Apr 28 WoD Shaman FAQ Updated for 6.2. All information primarily pertains to PvE and Level 100 unless otherwise noted. Weapons Enhance: Slow mainhand and a slow offhand. Put your best weapon in your offhand. Elemental & Resto: Both 2H and 1H+Offhand are fine. Talents Enhancement L15, L30, L45 - Survivability and PvP utility. Personal preference. L60 - Ancestral Swiftness. Elemental Mastery is lower damage but useful if you need burst. Echo of the Elements is nice for AE only. L75 - Ancestral Guidance L90 - Unleashed Fury or Primal Elementalist L100 - Storm Elemental is the best single-target damage and also offers healing. Liquid Magma offers AE. Elemental Fusion is passive. Note that Flame Shock DoTs spread by Lava Lash do not benefit from Elemental Fusion. Elemental L15, L30, L45 - Survivability and PvP utility. Personal preference. L60 - Echo of the Elements is the best overall choice, particularly for AE. Elemental Mastery is useful for single-target burst. Ancestral Swiftness is competitive if you prefer largely passive gameplay. L75 - Ancestral Guidance L90 - All 3 talents are very close. Personal preference. L100 - Storm Elemental is the best single-target damage and also offers healing. Liquid Magma offers AE. Elemental Fusion is passive. All 3 are competitive. Resto L15, L30, L45 - Survivability and PvP utility. Personal preference. L75 - Personal Preference. Depends on the fight. L90 - Unleashed Fury L100 - High Tide. Glyphs Enhancement Glyph of Frost Shock is a small (~0.8%) single-target DPS gain. Glyph of Fire Nova, Glyph of Lava Spread, and Glyph of Chain Lightning are all nice for AE. Glyph of Lightning Shield is a survivability choice. Glyph of Shocks is great for leveling. Elemental Glyph of Chain Lightning is required for AE. Other glyphs are optional. Glyph of Spiritwalker's Focus offers more frequent movement. Restoration Glyph of Riptide impacts performance and is required. Glyph of Chaining is particularly attractive when targets are spread. Other glyphs should be switched out situationally. Gearing The proper way to determine stat weights is to run simulations using your character's stats. Gearing advice below is intended for new or casual players. Remember that in addition to 1% damage, 1% Versatility also gives 1% healing and 0.5% damage mitigation. When stat values are close, go for Versatility. Gearing Enhancement 1) Agility >>> Haste > Versatility = Multistrike = Mastery = Crit 2) Gem Haste. Gearing Elemental 1) Intellect >> Multistrike > Versatility = Crit = Haste = Mastery 2) Gem Multistrike. Gearing Resto If you often run out of mana, prioritize Spirit over everything but Intellect. 1) Intellect >> Haste > Mastery > Versatility > Spirit > Multistrike = Crit 2) Gem Haste. (Note: Resto stat weights are still being actively discussed, as they aren't generated by simulation. They are likely to change.) The Resto Haste Soft Cap DoTs and HoTs now use partial ticks with haste, so the soft cap is no longer in effect. How to AE Elemental Only cast Earthquake after Chain Lightning hits 3 targets so it benefits from the Enhanced Chain Lightning perk. 1) Open with Chain Lightning 2) Cast Earthquake on cooldown. 3) Fill space between Earthquakes with more Chain Lightning. Enhancement 1) Flame Shock. 2) Lava Lash -- To spread the Flame Shock DoT 3) Fire Nova -- On cooldown. 4) Reapply the Flame Shock DoT and spread via Lava Lash when necessary. Remember that Lava Lash spreads the DoT to six targets per cast, and that it spreads the current duration, not the full duration. 5) Chain Lightning -- With 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon. 6) Magma Totem -- Only if enemies are not moving and will take over 10 seconds to kill. 7) Unleash Flame -- Works with Flame Shock and Fire Nova. Use it in free GCDs.Slant311 Apr 28
May 17 WoD 6.0.3 Enhancement PvP Guide I have returned with my WoD PvP guide! Again, I am starting from scratch again. So let's get this baby stickied! Upvote if it helps! Also I made the guy too on AJ. It is formatted alot better, and has pictures! Would appreciate if you +rep it there if it helped you as well: If you have any questions or concerns, you can message me on my youtube (, on my twitch (, add my btag: tactic#1895 or reply here with your question. I'll try to reply ASAP. I've been trying to stream my games more lately since I just upgraded my internet. If you liked this guide, please rate it and provide feedback. There is a lot of info you need to understand a class in PvP and I want this guide to have all the information needed. Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Playstyle 3. Spell Priorities 4. Talents and Glyphs .....4a. Talent overview and why .....4b. Glyphs and why 5. Stats and Enchants .....5a. Stats .....5b. Enchants 6. Macros and Keybinds .....7a. Macros .....7b. Keybinds 7. Tips/Tricks 8. Addons / UI 9. FAQ 10. Other Resources -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Introduction Hello! My name is Tactic. I've been playing enhance since BC, through the thick and thin, hardships, and good moments. You may have seen me from my youtube channel or my previous [url=""]MoP guide[/url]. At the start of my WoW career, I was mainly a PVE'er, taking part of top 200 guilds through WOTLK and CATA, and it wasn't until CATA that I started to pvp seriously. Since then I have gotten at least 2200 in every season since then, with my last 3 seasons being the most successful, with my achievment of rank 1 duelist in Tyrannical, and Glad in S14 and S15. In S15 I got 2800+ in 3s, and was the highest enhance in 5s. Unlike alot of enhance, I am here to stay (no fotm reroller here). In this guide, I am going to try to go over everything, and I will edit it as soon as I think I have missed something. Some of this info may be redundant and or new to you depending on how much you know of the class -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Playstyle “Enhancement is known as the caster- melee spec, because we have an even distribution of physical damage and magic damage.” What I like the most about of enhance is how we basically have to go balls deep into combat to survive, we have to keep the pressure up or we lose control of the game. That is, you gain maelstrom weapon charges, and you heal or damage depending on the scenario. The main advantages of enhance at the moment is the huge support we offer to the team (grounding, purge), and our heals. Enhance is not a mongoloid spec, I am always looking at my party member's frames to see if they need a heal. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Spell Priorities As you would assume, there isn’t really a general PVE rotation you can use in pvp, but rather you push whatever is best in that moment. I like to follow a rough list for doing damage, and strictly damage only (think of that !@# last season that DC'd and never waited for you and you kill them). -Purge!!!! Get in the habit of purging, it's our strongest utility. Now obviously this isn't a damage ability, but it mitigates alot of damage because clean targets get farmed. This is always the top of the list if the target has important buffs such as: any hand spell from a pally, any absorb shields, fear ward, NS/AS, Spiritwalker's grace. -Cast Lightning bolt with 5 stack maelstrom. Unlike before, Lightning bolt actually hits as hard as elemental blast and even harder if you decide to use unleashed fury. You may be forced to use this at 3-4 stacks when your target is so low and you can't hit it. -Cast Stormstrike. This is my spam dps ability, and most likely my favourite. It provides me the crit buff for LB and EB and is a good generator for maelstrom weapon due to the main-hand and off-hand attack -Cast Lava Lash. Recently they made Lava Lash scale with our mastery, so it does offer some burst now. Depending on the situation and if you have an echo proc, this moves up in the list due to hit being the bustiest. - Keep searing totem up: The damage it provides is little, but its brainless damage you don’t have to think about. It's almost like a second auto-attack, like your off-off-hand. -Keep Flame shock up with unleashed flame buff, idealy with 2 stack Elemental fusion talent if spec'd that way. When you spread it, it will mimic your target's FS. Keep in mind the more flame shocks we have active, the better chance it resets (15%) our lava lash. -Cast Fire Nova. They buffed fire nova's damage quite a bit in this expac making it pretty real. Assuming you are not going to break CC, and there is more than 3 active targets grouped up, you can harvest pretty hard. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Talents and Glyphs This is generally what you want to run, with green talents the preferred talents: 4a. Talents In PvP you will never find a cookie cutter spec, you will need to change your talents and glyphs depending on the team you face. Tier 1: Level 15 In this tier, I strongly recommend choosing Nature’s Guardian. It’s a free 115k heal that procs when you are low. The duration of astral shift is way too low, and you can’t use it while stunned. Stone bulwark totem use to be good, but now it scales with battle fatigue so the shield it provides is horrible now. Tier 2: Level 30 All the talents are viable! But in most cases I recommend using windwalk totem, as most teams have a root or a snare to prevent you from reaching your target, also popping freedom totem can allow your healer your healer to run around a pillar and kite more effectively. Especially with the amount of melee running around, when your healer is CC'd and you have nothing else, you might just have to run with freedom. Earth grab totem is good for for double melee teams with no root breaks and you need to snare, like TSG. Same thing for frozen power, use this for comps that you might need to peel for. But for most cases, that freedom totem will help your healer more than ever, as it can allow him to pop his speed and get the $%^- out of dodge. Tier 3: Level 45 Ooooooooooh baby a triple! I would chose Totemic Projection for this tier for those meaty triple cap stuns. I absolutely love this talent, it's so fun. Need to ground something for your healer but not in line? Totemic Project. Your healer get's feared to africa, but you don't want to fall back to tremor him, TP it! Shaman pops spirit link, Priest life grips, behind a box? Get dat double/trip cap stun. Now the reason we swapped to this from call of the elements, is due to how fear is not nearly as strong as it once was, and you don't see it as often. I still reccommend using CotE for teams with an abundance of fears, or if you need double freedom to reach your target. But overall I would recommend TP as it is an extra CC for the healer, or a peel for your healer. I use glyph of cap totem often, if I am the only person on the team with a stun. Tier 4: Level 60 Definitely think Echo of the elements is the choice to go here. What vanguards says in his guide is a perfect description of this talent, as it allows you to go almost "rotationless", assuming you are using purge and other abilities other than lava lash, and stormstrike. Echo procs often and allows some mini burst opportunities with lava lash, however if you need maelstrom, use your echo proc on stormstrike as it is a better maelstrom generator. Alternatively if you want faster globals for all dem purges you do, the passive haste from Ancestral Swiftness is decent.. With 6.1 and the new echo change we can actually pool our burst, which is really good. Tier 5: Level 75 I would recommend Rushing Streams. With the nerf to Ancestral guidance from 40% to 20%, along with the nerf to our burst, the maximum healing output from AG went down alot. Don't get me wrong, it's still an okay talent to use, as it is on-demand healing for burst scenarios. However healing stream will help your healer a little bit more in the long run with his mana, that and like always rushing streams shines in rot cleaves. Tier 6: Level 90 Oh man this talent tier, it blows. They all suck, and to be honest this tier, and the 100 tier blow. You could not even take a talent and not really notice the dps. Overall I would suggest using Unleashed Fury for the talent here. It's a minor dps increase for your lightning bolt and gives a 5% multistrike, only thing is that it doesn't really last long. This put aside, Primal Elementalist actually provides noticable damage difference, that and earth ele gives you so much defence. Only thing is the totem has like 25k hp and can be one shotted by a priests holy fire. You can risk it and take this talent, as it will pay off if the enemy team does not kill it. I've been using it alot lately against glads and R1s and it has lived the full duration. It's really a gamble. Overall, you can pick any talent here, as unleashed fury and elemental blast are basically the same dps, where your ele can make a difference but can be stomped easily. Tier 7: Level 100 Another garbage tier. Blizzard really *!@# the bed with our level 100 talents. This tier is entirely comp based. In terms of damage, I really like liquid magma for the choice here, it does the most damage and does some burst if it is only hitting one target, HOWEVER, it breaks so much CC! This leads me to the other talent, elemental fusion. It's a pretty boring talent, but it's safe. Just more damage for your flame shocks and frost shocks. You can do some decent cleave with 2 stack EF, unleashed flame buff and lava lash spread. I often use EF when playing any comps (like beastcleave) that you can break CC. Following the totem stomping train, is storm elemental. In terms of damage, the ele does none. I really dislike this talent as it is usually short lived because I find myself having to use grounding totem, cap totem, or freedom totem (it being an air totem) over it. If you feel inclined to take this talent, you have to use it with primal ele talent. Put the pet on passive to get the speed aura, and use his knock-up ability for a cast interrupt. Play with the talents see what you like, this is only a suggestion based of the success I have had with the talents. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Glyphs: Recommended Prime Glyphs: Glyph of Lightning shield: A constant 10% damage reduction, this is amazing. Always have this on. Glyph of frostbrand: A use to be 4-set, now in glyph form! This talent is awesome for staying on your target (in particular druids that shift everything) as it auto applies a slow for 3 sec. Use this if you are going to have trouble staying on your target, or your team lacks an auto slow. Glyph of purge: Really good for getting buffs off quick, especially when you want to purge a PoM or NS when the person is relatively clean. In the long run, if you press purge every 6 sec you are going to purge alot more and save globals for damage. However, this talent can bite you in the butt if you are the only dispeller, as if you are unlucky you will be a sitting duck for 6sec while that BoP you are trying to purge off is mocking you. I recommend using this when you have other dispels on your team (like priest beastcleave). Glyph of Hex: Reduces your hex cooldown by 10 seconds, making it a 35sec CD. This a great talent against teams with no dispel or just one dispeller. CC wins games, this glyph works really well when teaming up with a hunter as their scatter and traps are on a 30sec, so you can cross CC really well. However, since Hex is casted now, you must take in factors like how easy it going to get off at the right time? How many things do you have to juke? I like to use this talent against vanguard's and ret/hunter sometimes for more CC, assuming they don't have a dispel. Glyph of Capacitor: For those teams that keep sniping your cap totem, and you need to get it off. Especially since Totemic projection is a thing, this can allow you to stop aura mastery heals quickly without having to worry too much about someone sniping your totem. It does still get stomped often though. Glyph of Purging: I love this glyph alot. I love purging, I love getting maelstrom. Win, win? I think so. We already purge alot, this just allows us to get more maelstrom for heals and lightning bolts. Use this glyph if your team lacks dispels. Situational Prime Glyphs: Glyph of Ghost Wolf: For when you want to run around a pillar. Glyph of Feral Spirit: For games that you know that will be short, and you need dem extra heals. The heals are pretty real actually. Glyph of shamanistic rage. For games where a paladin keeps stunning you, and/or games that a mage will deep freeze you without silencing you. Be careful when using this against UA locks and spriests as the gylph no longer ignores their dispel protection and you will be hit hard, silenced, and feared respectively. Personally I don't really like this talent as it puts in the mind set of using it as a CC break rather than a Def CD, plus alot of classes cover their dispellable stuns like lot of mages cover their deep on you with a CS, or use it on your healer to get a poly off. It's good for BGs but not so useful for arena IMO. Glyph of spirit walk: 45sec spirit walk. Nice for kiting or getting kited. For Aoe: Use Fire nova and lava spread glyph and go to town in them bgs. Major Glyph: Lava lash for when you don't want your LL spread to break CC in the future. Keep in mind you will lose most likely get less LL procs unless you spread your FS manually. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. Stats and Enchants For stat priority I like to follow this: Agility > {(Haste → mastery) > Versatility} > Multistrike > Crit Like past expansions, haste and mastery has proven to be our best dps stats. In addition we get 5% more haste from all sources, and haste also reduced the CDs of our stormstrike and lava lash. Haste = good. However I predict mastery being better than haste once the xpac gets further down the road due to gear, because of that burst potential, and haste getting close to a soft cap. Along with these stats we have versatility, an overall superman stat. It increases damage, reduced damage taken, and increases healing. You want to try to get pieces with versatility couped with mastery or haste. Because of this, you must farm ashran rep, as the ashran pieces all have versatility. I came up with this gearset I made on wowhead: I believe this is our best gearset, but the only confliction is our damn 4pc. We have 2 crap pieces in my opinion from our set pieces, shoulders and gloves. Though I haven't tested it, I believe the 2 extra windfury attacks does not merit the extra haste/mastery and versatility you gain from the ashran pieces. I will figure this out once the full gear set becomes available. In terms of enchants, it is personal preference between haste and versatility (on neck, back, and rings). Personally I like haste at the moment, because it is still super early in the xpac and we need it. However I think when we get a nice base amount of haste, we should enchant everything with versatility. Make sure you get the 10% movement speed and don't cheap out as the extra movement speed is huge. Also, since it's still early in the xpac, use the aspirant (ilvl 600) boots and enchant them with panderen's step to get an extra 10% movement speed (overall 120%) until you can get the epic boots. For weapons, use double Mark of Warsong. With both of these proc'd you get near the soft haste cap and have a lot of burst potential (also fast globals). Once we get further in the xpac, one warsong enchant may reach you to the 50% haste soft cap, then we can use an offset of the mastery and haste enchant. On a side note for races, I really like draenei over dwarf. I often find my healer getting silence way more than I do, to even make use of the stoneform. With draenei you get more passive agility, and heal that I can describe how many times it has saved my partners when below 5% hp. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Macros and Keybinds Do not feel like you need to change your playstyle at all when looking at my macros or keybinds, play what is comfortable to you. 6a. Macros: I strongly recommend having arena 1, 2, 3 target and focus macros. It’s hard to get use to at the start, but you will get use to it, and you will love it. Here are my macros that I use and am comfortable with: ... 6b. Keybinds: I use a razer naga for my mouse, so a large amount of keybinds is on my mouse. Let’s start with the keyboard and work our way to the mouse. 1 - Lightning bolt Al1 - Chain Lightning 2- Ele blast 3- Earth Shock Sh3 - Magma Totem 4 - Frost Shock Sh4 - Focus Frost Shock Al4 - Arena Frost Shock 5 - Flame Shock A - Ancestral Swiftness D - Spiritwalker’s Grace ShD - StormEle Knockup AltD - Focus StormEle Knockup ShE - Healing Stream Totem R - Ancestral Guidance ShR - StormEle - If I spec it ` - Spirit Walk C - Cap Totem ShC - Earth Ele stun AlC - Eerth Ele focus stun Sh2 - Healthstone F - Fire Nova ShF - Recall Totems G - Trinket X - Lightning Shield ShX - Mouseover Focus Z - Cleanse ShZ - Cleanse1 AltZ - Mouseover Cleanse Now the mouse, here is a SS of the side of the mouse for reference: No modifiers: 1 - Lava Lash 2 - Storm Strike 3 - Unleash Elements 4 - Searing Totem 5 - Healing Surge (Self) 6 - Grounding Totem 7 - Purge 8 - Shamanistic Rage 9 - Earthbind Totem / Freedom Totem 10 - Ascendance 11 - Bloodlust 12 - Hex Shift Modifiers: 2 - CotE or TP 5 - Spirit Wolves 7 - Focus Purge 8 - Stoneform 9 - Tremor Totem 10 - Target arena 1 11 - Target arena 2 12 - Target arena 3 Alt Modifiers 1 - party 1 naruu heal 3 - party 2 naruu heal 5 - Gift of Naru heal 10 - Focus Arena 1 11 - Focus Arena 2 12 - Focus Arena 3 Other buttons on mouse: Mouse Wheel Button: Wind Shear B5 - Ghost Wolves SB5 - Earth Ele B4 - Focus Wind Shear SB4 - Fire Ele Yeah... my keybinds are weird. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7. Tips/Tricks -Stormstrike before ascendance, when you pop ascendance it resets the CD. -Make sure you unleash elements before you elemental blast for 40% more damage. Also make sure you have the stormstrike debuff on the target for the additional 25% crit chance -Alot of resto shaman will try to cover their casts in various ways to make sure you don’t interrupt them, but I say who cares! If they drop grounding totem, focus purge them and then wind shear, if you are quick you should eat the grounding totem and interrupt the cast. The same goes for Spiritwalker’s Grace, their aura mastery, focus purge them until you get it off, if you are lucky and they are moving it will interrupt them, however if they are standing still get ready to interrupt them. I Suggest an addon that will tell you what you purge, and a cast addon to show when you can or can not interrupt. -If you pop your earth elemental totem on a hunter’s stampede, it will briefly taunt them. -Try to pop your ascendance only when the healer is CC’d, preferably cross CC’d so it is a 3v1. -Try to purge alot, get in the habit of it. You want to get important buffs off instantly such as Spiritwalker's Grace, Presence of Mind, Nature’s Swiftness, Ancestral Swiftness, Temperal Shield (LOL Mage nerf <3), Ice Barrier, Icy Veins, Alter Time, basically any mage buffs, Hand of Sacrifice, Blessing of Protection, Divine Favor, Power word shield (if it’s not too much trouble), Freedoms. Try hitting a mage when he is clean compared to when he is not, if you connect to him with no buffs he is basically dead. The cleaner the target, the more damage you do. If you see a potential switch target in arena, start to clean him off before you go on him. -If you know a rogue is going to open on you, pre-pop capacitor totem, and shamanistic rage (garrote silence). -Always keep healing stream totem on cooldown. -When you hex, always see if you can cross CC -Look for easy ways to drop capacitor totem (when not running totemic projection), any CC that keeps the enemy still like scatter, warrior target fear, poly, etc... you can time capacitor to stun out of it. -When playing against a lock team, team (especially if they have a shaman and they always hex you) dispel their agony on CD. It stops alot of damage and is extremely annoying for them. Just dispel whoever gets a 10 stack agony. Very effective vs L.S.D and WLS -When a rsham links, drop a cap stun. This is a great way to land a stun on 2+ people, the success rate goes up depending how much pressure you have. -Keep an eye on priest healers, when they move away from their pillar, and pop a feather, they want to fear. Either slow them, or get ready to pre-tremor. Grounding Totem - Predicting the spells -If a resto druid dispacer beast's TOWARDS YOUR TEAM he is most likely going to bash/disorient cyclone some one. Prepare to pre-ground incase you are the target if not, then shear. -With the change to hunter traps, its been incredbily hard to ground traps, but not impossible. Look for signs of CC on your healer like HoJ, binding shot, really anything to keep them still and traps off CD. Though I have found most hunter's will juke our grounding totem due to how easy it is to trap now, so even look for concussive shot. -You can ground a warlock's blood fear. -With ice block glyph, mages have aura mastery out of it for a few seconds. Use grounding to get the poly. -When I pally rushes in with speed of light, he is most likely going to HoJ your healer, ground it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8. Addons / UI So here is my UI, take it or leave it, but I like it: Try not to clutter your UI with useless stuff. Make sure everthing is clear, and you notice everything as soon as it pops. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9. FAQ Ask me questions! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10. Other Resources The internet is full of resources for you to get better at enhance: My youtube channel: [ My twitch: If you are ever in a bad mood, or on the verge of quiting enhance, look at my twitch highlights, they are all one shots for the most part, they make me happy :). Be sure to sub and follow! <33 There is also this: You can also take a look at vanguards guide on AJ: Shaman 1: Shaman 2: Shaman 3: Shaman 4: May 17
Feb 18 WoD 6.0.3 Enhancement PvE Guide - FIRE NOVA If you have any questions/concerns, you can (and should!) post in this thread instead of making a new one, to help reduce forum clutter. 1. Introduction This is a PvE guide for Enhancement in Warlords of Draenor. I’m Chillbros and I wrote the guide for Mists of Pandaria (with theorycrafting help from some pro players). Last expansion I was in a couple top-20 US guilds for a couple tiers but this expansion I’m taking a relaxed approach to the game. However, seeing the huge number of enhancement shaman who have no idea what they’re doing, I figured I’d get another guide posted seeing as all the other top enhancement players are lazy. 2. Playstyle Enhancement is best understood as the caster-melee spec, as we have an even distribution of physical damage and magic damage. What makes Enhancement more unique than that, however, is that we are the only melee class that has no resource mechanic whatsoever. Mana doesn’t really count, because you never treat it like a resource like other classes would, as it is pretty much always full unless you are spamming heals. Ret paladins also use mana and are melee, but Holy Power is closer to their main resource. The lack of a resource for Enhancement is unnerving for many, but it’s what makes Enhancement the spec it is. In Cataclysm, it was one of the reasons we had subpar DPS in many situations thanks to scaling issues and lack of burst DPS, but in Mists of Pandaria we were at an amazing spot PvE-wise. In Warlords of Draenor, we seem to have lost some of our luster as a single target monster, but our AoE is god-tier, so we’re still pretty good. At high-end progression you might be sat for a DPS check like Butcher, but you’re pretty much required for Imperator and Tectus. One aspect of Enhancement that is often confusing is the matter of which hand to put the higher-ilvl weapon in. For a long time the mainhand always got the better weapon, but now that Lava Lash can be reset by Flame Shock, the higher ilvl weapon should go in the offhand, to maximize Lava Lash damage. 3. Spells and Priorities Now that all of that wordy stuff is out of the way, let’s get to the nitty gritty.First I outline most of the abilities that are relevant to Enhancement DPS, then I outline what your action priority will be. While some of you might be familiar with "DPS Rotations" an action priority list is a little different. Because of the randomness of procs like Echo of the Elements and the reset on our Lava Lash cooldown, in addition to haste reducing cooldowns, and the randomness of Maelstrom Weapon procs to top it all off, it's pretty much impossible to follow a strict rotation. Instead, you must memorize a short list of abilities. These abilities will vary in importance, with the abilities at the top of a list being the most important, and abilities at the bottom being the least. What this means is if you have three abilities off cooldown and ready to be used, for example Frost Shock, Stormstrike, and Lava Lash, then you will use Storm Strike first, because it is higher on the list than the other two. Flurry: A passive ability that makes haste the king stat for most gear and talent configurations. Flurry causes haste to reduce most of our cooldowns and their respective global cooldown, meaning the more haste you have, the more abilities you can use. Flurry’s new effect is the biggest change this expansion compared to previous ones, allowing haste cooldowns like bloodlust to actually have an impact on how we play. Maelstrom Weapon: A passive ability that causes our melee attacks to have a chance to give us a stacking buff. Each stack reduces the cast time and mana cost of our Lightning Bolt, Chain Lightning, and Healing Surge. Each stack also increases the damage and healing of those spells by 10%, and you can have a max of 5 stacks. This passive is slightly deceiving; even though you might want to only cast Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning when you have 5 stacks, it is actually beneficial to cast those spells at less than 5 stacks if you have nothing else to do. Sometimes it’s even worth casting Lightning Bolt at 3 stacks if the only ability that you can use is Frost Shock, but more on that later. Lightning Bolt: Lightning Bolt is our main Maelstrom spender, and is generally at the top of our priority. It is a ranged spell, and is one of the main reasons we don’t have a DPS “rotation” and instead have a priority list, as you can never tell when it’s going to come up to be cast. Stormstrike: Our iconic Shaman ability, an enhancement cornerstone since Vanilla. Stormstrike attacks the target with both of our weapons and puts up a debuff that increases the critical strike chance of our Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning on the target. Each weapon strike also has a chance to give us a maelstrom stack. Flame Shock: Enhancement’s Damage over Time ability. It doesn’t deal a lot of up-front damage, but it stays on the target for 30 seconds, and its damage adds up. Each damage “tic” from the debuff also has a chance to reset the cooldown of our Lava Lash, which is nice. We generally want to pair Flame Shock with the Unleashed Flame buff from our Unleash Elements ability, which will increase its damage by 30%. Lava Lash: Another ability that adds a little variability to our priority thanks to its random chance to have its cooldown reset, Lava Lash strikes the target with our offhand weapon and deals Fire damage, which means it scales with our mastery and bypasses armor. Lava Lash is also required for our AoE, as it spreads Flame Shock to 6 nearby targets. Each of these Flame Shocks also can reset the cooldown on Lava Lash, which means the more Flame Shocks you spread, the more Lava Lash resets you get, the more Flame Shocks you spread, and so on. Unleash Elements: Unleash Elements is our “buff” spell, it causes our autoattacks to be faster and our next Fire Spell (Fire Nova or Flame Shock) to deal 30% more damage. It can also be enhanced by our talent Unleashed Fury, but more on that later. It also increases our movement speed for 4 seconds. Frost Shock: The bastard child spell of Enhancement. Located at the bottom of priority and close to the bottom on recount, this spell is the one we hit when we have nothing else to do besides refreshing Searing Totem. Chain Lightning: Good if there’s 2 (or 3, glyphed) targets to hit. Otherwise you’re better off with Lightning Bolt. Chain Lightning is our most unimportant AoE spell. Fire Nova: Enhancement’s AoE, Fire Nova causes each of your targets with Flame Shock to damage every target around them (but not themselves, so you don’t want to use it on single target). Put up Flame Shock, hit Lava Lash, and spam Fire Nova. It caps out at 7 targets, but even then 7 is a huge amount of damage from Fire Nova. Searing Totem: Our main DPS totem, it lasts 60 seconds and spits fire at our target. Many shaman hate it because it feels weak but is still required for DPS, but I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for it. Magma Totem: Emits an AoE that deals damage, use when at least 2 targets are up. Elemental Blast: A pretty straightforward spell, deals damage and gives you 500 crit, mastery, haste, multistrike, or Agility. Not bad, just not as good of a talent as PE or UF as it complicates our priority more than Primal Elementalist and Unleashed Fury. Feral Spirit: Summons two Feral Spirits to fight alongside us for 30 seconds. Their attacks also heal us. This spell is one of our 3 DPS cooldowns outside of talents, and is the most insignificant of the 3. Fire Elemental Totem: Our big ##*#@@*@ DPS cooldown. It summons a Fire Elemental that lasts for a full minute that tears apart our enemies. It can also be buffed through PE, making it even more potent as a DPS cooldown. Keep in mind that if you use PE, you rarely want to use the ability the elemental has that passively increases your damage by 5%, as the damage it contributes through melees is much higher. Ascendance: This spell offers decent burst to Enhancement. It causes our autoattacks and Storm Strike to have a 30 yard range and cut through the targets armor. Liquid Magma: One of our level-100 talents, this spews out balls of lava that target random enemies and explode when they make contact. It deals the most damage of our level-100 talents. Storm Elemental Totem: Deals damage and heals based on the damage it does. Not that great, and is not as powerful as Liquid Magma. Contrary to PE’s tooltip, it DOES NOT buff Storm Elemental. Elemental Mastery: 2 minute haste cooldown. Not much to say here, pretty self-explanatory. Ancestral Swiftness: Passive haste buff. Unleashed Fury: Causes your Unleash Elements spell to also increase the damage of your Lightning Bolt by 30% and gives you 5% multistrike. Primal Elementalist: Increases the power of your elemental totems by 80% (but not storm elemental) Lightning Strikes: Increases the benefit we gain from haste rating by 5%. One of the reasons haste is our best stat. Lightning Shield: A 60 minute buff that causes those who attack you to take damage. Keep it up, but otherwise you can ignore it. 3b. Priority List Depending on your talent selection, you will have a slightly different priority list. I’ll outline each here. First off, if you have Liquid Magma, then you will just want to use it whenever you can, i.e. every time it comes off cooldown. If you have Elemental Fusion, then you will want to ensure that every time you reapply Flame Shock, it has both the Unleashed Flame buff and two stacks of Elemental Fusion. If you have UF your priority is as follows: ST_0 UE SS (if you have Ascendance) LB_5 SS FS (Assuming the Flame Shock debuff is not up, and Unleash Flame buff is active) LL LB_3 (As long as the Unleashed Fury: Flame debuff is on the target) FS (Assuming the Flame Shock debuff is up, and Unleash Flame buff is active) FrS LB_1 ST (Just to refresh it) If you have PE, your priority is as follows: ST_0 SS (if you have Ascendance) LB_5 SS LL FS (Assuming the Flame Shock debuff is not up, and Unleash Flame buff is active) UE FS (Assuming the Flame Shock debuff is up, and Unleash Flame buff is active) FrS LB_1 ST (Just to refresh it) If you have EB, your priority is as follows: ST_0 EB (cast if you have at least 4 stacks of MW) SS (if you have Ascendance) LB_5 SS LL UE FS (Assuming the Flame Shock debuff is not up, and Unleash Flame buff is active) FS (Assuming the Flame Shock debuff is up, and Unleash Flame buff is active) FrS LB_1 ST (Just to refresh it) For AoE with 2 targets, you'll want to replace Lightning Bolt with Chain Lightning, Searing Totem with Magma Totem, and place Fire Nova above Frost Shock in priority. On 3 targets you'll move Fire Nova to the top of your priority, and want to use the buff from Unleash Elements on it instead of Flame Shock, as the flameshocks spread by Lava Lash do not retain the UE buff if your target had it. If you know AoE is coming up soon, it's a good idea to make sure you have a good amount of time left on your Flame Shock and start saving Lava Lash until you can spread your flame shock and begin fire nova'ing away. As far as cooldowns go, you generally want to use all of them on the pull, when you have prepot and trinket procs. As the fight goes on, it's a good idea to try to line up cooldowns with procs and hold on to them if you know Bloodlust or some other damage buff is coming soon. E.g. if it looks like the boss will die in 3 minutes, you might want to wait on using Ascendance until you can line it up with Elemental Mastery, as you only get one more use of Ascendance in the fight anyway. This tier, Enhance's single target is very weak. Luckily for us, the number of fights that have only one target are less than the fights with more than one target. While we will appear weak on Butcher, Ogron, and maybe Brackenspore, intelligent use of Fire Nova on Kargath, Tectus, Ko'ragh, and Imperator will make us very strong. On mythic, an enhance might get sat on the first kill or two of Butcher, but they will be virtually required for Tectus, Koragh, and Imperator. Fire Nova is life. 4. Talents and Glyphs Blizzard continually tries to balance and rebalance these talents to where choosing them is entirely up to personal choice. As far as DPS goes, however, there will always be a mathematically superior option. Tier 1: Defensive Abilities Pretty straightforward tier. Your choice will vary from fight to fight. If you tend to have constant damage occurring with no spikes, Stone Bulwark is the best. If you have high-damage phases that are short, Astral Shift is the winner. If you don't feel like pushing a defensive CD or if there's a fight where you really shouldn't be taking much damage, Nature's Guardian is a good fallback. Tier 2: Snares and Snare Protection The most situational tier we have. Pick each talent according to whatever you need in any situation. For instance, if you need an add to be CCd'd in one spot, then Earthgrab might be the correct choice. If you need to be cleared of movement impairing affects, like the frost orb on Ko'ragh or Slow from the adds on Imperator, then you want to use Windwalk. Rarely you might need a ranged snare, in which case Frozen Power will be your go-to. Tier 3: Totem Enhancements Again, a tier that has more to do with personal flavor than anything. I’ve used Totem Projection all expansion, however Call of the Elements can be useful if you ever need two Stone Bulwarks in a minute or something of that nature. Pure DPS wise, Totemic Projection can be useful so you don’t have to replace ST if the boss moves too much, or need to move a totem into a better position for Liquid Magma. It's also worth mentioning that Totemic Projection is off the GCD, meaning you can cast it whenever you want without losing DPS! Totemic Persistence isn't too useful, but may see some situational possibilities if you for some reason need two totems of the same element (that isn’t fire). Tier 4: DPS buffs All three talents see use in any given raid. Elemental Mastery is useful if burst is needed, and currently sims the highest, especially when paired with Primal Elementalist. Ancestral Swiftness is good if you don’t want to manage the cooldown of Elemental Mastery and is good for sustained damage. Echo of the Elements is good for soloing and for AoE, because it can reset the cooldown of Fire Nova. Tier 5: Heals First off, Conductivity is almost useless. You may get a super-long HR down, but it can't move and it was never that hard to maintain in the first place, and it heals for pathetic numbers. Ancestral Guidance heals for almost nothing unless you have a huge amount of AoE damage from Fire Nova, and Rushing Streams is ok but not great. Tier 6: More DPS buffs Unleashed Fury is the easiest to use, you just change your priority slightly. PE takes a little more effort because you want to use your DPS CD's wisely, and EB is the most difficult as it adds another spell into the priority, and it can't be casted while moving. Currently, all choices are very close in DPS, with PE in the lead by a small amount and EB being behind by a larger amount. Tier 7: EVEN MORE DPS buffs Liquid magma is the strongest by far. Elemental Fusion is kind of brainless and Storm Elemental Totem is ok if your group is absolutly dying for more heals, but no you should really just us Liquid Magma. Glyphs Most major glyphs are situational or fit personal playstyles, so I’ll just go over how I personally feel about the ones I use. Spirit Walk: Reduced cooldown and reduced duration is useful if you need to move quickly and often. I often find the 15 second duration is overkill anyway, and don't generally find the 11.25 duration to be restrictive. Feral Spirits: Already a useful self-healing tool, this glyph just makes them even more potent. However, this relies on you receiving high damage when you would usually have your wolves out, or having to sit on them until a high damage phase to get the full benefit. Fire Elemental Totem: Situationally varies from fight to fight. It can be beneficial to use the glyph and delay EM by 30 seconds to line it up with Fire Elemental, but you should see what feels most comfortable for you. Chain Lightning: Decent on fights with more than 3 targets that you’d be hitting with chain lighting. Flame Shock: Some crappy little heal. Good for fights with a large amount of constant AoE, mediocre for everything else. Fire Nova: More range means more targets getting hit unless they’re in an incredibly neat pile. Pretty much used for any fight with AoE. Healing Stream Totem: Your HST now gives the targets it hits a buff which reduces elemental damage taken by 10%. Helpful for healers, especially if you’re dropping it as often as you can when you have downtime in your priority (which you should!) Purge: Probably won't use this much, unless there's any dispell mechanics this tier that only have two stacks and need to be taken off ASAP. Shamanistic Rage: Not bad, but you’re using a 1 minute cooldown to clear something that healers should be taking care of anyway. Useful on some fights if there's nothing else to use (unlikely). Lightning Shield: Pretty much mandatory on any fight that has consistent damage. 5. Stat Weights/Gems/Enchants This early in the expansion, our stat weights are very volatile until we get to high gear levels. Personally, I’ve seen almost every possible permutation of the ranking of our secondary stats as I’ve been gearing up. Also, as of right now, we want the highest ilvl weapon in our offhand! At entry gear levels, and if you don’t care too much about maximizing your personal DPS, you’ll follow this priority: Agility > Haste>Mastery=Multistrike > Crit=Versatility It is worth mentioning, however, that generally ilvl is king and you do not want to avoid picking up a piece of gear with a 665 ilvl and crit and versatility, just because your 640 ilvl piece has haste and mastery. However, if you really want to know where stats lie for you, you should import your character to Simcraft and find out by using the Scaling option. Gems Haste gems. All the way. Enchants Haste enchants all the way. For weapons, using Shattered Hand on both weapons is very close in DPS to using Warsong and Bleeding Hollow in heroic dungeon gear, so don't break your wallet getting the expensive enchants. However the disparity increases as you get more gear, so by the time you're getting mythic or heroic gear you might want to switch to Bleeding Hollow and Warsong. 6. Credit First I would like to thank Purge, whose contribution to Enhancement theorycrafting and discussion is beyond incredible. He is the hero that enhancement needs, not the one we deserve. I'd also like to thank Elam for introducing me to Enhancement with his guide in Cataclysm. If you would like to see more discussion on enhancement, has a good community of active enhancers. Also reddit's /r/enh could use some more lively members as well! :)Chillbros84 Feb 18
Oct 26, 2010 Welcome Shaman: Please Read! Welcome to the Shaman forum! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss the shaman class with your fellow World of Warcraft players. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 26, 2010
49s So who is going to main Enhance for Legion? After spending so many days debating and coming down to a conclusion on which character I want to main I am almost 100% sure I want to do everything first and invest the most time into the Enhancement Shaman... But i'm almost afraid that i'll be wasting my time. I'm primarily someone who puts a lot of time into PVP, saying that, I'm going to be focused on getting as much artifact power as one of my top priorities. I've studied the Doomhammer's artifact abilities very thoroughly and thought to myself that the thing almost sounds incredibly overpowered and awesome, however the survivability of this specialization is hands down the worst out of all specializations i've ever played. Please don't question why, you can go through this sub-forum and see for yourself of the amount of feedback there is about it. I'm afraid i'll put so much time into making this specialization into everything I've hoped for and better, to learn that in the end i'll die as uselessly as a wet towel like this specialization does today in PVP. And yes, I've seen the honor talents but I have no idea if it will suffice until I unlock them. In the end... I decided to main this specialization anyways, though I could be wasting my time, this is the only toon I leveled painstakingly from 1-100 as a moderately new player whose been actively playing for maybe 2 months now. I enjoyed this class the most out of every class i've played out of my other 4 level 100s and I just keep coming back to it even if it is the worst specialization to PVP with. This Specialization is sentimental to me now, it took me on such a great adventure and I hope to embrace that even further when Legion comes out next week. All I can do is hope Blizzard can do something to make the specialization a lot more viable for PVP.Grimidoran28 49s
4m Top Shaman race on both sides..? I need help on this, more on the alliance side, I don't know what race to pickHorrorwalker36 4m
20m Casting animation, Cant see Relic weapon? So I have seen that elemental shamens get a fist weapon , so does that mean I literally never get to see it unless I have it unsheathed standing around. Also I noticed that shortly after the legion patch when my caster spec was in combat he stood there all ready to cast and looked really cool but now I don't see that anymore.Raksigma0 20m
26m Shaman weapon enchant appearances? Seriously, the fact that we have to go out and kill an old raid boss for a specific shaman ONLY enchant is completely ridiculous. With the enchanter's hut, I was able to transmog my weapon enchant into them for free as a shaman, but now I have to go out and kill the elementals which drop the enchants on a VERY low drop chance. They're class only anyway, there really is no reason to make them drop from bosses. To make matters worse, we can't farm them on other characters because they're only usable by shaman!Rainlotus8 26m
42m You cant be serious Crash Lighting AoE- No target required. Weapon Imbues- Costs Maelstrom, costs a GCD, must be in melee range, must be facing target. Obviously a bug. Get to fixing it, Blizztards.Gragand5 42m
47m Orc or Troll for enhancement shaman Pvp Hello! I was wondering if anyone had opinions on what race, orc or troll, to play as in pvp as an enhancement shaman.Jelwanu1 47m
1h Shaman help asap please! Need opinions Iv done research and Iv talked to a lot of people Everyone says go heals go heals but I'm a dps person. Always have been. I do like to heal in Druid because I enjoy hots for some reason haha. So thing is. I don't wanna main Druid because I wanna still level an off spec but don't want balance.. So wuestion overall honestly from people who have experience or know what they are talking about how is elemental going to stand up? Iv had a few people say "have fun playing ele" meaning? Is it boring or the dps not that great this time around? And how is healing as shammy? I keep hearing very very strong this time also. Thoughts boys? Remember this is mainly for PVEDëstiny5 1h
1h The state of Enhance PVP (THIS POST IS OF ENHANCEMENT SHAMAN IN PVP NOT PVE) Patch 7.0.3 Dear Blizzard Developers, Specifically, the Shaman Devs. Enhancement shaman in World of Warcraft: Legion needs attention. As a player who has drowned in the fantasy and lore of the Shaman (specifically enhancement) since the day I started playing back in 2006, I try every expansion to main a different character, yet can not pull myself from my shaman. Legion has done some great things for Enhancement in terms of class identity, with some amazing ideas and implementations. HOWEVER, watch beta videos on youtube, play enhancement on live servers, and the one word you will hear or relate to the most is CLUNKY. There are abilities and mechanics that NEED to be addressed. I'll start with Maelstrom. If you are going to give us a new resource, why do we still hava mana? This is mainly a problem with Healing Surge. I spend more maelstrom in a pvp engagement on Healing Surge than I spend on Damage. I am using maelstrom to keep my weapon enhancements active while then trying to get back the health i lost in the globals it took to put up my enhancements, then im oom. If i can spend 20 maelstrom to make healing surge instant then why should it still cost mana? what if i chose to spend maelstrom for an instant healing surge and mana to hard cast the spell? that way i can choose what i want to spend maelstrom on and what i want to spend mana on. MAELSTROM GENERATION is an issue, yes every enhancer feels like he doesnt have enough maelstrom. There is ONE ability that generates it. ONE. its simply not enough, either make flametongue generate some as well or make rockbiter generate MORE. or make frostbrand not cost any. Any one of those 3 solutions will make the spec feel much more fluent. WE WANT SHAMANISTIC RAGE Why did you take it out in the first place? that's been around since BC and is a Shaman signature spell. 1.5min CD with 40%dmg reduction in Astral Shift is quite useless. that will do nothing for you in a BG Team fight. frankly enhancement shamans have the weakest defensive CD's. That's not a question. Bring back Shamanistic Rage the way it was, or at least make ghost wolves heal again WINDFURY Windfury is the sole reason I created an enhancement shaman all those years ago. Why do you feel the need to change the animation? The old windfury animation was awesome, and the Vanilla animation was even better in my opinion, now i can't even tell when im windfurying and nor does the person im fighting because its simply a tickle and not something to fear. Windfury needs more damage, either make the attack power scale up or give it three procs or make it able to proc off of itself again. Any one of those solutions will work. Please stop nailing windfury into the ground. It's where we came from as Enhancement shamans. MOBILITY Enhancement mobility is a joke. I like Feral Lunge, however, in its current state no one can deny its almost useless. I lunge 25 yards to attack someone who is running away from me and what...? He keeps running. because the time it took to leap to and to land he has already ran out of melee range. Give Feral Lunge an instant gap closer, or a snare ability even if only for 3 seconds. OR give frostbrand an INSTANT snare when using it at its 10 yard range like it SHOULD. Simple easy fix TALENTS I love a lot of the new talents, however the ones i love are essentially the only ones i pick because, well, there's no competition with in that tier. For example the 75 tier, Tempest is the only viable one. we need the SS procs because thats the ONLY time we can burst someone. literally thats the only time because even with ascendance up maelstrom is hard to come by. The 100 Tier simply ascendance is a no questions asked pick. Landslide is trash, Earthen Spike is trash even with todays update from 10 to 15% dmg. For Earthen Spike to be viable it needs to have a stun attached, even if its only 3 seconds. How can you even have enough maelstrom to use Earthen Spike? Especially if you have Sundering. I mean hell even then I can only use Sundering when i have Ghost Wolves out because, guess what, I don't have enough maelstrom to even Stormstrike with out Stormbringer proc. Enhancement will be painful as ever playing in this expansion if these problems are not addressed. The developers had some great potential but the way the it was all implemented was not thought over in depth and should not have been approved the way they are. I have played enhancement through the highs and lows of its lifetime and I dread this expansion more than the last 5. My keys to a good turn around to put enhancement on par in PVP are: 1.Maelstrom generation / spending needs to be more fluent and happen more often. To many restrictions to talents / burst right now because we dont have the maelstrom to do so 2. Mobility needs to be adjusted, its impossible to stay on targets in an arena match. Enhancement is so far behind its counter parts in this area and I don't understand how you shaman developers could let this go like this, you've let me and every other enhancement born warcraft player down. 3. Defensives need to be addressed so that we can survive. We get LOL SHAMAN face punched and frankly, its annoying. Discard Astral Shift and re implement Shamanistic Rage, and make ghost wolves heal for damage yet again. Those are the main problems I would like to see addressed for the spec as a whole. My personal requests would be windfury damage increase and animation and.... BRING BACK ENHANCEMENT TWO HANDERS. You buried that dream into the ground expac after expac after expac. Wish players still had the control over which weapons their character could use, but you have made it so each spec will use 'THESE' weapons and only 'THESE' weapons. Please Blizzard developers for the love of Shamans, from a player who loves Shamans hear these words and pay forward what Enhancement deserves. We are not bottom feeders we are elemental warriors who harness the fury of the storm to strike down on our enemies violently and suddenly. Thank you for your time *disclaimer: I have fully understand and have read up completely on artifact weapons and how they will change the game and everything stated previously was stated with artifact weapons and talents in mind*Soulfer44 1h
1h Stupid post, please ignore. Stupid post was stupid, please ignore.Steelhorn4 1h
1h Alliance- How did you choose your race? I've been really wanting to make a shaman for Legion, but I'm having trouble deciding on whether or not to go Dwarf male (female is out of the question), Draenei Male, or Draenei female. I like the way all of them look in armor, but Dwarves are shore, Draenei male are really bulky, and the female are really thin... Just, how did you decide which one to go? It's such a hard decision. Any input is appreciated.Zipplebottom21 1h
2h Are Restos Satisfied? I am Resto coming back from a long break. Are you satisfied with the spec. To me it seems like they took Resto gutted it . Then add some of it back in the form of talents. This is just a dumbed down version of Resto, basically BC Resto. no pets, no earth shield, no real aoe for legacy raids . I know you are going to tell me "yeah but the raid hps is incredible". When wasn't it, just making a class competitive on the meters isn't enough. they took a lot away and didn't give us anything really in return. No new flavor, just , "here is the Resto you had but with less". Like i said i just came back and didn't do Beta. Maybe artifacts will change how i feel. Right now it just feels like here is a dumbed down version of a class you have been playing for years, but don't worry they are really strong raid healers so all is good. Oh and no, the Resto healing leveling experience isn't going to be easier or anywhere near as fast as dps. We got a tiny bit more dps out of our main damage spell in exchange for all our utilities.Windborne3 2h
4h What professions for shaman? Hello, I main Alliance but I started a Horde alt on a new server for Legion, and I'm not sure which professions to take. I'm new to the class, so I was wondering what professions you guys use. I'm looking for something profitable for a character that's alone on the server.Bwemba5 4h
4h Path of Flame bugged? I haven't really noticed anything until somebody brought it up before, but it seems that the elemental talent "Path of Flame" does not seem to be working as intended (not spreading from target to target). By making sure it was not on my end, I pulled multiple mobs and then casted Flame Shock on one to see if it would spread, but by the end of the debuff, none of the other targets were marked. To really make sure I had multiple targets, I even smacked the others with my weapon to ensure I was in combat with the other pulled targets and still no spread of flame shock. Another thing I noticed was when you change in and out of "Path of Flame", there is no mention of you unlearning or learning the passive "Path of Flame" compared to the other talents. Hopefully I am not the only one seeing this bug, if so, then I am not sure how to fix it.Ericthered2 4h
4h Ele sham pvp, forced to take control of lava? Hello everyone! Watching videos and researching it appears every elemental shaman (the 10 or so that are out there) are all using the Control of Lava talent for PVP. I was wondering if this is something that we're forced to pick to be somewhat competent. I've really really enjoyed icefury over the past month and I'm eyeballing that Fire and Ice talent on the same tier. Also as a follow up question. I don't know every classes talents but I was curious if any other classes besides ele sham have talents that completely negate other talents. For example, Control of lava paired with Elemental Fusion would be pointless. Thanks for your time.Dalrox2 4h
5h Legion Beta Ele PvP - 20 Seconds of GOD MODE Hey guys, I've been hearing lots of negative things about Ele Shamans in general but I wanted to post something to change some view points. This is a video showing the new spec to make you go nuts in single target. There is a separate spec for AoE which is very strong that I'll be putting it out later but wanted to get something out there for a first look. Maybe inspire some people to play some Ele! Feel free to ask any questions or leave any comments/recommendations (preferably productive ones :P) on here or any of my platforms and I'll try to get back asap. YouTube: Watch me live at: 5h
5h Resto pvp. Please help Hello! I'm super excited to main my new shaman. So excited, in fact, that I'm going back and going to try to get loremaster. That aside, I'm pulling decent healing in battle grounds, but when people see me and say HEY SHAMMY IM GOING TO KILL YOU! I can't do a lot. I put down my stun totem, try to run, they snare me. I tried using earthgrab, but that didn't work out too well either. Basically, the question is for all you experienced PVPers. How to best survive as resto shaman? Also, if there are any good videos you can recommend, that would be awesome. Thanks so much!Poozik14 5h
5h So are shamans going to be horrible again? There's been a lot of doomsaying, on pretty much every class forum, with the shaman forum being no exception but this time around there's not nearly as much doomsaying as what we had during the start of WoD. Are shamans actually going to be okay this time around?Talthea36 5h
7h Shaman transmog thread - rate above poster ofc i think my transmog is 10/10 i know my boots don't match, i'm working on it. been trying to get the right boots from ICC since MOP dropped previous thread capped, new thread @Ulchtar: Nice xmog, I like the set coordination. 9.5/10Ulloriaqi423 7h
7h Shaman Class Hall/Campaign how is it? Im thinking of maining Enh Shaman Next Xpac How is the Shaman Class Hall and the Class Hall Campaign? What are Pros and Cons compared to the other Class Halls?Biraelenn2 7h
8h Orc or Goblin for Legion? Been leaning back toward enhancement / restoration for getting back into the game, was a prot warrior most of WoD and tired of tanking right now. After seeing the base (?) artifact weapons for legion, I am definitely thinking shaman, but wasn't sure from an aesthetic perspective if I should go with orc or goblin. Thinking of avoiding trolls right now as I already have a druid, then again my warrior was an orc. Goblin probably has a slight advantage, not sure about playing a short green guy a whole expansion though (assuming I last that long). Obviously this all comes down to personal taste and such, just curious what thought patterns other shamans had when making the decision. Thanks for the input.Ryukia21 8h
8h Re: Rogues I know we're at 100 and the game is now balanced around 110 but WOW.....I was essentially three hit but a subtlety rogue two fights in a row. 130k shadowstrike damage, smallest shadowstrike was 70k. Meanwhile boulderfist does 30k while I try to get some maelstrom anddddd...I'm dead. Same ilvl rogue as my shaman.Site7 8h
9h Enhancement 1v1 What a joke. Such a squishy class that cannot do anything without a healer behind them. Cant even survive rogues bleeds for more than 5 seconds after the cc's wear off, same goes for feral. Warriors, lol get rekt. DKs, lo get rekt, monks, rekt. Paladin, lol. Lets not even mention locks, dis priests. Marksmen hunters...aimed shot and pen shot is gonna rek u aswell. ah well. at least u can heal and stun right? lol Worst dueling spec ever. Yes, it is not bad when u have a healer on u in a 2v2 or 3v3. but othewise....your gonna get eaten alive. but thats just my experience.Finalê7 9h
10h Can we have old windfury pls Blizz with the new wind fury animation you've completely killed my love for my shaman. The whole reason i made a shaman was the epic tornado of wind that was enhancement. Even if it doesn't proc 100% of the time, I can say for myself and probably many other enhancemans, it would give a lot of our flair that made this spec wonderful back to us. It would be the same as taking away cat-form from druids and giving them a staff to hit enemies with. The animation is still there, its in the resto/ele talent tree. Just give us a glyph, that is all i ask that can change wind-fury back to the glorious animation it once had. I know none of the pvp issues will be addressed, so for the sake of my shaman not being shelved just give us this minor thing!Mezmorized5 10h
10h Resto weapon, but solo as Elemental? My preferred spec in group settings is Restoration, so I'm planning to go for Sharas'dal as my artifact weapon. However, I prefer to solo as Elemental. Will that present any problems?Zelintha5 10h
10h Frame rate stutter on Shaman. This could be more a technical question, but I figured I'd start here. Since the addition of 7.0.3, I've noticed a slight stutter when in combat on my shaman. Only the shaman too! I've switched to my Warlock and raided HFC with all kinds of rain of fires, cataclysms, 25 fel imps and all kinds of other spell effects and never noticed any stutter. I've reduced spell effects, graphics and everything but reinstalled the game files. To avoid going over my data cap on the month, i'm using it as a last resort. These stutters are like watching my skills and character through a strobe light sometimes. After awhile i get used to it, but if I just switch over from my lock, which is smooth, it's almost disorienting. I've noticed it mainly happening when stormlash starts hitting other players and bouncing around. Or crashed lightening too. Actually I'm not sure exactly what it could be. Regardless, I'd like to fix it before legion hits, so everything is running smooth. If anyone has been having this issue, I would greatly appreciate you speaking up and let me know of a fix. If there is no fix, I guess i'll be leveling elemental. And I really don't wanna do that :(((((((Mokthortia7 10h
11h Rockbiter with Landslide? I don't post on the forums much, so it has probably been asked before... But, is there a reason that our level 100 talent, Landslide, only works off of our level 15 talent, Boulderfist? I know Boulderfist and Landslide are basically our best talents in those tiers, but I think the fact that Landslide ONLY works with Boulderfist doesn't give us a choice to even try something else. I mean I have tried tons of specs on most classes recently and not once can I remember a talent that solely works off of another talent. The reason I am asking this is that I would love to try out using Hot Hands, but since you basically have to take Landslide it forces you to also take Boulderfist. Which means taking Hot Hands becomes a moot point. I believe that simply letting Landslide work off of Boulderfist OR Rockbiter would open up the possibility of using Hot Hands, or Windsong, for our level 15 talents.Pijiu1 11h
20h Sentry Totem 209: Stop. Doomhammer time! ...Rude371 20h
20h thinking about rolling a shaman in legion... Hey im coming from a shadow priest main, looking for something different but balanced. So im thinking boomkin with off spec tank bear or elly shammy with off spec restro. Any suggestions what would be helpfull thank you:)Akebulan18 20h
21h Share your windsong builds! Post your windsong based builds! I'd love to see them! So currently, I am using a boulderfist build, and it's nice, it's easy, I spike up to 33k dps on a dummy. But I can only get like 28k or 30k with windsong based builds. Maybe I'm doing it wrong. Does anyone have a good build for windsong?Ursathemajor10 21h
22h Earth Shock during Ascendance? Should we be doing it? I feel we shouldn't be using earthshock during ascendance, but I have been doing it. Because capping resources are gross.Dustsdisturb1 22h
23h Mythic + healing question. I figure the response may be a bit biased here, but I am struggling with this. I was ultimately going to play RDruid for Mythic + as they seem incredibly well suited for the type of environment that it is (the beta feedback seems to clearly think they are unrivaled at the mythic + style of content) however, my comp is missing a BL effect. Would it be more worth it to run RShaman instead mainly to cover BL? I enjoy both healers, but Druid does feel stronger to me. Any suggestions or observations from RShamans that have healed it in beta?Pylons7 23h
1d Go to resto sham pvp talents Hey guys! I was just wondering what the go to pvp talents are for skirms and bgs for resto after the patch. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've seen people running a lot of different builds and just wanted a good overall build. ThanksSpoofz1 1d
1d Trying to stay positive Seeing those last few shaman buffs gives me little to no hope at all in terms of playing my ele shaman in a competitive stance come legion. But im hoping the horrible devs for shamans will snap into reality when seeing that we are under-preforming severely in arena (3v3) and rated bgs. Disclaimer: yes i play beta on a competitive level as well as theory craft every talent and spec (enhance and ele) to explore options. Before you comment something ignorant. this isnt a thread i plan on complaining i just want to know how others are staying positive like me..Sharperimage7 1d
1d Seeking SHAMANS for Machinima (Class Chats) Names chosen !! Tundarr Alexstrasza Paroz Emerald Dream Schizm The Underbog Hexo Emerald Dream <Bronzebeard Vanguard> Shamans Beezelbubba Bloodscalp Xeruga Sargeras Voljah Emerald Dream Luni Silvermoon Zyliros Black Dragonflight ---- Hello ! Strausin back again with another Class Chats casting call! This time around I'm looking for SHAMANS If you're wondering what this is all about here is the previous episode: Paladins So post below for your chance to be in the newest episode! Post as your character that you'd like used, I will not use armory links, thanks ! DISCLAIMER: By posting here you're giving me permission to use your character as I see fit. (There has been issues with people complaining as to how their toons were used, and this is here as a result)Strausin66 1d
1d 7.0.3 Elemental Shaman ROFLCOPTER Fire your Shaman devs ASAP. No totems - no utility - no survive-ability I stacked versatility before prepatch, was at 34% with all my buffs and trinkits popped, and I could down players in a 1/3rd of the casts I have to now. I cast a 2 second lightning bolt and do 8k-14k damage on a crit to players with 500-600k health. This is pathetic. with an average cast time around 1.6 second and average damage in PvP around 10k that is 96 seconds worth of free casting to kill somebody without accounting for any type of healing or defensive abilities. No shields which gave us 10% damage reduction when glyphed properly. Maelstrom generation is a joke. It depletes just as fast as rage does when out of combat and it takes roughly 17 times longer to build up. Before, your stacks on your lightning shield did not deplete when out of combat. You need to make it to where Maelstrom does not deplete when out of combat, and you need to make its generation on par with rage. If it takes 2 seconds to cast lightning bolt, I should get the amount of Maelstrom compared to a Warriors rage generation in 2 seconds with a bonus because I had to HARD-CAST a 2 second long spell. PvP Damage is laughable, now the TTK has been TRIPLED for shamans while the TTK shamans has dropped. On top of that, you nerfed Ascendance by adding another minute to the CD and you made lava burst hit like a wussy. Tisk Tisk. There is no reason to play a shaman in Legion, if you want to enjoy playing the game you MUST play a fire mage. I just did a EoTS, took a base and all of our players were at 40% health, a player asked for heals, and I told them "blizzard said "NO" I am NOT allowed to be useful like that". Now Elemental shamans are gated behind 5 worthless heals before they are OOM and have to wait 30 seconds. This means that if I am at 20% HP I have to blow all of my mana, mount up, head to the next fight, stop on my !@#$ing way to the next fight, blow all my mana again, mount up and repeat. Melle heal better than Ele Shamans can now. This is laughable. This game-play sucks blizzard. You suck blizzard. My action bars are empty, a class that was already at a huge disadvantage just got buried under the ground. I have never seen a company destroy a game overnight. Thanks for the once in a lifetime opportunity. Massive Entertainment is better at game balance than you are. They were the bottom of the barrel before you guys showed off how great you really are today. By the way, your dumb !@# devs forgot to put a 0 after the 184 on elemental blast. The fact you missed that oversight is mind-numbing. So instead of the spell being worth a !@#$, it is only giving 10% of the bonus it should be giving. GG! You also forgot to make PvP gear scale up to 740 in BG/Arenas! Now everybody with PvE gear has the advantage! Boomkin PvE tier is working in battle grounds. I just did 6k damage with a lava burst guys, come on. what the hell is lava burst doing 1%-3% of the enemies health as damage for? Even if lava burst crits for 20k, thats still 30 casts to kill wars, and when you factor everything else in the TTK is the worst I have ever seen it. Just did 1.3 MILLION damage to a warlock, who healed through it all by doing damage. He didn't stop dealing damage for a second to have some of the most overpowered healing in the game, yet here I am spending 10 seconds standing still to dump my mana bar for 30% of my health with a chance of getting locked out of nature. Lets talk about the mobility! If you want to move out of melee range as a shaman, you are the only class in the game who has to shape shift into a form rendering you unable to deal damage just so you can move. Since Ghostwolf does not break roots/snares like it should, shamans just get destroyed by any and every melee class in the game. Sure you can use your wind gust to get some distance, unless you get stunned or rooted when you cast it(I am in the aie wtf are you rooting me to). After you land you will still only have 1 to 2 seconds of up time, and thats only if your enemy cannot break a slow or has a slow on them. So you can cast once, every 15 seconds, if you are lucky enough to not be facing a warrior/rogue/druid/dk/enhance or ret with freedom. As of 8/24/16 I just tested a 110 balance and ele on the beta. Heres what I have to say: Balance Druids : Starsurge costs 40 resource and hits for 140k in baseline gear on beta compared to a 100 Maelstrom Earthshock that does 200k. for the same amount of resource (100) druids are dealing 350k damage compared to shamans at 200k. On top of costing less and dealing more damage, it buffs their other abilities. Starfal vs Earthquake totem : Starfall cost's the same amount as earthquake totem if not specced to make it cost less, yet deals more damage, doesn't have a totem that can be killed easily to stop it and buffs their dots to deal more damage. Solar Wrath deals more damage than Lightningbolt/chain lightning with a shorter cast time and the same amount of resource generation which is 8 per cast. Druids remove all roots and slows when they shapeshift, which takes 1 GCD to get moving at high speed compared to shamans, when we shapeshift we only go 100% movement speed without breaking roots/slows even tho everybody elses base movement speed is 110% at the slowest with the enchant to cloaks. We can't attack or cast spells in ghostwolf form. It takes us 5 seconds to get the distance druids can get in 1 second. Earthgrab totem - Mass Entangling : Once again, shamans are hindered by a totem that is easily killed. On top of the totem being easily killed, the root only lasts for 5 seconds vs 20(PvP 8). And with the awesome PvP talents druids can get makes the roots not break on damage. Shamans get to choose between three healing PvP talents, one of them restores 3% health every 5 seconds while in ghostwolf form. Druids get this when they choose resto affinity and it happens in any form and if you are max health the healing goes to a nearby ally. On top of getting the passive heal, they get to be a resto druid with swiftmend. Gust of Wind vs Wild Charge - in travel form, druids have a better gust of wind that travels farther on the same CD. This same skill can be used to root enemies, jump to allies, slow enemies or disengage. Totaly fair blizz. Ascendance vs Celestial Alignment - Blizz gave boomkins Ascendance as a baseline ability, and their baseline ability is way better than Ascendance because it increases damage by roughly 10% more AND increases their resource generation by 50%. Boomkins can spec into it and make it even more powerful if they choose. Skyfury Totem vs Moonking Aura - Boomkins get 100% uptime on our totem just for standing there. Yet again, we are hindered by a totem that is behind a CD that is easily killed. Cyclone vs Hex - hex has a 30sec CD on top of players retaining their movement to LoS or stand on top of you. Cyclone is spammable and cannot be dispelled. Healing Touch vs Healing Surge - Druids can choose between being able to always criticaly heal and reduce the cast time of healing touch on allies by 50% or heal for 5% every time they shapeshift in their PvP tree. Keep in mind balance druids retained their 220k mana pool while Ele shamans got shafted with a 35k mana pool. Balance druids can cast 10+ healing touches and still not be oom, meanwhile eles can barely heal 5 times before they are oom. Balance druids can also spec into healing so that each heal generates 15 resource each and every heal. Pretty much the equivalent of being able to spam healing surge on your allies without going oom and then casting a fully charged Earth shock ever 3 heals and then after 2 heals on the 4th iteration. Totaly balanced right We are forced to choose between !@#$ we need to be competent. Icefury should be baseline. Earthfury should be baseline, replace the option with enhancements bloodlust PvP talent. Earth Shock should cap out at 40maelstorm and only be available with 40 maelstrom and Earthfury should stun for 2 seconds on a Earthshock. Elemental blast should be baseline and cost maelstrom. I could go on and on blizzard, get your !@#$ together. Legion launches in 5 days, yet if I get CC'd by anything other than a stun, before a stun I still can't cast thunderstorm untill I am out of the stun. I still can't call my Earth elemental out while I have my Fire Elemental out and it takes the 2min CD even tho it didn't summon. This isn't including balance being able to instant cast any spell after being hit by a melee and a few other things that I am too !@#$ing pissed off about to write up.Longar255 1d
1d Gold PG as new Enhance.. Much better than before, when I could barely make it through silver. Went back and tried it again. Failed first silver attempt because I didn't have my interrupt focus macro on the bar, but completed with no issues after that. Gold, got it on the first try, never attempted it as as old Enhance, since silver was such a miserable chore. So, I'm happy with the new spec so far..Fugubar0 1d
1d Coolest shaman race Hey guys, considering moving away from my alliance server with my main character. Really want to roll horde with my mates for legion. But im kinda stuck because everything i have is on alliance. 12 level 100s all with professions working together all my millions of gold and so on... what do you guys think is the most beast shaman race lore/looks/animation wise in your opinions? :DOceanrage19 1d
1d Windfury critting for 40k? I feel like a total moron asking this question, like i'm missing some glaring point, but my WF crits for 6-7k. This dude in my heroic was looking at 40k easy. What gives?Scoopy5 1d
1d Pvp heals So I've always dabbled in druid healing, and recently switched to enhancement main, but when it comes to healing as shammy resto, what do you guys use as a talent build, or rotation? How do you guys deal with healing when you're focused and barely able to cast? My current talent build is Unleash Life > Gust of Wind > Lightning surge totem > Crashing waves > Earthen shield totem > Echo of elements > AscendanceDawny21 1d
1d Ascendance Fishman = not class fantasy I'm a proud orc shaman... but I can turn into some kind of fire mermaid every 3 minutes. Someone needs to give the Ascendance model a long, hard look and realign it with actual class fantasy.Zargus7 1d
1d Resto Shaman Best Tank Pairing Mythic+5 Man Just curious, what tank do you think will pair best with a resto shaman for mythic 5 man dungeons in legion.Zhorah4 1d
1d [Weak Auras] Shaman Auras (Legion) Sweetsour's Shaman Weak Aura Compilations (BETA) Many of you have been following my progress with my Shaman compilations; once again, thank you all of your support! At last, I'm excited to unveil the final release of my aura compilation that's complete with aura for all three specs: Elemental, Enhancement, and Resto! Please note that this is in a beta stage. As much as I've tried to work out all possible bugs, I'm sure I've missed a few with the size of this aura package. Special Thanks A quick shoutout to the fellow shamans that have helped me get this package to where it is today via suggestions, feedback, bug notifications, and development assistance. Especially Thankful For Sagittate-Whisperwind Xelmy-Illidan Altassian-Stormrage The auras' import strings can be access via wago. Follow this link: All details are available there. Full Documentation 1d
1d Enh not using Maelstrom for heals???? So as of today even if I have a full bar of maelstrom I use mana to heal (Healing surge). It is still instant but mana is used. Is this a bug or is it working as intended? Edit: After further testing it seems to be using both. Is this by design? Thanks in advance.Totemtek6 1d
1d Looking for some help from Shammys Hey guys! So i'm currently playing a rogue (PVE) and having been really considering switching to a Enh Shammy to replace. Anyone have any clue on how well you guys do in comparison to rogues in a raiding environment at 110 and any old rogues with some advice on what to do? and i have fun playing both of em. just cant decide on which i should invest my artifact grind time into. ThanksKevetix0 1d
1d Ele Sham Stream I will be live streaming my Ele Sham, leveling, along with PvP (BGs/Arena) when Legion releases. I stream usually after 7pm PST, all the way until 2/3am PST. Feel free to check in and say hi, I have not played Beta so if there is a certain spec you want me to try, lemme know. GozukGozuk0 1d
1d Comparing Ele Shaman and Bal Druid PVP I've recently been doing 2's, 3's, and battlegrounds as the two listed classes, and I can't help but feel that the imbalance is utterly nonsensical when it comes to how weak Shamans are compared to other classes. A quick side by side glance of these two "hybrid" casters gives a great example of where we are in PvP. I know, I know. "Not every class is balanced for Arenas" "Not every class can handle 2v2" "The classes are balanced around artifacts, not at level 100" But why should we underperform in literally every way? 110 and an artifact won't change that. -Druids shapeshift and break snares and movement impairing effects. Shamans have ghostwolf form which does not. -Druids (Balance) can talent a heal that gives them an instant 30% of their health back. Shamans can use up their maelstrom to heal a small fraction of their health, generally with a cast time, and at the cost of our spender. -Druids (Balance) can consistently insta-cast most of their spells whilst being attacked. They also have two no cooldown spacebeams that allow them to build resource and deal damage without casting. A shaman can cast.... shocks that expend our resource. Anything else requires standing still and juking. There's simply no comparison to the damage output of each. -Druids have not one, but two primary spell types (Nature and Arcane), and if locked out of one, have an ample supply of damage dealers to throw around from the other. Shamans have one school, that once locked out of, basically shuts down the caster. -Druids have barkskin, really useful when stunlocked by a rogue. Because you can't be locked out of using it. Shamans? We have Astral Shift. The identical shaman counterpart of barkskin...but you can't use it while locked down. Why?! -Boomkin damage vs Ele damage, even when not focused. It doesn't add up. Don't get me wrong, I love the Shaman class. The lore, the look, the spell effects... but a side by side comparison with our most similar class shows just how little thought has been put into balance.Sunderpaw22 1d