:DSnickers5 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Ret pallys way too OP in PvP I dunno about you guys, but whenever I'm ret and in bgs, I'm virtually unkillable, ret pallys need a burst nerf, their CDs are way too overpowered for PvP, if I use avenging wrath + guardian I 2-3 shot everyone, I just think that ret pally need an all around lowering of the damage of hammer and templar's verdict, but add a new spell, and try to balance these attacks equally, so hammer doesn't hit 40k+. That being said Paladins do need a bit of help in PvE, but so do a lot of classes (fire mages for example). But I do think that Hammer and Templar's need a nerf and a new attack added, which would balance things out evenly, because at the moment ret has so many holes in the rotation where you're just standing there (making it pretty much unplayable for me) so a new spell could also help this out Just my two cents.Dorago49 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Problems and Solutions 2: Retribution After reading page after page of posts from the class feedback thread by frustrated retribution paladins I compiled a list of the most common concerns along with several possible solutions, and here they are in no particular order. The "Crusade" talent should allow the use of Word of Glory at one holy power per point spent in the talent without triggering its cool down when you kill something that yields experience or honor instead of it's current holy light modification. Crusade is an almost useless PvP and PvE buff at present. The talent "Sanctity of Battle" could be replaced with a new talent that refreshes the cooldown on Crusader Strike whenever it is dodged or parried so long as the Paladin is running Retribution Aura. This would help make holy power generation more consistent, provide some use for Retribution Aura, and remove an unpopular talent from the retribution tree in favor of something more useful. The damage of Hammer of Wrath should be reduced by 50%. "Sanctified Wrath" should be redesigned so that instead of allowing the use Hammer of Wrath at all times during Avenging Wrath, instead the Paladin will have a 20% chance per application of Censure to gain the use of Hammer of Wrath when Censure does periodic damage. Hammer of Wrath will retain it's six second cool down. This modification would add another single target ability to retributions rotation, shift damage away from cooldown centered spike, and relieve some of the tension of being a melee DPS without a gap closer. "Repentance" should have an added effect of snaring its target when broken early by damage. "Zealotry" could be reworked into a passive talent that modifies Templar's Verdict to always hit as if it had one additional holy power (maximum three). This would help even out damage and speed up rotation while reducing the reliance on cooldowns for effective DPS. Flashbackjak5 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Holy Pallys in RBG's I read that holy pallys are amazing in RBG's but others tell me they WERE pre-cata. Shine some light down on me about this topic? :)Judáspriést12 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 What's wrong with my tanking gear? Most of the time I have no problem with tanking ZA/ZG but it seems like some healers have a hard time keeping my hp up and sooner or later a wipe happens. I was wondering if anyone can take a look at my gear and see if I have anything wrong with my gear.Jugo12 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Retribution AE Options? I just returned to WoW after a 6 month break (new job) and I noticed that Seal of Righteousness now hits everything with the talent plus weapon damage, and it seems like (no math, just gameplay) that hitting 3+ monsters with Divine Storm + Righteousness is solid damage output. Am I wrong or are we now not horrible at putting out some AE damage on trash? I'm throwing out DS + HW + Cons and feel like I'm shelling out solid damage on trash fights.Arborius7 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Pro Athlete Tatoos His Paladin on His Back! Utah Jazz player Andrei Kirilenko gets a sick tatoo of his level 80 paladin all over his back! This has to be the craziest thing I've ever read about WoW in real life in a long time. If you are reading this Andrei I think its friggin beast! Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Fordring's Boots Hi all: I'm planning out my transmog set, but have run into a snag. I want to do the T6 lightbringer set but swap out the boots for Tirion Fordring's boots at the Argent Tournament. They look like Lightbringer boots but with silver covenant insignia. Do these exist in game? Thanks in advancePaladinalex1 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Firelands iLvl Requirement (Recommended iLvl) Hi, I'm a returning player to World of Warcraft, Im wondering what the ilvl requirement is for the Firelands raid. I quit during early catacylsm and I just got back about a week ago. The best gear I could get was the justice 359 ilvl gear and Zul aman/Zul gurub gear pulling an average dps of 15k to 20k depending on the situation, is that enough to start FL raiding? Also I would be doing the old catcylsm raids but most guilds are doing Firelands, so its hard to find the right people. Justice vender 359 and ZA/ZG gear was the fastest gear I could get my hands on.Hammerðin8 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 I need tips on baleroc 1. Doing good by switching beacons and makign sure that dps rotating shards get healed 2. The tank and dps tank an amazing amount of damage which makes me stray from using HL. 3. I need a good economy heal becasue Im nearly oom after the 1st rotation Do I need more HS wog action? or do I need more haste for HL? discuss.Jessmojr5 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 A new charger mount o.o Even though i still appreciate the charger mount i worked hard for in vanilla Can you please add a new charger mount model to the game that costs somewhere around 1k or maybe 2k.Make it look even more better than the charger plz blizz make it happpen i wanna feel that paladin feel again when i get on my new paladin mount.Zielaris3 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Inquisition in PvP. So I just turned 81 and got the spell "Inquisition". I'm wondering what it's priority is in PvP. Is it something I should try to keep up indefinitely? I've read the Ret PvP sticky, but it doesn't seem to cover this. I'd imagine it takes priority over TV during AW to maximize HoW damage. I know it increases Exorcism, Judgement, Holy Wrath, and Mastery(?) damage as well, but its seems a bit clunky and awkward to use. Help appreciated. Not sure why it shows me at 79.Dinkleberg5 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Is Turn Evil broken? I click it on my pally, but she's still not evil :(Sunspell13 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 wtfdisarmed why not give pvp 4pc set bonus a reduced disarm effect like the warriors? giving up a landslide chant for a weapon chain is not worth it imo. i'd take the 50% reduced disarm effect over that crappy 1 sec cd judge.Facepalmadin7 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Suggestion for Paladin PvP pressure. Alright, let me start this by saying this is my first thread I have made. I have been playing World of Warcraft for roughly 9 months now and I am obsessed with player versus player. However, throughout season 9 and 10, I am seeing that Paladin's, despite their heavy burst damage as retribution, or heavy healing as Holy are very susceptible to becoming controlled in an arena. Paladin's have had a lot of tweaking over the last couple patches. From being amazing off healer's, to getting nerfed with a 20 second cooldown on Word of Glory, or Sacred Shield having a 60 second internal cooldown. Holy Paladin's have had their mana cost increased for a fair amount of their heals. SO, this is my suggestion. I'm not asking for Sacred Shield to have a shorter internal cooldown, or less mana cost for Holy. In all reality we have Seal of Insight for Holy and that trump's any other healer's mana production. And a Sacred Shield every 30 seconds is a bit absurd. Here's my issue I'll start with Healer classes in 2v2 arena. In arena's cc/snares/silences are probably one of the most vital thing's in the arena, it shows skill, timing and makes for a very fun game. My problem is, as a Holy Paladin, and relying on my Warrior PvP partner to do a majority of the pressure, I feel useless, sure I can Hammer of Justice every 60 seconds (40 is talented) but other than that there's very little I can do. Healing priests have Mana Burn, Shackle Undead, Mind Control, Chastise (if Holy), and Psychic Scream. Restoration Shaman's have Purge, Wind Shear, Snares, Earthbind Totem. Restoration Druid's have Entangling Roots, Cyclone, Nature's Grasp, Hibernate, Pounce and Bash. Now here is my point, Holy Paladin's have! Hammer of Justice, a 5 second stun, 40-60 second cooldown, as well as a Rebuke. Now here's my suggestion, why not consider taking Repentance out of the Retribution talent tree, and instead replace it with a talent 2/2, to give Rebuke a 3 second silence, similar to the warrior's pummel, and for the other talent point possibly remove Seals of Command, and just simply add the 7% damage to all Seal's, as well as Seal of Righteousness hitting all target's in melee range. So afterwards make Repentance a trainable CC as are most cc's. So this way now Retribution paladin's will be able to have a standing chance against some caster's, and Holy's will be more useful offensively in player versus player. It's just an idea as is any thread but it seems fair enough in my opinion and I'd be willing to bet a lot of other people would feel the same. Anyways, I hope you read this and really I'd love to see your honest opinion, and no I'm not a 'Butthurt pallyfaceroller'. Oh and for the Player versus Everything players, this simple change will change nothing!Swagway5 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Please blizzard make this pally tier happen This is Fan made and it looks HOT! make it happen please ;)Evilraziel16 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Pally tank-dps question I have a quick question. I know as a tank my DPS isn't as important as being able to hold aggro and being geared/specced right to take less damage and have more health so the healer can keep me alive. That said... even though I am the tank, should I still be pulling a decent amount of DPS? Most DPS do what, around 20k in heroics? Is it okay that I only pull around 10k or less as the tank?Gwenytha11 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Consecration; it is losing its purpose? I had a rather lengthy explanation of my thoughts on it, but my attempt to preview my post resulted in its destruction. So, here's a condensed version: The paladin's Consecration spell has really lost its shine of late. In Wrath of the Lich King, it could be on effectively permanently due to its cooldown matching its duration, and combined with Righteous Fury it was a threat-generating machine. In Cata, however, Consecration is now super-expensive without the Protection-exclusive talent Hallowed Ground, RF now boosts threat generation across the board, and protadins gain our other AoE attack, Hammer of the Righteous, from the word go. Furthermore, the damage is rather pitiful for a 30-second cooldown, which also minimizes how much threat it generates. For example, with my current gear, Consecration deals 4630 damage over 10 seconds, while Hammer of the Righteous deals about 7500 in the same time frame (if used three times in succession, something quite possible in ten seconds). Even if you aren't hit-capped like myself, it's not likely to miss more than once in those ten seconds, and even then you deal more damage. Tactically, compare it to other damaging ground effects - a Mage's Flamestrike, a Hunter's Explosion Trap, a DK's Death and Decay. The three abilities listed above have two benefits over Consecration: they're available for regular use by any spec in those classes, while Consecration is far too expensive for a Ret pally to use and useless for a Holy Paladin, who ideally will be staying away from mobs and not attacking; second, they can be cast and triggered at a chosen location, while Consecration must be centered around the tank. Given how frequently mobility and mob placement are useful, even required tools in modern fights, and that CC is more important to maintain in several situations, such restrictions greatly limit its usefulness. The spell has its uses, but it's becoming more and more outdated as time passes, in my eyes. If it generated extra threat, or generated Holy Power, or was viable for other specs, or something along those lines I'd have no complaint, but as it is, it seems borderline-superfluous. I'd love to see this spell made useful again.Benemus6 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Holding my Breath for Pally T13 Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck, Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck, Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck, Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck.... Anyone else feeling this way? I mean there has been some awesome T13 Armor sets unveiled (i.e. Warrior, which made me consider a reroll it was that awesome), and then there have been some I wasn't as impressed with (Druid seemed kind of bland, mage was interesting but I dont think I liked it). I'm just hoping we don't get the pink fuzzy bunny of death tier. For an example, see the 3rd frame of this comic.... Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck, Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck, Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck, Don't let it suck, don't let it suck, don't let it suck.... Pentecost25 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 is zoid's better than skullstealer? non heroic... it dropped last night and nobody wanted it but me... more strength, less mastery... i am not good about these theory crafting things. i wanted it cause it looked a little cooler and it was going to be sharded anyways. is it a downgrade from the shannox axe?Tomtanknheal20 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 17, 2011 Recommended PvP Ret Builds. As topic suggests, any tips? Thanks.Yervant1 Sep 17, 2011
Sep 16, 2011 askmrrobot and stat weights My understanding has always been 'strength is king' for ret paladins. But when I used askmrrobot, it ranks strength 3rd in weight, behind 'MH Speed' and 'MH DPS'. I'm not even sure I know what those are...? And yes...I know I'm not currently hit capped. I just got Dwyer's Caber (put it in place of License to Slay) and was running some randoms on this spec, so the urgency to be hit capped isn't as urgent as it would be if there were my raiding spec.Colwynn2 Sep 16, 2011
Sep 16, 2011 Wings QQ... SURPRISE! i'm just going to QQ about how the animation is. have you ever wondered why when wings goes off it just like BAM gone. not like giant explosion. or zelda majora's mask wings disappear? or like shrink into your back then fade away... or how about the feathers fall off one by one? not just like YAY YOU HAVE DAMAGE- aw they're gone. point being... any chance of a fade away animation for it not just stop without a trace of it fading? would love to see a blue poster shut me down completely on the idea or at least tell me its been thought of but we're just too lazy to do it! :DRylanodory16 Sep 16, 2011