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28m Overdue Elemental Shaman Feedback Roughly 2 months ago the Elemental community was told that it's suggestions/questions/concerns would be relayed to the devs. What this meant to us was that within a few weeks we would hear back from devs on the direction that they are wanting Elemental to move (or even they are completely lost on where it's headed) as well as some of the problems with Elemental currently that are being addressed. So moving forward you see not a single blue post or response in regards to this topic or any topic pertaining to Elemental. However, you see next day responses consisting of multiple paragraphs of feedback going into quite detail about the issues that these specs are facing and how devs want to handle it. I will ask this one simple question, so that you are not forced to waste your time on this spec that you so blatantly disregard as far as a relationship with the community goes. What problems do you currently have with Elemental as a spec and what role do you see them filling (AoE niche, or all around solid)? I appreciate any response to this and thank you for your time.Redbullfly7 28m
29m enhance vs ele pvp not sure witch one to roll or what will be good for arenas i can play both pretty well but im not sure what to rollPidina7 29m
1h Are Ele shaman viable yet? I really use to love playing Ele Shaman. But I heard they are like a wet fart right now. You know, no one wants them in parties etc. Also, how hard is it to level as Ele? Is the icyveins build the best to go off of?Phighter14 1h
1h ELE PTR Rage no more Lava Surge increase and 3x Lava Blast...It was the only reason I paid another month - so I lev my Artifact to 32 - cause i thought they were making us viable again in pvp- played PTR 2 weeks ago and was blown away - we can actually damage early on instead of Maelstrom buildup- I cant even get in a PUG Battleground- people associate ELE with bad- so many times I hear on signup to Rated "oh Crap your ELE sorry cant let you in- the others say your spec is bad for PVP" - happened 2 times" so I have to Restro to even do my weeklys and I hate healing...I don't like Dungeons and Raiding and Shaman is the only thing I can get into Lore-Wise...tested ptr today- pretty much same Glass Cannon with wet noodles for Lava Bursts - in fact for me it is worst- cant have Icefurry and Lightning Rod together- they are making ELE worst..... Apparently Blizz Recognized there is an imbalance issue and were looking into more Surge and 3xLB or whatever- they know it too otherwise why would they think about upgrading us like that- and that sucks - that they know we suck pvpwise but decided a change isn't necessary - I hate not getting into a Rated BG ... Since you cant buy pvp gear like Draenor - this game is getting too Grindy to continue playing - hoping for a Titanforge 880- 1 in 3 months least Grindy in Draenor meant you have a full pvp set- I mean how can I get PVP Gear if no one wants a ELE Shaman on their team?????- I even tried creating my own Rated and people join and leave shouting Fail Group ELE Shaman is lead- then the rest leave before the game starts!! so how do I get gear being I am not PVP Viable according to people forming Rated Groups - and Raiding isn't enjoyable to me....Froglicker0 1h
2h Is my DPS good for my ilvl? (Ele Shaman) I just ran heroic EN with the current build that I have, and currently did on average 300-350k (depends on fight) . I feel it's a bit low for a 875 ilvl Ele Shaman, and when I was enhancement I was almost 400k (I know enhancement is far superior atm). What's your average DPS as ele?Zakarm0 2h
2h Rate that Transmog! You know what to do! x/10, and brief description of why in regards to the transmog of the person above you!Valayria344 2h
3h Resto Mast%? How much Mast should i have before its over doing it? Im at 116% Mast and 17% Crit. Should i drop some Mast for Crit?Ghòst6 3h
3h Ele & Enh PvP Defenses Hey guys, Since we are in the midst of reworking Elemental in 7.15 ptr. It seems we are in a good position numbers wise for PVE, and I'm glad we are no longer at the bottom of the pack and able to be somewhat competitive. So its about time we talk about PvP. And with that, our main concern, survival. Its becoming brainless that the notion "train the blue" is what arena is all about. In BGs hiding behind all our teammates is not a testament to our ability to survive. In 3s, if our healer is locked out/CCed, and our astral shift is on CD/stunned, its basically highly in favour of the opponents team to win. I think Astral Shift is a pathetic excuse we call a defense cooldown. It was our WoD first tier talent which then in Legion removed our ShamRage which was even overpowered, it gave us a glimmer of hope while stunned. Every PvP match is about the balance between CC, burst and defenses. Take away one, we become PVE machine with a set in stone rotation. Its time in 7.15 we get a defense CD as I do not consider AS anything but a lazy excuse that the class developers couldnt bother with the launch of Legion. Just scour through the forums you'll see so many amazing ideas of how Ele&Enh can be improved. Well if the argument comes to that, every spec is different and we cannot complain AS is just another rogue's spammable feint, because we have heals and they dont. I completely agree, every spec is made in its own way to fit its whole playstyle. However, it is also apparent that Ele&Enh has been neglected way too much now, that even AS does not contribute enough to keep us alive. The least devs could do is increase the damage reduction ~10-20% and make it usable while stunned. I also highly doubt that our "earthgrab" with earthbind totem bug is intended. And with 7.15 the developers are almost bound to remove it when earthgrab becomes 8seconds, because specs frostmages would complain that we have better range Novas then them, a pure DPS class. And boom, we are back to 1 root and same defenses. Overall, losing even more defenses. Just some foresight for you. Thumbs up for others to see! It's about time we need a SHAMAN DEFENSE INTERVENTION! Ryanwc32 3h
3h Haste for shamen retro It seam like my spells are taking a long time to cast for a healer should I try and stack haste and what guide to go buy askmrrobt show crit is top and icy veins show mastery and have haste in different spot in rank tks for helpWarragn2 3h
4h Why is earth shield being nerfed? Shaman is squishy as !@#$ to begin with.. earth shield is already dispellable this will make resto shaman viability go down to %^-* 12 second cd is way too much shamans had earth shield since the beginning like now it will be useless and so will shamans be in pvp thanksGreezygang12 4h
4h Is ele fun? I'm bored of my Dk and I tried out lock and mage but don't really like them... is the ele playstyle enjoyable?Shockazulu24 4h
4h Resto Mastery Is there a "soft cap" or base amount of Mastery currently? Or should I not even stress it with the secondary crunch next patch?Grimstout9 4h
6h how do you make thunderstorm work in pvp? i've noticed thunderstorm fails to have any knockback effect about half the time in pvp. it's not a diminishing return issue: i'm talking about people walking up out of nowhere who clearly haven't been hit with any KB in the last 10 seconds. none of the other obvious stuff either (cloak of shadows, icy pillar, trying to knock them uphill, etc). anyone who plays an ele sham must know what i'm talking about. are there certain conditions that cause it to fail, or is it just random?Runs9 6h
6h Resto shaman PVP How good is resto shaman in pvp? Any guides or quick tips on how to do it? I've never done pvp (only some random bg, but very few as healer)Tzhary2 6h
6h Is Ghost Raptor useful? Im back to the game after a long break. I see ghost raptor in orgrimmar and I've deduced that it's a head inscription or something? Are there any other must have head inscriptions or is ghost raptor the go to?Aganhim10 6h
6h Storm Tempests legendary changes? In the public test realm, I see many changes in the legendary, including 3 changes on enh boots . But no mention on the belt. The damage from the storm tempest is ridiculous for a legendary 1 ~ 2m damage in a fight with ~75% uptime. Devs, please there are other legendary needing attention as well.Guidance1 6h
7h T6 on our class hall armor rack? Is anyone able to display Skyshatter T6? I have verified that I have 8/8 of the resto spec learned and it's not showing up. Would like to know if anyone here has it working.Sineval1 7h
7h Legendary neck Hey peeps, Just got the neck from the world boss. Is this normal as enhancement?Reighar3 7h
7h Chain Healing Battlegrounds I am only 869 ILev on this toon and recently started BGs for loads of fun!! If anyone is interested in the Chain Healing PVP video: I am using an addon called Dominos so people can see my rotation- but normally don't use it - to all you haters out there that will ding me on it I want to post more later - I know all the haters will come out- but negative feedback is better than none at all I guess- everything is a learning exp - so if there is something I should do different - let me know!! The basis of this build is to keep all instant heals on you - never your teammmates to keep your Tankiness, and Healing Rain your Area + Chain Heal Yourself to Off-Heal you almost always have you selected unless you target the enemy BTW - I out performed all healers Horde Druid, AF Monk, and AF Priest as I do 80% of the time with this fun build I am looking for a good PVP BGS Rated Team- as it is hard to find a good LFG Rated Premade... Thanks one thing that i seen after watching the video- I didn't dispel Warlocks DOTs- sometimes easy to get caught up in the healing momentFroglicker0 7h
7h Bloodlust bug as mercenary? Salutations. Me and my crew were doing some BGs today and decided to queue as mercenaries. When we were alliance characters I was unable to cast Bloodlust (Heroism) I am talented for Shamanism. Has this happened for anyone else? NOTE: I am a horde shaman, talented for 'Shamanism'Docnasty1 7h
10h any reason my hps is so low? I recently rerolled to resto after playing a fire mage, so i'm pretty far behind on my artifact weapon (one trait), but i geared quickly and am now 870 but my hps is absolute garbage, i am constantly being outhealed in every raid, by a significant amount. I've tried to get more mastery, but the gear dropping for me sits me around 85% and 27% crit which I feel is exceedingly low. Is there anything I need to do? I'm currently farming ap in the hope that maybe my traits will help boost my numbers but I'm doubting it.Shaison17 10h
10h The Enhancement Shaman Experience: 7.1.5 Before anyone reads this, I would like to add that I'm not a theorycrafter or skilled mathematician. I get by with a loose definition of min/max-ing. My main concern is the feel of the gameplay, rather than the numbers. So, much like any opinion, please take this with a grain of salt. This post is very large and will contain a tl;dr as well as edits reflecting future patches of the PTR at the bottom. Almost three months into Legion and patch 7.1.5 is right around the corner. This patch includes a hefty list of class changes, some of which change the way many specializations function, but is this for the better? In my opinion, while a good few of these changes have some thought behind them, just as many feel arbitrary; As if the developers just felt like they should change. Additionally, I believe some of these changes hurt Enhancement as a whole and should be considered carefully before going live. Usually, changes are not drastic enough for me to voice my concerns, but I feel as though my entertainment is in jeopardy. So, what are the developers after with these class changes? From what I can gather, these changes target creating options within talent trees; Molding a play style of preference over necessity, or even that of a situational nature. However, with the current patch on the PTR, I believe these changes are a step backward for Enhancement. I'll list the impacting changes here, rather than link external websites for the sake of clarity: [Windsong] - Reduced cooldown to 40 seconds, down from 45 [Boulderfist] - Increased cooldown to 7.5 seconds, up from 6 [Lightning Shield] - Increased to 90% attack power, up from 60% [Ancestral Swiftness] - Reduced to 6% haste, down from 10% [Hailstorm] - Not directly impacted, but the cost of [Frostbrand] was Increased to 35 maelstrom, up from 20 [Overcharge] - Reduced maelstrom cost to 40, down from 45 [Empowered Stormlash] - Increased damage buff of [Stormlash] to 50%, up from 35% [Fury of Air] - Increased to 90% attack power, up from 30% [Sundering] - Reduced maelstrom cost to 20, down from 60 [Ascendance] - Increased maelstrom generated per second to 12, up from 10 [Earthen Spike] - Increased to 1100% attack power, up from 800% Now, worry aside, some of these changes are pretty spectacular. The blanket buffs to [Lightning shield], [Empowered Stormlash], and [Fury of Air] significantly increase their likelihood of use. The tuning of [Sundering] and [Earthen Spike] make them feel much more solid. Sadly, these positive changes do not snuff out my concerns. The most problematic tuning was reserved for [Frostbrand]/[Hailstorm], [Ancestral Swiftness], and [Boulderfist]. On live servers, these three abilities are the cornerstone of almost every Enhancement build. This, itself, is a problem, as they edge out all competitors by sheer power gap. However, rather than curb the contest, the power balance has simply shifted. Instead of simply empowering lesser options, it seems like they've all but ensured that every min/max-ing Shaman will choose [Hailstorm], [Fury of Air], and [Windsong]. The big issue is, against [Hailstorm]/[Fury of Air] builds that forsake [Boulderfist], other choices seem much less potent. This patch, as is, could compound the problems 7.1 has. And while I tend to care less about my damage (within reason), and more about game play, my current, favored build has been slowed down. Specifically, it is rendered clunky and much less efficient at doing the same job. Post-PTR testing, I can say with certainty that the [Ancestral Swiftness] and [Boulderfist] nerfs are far too harsh. First, [Boulderfist] is worse than baseline [Rockbiter] in many situations. Considering how maelstrom starved most shamans will be in 7.1.5, [Rockbiter] edges out [Boulderfist] with on demand use alone, without accounting for the raw damage and buff. 5% increased damage, critical strike chance, and larger hits no longer sweeten the deal, in tandem with less use in practice. Also, it should be noted that [Boulderfist] feels significantly more awkward to use. Second, [Ancestral Swiftness] is, in no way, too strong. However, I will give the developers some more credit, they did manage to make [Lightning Shield] and [Ancestral Swiftness] roughly even, in terms of power. Although, there is little reason to nerf [Ancestral Swiftness], if any. Third, I must admit the [Frostbrand] nerf feels unnecessary as well, even if you take PvP into consideration. My personal suggestion, for the immediate sake of balance, is to undo the changes to [Ancestral Swiftness], [Boulderfist], and [Frostbrand]. The developers should tune the others to compete with these, rather than hinder the current play styles. If the objective is to create options, then you can't effectively remove options in the process. There are many weak or clunky abilities in our talent tree, which need love from the development team. Namely, [Hot Hand], [Windsong], [Voodoo Totem], [Lightning Shield], [Sundering], [Overcharge], and [Earthen Spike]. None of these abilities comfortably fit into a niche on live servers and I'm just firing off a few ideas, but; I feel as though [Hot Hand] should be given a unique mechanic that increases it's chance to proc the longer you go without it; A buff to it's momentum, if you will. It's current iteration is too sporadic and desperately craves a sense of consistency. [Windsong] needs to be more in line with other imbues. I suggest lowering the cooldown to 30 or 15 seconds and nerfing the duration accordingly. This would not only make it's lovely burst of damage more attractive, but would allow it to sync more effectively with [Doom Winds]. A big offender for uninteresting abilities is [Lightning Shield]. It's essentially a lesser version of [Hailstorm] that doesn't require upkeep. However, it's significantly less effective at the same job. I suggest the return of the damage reduction glyph of prior expansions baked into the effects of [Lightning Shield]. This allows a sacrifice of damage for survival, which makes it more enticing for solo content and PvP. Unfortunately, a mere increase in attack power scaling does nothing for this if it loses to it's competitors while being bound to RNG. [Sundering] has the smallest niche in PvP and sees little-to-no use in PvE. Both the current maelstrom cost and cooldown make this choice less than stellar in all game modes. I suggest a cooldown reduction, a damage bump, or a type change to nature damage in order for this ability feel like it's worth the 40 second wait. [Overcharge] was a talent I was excited for. It promised to bring back to the old play style of maelstrom charges and firing off a [Lightning Bolt], but with one crucial change: It hits like a truck, comparatively. The glaring issue of it's lengthy cooldown relative to damage is troublesome. I suggest a cooldown reduction to 5-7 seconds, baseline. This talent allows for a great shift in dynamic and could be favored in heavy movement fights and PvP if tuned properly. Sadly, shaving 5 maelstrom off of the cost does not alleviate any issues. Unfortunately I'm stumped regarding [Earthen Spike] and [Voodoo Totem]. I feel these either need a complete rework or substitution in order to add to the Shaman class, as a whole. tl;dr In a short summary, I'm pleased with some of our less used abilities getting substantial buffs, but I'm not pleased with down-tuning current play styles and further limiting our options. I know Blizzard can do a better job and I have faith that they'll consider, not only Shaman, but all classes more carefully in future builds of the 7.1.5 patch and beyond. I just felt like this would be a good conversation topic and wanted to share my experiences with the first build. Also, I encourage you to post your criticisms of the current or PTR patch pertaining to Enhancement. How do you like to play now and what would you like to see in the future? PTR updates I'll be leaving the bulk of the post in it's original state with changes listed down here, as I would have to edit quite a lot. If, for some reason, most of my critiques and comments are rendered null, then I'll retype and prune as necessary. Please let me know if I forget or miss any changes. Second update changes -[Frostbrand]'s maelstrom cost has been reverted to 20 -[Earthen Spike]'s maelstrom cost as been removed -[Fury of Air]'s initial cost and upkeep has been reduced to 3 and 3 per second, respectively -[Windsong]'s cooldown has been reverted to 45 seconds Third update changes -[Hailstorm]'s attack power contribution has been reduced to 25%, down from 35% -[Lightning Shield]'s attack power contribution has been reduced to 60%, down from 90% -[Sundering]'s attack power contribution has been increased to 1300%, up from 1000% -[Overcharge]'s cooldown has been increased to 12 seconds, up from 9 seconds -[Fury of Air]'s attack power contribution has been reduced to 52%, down from 90%. -[Lightning Bolt]'s spell power contribution has been increased to 45%, up from 30%Stumpley50 10h
10h My dps is low as elemental My ilvl is 836, so it's not very high, but I can't seem to peak above 150k dps on bosses with cooldowns used. Am I doing something wrong? I'm not that far into my artifact tree either. Maybe that's the problem? I followed icy-veins on where to start on my artifact tree as well as class talents. Should I be patient and keep farming artifact power for my weapon?Raikami3 10h
10h No Windstrike Relics in Nighthold? I was just looking through the relic loot for Nighthold....and I noticed there is 0 wind strike relics? Is this intended? That makes zero sense as it is our top relic trait for enhancement.Dark6 10h
10h Need help looking for Good Addons for Enh Hello All. Im looking for a good addons to help me keep track of my Buffs. Can any1 suggest any addons to keep track of my 3 Buffs as well as Hot Hand and Stormstrike ProcsDesco6 10h
10h Resto Shaman Mastery cap? Is there any soft cap for Mastery on Resto? At any point should I start prioritizing the other stats?Gadgetpants13 10h
11h 500% Spiritual Journey?! Dang boys! These may be good after all!Tetsnoobn2 11h
11h Earth shield vanishes.... Anyone else have this happen? Place earth shield on target... earth shield vanishes. Just vanishes. It's not supposed to be overwritten.. they changed that with the patch. I have an addon that tracks how many charges it has, who it's on, and if it's overwritten. The overwrite part isn't supposed to happen, and I've manually checked to make sure that's not what's happening(and I'd be getting a false alarm), but no. The buff is completely vanishing. Seems to be happening with DK and Warrior tanks today... not sure if they're removing the aura themselves or what the hell is going on. Boggling my mind.Sakiri1 11h
13h Ele stat weights So normally I would use simulationcraft to get stat weights for my characters, but whenever I try to sim this guy it just sticks on simulating and nothing else. Should I use the one from noxxic or is there another way I could get stat weights since Simcraft isn't working?Shoopuf2 13h
13h Shamanistic Rage Proposed new talent: shamanistic rage Replaces Elemental Ancestral Guidance Replaces Enhancement Rainfall Replaces Restoration Ancestral Guidance Alternatively, Shamanistic rage replaces our current defensive of fading into the nether. Shamanistic Rage: 2 min cooldown. No GCD. Causes the the target to go into a frenzy, increasing haste by 15%, and decreasing damage taken by 15% for 20 seconds. Can be cast on allies or self. Shamanistic rages can stack, provided there are shamans to cast them. Bloodlust will clear shamanistic rage and prevent new instances of shamanistic rages for the duration, however shamanistic rage can still be cast while sated. Pvp talent: Shamanism Shamanistic rage has a 20 second cooldown, and a second shamanistic rage will always be cast on the casting shaman, regardless of whether or not the shaman targeted himself or his allies. Design Idea behind it: For DPS shamans shamanistic rage is a clear buff to both damage and survivability. For healers however, it gives them a strong tool to buff tanks mitigation during heavy damage, or to help the highest dps during burn phases. It is a clear choice on using it for the dps or saving it for possible later use by the tank.Kaishenzu2 13h
13h Resto Healing Surge/Wave are the same... Heal for the same amount but with different mana used and cast time. That is weird. Blizz should just combine both or remove one and give Resto a Large slower single target Healing spell like in the past. No point having two spells that heal for the same amount.Nommi15 13h
13h Why is Resto shaman healing so low? Im saying this based on Warcraft logs, we seem to be last or second last in almost every difficulty and mode (raid / dungeon) Is it that resto just cant pull high enough numbers, or is it due to its mastery? What i am not sure about, is if shamans just dont need more healing to keep everyone alive, or just cant heal past a certain amount and that makes it too hard for mythic +10 and higher for exampleTzhary66 13h
15h Enhancement Changes in 7.1.5 Not sure how to get my voice heard, but please stop with the endless tinkering, talent changes, etc. I finally relearn the priority system and now there are changes? This isn't fun, it's senseless irritation. Change a multiplier, don't rework the entire system. Please stop!Axxil26 15h
16h 7.1.5 Enhancement Changes I know there is a ton of topics on this, however I wanted to add my opinion, so Blizzard by the hope of God see our posts and our cries to leave boulderfist and frostbrand alone. Some of us have spent so much time and effort on learning and mastering our class. The class should not be reworked entirely . Im not saying make boulderfist baseline , I am saying dont make us relearn some playstyle we dont even want. If you want to buff some of the complete TRASH abilities awesome, give us some things to test out and play with. Do not punish us because you guys had horribly thought out abilities put in place. I heard that Blizz is changing boulderfist because of a set bonus that could land us a !@#$ ton of procs..... well thats for PVE and maybe it might be OP in pve so you tune things different in PVE, because this change is going to suck huge for PVP. Please Blizz, don't let this go through.Leftyshotz9 16h
18h Ele Trinket Choice Hey all, So I ended up getting an 850 Oakheart's Gnarled Root last night, but not sure if I should be replacing my current trinkets with it. I currently have a 870 Stat Stick (Int, Haste) and 850 Swarming Plaguehive. I've heard that Plaguehive is real good, but not sure if I should be replacing the 870 Stat Stick with Oakheart. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Kublooey5 18h
18h Spriest refugee turned Ele. Before anyone gets mad and start flinging !@#$ at me, I am a spriest main who used to play shadow in Cata and came back and just picked my old main up without doing any research. I have since come to despise S2M, and after many attempts on the PTR failing to adjust to the ridiculous nerfs to everything bar madness ( which needs to gtfo) outside having the 2 best legendaries (belt and wrists), I have decided to stop playing my old favourite nervously waiting for the nerf hammer to knock us down to our old position of bottom of the dps totem pole. I have decided to go Ele for Nighthold and on wards mostly because I always wanted a shammy since Wrath and never got one raid ready, and also because my raid team has 1 mail wearer ( a Hunter), and far too many clothies and leather wearers. (I need to basically swap out my spriest with another ranged at the very least.) I am hoping someone can outline basic stat priorities, and rotation as I learned early on with shadow most "sources" are complete bull%^-*, (Looking at you Icy Veins). I can basically craft any gear I need and have made my shammy alch/herb so I have one 855 trinket. I have some "proto" 7.1.5 gear in anticipation of the meatball spec and basically have Mastery>Haste gear. I know Mastery sucks right now, I also know apparently crit soft cap is 33%; Is it worthwhile building up a full 855 crafted Crit>Haste>Mastery set in case the meatball spec doesn't go live and I am stuck with current priorities? My opener atm pretty much consists of: pre pot>Flame Shock>Fire Elemental>Ascendance>Lava Burst spam with Earth Shock at full maelstrom. Soon as Ascendance wears off and LB goes on cd, Artifact weapon ability )forgot name) then Lightning Bolt spam until LB either procs instant or comes off cd. Integrating Chain Lightning and Earthquake as needed. Maintain Flame Shock. I am keen to get good at playing a ele shaman but have so far been unable to find anywhere on the net that has in depth discussion about shaman stuff on par with H2P. Basically I am stuck with trial and error right now and am hoping for constructive input and even outright criticism if it will help.Salvaloca24 18h
18h Second Legendary Pick? Hey all, Opened my weekly mythic + chest and received my third legendary - Akainu's Absolute Justice. I already have the Eye of the Twisting Nether and Prydaz. Obviously going to keep the ring on but I am wondering which of the other two I should have equipped. I know hot hands is getting buffed in 7.1.5 and so is Akainu's, but currently Prydaz brings a lot more mastery to the table. Just want to know your thoughts. Cheers.Champy1 18h
18h Eye of Skovald I've been using the following trinkets for mythic+: 865 Swarming Plaguehive 840 Leycoral Shard But I just had an 850 Eye of Skovald drop that has a gem slot What should be my 2 trinket choices for running mythic+? Was thinking of replacing the leycoral shard with the eye...Jellybeanx2 18h
18h @Devs Bug Report -Live- Our POTM golden trait that brings out our lightning elemental does not work under water, I was doing the quest " undersea survey" and unless my computer is messing up, the lightning elemental just sits their and doesn't attack anything under water. I did this multiple times underwater and each time it just stood around not doing anything, I immediately proceeded outside ( out of the water)after finishing the quest and it worked fine. So unless it's just me, our lightning elemental doesn't work under water. Thanks in advance.Vetec0 18h
18h 1V1 Feral Druid So, My best friend Plays a feral Druid as a main. We've dueled before and i can win when im on my pally or DK, but for some reason have alot of Trouble as Enhance. Especially with King of the Jungle and what seems my somewhat limited mobility and all the damage feral Seems to have. The Question is, Is it Possible to beat a Really good feral druid as an Enhance shaman? Or it just an overall tough duel? And I know 1v1 and 2v2 isnt balanced. But still just wondering, because i wanna Win that duel Atleast once as a shaman. BTW i havent gotten Counterstrike Totem Yet.Arisechicken3 18h
20h Petition to Delay Patch 7.1.5. Original thread: 20h
1d Quick Question. I'm not very good with patch notes or any of that so I figured I'd ask here. I've been wanting to reroll and I was just curious how Ele shaman is looking in the upcoming patch? Is it worth rolling one?Intrude5 1d
1d PVP Restro Question - Ghost in the Mist Artifact talent Ghost in the Mist early on or Tidal Pools? Is Ghost in the Mist pretty good at reducing damage when stunned- or should I go for it last- BGs mainly...I heard both ways- thanksFroglicker3 1d
1d Current PTR build for Ele Can't find anything as to the reason behind undoing the talent changes to Elemental and just leaving the swapped talents in place. No more LvB build. They could have either put the 2 charges on Echo and left Elemental Fusion at 10% increased chance or visa versa. At this point, it's all garbled. Can someone point me in the right direction here if I'm missing something?Elegen2 1d
1d Questions about relics So i've been looking at Nighthold relics, and it seems every relic for elemental only increases damage for chain lightning and earthquake, which seems useless for single target damage, no lava burst or earth shock upgrades. So does this mean we will lose DPS if we replace these relics due to the ilvl, or will the ilvl improve the damage?Kwizzlix2 1d
1d Higher Mythic+ Elemental So, I'm a somewhat newer elemental shaman and was curious what sort of spec people ran for 4+ and up Mythic runs. I specced how I felt Icy veins suggested but I know theres a lot of talk of Icefury being a very good spec. Perhaps it's more for raids, I don't know, so any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!Taiyiss12 1d
1d Fury of air What if fury of air were free, but reduced all sources of maelstrom generation by 20% while it was active?Kaishenzu2 1d
1d element or enhan for pvp and pve? element or enhan for pvp and pve?Furyofblood7 1d
1d Totems in Legion I'm happy with the removal of totems from the core rotation for Ele and Enh (though I will miss searing totem for purely sentimental reasons). However, as far as I can tell from looking on Wowhead, Enh has no totems as part of their base spells and Ele only has EQ Totem. Besides that we will only have totems if we decide to take them as talents. As far as improving the fantasy of the class I feel like this is a step in the WRONG direction. Totems are one of the main things that give a level of uniqueness to Shaman. I was excited when Blizz annouced the removal of some of the previous totem problems (totem health and elemental lockout), but I didn't realize this would come with an almost complete removal of totems all together. Personally I enjoyed being able to drop totems situationally and I hope the add some of the utility totems to our base spells. I would honestly like if each spec had a totem of each element (whatever those totems may be) as apart of the baseline spells. I think that would add/keep the fantasy feel for Shamans. I do realize there are a decent amount of players who aren't happy with totems or don't like them at all, however I feel like having totems such as earthbind or grounding totem (which I belive is a resto pvp talent now) would still lend the unique lore feel to the class without restricting more hardcore/fast paced style gameplay. What would you like to see done with totems? What totems would you wanted added if any? What totems will you miss in legion? or are you happy to see them go?Surreala49 1d