3d The problem with the tank damage nerf... There has always been some disparity between tank damage which is why I think it was an extremely lazy move by Blizzard to just blanket nerf tank damage by 10%. This has hit Protection paladins (and maybe Blood death knights/can't speak about Brewmaster monks because I haven't seenna single one in Leg) harder than the other tanks. The reason for this is simple. Our active mitigation (SotR) is also tied to our damage output unlike other tanks. To properly tank as a paladin we need to keep a charge of SotR on reserve. This has a fairly direct impact on paladins because in general our damage is behind the other tanks. I am hoping with the first week of raiding Blizzard will fix this discrepancy.Sulelle6 3d
4d How long to finish campaign? I'm trying to get my third slot for the sake of the relic, as i'm already raiding with an under geared weapon. I was wondering roughly how long it takes, I'm about to finish up getting 5 demon bloods from the mission table, anyone got any ideas?Holyfackers5 4d
4d t18 2pc As a class that already had its former 2 piece bonus nerfed so that it wouldnt be relevant in current content, I demand some equality. 4d
4d Noob pally question. The judgement debuff for ret, .. is there a reason that it doesn't show on the target's frame? Doesn't it increase your damage done to a target by some seconds, last I checked? I also find it odd that the tooltip itself makes no mention of the above, but yet I recall seeing it somewhere before.Espresso3 4d
4d Bestow Faith vs Lights Hammer Every Holy Paladin guide first tier recommendation is Bestow Faith. This talent works well in 5 man dungeons, however after our guilds first raid I've noticed it wasn't that effective in our 20 man raid. Bestow Faith was around 3 percent or less in each encounter for me and our other holy paladin. (first 3 bosses) It maybe different on heroic as we're only progressing through normal at the moment. But has any holy pally raided with Lights Hammer? Just curious how effective it was.Liteborne65 4d
4d Suggestions for my current set up? As the title says, just looking to improve. Any comments are welcome and appreciated!Shadquist1 4d
4d 30% less hp than other tanks?? Nice one IM just wondering if I missed the reason why we have the hp of a fury warrior? I'm almost 850 I level with my top ilvl gear on prot pala with an artifact lvl of +20 and my hp is 500k less than my resto druids in bear form...not even tank spec.... theres an 840 DK in my guild that has over 600k more hp than myself? I just don't understand what we did to deserve this, and the healing nerf recently to boot.Dueceswild13 4d
4d Boost Hey guys - Not asking if RET is viable in PvE or PvP.... but are you guys at least having fun with it? Thinking about boosting this 90 to get back into the swing of things. All opinions are welcome! Thanks.Holyswagg5 4d
4d Auto-Attack Was wondering if anyone knew which abilities toggle your character to auto attack. I know you can toggle it off by actually putting it onto your bar and physically pressing it. But if i toggle it off, stand next to a target, use Judgement > JV > WoA > JV > BoJ etc etc. Will my auto attack toggle back on, and if so is there a way to prevent it from toggling back on.Tzenjinn1 4d
4d Divine Hammer is looking good! Ran Divine Hammer + GJ this morning with really good results Numbers wise I'm seeing a huge improvement to overall run time, despite lower ST dps. Even though I still topped the charts for ST bosses also ;) Tips for running it. - Use DH on CD, even when you havent even pulled yet, this gives an opportunity to get 2 HP on your way in, and it will be up again shortly in the beginning and middle of the fight for another 2 HP. Side note: I'm running Crusade, I'm constantly using it on trash mobs leading up to the boss. Also a huge noticeable increase in dps on trash and bosses! Obviously I hold it when were getting closer to the boss.Kïttypryde6 4d
4d [Holy] Rule of Law, or Cavalier? Personally, I've been running Rule of Law since it's off the GCD (and can increase throughput) and Divine Steed comes default now instead of being talented. I just wanna hear what others are running for this raid (or Mythic+)Kromash2 4d
4d That Feeling... When you know you're just a waste of a raid spot. What a !@#$ty feeling. I was in a 30 man group as Ret for Emerald Nightmare last night. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how hard I pushed my buttons, I was being decimated by the other DPS in damage done. My glorious pink name appearing in the last 5 (including tanks) every single time. I have been raiding for 10 years and have never felt this feeling. I have never been outside of the top 5 on the meters in every guild I have been in during the last few expansions. I have tried numerous different stat weights. Different talent combinations. Different gems, enchants. To no avail. I can't get this specialization to perform any better. Up until last night I was in denial and would be veraciously researching/trying new things to up my damage done. But after last night, I am about ready to give up. I'm seriously debating switching my main for the first time since BC but I can't stomach the fact that I have wasted countless hours since launch powering up my artifact, getting gear, doing long quest chains. Only to have to do it all again. I realize our problems have been discussed to death, but I just needed to vent after feeling so down last night after raid. Sure we killed 5/7 bosses with little problem. But I simply wasn't having fun.Tarthas22 4d
4d Brothers! Pumpkin Spice is coming So taking a break from the class in game, I wanted to chat with other Paladin players who might be going to dress up as a Paladin for Halloween. Me personally, I'm thinking of molding/sculpting the Grand Marshal's Battle Hammer and rigging up LED's into some Lightbringer shoulders. Maybe sew the new Silverhand symbol from class hall onto a tabard. Was wondering what everyone might be dressing up as, and what are some methods you might use to achieve your look for your real life transmog lol.Maverick2 4d
4d Threat Problems i miss being able to toggle RF. Can we get this ability back?Applicable3 4d
4d New prot here Greetings, leveling up this alt (hunter main) since a group of friends need a tank. I just finished getting my artifact and a little into a starting zone. Can someone have a look at my spec and see if i should change it. I know prot damage will be low but OMG i'm not sure i can do this if elites take 4mins to kill. which it has since i was able to get off 2 avenging wraths.Conkie2 4d
4d Spell items Wanted to make some transmog as if I was holding the hammer of wrath and the avenger's shield at all times. Can't find some suitable lookalikes nor can get which enchant transmog suits it, can anybody help? On a bonus opinion: blizzard should have thought about making a skin for the prot artifact like that (an HD version). Here some pictures of the hammers and shield: 4d
4d Holy Paladin PVP Artifact Progression Leveling as Holy and intend to PVP as Holy at cap. Anyone out there with the optimal Artifact Weapon progression for PVP? I will likely do 2v2 and 3v3 arenas along with BGs. I have seen numerous progression trees for raiding but none for PVP. Any assistance would be much appreciated.Babynomnom2 4d
4d Lumenstone class campaign bug I completed the fourth lumenstone class hall quest 9 hours ago and the final one has yet to appear in my log. I have been using the app for the quests as I work all day. Has anyone else encountered this bug and if so have you found a way to rectify it?Crabgill0 4d
4d [Holy]- Mana wasnt bad with BoV yesterday! Wasnt sure what to expect from BoV as far as mana, but after testing it in N EN, I can say that it wasnt a issue for me. In fact, I think I was the healer in our group that had the less mana issue of the night, compared to our monk, 2 druids and shaman. Not sure how the mana of our disc priest was, tho. Of course this was normal and heroic should be different, but was cool to compare ourself to other class. And as far as HPS, I was pretty surprise. On 3 boss, I finished on top of the meters on Ursoc (224k by far) and Nythendra (200k), while finishing 2nd behind the tank (yeah those tanks) on Elerethe Renferal (127k). In both my top fights, my spell HPS ranking was the same, which was #1 Beacon, #2 Light of Dawn, #3 HS, #4 Aura and #5 Holy Light. ( I didnt expected that much heal from Light of Dawn, but mana wasnt bad so I was casting it often, often paired with a CD. As far as CD usage, I was pretty much casting them one after the other and rarely together, waiting for a spike of damage everytime to cast one... How about you guys, how did it go? It was FAR from perfect for be but I was happy and surprised by it!Barnack10 4d
4d Holy Paladin is so much fun! However.. I was running Emerald Nightmare with a 15man group and topping the healing meters all night. My only concern is that during fights like Ursoc I was going Oom. Flash of Light is too handy, and Holy Light needs a bit smaller CD to be useful without procs. I feel this is why I was going Oom. Blizz, You've made an amazing, fun, and engaging playstyle with the Holy Paladin. Now polish it it make it really shine.Brusogh3 4d
4d Holy Paladin Suggestions. I healed my first dungeon since the new paladin changes and i was a bit conflicted. I main a resto shaman and adjusting to the paladin heal style was a struggle. There is just so much lost opportunity to synergize the spells. Here are my suggestions. Crusader strike - This ability should at least provide a small self heal so that it negates a light of the martyr. Or have the effect that i'm suggesting for Light of Dawn and have Light of Dawn stay the same. Light of Dawn - Instant Melee 14% mana. Strike the enemy with your hammer. The blow sends light outward in a 10 yard radius healing injured allies for (180% spell power) Consecration - Should provide some kind of bonus to healing or at least weaken enemies standing on the consecrated ground. Judgment - Can stay the same. It does synergize with crusader strike and holy shock already but the problem is you lose healing and take damage if you go in and start meleeing so if you change those abilities it's more useful. I don't know maybe I was just doing stuff wrong. I just didn't feel like there was any reason for me to even run in and cast consecrate on a pull. Not when I can just throw a judgement and the occasional shock that i didn't need on healing as my DPS. Coming from resto shaman it's so much easier to add DPS but just flame shocking on CD and using the lava surges they produce and spending the rest of the time healing to full effectiveness.Ripples9 4d
4d Give justicar Vengance... Final verdics animation EZLucarìo14 4d
4d [Ret] So my DPS blows, help? In normal dungeons I was pulling between 120k-160k on fights(non-group AoE) single target. I hit ilvl810 this morning, start running heroics and my DPS is around 85k-110k per fight single target. I'm trying to follow Icy-Veins, my haste is below 30%(at this point I'm having to throw anything with a better ilvl on, so I can't really stat prioritize but) str>haste(to 30%)>crit>mastery is the order they claim. Rotation-wise I'm opening up with wake of ashes, then judgment, then blade of wrath followed by crusader strike/Templar's verdict using Templar's verdict whenever I can (justicar's vengeance only when I'm below 50% health), prioritizing judgemant/blade of wrath when they'e off CD. On groups I do the same thing minus using divine storm instead of Templar's verdict and adding blinding light whenever it's off CD. ---------- I'm off of a 2 year LoA, I always did pretty well on meters before quitting, I would like to not suck if anyone can critique this and give me feed back? Thank you,Seràvok17 4d
4d Got a legendary Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus dropped off Neltharion's Lair Mythic + 2 Shame that it's horribly itemized for paladins.Judgement7 4d
4d Whats paladin like in pvp? Looking to level another character for pvp and have a paladin currently sitting at 100. Just wondering what the state of 3 specs are in pvp. Thinking of either rolling prot or holy. Any info would be appreciated thank you.Valtair16 4d
4d 1 charge CS for Holy 7.1 It seems like the only reason for this change is thst dps are mad holy does so much damage on trivial content, and that is never a good reason to change things. Lets look at the ways this hurts the game. It makes soloing more of a problem. I like to stay holy for world quests. I go prot sometimes, but holy is the spec I play and I just prefer to stay. This isnt hurting anyone else, but 1 CS will hurt this play style. pvp damage. We are already woeful in pvp offensively. In 848 gear my holy shock does around 70k damage. Thats about 100k with wings up. Our pvp crit rates are low, and crusader also does in the range of 80-100k. We are also the only healer class that doesnt hsve a spammable offensive. Especially with how weak are heals are relative to pvp damage, you unnecessarily hurt us in pvp. It further compounds the problem for people who use CS just to reduce shock cooldown for more healing. Pve group play. Many may disagree but i hsve found it very visble to use my 2 cs charges to reduce shock cooldown in mythics. I help the group with some extra damage and i provide a steadier stream of shock heals. Yes, i could chain flashes, but shock is a much stronger heal and more efficient. Cs also doesnt cost mana. Why would you force me to stand in melee then make my melee utility less viable?Stasíe50 4d
4d Auras don't reach. To start off I will say that I am loving my holy paladin this expansion. I enjoy the idea of a mastery that increases my healing based on my proximity to the target even though it may be hard to keep track of. I have a wonderful amount of c/d's that I can use to save a tank or group in any dungeon I decide to go into. My holy paladin feels strong but something about my kit feels very weird to use and weak. The auras like Devotion Aura, Aura of Sacrifice, and Aura of Mercy that you get at the level 60 tier have too low of a range on them. When I stand in melee I want the melee to get the buff but I would also prefer to have the tank covered and this is not the case. The tank is usually outside of the range of it because it is too darn small and that's even with me standing in melee. It says 10 yards but it feels like 6. If you think I'm just randomly crying about my paladin not being strong enough, just next time you are in a dungeon test out the aura range yourself. Whether you are the holy paladin yourself or a group member, anyone can test how far you can get away from it before it goes away. The range isn't far enough and it bothers me. I just wish there was some way to make this talent more useful, like maybe increase the yards to 15 or make using light of dawn increase the range of the aura by 100% for 3 seconds. Not have an aura just sit on me all the time because almost no one is in range.Rockafeller7 4d
4d Light of the protector being halved in raids. After doing emerald nightmare today I noticed the LoTP's tooltip was only showing a 16% of missing health heal base (With 4 Scatter the Shadows), is a bug or is the value intended, and if so what is the reasoning behind the reduction in healing?Redsong0 4d
4d What to keep in mind to not suck at Holy? I've only healed a dungeon once before, and that was with a Resto Druid so kind of on ez mode. Even then I found it to be a bit stressful (yay people being jerks), and I'm trying to do know my spec as well as possible before diving into dungeons again. Also tried a couple BGs as Holy, but that doesn't feel very comparable to dungeons at all. As a new Holy Paladin char, are there any specific things to keep in mind when starting out to run normal 5-man dungeons (through LFG)? I'm mainly worried about messing up when there's AoE damage, since I can't really figure out how to effectively heal the entire group when they're not neatly stacked together, which is all the time. I imagine Aura Mastery with Aura of Mercy works to some extent, but that's a 3 min cooldown to pop there. Then there's the fact that we have a ton of cooldowns, many of which are just "you heal better nao", and I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around them. I assume DS, LoH, and the blessings are mostly my "oh !@#$" buttons, but what about Avenging Wrath and Tyr's Deliverance and Holy Avenger, how do I know when or when not to pop them? This is particularly new to me because before as a Resto Druid I found that most things would end up being pretty ok just keep HoTs on everything, whereas Holy Paladin seems to be a lot more spike-heal? Finally one small question about Divine Protection, am I correct to assume that it's mainly useful for negating hard to avoid AoE damage (somewhat)? It just feels like a rather... lackluster ability otherwise, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Any other advice would also be greatly appreciated.Virydia3 4d
4d Holy Nonbo: Divine Purpose and Second Sunrise Hey all, Loving the Artifact and Holy Paladin in general! Been healing Mythic dungeons and having a blast for the past 2 days. I've noticed what I think is an unintentional interaction between Divine Purpose (Talent that gives a 15% chance to make Light of Dawn / Holy Shock not incur a cooldown) and Second Sunrise (Artifact Talent, chance to make Light of Dawn cast again for free). When both of these trigger at the same time, I can't use the Divine Purpose proc. I'm not sure if it's the original Light of Dawn or the Second Sunrise Light of Dawn triggering Divine Purpose, but Light of Dawn goes on cooldown but is highlighted by the proc. You can't cast it before DP runs out, macking the proc wasted. This is a definite nonbo, if i find time between running around the Broken Isles and Dungeons I'll try and test it to get a definite answer. Has anyone else experienced this?Belithas4 4d
4d Can't loot corpses when Ashbringer procs. I'm finding that when my Asbringer procs and turns demons to ash I am unable to loot the corpse. Is this working as intended? I find it very annoying when I'm trying to do a quest that involves looting something off demonsRawrgga2 4d
4d Order Hall 8 piece set bonus Does anyone know the proc rate on this bonus (is it worth having) ?Lîghtbrînger1 4d
4d Berry Is your guild running the new raid today? I'd like to see the recounts for each boss kill when you're done. This isn't a call out thread.Invincible33 4d
4d Power of the Silver Hand i cant seem to get it to proc. How exactly does it work?Silverbolt3 4d
4d Ret Pally: Crusade vs. Divine Purpose Which is better? I've seen people make claims that one is better than the other and am not sure who to believe. I understand that divine purpose makes your dps depend more on rng, but that could still make it better. Any suggestions would be great!Supperior11 4d
4d Lumenstone (paladin campaign) I saw on wowhead that there may be other ways to get Lumenstone. You need 50 of them for a paladin quest, you get them via sending your followers/champs out on missions. Any truth to it?Drotahorror27 4d
4d Brought into balance? I'm hoping that blizzard will see the huge dps difference between us and other classes and bring us more into line with them. I've just about had enough of hearing about "pally's aren't simming well so you're not in our mythic". Besides the fact that we bring more utility and survivability than most of the specs, I'd say that trumps a dps gap that bliz created with their own ignorance. We have to spec primarily for one type of fight. Either ST or AOE, no real middle ground. The talents I'm currently running has turned some heads and gotten some good feedback from groups for putting out respectable dps, but the fact that I have to push my character to the limit to do this, while most other classes just sit back and push 3 buttons (not kidding, I have arms/rogue/feral). I'm gonna hope that bliz sees the dps gap and makes some adjustments, but won't hold my breath.Gabriël3 4d
4d Lotp Question I am aware of the nerfs to base healing and Scatter the Shadows but is it supposed to heal for only half in raids?Redsong0 4d
4d Truthguard's Golden Traits Need Buffs Hello Blizzard, I'd like to bring up certain arguments in favour of buffing Truthguard's Golden Traits. They are as follows: 1) Bulwark of Order After decreasing damage done to tanks, this Golden Trait naturally suffers as lower DPS means lower absorb shields. I hear that Demon Hunters also face similar DPS based self-heal problems as they rely on leech for self-healing. Can shield percentages be buffed on this trait, seeing that it is a double whammy for Protection Paladins when nerfing DPS = nerfing survivability at the same time? 2) Light of the Titans This is an issue brought up by other forum posters as well (trait seems weak). My Golden Trait heals for 138K over 15 seconds (9.2k per second). As far as I know, few mobs hit for so little; it is more useful as an out of combat heal (like Flash of Light) than an active combat heal. Speaking of Flash of Light, my FoL heals for 176K after 1.4 seconds of cast time, which is more powerful than my Golden Trait. I find it to be quite odd that a basic and fairly weak Paladin spell is actually stronger than a Golden Trait that I spent hours farming for Artifact Power. Stacking the effect of this Golden Trait seems to be a feasible idea - stacks should keep going up until it actually outclasses Flash of Light by a mile (it's a Golden Trait after all). 3) Tyr's Enforcer When I first saw this Golden Trait, I found it to be interesting and funny - I am a Protection/Tank class, why do I have DPS as a Golden Trait of all the other places where DPS could be placed? But DPS is DPS, and with the tank nerfs recently, any DPS is welcome. I thought this trait could use damage mitigation like a shield block. This would complete, in my opinion, Truthguard's circle of defensive Golden Traits (Shields: Bulwark of Order; Heals: Light of the Titans; Damage Mitigation: Tyr's Enforcer). I'd like to suggest each enemy (including players) hit by Avenger's Shield, be debuffed to reduce damage they can do to the Paladin by x% or DPS done by AS - this effect would be similar to Eye of Tyr. The reason for this is that Eye of Tyr is only for very close ranged attackers; buffing this Golden Trait to allow Eye of Tyr like debuffs on ranged attackers would be an awesome Golden Trait. In summary, we Protection Paladins require more buffing to Truthguard to maintain our survivability. Thank you for considering.Topoqwert1 4d
4d [Holy] The Search for Watcher So as we know, based on the thread here- The holy hidden artifact appearance does NOT drop the same way it did in Beta. So we are at square one. I decided to make this thread so we can easily compile any ideas or successes even with finding this item. So far we know the item USED to drop randomly off of mobs in Faronaar in Azsuna. After people farmed for over twenty hours, we found out that this is entirely FALSE and that Blizzard decided to change it. We also know the hammer and a reference to Reinhardt in Overwatch.Mikâel3 4d
4d When is Mobility going to addressed? The Topic title says it all. With healers being reintroduced into 2v2 rated I feel like my lack of mobility is more noticeable now more than ever. This is for pvp and you can check my armory my talents are what they should be for anti kite but it just isn't enough. We need some kind of speed increase like law and Order if not that Divine steed needs to purge slows and roots and be on a 25s or 30s CD, a 45s CD ability that lasts 3 seconds and you can be slowed in this is the worst design I have ever seen. They made Divine steed baseline that was great but now they replaced the talent with a useless one adding a charge to it. In pvp no one takes that unless they want to die. Our talents offer nothing but lackluster builds that make you strong in one area and really weak in another. I know its been said so many times and trolls come in tell us paladins to get good but anyone above 1600 will abuse our lack of mobility. This whole class fantasy is bull!@#$ and it never works in a video game. In pvp a melee class that can't keep up with the ludicrous amounts of speed boosts, leaps, and teleports is just dead weight to a 2v2 or even a 3v3. Yeah blizzard can just buff our damage but our damage is useless if we can't get in range. I honestly feel like a laughing stock of the pvp world, and with the new overtuned Demon Hunters I can't see rets getting into much. I honestly feel as if the Paladin class design team has no clue as to what to do with Ret or even the entirety of paladin as all 3 specs. I'm losing faith in the class design of Ret, Holy Wrath offers a toxic gameplay mechanic, Divine Purpose provides casino type of gameplay where at one moment you can't seem to get it to proc at all which sucks and at another moment the procs seem endless and that great when that happens but its very inconsistent and going back to the RNG days. Personal opinion the class Paladin needs to be revamped once again and hopefully this time it wont seems rushed and lackluster like what legion put it out to be. I went off into a rant and off topic but I feel that was needed to be said. Anyway if not mobility make our slows more powerful and more frequent a 30second slow really sucks. Just give us something to counter these absurd mobility classes that do more dmg than we do.Kàizara0 4d
4d Prot changes Blizzard, now that you've nerfed LotP and the Scatter the Shadows trait, could you possibly make it so the Light of the Titans golden trait isn't complete trash? Maybe make it comparable to the other two golden traits with a stacking effect or something?Spiersy0 4d
4d Paladin Class Hall Follower Question I have a level 110 ret pally and I've only obtained 2 champions to send on missions. I've been doing as many missions as I can and following class hall quest lines but I still haven't been able to unlock any of the other 6 champions under the "uncollected" slot. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to be doing in order to unlock these? I have Lord Maxwell Tyrosis and Lady Liadrin. How do I obtain the others? Thanks!Féanor6 4d
4d Holy Artifact Relics Do these come up on world quests? Having a really hard time finding these, where are you guys finding them? It seems odd to me that they are so rare, but I could be getting unlucky rngGianthammer6 4d
4d Ret, Word of Glory I main holy but want to give ret a try. I am hard wired to support my teammates with heals and other buffs. I think word of Glory looks great but are the other talents in the tree just too amazing to pass up? PVE and PVP.Hlaðgerðr6 4d
4d Blade Flurry would go a long way to fix Ret. Just some idle musings I had earlier, but bringing back Seal of Truth/Righteousness as a Blade Flurry style toggle would do a lot for the spec and require minimal overhauls otherwise.* Either apply a stacking DoT (as before) in Single Target (Truth), or have X% of our damage spread as AE (Righteousness). I'm thinking 25% or so, since we *do* have Divine Storm. *I should clarify that I'm not a "everything is terrible" ret. We're definitely undertuned for AE and could use something like Falling Sword for mobility/charge. I mean come on, the ret bodyguard uses it and Tirion did as well vs Arthas. It's pure class fantasy, just like Seals are. We could be way worse off though.Korangar13 4d
4d Tuesday raiding : Holy BoV vs BoL When Legion started, I was convinced that BoLightbringer was the "only" way to go for raiding. After doing some Mythics dungeon, reading some post including Baddeh launch post (, Ive started to try the other talents, specially for Mythics, and I must say that I like BoV a lot. We have not read on fights yet since our guild like to pull and learn when new raids comes out (casual Heroic Raiding guild, not Mythic), so I think when raid starts on tuesday, I'll start with BoV then see how it goes. Standing in melee and using Rule of Law with Wings... curious also on how my mana should go since Mythic fights werent that long. Our ranged should be pretty spread anyway since this is gonna be new fights so Im not sure how reliable BoLightbinger would be. What about you guys? :-)Barnack13 4d
4d Serious inquiry - Ret, thoughts? Been playing a Paladin for over 10 years. Played Ret for about 90% of that time and I am at a point where I cant really stand to play it anymore. Our AOE is terrible. Our single target DPS can be beat by specs that are geared for AOE. Our mobility is the worst I can remember (that damn horse is worthless). I am just at a point where my reason for playing the game is at a point where I don't even look forward to signing in anymore. What are your thoughts Rets?Toramas14 4d
4d Silver Hand clipping So much focus on the appearance of our artifacts and yet I feel discouraged from using mine because the clipping is so distracting. How does this make it to live?Virtues3 4d
4d LotP nerf hurts. Lost nearly 10%. Uneccesary nerf!Troymega9 4d