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Shaftman Address: 4th Object in RPS RPS = Rock paper scissors. Before I start this evening, I'd like to let the people know that this address isn't intended to be fair to other classes. It seemingly points out the glaring flaw's that Blizzard has continued to ignore over the years when it comes to renewing, balancing, and innovating the Shaftman class. I digress, there are many problems with classes in this game but all of them pale in comparison to the Shaftman. As you can remember Shaftman haven't seen prominence in years, the last time being at the end of Vanilla. The only spec that has remained consistent over the years is Elemental with its reliable burst, and Resto to a lesser extent now. It boggles my mind how Blizzard continues to ignore these gaping errors only to improve other classes. Enhance has remained in the same shape since Dual Wield was first introduced and was the last big improvement they ever saw. Elemental has and still is in the same shape since the game was introduced, even when classes received new mechanics throughout the xpacs. They even kept 'more of the same' when their core mechanic was re-used for Cata. Resto has went through some minor and major changes but most of them are for the worse. Resto's core individuality has seceded to newer improvements to other classes. Once upon a time Resto's dominated AoE healing, in Cata our biggest spec definition has been stripped away and now other classes are stronger in the strength we first dominated. Totems are and will always be an annoyance rather than a benefit in their current implementations. More so in PvP, but do you ever get that feeling of doubt when you have some movement in a fight and are out of range of totems. It should be the least of our worries to worry about if we are in range of something. No other class has to endure something like this, and change needs to happen now. Defense has plagued us like last years Texans team. While other classes have been patched to deal with their defense flaws (Pally Mini Bubble, Warrior Healing, Lock Magic resistance, Mage bubble, Rogue Cloak, I can gladly go on) shamans have never had a definite defense system. Let me ask you Blizzard, where has Shamanistic Rage gone over the years. Yup it still has the same tooltip as it has always had, more or less. What happened to the defense system Elementals had? Horrendously7
Sep 15, 2011 Sep 15, 2011
Totem Re-Work... that works... Forgive me it wont let me change to my shaman for some reason... Greentastic, Lightning's Blade, US Many people agree that totems feel stale and are a hastle to keep up with. The idea im setting forth is a rework of the totem system that seems like it would be much more fun for the player and make shamans feel unique again. ------------------- ------------------- Spirits: When bound to a totem, the caster and all party or raid members within X yards receive the protection of the bound spirit. Spirits are bound to totems and cannot be changed while in combat. Shamans are not necessarily required to use earth, fire, water, and air. A shaman has 4 totems to which any combination of spirits can be bound. This gives the shaman a much more diverse and customizable toolkit. Spirits would be similar to the effects that totems have currently. And must be bound out of combat... however you are not required to drop totems to have these effects. ------------------- ::Water Spirits:: Spirit of Harmony = Mana Spring Spirit of Restoration = Healing Stream Spirit of Tranquility = Tranquil Mind ::Earth Spirits:: Spirit of Solidarity = Stoneskin Spirit of the Landslide = Strength of Earth Spirit of the Mountain = Resistance Totem ::Fire Spirits:: Spirit of the Fire Serpent = Flametounge Spirit of Wrath = Wrath Spirit of the Ember = similar to ret aura ::Wind Spirits:: Spirit of the Cyclone = Windfury Spirit of the Hurricane = Wrath of Air Spirit of the Sage = Int buff (similar to AI as mages are the only class that provides it currently, with duplication of most other buffs it would make sense for 10 man purposes to add this) ------------------- ------------------- Totems: The shaman unleashes the concentrated elemental energy within the totem. Under this system, totems would have activated abilities instead of just sitting there doing basically nothing. There can be only 1 totem per element active at any one time. ------------------- ::Water:: Mana Tide Totem (instant w/ long cooldown) = Same thing... however, consumes all other water effects for the durration. Healing Tide Totem (instant[resto], cast time[ele, enh], cooldown = durration) = Heals (all or X, figured out through balancing) party or raid members within X yards for X health every X seconds for X durration. Does NOT consume other water spirit effects. Shamans have been begging for a range restriction free AoE heal... this is your solution. ::Fire:: Magma Totem (cast time, cooldown = durration of effect) = All enemies within X yards of target location take X damage every X seconds for X durration. Works the same way magma totem works now... HOWEVER, it is a shorter durration, has a cast time, and is targetable similar to other AoE abilities other classes have available. Searing Totem (instant) = Target enemy is seared with intense heat causing X damage every X seconds for X durration Summon Fire elemental (instant w/ extremely long cooldown) = Consumes all active fire totem effects to summon a fire elemental to fight for the caster for 2 minutes. (same thing, and you cant use your other fire totem abilities while this is active) ::Earth:: Quaking Totem (cast time, cooldown = durration) = Earthquake, buffed a little to make it useful... Tremmor Totem = Same Stoneclaw Totem (cast time, short cooldown) = Shields all party or raid members within X yards for X damage Earthbind (instant, medium cooldown) = All enemies within X yards (10-15 maybe?) are slowed by X percent for X seconds ::Air:: Windfury Totem (instant, long cooldown) = Up to 5 party or raid members within 10 yards of the totem gain X% melee and ranged haste for 10 seconds Wrath of Air Totem (instant, long cooldown) = Up to 5 party or raid members within 10 yards of the totem gain X% spell haste for 10 seconds Swiftness Totem (instant, long cooldown) = All party and raid members within 40 yards of the caster gain X% movement speed increase for X seconds. Thunder Totem (channeled, short cooldown)= Thunderstorm, targetable... No mana regen because really... any ele shamans have mana issues? ------------------- ------------------- This toolkit would provide shamans with much of what they do not currently have. Decent AoE dps ability (earthquake, magma totem, and thunderstorm all being targetable...), an AoE heal that is free of range restriction, and totems FEEL USEFUL. This is just an idea... please give feedback. Maybe Im way off base :/ Iceehawt7
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My Idea's for the Shaman Class. I've played this game a long time, though not competitively since season 4. I'm very fond of shamans and have often read forums though never daring to post for fear of trolls and what not. But the blues posting in each class thread for feed back has given me some slight hope that they might listen to the player basis on matters of our class. In that thread I made a post with some ideas I find reasonable, though mana changes might be reworked if they're found to be too strong. I can't see someone stumbling across my ideas apart from a dutiful blue so I shall post them in my own thread to which I will respond rarely, I'm rarely at home so I am sorry if I respond slowly. # What’s on your wish list for your class? My wish list is long and thought out. Prepare yourselves. I feel various small and large changes can be done without making restoration overwhelming in PvP while boosting them back to being useful aoe healers as well as bumping up enhancement and elemental survival without making us have any more control. Firstly we need a skill with no gcd that tells our Elemental totem or searing totem to attack that target and nothing else until we use that skill on another target. If it is not up they will act as normal, like an idiot. This will allow pve'ers to have better control of their offensive totems. Name it something funny like 'Gentle Nudge' or 'Guiding Will'' Second Earthquake sucks. Make it a baseline instant cast skill. Remove the knockdown and buff up its aoe damage by a small amount, perhaps 10%. Replace Earthquake with a new 31 point talent called Improved Stone Skin Totem. This talent will have a 30-40 second cooldown and for ten seconds after dropping the totem the shaman will take 15-20% less physical damage. This buff is not removeable by dispel or killing the totem. It might be a good idea to give this ability no gcd like many other defensive cooldowns. It must be physical damage only because we already do well vs casters. Wind Sheer is our anti caster. Now Elemental has mana problems. Once oom we stay oom. I recommend buffing the Elemental talent Rolling Thunder to restore 3-4% mana instead of only 2%. Then also make it so that when the shaman has less than 10% mana their next cast of chain lightening or lightening bolt will have 100% proc chance and restore twice as much mana. This means 6%-8% from Lightening Bolt or 18-24% from non-glyphed chain lightening. This is to boost mana recovery in PvP without being dependent on one of our two anti melee abilities and to boost our recovery of mana after aoe in PvE. To prevent it from becoming overwhelming mana recovery put a hidden cd of 30 seconds on the proc for chain lightening in pvp combat. This seems reasonable as shaman heals are very mana costly and even with this I do not see us being able to spam heals. It's just to prevent permanent oom in pvp. Also think of making the elemental four piece return 2% mana per proc every time it grants an lightening orb to the shaman. I don't see it happening do to spirit and water shield but think of making the bonus require Rolling Thunder to function. Lastly is a lengthy fix for survivability and shaman aoe healing. Make Riptide and 3/3 Tidal Waves baseline skills learned in the 70s. Replace them with these two skills. Non-resto healing is exceptionally weak. My healing surge averages 8k and heals are expensive. The mana proc from a crit heal will not proc while not using mana shield so no worries there. Make the haste procs not suck up malestorm procs from enhancement. This will allow them to be a bit more offensive while maintaining some form of defense. Replace Tidal waves with a 3/3 skill called Bending Rivers or something suitably shamanistic. This skill will increase the bounce range of chain heal by a large portion each talent point spent, up to 30 yards at least. This will have almost no pvp impact, only in exceptionally rare moments when a person exceptionally far away gets leap frogged with a chain heal heal. Replace Riptide with this: 1/1 Healing Rapids. Increases the range of healing stream to 80-100 yards and the amount it heals by 5%. When the shaman casts healing rain healing stream totem is granted the ability to infuse earthliving onto whomever it heals for ten seconds. Shares the same proc chances as the shaman. I have only read the first page of this forum so I am sorry if I duplicated anyones ideas. Please share your opinions on these changes. Such as how heavily elemental or enhancements healing would be boosted by the related changes. I see us having fewer issues with it do too quickly ooming and majority of our spell abilities sharing the nature school. Santafire0
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Purposed Elemental Change To Skip to the Purposed Changes, Go to the Quoted Text I would like to purpose a change to elemental (only very slight, and in Ghostcrawlers words, a "quality of life" change). Something I have been noticing when it comes to the elemental rotation is that sometimes all of your "procs" begin to activate at the same time. Yes, there is a certain order to hitting them but depending on what is going on, it can be a loss of DPS almost regardless of what happens. (following times are rough estimates) Lets take this scenario (assume precast) Your FS has 3 ticks left (with some haste, lets say it is ticking at 2.50 sec, so 7.50 sec left on the duration). As the 3rd last tick hits, it proc's Lava Surge. (for the convenience of this illustration, say right as Lava Surge procs your LB is cast thus letting you hit LvB right away). The Cast time (or the GCD if you have T12 4pc) of LvB will be in the range of 1.25 sec (roughly, if FS is ticking at 2.50 sec). You Cast LvB ( 1.25 sec, 1.25 sec remaining until next tick of FS, as you cast this, your last LB procced Rolling Thunder and brought your Lightning Shield to 7 charges) You Cast LB ( roughly in the 1.65 - 1.75 sec range, by the end of the cast, FS already ticked) In this scenario Lava Surge procs again (we all get this sometimes), so we immediately hit LvB. During this, LB & Elemental Overload both procced Rolling Thunder bringing your Lightning Shield to 9 charges. You Casting LvB (once again 1.25 sec cast/GCD, leaving FS at 0.85 sec until it drops from it's target) So you are left with this Scenario. Flame Shock with 0.85 Seconds Left. Lightning Shield at 9 Charges. In theory, seems simple. Cast Earth Shock and push off your Lightning Shield charges, thus burning your Shock CD. But if the last FS tick brings about another Lava Surge. You sit on a LvB CD for 6 seconds (5 with Reverberation), Hitting LB 3 times (this can create more problem if you have just one proc EM and all proc Rolling Thunder) Or, do you Refresh FS and push off your LvB and hope you can get enough luck to get another Lava Surge charge immediately so you do not waste too many Rolling Thunder procs to an already full Lightning Shield. The change I purpose seems simple, and I would like to bounce it off the community for feedback and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Currently these are the 2 Talents I am looking at; ... AND ... What I would like to see changed is underlined ... AND ... I would like community thought, and how this would effect PvP, etc. Also, please no TL;DR Torcida21
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Have I been playing wrong the whole time? My first post 'cause normally I'm like...whatever, and go on, but this one got me thinking. I was in a ZG pug last night, and I know...PUG - UGH, but still. Run was flawless until... Jin'do - Bubbles went fine, pop chains 1 and 2 (not killing beserker) on to chain 3. Everyone had ghosts on them including me and we wipe. So, most tanks I've come across running with pugs and guild, will pop 1 chain, kill beserker, kill chain, clean up ghosts a bit before grabbing another beserker. While it's not always the case and I've worked through it, I've never had anyone cuss me out so bad that I was so fail and that I need to l2p my class. According to that tank, as a shammy healer on that fight I'm supposed to drop my binding totem, insta ghost wolf, and kited all those ghosts. That if I didn't have insta ghost wolf gylphed, then I must not raid and that proves my lack of skill and ignorance o.O Honestly, no I haven't really raided, but I do look stuff up and I can't find anything on me dropping binging totem, turning wolf and kiting. (Wish he got in the bubble 2nd time around, but that's just me) So it got me wondering if I've been doing that fight wrong this whole time? I read EJ and here of course, and use Mr. Robot. How many other things have I missed? Even if we don't wipe, was there something I was supposed to be doing that I wasn't? I hex when marked, I interupt when I can, I heal, I run, I rez, I kite to tank... On my rogue's recount, the DK tank did 11k on that boss, on my shammy the warrior tank did 4k. I know they're not there for dps, and they're not the same class (as I don't play either of them), but that's a big difference to me. I know not everyone is going to be nice, especially in PUGS, but do you have insta ghost wolf glyphed? Do you normally drop a binding totem and then run around the building kiting? Badsushi16
Sep 14, 2011