Aug 21, 2011 Haste vs Hit-beyond-spellcap v.EnhancementPVP So without bracers, I sit at 4.08% spell hit in my PVP gear. Since PVP bracers only come in haste and hit varieties, would I be better off with ~86 extra hit beyond cap for my white attacks, or 86 haste rating?Waat4 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Ele pvp solutions Well, everybody knows ele is underpowered for pvp, but this patch was nice, the haste buff on dispels is really nice, the glyph is good, and ts slow is ok, the only great idea was the haste buff which should have been fixed a while ago, i think it should last 12 seconds and it can be our UA. We all know ele needs survivability and mana help, those are its main issues , how to get there is what i'm here to find out, I want to make this a brainstorm thread for all the ele fans out there on what to do to fix it, consider both pvp and pve when you take your talents into account, because you have to build for both. 1. Get rid of the useless talents like eq and lackluster ones like feedback, call of flame, and reverberation. They should have real solutions like the 90% haste buff to both pve and pvp, not be useless like the aforementioned ones. 2. Create solutions guys, go at it, plz put good thought into it as i want to make this a constructive thread, ele is very fun to play, very frustrating sometimes, but with a few good fixes could be an extremely good tree, thanks guys and good brainstorming! Mooburst51 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 So, what can make me better? Im sure there are other "rate the resto above you" threads somewhere around here, but honestly i would like a more thorough evaluation. Please take a look at everything and let me know if you see something i could improve on, something i missed or something im doing completely wrong. I aimed for the 916 haste cap (as close as i could get to it) and then stacked mastery as much as i could. I also have a question about my [item="Glyph of Healing Wave" /]... it causes alot of overhealing on slow fights... should i replace it or just deal with the overheals? Thanks! EDIT: Oh and i should be getting my 2pc next week after reset Tou1 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Bring back 2h! Hello, I am taking a little time to write this to complain about Enhancement Shamans not having a pvp 2-handed agility weapon! There are still 2-handed Enhancers out there bliz!Bzk57 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Shammy Enhance 2 cents Well I had some ideas, easily applicable, for devs to help a lot our overall situation. No we're not a bad and unplayable class, but we still need some love... most of you will aggree with that. 1) An Execute skill: Make Lavalash deals 40% more damage when oponent has 20% or less hp. It's icon may blink when this is up for action; 2) Survivability: Make Stoneclaw absorb damage shield (gliph) a default feature fot the totem. Use the gliph to increase it´s absortion 50%. Something like 24k to 30k damage absortion with 20sec cd. 3) Overall damage and Survivability: Increase wolves up time from 30 sec to 40 secs... We will not be like dks yet (lol) but these changes would be easy, using skills we already have for a stronger and hard to beat class. regardsMinhoco2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 lvl 80 shaman question Hi I want to leave this character as an 80 shaman twink but I dont know If the pvp gear is better over the cata greens and blues(I can afford enchants and gems), ty for the help :)Käede2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 resto t12 bonus I was just wondering if any one found much use for this or could be explained to me. as every other healer in game has a bonus heal tied in to there bonus we get "doesn't consume a riptide" i can only find this marginally useful a bestAussy4 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 My first Transmog idea i did a little mix and matching but i came up with this whats ur best setup so far? Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Totems, hunter pets, and utility Homogenization, passing various buffs around to different classes to ensure that a raid isn't completely frelled if one player can't make it that night, is generally a good thing. However, shaman, who brought quite a few (formerly unique) buffs, for the first time found themselves without a compelling reason why a raid leader should choose them, given a choice between two equally geared and skilled players of different classes. Str/agi? DKs, warriors, hunters. Physical haste? DKs and survival hunters. Bloodlust? Mages and BM hunters. Soooo, what's left? Not a whole heck of a lot. When Cata dropped, hunters got a major redesign on their pets. Instead of varying damage abilities, hunter pets now bring buffs and debuffs. If a raid is missing...say, their priest that night, they can ask their hunter to go BM and bring along his Silithid. Somehow don't have a shaman, DK, or warrior? Bring out the cat pet! Shaman are currently lacking utility. We are also in a unique spot in that we have potentially limitless totems, of which we can have 4 out at any given time. Currently, we often run into times when certain elemental totems already have all of their potential buffs covered by the other players in the raid. For example: my earth totem is frequently useless since I raid with paladins and warriors, thus covering both the armor and the str/agi buffs. The rest of the earth totems are situational and not likely to be needed during the fight. But what if I had another earth totem, one that buffed the raid's maximum mana by 2126? Or one that would periodically cast 20% armor reduction on the target of whoever I had my Earth Shield on? Two birds, one stone. Shaman get our utility back, and we also reduce that annoying issue where we have a choice between not dropping a totem, or drop one knowing that someone else already has that buff covered. /bows Thank you for your time. Thoughts?Shadowwind0 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Enhance rotation? Is there a difference on rotations for enhance shamans for pvp and pve? and what are they? Also, what kind of buff should i put on my weapons (windfury, flame, frostbrand. etc) ?Relnixx2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Is there a range addon for I can use? The range for aggro is about 20 yards for me. My damage spells have a 40 yard range. Hex has a 30 yard range. I want to cast Hex without pulling. Is there an addon I can use to tell me where I am relative to a boss so I can cast hex without pulling?Zezuma1 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Damage in PVP Is this typical? In arena matches ~1600 MMR my LL is only hitting for 7-12k, SS crits for ~8-9MH 2-3k OH, ES 2-3K, FS even less. Damage overrall usually looks something like this, in my 3's team, warrior is at 400k+, im at 220-250 somehwere around tthere (although i am trained more often than not) in 2's The ret is usually at 260k+ and im at maybe 120ish.. Ret also out usually doubles or tiples my healing. Are these results typical? Is it my gear thats the issue? I played alot at the beginning of S9, geared up, then put shaman on the shelf to level warlock, warrior, and really gear out my PVE mage. Now im bringing Shaman back... Will damage improve w/ S10 weapons and gear? Or is enh really just in this bad of a spot.....Lárz5 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 getting distance as elemental just trying it out as been enhancement. is the roots of the totem and the thunderstorm the way you get distance? while leveling what other ways is there to perhaps get distance and do some good aoe etcShroud2 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Sentry Totem 72: Under the Waves ... And here's the first of the new design. You like? Now we don't have to wait until after 2/3 posts to have actual conversation. :)Secretgarden500 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Mainhands for Enh - Spellpower or base dmg? Been using Twilight's Hammer as a mainhand in raids and 5mans imbued with Windfury. Results have been good as I often pull top dps or close to. What are your thoughts on spellpower mainhands, oh wise and learned Shaman community?Etèmnatus0 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Totem Fix. So I am new to the awesome class that is the Shaman, and after a reasonable amount of questing, random dungeons/BGs. I have noticed a pattern of annoyance occurring. My totems. The impracticality of having to throw down your totems every 25 yards (or whatever it is) you move is the one thing I have come to dislike about the Shaman. So I was thinking: why not have them act much like our shields? They follow us around for however long they last, act the same but we don’t have to re-totem every time we would usually go out of range, of course there would be exceptions such as: Earthbinding totem and magma (maybe). But imagine having your Windfury or Searing totem following you around doing what they usually do. This would mean some re-designing for the Stoneclaw totem and it may free up some talent points, but overall I believe it would give a fresh new feel to the class. P.S. I also think Resto/Ele should get a Greater Water/Wind ele totem but that’s a different story :PWheezie0 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Enchance vs. Resto? I like healing. A lot. Just, shaman healing scares me a bit. I dunno why. I haven't tried it yet, it just And I like Enhance a bit, not a whole lot, but a bit. And elemental...meh. Just a caster. I need help guise, which spec should I choose? :oTuladan1 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Double Lava Burst I've noticed that while I'm going through my rotation I will cast lava burst at random. This random lava burst is an instant cast that just happens at random. I could be spamming lightning bolts and in between a lava burst will happen. Or I will cast a normal lava burst and these random ones will come right after it. Is this happening because of a glitch, bug, talent spec, enchant, or something else?Shämän10 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Enhancement Trinket! Hey guys! I have a question about enhancement trinkets. I currently have Fluid Death and Ricket's Magnetci Fireball. I know that the secodn sucks, so I was looking to replace that with even DMC:H or Unheeded Warning. I hear that since the nerf to DMC:H it is now on par with Tia's Grace, and I've been trying to get that on my shammy for some time now ,but no success. So what would be a better option? UW or DMC:H?? Couldn't find any recent threads on the trinket matter. ThanksAmatula6 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 I finally get to wear pants again I'm sick and tired of wearing dresses. None of the other shaman tier gear comes close to Tier 5/Season 2 gear. With Transmogrification, we can now wear pants again. Thank you blizzard. :DBretón40 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Would I do better if.. I put landslide on it? I was doing somewhere near 16.5k-17k on the dummies. On my main-hand, sorry.Khaeli3 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Spirit Totem useful? Havent respecced my resto since they introduced Spirit Totem. I've been fine in 5mans, BH and Shannox. Is it worth respeccing into Spirit Totem? Thanks!Ailie5 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Which armor to choose With the transmogifire, what armor set should I get?Dramanay21 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Who is your hero? Who is your shammy hero(be it a NPC or an actual person), who do you personally admire? Me personally it's most likely Liax (for a great deal of reasons). So, who is your hero?Sparkhammer35 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 To the ground baby! ... As long as they don't completely !@#$ over ele/enhance :(. We can only hope.Sensations34 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Shaman T6 transmogrifier So with this new service coming out next patch I am starting to collect cool looking sets of gear. I like t6 the best and was wondering what peaple think would be a cool weapon and shield to compliment this set.Earthbeard40 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Cata Progression So I am progressing in Cataclysm - Im just wondering at what point should I be looking to raid? How much DPS in Heroics Zand should I be doing so that I know I am ready to step it up to 10 mans/25? I appreciate the help. And what is the best way to start raiding? Get in any raiding guild that will have me? Are there PUG Raids?Maxum0 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Best Enhance PvP Fix List I’ve tried EVERYTHING, and Enhance is just ridiculously bad. I’m not going to resubscribe until I see EXCELLENT patch notes fixing enhance PvP. Suggestions: 1. PvP miss chance on regular swings is WAY too high. Without extra hit rating above the special attack cap and extra expertise, the chance to be dodged/parried/miss is almost 30%. This is hugely affecting our maelstrom procs and overall damage, which I noticed skyrocketed once I started stacking some extra hit/expertise (WAY more effective than when I tried pure haste). Reduce the pvp miss chance. 2. Maelstrom not proccing off shields... Was not so bad when we could actually purge off shields, but mages and priests get SO MANY buffs that it's usually not even worth purging. And now paladin shields are even making our white hits get absorbed. 3. Increase Lava Lash damage by 40% and remove the 40% bonus from having flametongue weapon on the off-hand, OR create a new 1 point talent Frostfirebrand that has the chance for frost damage/slow proc, increases spell power, and increases Lava Lash damage. Remove the dumb Searing Totem damage buff mechanic. It doesn’t even do anything in PvE because there will always be 5 stacks of searing on a single target every time the shaman decides to LL because there is always time for 5 to stack in between the cooldown. It will remove the headache of trying to fix how buggy it is. (Even BETTER idea down at #14) 4. Passively reduce physical damage taken by 10% of what we are taking now. Every single physical damage class destroys us. Probably do it somewhere in the talents. MUST BE DONE. 5. Reduce the talent cost of Totemic Reach to 1. Enhance has to run around a lot, and Searing Totem/earthbind can really use the extra range. Reduce the talent cost of Static Shock to 2. It doesn't add enough damage to be a 3 point talent. 6. Increase Crit Chance gained per point of Crit Rating. 1% crit takes far too much rating, something like 170. Crit is near useless in pvp, only good for keeping Flurry up, and it doesn't even matter if we CAN'T HIT OUR TARGETS IN THE FIRST PLACE. 7. Wolves damage has gotten to be way too little. They do about 650-800 damage (depending on armor) per hit on others as geared as I am. Our ability to close gaps while being slowed and the target is assisted is super poor. Perhaps take the spirit wolf sprint off the wolves, give it a 40 second CD, and reduce its duration. We need a bit more mobility. Desecrations and frost traps and hunter freedoms screw us. We’re no longer a threat to frost mages, only when we’re not actually on them (hex).Monictor7 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Orc or Tauren Shaman? Title says it all.Bluè10 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 21, 2011 Issue with lava lash. Anyone have a problem with lava lash hitting? I don't know if the hit rating is bassed of your special abilities or your melee hit rating, but my special ability miss rate shows 0% and it still misses sometimes.Neomax3 Aug 21, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Elemental VS Enhance? So i recently decided to make an elemental set (which is still in progress for those of you who check out my character) and while using this spec I feel like elemental has less of a potential to do damage than the enhancement counterpart. The cast time of spells vs the lack of a set of really definable stat priorities makes elemental often confusing to me as well. While Enhancement has many buttons to click that all do damage that seem to rival a lightning bolt minus the cast time, not to mention MSW. So, i guess the ? in my topic name would be; Is the potential of each spec even end game or does one have more collective potential while the proper gear? Also is elemental hindered at all VS enhancement or am I just full of nonsense and have no idea what im doing? Also advice welcome! thanks I love you!Bowserr2 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Reincarnation How do you track the cooldown for it?Tronald19 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Let Shamans be Tanks Again. Create a tanking ability/stance/something, for shaman's. They wear mail armor, have armor boosting totems, have a taunt now, carry a shield. I would love to be able to tank on my shaman, it might actually convince me to learn how to use enhancement. Give them vengence and a tanking survival ability. You could, perhaps make Shamans only be tank specced when they are carrying a shield and have the proper weapon embument. (Rockbiter). Also weapon embues need to last until cancelled or changed having them wear off in raids all the time gets annoying and wouldn't work for tanking.Diabolickahl27 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Season 3 gear - Best looking gear thread IMO The best looking shaman gear in the game, and I would love to see it put back for 4.3. What do all of you think is?Hølyreaper6 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 New to PVP I just finished getting the whole vicious set for pvping. And I was wondering how much resil I should be trying to go for? Should I try to get to 4k resil with resil gems? Or stay at the 3.2k that I'm at right now? And for my other trinket, should I be using the other PVP trinket? Jaws of defeat, or my tsunami trinket?Aridà3 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Primal Strike? I have read the stickies etc. on priority system. I have noticed that Primal Strike is not in there... Now first playing Enh, im actually enjoying it but Primal is given early, opposed to Stormstrike ( 29 ), so you tend to use it alot. At 85, is there any use for Primal Strike, is it completely dropped out of the priority system? As far as I understand, it is searing totem > lava lash > flame shock > lightning bolt ( 5 stacks ) > Unleash Elements > Storm strike > Earth Shock > Feral Spirits Now since I am still relatively new to enh, but enjoying it, It will most likely be my next 85. I got my MM hunter to 62, but I really can't enjoy casters that much and so far in terms of playstyle, enh is winning over my feral. What changes at 85 for enhancement? Currently I am using Primal strike due to the limited rotation, and rarely even have time to apply earth shock after flame shock due to the priority system, shared cd's, and the mob is already dead. I am currently in progress of leveling this guy, and most of the spells like Unleash Elements, Maelstrom Weapon ( talent ) , Feral Spirits, Stormstrike, Lightning bolt, Earth shock see little use. Because I have read the sticky, which isn't up to date for 4.2, but nothing has really changed, aside from the buff to stormstrike if I remember was increased to 225% wpn damage... Is there any use of Primal Strike at 85? Also last concern, seeing as these wpn abilities, flametongue- windfury - frostbrand weapon, which is best to put on? I assume Windfury, it is unavailable currently, and rockbiter is later on but seems useless for dps output. Do these stack? Should I use windfury on both weapons, or windfury + flametongue? I am kind of lost for this, seems to work like rogue's poisons.Kanturu4 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Tailoring cloak embroidery for resto Lightweave- Embroiders a subtle pattern of light into your cloak, giving you a chance to increase your Intellect by 580 for 15 sec when casting a spell. Darkglow- Embroiders a magical pattern into your cloak, giving you a chance to increase your Spirit by 580 for 15 sec when you cast a spell. Which is better? I do not have mana issues in heroics or t-11 content, but Firelands can sometimes run me oom. I have 107k mana unbuffed and 2373 spirit. I also have the Core of Ripeness. I'm aware that int>spirit, but the random nature of the proc has me concerned that it may not be the best choice.Ertria0 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Resto and Arena, am I doing anything wrong? I do 3s with a Frost DK and a Arms Warr. I'm having trouble keeping mylself alive when DPS is focused on me. Also, if not, i get oom cuz I cant stop casting heals (mostly riptide and greater healing weave; I dont cast healing surge cuz i dont find it to be mana efficient). Is it the lack of CC on my team or am I doing anything wrong? Thank you.Barag0 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Resto pvp help (stats, talent, reforging) Hi everyone. Im getting into resto pvp and looking for some help on reforging and talent spec. I've heard conflicting answers so at this point im not sure what to do. Initially i thought i was supposed to reforge all to spirit and avoid haste - assumed this was right cos im having huge mana problems in arena even with mana tide and no priests burning me. Then i heard mastery was the way to go and now im foncused! Can someone critique my talents, reforging and spec?Greensleeves5 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Resto Stat Question I've been reading a lot of mixed things about what stats to reforge into when it comes to spirit, crit, mastery, and haste and I was just wondering if someone would explain the stat priority as is. I am about to start raiding on this toon so I want to maximize my gear as best as possible. Feel free to make any suggestions on my gear as well. Thanks a lotShamamigans19 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Power torrent - Resto When?Hyzteria68 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Totem idea OK, I've just grouped for the zillionth time with a party member that makes Flametounge worthless, I don't feel like throwing down Searing totem for the minute or so that it'll last, and besides, it would be fun to have something unique. Therefore, I present to you an idea: a fire totem that provides a mastery buff, similar to the haste/SP/crit/damage/Mp5/whatever else buffs out there. Resto could use it whenever they have a mage, demo lock, or ele shaman in their group. Ele could use it if they didn't want to use Searing (Not sure how good/bad searing totem is for Ele), and Enhance probably wouldn't care too much if Searing got fixed. Questions? Comments? Concerns?Tzarus4 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Rockbiter Increase threat by 30% and damage reduction y 5%. Are Shamans meant to be off tanks? and does that really work in any situation?Estinzione15 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Chain Heal in 10-mans I've been doing some pug T11 10-man raids on my alts. My raiding experience isn't that great this expansion, so I keep watch on Recount so I can hopefully learn something. I've run with a few shaman healers who seem to spend most of their time spamming Chain Heal. I've noticed that their HPS is normally not very good. Like 2/3rds or less of the other two healers. It says in the sticky that Chain Heal isn't very useful in 10 mans, but by the look of it its not very good at all. So unless people are clumped together the main heals should be Riptide+Greater Healing Wave or maybe Riptide+Healing Wave for low damage periods? I've trying recommending this but most people don't take advice well no matter how carefully its offered.Beitris6 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Wondering to switch from ele to enh shaman. I know its personal preference to play which is more fun, but currently I'm an Ele and I'm slightly getting bored of it..all I do is spam lightningbolt/chainlightning and flame shock here and there. (currently lvl 28), I mean, is it going to get any better? Or will enhancement shaman have more variety of buttons to press?Relnixx6 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 weapon imbue macro help Hello, I need a macro that uses FT and FB, I need it to be able to easily switch between the 2, and have FT be like the default or first imbue. (for pvp ele) Thanks!Restobeard2 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Enhance Shaman thoughts Hey I was just thinking about enhance shaman and how horribly they scale with gear. Since they are the only class that deals 50 percent melee and 50 percent spell why doesn't blizz make spells crit for 2x? that would fix the problem with their sub par mastery as well. Also with windfury, shouldn't it have a set ap level then a percent of the shamans ap to help scaling? -just some thoughtsHaillious10 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Shaman trinks please help Today in a H BoT I won a heroic essence of the cyclone but was told it was pretty useless for me in comparison to a Tia's Grace. Gearing for FL and could really use help on trinket's for an Enh shamanGrazbibazz2 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Maybe rerolling =( Might be going resto druid or lock...not 100% sure yet I have the lock at 64 and the druid around 43, would you go with one of them classes or another? And if another class please put why, and yes to no on the 2 I have going right now. Thanks Zay!Zaysha3 Aug 20, 2011
Aug 20, 2011 Earth Elemental So I was at Baradin Hold, and used both, Fire and Earth elementals to rise my dps a bit and my Earth Elemental starts taunting the boss, I thought Raid Bosses were immune to Earth elemental / army taunts. Vulcanik7 Aug 20, 2011