Jun 9, 2011 PVE dps is slowly sinking You can look at heroic charts, other sources...they all show the same thing.. After a good boost post 4.06, our dps has slowly but steadily been sinking to the bottom of the pack. We are now a bottom third dps class. Not good enough. We are the worst pvp class aside from hunters, and once again lagging behind in PvE. Cataclysm has not been a good expansion for us.Carmie47 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Ret or Prot/BoA Gear? Which BoA is better for ret pally 2h axe or sword? Also what armor crit strike or resil? (Plate obviously) What hammer for Prot? Honor or justice?Nocturnez5 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Summoning Pally Mounts in macros Does anyone know if you can summon pally mounts through a macro? the normal /cast sunwalker kodo doesn't seem to work like every other mount.Felcast0 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Ret is fun... when I have 3 divine purposes proc at the same time right along with art of war. But their are some days where all I do is wait for crusader strike to come off cooldown. Really though, I am trying to like ret since I think its way less mind numbing than wotlk. But its the ups and downs in rotation can get frustrating. Im surprised its still like this tbh, I have been waiting for a change since cata came out. Honestly cant imagine pvping like this, I will either destroy someone in a few globals or just autoattack my way to defeat.Velcat0 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Looking for someone with MSBT addon: I am trying to find someone with MikScrollingBattleText because there is something that is annoying me. Whenever I use Judgement and my Judgement of the Wise procs the mana regen goes perfectly fine until the second tick. It shows the tick but doubled (for the second tick) and triple (for the third tick) but I want to remove that and show what I originally gain...Not that it keeps adding up and up. I just want to remove this for another reason that the ticks, even if they're added double and triple, they keep showing as [2 hit] for second tick and [3 hit] tick...Thanks for any help.Wadushodu6 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Prot Tanking Hybrid Gems, Stam or Mastery? Hello i am having a bit of trouble deciding how to gem for prot tanking and i was wondering if anyone out there could help me with this decision. I am a prot paladin and i am having trouble deciding if i should trade my hybrid gems (like dodge/stam and parry/stam) for gems that have mastery instead of stamina. I understand that Mastery is supposed to be the "god stat" for pallys but i as i also understand that there is a "cap" of sorts that once you reach enough mastery to have 50% block that you shouldnt have anymore. My block is at a bout 45% and i am wondering if it is really that important to reach 50% or if "close enough is good enough" Am i doing anything wrong by not using mastery in the hybrid gem slots? Should i swap my gems asap or is it not really a big deal? Also i have been called a "stam stacker" because i havent used the mastery hybrid sockets, and as far as i understand someone who stacks staming is someone who fills in +60 stam in al sockets no matter what color. Have i been gemming all wrong, and have i really been stacking stamina? I want to be the best tank that i can be and any advice that anyone out there has to offer would be greatly appreciated :)Parithimas4 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Rate my gear Rate my gear on a 1-10 scale for tanking normal raids. It would be helpful if you also said why. Thanks!Aeithar2 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Glyph of Dazing Shield So I made a paladin alt... and I'm doing some BG's as prot... and every so often AS won't apply the snare even though I'm glyphed for it. The enemy takes damage, is silenced... but no snare. Anyone else notice this? Edit - And no, the enemy is not affected by another snare. Each time it happens I'm the first person to land a hit and my first hit is AS.Tailbiter0 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Holy Paladin Mastery.. Will they ever make it good?! I'm tired of it being so...lackluster.Bloozy12 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 4.2 PTR---Amazing OK so I copied my pally to the PTR to play around. You know that crappy mastery we have called Illuminated Healing? Well on the PTR it is STACKING. It is probably a glitch as it isnt in the PTR notes but there is a cap to it. The tooltip stops increasing when I hit 39050 damage being absorbed. Anyone else on the PTR that can also attest to this?Scarlen2 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 9, 2011 Am I gemmed right for PVP? I was wondering if I am gemmed right fro pvp, I have watched videos and listen to people but I want to know what people think of my gemming. I do not have all my pvp gear yet working on it but still am i taking the right approach with str, and crit?Beanzinator5 Jun 9, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 First Epic purchase for a Holy Pally Im aware i have a caster ring equipped so please spare me on that one. I just started playing again since WoTLK and wow has the game changed. I have a few gear questions 1. I've noticed hardly any holy pallies have Teir 11 equipped. Is it because the bonuses are junk or are the states undesirable? 2. I currently have 2330 valor points. By the end of the day ill have closer to 3k. My question is what are the best purchasable epics at my current gear lvl? I do currently run ZA/ZG but had minimal luck with drops but i will continues to run them. Thanks alot, AchAcheloise6 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Current 4.2 Patch Breakdown for Holy Paladins The intent of this post is to explain how the changes on the PTR affect a Holy Paladin's gameplay. It is intended for those that would like to know without playing on the PTR and to share ideas and comments about how each change could be improved. First off, the cost of our heals have been increased. While this may sound like a bad idea in theory, it's not that bad in gameplay. To put it into perspective, my paladin has 85,646 mana while unbuffed and wearing all my PvP gear; my heal spells are costing me about 1,000 more mana on the PTR. The good news is that Holy Shock went down in cost by 1%; about 230 less mana on the PTR. Basically, this increase in mana cost will not break us, so I believe it's not much to worry about. Personally, with the increased cost of spells aside, I think there's nothing but good things for Holy Paladins and I'm super excited to see these changes! ... The Holy Light aspect of this seems mostly PvE (unless you like using Holy Light in PvP--I don't) and should make Beacon more viable in that type of environment: ~7,000 heal on two targets for only ~2800 mana! The fact that it can no longer be dispelled is kind of useful, probably more for PvP though. ... I personally love this change. As a Holy Paladin in PvP, I spam Exorcism in between heals when I want to kill someone. While I did enjoy getting instant cast Exorcisms, I'd much rather my target be unable to get a critical hit for 6 seconds! Yes, please! Even if it does get dispelled, Exorcism (for me) is a 1.42 second cast; easily reapplied! ... Yes! Another one I love. I use Flash of Light all the time as my main heal, and this basically makes it an instant cast! ... Now we have two useful skills that don't share a cooldown that gives us a boost of speed. Both are great for getting away from a bad situation or just trying to taunt or disorient your opponents! On top of that, the cooldown for Holy Radiance is only 20 seconds now (maxed talent), which means more AoE healing. I am so excited about this change. ... Not only do we still get the 10% to our healing spells, but we now get 30% to Word of Glory as well (~2,000-3,000 HP more than before). As you can see, nothing but good things for Holy Paladins so far and enough to compensate for the increase in mana cost for our spells. Maiyr15 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 pally tanking stats I'm currently at 140k hp (self-buffed) 41% block (mastery). 14% parry. 7% dodge. what are the caps for the 3 and what should i am for? do my dodge/parry need to be higher? take a look at my gear pls. i reforged for mastery and if mastery was already on the piece i reforged for dodge/parry.Pallyheal5 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Non-3 TVs Hi all The guides seem to disagree on what to do when TV is up but you don't have 3 Holy Power, and CS etc. is on cooldown and you have no procs up. Do you go make a cup of tea, or do you do the 1-HoPo TV? For example, The Elitist Jerks page says go TV (any amount of HP) ahead of judgement , but the sticky on this forum says to only ever do a 3 HP one. Lusignan6 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Best of the Best- Ret Who is the highest rated and overall best Ret paly in all of WoW? Who is the best PvP Ret paly? Who is the best PvE Ret Paly? And dont say yourself if your not hahaSkeetio12 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 What type of job you paladins have? I am a Professional sushi chef, So i hear TV all day whenever i lift my knife from the handle and slide the tip of the edge a little on the cutting board. Great sound effect :D Cutting a special sushi roll into 8 pieces with 7 precise consecutive cuts in a matter of 3 seconds. With advanced techniques and sharp knife a special roll can be done within 1 min. I am board of seeing the same topic in this just to spice thiingsa little bit. I would share more but its 4:20am and i got work in 6 hours. Feel free to share anything funny,weird, of bad story's about your job Paladins.Trinthakiz133 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Good gear.. but getting hit hard? In my opinion my 361 AVG ilvl tank set isn't too bad... but In heroics and raids, I get hit like a truck? I stack mastery, and replace my Darkmoon Card: Earthquake with the Procelan Crab for the mastery Proc.. but I still get hit very hard? I use my cooldowns to help, but when they are all cooling down... and even when i use them I still get hit very hard. Even ilvl 345 DK's and Warriors seem to take less damage than me.. any other pallies have this same problem or know a solution?Clownz11 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Wotlk and TBC Pallys I rarely ever play my pally except when im bored.i could solo 4-5 people with a friend pally(both of us in full relentless back in wotlk) Divine storm and crusader strike should be taken off cool downs together cause i find myself auto attacking waiting for a move to get up! bring back wotlk pallys and good memories! Screw the new guards too while your at itKeynash3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Ret Assistance Needed Ok, working this pally. I've been doing some research and have some questions? 1. EJ states to start the rotation with Inqu, but I can't because I don't have a HP built up yet, as soon as I get on I then use that rotation. How do others start? I usually use judgement, which helps me get to the target faster, then CS, then inqu. 2. How do I keep from pulling agrro? Last night I did two runs and pulled aggro throughout both runs. I back off and usually have to end up doing self heals, because I'm not the tank therefore I'm not priotory. 3. I haven't been able to get my dps over 8k, I think mainly to having to self heal or help with heals. (Holy Priestess at heart). Any suggestions on how I can get it over? I'm working on gear and such. I've also started using Hear Kitty as addon, I was counting down in my head my inqu timer...too much work. I also started using the scrolling text. Any pointers, tips or hints would be so much apprieciated. ThanksValenia18 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 I need to drop some expertise, help! I'm MS prot, this set that I have now is kind of a mishmosh if what I've been able to pick up as I've tanked raids. However, because of this my expertise is ridiculous. I'm looking for a way to drop my expertise down to a reasonable level by tomorrow night so that I can pull more than 18k dps on H Al'Akir. What I have access to: Currently sitting at 2k vp but can hit 3k if I grind hard. I'm a blacksmith, so any BS items are up for grabs. Also an engineer, so I could make some goggles.Voodie3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Seal of Truth vs Seal of Insight So I searched for this topic but the thread that came up was 5+ months old so I dont know if its still accurate or not. I read the tanking sticky and it says to use Seal of Truth because of threat but I guess my question is why? It seems like everything I read says tanks should focus nearly 100% on survivability, thats why tanks dont gear or gem for hit/expertise. Yet prot pallys choose truth over insight.Elazurin11 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Tanking help (Back after a break) I have just come back after a break and wanted to know if there is anything wrong with me gear or spec before I start trying to do Heroics. Also am i anywhere near raid ready. Thanks for any helpAsima3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 WTB crusador aura pst pstGhellscream10 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Gnome pallies? Why did they delete my former post asking for gnome pallies? was is offensive to anyone? just wondering or did blizzard really hate the idea of a short paladin? :\Greyy3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Some ideas about pally improvements I was inspired of this by the changes on pally since 4.0. First, about HS. HS used to be a talent spell in holy tree and now the holy special spell. However, comparing to Avenger's Shield or TV, HS does not much its position. To better much it's Ret or Prot counterpart, Holy spec should be given a potent holy power based spell. Instead of cook up a new spell, in current tool kit, WoG and LoD will well fill this slot. Without needing to redesign talent tree, best choice it to make WoG the Holy spec spell, and HS trainable for all pallies. Hope this also finds a balance between the old WoG which lead to too much self heal for ret and the scary 20 sec cool down. Second, about the seals. Why shouldn't we combine all seals into a new spell: Seal, which works as current SoL for Holy, as SoT for Ret, and as SoR for Prot, so that the glyphs are combined as Glyph of Seal, increasing healing by 5% and provide 10 exp.Paladative0 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Does Bliz fear the Paladin? We play the game that Blizzaqrd makes and they manage. We are often made to chose to either play the class we like, or the class that Blizzard choses to promote. The class that Blizzard chooses to promote is the class that is least represented. In the crusade to provide us all with a game that equally represents all the classes equally Blizzard will often enhance certain classes to increase their representation. Likewise they will devalue certain classes that they feel are over represented in the player base in this idealogical effort to acheive balance. I say the Paladin class is an enigma to Blizzard, because despite the often, and extreme, nerfs to the class they are a class that is constantly well represented. I am not saying they are represented in Arenas, or BGs, or to a lesser extent Raids, but as a class that people chooose to play, they are wel represented. Thus we are a dangerous class, because everyone has one. We are dangerous, because if they make us powerful, there are so many of us, we will dominate all the other clases. We are dangerous because if they nerf us too hard, blizard wil lose subscriptions for nerfing a popular class. I say, that blizard does not fear us enough. Making the paladin a class that is sub par in arenas, BGs and Raids will cause a large portion of your player base to look for another game that will accpet their playstyle, since you will not. Ignore the paladin concerns, and nerf them at your own peril, Bliz. any paladins have anything to add?Tenacius8 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Tank Gear Help Ok I was told my gear was crap and that I was ". Unless you're illiterate, blind, or just plain don't-a-damn, there's no reason for you to be running around wearing what you're wearing." I have read alot on pally tanking and as far as I know you stack dodge, parry, mastery, and stamina(not in that order). Am I just getting it wrong or what? The gems are not the greatest nor the gear I just hit 85 recently and gems on my server are hard to find for tanks. Any tips would be appreciated.Kredrothin3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Divine Guardian Technical Difficulties So I started having problems casting Divine Guardian tonight. I was supposed to be the first raid wall for Nef's Electrocute...but every time I tried to cast the spell, I would get an "invalid target" message. I wasn't even aware it needed a target as it's basically an AoE protection spell. I don't have it macro'd. I'm just trying to push the actual spell button - and nothing. Any help would be great.Matteaus3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 A terrible problem with t12! So i was taking another look at the pally tier 12 set and noticed a catastrophic problem that cannot even be put into words!..... The floating piece behind our head will get in the way of our wings!!Lunavale21 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 I feel very squishy. Hey guys tell me if I'm doing something wrong but I'm finding that I am taking a TON of damage in almost every mob pull in a heroic cata dungeon. I've never pally tanked before and my main spec for this guy is healing for dungeons and hopefully raiding soon. So I'm guess I'm here asking for advice. The problem is against a normal pull in a heroic (also using any CC available to make the fight easy as possible) I find myself nearly dying so often I'll use one or two cooldowns per pull just to prevent my death. From healing I know the frustration of people standing in bad stuff so I am always on the ball with any AoE type things so it isn't that I'm certain. I've heard that you can only parry, block and dodge attacks from mobs that you are facing so I try to get myself in that position as much as practically possible. I know I've got a DPS chest on but I've reforged and put some gems in to keep me going in the mean time. Aside from that I think my gear is fairly decent with good gems, enchants and reforging. I stacked hit rating to hold aggro and I have no issues keeping it in a fight. Against a single target (like a boss) I have no issues at all. So what should I change/do to make myself less squishy? Or is that just how it is these days? tl;dr I'm very squishy against mob pulls in heroics and I don't know why.Smego1 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Prot Help Hello, Im pretty new to paladin tanking ... well honestly paladin anything as I hit 85 like a week ago. Ive noticed that when I was on a comparable gear lvl with my druid I took a lot less damage and it was overall easier to stay alive and maintain threat. So I figured I may as well ask you guys... am I doin somthing wrong with my gear? Right now Im working on mainly getting that 1 trinket fixed as well as working on rep to get the various faction pieces... But from what you see now, do you see a major problem in what Im wearing? stat wise or whateverAairoge3 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Bloodthirsty vs Vicious DPS I'm currently full BT. What percentage DPS increase should I expect moving to full Vicious?Agincourt7 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Patch likely out in 3 weeks... PvP season ends in 2 weeks (most likely) and 4.2 should follow a week later. Unfortunately, our hopes for holy/ret changes will probably be overlooked again. With only another week or so before they start pushing "release candidates" i doubt we'll see any major changes (snare for ret, proactive healing for holy). Back to RBGs for the Paladin class for another season.Feníx1 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Aggro help. Hello everyone! today i come to the forums seeking help with aggro :( in the past i havnt had trouble with aggro but i just did a Zul'Aman and my aggro was all over the place Could this be because of my gear? or because the other pugs had better gear then me? Plz help!Towllie2 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Prot Dps I dont know if this has been asked over and over again but I am a new Paladin that wants to heals, dps and Tank.. What I would like to know is can a Prot DpsLunusstar13 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Return the old paladin Holy Power sucks. Healing is wierd. Ret SUCKSSSSSSSSS when in tbc and wotlk could easly lead 25 mans. Im tired out watching my holy power bar when i used to be able to lead raids and call out things more constantly when i just had to press a button to use the spell rather than wait for 3 holy power to make the spell more effectiveOnæwhokills11 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Valor Points I need assistance with how to spend the Valor points I have right now, I have 1950 points, and I need to decide if I want to buy the ring, trinket, or my T11 gloves, can I get some advice on which one to buy?Morla1 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 Paladin now worst aoe threat in the game. I love my paladin and have been playing him for quite some time, from the 9,6,9 rotation and before. I remember when everyone was jealous of the aoe threat of a paladin, and then come cata with the changes we assumed that there would be a cool down for consecration of 30 sec with a up time of 10 sec, with still the same amount of threat. But how wrong we were. A lot of paladins dont even use consecration any more due to the lack of threat and over all dps it does. Consecration went from being a main aoe skill to one barely used at all. The threat generated from it is a joke. I recently rolled a DK and with his Blood boil and Death and Decay, Blizzard basically gave DKs all of paladins aoe threat ability. Maloriak is a perfect example, I have done Heroic Maloriak and I am always on the adds, in both reg and heroic i always have trouble generating enough threat on the adds. Most of the time i need to have them MD to me, or salv a dps, and then I still can not generate enough threat. This also aplies to when i am not kiting and just standing still (green phase) creating threat, it can so easily be ripped off me but a warrior or dk, or ret pally, (anyone with a well placed crit) and so on. Point simply is, I understand the nerf from the 6,9,6 rotation, but you cant then give amazing aoe threat to warriors druids and dks and nerf paladins and call it fixed. It makes me sick that during our heroic Halfus fights our warrior tank is not only able to keep better aoe threat then me, but also out dps's the whole raid. Then at the end of the raid I look at my total threat and consecration is at the bottom below censor (the de-buff from seal of truth) and censor has done more threat generation on one target. I am glad the warrior is in my guild and on my side, but i keep looking at my consecration skill and shed a tear thinking of the good old times, when it worked. P.S. Single target threat is never a problem, please i want to be able to AOE tank again. I am rolling an DK now just so I can get my AOE tanking thrills again...Thorbjorn7 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 8, 2011 What to stack after Patch 4.2? If the change to Holy Shield remains as it is in PTR, what do we get to stack this time? Just asking cause I'm 5 levels away to 85 (doesn't reflect I'm 80 yet) and I was just asking so I can start asking that stat when I get to 85 and be ready for when 4.2 hits. :)Wadushodu16 Jun 8, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Blessed Life is not a PvP talent Discuss.Ka3 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Ret Makes Me Sad Rets... No Slows, no silence, now hardly the ability to heal, no real defense against casters other than divine protection, you cant keep up with the snares with just freedom and 15% running speed, so many classes have silence or magic protection that we are already nerfed somewhat on our ability to do dmg(spell stealing avenging wrath and buffs, silence, anti-magic bubble and zone, silence shot, ect), we dont have high sustained dmg... we rely on cool downs for the most part. pallys have always had heals. warriors didnt. rogues didnt. and countless other "dps" classes have gained the ability to heal a much more incredible amount that WOG. we need some survivability buffs. take away our dependency on CD's and implement some skill into the class that will allow us to survive if we are great players. none of this "i can run and snare so you lose because i have heals and you dont" BS. theres so much more to add but i dont want to bore anyone. just compare the utility of other similar classes and think for yourselves. 20 sec cd lawl.. Ret used to be fun. now i just want to log off because all i get is endless snares and self healing "dps" classes. where did they forget ret is meant to be a hybrid class making it possible to HEAL and dps. dispel wings and qq till they put a cd on wog. GG rets. Oshîk31 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Holy's holy Power useless? Is there anything for me to do with this other than WoG?Givortak12 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Agility issue? I'm in the process of gearing for heroics and recently made a change that lowered my agility a bit. Now, I seem to be having a little more trouble with holding threat. So, I look for a gem with agility, nada. Enchants? Doesn't seem to be any. At the moment, it's starting to look as if my only option is to shoot for exalted with Earthen Ring for the Elder Council ring. Am I missing something to do to get my agility higher?Orionlion24 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Cata startin zones Which of the two Cata starting areas would be more benificial to a ret/holy pally?Holysquid3 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Paladin early leveling. Target mob. Start battle. Strike. Pause. Strike. Pause. Strike. Pause. Two minutes later. Mob is dead. Realize you have six more to kill. -_- My question is this: Does Paladin leveling get any faster? She's at level 3 currently, and I'm testing out the class for a Horde character.Azylía21 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 Illuminated Healing Buffed. Just wanted to let other Paladins know that currently on the PTR, Illuminated Healing is stacking to 1/3 of the Paladin's maximum health. Yay! :DHolyritter3 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 PVP Paladins Unite Paladins have been crippled in PVP since cataclysms launch. Say what you want about PVE, if you know how to play you should know we are fine. Paladins in PVP is a joke and most of the Paladin forums is just rage towards this. I'm tired of people complaining and getting no response from blizz. This forum post is made for fellow paladins like myself to list your complaints, what can be done to fix it and how we can be better built for the future. NO PvE complaints. Please Request a sticky and keep this post alive...i want a response from blizz.Áduro10 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 ret pally is fun! i recently started a ret pally..and im having more fun then ever, even though im just always #1 overall dmg in dungeon grp's, i slice thru mobs fast, this guy is the only 1 iv'e seen that can 1 shot elites in dungeons...WHY DIDNT I MAKE A RET PALLY EARLIER???Ðagonet5 Jun 7, 2011
Jun 7, 2011 starting a new pally any recommendations for the new leveling spec? what is faster instance grinding as a tank or quest grinding?Bratak1 Jun 7, 2011