Oct 20, 2011 Rsham rant, advice maybe? Rant here, sorry in advance. Important - this is 10m, not 25, which is very different. Simply, I'm very frustrated with my shaman. She heals terribly, comparative to others. Unfortunately I don't have logs, so bear with me. In our 10, I played rdruid most of this tier, since I wanted the best for our guild. Now that we're settled(6/7 hm, waiting on 4.3), I went back to the one I love, rsham. I don't think I'm that rusty, but on the rdruid I heal for twice as much, with twice the mana to spare. What am I doing wrong? We had so much trouble on hm beth'tilac today(I heal bottom w/dpriest) I switched back to the dru(after 2 wipes). Priest said I did 13k vs 22k(druid), that's before the aoe phase I assume. Anyway, everyone is so spread, meaning no rain, and very little chain heal, just lots of riptides, ghw, hw, ul. If we did have logs, my breakdown would probably look like - ghw, then riptide, chain heal, hw. The aoe was too much, I mean, how do you heal a spread out raid quickly enough and without going oom? Seems like a very basic question but I am lost. We didn't have replenishment, and that would be more mana but shouldn't be a game breaker. I keep up water shield, tide on cd, LB for TC whenever I can. On the druid, so easy, you just wg every cd, keep harmony/lb up, and the raid is fine. If things get messy, tranq. On rsham, if ppl are spread, there's not all that much you can do in an emergency. Slt? That might get 2 or 3 at most. It's like comparing an athlete vs. a 700 lb man in a race. We were 9manning today so the priest and I 2healed the other encounters on normal, ragnaros/domo/etc and did fine but that is easy. Also rsham got 3 new pieces tonight(hat, shoulder, pants) so I haven't had a chance to reforge yet. I try for 916 haste, and even out crit+mastery. Oh amazing shamans, is there any hope for me? :(Clefable13 Oct 20, 2011
Oct 20, 2011 We can do all three. The main reason i'm writing this post is to address enhancement shamans. They are not underpowered in pve or pvp, however they are very.... strange. Talents Trees - We have the ability to be three roles. Ranged dps Melee Dps and Healer. Personally i think this is a horrible mix, the ranged promotes low armor, the healer also promotes low armor, but enhancement is supposed to be a melee tree. Basically what i'm getting at is we are weak. (Not trying to insult any shamans out there, but the truth is mages stay out of melee range for a reason and even they have higher survivability than mail wearing shamans.) The mix of a caster/melee class is not working druids are the closest to it and their melee Tree has the ability to stealth and/or go in to a tank form. What do we get? Shamanistic rage and a 15k shield. Assumptions - "You have healing spells use them." yes i do, but thats exactly what i'm getting at because we have those healing spells we have been robbed of other abilities like a decent damage increase. Where is our avenging wrath? "You have wolves!" indeed too bad i only use it in pvp when i'm trying to survive. (all the time) So the final point on shamans as a whole is we are too complicated, i would do anything for a shaman class that featured three melee style trees. But that would also get rid of some aspects others enjoy. Make up your mind you don't see many priests running in to do some awesome damage with their mace, and yet they still have more survivability then us. Totems - ARE PERFECT! No, however i love the idea of a physical thing being placed on the ground to buff allies but there are somethings that should not be totems. - searing totem is fine but if it's part of my dps i don't want to rely on the game to know when to switch hard to the lock. - Stone Claw totem is very cool but compared to other barriers it has a short duration and longer cool-down. Maybe just a slight absorb or duration buff? Ringer - Lava Lash is the move that brings home the cash, so why is it an offhand move? Strange? And again for that too happen i have to carry my totems around with my and get luck to have them attack the right people. The only way i can think to have this fixed is maybe keep the searing flames stacks but have them applied in a different or a new way along with the old one. Besides doing amounts of fire damage and increasing the Lava Lash damage flame-tounge doesn't do too much, hopefully you have put these ideas together, why not have flame-tounge add searing flame stacks? This would help a number of things. - Less totem planting (less gcd) - More controllable burst - More room for improvement instead of relying on totems - Mobility, because the women like it Wrapping all these lies up is hard so here i go, druids can fit two specs in to one tree why can't we fit in one, (elemental share some spells with enhancement and vice versa) So here is my idea for "fixing" the tree. - Viable shield play, how about imbuing shields? Maybe a shield spell for damage? (shamans were off tanks back in the day were they not?) - MOOOOBBBIIIILLLLITTTTY The grounding totem is a lie, it does not free us from snares as i thought it hardly removes slow effects. Ghost Wolf, Looks badass, feels badass, and is a pain in the !@#, all we need is another gcd in addition to totems. (Sgt. Sarcasm) - Closer baby, yes it is supposed to be ghost wolf but don't all classes have mounts? and ghost wolf is only useful for kiting. If we maybe had a closer that could get us in combat so we wouldn't take much damage that would be great. Maybe a "shade totem" which would hide you when you are near it so you can engage the enemy on your time. Anyways it's late and i'm drunk so, i'm done i suppose. "Without out losers there cannot be winners." - Duncan Marov Vostros11 Oct 20, 2011
Oct 20, 2011 Enhance Shaman Macros Do any of you guys use macros to put on different weapon enchants? like earthliving for better heals, or frostbrand vs some classes? or does that waste too many gcds?Luckyrob3 Oct 20, 2011
Oct 20, 2011 enh pvp I just went enh in pvp and i have a lot more int pvp gear than agi. I actaully did pretty good. could heal myself well. dps was high. is agility still my main stat? is my self healing going to be super nerfed? any good threads to guide me? I'm confused Mabrin1 Oct 20, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Ghost Wolf...Idea? Hence the name Ghost Wolf....Blizz should make it to where,when your in ghost wolf ppl should not be able to see u till your 20-25 yrds from them...I think it will be great,plus it fits the name much more then just a transparent wolf...Naturre13 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Info on flametongue change for elementals Did a little digging since I don't have time to mess w/the test realm atm. Read it and weep friends. Never a patch goes by without a backhand to elemental from devs tinkering with stuff for resto or enhance. Best estimate is that in 378 gear it's at LEAST a 3% dps nerf (600-700) and others in the thread say it's more like a 1k dps nerf in current normal raiding gear. Gear in 4.3 will most likely be unable to make up the lost dps, but even if it does, how is scaling this talent helpful when a whole tier will most likely just bring you back to where you were before the patch (if we're lucky)? If anyone can confirm these types of numbers, we need to get more active on the PTR forum. Thunderquake1 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Good Bye Shaman! Peeps I'm Switching Classes I'm Switching to a priest, Why you might ask and my response would be because we have a druid in our raid, I don't like paly healing and because I have to so that we can progress that much more in Firelands. Look lets just face facts here shaman aren't very good in 10man... End of story. all of our class defining spell are keeping us from doing good in 10 man raiding content. Chain heal our best spell can't be use basicly for 90% of fights. Totems make it so we don't have awesome cool downs like traq,PI,HoH,LoH and so much more. All we get is a totem that last for nothing that doesn't increase healing at all... still not convinced well blizzard them selfs said shaman healing is to low, and want to give riptide %50 precent increase on its tics... yeah the tics on riptide is my 3rd most overhealing spell yay more overhealing! or when we crit heal twice we give the tanks 10% more life... Because our mastery SUCKS!!!! all they are trying to do is activate our mastery quicker becuase our mastery sucks. Don't get me started on mana regen it is a freaking joke compared to all the other classes. Look i'm a good player and i'm a good healing shaman but I have to face facts that shaman won't be good in 10man, which sucks. Just like in wrath 25 mans you needed two paly healers for tanks but in 10man you didn't want a paly at all healing, that is now us, we can thrive in 25man (even then the top guild in the game don't run them because they suck) with chain heal and healing rain we just aren't up to par in 10man and that's what I do I raid a 10 man once a week. FYI I pull about 13k-17k healing on tough fights. My priest just dinged 85 two weeks ago and on heroic shannox he pull 13.5k just like my shaman, but with less gear. This is Gostwolf Signing out! Good luck to other shamans in 10mans Gostwolf21 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Enchant question. Hail Shamanism. I am new to shaman, I have been levelling up as ele then Ironfoe just dropped for me in BRD. I thought i'd level as enhance now in battle grounds until 60 possibly picking up for mh. Should I go twin mongoose? & should i bother about trying for as its too fast etc? so I'm basically asking for enchant & weapon advice thanks! Electrickery1 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 New-ish to healing. LF any and all help! :D Hey guys! Never posted on the forums before :/ but, I've played a warlock a lot of time here in the world of warcraft, and once Cataclysm arrived, I decided I needed to change it up a bit. I looked at the facts, and after playing enhancement for a while, I had to face the fact I couldn't play a melee class if my life depended on it. And I wanted to avoid another caster DPS, Resto was the next best thing. I've been to elitist jerks, done my research, just wondering if there are any resto shamans out there that could give me tips and advice, whether it be macros, keybindings, inspecting my toon to point out any or all flaws in my gear/enchanting choices, (Chest excluded) gemming. The real run down of the Restoration Shaman. Thanks in advance guys!Delargu8 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 PVE Enh or Ele? Which performs better, as in does more dps? Just deciding now cause I want to use the spec that is more optimal and needed more in raids and such.Ronorn1 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Most Fail Moments in Wow So this week i was finally going to get my 4 piece set for enh i was currently at 1105 VP, but i tried to do the lazy approach and trade conquest for valor (o i forgot its the other way around) so i ended up spending 500 valor for conquest and come to realize the stupid mistake i made. So i put in a ticket and the GM said i cant reverse (which his supervisor said no which i understand not their fault I'm a dumbass), so even by getting my valor for the week I'm going to be 70 away and have to wait another week. Two Things i learn today: 1 I'm a DUMBASS, and 2. Reading is a beautiful thing. So i ask what was your fail moment in wow, it can be about pve, pvp, or etc.Jabaluzzul13 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 best horde race for 4.2 resto shaman best horde race for 4.2 resto PVP shaman? thanks guys!Steroidx16 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Enh or Ele? My question is this, I have been getting OS Enh pieces because I'm the only one who can use them when the hunter doesn't need, But I kind of want to do Ele dps. Do you think that in mostly this gear for now I should be doing at least 16k with spec and rotation/priority's down pat? I enjoy enhancement, don't get me wrong, but I also enjoy the big number crits Ele can get that Enh just can't.Djelementz1 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 expertise and racial question Im playing with an enhancement dwarf, and as you may know, we have a racial that gives us a bonus to Expertise when using maces. Normally i allways try to have my Exp in 26/26 but last night i upgraded my main weapon to an axe while keeping my offhand mace.. So my question is: How do u cap Expertise when u have 2 diferent types of weapons and only a racial for one of them? Case 1: Mainhand with extra exp due to racial benefit (orc axe, dwarf mace) a) 29/26 b) 26/23 Case 2: Offhand with extra exp due to racial benefit (Orc Axe, Dwarf mace) c)26/29 d)23/26 Thx in advance for ur responsesBuendía2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Elemental Pre-4.3 Tentative and Ideas Elemental Pre-4.3 Tentative and Ideas to consider PVP PVE By Wølfe of frostmourne Contents: 1. Overview 2. Problems facing 3. Why 4. Rectification 5. Conclusion 6. Pretty Please Overview: This symposium mainly covers the specific spectrum : Shaman Elemental. It serves to uphold the glory days when elemental was more viable in Player Versus Player (PvP) context. With the effect of 4.3 Raiding Elemental 2Tier Set Bonus will be changed, to with 2PC: Elementary Mastery gives you a 400mastery buff for 15seconds. 4PC: With every overload proc a 200haste buff will be gained for 4seconds and stacks up to 3x. Whether blizzard intends to make Spell: Fire Elemental a permanent pet or allow its retarded syndrome IA mechanic to linger on, it is completely in their hands. This thread is not a 1 stop quick-fix to every scenario and encounter. This thread is at no point full-proof and a direct representation of the author, it beckons on behalf of the Elemental Shaman community. This thread is not a thread of complain or the conventional “QQ”, but informative and suggestive. I personally am perfectly fine with the status quo elemental is in right now. The Problems: Well looking through all the elemental threads and from my own experience. I will regurgitate the sum of issues that elemental (PvP) is currently facing. And explain it thoroughly one by one. Rectification will be covered after this. 1. Survivability 2. Somewhat lack of Crowd Control 3. Mana Issues 4. Weak last Tier Spell 5. Too much RNG in everything Why? : 1. Even at 4k Resilience, elemental will face a survivability factor. We have no passive/general damage mitigation or a “on-use” spell to increase survivability. I will not take a stance to say that other classes have this and that , but we don't, therefore we should have that. Each class has its own mechanic and flaws, thus we shall leave that out and not compare the face value of class to class. Even though hybrid classes Moonkin: Passive 15% reduction of all damage taken. Barkskin: another 20% “on-use”. Shadowform: Passive 15% reduction of all damage taken. Ability to use absorption shields that scale with spellpower. Just FYI, all these classes have better quality and quantity of heals even in their DPS spec. Our lack of mobility invites others to train us in arena to oblivion. As though we have carrying a giant banner saying: “Ele shaman here, Free Food.” But personally additional mobility is optional. 2. Hex shares diminishing returns with hibernate, freeze trap, sap, polymorph, repentance, gouge. ETC. Why we really don't know. Hex is classes under curses, and none of the above is a curse. Yes it does not break on damage, but a single non-critical lightning bolt is enough to break it. Furthermore, hex-ed players are able to move as it is only considered a silence and thus able to “body-interrupt”, meaning that they are able to run through you to disrupt your cast. Or just line-of-sight you in arena. I won’t say this is game-breaking but, the game developers should either, remove the DR, remove ability to move, or reduce the cooldown duration on it. 3. Mana Issues, apart from gaining mana from the paltry lightning bolt of 2%, we have….thunderstorm. Well, and Spell: mana-spring totem but anyways. It is already a downfall that our healing are not up to par with other DPS hybrid classes, yet ours cost a little more. I shall name some spells from other classes that provide mana that we do no have, but STILL, I am merely stating a fact and not doing any petty comparison. Examples: Innervate, dispersion, evocation, life tap etc. We have thunderstorm, practically I love it, for it triple purposes, (furthest knock back, good damage, and reasonable mana), but others find it too little. 4. Earthquake has much controversy in the game. Well 70% of all elemental shamans do no spec into it, including me. I do find purposes for it, but the cost and effect is a big put off. Yes, they removed it from being channelled, but seriously serious blizzard, it’s no good. =) I believe it to be blizzards way of ring of frost, smoke bomb, tranquillity/healing rain. But this is by far the worst. Improve it or remove it. Wølfe16 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Ok... I've got a proposition.... Blood Elf Shamans...... I know, I know.... It'll never work this expansion, but why not next? Eversong, and the other Burning Crusade areas need an update. So why not have a Blood elf be interested in shamanism just for the purposes of cleaning up the Dead Scar. It is an eyesore after all. Just a black stream of undeath cutting a swath of evil in an amazing zone. Why not make a Blood elf just get utterly pissed at looking at it every day and just tear the crap out of it.Acaer29 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Ovale Spell Priority Enhance Spellpower MH I've been playing with the Ovale Spell Priority mod and it's been working extremely well for me as Enhance. It hits our priority rotation perfectly. The only thing it's missing is the hardcast of lavaburst (I use a spellpower MH atm w/ tier 12 4 piece) - Simc shows a hardcast to be a dps boost when timed right I tried entering what I thought would be the correct code for Lavaburst but it doesn't appear to be working correctly (it keeps telling me to cast Lavaburst even when I don't have the flameshock dot ticking) #/lava_burst,if=cooldown.shock.remains<cast_time&dot.flame_shock.remains>cast_time+travel_time&buff.unleash_flame.remains>cast_time Spell(LAVABURST) I have that piece of the code placed right underneath Unleased Flame on my coding I was wondering if any spellpower MH Enhance shammies had the correct coding and wouldn't mind posting it for me please? Creel3 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Heroic Rag Sorrowsong trinket? My guild is off a second or 2 on dps to get 1 meteor will sorrowsong be better phase 3 burn for enhance anyone know?Aridius6 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Is Earthquake good for PvE? I know it is a big "no no" for PvP but what about PvE?Angral27 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Elemental in PvP - Why so one-sided now? I'm going to admit I've never been above 2,000 rating or ever attempted to take arena seriously, I've always played Elemental as a sparring class or something to play in world pvp or dueling.. you know, for 'fun'. That seems entirely dead now. My class spec feels like nothing more than some exaggerated 'rock paper scissors' matchup now, there's literally certain types of characters I can do absolutely nothing against. I can't heal myself anymore, my survivability is almost completely nonexistent, kiting seems absolutely unrealistic or borderline impossible with both the unneeded nerf to ghost wolf's speed and the incredible array of new gap closers, roots, stuns and on-demand crowd control many melee and even certain spellcasters have now. Am I doing something terribly wrong? Is this the wrong class to try and enjoy dueling with now? I realize I'm probably going to be tarred, feathered and laughed at for not having arena-related complaints, but these same issues shine true in 2v2 arena when I'm playing.. you know, for 'fun' with my friend. .. I recently noticed that shadow priests heal much heavier than I do, too. 13k+ quick heals, compared to my non-crit 8k-9k healing surges.. I mean, what? Why?Crakkl18 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Elemental T13 Concerns Heres to hoping a blue comes along and gives some sort of rebuttal to this. No flaming kthxbai. As we know Blizzard is "Breaking" our tier 12 set bonus to force the elemental community out of tier 12 gear as a whole. As it stood before, keeping the t12 2 set along with picking up t13 2 set wasn't the most asthetic route to take, but nevertheless it would have yielded competitive DPS in comparison to Ele's current outlook for tier 13. I completely agree with Blizzard that the idea of balancing a class around such a bugged out, unreliable and unorthodox mechanic for Ele is a bad idea. Especially when its a set bonus. The fire elemental is powerful, but it remains unstable and doesn't do its job a good portion of the time. Never the less for the last few months, our dps is considerably better then what it had been for quite some time. With the coming of 4.3 however, our future is as of now uncertain and terribly gloomy for every elemental shaman. Recent Sims have revealed that keeping the T12 2pc along with dropping a prime glyph in favor of Glyph of Fire Ele will be the most logical route to go for any right minded shammy, as it will reduce what before would have been a huge hurt to our dps. With the recent change to the 2pc, its apparent that Blizzard does NOT want us to keep it. I'm sure that this band aid on a bullet wound is not intended and a,m assuming that it will changed somehow as well to keep us from taking it out of almost sheer desperation. I'm also sure that Blizzard has already taken note of this. So my question to any Blue that might be reading this: Are there plans to compensate us for the huge loss of DPS from no persistent Fire Elemental? Is there a class change that will make us WANT to drop tier 12 and pick up the deliciously itemized tier 13? Thanks!Ayrann2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Shaman Tanks super late reply lol i barely check these things, tbh i don't remember ever writing this or giving a damn about shamans tanking lol but still just wanted to say that it was a silly thought, didn't realize many people would get upset over it. Hope this thread gets deleted lol.Cøbra22 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 totems don't benefit from spell pen? is this right? my totems keep getting resisted and i have 240 pen so i have to assume my totems don't receive my spell pen. why is this?Almonds2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 sfsfsfs MDExMTYzYzQ4MDNkMDZkMDZiYjQxN2I5Y2U1Yjk4YzU1NDkwNzQxMA==Neshoba0 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Put me in the game coach! I remember reading a forum post, probably about 6 months to a year ago, where a player asked if there were any plans to make a 1 handed legendary weapon for rogues. The blue post on there stated that blizzard wants to make the legendaries accessible for more then just one class, and thus the chances of a rogue legendary were extremely minute. I don't need to say that this is ironic, and not really my point. The question i would like to ask instead is are we to expect more of this? Personally I love enhance :) but not many others do. I know that rogues are a highly played class but i'll be "this guy." Can we come to expect that there will be more single class legendaries? Or are rogues the special ones? It's pretty easy as an enh shammy to feel left out compared to the more closely watched (or perhaps higher played) classes/specs, but at least i didn't feel singled out. Specifically i felt like us classes with unique, hard-to-notice, single class/spec weapons all sat on the sideline together (i.e. rogues, ferals etc...) But slowly they all grab their own special weapons. I see all these cool, awesome looking weapons (rogue legendaries, feral flame scythe) put in the game but then shudder in disappointment as once again i'm staring at the same fist weapon model i was using last season. /sigh For a class and spec that is so much fun to play, mixing melee and spells in a beautiful harmony that is "The Beast," it seems like we're sitting on the sideline watching "coach blizzard" put all of our buddies in the game as we patiently sit the bench with our hopes slowly dwindling that the "coach" even knows we exist, let alone is even considering putting us out on the court. I understand that blizzard doesn't want us to expect equal treatment. And yes i understand not every class gets to use the current legendary, but when is it my turn? When do i get to be the class with the kick !@# weapon? The one that people look at and go "boy howdy, he looks good with that." This probably sounds like i'm just up on my soapbox screaming "Me me me! I'm the most important!" But its quite the opposite, I'm just up on my soapbox pleading "Don't forget I'm here too." Don't worry guys, I'll keep the bench warm for you for when you get back from having your time in the spotlight. I'll even fetch you a towel while I'm at it. P.S. I hope you all enjoyed my metaphors half as much as I did.Malganiss0 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Kill Searing Totem for Enhance Guys, I feel like with the upcoming changes to enhance AoE should they get rid of searing totem and have flametongue apply stacks of searing flame dots instead of the dumb totem... So what I say is scrap totem for enhance and boost flametongues damage to compensate - frostband for pve. And I love this Idea. ... This would be great instead of relying on stacks from a stupid totem. Although I still liek searing flames talent. Also, why can you even attack the totems. Do you see classes going around attacking blessing of might or kings? No because they are passive. Totems are straight dumb. If you want to keep them then at least increase their range and make them unattackable.Nyukku31 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Caster weapons for Enhance while leveling. So, I still don't completely understand why Eye of Purification is the BiS weapon for Enhance, but based on all of the information I've researched, it's because it has a slow weapon swing timer, and spell power is in fact extremely beneficial to us, making up for the extra white-swing damage we'd have with an actual melee DPS weapon. I'm trying to buy some BoA gear for my Shaman alt, and since I'm a little burned out on ZA/ZG, It'd be awesome if I could manage to get gear that would be useful for both specs that I'm trying to get gear for. (Enhance/Resto) I noticed that there's not much a difference between Devout Aurastone Hammer and Venerable Mass of McGowan, save for the stats. As you can see, the swing timers and top-end damage are extremely close, which leads me to believe that the caster weapon is completely viable to use as an Enhance Shaman, even to dual-wield. (I don't plan on dual-wielding, though. Two of these maces won't be of any use to me once I hit 80) Now, I'm aware that spell power will be useless to us in 4.3, but I plan to have this alt to 85 by the time that hits. Can anyone confirm whether or not spell power benefits low-level Enhance Shaman as well as it does at level cap, or should I just stick with double DPS weapons?Aurumai73 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Elemental: T12 4pc vs Item lvl Is it worth losing ele 4pc bonus to upgrade 2 378 items to 391 and 384? From what I've read and from my own experience, the 4pc bonus is not a significant dps increase on a static fight, but its hard for me to determine the damage loss from not having some instant lava bursts on-the-go. Does anyone know if the int/stats increase from higher ilvl gear > 4pc bonus?Zareal2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 How good is this for ele Helping out a friend and not sure myself how good is Necromantic Focus for her compared to other trinkets not including darkmoon card volcanoRtrm0 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 PvEThoughts:Replacing 353 gear with Teir10PvP I have a question. What are the thoughts of replacing some select 353 gear with Teir 10PvP? You get a nice boost to Sta/Int/Spi. But risk loosing some mastery/haste. This would be for current raiding to make Firelands a bit easier (in theory). I've napkined the numbers and I think if I make sure to stay at my current hast softcap (914) replacing 3-4 peices would actually help alot. What do others think on this?Katrisa2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Best pvp spec for shamans? Hey guys, I just recently came back to wow and I'm trying to get into pvp on my shaman. I used to play resto with some decent success in BGs and 2v2 arenas. I'm looking get back into pvp but I'm not sure which spec I should use for it. Since I had a bunch of caster mail pvp blues from 4.1, I decided to try elemental. However I've never played elemental before so it's been pretty rough. I've looked through the last 7 or 8 pages of threads and I've seen complaints about every shaman spec in regards to pvp.. so what shaman spec is looking best off for pvping? I realize we're pretty far down the list in terms of our class being OP, but what spec is actually effective for pvping?Deis4 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Help me improve myself :) So, I'm trying to eek out every bit of healing as I can, and I consistently feel as though I'm performing sub-par compared to other healers. (I'm aware that our heals are probably the least efficient of all, so I'm not worrying *too* much about being destroyed on meters by overhealing HPallys or druids) Some parses from last weeks FL normal clear; Basically; I'm looking for any constructive criticism on how to improve myself. We're starting 25 HMs tomorrow so I'd like to ensure I'll be at my best when we start doing real progression. Any talent/gear opinions are more than welcome. (Though, I personally don't like TC, I'm willing to attempt to give it a shot. Since my current gear doesn't let me get to the 1856 (I think?) BP w/o losing out on a ton of spirit, it makes TC less desirable) I'm typically raid healing, however I do have to spot-heal tanks (usually on Rags and of course on Baleroc)Wom0 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Any higher rated RBG ele's use haste? Started out with haste at lower gear levels, then switched to mastery, never looked back...until now. I love mastery and the burst potential but I'm feel like I lag behind on target switches and stuff. Anyone have success with haste builds in higher rated rbg's? It's not that mastery doesn't work, but might like haste better. Would like some input before I invest in the revamp of my gear.Keltset12 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 19, 2011 Enhance Shaman 4.3 How many of you are taking reverberation over Focused Insight now that windshear is 15 secondsLuckyrob2 Oct 19, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 WTB ancestral Shift- thoughts? BRING IT BACK!Kenyaris3 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Pigeon Holed So enhance is pretty much gonna be pigeon holed into a set spec(sub ele) next patch to be effective in PvP. Man, I miss being able to actually customize my character.Shambeef4 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 dps I have a few questions regarding my dps in 10m firelands. Im currently averaging at 20-21k a fight and was wondering if I should be doing higher. I make sure all my spellpower procs are up before using my fire elemental and my rotation is Flame shock lava burst Fulmination Lightning bolt and I pop my cds on cooldown and pop spiritwalkers grace appropriately. If you have anything that can help my damage please let me know. I know im missing shoulder enchant and ill get leg enchant once I get my T12Bigtotampole8 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 I wanna use a 2-hander! blizz plz make it viable for shams to use 2 handers again.. i miss it from vanilla ... thoughts??Drivetrain18 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Looking for Resto Criticism Hello brotatos!! I'm am seeking some thoughts on improvement of my current spec/gems/enchants from someone that has or is the process of starting 10 man heroics for FL. We are currently 1/7 heroic modes but I'm am always looking for ways to be the best that I can be, and what is better than asking people that are better than me :D What I'm looking for are: 1) Constructive criticism about play style 2) Pieces of gear that I should be looking for (i use many min/maxing websites as cross reference for gear and BiS, but I would like to hear what the community thinks instead of numbers) 3) Haste for 10 mans, is it worth switching to a haste style item build/reforge instead of the 13% cut off (916 haste) that is the norm at the moment a. Benefits b. Drawbacks 4) What are your out looks on certain fights that should be looked at through a resto shaman point of view 5) Anything else that comes to mind would be great As far as our primary healing comp would be: Druid/Pally/Shaman (although we rotate in a disc priest as well). Tank wise we roll with Warrior/Pally or Warrior/Warrior. Once I get home I should be able to link some further information about meters if that would help further the critique. Thank my fine and fellow Shaman.Gnomecrunch3 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Expertise Cap for Orc Enhance Shaman? I have been told that Orcs have a lower Expertise Cap then other Enhance Shaman? Does anybody know if this is correct and if so what the cap is?Psychofang8 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 LF Enhance for 3s , LF Enhance for RBGS LOL When did you guys see something like that on the trade channel?Gebece9 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Suggestions to help Rsham mana I recently switched to healing for our 10m. My gear is behind quite a bit, but from what I've been reading, most everyone is having mana problems. I have looked through the first few pages of threads and did not see anything suggesting changes that might help us so I figured I'd start one. First off, let's talk a little bit of why changes might be more needed in 4.3 then now. With the (imo) sub par set bonuses for healers in t13, we will see a big change on either our mana regen or healing numbers. The loss of the t12 2p and in some cases the 4p for all healers will hurt us. Staying with t12 will help our mana but going t13 will help our numbers. Mana Tide Totem This great totem has seem a pretty big nerf in the past going from 400% spirit to 200%. Sure, resurgence may have helped a little but I feel not enough. My suggestion would be to add a 2nd effect to the totem to help the caster alone. This change can be an extra 200% spirit granting 400% spirit to the shaman, or a % of their mana returned like it use to. Mana tide is a raid wide buff, but unlike the other 3 healers, we do not have a "burst" mana regen and added a bonus to MTT would bring it to us. Water Shield My first suggestion would be to remove the water shield glyph and give that passive regen bonus to the basic water shield spell. This would allow us to use the other 3 glyphs at all times helping not only our mana regen but our healing numbers without having to chose between them. A second suggestion would be to change the water shield glyph. If the glyph was changed to increase the mana regen by say 150% but not return mana from being hit. In this case having no charges would be best. The glyph would read something like this. Increases the passive mana regen of your water shield spell by 150%, removes the charges and mana restored from being hit. This would still mean we have to chose between glyphs but will give us a choice on regen when fighting an AOE fight vs a tank and spank. Removing the mana restored from dmg makes this glyph less useful for pvp. Earth Living Weapon My final set of suggestions is with earth living weapon. Adding an extra 30% mana regen while Earth Living Weapon is up will act much like the holy priest talent. Giving us a decent regen. Another way would be to add in an effect much like the new seal of insight (4.3) which would increase our regen by 30% for 30 seconds after we unleash Earth Living Weapon. This would also mean that we would have to use another spell more often instead of just 3-4 spells only. My hope is that this will inspire you all to brainstorm up more ideas. Maybe one day soon one of our suggestions will be placed into the game and bring us back up to par with other healers. Let's keep this thread clean, creative criticism only please. Warez0 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Need help with profession!!! Hello everyone, i need help choosing a profession for my resto shaman, i'm totally lost, whats the best one ? plz help =)Kevrah4 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 EnhancementVsElemental Final Bout! Ok, First of im wanting opinions on both sides of the fence not just Enhance is awesomeness!! here's the low down i a trying to decide which i should stay with and possibly what i might be doing wrong. Here now is my setup for Enhance and my "Cycle" Searing Totem ,Ss,ll,fs,ue,es,sr "If taking damage" ,ls,Cl or other spell when Malestrom Weapon procs,sw.Thats what I do and i cant break 9k dps with it, if there's something not right please tell me Because I have been to many forums and websites, seeking answers. The next questioin is simple if i am sucking up the joint should i switch over to my Elemental spec? I am not very good with elemental ethier. I have yet to find the so called Super storm of power that elemental shamans weave ive seen many elemental shamans tear up the joint.But me i barely break 10k damage usually its stuck at 9895 or some other weird number. I am begging you all to help me,i want to be a Mobs worst nightmare! I want to be Uberalles!Thats means Over all btw :) So please think of me as the loveable robot from Short Circuit,Johnny Five! I need what he needs Input!and badly. While you fill me up with your knowledge,i'll be searching for more input! ~ÇïrôççòÇïrôççò5 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Ele trinket question with fire ele So i know that Fire ele takes a snap shot of our stats when you put it down my question is when it comes to trinkets is VPLG still better then say Fiery quint. with loseing the HUGE SP proc when droping your fie ele?Caatraa9 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Over healing Why is it an issue if you can sustain the mana? I've had parses go up on all my healers (druid, priest, paladin and this shaman) and i'm getting flamed for it during 5-mans and raids. If my mana is >=70% constantly then whats the issue? Personally I think its a good thing because it shows that I can handle more than what the group is currently doing. I save my CDs for when I need them and macro trinks into my abilities. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten flamed for over healing.Atemi15 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Spiritwalker's Grace in PvP Spiritwalker's Grace is fine most of the time, but unless you get snared or rooted, it's close to useless, (and we all know snares and roots are abundant in today's PvP.) Elemental shamans seem to have trouble when being trained, or followed heavily against melee classes. I will explain what I think will solve this issue below. What the tooltip originally says: Spiritwalker's Grace 12% of base mana Instant 2 min cooldown Calls upon spiritual guidance, permitting MOVEMENT while casting non-instant Shaman spells. This spell may be cast while casting other spells. Lasts 15 sec. ____________________________________________________________________________ True, Blizzard. This spell does allow us mobility. But the mobility is less than ideal, in the times needed most. ____________________________________________________________________________ What it really means in PvP: Spiritwalker's Grace 12% of base mana Instant 2 min cooldown Calls upon spiritual guidance, permitting WALKING LIKE AN OLD MAN while casting non-instant Shaman spells. This spell may be cast while casting other spells. Lasts 15 sec. ____________________________________________________________________________ For instance, let's say that I'm being trained by a rogue with his blades soaked in crippling poison. If I use Spiritwalker's Grace, I will be moving as fast as a wheelchair with square wheels. Maybe a talent in the elemental tree called "Improved Spiritwalker's Grace", 0/2. This allows the shaman to be immune to all snares and roots for 3/5 seconds, in the beginning of the initial Spiritwalker's Grace effect. Fellow frost shockers, do you think that this change is needed or not?Dorma8 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 Help with Enhance PVP could use some help with Enhancement for PVP since i am finally playing my shaman again i tossed her on the shelf when she hit 85 and i decided to roll enhance for pvp i could use some help with rotations, gems, and overall pretty much anything that could help me out for pvp. I've heared that i'll have to swap between Frostbrand and Windfury on my main hand weapon and i never really found out when would be the best time to execute that also i could use some help with macros i've already created the focus macros for wind shear and hex, but pretty much anything that you seems useful in my situation would be a very big help :DRawrimadruid2 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 4.3 glyph with the 4.3 2p t12 nerf will fire elemental glyph be anygood?Omegawatt15 Oct 18, 2011
Oct 18, 2011 [PVP] Resto Shammy impossible to kill Resto Shaman are ridiculously hard to kill in arenas -- I mean, ghost wolf / earthbind / shields are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their escape tools and kiting ability. This is like Resto Druid all over again. How do you kill these beastly healers?Aerobrand7 Oct 18, 2011