Aug 10 Glyph of Astral Recall So... is this glyph just, like, gone?Charlos10 Aug 10
Aug 10 Survivability as Ele? Somewhat casual player (who used to raid) here. So, I used to rely a lot on Healing Stream totem and Stone Bulwark totem for survivability while playing my ele shaman, but seeing as these are gone... Can any players more experienced with the new changes give me some tips? Is shaman survivability just nerfed now, or is there a new strategy for surviving high damage waves/multiple mobs? Spamming our one heal seems kind of inefficient? Edit: Ok, browsing around more it looks like I should be using Astral Shift (good to know) but the consensus is our survivability is indeed kinda awful right now? That's a shame...I hope we get at least one other/better defensive cooldown or a buff to astral shift. And I miss healing stream totem. :[Shantii7 Aug 10
Aug 10 Frost Shock not sticking I have noticed that Frost Shock doesn't stick to a lot of mobs. I will cast it and nothing shows up as a dot/debuff. Doing demon invasions it doesn't work on 80% of the mobs. Is this a bug or does it not show up on mobs that can't have their movement speed slowed?Callus1 Aug 10
Aug 10 Frostbrand is useless So I'm playing a bg trying to catch a druid I use frostbrand since it's my only snare and it does absolutely nothing yeah I can use it from a few yards away but I can't get close enough to apply it so I'm running after this druid feeling like a tard Frostbrand is hands down the most useless snare in the gameSpookyfox11 Aug 10
Aug 10 Question about Counterstrike totem 1. Does counterstrike totem reflect damage from dots already on you? (e.g. you have a full row of dots/bleeds on you and you throw down counterstrike totem, does the damage get reflected?) 2. Can damage that is reflected by counterstrike totem be reflected back by the other team's counterstrike totem? If yes, does this damage just stay in the 4th dimension until one of the totems expires or is killed? Thanks in advance.Skend3 Aug 10
Aug 10 Question about artifact weapons and pets. So i've been messing around a bit with primal elementalist and I kind of enjoy having a pet with me sometimes. My question would be is there any artifact talents that reduce the CD on fire ele? For a 5 min CD and only having them for 1 min is kind of lame so I was curious to know if the CD is lowered.Troppik3 Aug 10
Aug 10 Ele Shaman Identity? Yes, ele shaman is an rDPS, but to me what makes a class and spec special is not what it can do to meet its requirements, but what it does to go beyond them. Every DPS class is supposed to do roughly the same amount of high damage. That's why its a DPS. You have some differences in sustained, burst, single target, and AOE damage, but every DPS has some element of burst and AOE. The real difference and identity for me at least comes from utility, mobility, survivability. I came up with my first image of an ele shaman not while playing as ele shaman, but while playing against them in pvp on my rogue. Back in TBC, an ele shaman had around 75% of the healing throughput and mana pool of a resto shaman. They couldn't run from me, but they could sit there and blast me in the face as I stabbed them in the face. If I interrupted damage, they pumped out major heals. If I interrupted heals, they pumped out major damage. An ele shaman even had heavy armor and a shield. They weren't built to run from damage, they were built to take it and dish it out. Then there's ele shaman now. Healing was nerfed to the ground. On live now I can only cast 5 heals, not enough to even heal my own HP bar before I am OOM. All heals besides healing surge are now gone. Armor means little now, and passive damage reduction is poor. Yes target switching and arguably mobility have improved over WoD, but is that what makes an Ele Shaman to you? To me an ele shaman is that rDPS that maybe doesn't do the most damage, but its enough, and it makes up for it in its ability to help itself and the raid survive. Utility in purge and interrupts is still there, but to me that wasn't what made the big Tauren with the heavy armor and big shield special. What I would really like to see changed is vast improvements to ele shaman's healing. Maybe not the mana pool size of resto like in WoD, but way more than being able to just cast 5 heals. An increase in healing throughput would also be welcome. I am currently missing the loss the lightning shield and the passive damage reduction it brought. I was thinking bring back lightning shield, but instead of a somewhat lame flat damage reduction like you see on locks and spriests, make it instead give a chance to fully cancel the damage and effect of attacks. The suggestions I have above aren't necessarily balance the class, but to make it unique. If ele shaman becomes hard to kill like it used to be, then nerf it in some other aspect, because its toughness and off-healing is what I associate with being an ele shaman. What do you guys think an ele shaman is supposed to be? Do you think it should be tough? Do you think it should be able to heal decently? Maybe you prefer the more Mists and on image of high AOE damage? Are you OK with how Legion is shaping up so far for ele in terms of the overall identity?Pikachu3 Aug 10
Aug 10 Prepatch ele pvp impressions After fiddling with talents i have come to love this new ele. This is a great bg hero spec and we are doing better than many specs right now. Icefury allows us to do damage between procs on the move, causing frost shock to hit harder than lava burst. Arena however...i guess the right comp will work but melee trains are hard on us.Bjornjack10 Aug 10
Aug 10 Help with your opinion I'm currently having trouble choosing my main for legion, it's currently between this shaman (either ele or enh) or a warlock(affli or demo). I would like to start raiding with my main in legion so take that in consideration, but doing some pvp is also something i am interested in. I enjoy both play styles but see certain problems with both classes. For the shaman I hate the squishyness that came with the prepatch, i love to solo some content. For the warlock I find problems with the time it takes to start doing some decent damage, specially on add fights. I know you can't choose my class for me but I would appreciate your opinion in respect of pros and cons of each class. PD. I'm also posting this in the warlock forum.Fauztus0 Aug 10
Aug 10 [Enhancement] Rotation has huge downtime? Hey, Im running the following talents ( It feels like after ive got Flametongue/Frostbrand applied, there's a lot of downtime between Boulderfist, Stormstrike and having enough Maelstorm for Fire Lash. Anyone else having this problem? Any tips?Apolio1 Aug 10
Aug 10 I seem to be dying incredibly quickly. I'm not quite sure if its me own fault, my gear or the spec i'm playing. I used my level 100 boost for a shaman. I then proceeded to start leveling in Tanaan jungle with following the main quest, but i'm finding myself dying incredibly often. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong , but maybe you can check my character, gear, and talents. My one heal seems to do nothing, i'm coming from playing a paladin. So far this class seems to have little to no suitability. I feel like a melee mage.Dondar7 Aug 10
Aug 10 ELE Shamans are PVP gods again Ele shamans are finally back boys. Check out my talents and stack mastery y0, you'll thank me later.Newyou9 Aug 10
Aug 10 leveling to 110 as resto? my alt is a resto shaman, am i going to have to level as resto so i don't waste points on another artifact? i never thought about it until this morning.Shinanigins8 Aug 10
Aug 10 Sentry totem toy Hey since we've got things like frog rain and elementals as toys ... Can we get back the sentry totem as a toy ... Maybe anyone can use? Pretty please? ^_^. *lays down grounding totem and earthen shield*Ursathemajor1 Aug 10
Aug 9 I want to make a Shaman Is Shaman really that bad in pvp right now? How are all 3 specs in terms of performing their roles? What pvp spec should I play?Yony1 Aug 9
Aug 9 1v1 Ele vs Rogue With the recent pre-patch changes, we 100% guarantee that we will be opened on vs a Rogue. We can no longer pre-cast Earthquake, and we no longer have Magma Totem (WotLK). Ok fine. We are assuming we are fighting a player that has average+ skill. Rogue gets opener, cheap shot/garrote. Either way we cannot cast anything, so we either thunderstorm the cheap shot (prevent opener damage), or eat it. Guessing around 70-90% HP now. Now what do we spend our precious GCDs on? We can try Gust of Wind with a Frost Shock in mid air or Thunderstorm, usually is met with Killing Spree/Shadowstep/Death from Above. Probably would be at 50-70% HP. Now maybe use the ability we didn't use prior? Can be met with Grappling Hook/Sprint/Pre-cloak? Maybe around 35-55% HP. I feel whatever we pick for our LvL 30 talent, can either be Trinketed or cloaked to get rid of it. So far we have done barely damage, and getting quite low on health. I can usually do a fairly good job at kiting melee specs (apart from rogue/feral). Surviving against a Rogue, has been hands down my biggest challenge. They usually are at 85%+ HP when I die, and it is quite humiliating. Before you yell at me saying PvP is not based on 1v1, please realize, I do not intend to win the 1v1, I just want to put myself in the best potential place to capitalize on a possible mistake they might make.Gozuk12 Aug 9
Aug 9 Quick macro question for Resto Quick question for resto shamans, I've been setting up some help/harms, and I'm trying to make one to cast Wind Shear at an enemy mouseover or target and Healing Stream Totem otherwise since the button I've been putting my totem on is the one I use for my interupt on most of my other specs/characters, but trying to plug it into the macro I've been using for my other spells just has me always using the totem. Is what I'm wanting to do impossible or does it just need to be formatted differently? For reference this is the macro I've been using for my other spells, replacing the spell names as needed: /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead]Healing Surge; [@mouseover,harm,nodead][harm,nodead] Flame Shock;[help,nodead] Healing Surge [@player] Healing SurgeJuntook3 Aug 9
Aug 9 Tauren or Troll shaman... Not sure which one I want to go with, I LOVE the witch doctor transmogs for the artifacts and the pieces you can get out of Throne of Thunder and whatnot, but I also like the molten lava and lightning looks you can get for tauren, and I'm not sure which to choose :P Thoughts?Kharnath8 Aug 9
Aug 9 Totem Tier Adjustment Currently the totem tier for all Shaman specs (cap, earthgrab, voodoo) is alright, but still lacking one thing, voodoo totem is totally escapable in pvp and it replaces hex. My idea: make earthbind totem baseline again, this tier upgrades that totem and also gives low level shamans an actual totem at low levels, reinforcing "class fantasy" (so voodoo no longer replaces hex) and also give voodoo totem an earthbind snare. Because currently in pvp your opponents can walk out of range of the totem VERY quickly. I really REALLY want to use this totem so bad. It looks so cool and has such a cool concept. OR alternatively ... Remove hexaustion, or give IT a 50% snare. (I mean, since they're HEXAUSTED anyway ;-))Ursathemajor0 Aug 9
Aug 9 Shaman Flight Form How come shamans have never had a flight form? I believe that it fits the class fantasy really well. We should either get to fly with the wind picking us up, or even better just let us turn into an air totem that flies, as well as letting as carry and ally on our backs. What do you guys think?Shoxnproc5 Aug 9
Aug 9 real reason why we are the most trained class next to warlocks our xmogs are the best in wow.the jealousy is why why we are trained.people just cant stand how good our xmogs look. thats the REAL reason.Thanen4 Aug 9
Aug 9 Rockbiter looks dumb The over exaggerated swing of rockbiter looks really dumb. It also sounds dumb. My enhance shaman is basically ruined. Stormstrike is another over exaggerated dumb looking swing with a new dumb sound. Enhance went from the coolest double side smashing electric sound stormstrike spec and class in the game, to the dumbest. Blizz it would be a dumb decision to not change it back.Shazaaman1 Aug 9
Aug 9 Survival Hunter is the new CD based spec I know many of you do not like the new enhancement changes because it moved us from a CD based rotation to a builder/spender. While I have been enjoying the new enhance, I do miss the old playstyle. And I have found that the new survival hunter fits the old style kind of well. Obviously there are differences, but most of the time, the survival spec is CD based without having to worry about a resource. Have you guys tried the new survival hunter? What are your thoughts?Stormen5 Aug 9
Aug 9 what professions should i take? i just started lvling my new shaman and i plan to give it the 100 boost i get with legion. i was wondering what professions would be best for a shaman?Wondermanate2 Aug 9
Aug 9 I Love how easy Elemental Spec is! I've been switching between Elemental and Restoration recently. I level 1-85 as Restoration and have recently taken to question in Pandaria as an Elemental Shaman. I'm surprised and pleased with how much fun and easy it is to use the spec! I love the new sound effects like the thundering book of Lighting Bolt and the gushing explosion of Lava Burst. Giving Lighting Bolt an arcing zap animation rather than a ball of energy animation was long overdue as well. Bringing back Totem Mastery was an excellent addition too! The entire setup of throwing up Storm, Earth, Fire, and Water before going to work on a mob looks fantastic!Altvater11 Aug 9
Aug 9 Survivability during questing I'm not sure what I am doing wrong but my one heal as elemental and with my Earth elemental only lasting 15 secs makes questing and killing elites difficult. I don't remember it being this hard before but I just recently came back to WoW. Suggestions?Sylrae7 Aug 9
Aug 9 what spec for shaman does the most dps? im new to shaman and i would like to try them after the changes. the only thing is i do not know what spec to run. i dont know what is better for pvp or pve? could someone please tell me whats best for what.Wondermanate11 Aug 9
Aug 9 PvP Talents for Enhancement Hey all, What are some good recommendations for PvP? I saw Icy-Veins listing for PvE but what's a good PvP mold.Allygory22 Aug 9
Aug 9 Looking for some Shaman Feedback? Hey guys, so I'm trying to figure what Caster DPS/Healer I want to main in legion for both PvE and PvP. I'm liking the DMG and heals of druids however, I'm not a fan of the chicken bear looking form. I had almost forgot about Shamans. But, I've usually stayed away from Shamans because the seemed to get the most hate out of everyone. Not becuase they were OP but "They feel like a rollercoaster" and some would say. Anyways back on topic lol. How has Elemental DPS treating you guys. I've never played it before legion so there isn't but I can go on. Also, how well does Restro perform in dungeons. Basically what I'm looking for are the prons and cons of the Shaman for both PvP and PvE. Thanks.Armgasm5 Aug 9
Aug 8 lava lash usless with out hot hand? hey guys messing around with my enhancement toon and i was wondering if i take boulder fist does that make lava lash useless with out hot hand?what if i took sundering to replace lava lash and just storm strike and sundering everything? what would be the rotation boulderfist,flametongue,boulderfist or just boulderfiest,boulderfits.stormstrike then sundering.i have seen some enhancement shamans be high on the dps charts and was wondering what they were doing.Lusent10 Aug 8
Aug 8 Playing resto shaman In BGs and I gotta say I can't die unless the whole team decides to train me. Pretty satisfying knowing every time i enter a BG Neptulon smiles upon meHonorbound1 Aug 8
Aug 8 Tank healing? Just getting back into WoW after a lengthy absence. I remember having a bit more oomph in the tank healing department back in Cata. How do you guys go with tank healing five mans? I'm sure my woeful gear and unfamiliarity with new talents doesn't help, but I feel like it's just RT HS HS HS RT etc. Spirit Link if I'm close by is good but a bit impractical at times. Our other CD is a raid healing one it seems. How do you guys manage tough tank healing these days? Advice, hints, tips welcome!Ilam6 Aug 8
Aug 8 Enh 110: Might + Magic? Or just Might? So there's quite a bit of controversy over recent changes and I really don't want to get into that. I do have a question for those that have played the beta. Throughout every expansion, iteration of the class, prune, buff, etc. I felt like a "hybrid" magic + melee class. I'm getting the impression that Flametongue and Frostbrand are supposed to still be spells (magic) but my only impression when I use them is a buff icon. I know I'm tunneling a bit, but is there a spell part to their animation? Are my settings just too low to see it? Are we still a hybrid magic + melee class at 110 with the Doomhammer? Crash Lightning looks and feels amazing and is a perfect example of a magic+melee ability. Do we get more, or is CL and Ascendance it? Fire nova was fun (broken as all get out, but fun) and a big part of that was watching great rings of fire burst out and incinerate everything. Liquid Magma wasn't engaging, same with the elemental totems, but they still made me feel like I had a decent helping of magic to go along with our might. Are we just might now? Or do we see more magic/elements outside of Crash Lightning at 110?Tatìana1 Aug 8
Aug 8 Tier 5 talents I cant choose which talent is better. Overcharge seems great but does Empowered Stormlash benefit me or my raid at all? I dont see that much of a damage increase.Lulziez5 Aug 8
Aug 8 [Weak Auras] Resto/Ele Shaman Auras (Legion) Sweetsour's Shaman Weak Aura Compilations To keep things as simple and quick as possible, all the information you need can be found via these links. Elemental Previews Screenshot Preview: Video Preview/Tutorial: (coming soon) Restoration Previews Screenshot Preview: Video Preview/Tutorial: Installing & Updating How to install: (New and improved!) How to update: Resto Only: Elemental Only: Ele & Resto: For any questions, concerns, suggestions, or bug notification, please feel free to contact me via Sweetsour#11996Sweetsour55 Aug 8
Aug 8 doom hammer talent stormflurry did any one check out this talent in beta?the talent where storm strike can chain proc off it self.could you imagine if you stormstriked and storm bringer proced and stormstrike just started to chain proc like crazy and global some one with it. im just wondering if anyone tested this makes him sound like the shaman of old.with windfurry totem and that 40% to windfury and stormstrike chain procing he mite get crazy. anyone tried that in beta can you get all the talents or is beta limited on talents?Lusent7 Aug 8
Aug 8 This must be some kind of joke haha So, i noticed that resto shamans have lava surge now and resto shamans' lava burst hits harder than ele... hahaha jesus, what is this? hahahaHushox20 Aug 8
Aug 8 Any Resto Shaman Streamers/Youtubers? Hey so i recently came back to wow and decided to main Resto Shaman, I really fell in love with the class/spec and was wondering if there are any streamers or youtubers i should look out for go see how they play the Class & Spec. I know there is a streamer who sometimes streams Resto in pvp but unfortunately he does not speak a word of English so for me its hard to understand what hes talking about. Anyways if you guys know anyone who streams or makes videos of Resto Shaman let me know PvP & PvE i don't mind either. ThanksImrobotzz4 Aug 8
Aug 8 What happened? When did Shaman become so insanely squishy? My cloth and leather classes can take hits better than my Shammies. I don't remember Shaman being this squishy. And their damage feels weak, too. I've checked guides and such, and as far as I can tell I'm not doing anything wrong. I'm using the suggested talents, and it's not like there's much room for error in spell/skill choice anymore.Sintestra4 Aug 8
Aug 8 Thinking of maining Shaman Hello Shammy Forums! I have played many classes, most of which i enjoyed. My most enjoyed classes had been warrior and paladin, both of which i had played since launch. I did have a shaman in Vanilla, was damn strong too, but all my friends were on Alli and i never really came back to play it. I find that now I have much less time to play than i used to and would like to play a class that performs decently in every expac with minimal changes to playstyle. The reason i'm thinking about the shaman is because I like to play Melee and Range DPS as well as heal. So the class seems to incorporate everything that i enjoy. So, this leads to the big question: How have the shaman performed in PVE and PVP compared to other classes since vanilla. For example Frost Mage has always done well. Some times better than others, but they have never had major changes to mechanics (like paladins) or become complete garbage class (like rogues in some expansions.) I hope my question makes sense and i thank you all for your input.Washbern23 Aug 8
Aug 8 pvp resilience/power is this even useful for a enhancement shm?, cant find the stats anywhere in my character info all i see is versatility,crit,haste and umm mastery edit: im lvl 88 so obviously pre legionKamlek2 Aug 8
Aug 8 Feral Lunge should knock down It makes sense and would not be like every other charge . Please Shamans make this happenCrimsonita15 Aug 8
Aug 8 warning for shamans you will be trained i was watching twitch the other night and watching 110 legion beta arena and guess who got trained first every time i saw one in the match was kind of sad hearing them say train the shaman and no healer could keep them alive. im trained enough in bg's as it is so i though id lie you all know if you do 2's and 3's you will be trained first and dropped fast.before some of you say thats ok bring it blah..blah. no shaman survived any train no matter what they did. im just letting you know its not going to get better at 110 in arena or bg's..lolThanen14 Aug 8
Aug 8 Healing Stream Totem... Can it get any lamer? It used to heal 3 ppl. Then it healed 2 ppl with a talent. Now it heals one person. I'm tempted to take it off my action bars.Ejeria4 Aug 8
Aug 8 Elemental shamans RIP I'm always praying the old gods for a Lava Surge proc and when I finally get that proc... SURPRISE! It deals no damage hahaha I find myself spamming Lighting bolt or hiding from melees, once I get caught by a rogue, is gg (Rogues are so fun to play btw, dmg and mobility<3) So yeah, even for pve I still need to wait for those lava surge procs, I'm not a professional programmer, developer, etc, but for real blizz, you should hire a better and more creative team for Shamans.Zaneroth11 Aug 8
Aug 8 Best PvP Resto Spec Been playing around with different Resto Specs, but I find myself still getting train wrecked in Arenas. Any suggestions? I'm especially having a hard time Kiting melee.Kimboslicee3 Aug 8
Aug 8 Fury of air single target viability Are any other enhancement shaman getting higher Dps number taking fury of air, hot hands and overcharge? Nothing else seems to be doing as well for meIgnes4 Aug 8
Aug 8 Enhance atk speed Is haste the priority stat for enhancement? I am wondering about how many auto attacks I can land before the next ability is available. Are there any tricks or animation canceling to get more autos in?Kiroxxigar4 Aug 8
Aug 7 Weapons for enh dumb question, what kind of weapon does my end shammy need now? 2 one handers?Furijan2 Aug 7
Aug 7 ENH may as well be a new broken class I haver played ENH since vanilla, and now i dont recognize it or like it at all. i have mythic HFC gear and even playing with diff rotations and using all my CD's i can barely keep up with 40-50k dps down from 200k and to top it off our survivability has gone to crap, no totems, a ton of skills we had that made it fun to play and gave you choices have been ripped away and now were left with this husk of spam your whole 1 skill that generates this new maelstrom we dont want or need so you can occasionally use a different skill.... I dont know why blizz felt the need to 100% change the game and this class like this but i think it is utter garbage now. i dont have a ton of alts like most people, i play my enh 99% of the time and now i hate playing it.Sickinger47 Aug 7