1d Focuser of Jonat's Passive I received the Focuser of Jonat legendary ring yesterday and I was wondering when it would be better to switch to Deluge, HT, and maybe Unleash Life due to the increased power of chain heal in the ring's passive. Would it be better to just stick with Torrent/AG/Ascend? Or is it still all dependent on the group composition?Astralyth1 1d
2d Earthgrab random animation? it'd be kinda cool Imo to have this totems aesthetic not always be a root, but like petrifies their feet sometimes. And maybe a few other effects ;-). Would be a super cool effect is all I'm saying. OR even cooler would be an environment dependent effect. Roots in a forest. Maybe rocks in mountains and caves and stuff :-) make it look lik like it's really calling upon "the earth" to snare your foes.Ursá2 2d
2d Resto 7.1 Has someone noticed any difference in Resto shaman after the nerf? Are we still the same or way weaker now?Smokemyass7 2d
2d So I simmed my gear/spec last night I am enhancement by the way. And the bottom line is, simcraft (and pawn), told me to pretty much just put on my highest ilvl gear. I ended up losing about 7% haste overall (down to 10% haste now, not sure how this will play out), but I gained a lot of ilvls, agility, crit, and small amounts of versatility. Now, when I sim my gear at ilvl 870, pawn is basically telling me that agi(1.00) ≈ haste(.97) ≈ mastery (.94) > vers (.76) > crit (.64) I guess ilvl is king? Just thought i'd share my results.Kylasi1 2d
2d Low DPS for ilvl, Please Help! (Log Analysis) Hi all, Long time player, still fairly new to Shaman. I was wondering if I could get some help on analyzing my logs from my guild's normal EN run last night, and help me figure out why my DPS is so low. I feel like I understand the enhancement rotation well enough, as well as the importance of keeping up the buffs. Obviously I am missing something! The only thing I can see off the bat is my up time on certain bosses (such as Ily and Spider-Bird). If anyone could provide further analysis, tips, or anything it would be much appreciated! Thanks! 2d
2d New Macros for Totems and EQ! I haven't seen anyone discussing the new macro commands, so I figured I'd make a thread. You can now have ground targeted spells cast on your cursor, or directly on your character. This is useful for totems, as well as for earthquake. /cast [@cursor] Earthquake /cast [@player] Earthquake The following is my current macro for earthquake. It defaults to casting EQ on my cursor, but if I still want the reticle, I can hold shift and cast it. #showtooltip Earthquake /cast [mod:shift] Earthquake; [@cursor] Earthquake For the enhance people out there, being able to cast lightning surge on top of you with one click may be useful. For elemental shaman spamming EQ on large AoE pulls, being able to cast EQ with just one click feels a lot better. I am not really an expert on macros, but if you have questions, I'm sure other people can help answer them.Whitewood2 2d
2d Resto Changes 7.1 Change list. These are the changes i found on WoWhead -Changelog for each ability for 7.1. Note, there is 2 different 7.1 builds showing up in the changelog.. But i can Confirm that the Chain heal Build 22758 changes are in live... along with the 22797 Torrent Changes. If i find anymore, i will edit and add. If any information is incorrect.. Let me know and i will edit/or remove it. (Mistakes happen) Riptide 7.1.0 Build 22758 -Old 250% SP heal w/300% SP over 18 sec NEW: 250% SP heal w/250% SP over 15 sec Chain Heal 7.1.0 Build 22758 -Old: Heals 4 targets NEW: Heals 3 Targets Tidal Waves - 7.1.0 Build 22758 -Old: Crit Effect chance of next healing surge by 40% :Reduce Cast time of next healing wave by 30% NEW: Crit Effect chance of next healing surge by 30% :Reduce Cast time of next healing wave by 20% Torrent - 7.1.0 Build 22797 -Old: Initial heal bonus from Riptide 40% NEW: Initial heal bonus from Riptide 30% Wellspring 7.1.0 Build 22758 -Old 300% Spellpower heal NEW: 375% Spellpower heal Unleash Life - 7.1.0 Build 22758 -Old 250% Spellpower Next heal increased by 30% NEW: 325% Spellpower Next heal increased by 45%Kiarius13 2d
2d healing surge not instant for enhancement!? The tool tip does not include maelstrom cost, and surge now always has a cast time even with maelstrom.Teslakk1 2d
2d [Help] Resto 5 Man Healing Hey all, A main reason for rolling Shaman this expac has been to finally take on the task of healing. Being confronted with my first few heroics, the appeal is slowly wearing off on thinking I am capable of doing so. I read a couple of faqs and guides trying to get a better grasp of understanding what I may be doing wrong. I came here to see if you all had any tips or pointers for remaining a viable healer in 5 mans.Around7 2d
2d Hailstorm > AS for Mythic+ (?) Hey guys, I was talking to someone yesterday and it was brought up about why I was using AS over Hailstorm and I mentioned that me and my friends don't do any raiding and only do Mythic+ dungeons. And from what I've heard up until that point I thought it was excepted that AS was better for AoE(Mythic+) and Hailstorm was better for ST(Raiding). But the guy I was talking to said that you should take Hailstorm in all situations now. Mythic+ or Raiding. So I'm curious as to if this is true. I certainly don't mind switching to Hailstorm. I just thought AS was better for Mythic+. Thanks!Dvalinn16 2d
2d Ring of Collapsing Futures For those that do not know already: When you use the ring you gain a debuff that lasts for 30s and stacks indefinitely. Using the ring again while you still have the debuff has a chance to put the ring on a 5 minute cooldown. Each stack increases this chance. In my testing so far it seems that between 6 and 9 stacks is where it will be put on CD most of the time. Got this lovely ring last night and I'm curious what others are binding it to to avoid the 5 minute lockout. At the moment mine is bound to Doom Winds, and I'm just pressing it again as the debuff falls off, but I'm very curious as to what other enhancement shaman are doing with this ring.Latsyrc0 2d
2d why my dps is hitting bottom... I'm currently ilvl 850 enhancement shammie. 18% haste, 55% mastery. following basic icevein instructed rotation. I get arround 190 dps on skada. isn's it way too low? I really wanna figure out what I'm doing wrong. help!!Blöodlùst14 2d
2d Enhance PvP Talents Need Lots of Work Title. You can't get procs from Windfury Totem as Enhance. It quite literally will not give you them, you'll always have multiples of 2 in your damage meter. Changing to Ele and hitting a dummy just a couple times gets you a proc and all 3 hits. Enhance, I've sat here for ages and never seen a 3 hit or a 5 hit. Always 2 (or 4 when Doom Winds is up). This wasn't the case on the alpha/beta. You could get procs and could augment the totem's windfury hits with Doom Winds. Now neither of those are true, and it can't stack with itself anymore either. What kinda niche is this supposed to fill anyways? Skyfury pretty much always beats it out.Tyranova55 2d
2d PSA; ghost wolf usable in suramar city Transforms us into a mana saber and gives us increased movement speed while maintaining masquerade buff. Druids shapeshifting is the same. Didn't see this in the notesFsoklahoma9 2d
2d Storm Keeper Changes. Now at first I was very wary on the changes that came in for the fist. It seemed just like a !@#$ty QoL buff but looking at it its going to be really really fun. DISCLAIMER - This is with the intention of talking about this change on a m+ level. Yes I know we lack substain ST DPS, and no I'm not trying to justify our undertuning. But, with these changes we can go into Mythic trash packs and burst incredibly hard. I honestly think we will have the highest trash burst out of all the classes, also the most satisfying. Using the active with Totem Mastery we have 10% increased chance of ele overload. We also have 200% empowered instant chain lightnings that can overload, which will lead to absolute insane maelstrom generation. Which can easily lead into 2 EQ's. The amount of AOE we will be able to burst out every minute is insane and I'm honestly really excited.Àscern3 2d
2d Destro warlock pvp buff = Ele and more. So Destruction warlocks recently got a change to one of their talents that makes chaos bolt do 150% more damage but has no benefits from havoc. So they just got a talent that is the same thing as our but better. They lose no overload damage and on top of that base chaos bolt does like 2.5x more damage than a lavaburst. Thanks shaman team go !@#$ yourselves.Mistrul10 2d
2d Stormkeeper? WTF is this? So the new, improved stormkeeper has a 1.5 second cast time, for cast-free lightning bolts... cool. But that's all it does? I mean... it's an OK cool-down... but it doesn't even do damage? It doesn't even fart out a lightning bolt at the very, very least? Why???Jezziro9 2d
2d Earthquake not working? Not sure if I misread the patch notes, but I thought earthquake was no longer a totem you set on the ground, but rather a spell you cast on a target. I'm still having to set stuff down. Not sure if it didn't get changed yet, it's a bug, or I just misunderstood the notes. Can anyone else confirm this? I was really looking forward to this because of the Legendary shoulders equip effect.Aephiona6 2d
2d Ah finally, a legendary! eye of the twisting nether. ...Oh, guess i'll be enhancement after all. RIP elemental. Seriously the only thing that could have been worse was Magnum Opus. I sure hope they fix EB soon or my poor shaman is gonna have to rededicate a LOT of AP...Evrir9 2d
2d Enhancement trinkets #2 Alright so 835 Bloodthirsty Instinct vs 865 Natures call.. AskMrRobot says Natures call... What do you guys think?Piesenpie0 2d
2d Maelstrom rework? So i have been playing elemental shaman and noticed a lot of what people have been talking about and i wanted to suggest 2 fixes i think would help the class without just saying "make us do more damage" or "give me really good defensive buffs". Flameshock generates 5 maelstrom, and 1 maelstrom on ticks, rather than consuming.(20 maelstrom at the end of a flameshock duration for each target applied.) Frostshock now generates 1 maelstrom every second it's applied to target. (that would be 5 maelstrom for each target applied over 5 seconds) The main issue i have with shaman is i have to hard cast to build Maelstrom, and maybe with instant cast building maelstrom. It'll be easier to hit earthshock and still use the mechanic of Lava Burst. It would also give us a better chance to handle melee. Flameshock, Frostshock, build distance, and pray for Lava Burst. Also i apologize for suggesting we get anything good. Any feedback would be appreciated.Firawr5 2d
2d Resto Nerf? Torrent now provides a 30% bonus to Riptide’s initial heal (was 40%). I wonder if this is going to make a big difference for resto?Smokemyass37 2d
2d Yogg-Saron as Enhance in pre patch soo i tried to solo 25 ulduar, only to get stuck at yogg-saron, as a 733 enhance shaman... WTF blizzard! the constictor tentical picks me up and there i stay.. do we really have no way to kill those anymore? no totems to dps it, the lighting bolt says "no line of sight" boulderfist andflamtoung wont reach that far.. please tell me there is a fix for this.Duhshammy19 2d
2d Resto Shamans i'm sure blizzard doesn't read these class forums anymore but whatever! so if your going to nerf resto 10% on torrent and make us even worse then we already are in mythic/heroic emerald nightmare give us something back! give us back our tank cooldown! i find it kind of dumb they made it pvp only so i believe if you want to balance resto shamans again bring back earth shield and possibly fix the broken healing stream totem which has become useless i think.. input?Haywardjr2 2d
2d Resto Talents Question 1.) Is Crashing waves good for 5 mans? The other 2 cds seem more for raids. Icy Veins says Ancestral Guidance is better. Thoughts? 2.) Is Cloudburst better than Echo for 5 mans? Esp since most 5 man boses req lots if movement 3.) High Tide or Wellspring for 5 mans?Desco5 2d
2d Ele Sham M+ Question - Trinkets & Talents Hello everyone, I have two questions for an experienced Ele Sham that does Mythic +. 1. Trinket - Currently I have a 855 Darkmoon Deck, 875 Swarming Plaguehive, and a 865 Twisting Wind. Based on AskMrRobot, SPH is one of the best trinkets I can use, and Darkmoon is better than TW. My question is, being that there is a lot of trash, does the SPH trinket go down in value due to mobs dying before the duration of the dot may end? Also does Chain Lightning and Earth Quake apply the dot from SPH? If you had this set, which would you use for Mythic +. 2. Talent - Elemental Mastery vs Aftershock - has anyone found that Aftershock might be better in Mythic plus due to more EQs/ES? Everywhere I read, EM pulls ahead "in all situations". If you are experienced in mythic+, I would be interested to know what spec you use. Thank you!Zaar4 2d
2d Impossible to get into Mythic Group Does anyone else have difficulty getting into a mythic group as Enhancement? I get that I'm only ilvl 845, but is there any reason no one wants a shaman in a regular mythic? I can only get into a group when I que as a healer. I'll even try queing for 830 or 835 groups and still get declined. Any suggestions/opinions on the matter?Greengøblin11 2d
2d Which potion is best now? On icyviens it says Potion of the Old War is the pot to be using, but with the release of Potion of Prolonged Power does that make it the better pot?Toophat3 2d
2d Hey look a hotfix! Hey look, there's a hotfix. PvP notes huh? What's that? Enhancement: Agility reduced by 10% in pvp. Just in case you guys missed it.Tuskini11 2d
2d elemental pvp bug? SO IN A PVP INSTANCE without control of lava..lava burst only hits for 55k this has 2 be a bug b.c it its 1k more then lighting bolt and lighting hits for 54k we need a buff in general but this is ridiculousAløna0 2d
2d If only LVB dealt PVE damage in PVP... That would help a lot and make the spec not be so bad...Hushoxd1 2d
2d Tidal Waves WeakAura tracker? Hey all! Does anyone have a weakaura that tracks the Tidal Wave proc so you can see the duration and/or when its up? I'm trying to make one but I'm bad with Weakauras soooo, yeah. Any help would be wonderful!Kevin4 2d
2d eles are fine (in pvp) i honestly dont see the problem. eles are awesome in pvp ( i dont take pve seriously). im not trying to troll btw, just curious what peoples complaints are in regards to ele in pvp. if its to do with the melee mongo train then you shouldn't feel like you're being picked on because all casters are pissed about the melee mongo train this expansion. that being said, ele has some decent tricks up their sleeves to deal with melee so again, i dont see the issue. sure we could use some tweaks and buffs more than other specs but it doesn't mean were so terrible that you should feel the need to reroll or not "bother to log in". just my thoughts.Nuclearfear25 2d
2d Frost shock/Icefury Anyone on ptr test ice fury raiding build with frost shock buff. Was just curious? Is it worth it?Gìgawatts9 2d
2d SimC 7.1 Hey do I see elemental above fire?! I know this is debated for player skill etc... but still!Olaro11 2d
2d Clunky, scaling, broken Now that i have Celestalon Nerving attention, can you please fix elemental shamans? I beg youHushoxd2 2d
2d To those Curious about Semi-End Game Enh Hey All! I am an 867 Equip (869 Bag) Enhancement shaman. Simulation Craft puts me at around 340k DPS. I raid in a semi-hardcore progression guild that's 1/7 mythic so not too bad but nothing to brag about. I'm no "Best Sham in NA" or anything either. I wanted show anyone who might be curious about what Semi-End game Shamans look like. If you're still reading this then you guys can head over to my channel Tonight I will be going into Karashan as well as clearing Normal and Heroic Emerald Nightmare. I will also be happy to answer any questions you guys might have about Enhancement shamans. I promise i'll answer all of your questions the best I can!Mokaru1 2d
2d 7.1 "Buff" I can't decide if the 15% to ES is a buff or a poor jest. On heroic nyth I did 10.07m with ES. Woth buff that would mean an additional 1.5m dmg. Which means a whopping 1.16% damage increase. After all the posts we given them, this is what we get? That's unbelievable.Dumot3 2d
2d The face of Ele Sham Buffs Our class dev: 2d
2d Calming Waters Nerf Rip that OP af talentErgize0 2d
2d Icefury now viable PvP pick? with the 15% increase to Frost Shock is Icefury viable?Backpackface2 2d
2d Enhancement Artifact Lag I've been trying to do the Enhancement Shaman artifact questline for the past few hours. I got to the part where I was flown down to Deepholm, but then serious lag hit. Weirdly, whenever I switch characters or hearth out, there is no lag. Just Enhancement Shaman artifact quest in Deepholm. This happening to anyone else?Merikada1 2d
2d what % haste? I am currently ilvl 862 on my resto shammy. Crit % - 29% Haste - 7% Mastery - 63% The haste seems VERY low. My spells feel like they take forever. Is there a haste % # I should be aiming for? Any help much appreciated!Conael5 2d
2d Macro help I would like to be able to cast heroism on my Arena partner without changing targets how can I accomplish thisGotri4 2d
2d SHAMAN STATS PRIORITY Heres is my idea 20% haste 20% crit 20% versatility 40% mastery whats your opinion? What are the best stats for shamanDonie5 2d
2d lol ele sham pvp without control of lava without control lava hits for 55k same as lighting bolt like what is this plz fixAløna1 2d
2d Lightning Shield Seeing as Lightning Shield does twice the damage of Hailstorm, why is it not picked over Hailstorm or Ancestral Swiftness?Aratora2 2d
2d Spoilers - Legion - Thrall Wasn't sure where to put this but I have a gripe with Thrall's story when you're playing shaman. Maybe there are events in the book I haven't read and that explains it but I absolutely do not like how quickly Thrall up after being beaten by one demon. Even in the beginning parts of WoD Thrall mentioned how the elements were different there and he had to connect with them - that's hardly them abandoning him. And he clearly used them when he killed Grommash. But yet, he immediately gives up in the Shaman artifact questline after he gets beaten and goes basically "well I'm out, good luck, get my hammer and be me" Is this Blizzard trying to get away from "Green Jesus" and introduce new characters or is this kind of lazy story writing? Or am I missing something else here?Glahre22 2d
2d what does this mean? re: patch notes "Fire Elemental, Earth Elemental, and Feral Spirits now all have totem timers." what? .... what does that mean? totem timers? some kind of enhanced cooldown? "Earthquake Totem has been renamed to Earthquake and no longer summons a totem." does that mean no more multiple earthquakes? or maybe it's like blizzard? set-it-and-forget-it? "Torrent now provides a 30% bonus to Riptide’s initial heal (was 40%)." oforfs :-(, despite claims, resto healing is not easy, especially when things go south when doing something difficult, the base heals are still small. sure we can keep a group up when things are going moderately well, I still feel like I'm lacking "oh crap!" functionality "Elemental - Earth Shock damage increased by 15%." seems like it needs something closer to 50%-115% "Elemental - Frost Shock damage increased by 15%." ah ... what? my first thought is ... we have frost shock? "Elemental - Stormkeeper now also makes the affected Lightning Bolts and Chain Lightning instant. Stormkeeper now has a 1.5 second cast time." no ideaZahruk9 2d
2d Healing Stream tick not reduced by haste? is it intentional? have you guys noticed that healing tide and healing stream have flat heal ticks? before patch it was reduced.. i have like 1,3 sec/tick now it's 1,5 sec/tick doesnt matter how much the haste.. so it's basically a riptide nerf/stream-tide nerf/lava burst nerf?.. omg blizz :(Náftaly1 2d