Sep 14 Enhancement and Haste Is anyone near their ideal haste to mastery ratio? Being having your haste be somewhere near 60% of your mastery? *Clearly I mean when not using Ancestral Swiftness* Clearly with low gear that is a hard task to manage especially with main item slots giving more agility, and possibly less haste or mastery depending on the item. I'm sitting around 55% Mastery and 20% Haste, at about 838ilvlHoopstud3 Sep 14
Sep 14 Resto Shaman or Resto Druid? I am just returning to WoW also and trying to decide whether to spend my time building up my Resto Shaman, or leveling my Resto Druid instead. I don't know if I like all the changes to the class and feel a little lost without my earth shield. I also have found that playing as elemental when questing feels a bit slow and more cumbersome than I remember it. While my Druid tears things apart in feral spec, I feel it takes me that long to cast one spell on my Shaman. Do I just need to relearn to play the class, or am I better off focusing on my Druid instead?Tekli2 Sep 14
Sep 14 enhance dungeon trinket sims? Anyone know/able to show me the way to a reputable sim for pre raid trinkets. Prefer one that includes sims on caster trinkets as well as melee trinkets for enhance. Thanks :)Bouncytotems0 Sep 14
Sep 14 Were artifact weapons switched on accident? A few things stick out to me that seem kind of weird, and I swore I posted this, but think it may have been deleted...suspicion grows... Thrall known as green jesus and master wielder of the Doomhammer, also known as one of the greatest elemental shamans known to man, with his mastery of channeling the elements through the use of Doomhammer and obliterating his enemies with the likes of Chain lightning, lightning bolts, earth grabbing and storms, loses his hammer and instructs the likes of his newly found friend (you) an enhancement shaman known for using fist weapons to contain the elemental powers and unleash them in deadly attacks to retrieve and use his prized Doomhammer...ok. Reh'gar an enhancement shaman also known as the greatest Orc arena slave owner (...he trained Varian/lone wolf) and masterful use of enhancing the power of the elements contained within his fist weapons, takes the elemental shamans on a quest to reclaim a lost artifact that only one thing knows where it is...who is that thing? It is Xuen the White Tiger...The spirit of strength, and the artifact in question? The Fists of Ra'den...You know the weapons held by the titan watcher himself! known for his brutality and strength. the weapons CONTAIN and enhance the power of the elements stored within. So let's recap for the TL;DR folks. Thrall, elemental shaman gives his elemental weapon to the enhancement shamans. Reh'gar, enhancement shaman helps the elemental shamans gather weapons that should be for enhancement shamans.Aerisot10 Sep 14
Sep 14 Resto Shaman in Arena Glimpse into the perspective of a resto shaman in arena 3v3 legion! Sep 14
Sep 14 A indirect way of fixing ele Early I wrote out this super long and detailed post about the problems and possible solutions of ele, but blizzard decided to troll me and not publish it for some reason. So here's a condensed version. I think Ele will suffer mid way through the xpac due to our scaling issues. Crit, haste, and mastery all have little problems that will exasperate as the xpac goes on. I proposed making AS baseline (instead of the popular 'make ascendance baseline' idea), freeing up some secondary stats for us to play around. This would allow us to more effectively stack crit/vers and not worry about haste as much. The 2nd solution is for the Stormkeeper. I think it would be appropriate for us to ditch the entire concept and burrow the soul cap mechanic, except make it a single target nuke. It would absolutely fit with the theme and name of the ability and allow us to make meaningful decisions on when to pop it. The numbers can be tweaked to make it meaningful but not OP.Umeshoryu3 Sep 14
Sep 14 Anyone else find questing as a shaman a pain? It's such a pain, fighting a single mob is a pain and the pain gets double towards the point of death if you manage to pull extra. You have to spam healing surge every GCD and then suddenly you're OOM and barely healed up with the incoming damage, enjoy your corpse run! It's like !@#$ting on the class fantasy, here's a shaman farseer with mother%^-*ing DOOMHAMMER and he can't take on two basic suramar mobs at once It's a shame too because this was the first expac since WoTLK where I actually enjoyed the quests themselves, for the first time in a long time I had started reading quest text againStormtotem31 Sep 14
Sep 14 Leveling as Resto? I still haven't chosen a main for this xpac, but my guild is in need of healers. From back in Wrath and earlier, Shaman has been my favorite healing class. After Wrath I stopped healing for a while, and didn't raid at all after Cata. This xpac has gotten me excited for the game again, so I'm planning on raiding again. My question is about leveling as resto. How is the questing while leveling as resto. Can we dish out enough damage? I would hate to spec Elemental or Enhancement to level as and put all my artifact points into a weapon that won't be my main. Also, should I switch specs now to get used to it, as a lower level shaman? Or should I keep leveling my shaman as a dps spec until I finish WoD content? Thanks in advance.Bàrom10 Sep 14
Sep 14 Shaman Class champions guide? Hey guys, I just found a mage class champions guide (order hall). Was curious if anyone knows of any post similar to this for shamans? Sep 14
Sep 14 No slows for Rsham? Why do we have no slows for Resto Shamans? I mean we're fighting dps's that are constantly on us and our stuns are on a nice CD of 45 seconds and our hex is practically useless. I feel we really need a damn slow as we seem to get pummeled so damn easily.Waterhealer1 Sep 14
Sep 14 Shman artifact quest's I have a quick question i don't know why it seem's to be such a struggle for me. I did the quest's and after the part where you watched illidan's birth i didn't get anymore quests. What am i missing? feeling dumbNhv3 Sep 14
Sep 14 Enhance DPS Questions I read that Haste until 17% was the best stat then it was mastery and haste again, when I checked icy-veins it says that Mastery is higher than haste what is everyone's opinion? Ring 1 ilvl 835 952 Stamina 1191 Haste 546 Mastery Ring 2 ilvl 840 997 Stamina 657 Critical Strike 1,111 Mastery Which ring would be better? I am loosing about 1,000 or more haste when switching but im gaining mastery.Stormclaw2 Sep 14
Sep 14 What Shaman S1 will be like Sep 14
Sep 14 Hex Macros for Legion Since for some reason, I can. It understand, Blizzard didn't list the Base Hex, along with the "variants". They did the same with Polly sheep. Anyways. Has anyone written or found a successful Random Hex macro? Been trying for a while now but just can't have one click randomly cast Frog, Roach, Compy.. Not major I know, but annoyingGrimstout2 Sep 14
Sep 14 Enhance/resto Did anyone quest as enhance and run dungeons as resto im wondering because i enjoy healing in dungeons and getting the faster que times but i just feel like it would be hard to juggle two completely different gear sets i usually would just go ele for leveling so i could just have the same gear for restoTraw8 Sep 14
Sep 14 Enh shaman weapon trait question One of the AP abilities on the weapon is called "Spirit of the Maelstrom". It says that when in combat in Ghost Wolf form you generate XX amount of maelstrom every 2 seconds. How can that happen? If you are in Ghost Wolf and use any powers you shift out of wolf form. How can you be in combat in ghost wolf form, unless you shift back into it and do not use any powers?Zanzermon4 Sep 14
Sep 14 Enhancement Dps help I dont feel as if my dps is adequate in mythics for my gear. Especially after reading what other shamans on these forums are pulling. I'm mostly pulling around 200k on boss fights and my burst is horrendous (around 350kish I think) based on what I've read here from other shamans. I ran a simcraft and my dps is supposedly supposed to be around 250k. I understand that the sim includes flask, rune, and food but I doubt it accounts for like the 60k dps. On a target dummy I was pulling about 190k and I'm following the noxxic/icy veins rotation. Anyone have any advice or is it all in my head.Adalid4 Sep 14
Sep 14 Power of the Maelstrom animation or alert? Is it just me or does Power of the Maelstrom not have an alert in our scrolling text combat nor does it have any animation to alert us?Twomoons0 Sep 14
Sep 13 Blizzard, stop punishing hybrid classes. I'm currently incredibly frustrated right now at one particular part of Legion and it has nothing to do with class balance. World quests for hybrids are flat out broken and unfair. I've decided to play Enhancement for the time being. For me, currently, there is one world quest that rewards mythic gear and one that rewards a trinket in which I direly need, since my trinkets are my weak spot. The mythic reward is an artifact relic..... for the Resto artifact weapon. The trinket..... is a spellcasting trinket. Blizzard, how is this fair? It's so incredibly frustrating trying to gear up by running dungeons and waiting for gear already, but then the fact that world quests offer me no help in progressing??? This has got to be fixed.Swingswing10 Sep 13
Sep 13 Ride the Lightning vs Forked Lightning Why is the "Ride the Lightning" pvp talent a thing? It seems to be just a much weaker version of "Forked Lightning" there something i'm missing?Astrologist3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Voodoo totem / hex totem problems This totem needs to apply hex every time an enemy enters / re-enters the area otherwise this is completely useless and only cc's for the a minor amount of time. If it could reapply multiple times then there would be some really awesome synchronization with sunder and being able to knock people back into it, not to mention other classes being able to do the same. Overall this talent is lacking and is close to useless other than getting a good laugh every 45 seconds. IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTIONS: -Slow while within the aoe radius -disorient those who are hexed -Remove the debuff where they cannot be hexed again Chriswilson6 Sep 13
Sep 13 How's Two-Handed Enhancement? Best Wep? Obviously blizzard will never put in the tiny bit of extra work to let us use 2-H enhancement effectively, so how does it work in Legion? I remember back when we could get the Axe of the Tauren Chieftain you could still do something in PvP at least Of course now we have some class specs tied into the legendary weapons so it may just be less viable than ever but in any case, what would be the best weapon to use? Or just buy whatever is cheap and decent on the AH for fun? and I still want swords blizzard, it doesn't make any real sense that we don't have that option when there are giant daggers that are basically swords. Also it's incredibly stupid that we can't X-mog the legendary weapon into fist weapons or daggers, you basically rendered all fist weapon appearances useless for shamansStreetguru15 Sep 13
Sep 13 Enh Help Hi all, hoping for some "no judgement" help here! Not sure if armory will be updated properly for my gear and whatnot but I'm item level 831 as enhance. Talents: Boulderfist, Ancestral Swiftness, Tempest, Crash Lightning, and Landslide for dps talents. I prioritize Stormstrike followed by Crash Lightning (Crash lightning comes first obviously in a cleave/aoe situation), make sure not to use Doom Winds and Feral Spirits at the same time so I don't cap Maelstrom. Basically, I think I'm a good enough player with some decent gear but I'm constantly out-dps'd and feel like I rely too heavily on Stormstrike procs that just don't come sometimes. What am I doing wrong? Or is it bad RNG?Chickawowow12 Sep 13
Sep 13 Enh Shaman Help! Hello everyone! Much like several other players I've come back with Legion and I decided to try my hand at Enh Shaman again. Especially after seeing how so much has changed! However I feel extremely weak, especially compared to a Demon Hunter I played of the same level. Sometimes I can explode a single mob but other times I'm struggling to do any damage to anything. Is this a normal feeling? It could very well be a rotational problem as often times I feel like I'm just staring at my bar waiting for cooldowns of things to come up. Any help is appreciated!Rheyia6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Toggling Enh Off-hand visibility Heyo! Does anyone know of any way to toggle the doomhammer's neat looking off-hand weapon so it displays out of combat? If not, I sincerely hope it's added - I personally really enjoy how it matches my character's mog and would love to be able to see it all the time.Akrielle2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Tier 5 and 6 Restoration Talents. What Tier 5 do you guys use under which situations? Also do any of you plan on using cloudburst totems in raids or 5 man content? I just can't get away from using Torrent + EotE. I don't think i will ever use bottomless depths being an Alchemist and always having health potions or the new Leytorrent.Ripples3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Shaman quest's I don't understand this quest, and I think I might just be stupid really, because there is no info on google either. I have this quest: WorldMender. 0/30 Wold quest completed. ( ) What does that mean? I have done a few quest but still 0/30Bhräzzhill3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Enh Shaman Raid Spec Hello there my fellow PvEeps! What spec are you raiders out there going to be running in The Emerald Nightmare. I am currently on the fence about these talents. Tempest or Empowered Stormlash?? Also, is everyone enchanting and gemming Mastery or Haste? Seems like mastery is very easy to come by in most of our gear right now. I'm at 844 ilvl and I have 50% Mastery 18% Haste 30% Crit. Noxxic and Icy Veins contradict each other so I'd like to hear what my enh shammy brothers have to say about this.Toates6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Shamanism in BGs Has anyone else noticed that when using the Honor Talent "Shamanism" (lvl 10 talent) and doing random battlegrounds, that if someone else in the battleground uses heroism/time warp/etc, you get the debuff Exhaustion from their spell, which then prevents the use of shamanism/heroism? Does anyone know if this is working as intended or if it is bugged? What do my fellow shaman think about this?Shockarious7 Sep 13
Sep 13 So lets talk neptulon Mmmhmm last time we saw this fool ozumat was all about giving him smooth squid love squeezins and now we casually summon him up like.. yo Real talk neptulon what happened?Epícburn3 Sep 13
Sep 13 How is everyone enjoying enhancement shamans? That insta heal is OP and unloading your entire rotation hits like freight train. How is everyone enjoying enhancement?Gunnarr65 Sep 13
Sep 13 Your highest dps in a mythic ? Just curious to how other shamans are doing, I beat pugs but pugs are kinda a horrible way to measure your dps . So whats the highest you are all doing ?Crimsonita6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Pre-Raid Hotfixes: ItsNothing.jpg Not even a tweak to mael generation off Lava Burst or anything huh? Granted we're strong healers and Enhance is fine, but if you wanted to play Elemental, better hit the back of the bus. BUS SHOCK, THAT IS.Fëyd0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Water walking mount macro. I was getting a bit tired of the water bug mount, wanted something that could fly when I ported to Org. But, the other mounts don't have water walking. Solution: A macro: /cleartarget /cast Water Walking /use Argent Hippogryph It doesn't take any extra time to mount, since the WW cast animation runs in parallel with the mount delay. It's also handy for casting water walking quickly, since the WW cast works even if you can't mount due to movement or indoors. The cleartarget ensures you cast WW on yourself.Fugubar0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Earth Shield Totem particle effects. Can we make the particle effects more noticeable? It's not exactly obvious what the totem does for others and it's also extremely dull to the point where even I placed it I nearly can't see it on various surfaces. For everyone else it's of course even worse because they don't even know I placed it, so unless they're rather observant they may not notice a circular dust cloud. I get that blizzard wants to reduce visual clutter, but when it's something we want people to stand in, it's very helpful if people actually know it's available to be stood in. Other than enhance, shamans got pretty shafted in the visual department anyways. Might as well give us at least one cool looking spell. Make it an actual circle of stationary rocks, or make it a bunch of earth shield like rocks floating around the circle. Anything is better than this pitiful dust cloud we currently have.Dìvìné0 Sep 13
Sep 13 Earthen Shield Totem Working for you guys on slopes?Chinagal4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Ele shaman DPS for dg ? for dg mythic, how much (DPS) elemental 830~840 can due ?Albiondragon2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Do you attack other shaman's? I avoid attacking other shaman unless is ''formal'' fight. Meaning I don't gank them or take them by suprise. I assume if you play a shaman, your a cool guy/girlBhräzzhill4 Sep 13
Sep 13 healing numbers what is considered really good healing for shamans in 840 item lvl?Warhawkk8 Sep 13
Sep 13 ele is really good for a fresh expansion im dumbfounded by all these wall of text complaining threads. sure things changed and not everything for the better but all in all im having a blast and not feeling inferior to anything but blood dks. we actually have multiple play style variations that all work to some extent. the damage is pretty decent and our offhealing is good enough to save a 5 man from a wipe in clutch moments. boss fights are so much easier to stay alive and keep dpsing with gust of wind to get out of the stuff of the ground. as well as talents like icefury that let you do decent dps while moving. and in pvp im very happy with the current state as i just chased down and slaughtered a druid. yes it actually happened.Beezelbubba15 Sep 13
Sep 13 Resto Shaman Hidden Artifact Skin If you don't know where it drops for us, its out of 'Eye of Azshara' (sp) Normal, Heroic or Mythic. As far as I now its a rare drop off the Naga bosses.. Not to be that doosh but I literally looked up how to get it, Q'ed and no sh!t got the drop my second time in there >.<, It was on normal mode. My question is this, I rock the Heroic ICC tier xmog so I would really like to get my hands on the red color variation of the weapon. It says I have to kill 1000 enemy players to unlock it. I'm a pretty scrubby PvP-er so does anyone know if the 1000 kills are supposed to be KBs (Killing Blows) or HKs (Honorable Kills)? HKs - I'll hope in there and won't leave until I have the color KBs - I'll just wait I guess lol Fingers crossed for HKsShadöwkid4 Sep 13
Sep 13 New Shaman wolf model? Any plans to slap some shiny newness on the Shaman travel form?Mojosmaker13 Sep 13
Sep 13 Enhancement Damage is too high Currently, enhancement shamans seem to be doing too much damage in PvP. While they lack the demon hunter level of mobility, they can do the same kind of damage and easily drop people from full in their totem stun if they get some lucky proccs. It feels like the game regressed back to vanilla where a lucky windfury proc was a death sentence. Hopefully Blizzard tones this down some in the near future, along with DH damage.Truevoid12 Sep 13
Sep 13 Best enhance path for pvp? Hey there, I'm going to make an enchance and I wonder what's the best artifact path for PvP. I searched everywhere but I only found for PvE.Haldxo3 Sep 13
Sep 13 Suggestions to Help Elemental I have been doing a decent amount of thinking about ele and the struggles it feels like it happens. I dont exactly thing ele has over all dps issues once things have started rolling. However, the current ramp up time is just bad and I have a feeling its one of the main issues plaguing the spec. Current perceived issues: 1. We have the current sim craft which you have to take with a grain of salt. 2. The seemingly current issues soloing things. At 2 mobs I start thinking I might have issues and at 3 I know I likely will be. The other classes I have been playing do not seem to have this problem. 3. The potential low dps issue in 5 mans. 4. The issue in pvp. Some people could care less about this but at the moment certain classes just stomp ele. Case in point. At 110/809 ilvl I ran into a Demonhunter. Essentially I was at 30% health in roughly 3-4 seconds. I ended up winning because a rogue smashed him after that. That should not be happening when someone is 2 levels down and likely quite a bit of ilvl down. Its a good illustration regarding ramp up time. Most melee just get on target and get to start nuking. Ele on the other hand has a number of steps they have to do to really start doing damage. I wont go into the damage of each spell. While it does feel low, looking at you lighting bolt, thats really a job for number crunchers. Solutions: 1. Place Stormkeeper, Earthquake Totem, and Earthshock on their own Fire Blast. This would just make the three spells more efficient. In both cases being able to weave the spells into you cast time spells just make a lot more sense than the current build. SK alone with its GCD is simply makes no sense when compared to other classes. 2. New passive. Volcanic Erruption: Passive When Flame Shock is applied to a target that does not already have Flame Shock on it Lava Surge activates. This simply cuts down on the set up time for everything and is a major quality of life improvement. It is a minor dps increase because you cut the cast time out of that first flame shock when on single target and like melee allows you to start dpsing right away. On multi target it also is slightly better dps increase as it ties into Path of Flame and it would case another Lava Surge when your dot spreads. While this is a buff it is stops once the fight is going and you already have your flame shocks out. It also helps with dispels for pvp. While an improvement its not giant, such as a large haste buff from expansions past, and its not requiring spell numbers to be changed. I really think this is extremely important as the spec is just extremely slow at the start of each encounter. 3. Stormkeeper: Add when activated "Your first Lighting Bolt or Chain Lighting is instant cast. Like step two this lowers on the set up time. If tied into having SK on its own GCD you could start to cast LB, cast this midway, and then instant cast another LB. This once again makes the ability more efficient without having to change spell numbers and doesn't change long term encounters. 4. New Passive: Gathering Storm: Passive Heals 10% of the damage from critical hits, if full health heals nearest damage friendly. This is somewhat a take on the druid passive heal that also heals friends if at full health. However if it works off of damage and only critical damage. It will make the spec slightly less squishy in pvp but more important is a bug quality of life buff for pve soloing. I truly believe this would bring ele more in line to the other specs/classes that I have played thus far. Leveling was fun but I have really noticed that staying healthy has been far harder. Plus you have the added bonus of assisting your group with minor heals. PVP: This seems to be a much bigger issue and really has continued from Warlords. Some have named us the worst pvp caster currently and a strong argument could be made for Warlords as well. I am not completely sure what would solve this problem and make the spec more competitive but something should be done. Earthfury: (rename to fissure) Passive Casting a 100 Maelstrom Earth Shock will Stun the target for 2 sec and push the target back away from you. If I had to be honest I feel that earthshock in itself should do the push, and this talent should push the target but also stun everything in a line between you and them, like fissure. However the original suggestion would be much easier to implement. Traveling Storm: Passive You make cast Lighting spells while moving and Thunderstorm's cool down is reduced by 15 seconds. I really believe TS should be around 25 seconds considering it started at 22ish in Wrath and all of the other gap closers, stuns, roots, etc. 30 sec however is still far more reasonable. Astral Shift: Shift partially into the elemental planes, taking 40% less damage and healing for 50% more, for 8 seconds. Usable while stunned. Honorable mention: Just throwing this out there but really my best experience in Warlords hands down was Ghostwolf in Ashran with the glyph to ignore snares. It made the spec actually playable in pvp and had a ton of different applications. Allowing the spec to run or re-position is frankly just an amazing thing. While I understand we may feel this is a bit to much I still really enjoyed it to no end. With that in mind Ghostwolf really needs to ignore snares and have water walking. If out of combat it would be great to see its speed knocked up to mount speed and 6 secs out gives invis. It just made for a more dynamic game play. Stormkeeper in itself is kind of lack luster. I actually feel it would be better if it was a shorter cool down or no cooldown and caused lighting spells to effect fire spells and fire spells to effect lighting spell, somewhat like Balance druids. Being iconic to specs the weapon spell, imo, feel like you use them often. Lastly, as many people have posted Lava Burst seems to be doing less damage than it should in pvp. If that hasnt been addressed or posted about we might want to see something.Moshen6 Sep 13
Sep 13 Totem Not sure if this was already brought up, but I distinctly remember Blizzard's "woohoo upcoming changes!" page that they posted prior to Legion very explicitly stated that totems were going to always... always have a health bar based on the percentage of the Shaman. So now I'm curious as to what this is about. I cant find the stupid page because of the new crap website. Can anyone else find that quote?Gragand2 Sep 13
Sep 13 Special guests in our Class Hall So, for the hope of not missing any important npcs, be it lore, venders, buffs etc. is there a compilation of the npcs and special events that happen at the Maelstrom? Like Drek'tar, the tile puzzle, the Shaman Chef. Who have you noticed?Grimstout4 Sep 13
Sep 13 Have there been stealth nerfs or something? A couple of days ago, I used to be pretty confident I'd get AT LEAST one Stormbringer proc/fight, sometimes on the PvP tower captain I would spend his entire healthbar spamming Stormstrike because of the chain procs. Over the past two days though, I barely get a proc per fight. It's kinda ridiculous and makes me feel so awkward sitting there waiting for what seems like ages to do something. Side note: Forked Lightning(lv8 honor) is bugged as hell, It randomly stops working, and most of the time that it IS working, it's hitting corpses. Blizz please fix.Primalstroke1 Sep 13
Sep 13 trinket drops in dungons??? I farm mythic and heroic dungons and seems to me that trinkets just wont drop for my resto sham and that I keep getting the same loot drop from most bosses that I get loot from why?Vampxx7 Sep 13
Sep 13 Best stats for Ele? Been doing some reading to try to maximize my Ele dps, and any source I find says that Crit is the best stat for Ele Shamans. But my testing says otherwise. I'm heavily favoring Mastery/Haste considering the main Spell we are casting, Lava Burst is a 100% crit on a target with Flame Shock.a Most sources rank the stats as such: Intel>Crit>Haste>Versatility>Mastery My own thoughts are: Intel>Mastery>Haste>Crit>Versatility I'm interested in what anyone else has to say about this, as I know I'm not the most experienced Ele Shaman out there. I know Crit is important, but I do not see it being more important than Mastery, so if someone could shed some light on that, it would be most welcome.Taalesia10 Sep 13