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3m PTR changes for Elemental Was on PTR seems possible unpublished changes looking at spellbook and abilities: Frost Shock buff ~13% Earth Shock buff ~10% no change to others stuff and no nerf to Fire Elemental ~20% nerf to Flame Shock DoT Can anyone else validate this. see if they get the same thing? I wanna make sure I am not delusional.Urzöth27 3m
3m Resto stat priorities? So I'm wondering how beneficial haste is? I know mast is first and crit is second but is there a certain percentage I should be at for haste? I'm at 86% mast, 21% crit, and 12% haste. I guess my question would be is my haste too low? should I be subbing out one of the two for More haste? or patch it in where i can without touching my mast and or crit?Ghòst2 3m
18m How to setup Bloodlust Cd on TMW addon? Is it possible to setup bloodlust CD on tellmewhen?. I am only able to have the 5min Cd but I want the 10min CD. Can someone tell me where do I need to set up to 10min? Thanks!Azorag0 18m
33m Resto Shaman Talent Tweaks Unleash Life - Should be removed off GCD Ancestral Vigor - Instead of giving people 10% extra HP it should give people a shield for 10% of their hp. This way it can actually show up on meters and not just be something we run because it seems pretty good. If this is added then Earthen Shield Totem will need a small buff to make both talents on par. Bottomless Depths - When the effect of this triggers your next cast should be either free or cost 50% less mana. WellSpring - Should leave a healing rain style AOE heal on the path that it flowed through for 5 seconds or the spell should have no cost. Not saying we should get all of these buffs obviously but just pitching some ideas.Jon13 33m
33m Fury of Air in 7.1 With the change to nature damage and scaling with mastery, will this be best for PvP? I still find it a bit hard to maintain with the constant maelstrom drain. Thoughts?Fallingpiano3 33m
1h Resto Shaman 3s—how do you live burst? Serious question. I first talented into Ghost Mist for 18% damage reduction + Astral Shift (I thought that would be really interesting, esp with AS usable in GW). But it doesn't matter. The time on defensives is way too short and the burst lasts forever. The only good one is Spirit Link Totem, which I only have one charge of. Kiting is okay, but less effective with so many gap closers. I need legit pro tips.Kharthak0 1h
1h elemental vs enhance healing This may be a dumb question... why does Enhance get to cast instant Healing Surge for 20 Maelstrom while Elemental doesn't? it seems like the same mechanic should affect both specs. Not to mention that Enhance gets lesser version of Healing Rain that is cost free.Jerauld9 1h
1h resto killing me this xpac, need advice I have a great time as resto as long as people are following mechanics and generally avoiding damage ... which is like saying, I'm a great healer unless people need heals In the past I've had no problems with anything healing related, even though it wasn't my spec. In general ... use the various tools to keep people together and if things go sideways you could apply tools faster and/or spam healing surge. Healing surge was sort of a way we could quickly convert a lot of our mana into heals. Now ... when things go slightly pearshaped I kind of feel screwed. I just watch peoples health drop and I throw every tool I have at it and spam healing surge as well, and eventually people start drying. Sure, it's better now that I have some gear but in general it's mostly unchanged. EDIT: the heals are so small, that's kind of the problem ... they just can't seem to keep pace when anything other than people generally following mechanics happensZahruk15 1h
1h The last straw I gave it a go, i can't, nope. unless Ele gets a 30% damage buff across the board i'm not touching my ele sham ever again, it's beyond disgusting bad and i can't take it anymore. I swear to god blizzard has INTERNS balancing this game.Pewpin3 1h
1h Constructive Ele Shaman Feedback EDIT: Repositioning and compiling at the top of this post for ease of access for any blues out there if they are reading. Want to clarify, this is not a list of "Do all this or we suck." It's a variety of suggestions or angles from which to attack the problem. Summary of Pain Points for possible tweaks from original post and replied suggestions. Lightning Bolt damage is extremely underwhelming and our sustained dps suffers in turn. Buff Lightning Bolt damage by 15%, lava burst by 15% and chain lightning by 10%. Nerf our Fire Elemental by the same amount to move the damage from Fire Elemental into our normal rotational abilities. Earth Shock damage feels unrewarding for something that took so long to produce. Stormkeeper feels unrewarding, it does no damage on original cast and the 200% buff doesn't feel very powerful when Lightning Bolt hits for so little. Make Stormkeeper do one of 2 things Deal significant damage on use Make the next 3 CL/LB casts either instant or 50% faster Take Stormkeeper off the GCD, currently it is one of the few artifact abilities that costs a gcd and does not do any damage. Earthquake Totem needs to apply damage sooner, and if no path avail. can't be fixed, revert to off-totem Earthquake. Please make EQ do 75% of its damage in the first 3 or 4 seconds. Lava Burst in PvP is in a bad spot, would prefer nerf to control of lava and buff to base LvB dmg in the pvp template. Melee largely dominate ele in pvp, increase to armor is possible fix. An increase to our armor outside of PvP would help significantly with questing survivability as well Path of Flame does not function well enough to be used. Have Lava Burst hits spread flameshock to all targets in range. Flameshock currently does not spread to in combat but un-hit targets, this needs to be fixed. Make Power of the Maelstrom affect Chain Lightning. Buff Mastery. The class is designed around mastery, maelstrom generation is designed around Mastery. Yet Mastery is our weakest stat by far and we are not stacking it. Increase maelstrom generation. If you don't want to buff mastery, buff maelstrom generation as it currently takes at least 6 casts to fill a maelstrom bar. Buff Volcanic Inferno's range to 6 yards. An increase to the damage wouldn't hurt either. Lower the damage and increase the proc rate of Static Overload. Fix the Lightning Elemental from Fury of the Stormlord as it's lightning bolt hits very hard, but the chain lightning it casts hits like a wet noodle. Make Flame Shock generate Maelstrom every tick to smooth out generation. Similar to the warlock change, allow our Maelstrom to default at 20 so we dont have that awkward start of the fight where we have to either refresh FS mid burst or delay burst to get a real FS out. Storm Elemental is still largely useless, it doesn't need more mael gen for cast, it needs more damage on casts. Icefury is janky with a cast time as a movement ability, instant or cast while moving could alleviate. Mastery interaction for scaling. Elemental Blast new function to allow scaling. Replaces Earthshock as main spender with damage scaling. Some way to allow the buff to scale with a stat or maelstrom. Here starts my original post. I want to preface this by saying I understand and see the volatility and disappointment within the Ele community and in some cases, when frustrated, have contributed to that negativity. While sometimes enough of that sort of behavior eventually triggers a reaction from the dev team, more often than not it causes more confusion and difficulty between us and them. It is for this reason that I am going to attempt to do in this post, what Ion requested in the QA today, and highlight pain points within the spec. First I'd like to start with what you guys got right in the updating of the spec as it is pretty much the same with minor changes which cause significant ripples through the spec. Shocks no longer sharing a CD with each other as well as duration and damage scaling with maelstrom. -This change fixed a significant issue that Ele has faced for some time and as turned us from potentially one of the worst 3 target switchers in the game to one of the best, being able to swap to a target and instantly get damage rolling. A significant performance headache and QoL improvement. Talent performance within tiers. -Aside from some outliers ie. Primal Elementalist, which is currently a significant portion of our damage and if not taken and used properly leaves the Elemental shaman an after thought in damage application on a boss encounter; the choices of talents which to use is almost unmatched in it's depth and breadth, allowing those who have researched and tested, to adapt to encounters with almost every tool in their toolbox. (This is not to say that talent balance is perfect, it's not, and many of these "choices" will result in average damage reductions over the course of a fight, you trade that for an enormous increase in ability to perform a specific niche task which your raid or dungeon group requires of you.) Before I move on to pain points in the spec currently, I'd like to briefly address some of the reasons many elemental shamans are seeing significantly poor performance. They simply haven't or can't be bothered to do any extra research in to the class or to examine math done by the likes of Starsha, Binkenstein, or Bloodmallet, all excellent sources of Elemental shaman theorycrafting and go on doing what they assume is best for the class and then retreat behind a wall of tuning excuses when the tank hands them their rump on a plate in damage. The fact is, it's not entirely their fault either. The stat priority for example, one of the most asked questions on the Shaman discord in the Elemental channel, is not as straight forward as it seems. Most people picking the spec up see things such as the spell duplication mastery as well as Lava Burst always critting and make the not so crazy leap that crit is bad 'cause it's guaranteed on our hardest hitting rotational builder and that mastery and haste are the way to go. In actual fact, due to our 250% crit damage, the way Elemental Focus benefits our damage, along with how large a part of our damage Earth Shock and Flame Elemental are, of which the latter 2 are not even affected by mastery, crit ends up being the most valuable stat. I implore any shamans reading this who are not already doing so, to adjust your gear to a priority of Int>Crit>Haste~=Vers>>>Mastery and you will have much greater success, obviously you're still no fire mage, but you can compete through good play. Pretty much all the Ele shaman theorycrafting is currently being done and shared through the Earthshrine Discord Server, if you wish to participate / improve / or simply keep up to date with the ever shifting nature of the class as the game evolves it can be reach via this link Now I'll move on to pain points within the spec as I see them. Rotational Spell Tuning -Without trying to use hyperbole, the damage output of lightning bolt is simply less than excellent. Outside of Stormkeeper (which i personally enjoy but also has it's own bag of problems in the community at large) lightning bolt is hitting much too weak, and as a builder spell I understand that the spell is meant to perform the task of building maelstrom toward an Earth Shock, which I'll address in the next section, but if it could receive a slight buff, it would improve the spell so much, as well as the sustain output of Ascendance spec and burst profile Lightning Rod Spec (the two favored talent builds). Obviously lava burst would need a small bump as well to keep ascendance competitive. -Chain Lightning, I believe to be in a good spot where it is, if Lightning bolt received a small bump and CL did not it wouldn't break the current multi target rotation too much if at all and would stop the dilemma of, my chain lightning hits harder on single target than lightning bolt but I get less maelstrom, which relic traits are causing. Maelstrom Spender Tuning -Earthshock hits fairly hard, obviously nothing like the middle of beta but still pretty hard. That said, you're essentially spending this resource you took 7-10 globals to build up, for a underwhelming hit unless it crits (a call back to one reason why crit is actually our best stat). I'm not going to pretend I know how to fix this mathematically but it isn't rewarding in either damage output or "the feel" of the rotation to have all this build up not crit and suddenly peter out for about 50k more damage than a LvB. -Earthquake Totem is just simply put, a mess from a damage standpoint. If you can ever find an available path to put the thing down, chances are mobs are already dead in normal mythics or heroics. In mythic+'s when mobs start to live 20-30 sec a pack and you can lay down 3-4 at a time with around 6-8 total in a fight depending on Static Overload procs it starts to do ok damage, but that's a significant time profile required to make the spell useful from a damage perspective, and in raids i can't remember the last time an add spawn lasted longer than 5 sec before being vaporized. As it stands this spell is useful only for mythic+ content at about 5 or higher, and even then, mostly for the survivability of the tank due to knockdowns. The most useful fix I have seen suggested for this is to frontload the damage in to the first tick, like an actual earthquake and the ticks after are just aftershocks there to provide proc chance on the knockdown and small damage hits. Mechanical Concerns -Stormkeeper is the first to jump to mind, as the spell does no damage but still uses a global CD. The devs did finally remove the cast time, thanks btw, but it's still very jarring to have to press this button every minute that applies no damage and sets you on the GCD. All in all, my opinion of the spec is, that we are in an alright place, we are viable, not strong, but by no means dumpster worthy if played and itemized correctly. In my opinion we need a overall 5-10% dps gain over what we output now, like I said before, however that is done mathematically I won't pretend to know. Along with some fixes on how spells like earthquake actually function the spec would be very enjoyable and usable moving forward. Thanks for reading whoever was brave enough not to TLDR it, and feel free to accost my insights or add additional feedback as you wish, let's just keep it civil. Have great one.Clâptrap370 1h
1h 7.0.3 Elemental Shaman ROFLCOPTER Fire your Shaman devs ASAP. No totems - no utility - no survive-ability I stacked versatility before prepatch, was at 34% with all my buffs and trinkits popped, and I could down players in a 1/3rd of the casts I have to now. I cast a 2 second lightning bolt and do 8k-14k damage on a crit to players with 500-600k health. This is pathetic. with an average cast time around 1.6 second and average damage in PvP around 10k that is 96 seconds worth of free casting to kill somebody without accounting for any type of healing or defensive abilities. No shields which gave us 10% damage reduction when glyphed properly. Maelstrom generation is a joke. It depletes just as fast as rage does when out of combat and it takes roughly 17 times longer to build up. Before, your stacks on your lightning shield did not deplete when out of combat. You need to make it to where Maelstrom does not deplete when out of combat, and you need to make its generation on par with rage. If it takes 2 seconds to cast lightning bolt, I should get the amount of Maelstrom compared to a Warriors rage generation in 2 seconds with a bonus because I had to HARD-CAST a 2 second long spell. PvP Damage is laughable, now the TTK has been TRIPLED for shamans while the TTK shamans has dropped. On top of that, you nerfed Ascendance by adding another minute to the CD and you made lava burst hit like a wussy. Tisk Tisk. There is no reason to play a shaman in Legion, if you want to enjoy playing the game you MUST play a fire mage. I just did a EoTS, took a base and all of our players were at 40% health, a player asked for heals, and I told them "blizzard said "NO" I am NOT allowed to be useful like that". Now Elemental shamans are gated behind 5 worthless heals before they are OOM and have to wait 30 seconds. This means that if I am at 20% HP I have to blow all of my mana, mount up, head to the next fight, stop on my !@#$ing way to the next fight, blow all my mana again, mount up and repeat. Melle heal better than Ele Shamans can now. This is laughable. This game-play sucks blizzard. You suck blizzard. My action bars are empty, a class that was already at a huge disadvantage just got buried under the ground. I have never seen a company destroy a game overnight. Thanks for the once in a lifetime opportunity. Massive Entertainment is better at game balance than you are. They were the bottom of the barrel before you guys showed off how great you really are today. By the way, your dumb !@# devs forgot to put a 0 after the 184 on elemental blast. The fact you missed that oversight is mind-numbing. So instead of the spell being worth a !@#$, it is only giving 10% of the bonus it should be giving. GG! You also forgot to make PvP gear scale up to 740 in BG/Arenas! Now everybody with PvE gear has the advantage! Boomkin PvE tier is working in battle grounds. I just did 6k damage with a lava burst guys, come on. what the hell is lava burst doing 1%-3% of the enemies health as damage for? Even if lava burst crits for 20k, thats still 30 casts to kill wars, and when you factor everything else in the TTK is the worst I have ever seen it. Just did 1.3 MILLION damage to a warlock, who healed through it all by doing damage. He didn't stop dealing damage for a second to have some of the most overpowered healing in the game, yet here I am spending 10 seconds standing still to dump my mana bar for 30% of my health with a chance of getting locked out of nature. Lets talk about the mobility! If you want to move out of melee range as a shaman, you are the only class in the game who has to shape shift into a form rendering you unable to deal damage just so you can move. Since Ghostwolf does not break roots/snares like it should, shamans just get destroyed by any and every melee class in the game. Sure you can use your wind gust to get some distance, unless you get stunned or rooted when you cast it(I am in the aie wtf are you rooting me to). After you land you will still only have 1 to 2 seconds of up time, and thats only if your enemy cannot break a slow or has a slow on them. So you can cast once, every 15 seconds, if you are lucky enough to not be facing a warrior/rogue/druid/dk/enhance or ret with freedom. As of 8/24/16 I just tested a 110 balance and ele on the beta. Heres what I have to say: Balance Druids : Starsurge costs 40 resource and hits for 140k in baseline gear on beta compared to a 100 Maelstrom Earthshock that does 200k. for the same amount of resource (100) druids are dealing 350k damage compared to shamans at 200k. On top of costing less and dealing more damage, it buffs their other abilities. Starfal vs Earthquake totem : Starfall cost's the same amount as earthquake totem if not specced to make it cost less, yet deals more damage, doesn't have a totem that can be killed easily to stop it and buffs their dots to deal more damage. Solar Wrath deals more damage than Lightningbolt/chain lightning with a shorter cast time and the same amount of resource generation which is 8 per cast. Druids remove all roots and slows when they shapeshift, which takes 1 GCD to get moving at high speed compared to shamans, when we shapeshift we only go 100% movement speed without breaking roots/slows even tho everybody elses base movement speed is 110% at the slowest with the enchant to cloaks. We can't attack or cast spells in ghostwolf form. It takes us 5 seconds to get the distance druids can get in 1 second. Earthgrab totem - Mass Entangling : Once again, shamans are hindered by a totem that is easily killed. On top of the totem being easily killed, the root only lasts for 5 seconds vs 20(PvP 8). And with the awesome PvP talents druids can get makes the roots not break on damage. Shamans get to choose between three healing PvP talents, one of them restores 3% health every 5 seconds while in ghostwolf form. Druids get this when they choose resto affinity and it happens in any form and if you are max health the healing goes to a nearby ally. On top of getting the passive heal, they get to be a resto druid with swiftmend. Gust of Wind vs Wild Charge - in travel form, druids have a better gust of wind that travels farther on the same CD. This same skill can be used to root enemies, jump to allies, slow enemies or disengage. Totaly fair blizz. Ascendance vs Celestial Alignment - Blizz gave boomkins Ascendance as a baseline ability, and their baseline ability is way better than Ascendance because it increases damage by roughly 10% more AND increases their resource generation by 50%. Boomkins can spec into it and make it even more powerful if they choose. Skyfury Totem vs Moonking Aura - Boomkins get 100% uptime on our totem just for standing there. Yet again, we are hindered by a totem that is behind a CD that is easily killed. Cyclone vs Hex - hex has a 30sec CD on top of players retaining their movement to LoS or stand on top of you. Cyclone is spammable and cannot be dispelled. Healing Touch vs Healing Surge - Druids can choose between being able to always criticaly heal and reduce the cast time of healing touch on allies by 50% or heal for 5% every time they shapeshift in their PvP tree. Keep in mind balance druids retained their 220k mana pool while Ele shamans got shafted with a 35k mana pool. Balance druids can cast 10+ healing touches and still not be oom, meanwhile eles can barely heal 5 times before they are oom. Balance druids can also spec into healing so that each heal generates 15 resource each and every heal. Pretty much the equivalent of being able to spam healing surge on your allies without going oom and then casting a fully charged Earth shock ever 3 heals and then after 2 heals on the 4th iteration. Totaly balanced right We are forced to choose between !@#$ we need to be competent. Icefury should be baseline. Earthfury should be baseline, replace the option with enhancements bloodlust PvP talent. Earth Shock should cap out at 40maelstorm and only be available with 40 maelstrom and Earthfury should stun for 2 seconds on a Earthshock. Elemental blast should be baseline and cost maelstrom. I could go on and on blizzard, get your !@#$ together. Legion launches in 5 days, yet if I get CC'd by anything other than a stun, before a stun I still can't cast thunderstorm untill I am out of the stun. I still can't call my Earth elemental out while I have my Fire Elemental out and it takes the 2min CD even tho it didn't summon. This isn't including balance being able to instant cast any spell after being hit by a melee and a few other things that I am too !@#$ing pissed off about to write up. 9/17/2016 Blizzard failed. No surprise! Even tho I am the top simming Ele shaman on wow right now, our damage is !@#$ even in PvE. Our aoe is a fifth of WW/DH and our ST is only seeming on par because the fights in Mythic's don't last long enough to show our real dps without Fire Elemental. If blizzard is really going to make us rely on a pet for damage than the pet should be at our side constantly. The design is so bad, that alot of times I have to force myself not to use Fire Elemental on some bosses just so I can have it up for the next even tho I have the artifact trait that reduces it's cooldown. Take Vault of the Wardens for example, there are 3 bosses that are less than 2 minutes apart from each other. Do you really think Elemental Shamans will have Fire Elemental up for every boss? Meanwhile mage's dps is all on a 1min CD. Every fight, they are good to go. Fire mage's legi's are outstanding, meanwhile there is only 1 out of the 8 option's for Ele that is remotely good, the boots, and they are only a 19% ST dps increase. It doesn't take much to see how terrible the dev's did again. We need dev's who put their heart's into this game. Mastery is supposed to be our main stat but it's %^-*, our rotation consists of 4 buttons not including cool-downs. Lightning bolt, Lava Burst, Earth Shock and Flame Shock. < I should be seeing Icefury and Elemental Blast in this rotation as a base line setup for Elemental shamans. Give us a flat 10% haste increase and replace that talent in the tree, or give us Elemental blast for free. Do like you did with Balance Druids and make our talents increase our current skills instead of making us choose between !@#$ we absolutely need. You guys can fix this situation, or atleast that's what I have been saying since classic when I was getting laughed at for saying I wanted to play Ele in MC. Due to your incompetence I have been forced to play resto for over a decade. If you can't tell by now, people like me will just quit if they cannot play what they enjoy and be viable while doing it. Demon Hunter's are healing off of our totems, 30% health off of each totem that dies in 1 auto attack. Totem pathing is %^-*ed, I can see you were really lazy and decided to make every other totem drop around us or at our feet instead of fixing the issue at hand. I'd like to be able to choose where my totems spawn without having to click them 7+ times when I need them in a split second in PvP. Why is AoE killing our totem's? Did we get some new interns that have taken shamans back to the stone age? Anyways, thanks for letting us all down yet again Blizz. RiP WoW.Longar287 1h
1h So I did some random BG It was surprisingly fun as ele.. I was prepared for the worst, from all the talk on the forums about ele being a steaming pile in pvp. I specced PoF and EF and LR (you know, the ones they say you should not ever use) 863 ilvl specs about 30/30/50 crit/haste/mastery It was huge fun. i was very surprised. most if the time I was #1 dps by a large margin or maybe 1 or 2 close. cast 1-2 flame shocks then watch out! when the lava surge spam starts! fwap fwap-wap - (kill) fwap fawap-wap fwap-wap (kill) fwap-wap fwap-wap (kill) fwap fwap fwap (you get the idea) it gets to where you just run and jump and do backflips all over the place spamming lava burst on everything. It was glorious! lava surge spam comes faster than the global c/d if you can get enough fs up (which happens automatically with PoF) At my ilvl it takes 2-3 lava burst (depending on mastery procs) to take down an enemy and with ls spam it is quick if they group up, shame on them, pop artifact then CL spam and ES/ LS spam and EQ/cap totem: they MELT If they catch you alone though it's hard to survive 3-4 guys training you in a stun-lock, but it sure is fun knocking them off the bridge in eye of the storm. Enh shaman gave me the most trouble 1 on 1 and a ret pally with bubble but I love to take down healers who aren't expecting it. Not sure if it would be as good in a small group or with people who are actually good at pvp though. But it was surprisingly fun.Raamas15 1h
1h ele shammy so !@#$ing bad Why did they ruin elemental shammy, its !@#$ing depressing. Im literally quitting this game cause of this I used to love playing my shammy and can't even make it past lvl 102 cause enhancement is such a mindless %^-*ing spec to play and resto is meh and elemental is just a joke. Buffed might be fun to play but wtf is bliz thinking. So !@#$ing stupidBackpackface7 1h
1h Rate that Transmog! You know what to do! x/10, and brief description of why in regards to the transmog of the person above you!Valayria104 1h
2h Feedback From Someone Enjoying Elemental... Call me sick but I'm actually enjoying Elemental Shaman. The visuals and audio are some of the best of the 6 classes I've played extensively in Legion. The Class Fantasy itself is solid. I think with a few changes it can be great. Here's my ideas that I think stay true to what they're trying to do here. Stormkeeper In addition to its current effects have it either make those 3 spells instant cast or castable while moving. Astral Shift Usable while stunned (this at the very least, please) and also have it reduce the duration of loss of control effects by 30% for the duration. Frost Shock When used with 20 Maelstrom, also roots the target for 2 seconds. Can not occur on a single target more than once every 8 seconds. Earthquake Totem Reduce Maelstrom cost to 35 Icefury Instant cast. Reduce affected Frost Shocks to 3. Water Walking QoL change. Make it affect all party/raid members within 30 yards. Wind Rush Totem Minimum speed while affected by this totem is 110% Just some suggestions. We don't necessarily need all of them but I think they add to the class fantasy, shore up difficult talent choices, and add fun instead of just raw numbers. Thanks for reading :)Khaosfury1 2h
3h blizzard so smart this is a !@#$ing joke, i do 80k at lvl 102 with lava bursts, 20k with lightning bolt, switch to enhance and im doing min 50k-100k with instant cast abilities and then windfury procs. Blizzard, never go full retard.Backpackface3 3h
4h DPS tips for raiding as Enh Hey all, I apologize for not having any dps data to link, but my iLvL is 854 and I can pull ~300k dps during mythics. For some reason however (maybe I get too focused on avoiding mechanics or something), my dps drops to sub 200k on most boses of H EN. Obviously that's not where I should be as an enhance. Especially when other melee (WW/DH/Rogue) are hitting high 200k/low 300k on the same fights. I have weak auras for buff bar tracking (pretty good at not letting any drop, except FT once in a while to get stormstrikes out) I also have a precoded rotation weak aura so when I get lost in mechanics I look at it to see where I am at in my rotation. Questions besides generic tips you think of: 1. Do I prioritize CL at all over keeping up buffs or any Stormstrikes? 2. I also have issues capping Maelstrom too frequently, is there a Weak Aura script I can use to get a modular resource bar? Any tips that have helped would be greatly appreciated.Bowser15 4h
5h Ele Shaman feels great in dungeons. I know as an Ele Shaman we have !@#$ Substain DPS. But in dungeons I really do feel like I compete and I compete well. The ST burst really does shine in dungeons and I feel competitive. Though they have to do something to our sustain ST for the love of god. I can't imagine having this bad sustain DPS over the whole expansion.Àscern6 5h
5h Elemental Damage and Utility The main thing I want Blizzard to answer is: If Ele is going to continue to be lackluster damage, what do we bring to get us invites? They went on and on about warlocks and their gateways and survivability, but what does Ele have? Especially since every spec of warlock is outperforming Ele as of right now. We have an interrupt, it's special because its ranged and a short CD. But DH and Enh have the same thing, and most ranged have an interrupt just not as short of a cd. We have purge, but Enh has that and mages have one that is infinitely better since they actually TAKE the purged buff (which is usually a damage or healing buff) and put it on themselves. We have Gust of Wind, which is basically a low budget blink. Mages get two blinks that can go right through mechanics and can be used while casting. Ours gets us killed a lot since most mechanics are two dimensional. My favorite example of this is Mythic Cenarius when I tried to leap over brambles to clear my stacks, and instead got rooted by the Brambles mid air and fell. We have Wind Rush Totem/Ancestral Guidance, WRT is basically Stampeding Roar that must be placed on the ground, it's useful for some fights but for whatever reason we have to sacrifice Gust of Wind and AG just to use it. Though, sacrificing AG isn't really an issue considering it's almost entirely useless. We are a hybrid, who does zero healing unless I stop and cast healing surge, even after doing that I'm usually still not beating any pure dps on healing. For reference, this looks pretty pathetic: The only specs that are consistently below our healing are MM and Survival Hunter. So, Blizzard, I ask again; what DO we have? Our toolkit is laid out like a spec that should have above average damage, or at least middle of the pack since we don't bring much else, yet we are still basically tied for 2nd worst DPS in the game. It's only going to get worse if we continue to see no changes while other struggling specs get buffed. Watcher even said specs like Frost/Arcane mage parse lower than their max potential since most min/maxing players are playing Fire. Why is it okay that there are still specs parsing far below even them? Especially specs like Elemental where the only other ranged option is to change classes? Source for damage numbers: PS: Go ask questions and upvote shamans here 5h
5h Anyone else hate the scepter quest? That final fight was just so annoying frustrating I was just grinding my teeth at the end. You cast several heals on the giant just for him to get slapped back down faster than it took to heal him up. Not to mention forget about trying to heal the broken guy, every time I'd throw a heal on him the naga would just put him back at 0 health, literally no way I could even revive him so it was all on Gnash to beat her down. At the end I said heck with it and just healed myself and dps'd the naga down by myself because the two worthless sacks of health were a waste of mana! I was throwing down my totems, cleansing, purging. I felt as though there was some mechanic I was missing, some spell I wasn't thinking of using. Nope, the quest is just a frustrating introduction to healing on a shaman. The quest isn't fun, or interesting just darn frustrating.Turbolover9 5h
5h Elemental Question I have a 2 big question, What elemental do more damage, Fire or Storm???? If I Uses the Primal Elementalist, what Do more damage, fire or Storm???Orquina5 5h
6h Dear Devs... From an ele shammy A friend told me to post this here too... Dear Blizzard, Ian and the Blues, As an elemental shaman I honestly am kind of heart broken at the lack of communication that has taken place with my class spec. I've played ele for over a decade now, I fell in love with it from day 1. Yet now I find myself logging in and immediately get dismayed to play the moment i start doing damage. I read up on strats for my class, min max to the best of my ability and yet I feel like all my hard work is going to waste. I feel kind of stupid for playing this game at times with the passion i do. Now I love this game, I know the devs work very hard and I know balancing this WoW must be a nightmare. With so many of us wanting their attention and a blue post to every one of our main issues. The task of managing it I know but involve so much more than we give them credit for, especially when we are upset.... Yet from our end, from the elemental shaman viewpoint, we are in a lot of pain. With the minor changes we have received thus far we have yet to have a "Developer's' notes" on why these are taking place. We have yet to have Ian or anyone in the Q & A session even mention our class or that there are pitfalls here. We've had really profound theorycrafters like Binkenstine leave the class because of its major issues and we still have yet to understand what is happening with our spec. As I said I know the blizz team works super hard, has tremendous passion and want us to be happy playing their game... but blizzard I am hitting a point for the first time in a decade where I might have to leave WoW. People tell me I should just go enhance or play a different class. But I play for the escape, for the fantasy and to push myself and my little shammy to see how far she can get. This shaman has killed illidan, Kael, The Lich King! This shaman rode on the back of Deathwing, Slayed old gods! She has freed Pandaria from horrid times of Garrosh and even saved Draenor....(though at times it would of been nice to skip that adventure) and she did it as a proud elemental shaman! ( and sometimes resto.) My point blizz, devs and everyone else is that when I log on I do so to get lost from the pains of work traffic (and sadly this election) to escape! To go to a place where I am an elemental shammy who can churn the very elements in my hand and fight with their fury. Yet all that gets shattered when I am thinking in the back of my head, 'why am I so weak after working so hard and tuning myself to be optimal'. It just makes everything I am doing feel bland..... feel ordinary. The last thing I want on my adventure into raids and mythic+ dungeons is to feel ordinary or even like I am holding people back. I feel more like the one that needs saving at times and less like the hero of Azeroth. That compiled with hearing nothing from blizz and devs that my spec matters enough to add some feedback to just.... well after 10 years it really hurts. So after all of that what am I gonna do. I'm gonna keep playing as long as my heart and soul will let me. I'm going to keep pushing until I hit that point where I am just completely depleted unless I can find something to fill my cup. This may last a few weeks after blizzcon if things currently stay the same and there is no change until then. Yet if I had to bet I would bet on blizzard, on you devs and on Ian that you will come through and give us the feedback we have been desperately been asking for. Hopefully before I and many others hit that point of saying goodbye to our home away from home..... Azeroth. TL:DR Blizz all we really want is some communication. We would like some insight to know what your thoughts on this class-spec are and if you are happy with the current elemental status quo. The heavy radio silence really just hurts more than I think you may realize. Especially when many of us want to be part of the solution for this spec if you are currently looking for one. Right now we just feel ignored and that really sucks for most of us. Even a developer's’ note or tweet or something about our spec would mean the world. Thank you for reading everyone. Sonnet - The elemental shaman P.S. Also below is a link to a well written and thought out listing of our feedback. It kind of shocked and mildly hurt that there wasn’t any response on this too. Especially after we formatted it for you as you asked… Please don’t forget about us. 6h
7h Another Trinket Help Thread.. Nature's Call Apparently char limit is 45 so had to edit... choosing between: -Nature's Call - 850 -Horn of Valor - 845 -An'she's Token of Guile - 835 wf -Silent Seashell - 830 w/ 1023 agil, 865 mastOxykon5 7h
8h Mastery soft cap? I have been stacking mastery up until now. I am wondering at what point mastery starts to taper off and I would benefit more from crit. At some point, mastery alone won't be enough and I suspect having crit will give your heals the extra kick needed to heal through those tough mythics.Wingnut7 8h
8h History of Shaman Specs? To the old shanmy players how was each spec during each major patch? I am curious how viable / unviable we were in past expacs/major patches. What were we like back then?Desco18 8h
8h Really Impressed With the elemental community coming together and making as much noise as we can to be heard. I'm seeing upvoted elemental questions in the Q&A section for Nov 5 and the "elemental just want dialogue" threads. I'm used to seeing all the masochist elementals just take it and be content with being terrible another expansion. (Note how at start of xpacs most classes are usually tuned down or nerfed, I can't think of an xpac where elemental didn't need a buff) With all the upvoted questions about elemental if they ignore them and cherry pick questions around them at this point you can be sure as hell that they will continue to ignore the least played class because even if they lost 20 percent of elemental player subs it wouldn't affect their income so they won't care. Lets hope for the best though because for one we can't reroll without being light years behind and I can't take another month of being a dps dummy simulation elemental "train blue" in pvp or only being viable in pve when I can chain lighting. Let's hope for the best, I just want a chance.Bootystalker7 8h
8h Dev team, Go Play a ELE Shaman Hey dev team, when was the last time you actually play this effin class?????? WE are so efing broken in pvp and pve..... Please tell me, show me, or LIE to me and say you play this class and your good at it.....Kriptonìc2 8h
8h Stormstrike nerf in pvp. So with the hotfixes that happened on oct 10. The nerf to Stormstrike damage in pvp by 15% has it gone through already, or is it going through on the 25th with 7.1?Bäe5 8h
9h Enhancement Hidden Skin So, I have a theory about getting the Enhancement hidden skin appearance and I was wondering if anyone else tried this out. Theory is, since the skin drops as a loot-able item from world bosses, can you keep killing the world boss that shows up each week in hopes that the hidden drops. Or, is the chance of this hidden dropping only available with the first kill each week. Any thoughts, other theories or inputs, please lemme know.Dragöönfli6 9h
9h Spirit of the Maelstrom - Issue Is anyone else noticing that unless you're in "combat" it isn't working. As in if I lightning bolt a target then go into ghost wolf I should be gaining maelstrom because I'm technically in combat. However, it won't generate maelstrom by simply doing that. Seems broken because I have to be running for my life in ghost wolf, while being attacked. That's the only time I see it working.Petrolsk0 9h
9h Heroic Ursoc This isn't another Ele bashing thread, more advice from anyone who has it. The guild i'm in is progression raiding and we tried Ursoc Heroic last night, however with all the movement in the fight, I found myself getting really really low DPS. I respeced to Ascendence because of having 3 lava imbued relics so I get +18% so at the start its great i'm getting up to 300k dps, but then more towards the end of the fight i'm dropping down to 150k after all the movement etc, is there anything that can keep it up? I was considering going earthen rage to not have to put totems down all the time or is this bad for ele? Am I gearing incorrectly too? I'm going crit and haste but my dps is a lot lower than makes sense, and i've got the rotation down....Jasn11 9h
10h So about these Honor Talents Which ones have you found have made the most impact all around, and which ones are situational? Just trying to get a feel on what i can do to as I get into the swing of enhance.Ohshi2 10h
14h Restoration PvP So I've sort of given up on waiting for Blizz to make Destro Arena fun again, so I'm in the process of leveling my Rsham for 3s. No idea how Shams perform in PvP right now as I've barely queued rated in Legion. Have I made the right decision by leveling my sham? Thanks.Ketchupz3 14h
15h Help with next trait Ok I started this expac late so I'm a little behind on farming AP. So far I've been following the path that the icy veins guide says but I was wondering if it would be better to at least get one rank on weapon of the elements to gain that extra dmg or just continue like the guide says? The next 3 ranks on spirit of the mealstrom won't boost my dmg/dps which I rly need since I'm only 843 ilvl. Thanks,here's a link to my AP calcñorseije3 15h
15h Storm elemental Why is the storm elemental considered so mediocre to !@#$ty? is it because it's maelstrom generation is so low? Or is it because Earth shock could use some love?Anga1 15h
20h Help with next trait Ok I started this expac late so I'm a little behind on farming AP. So far I've been following the path that the icy veins guide says but I was wondering if it would be better to at least get one rank on weapon of the elements to gain that extra dmg or just continue like the guide says? The next 3 ranks on spirit of the mealstrom won't boost my dmg/dps which I rly need since I'm only 843 ilvl. Thanks,here's a link to my AP calcñorseije1 20h
23h Enhancement: Haste vs Mastery I have been checking the Icy Veins guide periodically, and I noticed that it appears we want mastery more than haste now, and it seems pretty straightforward, no caps or anything where our priorities shift like before. However, I also noticed that the guide recommended that my haste rating remain around 60-70% of my mastery rating. Would this mean that if my haste is REALLY low compared to my Mastery, I should prioritize haste over mastery until it approaches that range? Thanks for reading! :)Xoxaa27 23h
1d the favortism your showing with hidden skins my shaman has to farm the world boss until its drops, a boss that isnt always there. but a MM hunter can just buy theirs with rep. my fury warrior has to farm the god king and 2 dragon world bosses. in fact all the hunters are easy to get or easy to farm, my survival hunter just has to kill ursoc until it drops. i mean your going to make it real easy for 1 spec and class, but then make it stupid hard or a year long farm fest for others. and honestly i would not of cared if the world boss i need to farm to get mine was always there every week. i dont understand the logic behind these hidden skins, what made you decide some just deserve to be handed it and others will have to bleed out for awhile first? the idea of getting them in different ways is cool, i like that. but the ways you decided are very unbalanced and bias. since the MM hunter can just buy theirs, then the boss drops should be 100%, especially when fury warriors have to farm 3 separate bosses.Deathwish17 1d
1d How it feels to be an Ele Shaman I had to vent my frustrations somehow :\ Blizz plzSorryguys29 1d
1d Elemental experiment So, I have been toying with the idea of trying to go mastery>haste>everything else, over the crit>haste>mastery build that everybody says is superior. Here is my thinking. I am currently sitting at 30% crit. So 30% of the time, I do 250% increased damage, through all spells. I am also currently at 48% mastery, meaning I do 84% increased damage, 48% of the time. NOW, what if i tried to max mastery to the point of effectively having it go off every cast? I figure getting to the 80-90% range would accomplish this. This would mean i would effectively be doing 184% damage 80-90% of the time. I don't think I would be able to even come close to 50% crit. but if i did, again that would be 250% damage for half of my spells. The question: would a constant 184% damage output outweigh the 250% damage on x% change to crit?Repop39 1d
1d Oct 13th Hotfix on Stormstrike in PvP Dear the shaman community and Blizzard Staff, Recently i have been reading the hot fix announcement and noticed a 15% damage reduction to Stormstrike in PvP. Now, I am not a programmer so I cant say i know how it works but SINCE this hotfix, I have noticed a sizable damage reduction to my DPS in raids and dungeons. Roughly about 10-15% damage reduction in overall dps. I just want some feedback from the community, other enhancement shamans and blizzard staff to confirm my suspicion? Or I am just regressing lol. Cheers,Tomasedison0 1d
1d The State of Ele Shaman Hey gang, you might not know me but I post over in the Arenas section to share data on the US 3v3 ladder and its implications with other pvp enthusiasts. Seeing as this is the Shaman forums, I thought you might be interested in seeing the state of Ele Shamans in 3v3 arena. According to the data pulled from Blizzard's public 3v3 leaderboard API, Elemental Shamans are far-and-away the worst caster DPS spec in the game. To read more about the State of PvP, visit the full post below: 1d
1d Resto Trinket Advice I have been pretty fortunate with drops so far and I have several trinkets to choose from. I would like some input from more experienced resto shamqn players on which are the best to equip and if it would be beneficial to swap them out for specific situations. I am looking to be doing Mythics and normal/heroic EN. These are the trinkets I have: Horn of Valor (840) Unstable Arcano Crystal (860) Horn of Cenarius (850) Cocoon of Enforced Solitude (850) Vial of Nightmare Fog (835)Jirra2 1d
1d Counterstrike only 50% not 100%, bugged??? The tooltip for Counterstrike states that 100% of the total damage done by enemy players is redirected to the lowest health enemy player with a range of 20 yards. However, i decided to test this by dueling one of my arena partners(Assassination Rogue). I found that Counter-strike is only doing 50% at most of the total damage done redirected. I dont know if this is a bug, or working as intended. Or even if it is only this way in duels. But i can say, for something that SAYS 100% of total damage redirected, it hits awfully weak in arena compared to what i would think.Chawdaddy6 1d
1d What am I do wrong,Resto I feel like my healing is super low compared to what it can be, what am I missing here? 1d
1d A few Enhance shaman tweaks... So I am back to playing my Enhance main from WoD and I am a noticing a few things that should be fixed. 1) Problem: Shamans feel very squishy while leveling. Solution: Change the lighting shield talent so that it also reduces damage by 10% like it's glyph did in WoD. Secondary solution: Empower healing surge after we kill an enemy by a certain %. I feel like I am always spamming healing surge after combat. 2) Problem: Ghost wolf seems very slow. This is especially true after the 90% speed glyph was removed. Solution: Increase to at least 55% out of combat. My reasoning is that this is the same speed of druids travel form. 3) Problem: Feral lunge should have a shorter global cooldown. Currently when I use feral lunge I get to the enemy but am still GCD locked and cannot cast. I don't have this problem when I charge as a warrior. Solution: Please lower the GCD when feral lunge is used so I can start attacking once I reach my enemy. Those are just a few things I would like tweaked. He is only level 106 so I am sure I will think of more as I level up. What are a few things you would like changed with the class?Taevian15 1d
1d TMW Addon Help for Elemental I am trying to get Power of the Maelstrom to show up when it procs for "Tell me When" Addon. Anyone able to help please?Fredykreuger0 1d
1d Elemental Shamans, time to be heard! Hi there, Lvb here.. Enhancement shaman that was forced into the role because of how good the spec is currently. Shouldn't say forced because enhancement is amazingly fun and well designed! It's borderline the most fun I've had in years on a spec! Props to blizzard for a huge success on Enhancement! Now to the reason this thread is a thing.. **Warning wall of text** If the name doesn't give it away already.. I love Elemental Shamans. I've had this name on every server I've ever raided on during some serious top US raiding days. Even though I've moved on to a more casual atmosphere of raiding 2 days a week, I still have a burning passion for this game, class, and spec. I have played elemental for years and have attained many records of top world parses of the class for Elemental since I began playing the class 7-8 years ago. I have been sought out and looked at for information from people creating characters on servers I've played on and been a source of knowledge for anyone looking at playing the spec. Remember when ingame weak auras showing spell procs were becoming a thing back in 2009-2010? At first elemental didn't have any when most every other class did. When I attended blizzcon in 2010 with a lot of members of my top US late night raiding guild Night Shift, some of us attended one of the after parties at the Hilton in which I had the pleasure of speaking with Ghostcrawler himself for a lengthy period of time! We sat and talked about Elemental shamans in a lot of different aspects for the better part of an hour and it was an honor to even be given any amount of his time. I was able to give him my insight on the spec in its current state. We spoke about the ingame aura ideas for the spec and overall I could just tell how deeply passionate he was for the game. Not a month after this, the exact ideas I brought up to Greg came to fruition. Was it me? Did I have some input in the decisions that were put into place for the class? I'll never know for sure. After much rambling the point is to say that basically I have been a long standing silent member of the Elemental shaman community for the better part of a decade and the point of this long drawn out post is only this. WE CANT BE SILENT ANYMORE. For me to come out and make a post after this long of being silent should have some merit to how much we need some sort of communication back in terms of a blue post. As people can see by now MMO-Champion put out the new spell changes on the PTR, and virtually all specs that had issues with performance were touched, guessed it Elemental Shamans! Frost DK: buffed Frost Mage: buffed Fury Warrior: Damage taken reduced... as well as buffs to many abilities last go around. Elemental: "crickets" Blizzard hinted at us maybe getting some attention only to leave us standing around looking like fools. It's time we had our voices heard and let blizzard know this spec isn't a forgotten one, but one with passionate members who care about the direction and state of the class and spec! TLDR: it's time to get loud and not just take the silence we've been given by turning our cheek. Let's speak up, let's be heard! Voice your opinions on the class and let's be heard once and for all!Lvb32 1d
1d Countless post and no communication Does anyone have a link to a post that has had a response to our numerous posts complaining about the state of ele shamans. I think i have seen one saying they will pass it on but nothing elseDieselmann10 1d