PvE Demonology [Guide](6.2): See in you never Table of Contents 0. How to ask questions or dispute something written here 0.1 How to ask questions. Do not assume your rotation is correct. Ever. Log out in your correct gear before asking. If you can please bring logs so you can thoroughly be examined. Don’t take offense during the help either I’m not always the nicest of people, I can promise you I will help you to the very best of my ability. 0.2 How to dispute something written in this guide, correctly. Address specifically what you dispute, and then suggest your alternate thoughts. If I agree, it will be added and you will be added as a contributor. If I don’t agree, deal with it. 1. How to gear 1.1 Stats and How They Affect You 1.2 Racial Bonuses 1.3 Tier Bonuses 1.4 Builds 2. Talents 2.1 Glyph Choices 3. Rotations 3.1 Single Target Rotation 3.1.1 HoG, its dot, and maximizing damage 3.1.2 Soul Fire 3.1.3 Doom/Corruption/Pandemic 3.1.4 Demonic Fury 3.1.5 Set bonus rotation adjustments 3.1.6 Demon Bolt 3.2 AoE rotation 4. Useful Addons 4.1 Addons 4.2 Weakauras 4.2.1 Walkthrough of my Auras 4.3 How to Log 5. Sources, Credit, Contributors 1. How to gear 1.1 Stats and How They Affect You ... ... ... ... ... ... Should note that all secondary stats are roughly equal, so don’t stress 1.2 Racial Bonuses ... ... ... ... ... ... Overall, the races are all very close in terms of DPS. The order going: Orc>Troll>Goblin>Undead>Blood elf and Gnome>Worgen>Human>dwarf. The different between the first and last place race for horde and alliance is 574 dps and 80 dps respectively. So your race choice is largely irrelevant. 1.3 Tier Bonuses ... ... I highly recommend both tier bonuses. The 4pc is a MUST have ASAP, and the 2pc is a passive damage increase, so it should be gained as well. 1.4 Builds ... With the nerf to DB in 6.1, the push for haste isn’t really important anymore. Demo will excel on cleave fights where it can abuse Cataclysm and Chaos Wave. Since haste has little to no effect on CW, you’ll want to push more crit. This will also add plenty of damage to SF, and increase ToC damage (RNG permitting). Should note that all secondary stats are roughly equal, so don’t stress 2. Talents TL; DR on talents: Soul Leech MC or SF depending on if you need a stun Sac Pact Burning Rush Syn (anything except single target), Serv (pure single target) AD Cata (cleave/aoe), Dserv (Single target) Tier 1 talents give you the choice between self-healing talents. ... ... ... Overall, I find SL to the best talent. The passive healing shield is nearly always up, and just adds onto your massive damage mitigation. Tier 2 talents give you the choice between several crowd control abilities. ... ... ... The choice here is between Mortal Coil or Shadowfury. It will vary on the fight and if your stun is needed. Tier 3 talents offer damage reduction abilities. ... ... ... I find sac pact to be one of the strongest defensive cooldowns on an INCREDIBLY short cool down of only one minute. Tier 4 talents offer crowd control and utility abilities that cost health to use. ... ... ... Burning Rush will be your go to talent here. It is incredibly useful in getting where you need to go, especially with mobility nerfs brought on during WoD Your Tier 5 Talents affect how your pets aid you ... ... ... For PURE single target, you’ll use Serv along with DB. At 3+ targets sup will be your choice. Tier 6 talents affect you directly ... ... ... AD will be the talent of choice, 2 charges of 30% mastery is very strong. MF does very well in AoE dps KJC will be incredibly situational, and currently has no useful gains over AD, or MF. Tier 7 Grants new damaging abilities. ... ... ... At 3+ targets you will take Cata, less than that will be DB. 2.1 Glyph Choices ... ... ... Note: You should only use the DS glyph when using demon bolt ... Note: Gylph of Imp Swarm can be a DPS gain in specific encounters. It requires several things however. High Haste and a short fight duration (2-3 minutes). The glyph is a gain in burst settings, where your DPS can be front loaded in a strong opener and follow up. However over time the gain diminishes. So unless explicitly noted, there are no current progression fights where the glyph is a clear cut gain. 3. Rotation 3.1 Single Target Rotation ... -Metamorphosis Single Target Roation- ... The difference between SF and ToC is very small, to the point where using either one is fine. Try to use SF if you have crit procs since it will always increase the damage of SF, with ToC you only get an increased chance to crit. Opener is as follows: ... 3.1.1. HoG, Its Dot, and Maximizing Damage Do not cast HoG without 2 charges. You want to cast the first HoG, with 3 seconds left on the dot, and then cast your second charge of HoG. 3.1.2. Soul Fire Soul Fire should only be cast with molten core procs. Ideally, save some MC procs for your meta burns, also make sure you cast SF when you gain crit procs. 3.1.3. Pandemic /Doom/Corruption Pandemic-When refreshing your periodic damage effects, duration remaining on the previous effect is added to the new one, up to a maximum of 30% of the base duration. To put into numbers terms, if a dot last 10 seconds, and you refresh it right away, it will have a max duration of 13 seconds. The ideal time to refresh Doom and Corruption with changes to pandemic are 18 seconds and 5 seconds respectively 3.1.4. Demonic Fury Demonic fury is your secondary resource that spells in meta use instead of mana. There are a few tips to fury. Do NOT ever cap out on fury. If you’re at 800+ burn down to 500 and then build back up procs. 3.1.5 Set Bonus Rotation Adjustments The 2pc buffs your demons on SF casts. The buff last 15 seconds and stacks 5 times, you’ll want to maximize your uptime of the buff by splitting up your SFs and refreshing by casting another when the buff is almost over. 3.1.6 Demon Bolt New with WoD, Demon bolt has a unique mechanic to it. With each cast it amplifies the damage of DB by 20% and the fury cost by 100%. This debuff lasts 40 seconds, but it reduced by haste (similar to imp swarm). The break down for DB casts and costs looks like this: ... 3.2 AoE Rotation ... 4. Useful Addons Weakauras-Allows tracking of Any trinket/tier set/racial buff or anything else you want. It can track malkorok shields, ANYTHING. ANYTHING! Here's a link to a ton of strings: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/1266785-Warlock-Weak-Auras 4.2 Weakauras Screenshot- ... Defensive auras ... Cool down flashes ... Bottom and top bars (includes trinkets/racial/HoG tracker) ... 4.2.1 Auras explanation Taking a look at the screen shot, starting from the top: DR, UR, and DB auras that activate when any of them are active. Below that each icon flashes right as an ability comes off CD. There’s also a special HoG aura that flashes and fades out from 3 seconds and less on the HoG dot, to aid in making sure you recast HoG to double stack. Third bar is Sac Pact (with shield size), HoG when at least 1 stack and another is 5 seconds or less from being off cool down, Dsyn, MC procs, Goserv cd and flashes when available, ring proc. On either side is Aspect of the fox and Blood lust. The bar in between the is fury bar. Bottom bar is Beserking (can be changed to any racial), Potion, GSR and DUT trinkets, Blackhand trinket, DS, and burning rush (spins when active). 4.3 How to Log ... Please visit this link for our local logging sticky for more information on how to get logs started. 5. Sources, Credit, Contributors Sources http://www.wowhead.com http://simulationcraft.org http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/forum/27-warlock http://darkintentions.net/ http://www.warcraftlogs.com http://youtu.be/2AWED3ZmDHI (cause we should all have a laugh Contributors [ul] The following contributed to this guide, directly or indirectly: Hedo-Wyrmrest Accord (US) Zagam-Mal’ganis (US) Ghadda-Burning Legion (US) * A big thanks to my editors for this guide, Hedo and Awkward, because I'm not here to English, I'M HERE TO WARLOCK Recklessfear1170
[7.0 Guide] to Logging (the only proven +DPS) Introduction Due to the recent patch and the changes that Warlocks, among other classes, have undergone, people are now more than ever concerned about how they are performing. I believe that the best way to evaluate performance is in evaluating your logs--and, without knowledge of how to analyze logs, or how to log, that's impossible. This guide should cover those sufficiently and allow interested players to improve their performance, or, if they would prefer, ask for help. Foreword Please feel welcome to dispute anything posted. I am very dedicated to making an accurate guide that keeps up with all the newest theorycrafting, and to that extent, I will be doing my best to keep up with recent information--but nobody is perfect. Table of Contents 1 - How to Log-1: WarcraftLogs -2: Downloading/Running Logs -3: Known Bugs 2 - Guide to Reading Logs-1: The Interface -2: The Tabs 3 - How to Evaluate Performance Using Logs-1: Basics -2: Destruction -3: Affliction -4: Demonology 4 - Conclusion-1: Afterword -2: Help with Evaluation Guide to Navigating the Thread: If you want to jump to a specific section in the thread, use Ctrl-F and type in the section number, then a dash, then the subsection number. For example, if I wanted to jump to the Known Bugs section, which is in Section 1, and is Subsection 3, I'd type "1-3" into Ctrl-F! ... 1-1: WarcraftLogs WarcraftLogs (https://www.warcraftlogs.com/) is a World of Warcraft fansite dedicated to hosting interactive combat logs and fight rankings for current and past raids in WoW. It is commonly used, to great effect, to evaluate how well someone is performing compared to other players of their spec and to optimal play. By the end of this guide, it is my belief that you will both understand how to evaluate logs and why we evaluate logs. -Why Warcraft Logs? Warcraft Logs is a lot more user-friendly and in-depth than World of Logs--not to mention that its developers (who I am wholly unrelated to) are continuing to update and build on its foundation, where World of Logs, to my knowledge, is remaining stagnant. 1-2: Downloading/Setting Up the Logs Client The WarcraftLogs website is fairly self-explanatory with regards to setting up the client, but in any guide for log analysis must be a guide for actually logging. I've broken it down into a 3 step system. 1: Go to https://www.warcraftlogs.com/ 2: Find this [ http://puu.sh/dxBDb/3fed32d7d1.png ] section--it's in the upper right-hand corner of the home screen. Click "Sign Up," and make an account! 3: Now that you're logged in, go to where you clicked "Sign Up"--your username will have replaced that option! Click your username, and a dropdown menu will appear. Select "Download Client" and install it! Then, start the client on your computer while playing WoW. This window should appear: [ http://puu.sh/dTL5x/25b02f7b54.jpg ] From there, hit Live Log, and you'll arrive at this screen: [ http://puu.sh/dTLcR/ad07786613.jpg ] Then, if you wish, you can select what page to record your logs on (the default, as you can see, is Personal Logs), and click go! Then, all you need to do is enter World of Warcraft, enter "/combatlog" and raid! All the combat you're doing is now being recorded in real time to Warcraft Logs, where it can be analyzed. When you're done, simply type "/combatlog" again in-game to stop recording combat logs, and click "Stop" on the client! Advanced Combat Logging: In game, to enable Advanced Combat Logging, access the main menu (usually by clicking escape), select System, select Network, and check the boss for Advanced Combat Logging. 1-3: Known Bugs Sometimes, when attempting to log, the client will record nothing, or state "Error - Bad Line". While this is not intended, it is more common than isolated--it can be fixed by simply restarting logs. ... 2-1: The Interface The WarcraftLogs interface is intuitive and user-friendly. An example of a log is one of my Personal Logs, found at [ http://tinyurl.com/k66hywk ]. I will be using this log for the purposes of demonstration throughout this guide. [ http://puu.sh/dxCDv/bb44cf32ef.png ] The image above is what you will first see when reading a log. The first page it shows you (the one shown) is a summary of the various measures of performance recorded by the service. Each of the different tabs (Damage Done, Damage Taken, Healing) will take you to a page that details each individual type of performance. These will be covered in the following section. The Graph The Graph can be manipulated and modified to display only certain data--whether you wish to focus on a specific player, a specific damaging mechanic, or a specific portion of the fight. To access a specific portion, simply click and drag from one end of the graph you'd like to observe to the other--it'll automatically display only the information from that slice of the graph. To display a specific player or mechanic, simply select that option from one of the tables below the graph. The Options The options, located in the upper left hand of your screen, will look similar to these [ http://puu.sh/dxD8d/4b43537a58.jpg ]. Each of the selections (The Butcher, All Friendlies, etc.) have a small arrow to their right--indicating the presence of a dropdown menu. You can select these to choose which boss you would like to observe (selecting The Butcher, in this case), which kill of that boss (if there is more than one in a log), or which player/enemy you would like to observe (selecting "All Friendlies" in this case). Views Located just below the graph are three tabs: Tables View, Events View, and Fight Analysis. Tables View provides the standard table of values--useful in other sections for viewing uptimes, percentages, and other numeric values. Events View simply lists each combat log event by time, useful for determining specific cast orders or time between events. [ http://puu.sh/dxDDd/b792b43c05.png ] Fight Analysis is a handy, automatic, mechanics analysis of the fight. It's useful for determining who caused wipes, or what went wrong on a kill. 2-2: The Tabs Damage Done: This is likely your primary tab of interest. When evaluating warlock DPS, it is one of the main two tabs that you will actually be interested in. When you click this tab, it will default to taking you to a screen similar to the summary--a graph, with a tables view of Damage Done and DPS beneath it. [ http://puu.sh/dxDS9/076101ed08.png ] From here, you can observe how your DPS is compared to the rest of your raid for the fight. However, for evaluation, we must look at the specifics. From there, you would click on your name from the tables view--which would take you to a tables view of your abilities used and damaging effects. [ http://puu.sh/dxE0m/b583e10694.png ] Damage Taken This tab is similar in nature to Damage Done, but displays Damage Taken instead. You can use it to determine uptimes of damaging debuffs and other effects in the same manner you would with Damage Done. It is, however, not entirely relevant to evaluating Warlock DPS (very useful to determine who's draining your healers' mana, though!) Healing This tab is similar to both Damage Done and Damage Taken, but again, deals with healing and healing buffs instead. Useful to determine how much you're healing for with self-heals, but not relevant to DPS. Buffs For Warlock DPS analysis, the Buffs tab will be fairly invaluable. It is a graph -- which is less interesting than the preeceeding tabs' graphs -- and a table containing the uptimes of Damage, Defensive, Healing, Movement, and Raid buffs, in addition to stances and unknown buffs. The reason it's important to Warlocks is not to determine if someone had buffs--but to determine how they're reacting to Trinket Procs, using Dark Soul, using their potions, or even Fire and Brimstone in some situations. If you click on a particular player, it will take you to a screen similar to this one: [ http://puu.sh/dxEIj/ae75429356.png ] Debuffs This tab is less important than the others in terms of DPS analysis, but functions similarly to buffs--but with debuffs. Deaths This tab simply displays deaths and the time leading to those deaths--it can be invaluable in determining who is at fault for a given death. Interrupts This tab displays all interrupts used and can be used to fix issues in interrupt orders in raids. Dispels This tab displays dispells and can be used to determine which player is dispelling the most, or if someone dispelled something they were not meant to. Works for both Offensive and Healer dispells. Resources This tab allows you to view resource expenditure/generation over a fight. It can be used for Demonic Fury, Burning Embers, and Soul Shards and displays raw gain, wasted amount, and net gain. Casts This tab displays number of casts, time spent casting, et cetera. It's especially useful to assist in correcting an opening sequence or observing a particular set of casts (such as a Hand of Gul'dan 2-stacking mishap). Summons Shows all pet, minion, guardian, and demon summons throughout a fight. Replay This feature can show the positioning of players throughout a given fight provided the logging player is using "advanced combat logging," an option found in-game. ... 3-1: The Basics Before you evaluate each given spec, it's helpful to know what kind of things you're going to be looking for. -DoT/Debuff Uptimes: You are going to be looking through the Damage Done section of a Warlock's spellcasts, looking for Damage over Time or other debuffs effects such as Immolate, Corruption, Haunt or Doom. Different DoTs or Debuffs will call for different uptimes. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGe8/43d53f1d91.png ] -Cast Ratios: You may also be looking for ratios of one spells' casts to another. This can be done very easily by looking at the casts column and checking numbers. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGkX/81bd70a89b.png ] -Buff Usage: All specs have some degree of resource pooling for certain procs or cooldowns. You will be comparing the amount of certain buffs cast, such as Dark Soul or on-use trinkets, the times that randomly proccing trinkets activate, and more to determine how effectively someone is using their spells. An example: [ http://puu.sh/dxGsY/f960820817.png ] 3-2: Destruction Destruction Warlock rotation errors are, in my mind, the easiest to correct. When evaluating a Destruction warlock log, make sure that the following things occur: A 90% or higher uptime on Immolate. Usage of Dark Soul: Instability once every two minutes (without Glyph of Dark Soul) and, if using AD, a bonus charge used during other procs (or during the execute). Chaos Bolts being cast during CDs or Procs en masse, but only used one at a time otherwise. Burning Embers never reaching 4 and wasting generated embers, in the resources tab. On multiple target fights, a high uptime on all targets of Immolate (using the "Done to Enemy" selection found just above the graph). On cleave or AoE fights, high Havoc usage. On cleave or AoE fights, high Shadowburn counts and a high ratio of Shadowburn Hits to Shadowburn Casts (which would mean that Shadowburn is well-cleaved by havoc). Note: if I am missing any factors, please post additions or corrections below. 3-3: Affliction Affliction Warlocks have a relatively simple rotation, especially in Single Target, but you should still look for the following things in a log: An extremely high (as near to 99% as possible) uptime on your main three DoTs (Corruption, Agony, Unstable Affliction). Usage of Dark Soul: Misery once every two minutes (without Glyph of Dark Soul) and, if using AD, a bonus charge used during other procs (or during the execute). On single target fights, a high uptime (around 60-70%) of Drain Soul. On multiple target fights, it can be considerably lower. Without Soulburn: Haunt, a fairly high Haunt uptime (50% or above) but even more importantly, haunts used during procs rather than needlessly wasted. With Soulburn: Haunt, a high uptime on the Soulburn: Haunt buff (90% or above). Soul Shards never being wasted (at the moment, this means sitting at two and casting the remaining two only during cooldowns or procs). On multiple target fights, check to make sure that the three DoTs have a substantial uptime on each of the targets (using the "Done to Enemy" selection found just above the graph). Note: if I am missing any factors, please post additions or corrections below. 3-4: Demonology Demonology Warlocks factor 'when' a spell is cast quite often compared to the other specs, rather than 'how much'. Due to this, it is one of the harder specs to correct with logs, but there still is a great deal of factors to watch for when evaluating Demonology performance, such as: A high (95% or above) uptime on Corruption and Doom. Dark Soul: Knowledge once every two minutes, and if using AD, a bonus charge used with other procs or during the opener. A high usage of Soul Fire with Molten Core procs in Meta. A roughly 40% uptime on Hand of Gul'dan. (This is raised to 55% in Single Target situations with the 4-PC from T17) Pooling and dumping of Demonic Fury with SF and ToC, with Procs and AD (but never capping at 1,000 fury). On multiple target fights, a high uptime of Doom and Corruption on all targets (using the "Done to Enemy" selection found just above the graph). If using Grimoire of Service, the Doomguard should be cast every two minutes, usually with CDs. If using Cataclysm, there should be a cast of Cataclysm every one minute. If the Glyph of Dark Soul is being used, DS and Cataclysm should be cast at the same time. Note: if I am missing any factors, please post additions or corrections below. ... 4-1: Afterword I am not the best Warlock, and I accept this--however, I am passionate about this class, and intend to go forward in WoD with stronger progression and theorycrafting than before. I especially hope that I can help new or returning Warlocks--or even experienced Warlocks who want to brush up on their play--improve and perform better as time goes forward. 4-2: Help with Evaluation If you'd like for a more experienced Warlock to look over your logs and provide their insight, simply post a link to the logs and some basic background information in the thread below. There is a great number of experienced, skilled, and helpful Warlocks around who enjoy doing just that! Hedo100
[PvP Guide: 6.2] Affliction Hello Warlock Community, after browsing our class forums a bit I noticed that we no longer have an updated PvP guide for affliction! This is something I hope to help rectify by providing some information and tips that I've found useful as a relatively experienced warlock this season/expansion (gladiator). There are some parts of this that may be applicable to PvE, but for the most part this is entirely geared towards the PvP aspects of affliction, especially arenas (although I will cover some RBGs). I will be gradually adding to this post over the next week or so as I get videos and have time to write up stuff! The Basics of Affliction Damage Affliction Warlock damage at its core is fairly simple! The general goal is simple, maintain your dots (especially 10 stack agony), and Soulburn: Haunt. Generally, you will want to be applying agony either first, or by casting UA->Agony so that agony is applied at the end of the UA cast followed by corruption. If you have 4 shards, make sure you either haunt something, or use soulburn so that you don't remain shard capped. When bursting a single target, haunting them then drain souling with full dots is best as it provides a lot of burst especially when paired with Dark Soul. It does become significantly more complicated then that with maintaining the 10 stacks on multiple targets in PvP, multiple of which may be able to dispel their dots and that is something that is covered more in depth later on in the guide! A more detailed look into Affliction damage rotations can be looked into at this guide maintained by Varlth! http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/12331143225 I will mostly be covering the aspects of warlock that pertain to PvP, including Talent/Glyph Choice, General Tips, Positioning, Rotations for PvP/How to Burst, Utilizing CC and Counterspell and Understanding how arena cooldowns work! If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the thread! Talents/Glyphs This is the standard build for affliction PvP: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/tool/talent-calculator#Vaa!0202000!bhM The Glyph of Eternal Resolve and Unstable Affliction are not going to ever be changed. Siphon Life is what I would generally recommend, but if you feel very confident in your healer's ability to heal you through consistent damage, Glyph of Soul Swap can definitely be useful to make sure you don't get CCed on a Soul Swap before exhaling it. Tier 15 The three choices in this section are survivability/healing based, and in pvp for affliction there are only two relevant options. The first is Dark Regeneration. This is going to be your standard go to talent choice for 3v3 arena matches. The reasoning behind this is that it functions as a defensive CD which is extremely important for arena. By using this CD, you boost the incoming healing you take, as well as giving yourself a small but potentially life saving heal. Using this in conjunction with your healthstone can very often be the difference between winning or losing an arena in a situation where you just need an extra bit of HP to survive a crowd control that your healer was placed in. The next viable talent for PvP is Harvest Life. This talent is best used in conjunction with the Drain Life glyph. In total it boosts your healing from Drain Life (the spell!) by 150%. This is only really a useful talent in 2v2 arena. In 3v3, the amount of interrupts and lockdown is typically much higher and makes this talent fairly weak. Tier 30 This tier has a strong focus on crowd control that supplements your already very powerful baseline Fear and Counterspell options. The three choices; Howl of Terror, Mortal Coil, and Shadowfury are basically based on what composition you are playing. If you are playing with a rogue, you will typically want to play with Howl of Terror, if you are playing with a feral you will usually want to play with Howl of Terror or Mortal Coil. Playing with most comps, you will want to use Shadowfury though. It is by far the most consistent choice to play, especially in popular compositions such as WLS, MLX, Shadowcleave, and L.S.D Tier 45 Soul Link is going to be the most common choice for you as affliction. It provides a passive 20% damage reduction while you have a pet out, and if you're playing grimoire of sacrifice it provides you with 20% extra on your health pool. The other viable option for arena is going to be Sacrificial Pact in conjunction with Grimoire of Sacrifice, but this option is really only relevant for playing against a comp like Godcomp or other spell cleaves where their damage is based around 1 minute timers and you will be mostly unable to play a regular pet. Dark Bargain is only useful for Rated Battlegrounds where you just need to survive for a few seconds until your healers can top you back off during a hard swap to you or period where they got behind (or you have an objective like an orb in Kotmogu). Tier 60 For affliction, there are two real choices for PvP in this tier. Blood Horror, and Unbound Will. Blood Horror is a 1 minute CD defensive which can be placed on you as a way of causing a melee attack from an opponent to cause that enemy to run away in a "horror" (this is an incapacitate effect, which DRs with polymorph, Psychic Horror, Mortal Coil, and Para). This is a great option to play against teams like Turbocleave, Junglecleave, KFC, Ret/Hunter/Healer or TSG, where getting a melee DPS off of you for a few seconds can make a big difference. Keep in mind that spells like Spell Reflect can reflect this spell back on you, and Anti-Magic Shell will immune it. If you are playing with a mage, I recommend staying away from this talent as it will DR his polymorph effect. For me, I typically play Unbound Will. This is a 2nd trinket which has a 2 minute CD and cost's 20% of your health. This is great against teams that have a lot of CC to put into you (most mage teams, druid teams etc). Getting out of CC when your healer cannot dispel you can make a large difference as affliction has a few different ways of peeling a DPS or just getting out to continue doing as much damage as possible! Tier 75 There are two viable options in this tier. Grimoire of Supremacy and Grimoire of Sacrifice. The choice between the two talents are almost entirely based on what comp you are playing against. When playing against a melee cleave of any kind or against a comp like Rogue/Mage/X, you'll want to be playing with Grimoire of Supremacy as it gives your pet extra health/damage which is important to helping you maintain your Soul Link buff against these teams where you will likely take massive sustained and burst damage. Having your pet be able to interrupt the healer while you are out of Line of Sight is also hugely useful. The other option, Grimoire of Sacrifice is used against other warlock teams (warlocks will kill other warlock's pets!) and against spell cleaves. Teams like mage/boomkin/healer, MLS/D/P and LSD2 will often focus on killing your pet instantly and against these teams you absolutely have to have a counterspell to stop CC that would normally land on your healer. Tier 90 Archimonde's Darkness is the only relevant talent for Affliction PvP. Having two charges of Dark Soul is amazing for arenas or RBGS, where doing a huge amount of spread pressure/burst is Affliction's niche. Tier 100 In this tier, once again there is really only 1 option for PvP. Soulburn: Haunt is a straight 20% buff to all DoT's that you have out. This is obviously a very large deal for a spec that relies almost entirely on doing scary spread pressure! Anthonyone111
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Legion Pre-Patch PTR: Feedback on Warlocks After several days worth of testing, I have found this. Note that not all of these are pressing matters, but they are all things I wanted to draw attention to before this patch goes live. Problems I've found: - Pet UI: This is probably the most important thing on this list. If the pet is on assist, it will only attack things that you attack, and will not defend you (attack things that attack you). This is tedious to deal with, especially in dungeons/raids. I have no idea why it changed. On live, if a tank pulls a large pack of mobs, and you cast "Corruption" on a random one, your pet will attack that single one, and then move on to the others once your initial target dies, making sure you don't have to micromanage your pets attacks. I feel that it should stay this way when the patch hits, or when Legion hits. I find myself leaning away from wanting to play classes with pets if this is going to be the UI for them. - Summoned Pet UI (Dreadstalkers/Imps): On the PTR, the pets will attack the target they were summoned to attack until they de-spawn, this allows for the player to have your pets finish off one mob while you move on to another, and begin getting it's health down (I noticed that your permanently summoned pet changes targets based on what you attack). Though the previous explanation makes sense, but I feel that your Summoned Pets should do the same as your Permanent pets (change targets based on what you are attacking). Not having them do this can cause problems in fights with adds that you have to switch to immediately (Xhul, Killrogg, maybe Tyrant as well). If not, the player will have to recast HoG/Dreadstalkers every time they need to switch targets quickly, and with the long cooldown for Dreadstalkers, and the high cost for HoG, it just isn't very effective to do so. - Demonwrath: This only makes your permanent pet, and Dreadstalkers pulse with demonic energy, not your imps. This isn't too bad if you have a melee pet, but if you have a ranged pet like a Doomguard, then your only way of using this spell is via the Dreadstalkers, which isn't very effective since they disappear quickly, and have a long cooldown. I feel that either the imps should also pulse with energy, or at least one, or two of them should. That way you can rotate your demons spawning, so that you can maintain that AoE damage if you happen to have a Doomguard up. Side Problems with Destruction: - When you use Grimoire of Sacrifice, you don't get your pets special spell, which lessens the appeal a lot to use this talent. Personal Requests: - Make a glyph to turn your Felguard into a Wrathguard, I really prefer the Wrathguard model. AND/OR - Make a glyph to turn your Felguard into a Fel Lord (only a cosmetically). I would use my Felguard so much more if I could have that Fel Lord Zakoon skin on it. - Allow for our enslaved demon (via the Enslave Demon spell) to fight alongside our permanently summoned demon. This will give at least some of the appeal of using this spell back. - Have Codex of Xerrath affect your Demonbolt spell. I really love fel fire (which is why I feel attached to Destruction), and I feel that the fire on our Demonbolt should also be affected by the passive. - Glyph to make the Felhunter into a Dreadstalker. I really prefer the Dreadstalker model for a hellhound/demon dog pet, and I think many other people do too. Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, post them below, and I'll see if I can answer them. Kreyadil20
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Demonology changes hurt class fantasy. After finally running some dungeons on my Lock and getting a feel for the new spec I thought I would share why I feel the changes to Demonology hurt our class fantasy rather than helped it. (I know there are other threads about Demo, and I almost posted in them, but I felt I had a bit of a different focus with this.) The biggest thing that I feel hurts our class fantasy is the short duration of our new demons. I'm supposed to be a master of summoning demons but I can only summon imps for 12 whole seconds? My imps used to last much longer, and there were always a few left over that would follow me to the next fight. That made me feel like a master of demons. Now they are gone before the fight is even over. Other things that have taken away from the feel of the spec for me: My imps used to be summoned near me and kept me company at range, now they summon in the visual mess that is melee. That plus the short duration means I barely even notice they are there other than the dps they do. And dreadstalkers are even worse. The way they instantly shoot in and the short duration on them makes them feel more like a spell or dot than any kind of summon. And Demonic Empowerment has got to be officially the most boring spell in the game. Summon dreadstalker: hit empowerment, Cast Hand of Guldan: hit empowerment. It doesn't even feel like buffing them, it feels like I'm just enabling them to not be crappy. And with our demons balanced around it now my felguard feels like he is barely doing more than I could by auto attacking with my weapon. (Not numbers wise, feeling wise.) Demonic Empowerment should have been a channeled spell. I should have to choose between casting shadowbolt for damage and shards, or channeling empowerment to make my demons do awesome damage. That would make it interesting and thoughtful in its use. Now it is just, "Did you summon demons? Empower(enable) them or go home." I used to be a Master of Demons with a powerful demon pet and a swarm of imps always by my side. Now I just feel like a fel mage throwing demon shaped spells at my enemies. (And I'm not even going to bring up Metamorphosis, I understand the Demon Hunters had to get that to feel special.) And mechanically there are a number of bad designs as well. Demonwrath certainly has its issues with not having much control over where our demons are. Especially if I am using the imp instead of the felguard for any reason. I would take the self damage of hellfire over it any day. Plus it isn't much, visually. My demons running back towards me when something dies instead of attacking any of the many other targets I have been attacking/aoeing is annoying. A few other things I can't remember right now... I know some people love the changes, and some people hate them. (And a number of people have said their dps sucks now, but that is another matter) I mostly just feel disappointed. So many of these changes sounded pretty good on paper, but feel so lackluster in practice. I don't feel the fantasy of a powerful demonic spellcaster and summoner of demons. Here's hoping the fist major patch of Legion brings some revisions to the spec/class and its mechanics, because I am pretty sure it is too late now. Thanks for listening (even if you didn't). :) Eredan19
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Afflic PVP pre-patch Fun! Build and Thoughts Alright so I'm a newb with warlocks but was tearing up bgs in the ptr and am still tearing them up on live. We are the raid bosses in bgs and it is so much fun. I boosted this guy for WOD and never played him past 97. so I definitely am a newb to warlocks so anyone can pull this off Many know this already and many know just exactly how to spec in order to open up this god tier. but still there are many out there asking how so I figured I give a quick explanation. This is no big secret at this point but I haven't seen any posts about explaining it fully so I figured I would give it a shot. TALENTS 15-writhe in agony 30-absolute corruption 45-demon skin 60-siphon life / sow the seeds (Alterac valley only pretty much) 75-dark pact 90-this tier is up in the air pretty much. Supremecy is good cause the big demon has a cripple and the aoe demon has a stun. plus they do more damage in general. Service is good for those who like to do a lil more during the battle. it opens u up to a lil more flavor in how you play. Sacrifice is just a base dmg bonus and is good for heavy aoe fights like AV. For me though I usually just run supremecy. 100- Phantom Singularity There you go! you are a god now. go have fun! Tips -ABD always be dotting! -Don't forget to fear spam. very good for when you are getting tunneled or you see a teammate or healer getting tunneled -dont use unstable affliction unless you are at 5 shards or are bursting down someone. dont spend a lot of time bursting down people.. remember you are the raid boss tunneling people is your minions jobs. just 3 dot the battlefield. and re-dot agony. -in bigger battles it may be beneficial to siphon life all targets first so you can stay at full health longer without having to use other cds. -once you realize you are pretty much a god you will get cocky and start fighting people in melee range.. stop doing this. -you will also run at groups of 4 or less like its no big thing.. stop doing this.. -try to save Dark pact and resolve for when you are getting tunneled. Fear spam them away and run while reapplying dots. I'm sure there is more so please comment! Also I'm sure Arenas are a lil different setup but I'm having sooooooo much fun in bgs right now I haven't really taken a look. So please post as to what should be tweaked to max out arena performance Martek3
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Why the radical changes for Destro Locks? Why does Blizzard find it necessary to make such drastic changes to the Destruction Warlock class. They have completely changed the game play. Why do they do this. I have been very happy playing Destro for the last 4 years. I've developed a powerful playing style and effective spell rotation. Now all of what I know is completely thrown out the window. I'm very disappointed and can't fully express my frustration. I've read in other posts how I'm being a "nay-sayer" and that "changes are for the better", in order to "create more balance". I disagree and will lay out my reasons point by point. According to "Legion Class Preview Series: Warlock" the following statement is made by the developers (a statement meant to be current as it is linked to in the patch notes): Destruction mechanics are in a solid place overall and are already a good match thematically, so we’re taking the opportunity in Legion to provide additional polish on existing gameplay. While resource mechanic functionality isn’t being drastically overhauled, we’ve changed Burning Embers back to Soul Shards. Not only does this return consistency across all Warlock specs, it also reestablishes the Soul Shard as the iconic source of Warlock power. 1. According to the developers, " we’re taking the opportunity in Legion to provide additional polish on existing game play". However, this cannot be further from the truth. Instead of providing more functionality, they took it away by removing the following spells that were essential to Destruction Warlocks: a. Ember tap. I used this very often in Raids or questing as an additional way to ensure I maintain my level of health throughout the fight. This spell is not adequately replaced by Soul Leach, if that was Blizzards intent. b. Dark Soul: Instability. I used this ever chance I could which greatly increased damage because of the critical strike bonus, i.e. increasing your critical strike chance by 30% for 20 sec. I always used this in conjunction with Fire and Brimstone for devastating effects. This is a core spell that makes Destruction Warlocks effective. c. Flames of Xoroth. I used this often during fights, especially when questing, where my demon gets killed and I need to instantly summon. I used this the most when my Void Walker is tanking. Without it, I might be killed as it takes too long to re-summon and often the summon gets interrupted before the demon returns to the fight. It makes no sense why this spell would be removed. d. Aftermath. I used rain of fire all the time. It allows you to cast on the move (instant) without channeling. With the new changes you can't even cast rain of fire at the beginning of a fight because of the 2 soul shard requirement. This makes it completely useless. e. Howl of Terror. This was an effective AoE spell for reducing mob attacks in PvE and as a CC in PvP. It makes no sense why this spell would be removed. f. Charred Remains. This was a critical talent for Destruction Warlocks. Chaos bolt is their key spell and this talent really made it more effective with both the increased creation of burning embers and with Chaos bolt being usable with Fire and Brimstone. g. Spell Power. The removal of spell power for determining spell damage makes no sense at all. Spell power is fundamental to determine the effectiveness or damage done by a spell. So why on Azeroth would this be changed. Furthermore, the current (Legion Pre-Patch) listed damage is much less than I was doing with WoD spell power calculations. 2. According to the developers, the changes in Legion are "to provide additional polish on existing game play." I reiterate, to provide additional polish on existing "Destruction Warlock" game play. Any English speaking person would understand those words to mean that spell functions would not change much. However, the changes are drastic from existing function as existed in WoD. a. As stated above, 6 spells are completely removed and spell power is removed as the determining factor for spell damage. b. The current (Legion Pre-Patch) listed damage for Conflagrate, Immolate, Incinerate, Chaos Bolt and Shadowburn is much less than what I was doing with spell power calculations in WoD. In addition, if the damage is static and not based on spell power calculations, then how can damage improve as you level or get better gear? c. With those spells that remain, the function has changed so much that game play has completely changed. For example, Incinerate no longer produces spell fuel (burning embers or soul shards). This makes Incinerate completely useless, especially in light of how effective it was in conjunction with Fire and Brimstone and Charred Remains. And why remove the second Conflagrate before cooldown, which also radically changes my game play. 3. According to the developers, " While resource mechanic functionality isn’t being drastically overhauled, we’ve changed Burning Embers back to Soul Shards." If this were true, then the only real change would be the name "Soul Shards" instead of "Burning Embers" a. I understand this is in an attempt to "reestablishes the Soul Shard as the iconic source of Warlock power". But this doesn't make sense with regard to Destruction Warlock lore. According to the developers own words, Destruction Warlocks are " Warlocks who command the power of destruction favor incantations of pure chaos and aggression in battle. In this regard, they’d find a stronger kinship with fire mages than warlocks of other disciplines—if not for their propensity to make use of magic deemed detestable by all mage orders. The destruction warlock is well-versed in discharging a dizzying array of shadow, fel, fire, and chaos magics upon opponents that rattle souls and conflagrate bodies." Destruction Warlocks primarily use FIRE as their source for spell damage. Burning Embers make sense because they are similar to FIRE MAGES (a long known and current lore concept). Therefore, Burning Embers make more sense for Destruction Warlocks. But, I could live with the name change if that was all it were. b. Unfortunately, the mechanic functionality and game play has completely changed. By removing Charred Remains, getting rid of Incinerate ember generation, reducing the effectiveness of Shadowburn, changing Fire and Brimstone, and removing Dark Soul: Instability, the players has to utterly change the way they play the character. Spell rotations are different. There is less focus on the use of Chaos Bolt. Incinerate and Rain of Fire have become useless because of their loss of effectiveness. 4. To be fair, there are some changes that I believe are good. Unfortunately, the good changes are miniscule in comparison. But here goes: a. Drain Life returned. This spell should have never been taken away in the first place. However, it's not really useful to Destruction Warlocks as a damage causing spell. It's not DoT, and is therefore useless as other spells in the rotation are much more effective. I can accept this back as a replacement for ember tap only as a way to self heal. It is not useful as an attack spell I would use in a raid environment where healers are present, except, maybe as a last resort. b. Spell fuel increased from 4 to 5 slots. Increasing the potential spell fuel will always be a great thing. However, the other negative changes nullify the benefit. 5. And finally, how do any of these changes improve game balance? Blizzard should add to the options players have with game play instead of this crazy notion of achieving balance by removing spells and or completely changing spell functions. And why is there this notion that player damage should be balanced? I'm a DESTRUCTION WARLOCK for goodness sake. My armor sucks so bad that I will get destroyed by a tank spec in one on one PVP. However, I should be able to do so much more damage than other specs when supported by a tank and healers. After all, I've heard it said before that Destruction Warlocks are like artillery or missiles raining heavy destruction from a safe distance. 6. I understand this was long, but it needed to be said in a detailed manor. My hope is that the developers will clearly see that they did not achieve their intent of improving game play for Destruction Warlocks. I encourage Blizzard to reevaluate the changes and return to the previous function that made playing a Destruction Warlock so much fun. Melegor55
Recapturing the old Soul Shard feel This is 100% a "class fantasy" discussion, coming from an old player returning to his warlock. Yes I know the old soul shard gathering was tedious. Yes I know a lot of people didn't really like it. However, I would argue that no resource system that has existed since has captured the same feel, and it may be part of why I've felt that the warlock class fantasy has been diminished over the years, even though Legion is in the right direction. I know Blizzard isn't in the habit of reversing major class changes, but I hope bringing attention to my reasoning may allow for some improvement in the future: Firstly, the arbitrary nature of acquiring Soul Shards. Before, you literally collected the souls of your dead enemies. Now, we generate shards by some rather strange mechanics. Conflagrate and shadow bolt I guess blows a piece of their soul off? When we shoot magic into the enemy, it doesn't really make much sense that somehow we get back a piece of their soul. Secondly, and more importantly, the cost. Part of what really made the warlock feel different (to me) from the mage class was the fantasy of using black magic, which was associated with a cost beyond the caster's own energy. Some of that appeal has returned now that summoning pets again require soul shards (though I'd like to see that returned to healthstones and soulstones), but the natural degeneration (and regeneration) to 1 soul shard makes it feel like soul shards only exist as a real resource in combat. Thanks for reading, and whether you agree with me or not, I just wanted to present an opinion. One of the reasons it's been a lot harder for me to decide between my mage and warlock in recent years is because they really felt very similar in terms of class fantasy and playstyle. To me, it takes more than just different spells to distinguish between different classes, and soul shards was that distinction before. Malafar1
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Aff 1v1 PvP Guide Vids (new rogue video!) Update Log: 5/26 - Started guide, warrior written and video tutorial up. DK next. 5/27 - Starting DK guide. Written part done. 6/2 - DK video up. Rogue next. 6/12 - Rogue video up. Written part coming soon. QUICK LINKS - VIDEO ARCHIVE Rogue (new!) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EjSsziJ1Lk Warrior - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC3DnNtEf3c DK - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pIjyxyJUxQ You can armory me for my glyphs/talents/gear, but I did some video tutorials on those real quick for some commentary. Talents - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NLxJrmCF-Y Glyphs and Stats - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRc4386nCuc Macros - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qxr-9rOvVg Hi guys. There's been a ton of complaints on the forums about Affliction, especially how it's weak in smaller scale PvP like 1v1. I haven't really been struggling that much against anything so I decided to make a duel guide that covers all the popular classes. This is going to be a work in progress, and it is just starting. Any comments on the forums/videos are appreciated! As a framework, I use DEMON ARMOR AND FELHUNTER for all these duels. I use those since that's what I run around with in BGs and arena 99% of the time, so no special pet swapping or needing Succubus to beat melee. I also just thing Felhunter is the best pet anyway because of Shadow Bite damage. Arms Warrior Video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC3DnNtEf3c Difficulty: 5/10 What to trinket: Throwdown CDs to be aware of: Charge - 12/13 sec CD Berserker Rage - 30 sec CD (10 sec Fear immunity) Throwdown - 45 sec CD Heroic Leap - 60 sec CD Keys to Victory: -Kite, take advantage that he only has one real gap closer -Force Berserker Rage and then Fear when it ends. -Get UA up and maintain it with Fel Flame. Opener: If you can get a DoT up or CoW/CoEx as he charges. Shadowflame ->SB: port their first charge as long as you aren't rooted by Improved Hamstring, which will force a heroic leap. Unfortunately for him, you'll be moving at full speed while he's slowed. Keep moving and kiting and throw up instants. You can also go for a UA before putting up instants. Eventually your DoTs will wear him down, but he will catch you eventually before your next port CD is up with his next charge. Strat: Here's my little trick that helps secure the win. When they eventually reach me, I'll howl them off, and get a quick UA/Haunt off if you didn't get it up before. It's pretty tough for warriors to Berserker Rage this quick enough to pummel you. Sflame -> Port again if it's up and if he charges reaches you it's no big deal. When less than 3 seconds are left on Zerker rage, Death Coil the warrior into a Fear which he is forced to trinket. I almost always pre-cast a second Fear here, which then allows you to get a Haunt off and some more distance to force his charge so you can port away as soon as it comes up. You should be able to survive his health regen and avoid damage for most of the duel with just simple kiting. Final tips: It's definitely worth Fel Flaming to keep UA up so you can stay mobile and keep up damage. Only thing I didn't really mention was that to trinket throwdown, but there's really nothing else to trinket. Trinketing throwdown into a Shadowflame can get you some good kiting room since he might not be quick enough to reapply Hamstring. Frost Death Knight Video tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pIjyxyJUxQ Difficulty: 8/10 What to trinket: Strangulate Frost DKs at the moment are one of the, if not the, most difficult classes to solo as a warlock. The DK has plenty of anti-caster tools like an interrupt, magic immunities, CC imunities on top of Death Grip essentially being an "anti-teleport. They're also currently the highest overall damage class at the moment and a ton of survivability in small scale PvP thanks to a ton of defensive cooldowns and Death Strike healing. That's the bad news. The good news, is that they aren't unholy DKs, which are much harder to kite and live through because of their pet and gargoyle doing a ton of damage and a lower AMS CD. CDs to be aware of: Death Grip - 25 sec CD AMS - 45 sec CD Lichborne - 2 min CD (10 sec Fear immunity) Keys to victory: -Spell Lock into full Fears/casts. -If possible, get a UA/Shadowflame off before AMS and refresh UA with Fel Flame during AMS. Also, Soulburn: Port during AMS. -Trinket the strangulate not hungering cold. -Survive Lichborne and Death Coil -> Fear or Spell Lock -> Fear out of it. -Be careful of Dark Simulqcrum. -Fear if he's Death Striking your pet. Simplexity88
[7.0 Guide][PvE] Affliction The main guide is mostly done -- Now appendicies and ui/macros need to be added. Please review and point out any and all mistakes you may find. Introduction: This guide is here to cover the basics of the Affliction spec in a PvE context, with an emphasis on Legion end game. While assumptions presented here will work during the pre-patch, specific t18 set bonus optimization, bis trinkets for HFC, and etc are beyond the scope of the main guide and will briefly appear in an addendum in the changelog post. Table of Contents Section 1 -- The Basics - http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#2 Section 2 -- The Artifact - http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#2 Section 3 -- Talents - http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#3 Section 4 -- Spell Priority - http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#3 Section 5 -- Advanced Discussion - http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#3 Section 6 -- Putting it All Together - http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#4 Section 7 -- Macros, Addons, and User Interface - http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#4 Section 8 -- Changelog http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#4 Appendix A -- Patch 7.0.3 Hellfire Citadel. The Prepatch http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20747875438#4 What this guide does and does not cover: This guide is intended to be a reference for PvE focused players, specifically heroic raiders, mythic raiders, and mythic+ dungeon players. My main emphasis is on mythic raiding, but given gear drop homogenization discussions on set bonuses, talents, and artifact traits should apply universally. This guide is not a beginners guide to DPS in World of Warcraft, you need some degree of mechanical competence, keybinding, situational awareness, and other skills that come with time, effort, and dedication. A great deal of this information has come from discussion and log analysis preformed on the Warlock discord server. You can join the server by installing Discord and then using this invite link: https://discord.gg/0onXDymd9Wpc2CEu If you notice any inaccuracies, disagree with anything, have specific questions, or otherwise want to discuss Affliction please reply to this thread. Cryptrot17
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Destruction Warlocks please raise your voices First and foremost I'd like to say that Destruction Warlocks (For PVP content) are absolute trash. Here are some of the reasons: 1. Rain of fire now consumes 3 soul shards. First and foremost It's a lot harder for us to build SS than a Demo Lock. Which is totally unfair, and who the hell is gonna break burst DPS to cast ROF when it once was an instant cast. 2. Burning Embers and Ember Tap is gone. Seriously? You gave us a channeling ability? If I'm destruction I want burst, and instant self heals based on embers. I want to blow people up, destroy them almost immediately. Plus who didn't like it when they glowed all green or red when they had full embers. 3. Shadowburn doesn't hit as hard, and it feels more like a dot then it does an execute. I don't know about most of you, but in WOD SB felt like one of our most powerful abilities. In all BG's we DOMINATED with SB. It was our finishing move, and now it feels like just another dots. (More dots more dots, no jk we don't need that) 4. I'd rather have the option to play without a demon(In Destro) and be able to CC as I did in WOD. I absolutely loved having no pet. Hunters and Mages have the option not play with one, do the same for Warlocks. Let all of our energy be focused on Fel alone. Also if you're going to give us pets, allow us the option to position either left or right. I hate how it's always on the left side. (That's not really that big of a deal) 5. Some of our CC's are gone. I understand, I'm not too angry, but we deserve CC's. Forever have Warlocks been known for their CC's and many people have QQ'd about it. With the sudden change, we don't have that much. 6. Now Im not here to QQ, Im not interested in being one of those kids that nerd-rage on the forums because Blizzard changed my class, but atleast bring back Embers for Destro Locks, or allow Warlocks to pick and choose what they want. There should be the option to be a Soul Shard or Ember Lock. Give us more feel for our class. Expecially for that epic glow y'all removed. Anyway I've played a Warlock for 12+ years. I've gone with every single change ever made to our class, I finally had found a spec in WOD that I loved and cherished. Now it's gone.. Some will agree with me, some will dislike my idea. What I'm asking is for the option to have both. Possibly give us a fourth spec like you did with Druids who knows? Let us have some customization. to our class. Anyway thank you Blizzard, and thank you for all those who read my post. Kornbredkhan83
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[PvE Guide] Destruction in Legion 7.0 Introduction Hedo is switching mains in Legion, so I'm going to take up maintaining a Destruction guide, compiling theorycrafting information into one place to build an informative PvE reference. Foreword This guide will be an iterative work on my part, so there will need to be revisions as time goes on and more players figure things out/perfect sims for theroycrafting. Feel free to point out anything you feel isn't accurate, especially if you've got any sources to show as much, as well as anything that might be missing from this guide. [Anything in square brackets is either super WIP, needs confirmation or more info]. Table of Contents 1 - Legion Changes 1. Soul Shards 2. The Scepter of Sargeras2 - Stats and Gearing 1. Stats and How They Affect You 2. Racial Bonuses 3. Tier Bonuses, Legendaries and Other Notable Items 4. Stat Builds, Gems and Enchants3 - Talents and Artifact Traits 1. Talents 2. Artifact Traits 3. Artifact Relics 4. What About Glyphs?4 - Rotations 1. Basic Single Target Rotation 2. Basic Multi Target/AoE Rotation 3. Opening Sequence 4. Advanced Rotation5 - Useful Addons and Macros 1. Addons 2. Macros 3. Logging6 - Sources 1. Data and Sims 2. Sources7 - Conclusion Navigating this Guide To find a specific section of this guide, use ctrl+f (Find...) and search for "[Section]-[Subsection]". For example, if you wanted to find the section on Artifact Traits, you would search "3-2". ...Destruction has seen a few baseline changes worth mentioning before delving into the rest of the guide. Most of this will be touched on in more detail in the Rotation section. 1-1 Soul Shards The biggest change coming with Legion is our secondary resource. We no longer have Burning Embers (R.I.P. 2012-2016) and have moved back to using Soul Shards. Souls Shards are not partially filled by non-Shard spending abilities and you can have a maximum of 5. Soul Shards degrade/regenerate to 1 Shard outside of combat. Conflagrate and Immolate are now our main source of Soul Shards. Casting Conflagrate gives you a Soul Shard and Immolate has a chance every tick to reward a Shard (15% chance on tick, doubled if the tick Crits). Chaos Bolt and Rain of Fire are our baseline Shard spenders, costing 2 and 3 shards respectively. And don't worry, Rain of Fire actually does damage now. 1-2 The Scepter of Sargeras We no longer have weapon drops in Legion, but we have a spec specific Artifact weapon: The Scepter of Sargeras. This staff serves as our character progression throughout the max level experience in Legion, providing a number of Traits ranging from a new ability, Dimensional Rift, to increases in damage to several spells (See section 3 for more details). Throughout Legion, you'll earn Artifact Power and Artifact Knowledge, which increases Artifact Power drops for that character, that can be used to gain Traits. There are also hidden effects that the Artifact has. A list of all know hidden and PvE relevant effects can be found below... when some are discovered. ...2-1 Stats and How They Affect You Intellect: Increases your Spell Power at a rate of 1 Int = 1 SP. Spell Power increases the damage done by all of your spells.Critical Strike: Gives most of your spells a random chance to deal additional damage (around double in PvE). Increases the damage dealt by Chaos Bolt at flat rate (eg. 20% Crit rating increases Choas Bolt's damage by 20%).Haste: Reduces the cast time of all your spells. Increases the rate at which Damage over Time spells (Immolate) tick. Reduces the cooldown of Conflagrate charges.Mastery: Causes your spells to deal a random amount of additional damage, up to a percentage. Also causes damage you take to be reduced by a random amount, up to between a fourth or fifth of the percentage above.Versatility: Increases all damage and healing done by a percentage. Reduces the damage taken by half of the above percentage.Multistrike...? Multistrike has been removed in Legion and has been replaced by another stat on old gear. 2-2 Racial Bonuses Alliance Dwarf: Might of the Mountain - Increases your critical strike damage/healing by 2%. Gnome: Nimble Fingers - Increases haste by 1%. Human: The Human Spirit - Increases all secondary stats by 2% from all sources. Worgen: Viciousness - Increases critical strike chance by 1%. Horde Blood Elf: Arcane Acuity - Increases critical strike chance by 1%. Goblin: Time is Money - Increases haste by 1%. Orc: Blood Fury - Increases your Spell/Attack power by 2243 (at level 110) for 15 seconds. 2 minute cooldown. Troll: Berserking - Increases your haste by 15% for 10 seconds. Undead: Touch of the Grave - Your spells have a small chance to deal extra damage to the target, healing you for the same amount. 2-3 Tier Bonuses, Legendaries and Other Notable Items Order Hall Set - Vestments of The Black Harvest This is a set of ilvl 810 gear earned through your Class Hall campaign. 2 Piece - Increase your out-of-combat regeneration in outdoor Broken Isles zones. 4 Piece - While you are below 35% health you take 50% reduced damage in outdoor Broken Isles zones. 6 Piece - Intellect increased by 500. 8 Piece - Spending a Soul Shard has a chance to increase your Mastery by 2000 for 12 seconds. The Arcway and Court of Stars Sets In the Mythic-only dungeons, The Arcway and Court of Stars, there are several 2 piece sets; one for each armour type and two for every class/spec. Journey Through Time - Trinket and Neck Set Bonus - The effect from Chrono Shard (trinket proc) now increases your movement speed by 30% and grants an additional 1000 Haste.March of the Legion - Neck and Finger Set Bonus - Your spells and abilities have a chance to deal an additional 27200 to 36800 Fire damage.Nightwell Arcanum - Head and Shoulders Set Bonus - Your spells have a chance to increase your Haste by 3000 for 15 seconds. Tier 19 Set - Legacy of Azj'Aqir 2 Piece - Conflagrate gains an additional charge and its charge cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. 4 Piece - Casting Chaos Bolt reduces the cast time of your next Chaos Bolt by 20% for 2 seconds. Legendaries In Legion, Legendary items have been introduced as world drops, giving you a bonus similar to Epic world drops of old. They can range from bonuses for any class, ranged, Warlocks or Destruction specifically. They currently drop from PvE bosses, World Quest Chests and PvP strongboxes. At release, you will only be able to equip one Legendary at a time; this limit will likely increase as the expansion progresses. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus - Neck - All Classes After not taking damage for 5 seconds, you gain an absorb shield for 25% of your maximum health for 30 seconds. This effect may occur once every 30 seconds.Sephuz's Secret - Finger - All Classes Successfully applying a loss of control effect to an enemy grants you 70% increased movement speed and 15% Haste for 10 seconds. This effect may only occur once every 30 seconds.Norgannon's Foresight - Feet - Warlocks, Priests and Mages Your instant cast spells have a chance to trigger Foresight, making your next cast time spell castable while moving.Pillars of the Dark Portal - Legs - Warlocks Demonic Gateway now casts instantly and you can use Demonic Gateways twice before triggering a cooldown.Alythess's Pyrogenics - Finger - Destruction Enemies effected by your Rain of Fire take 7% increased damage from your Fire spells.Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar - Back - Destruction Enemies marked by your Havoc take 8% increased damage from your single target spells.Feretory of Souls - Waist - Destruction Casting a damaging Fire spell has a 15% chance to generate a Soul Shard.Magistrike Restraints - Wrist - Destruction Chaos Bolt has a 30% chance to strike an additional enemy within 30 yards. 2-4 Stat Builds, Gems and Enchants These priorities will change based on Talent choices, Artifact progression and target counts. The priorities and enchants/gems suggested below will provide a good stat priority for most situations. Stat Priorities A stat priority hasn't been set in stone, however Haste appears to be the best stat to invest in at the moment. Mastery is mostly being avoided despite scaling due to damage swings and Versatility is still Versatility, seeing most putting Crit above these two. A working stat priority would be the following: Haste > Crit > Mastery > Vers Note: If you invest heavily in mastery, you will experience huge swings in damage from fight to fight based on how lucky you are. If you would rather have a more consistent build, consider avoiding Mastery in favor of other stats Gems Currently, socketing Haste gems should be your priority. Enchants For Cloak and Ring enchants, Haste should also be your priority. [Need more info on what Neck enchants to use since they are no longer just flat stat bonuses]. ...3-1 Talents Talents have been through a significant rework in Legion; there are many more Talents that effect your DPS throughput now and not in a "Pick Your Different Flavour of AoE/Single Target/Cleave Talent in this Row" structure either. As such, there are a lot of different set ups for a lot of different situations where you'd want to change talents; many different setups may even excel on a per Boss basis. My aim with this section is to provide an optimal pure ST build and the basis for a dungeon build, then examine each row to show why you would deviate or stay with the suggested Talents on each row. Talent Calculator: http://legion.wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/destruction Suggested ST Build Tier One: Roaring Blaze Tier Two: Reverse Entropy Tier Three: Demon Skin Tier Four: Eradication Tier Five: Demonic Circle or Burning Rush Tier Six: Grimoire of Service Tier Seven: Channel Demonfire or Soul Conduit Suggested Dungeon Build Tier One: Shadowburn Tier Two: Cataclysm or Mana Tap Tier Three: Demon Skin Tier Four: Eradication Tier Five: Demonic Circle or Burning Rush Tier Six: Grimoire of Sacrifice Tier Seven: Soul Conduit (CDF and Wreak are still very viable) Tier One: Backdraft: Casting Conflagrate reduces the cast time of Incinerate and Chaos Bolt by 30% for 5 seconds.Roaring Blaze: Conflagrate increases your remaining Immolate damage on the target by 60% until Immolate is refreshed or expires.Shadowburn: Blasts a target for 316% Spell Power. Generates 2 Soul Shards if the target dies within 5 seconds. Instant. Costs 1 Soul Shard.Discussion: In Single Target, Roaring Blaze should be picked. For situations with dying adds, Shadowburn's shard refunds will pull ahead (you should not use Shadowburn over Chaos Bolt unless you will get the Shards from said target dying). Backdraft should generally be avoided. Tier Two: Reverse Entropy: Reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt and Rain of Fire by 0.5 seconds and they refund 35% of your maximum mana.Cataclysm: Conjures a cataclysm at the target location, dealing 700% Spell Power Shadowflame damage to all enemies within 8 yards and afflicts them with Immolate. 3 second cast. 45 second cooldown.Mana Tap: Consumes 25% of your current mana to grant 10% increased damage for 20 seconds.Discussion: Reverse Entropy should be used in ST and cleave, loses value when encounters are very short (ie. dungeon bosses). Cataclysm will pull ahead when you can consistently land it on stacked adds. Avoid Mana Tap for the most part, could be useful in dungeons with short encounters. Tier Three: Demon Skin: Your Soul Leech now recharges by 1% maximum health every second, and you may now absorb up to 20% maximum health.Mortal Coil: Horrifies an enemy target into fleeing, Incapcitating them for 3 seconds an healing your for 11% maximum health.Shadowfury: Stuns all enemies within 8 yards for 4 seconds. 1.5 second cast time. 30 second cooldown.Discussion: Demon Skin is your go-to for this tier. The other two talents are very situational but can have niches in Dungeons, particularly Mythic+. Tier Four: Eradication: Chaos Bolt increases damage dealt to the target by 12% for 6 seconds.Fire and Brimstone: Incinerate now hits all enemies near the target.Soul Harvest: Increases the damage of you and your pets by 20%. Lasts 10 seconds, increased by 2 seconds for each target afflicted by Immolate, up to a maximum of 30 seconds.Discussion: Eradication should be used for ST and cleave, and is very potent with Wreak Havoc. When you rarely use Chaos Bolt, choose FnB for constant cleave or Soul Harvest when can consistently get 10 or more extra seconds on cooldown, particularly good when paired with Cataclysm. Tier Five: Demonic Circle: Summons a Demonic Circle for 6 minutes, allowing you to teleport to its location and remove all movement slowing effects. Limit 1. 0.5 second cast.Burning Rush: Increases your movement speed by 50%, but also damages you for 4% of your maximum health every 1 sec. Movement impairing effects may not reduce you below 100% of normal movement speed. Lasts until cancelled.Dark Pact: Sacrifices 20% of your current demon's health to shield you for 400% of the sacrificed health for 20 seconds. If you have no demon active, your health is sacrificed instead. Usable while under control impairing effects.Discussion: This is largely preferential. Dark Pact is great for soaking mechanics and the other two provide different forms of movement abilities (keeping in mind Demonic Circle requires a cancleaura macro to replace it once placed). Take either DC or BR unless you need to soak damage. Tier Six: Grimoire of Supremacy: Doomguard and Infernal can now be used as permanent pets.Grimoire of Service: Summon a second demon for 25 seconds that deals 100% increased damage. 1.5 min cooldown. They will additionally perform an action on summon: Imp: Cleanses 1 harmful Magic effect from you. Voidwalker: Taunts its target. Succubus: Seduces its target. Felhunter: Interrupts its target.Grimoire of Sacrifice: Sacrifice your current demon to gain Demonic Power, which causes your spells to sometimes deal 100% Spell Power Shadow damage to the target and enemies within 8 yards. Approx. 20 RPPM. Lasts 1 hour or until another permanent Demon pet is summoned.Discussion: Some important things to note about this tier: Sacrifice no longer gives you a spell on Command Demon, so choosing which demon to summon does not matter as this talent prevents you from using a pet's Command Demon ability without re-summoning. Also, Supremacy changes Lord of Flames to be activated on an Infernal's Meteor Strike ability (which you should turn off auto-cast to control when it is used). For AoE or cleave damage, use Sacrifice. Servitude is best for ST over Supremacy in the majority of situations due to losing two cooldowns when talenting Sup. Tier Seven: Wreak Havoc: Havoc now lasts 20 seconds and has no cooldown.Channel Demonfire: Launches 15 bolts of felfire over 3 seconds to random targets afflicted with Immolate. Each bolt deals 42% Spell Power Fire damage.Soul Conduit: Each Soul Shard spent has a 20% chance to be refunded.Discussion: Single Target, Channel Demonfire and Soul Conduit appear to be close [LOT of discussion on this but nothing conclusive from what I can tell]. CDF has good synergy with Eradication when its cast within Eradication windows. Soul Conduit will become more valuable when more shards are available to you, especially with legendaries (15% chance of shard on Fire spell). Wreak Havoc excels at permanent 2 targets, possibly Council/3 targets. Loses value when Rain of Fire is your Shard dump, where Soul Conduit pulls ahead. 3-2 Artifact Traits Artifact Calculator: http://legion.wowhead.com/artifact-calc/warlock/destruction/AqSCImA Active Ability - Dimensional Rift The first trait you receive with the Scepter is Dimensional Rift. This is an instant cast spell with 3 charges and a 45 second cooldown. This spell will open one of three rifts, chosen randomly, to deal damage to your current target. This can be in the form of a huge chunk of Fel (Chaos Rift), a rapid fire succession of Shadowfel bolts (Nether Rift) or a slower slew of Shadow bolts (Shadow Rift). These currently appear to not have infinite range and will cease dealing damage if their target moves out of their range. Use of this ability will be covered more in the Rotations section. Golden Traits Dimension Ripper Incinerate has a 5% chance to grant a charge of Dimensional Rift.Lord of Flames Once every 10 minutes, your Summon Infernal (Infernal's Meteor Strike with GrimSup) summons 3 extra Infernals for 25 seconds.Conflagration of Chaos Conflagration has a chance to guarantee your next Conflagrate critically strikes, and to increase its damage by your critcal strike chance. Other interesting Traits Soul Snatcher Chaos Bolt has a 5% (+5% for each addition level) to refund 1 Soul Shard.Demonic Durability Reduces the cooldown of your Unending Resolve by 30 seconds.Eternal Struggle After casting Life Tap, you take 3% (+3% with each level) less damage for 6 secondsPlaneswalker Transporting through your Demonic Gateway increases your movement speed by 30% for 6 seconds. Golden Trait Shortest Paths Getting to each Golden Trait the cheapest way possible is rather simple with the Scepter. The following are the shortest paths to each starting from Flames of the Pit (the trait immediately following Dimensional Rift). Flames of the Pit --> Devourer of Life --> Residual Flames --> Conflagration of Chaos Flames of the Pit ---> Eternal Struggle ---> Burning Hunger ---> Lord of Flames Flames of the Pit ---> Master of Disaster OR Fire From The Sky ---> Demonic Durability ---> Fire and Flames OR Soulsnatcher ---> Chaotic Instability ---> Dimension Ripper Following these paths in any order will not increase the total amount of Artifact Power you need to unlock all 3 as quick as possible so long as you only get one of the two traits in both forks in the Dimension Ripper path. 3-3 Artifact Relics Artifact Relics are drops from the world, dungeon bosses and raids that enhance your artifact in two ways. They provide an item level boost to your Scepter, increasing its stats. Relics also add a rank to one of the traits in your Artifact that have multiple ranks, further increasing the benefit they provide. You will start with 2 Relic slots and unlock a 3rd later in the expansion. Selection of which relics to use will mostly come down to ilevel when leveling, so prioritise higher ilevel relics until you can be picky about the traits the relics buff. 3-4 What about Glyphs? The glyph system has been reworked and Major Glyphs have been removed; all glyphs are now cosmetic only. Aldeen51
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