Nov 16 Prot Gear / Trinket Strategy - AMR vs Wowhead The main question comes down to, which gearing / trinket strategy should I follow? AMR seems to suggest Mastery. Wowhead suggests Versatility/Haste. This character is an alt for me, with the primary task of having fun and running friends and family through content (mythic dungeons, low mythic+ dungeons (up to +5 right now), normal raids soon™). As an alt, I would like a relatively simple gearing strategy to follow as I don't usually take the time to SIM an alt. Until Legion, my basic rule had been follow AMR (AskMrRobot) until you know why you shouldn't. In this expansion, I find myself questioning their suggestions on most of my characters, including my main. Wowhead seems to be vastly improving their character suggestions, and I find myself following their suggestions for alts these days, but I am not sure if that makes sense for Prot Paladin. In addition to the main question, I would appreciate suggestions on trinkets for my current gear. I ventured into mythics the last two weeks and I am now able to carry easy mythic+ instances as a tank (for example I was able to 3 chest Maw +2 as tank fairly easily yesterday). My current trinkets are: 870 Horn of Valor (got really lucky in my first mythic) 850 Talisman of the Cragshaper (I tend to like clickable tank trinkets) 850 Phantasmal Echo (Used this for the haste and low health protection) I know I still need gems and enchants, but what I do with those depends on the main question of overall gearing strategy. Quite frankly, I replaced most of my gear in the last 2 weeks and I got the legendary on yesterday's Maw +2 run. Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions!Pasodoble13 Nov 16
Nov 16 Slime Is there a certain spawn timer for the Large Vile Slime? i camped since yesterday til 4 am, woke up, got on and still not there. And realm hopping hasent workedItazurana11 Nov 16
Nov 16 Guilt of putting AP into all 3 specs So I originally intended to only tank on this character when I made him.. once I decided to try pvp and had AK to 10 I started putting points into ret as well.. everything I got from pvp went to ret and everything else I to prot. Ret is 21 prot is 23 now.. also almost all of my gear including legend pants are prot spec.. Like when would It be ok for me to want to try holy out? My AK is 12 now so I feel I could level it relatively fast but I don't have my 3rd gold trait in either spec and all my gear is prot. Should I just wait till I have 3rd traits or AK is like 20 so I can level it in like few hours or just start now so I don't get to far behind with holy if I plan to raid as holy eventually?Scriptz12 Nov 16
Nov 16 drop rate resets after relog? Does the drop rate reset once you logout or relog ? iv been trying to fish the shard of darkness and i want to know if i can farm for an hour before sleep and try my luck or HAVE to fish it for hours and hours to affect the drop rate ?Ráyn6 Nov 16
Nov 16 Boros' Aggro Terribly amazing or amazingly terrible?Towely12 Nov 16
Nov 16 Aegis of Light Can we talk about how bad this talent is? 5 min CD, 20% DR for people standing behind me, 6 sec channel. Also I'm not sure what keeps breaking the channel as I've been messing with it while questing, does it break on damage? I'm not moving or casting anything but it will randomly break. The animation is cool tho.Trif0 Nov 16
Nov 16 Paladin protection in Mythic+ Hi guys, some questions about our spec. We are a great option for mythic+ or not? I really want focus in that kind of content. 1) Sometimes i feel our rotation counterintuitive. When i want maximize the damage i need use SoR, buts sometimes is waste my def cd. Or wait my Avenger shield for interrupt, and waste my chance of proc and do a better dps. What you think about that. 2) Sometimes i feel a lack of heal pool, if soem moob stun or silence me and i cant press my big reductions or auto heal i can be deleted. Im doing mythic+ 4 and not have great problems, my healer is allways a druid, but sometimes we are at limit. 3) I want a make me an alter for try other tank, what you recommend me for mythic+ DK, Warrior or Brewmaster? I want him for mythic+ too. Ty my friends and sorry for my englishHoderick5 Nov 16
Nov 16 Guarded by the Light Important for Prot PVP? On the PTR they removed the "Reduces the mana cost of your Flash of Light by 50%" part the of talent. I was going to start pvping on my prot paladin. Is this a major change to the viability of prot pvp or not?Takeno1 Nov 16
Nov 16 Potential Shard of Darkness bug. So I managed to fish up a shard of darkness, and instead of entering my inventory when I clicked on it, the game told me, "You can't loot that right now." It may have been a combination of auto loot and clicking it too quickly while the game was trying to put it into my bags, but just to be safe, you might want to turn auto loot off for this. Been over an hour and I haven't received it in the mail. Trying a ticket, but I doubt they'll be able to help. So just be careful.Gwuran17 Nov 16
Nov 16 Spark of the Fallen Exarch So i have seen a lot of bad RNG on my first two hidden artifacts, but in general how much is there with this? Like are people doing this thing for ages and not getting it or is the drop rate reasonable and if you get 30 or so runs in you will get it?Ahndariel10 Nov 16
Nov 16 Holy Heals pvp so in pvp im finding it hard to keep people up escpecially in team. my flash of light barely moves my healing targets health bar during casts . light of the martyr heals for more than holy shock. ive mained a hpally for a long time and it's begininng to feel just unenjoyable i tried a MW monk and i have a lower level rsham who feel 100x more engageing to play. i know you all are really digging the idea for a melee healer but mechanically it just doesnt work. it would seem blizz was going to make it a thing but kinda just gave up on it probably less than halfway through the decision makeing process. either way to me this class has never felt more clunky even with holy power and thats saying a lot. things i consider to be a hinderance in pvp 1. our mastery isnt ideal at all for big battles and team fights in rbgs and even random bgs it actually hurts us more than helps us which brings me to my next thing. 2. i feel like beacon of light is such an outdated mechanic and either needs to be taken off the gcd to make beacon swapping efficient or just remove it all together 3. the templates they gave us for pvp we just don't have enough haste at all and now since we can't stack it we're kinda boned im just not feeling it anymore healing isnt fun for me on the paladin it feels outdated personally we need more crit and haste in our templates to make holy shock effective again so we can atleast get more of infusion procs please for the love of god rework our mastery i mean we're not a melee healer at all you failed in this regard blizzard if our "class fantasy " is to be a half ased melee healer then i suppose you did a fantastic job. just my 2centsLavetio15 Nov 16
Nov 16 Holy Paladin Suramar Questing? Hi All, So I really want to do Holy Paladin, like fully. However I just got into doing Suramar....and honestly I did it before as a Blood DK and it was a breeze. However Holy Pally kills things VERY VERY slowly, but then again I hadn't really put much into my artifact at that point. So how is leveling Suramar with a Holy Paladin? Same with World Quests? Is it painful....or doable and not too bad.Alvarin20 Nov 16
Nov 16 Healers What is the most traditional group healer atm in WOW? The one where you keep every one topped off, play whack a mole with health bars while trying not to stand in stuff. I think I have aged out of the skill level it takes to be holy pally. I cant seem to dps, heal, not stand in bad (so much bad sometimes. that is when you need your group heals the most because everyone else is standing in bad), aim my group heal, wait for the other group heal (bov) to come off its 15 second cooldown so i can use 3 GCDs to set it up, is loh off cooldown? bop? Am i close enough to the tank so he gets aura? You guys are crazy good. Maybe it is time to just start smashing things.Ardan4 Nov 16
Nov 16 Plz tell me what can I improve for my prot I don't think my gear for prot is bad but I know it can be improve.Deyalos2 Nov 16
Nov 16 Holy Paladin PvP Nerfs - Upcoming Hotfixes Some shortsighted & disappointing hotfixes. ... Blizzard completely overdid the nerf to baseline regen and missed the entire point; punishing all normal spec paladins severly because Avenging Crusader was too efficient. Better solution: increase judgement & crusader strike mana cost only during Avenging Crusader to equalize mana accordingly [and let the Paladin control expenditure]. After this hotfix 10% of your entire mana pool will be instantly gone when you activate AC, regardless of how little you use it - which is horrible design. Most normal spec paladins already oom easily enough vs any kind of spread pressure comps. Factor in the UA lock buffs, and suddenly the Pvp Meta is getting even more papper-rock-sissor, where Afflic teams are almost a guaranteed loss like much of WoD. Hopefully we can get the baseline regen nerf lowered to 5% or reverted altogether.Gummibear18 Nov 16
Nov 16 Relics For Ret and Prot Relics what should I be going for? On Ret I was thinking of getting three to up my crusade time which would make it about plus 30 seconds. However with new stuff coming I'm not sure if that is the way to go, should with what I was saying or should I try to get relics that ups my judgment or one of my other attacks? For prot I have no idea what to get sense I haven't tanked in legion yet but I will be soon.Greedsin3 Nov 16
Nov 16 1v1 Ret vs Frost Mage Hey my hammerhomies, I'm here today to talk about fighting a Frost Mage. First of all let me state that I like arena and love BGs but my true passion in WoW has always been the art of the duel. With that in mind.. Out of all the classes I've been fighting in legion I have hands down had the most trouble with frost mages. The biggest problem I've had fighting Frosties is just being locked down in slows/novas etc. As most of us know my Blessing of Freedom is almost instantly spell stolen 99% of the time and after that there's not much I can do besides either popping bubble or shield but that still doesn't leave me much wiggle room. That being said when I get in close quarters with that mage can almost always blow them up but most of the time I'm simply unable to reach them. Any suggestions?Mâgnûs27 Nov 16
Nov 16 Undead Paladin Legion, please, all I've ever wanted since I was 14 and first entered WoW was to play as a Forsaken Paladin.Kìn429 Nov 16
Nov 16 Can Someone Explain This From WoWhead 7.1.5 patch notes for Light of the Protector "Cooldown changed from 15 sec cooldown to 15 sec recharge Charges changed from None to 1 Charges" Isnt that the same thing? I dont get how making it have 1 charge on a 15 sec recharge is any different to having it on a 15sec CD? I still can only use it once then wait 15 secs to be able to use it again right?Hockeybalboa5 Nov 16
Nov 16 Scatter the Shadows + Hand of the Protector What I want to know is, Scatter the Shadows works with Light of the Protector, which is a 35% heal (+20% if you in Consecration). If I pick up the talent, "Hand of the Protector", my Light of the Protector is replaced. But the Artifact talent does not work with Hand of the Protector. If you see another artifact talent "Hammer Time", it says it works with both "Hammer of the Righteous" and "Blessed Hammer", as Blessed Hammer replaced Hammer of the Righteous. If its not a bug, then they have completed voided Hand of the Protector. As Light of the protector is way too strong in comparison.Reddevil16 Nov 16
Nov 16 Paladin Discussion alternative ret specs During all these discussions about paladin being able to be undead or night elf. Why not think of Ret being 2 specs ? I'm not really into lore, but technically you have the Silver Hand clan and the Blood Knight clan, now I know none of them have special abilities and it's only clan. But I would like to see an alternative to ret spec as of based on the Silver Hand. A Retribution that helps their allies, and so most of their spells would be utility and what not 10yard range allies utilities. Kinda like how the new World of Glory function. And on the other hand the Blood Knight, a retribution that is kinda selfless/selfish dealer damage but losing health at the same time. Kinda how the Seal of Blood on Wrath of the Lich King worked and also how Light of the Martyr does. I would like to see a spec working this way, less centered on the utlity and based on dealing damage while sacrifying their own health using powers. Don't take this post too dramatically, just type what you feel.Fylerz11 Nov 16
Nov 16 Lazy Tanking - How to be lazier? Am I the only lazy tank who binds consecration, SotR, LotP, and AW (in that order) to one button and spams it? Now that SotR adds to the duration of the previous, it is more useful than before.Duckberry8 Nov 16
Nov 16 Uther's Guard changes Am I reading the changes correctly? Is there a reason why avenging wrath as holy has a 35% increase while tank spec has a 70% increase? Either way, still a nice and welcomed change and happy I have the legendary now. Holy: Avenging Wrath increases healing done by an additional 35% and increases damage done by an additional 25% Protection: Avenging Wrath increases healing done by an additional 70% and increases damage done by an additional 25%Odicimus6 Nov 16
Nov 16 Do Prot Pallys have the lowest HP? Is this like true? I see this thrown around a lot.....but do we truly have the lowest normal HP of any tanks?Alvarin10 Nov 16
Nov 16 NightHold Tier = all mastery!?!?!? Ret Night hold tier = all mastery....Our worst stat...why...just why...Ulooknatme8 Nov 16
Nov 16 How is Prot Pally's solo ability? Heya, I was just curious as to how well do Prot pallys do in soloing old raids in comparison to other tanks and specs in general?Renryuu1 Nov 16
Nov 16 when did ret get so much dodge % we have dodged the nerf hammer yet again! Nov 16
Nov 16 Another Help Me Improve Thread.... Pick me apart, and my gear if you want.Vartonis11 Nov 16
Nov 16 New legendary Ret Shoulders. Patch 7.1.5 Ennemies hit with Wake fo Ashes take 20% more damage from you, for 6 second. Nov 16
Nov 16 Arena Skirm Vid Did my weekly and got some good games in.. Hope you enjoyTreisakilla0 Nov 16
Nov 16 3000 Casts! 3000 casts and the damn item still hasnt been fished up! Other classes complain because they are waiting on a world boss to appear or have to run the same dungeon over and again. At least they dont have to fish for days on end! This is stupid!!!Hockeybalboa5 Nov 16
Nov 16 Divine shield question So last night I ran a high mythic+ dungeon, not THAT high, but pretty high... a +11 We ran DHT and man in oakheart, 2nd boss - (the tree with so MANY puns) I felt like i'm wearing clothes and no shield. Anyway, one of his skill, crushing grip, it says to be physical and nature damage. So, logically speaking, our divine shield should give us total immunity against it right? But it doesn't Why's that? Isn't divine shield supposed to prevent ALL damage? In raids, sure, there's some skills that can't be prevented, fair enough, BUT IN DUNGEON??? Come on blizz??Judgment6 Nov 16
Nov 16 Heavenly Strength...what if? There's a passive that Crusaders in Diablo 3 can spec for called Heavenly Strength that allows them to wield a 2H weapon in one hand and a shield in the other: Now, I know WoW isn't Diablo, and the two games have different mechanics and balancing needs. But, hypothetically speaking, what would the effects be on the Paladin class in WoW if Blizzard decided to give this to the Paladin class? I'm not saying I think it's a good idea or even that I necessarily want it to happen, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on what we'd be like if it happened. For instance, how much would Ret benefit from being able to block? And how much would Prot benefit from having a slower weapon with more DPS?Longwriter17 Nov 16
Nov 16 Why am I slow af? Back in the day, I think pallies at least had some +10%?? run speed somewhere in their talents. But this is breaking my balls Blizz. Just making me cry =[[Tóys13 Nov 16
Nov 15 15 second Nerf to LOTP. At least it's like that on the newest PTR build, prepare yourselves paladins, no more soloing 7+ bosses at 15%. :(Artyion6 Nov 15
Nov 15 Holy Pally Stat weights Looking for some stat weights for Holy paladin. I am currently thinking its int >crit > vers > haste >mastery . Can anyone shed some weight figures. This is some figures from the Dugi Guides addon but im not sure if its trustable. Also Noxxis has these weights. Yes I know how much everyone hates noxxic. Intellect [9.07] > Crit [7.57] > Mastery [6.07] > Versatility [4.57] > Haste [3.07] All comments welcome. Keen to have a good discussionPhwark11 Nov 15
Nov 15 Haste/Mastery Ret Is there any way to stack Ret as Haste>Mastery That is effective and not a DPS loss? The amount of Mastery gear I keep getting is just disgusting. Now granted, I could probably hit about 69% Mastery if I put my mind to it and still have the haste requirement for a smooth rotation... but... yeah... I'm wondering if any Rets are pulling good damage focusing on Mastery as their damage stat.Maverick7 Nov 15
Nov 15 Holy - Choosing Upgrades I can link the items if needed but I won't for now, hoping that general information is enough. Usually I don't have issues deciding when an upgrade is *actually* an upgrade. I am currently wearing 850 boots - Crit/Mastery. I just received 865 boots out of my weekly Myth+ chest but they have crit/haste + socket. Would the boosted int make them worth missing out on mastery? This is the first time I really couldn't decide. Thanks for any help!Luniraa4 Nov 15
Nov 15 Stat priority pvp prot? Ne1?Drewsifer2 Nov 15
Nov 15 Ret Stats with Chrono shard hey all quick question. Currently rocking the neck and chrono shard Stats unbuffed before proc are 26% crit 23% haste 33% mastery when chrono procs haste jumps to 39% and with crusade in full swing its like 120% with lust even higher Question is, I can swap out some of the crit enchants and gear to get haste unbuffed to 28% but crit goes to 19%, should I go that route, I'm already swimming in haste at some points. Not sure what to do Thanks BallsBallsmcgee0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Predicted next Dragon Artifact Trait Anyone have a predicted next Dragon Artifact Trait? I think it's going to be our Leap that was promised at the beginning of Legion. This will fix our movement/being kitted problems.Ashenbel26 Nov 15
Nov 15 Holy - Beacon Talents of Choice? I feel like I do a pretty good job healing, but I always feel like I could be doing a lot better. I was wondering if some of you experience Holy Paladins could give me your opinions on which beacon talent you would use on the following Encounters. I personally I usually use Lightbringer for raiding and heroic dungeons and Virtue for Mythic dungeons, but feel like I might be doing myself a favor if I switch it up more often. Here's a templete for you guys to respond with: Mythic Dungeons: Black Rook Hold - Court of Stars - Darkheart Thicket - Eye of Azshara - Halls of Valor - Maw of Souls - Neltharion's Lair - The Arcway - Vault of the Wardens - Karazhan - EN Raid bosses: Nythendra - Elerethe Renferal - Ursoc - Il'gynoth - Dragons of Nightmare - Cenarius - Xavius - ToV Bosses: Odyn - Guarm - Helya - Lastly, would you change anything when you get one of the following in Mythics? Bolstering Necrotic Overflowing Raging Sanguine Skittish Teeming VolcanicGigalight3 Nov 15
Nov 15 Survival The caltrops they drop on the ground that slow you are unaffected by is beyond annoying, is this a bug? Blessing of freedom does not remove the slowing effect of this ability for some reason and getting kited for days with freedom on... Am I missing something? If so please enlighten me.Shouryuken6 Nov 15
Nov 15 Blood Elf Paladin Class Mount color Since the blue/gold of the current mount is very Alliance, can Horde paladins get a different color scheme on the armor?Rakatashi6 Nov 15
Nov 15 Macro for Greater Blessings Is there a macro to do Greater Blessings where you just push one button?Wonderclam1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Rate my mog my crown, shield and weapon all glow that's why I have the crown.Artoriàs4 Nov 15
Nov 15 What does Echo of the Highlord do? The description is so vaguely worded... It's one of the gold talents in the Ret weapon. Ashbringer mimics Templar's Verdict and Divine Storm, dealing 10% of normal damage. Nov 15
Nov 15 Help with Holy Paladin Okay, idky, but am I the only one who seems to run out of Mana in the middle of a freakin boss fight? I feel as though ever other healer class has no issue with mana and if they do, Holy paly has the worst of it. If anyone has any advice on how to manage mana, please put it in the comments, I use potions as well but they hardly give me anything. I feel as though I almost have to use Holy light throughout most of the fight and only use Holy light once things start getting tougher, for instance I did a EN - normal run tonight and on Xavius, half way through his health I'm already out of mana... I don't want to have to rely on a druid to give me mana... What's the point of mana anymore anyways? freaking Frost and Fire mages can cast constantly and hardly budge on mana, I'm supposed to be healing a group, keeping people alive, I shouldn't run out of mana period!Jaesah10 Nov 15
Nov 15 Healing partners My friends and I have started raiding again. I main a resto druid, but my friend plays one as well. I felt that having two druids made healing a bit slower than I'd like when a few people take spike damage. So I'd like to know what people think about strengths other classes have when considering a druid cohealer? I'm leveling a pally and priest, I have this shaman, and I have a monk that just hit 110. We'll be doing heroic soon :-) I mainly posted here because pally forums are usually helpful, and the healing forums were blown away. I also recall pallies were quite useful in wod, and many people considered them to be required for progression.Churning3 Nov 15
Nov 15 What am I missing about holy pvp? I can't stay alive more than two seconds. I can't heal anyone through more than one dps on them. I can't heal myself even to half from 1/8 inside the duration of my bubble. I can't see how this is supposed to be enjoyable.Verdaren4 Nov 15