2d Don't shortchange Warlocks on Argus Yes, it's a long time from now till 7.3 and setting foot on Argus. But I know there's a great deal of development lead time on these things, so best to serve up feedback now when there's still ample time to apply it. So let's put our cards on the table here, Devs. I know that Demon Hunters are the new golden boys and girls of the expansion. Heck, I rolled one as a new tank alt, so I know all about how their story is building up to the invasion of Argus. Portal stone, gateways, Legion battleship, yadda yadda. But that's no reason Warlocks shouldn't have a major part in that story too. You want to actually deliver on some of that "class fantasy" for us? How about a little in-game recognition that we're the original demon masters and should know more about the Legion and their worlds that anyone else? How about we get to put our Dreadscar army to actual use? How about some of those big name Illidari NPCs coming to us to say, "Hey we're really good at the cutting and stabbing part, but we could really use your mastery of fel magic to do this"? In short, I'd like some bloody in-game acknowledgement that we EXIST and are at least as important a part of the effort against the Legion as anyone else.Ilkoland14 2d
2d Q/A next week? Did anyone else see on mmo-champion a post about a q/a on dec 7? ... The thread is bringing up a 404 page not found. Maybe Ornyx spilled the beans a little to early about the q/a. edit: Well boys and girls you know what to do. i'm alrdy seeing questions pop up on their twitter.Noskulls3 2d
2d Idea for Soul Effigy. I know that the spell is hated by most of the Aff community and i couldn't agree more. Having to move so much you end up out of range of the stupid thing. so here are my ideas: 1) Make the soul effigy follow the player or the boss. Almost like a pet in some ways. it is still tethered to its target you cast it too but make it move with the lock. 2) have it mirror the debuffs on the target. Or have it if we have SE active that if we cast onto the SE's target that it also casts it onto the SE, only if it is SL, CoA, and Corruption. This makes it easier to manage without destroying the idea of the talent. It will also give the lock time to cast drain soul when we finally find that spot which we can get some time to drain on the target. 3) If 2 isnt your fancy then make dots last 30% longer on SE. If it deals only 30% of the damage to the target then make the dots last longer so we dont need to refresh as often. again this allows us to do a bit of draining when we actually plant our feet. These are my ideas. I like them a bit but obviously there are some things that still could use tuning or other ideas. I like the "fantasy" of the spell I just hate the execution of it.Ballikazum19 2d
2d Calling for warlock STRIKE! Calling for warlock STRIKE! Quit raiding, quit dungeon, or quit login in just play other classes. Like the Poynty's thread title says "Warlocks- Your class needs you!" It's time to show them the ignorance is not acceptable. And it's not only about saving the warlock class but also saving this game. Devs keep ignoring players in forum, and players keep insulting devs on twitter or facebook. It never happened b4 in this game. Cause we LOVED WOW and WOW( and its dev team) always returned to the love. But, but, can you say you still love this game, this Legion expansion right now? ps: dont say "its in progress" again. liers. we get only lies and lies since day 1 of the expansion: >in ptr and pre-legion, it's just a beta, stop whining, classes are not final! >Legion just released, we'll get hotfixed! >patience, mechanic fixes will come in 7.1! >don't worry, all 3 specs fixes will come in 7.1.5! right now -->"Class updates for Patch 7.1.5 are still in progress, with much more to come."Murkitan16 2d
2d Fed Up - Im done Rot and Decay Affliction: Your Drain Soul refreshes the duration of Each time your Drain Soul deals damage, it increases the duration of your Unstable Affliction, Corruption and Agony on the target. Demonology, Destruction: Your Drain Life refreshes the duration of Unstable Affliction, Corruption and Agony on the target by 1 sec. Affliction Warlock - Tier 5 PvP Talent. - - Enjoyed PvP so much because of this... now they nerfed it, actually NERFED the only thing that was fun... Empowered Life Tap Life Tap increases your damage dealt by 10% for 10 12% for 15 sec. Warlock - Level 30 Talent. NOBODY LIKES THIS - HOW MANY GOD DAMN TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU. WE HAVE TOLD YOU SINCE ALPHA - NO ONE LIKES PETTY MAINTENANCE BUFFS NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBODYYYYYYYYYYY LIKESSSSSSSSS THIS STUPID TALENT. WHY ARE YOU YOU CUCKS CONSISTENTLY !@# REEMING WARLOCKSSinistër10 2d
2d I unsubbed. I couldn't justify paying for this game. With no broad ranging communication as to why the changes are being made, and no attempt at balancing us, or explaining their balance decisions, enough is enough. If I had the time i'd wait and see if nighthold gave us enough set bonuses to compensate for Destro's current status as kings of being the worst. Horrible single target, no AOE, and no dev feedback. I encourage all of you to do the same. They won't communicate with us. They nerf us. Why are we paying them to be crapped on. I could get it if this was some odd sadist bdsm play, but we pay to be entertained, and this isn't entertaining. Its suffering.Felonbaddays10 2d
2d Unsub now, they're not fixing us for 7.1.5 ...Archlordpie3 2d
2d Anyone else despise Life Tap? Or, more specifically, the fact that Blizzard has made us the only dps class capable of going oom (and frequently at that) just to justify the existence of this spell. In a World (of Warcraft) where abilities are being pruned left and right, how did this possibly make the cut? Cool cosmetic stuff like burning embers? Gone. Useful pieces of our toolkit, such as Demonic Circle? Talents. Yawn-inducing, no-brainer ability that supports aggravating gameplay? That's gotta stay! Look Blizzard, I play Hearthstone/HoTs so I know you're really married to this idea that "Life Tap = Warlock Class Fantasy", but could we PLEASE try something else? Something that doesn't involve us being the only casters who actually have to pay attention to mana?Xerzull32 2d
2d Vote of no Confidence (they deleted the 1st) the Dev team has no real idea of what they want lock to play like.... I think the idea is they really don't want us to play them at all.....Gilf140 2d
2d Why is my Doomguard so small? Okay, so I know that warlock demon sizes scale with your level. But my Doomguard does not seem to be doing that. Currently, at level 105, my Doomguard is only slightly taller than my character (a female orc). From level 100-105 I have noticed no change in its size. However, I've seen other warlocks with Doomguards that were huge. Even players who were a lower level than me, or the same level. Is it supposed to be like this? Will it be big at 110? I know it's not a huge issue but it is kind of annoying.Murial9 2d
2d What will the new stat changes do to demo? Does anyone have a vague idea what it'll do to our stat priorities and such?Looneyluna10 2d
2d How about our range? Well, a long time ago, in the destruction tree if I remember right, we could talent into another 10 yards, as our baseline range was 30(iirc). So, due to our movement issue, to help this situation, (mostly for fights where adds, or even bosses, scatter about more the. 40 yards) Maybe, we could get portal made baseline, and replace that talent with say an extra 10-15 yards of range? It seems basic, but from what I've experienced, it would be a pretty decent help to our mobility destroying our damage issue. Post your thoughts, be nice, and don't forget potassium.Revlol0 2d
2d I do Ion Horribletokas job in 30 seconds Please fire Ion if he "cant figure this out". Demonic Empowerment- triggers on 4 shards, lasts 30 seconds, no cast needed, same DPS but no tedium and you don't need to go to curse gaming to play the class optimally. Soul Effigy- is now a dot that does the same DPS, but without needing to type in 3 different macros to use Destro shards- 2 incinerates = 1 soul shard. Wow, hard. Ok, I just did his job in 30 seconds. pay me fire him. Class design team is worthless. OH, can you also explain why fear breaks on 1 immolate tick, but a monk can keep me stunned for 8 seconds while fists of fury ticks for 300k. That would be great, thanks.Calluacuck33 2d
2d A PTR cycle capable Destro change. I thought I'd give it a shot at figuring out what can be done to change Destro to be acceptable in the span of one PTR cycle. I wish this thread to be civil as I am not trying to slam Blizz. Thanks to Watcher's post; http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/t...page=3#post-59 I got inspired. I must clarify, this is a short term solution to a much larger problem. Yes, this is a quick and dirty fix to what we currently have for destro, but we wont get a full rework/revert until 8.0. So taking what watcher said about how they can't just revert to what worked before, I came up with this. So here are the changes that should be capable in one PTR cycle; Master of Destruction - lvl 100 Passive Every 30 seconds your Chaos Bolts deal damage equivalent to X% of mastery for 15 seconds. Replaces Soul Conduit on the talent tree. Soul Conduit becomes baseline. EDIT: With changes, instead of 20%, it's now 7.5%. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Havoc now lasts 10 seconds. Wreak havoc talent changed. Wreak Havoc - lvl 100 Passive Havoc now lasts 15 seconds. Can target an additional enemy for reduced damage. When Havoc is re-applied to a target, all targets affected by Havoc have their duration's refreshed. EDIT: Forgot to add a Chaos Bolt damage buff to go along with this change. 35% buff. Immolate buffed as well, now has a EDIT: 10% with a 20% on crit chance to generate a soul shard. EDIT2: I changed this for the second time because it was brought to my attention that this wasn't a good change. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Incinerate has a 33% chance to generate a Soul Shard. No longer affected by Feretory. EDIT: Feretory changed for balance. Feretory of Souls All fire spells now have a 7.5% chance to grant a soul shard. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Fel Flame - lvl 45 Instant Fel Flame burns the target dealing X damage and interrupting spellcasting and preventing the target from casting any spell for the next 6 seconds. Causes your next 3 Incinerates or 1 Chaos Bolt to be cast while moving. 25 second cooldown. Replaces Demonic Circle. Demonic Circle becomes baseline. I do realize that this would become mandatory, the only other option is to make it baseline instead of Demonic circle, so, in the essence of time and clarity, please take it as if it could be both. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Inferno - lvl 60 Passive Rain of Fire now will call down 3 lesser Infernals which will cause additional Area of Effect damage and last 10 seconds. Cannot occur more than once every 30 seconds. Replaces Fire and Brimstone. Fire and Brimstone changes. FnB now is baseline and is toggled on and off. Costs 1 soul shard to toggle. Causes Incinerate to hit all targets within 8 yards of your current target. SS generation reduced to 5% while FnB is activated. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Haste will still carry the same weight, but now Mastery is above Crit when using Master of Destruction. I addressed single target, cleave with the balancing around it, the lack of an interrupt, and the lack of mobility, and the problem of, at low item level at least, shard generation, and our filler spell doing nothing but existing, and even a little AoE. I think this is a good start. Given the amount of changes other classes had in this PTR and the last, this should be more than capable of doing, if not in this PTR, but in 7.2's.Aragnil0 2d
2d Changes are going to be slow, Blue Post. Here is a link http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20752277853?page=3#post-59 And the contents ... Well they said something.Ganath64 2d
2d Goodbye WoW I wanted to make an angry post. I wanted to yell at Watcher and the Class Devs when I saw the post earlier from Watcher, saying ember generation suited Destro better, and that soul effigy and demonic empowerment were bad mechanics. How could people employed at one of the most successful game companies in the world ignore feedback for so long until finally saying the exact things that were detailed in countless feedback posts ranging back to nearly a year ago. I wanted to make an angry post, but I'm just tired. I'm tired of being ignored, I'm tired of watching my favorite class become less and less fun to play as time passes, and worst of all, I'm tired of seeing no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel, no way out. The fact of the matter is, there is no fix to this class until the next expansion, and I'm not going to wait. I hoped they would get their act together and fix the issues of the class, but I have been let down time and time again, and I'm finally just going to vote with my wallet. I implore you, if you feel like me, don't make angry posts yelling at the devs. Vote with your wallet, and maybe in a few years this class will be fun to play again. Goodbye WoW, I will miss you.Felrok4 2d
2d This is the kind of communication we hope for ...Yes, i'm totally looking forward a similar respond/thought process in regards to our issues like Soul Effigy and Demonic Empowerment. Not having a solution atm? Then when you do - be sure it's a solution that player's can accept/relate to. Or even better - Detail out the reasons why, or what happened that pushed them into Live server when, like you said: they totally felt half-completed/missing the mark. Because i can hardly belief you didn't receive any feedback regarding their issues since beta.Fairyland1 2d
2d Can't fix Warlocks by 7.15 But mages get a huge overhaul, new spells/visuals, new talents, all of the responses they can handle, and Ion in their discord. Ooookay, whatever you say.Nebekinezzar18 2d
2d Affliction warlock bug Affliction artifact weapon is keeping me in combat AFTER I die and whenever my dots are ticking on players that aren't even near me. It's so obnoxious. How can I do bgs and soon RBGs if I'm stuck in combat after I rez at spirit healer??? It last like 30 seconds... I can't mount up if I'm stuck in combat forever it's annoying. FIX FIX FIX FIX FIXAlwaysvirgin8 2d
2d This is what happens when you ignore a year's worth of Alpha/Beta feedback ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe spend some more time diving into feedback before launching the product, and all of this mess can be easily avoided! ... It's almost as if some of the worlds best warlocks were saying the same thing, for basically over a year during testing!!! What a joke lmfao. I'm done. See you in 8.0, space cowboys.Abholos3 2d
2d Destruction Rework The wall of text that Destruction deserves. I’ve noticed a lot of people have expressed interest in returning to the MoP iteration of Destruction. While I did not play a Warlock during MoP, I don’t think regressing to older playstyles is the proper move. That being said, I genuinely believe that Destruction is one of the worst specs, if not THE WORST spec, in the game in terms of playstyle, damage output, and class fantasy. I think that incinerate as a filler shouldn’t be doing upwards of 25% of my total damage, and I think that Chaos Bolt, Conflag and our Rifts should be representing more of my damage. That being said I think incinerate can be nerfed outright while the majority of our other problems are addressed by making our talent choices and artifact progression feel powerful, and most importantly: making destruction seem fun on its own with a way to distinguish it from Demonology and Affliction. Spell changes: -An Interrupt added -Demonic Gateway removed -Demonic Circle added -Demon Skin added -Shadowfury added. 1.5 second cast, 45 second CD, 5 second stun. -Soul Harvest added. Increases the damage you and your pets deal by 20% for 20 seconds. 2 min CD. -Beckon the Council added. Call upon the Council of the Black Harvest to summon you to the Dreadscar Rift. 5 minute cooldown. -Summon Doomguard removed. -Summon Infernal removed. -Incinerate damage decreased by 20% -Conflagrate damage increased by 15% -Dimensional Rift no longer on the GCD -Havoc (new) 2 charges, no cooldown, no longer on the GCD. Mark up to 2 targets with Havoc for 20 seconds. Targets marked with Havoc will duplicate all spells you deal to any other target(s) marked with Havoc. Damage reduced by 25% to targets afflicted by Havoc. Havoc should not feel like a crutch for single target scenarios. We should be able to compete on single target fights while still remaining strong on 2+ target cleave. -Summon Apprentice (new) Having grown bored of controlling lowly demons, you have traveled through space and time to find a promising young Eredar apprentice. With the promise to learn to control chaotic energies, the young apprentice has abandoned his former master to learn the art of destruction from you. While in combat, the apprentice will assault your target with shadow bolts for moderate damage. Should the apprentice take fatal damage, you will reach back through time to teleport him to safety. Level 100 required. While the identity of the young eredar remains unknown to all others - Velen, Khadgar,Thal’kiel and all bronze dragons are noticeably uncomfortable in the presence of your apprentice. Ideally the apprentice will represent about the same damage as grimoire of service (both imps). -Recall apprentice (new) Summon your apprentice to your location. 1.5 second cast, 1 minute cooldown. Talent Changes: Level 15 row: unchanged Level 30 row: -Reverse Entropy Casting chaos bolt has a 25% chance to make your next chaos bolt cost no shards, be instant cast and refund 33% of your total mana. -Eradication Chaos bolt withers the natural defenses of anyone it hits, causing your spells to deal a random amount of extra damage to them, up to 30%, for 6 seconds. -Empowered Life Tap Stamina increased by 10%. Spells that require mana to cast now cost 6% of your total health instead. You now gain 0.002% spell power for every 1 hp. You can die from this. Level 45 row: -Demonic Gateway -Mortal Coil Healing increased from 11% to 15% -Empowered Shadowfury Reduce the cooldown of shadowfury by 15 seconds, and the cast time by 100%. Level 60 row: - Cataclysm - Fire and Brimstone - Rain of Chaos Call down 4 lesser infernals to land in the targeted area, stunning for 1 second upon impact. Each infernal pulses for strong aoe damage. 3 minute CD. Level 75 row: -Empowered Demon Skin Demon skin may now absorb up to 30% of your health. Demon skin now passively increases your movement speed by 15%. -Burning Rush -Dark Pact Now functions with your apprentice. Level 90 row: Wreak Havoc Havoc now lasts 30 seconds, and may affect 3 total targets. Channel Chaos For the next 10 seconds, Chaos Bolt no longer costs soul shards. During this period, casting Chaos Bolt will consume all current soul shards, increasing the damage of the chaos bolt by 35% per shard. 2 minute CD. Soul Conduit Every soul shard you spend on Chaos bolt has a 20% chance, and Rain of Fire has a 25% chance, to refund itself. Level 100 row: Wrought Chaos Using targets affected by your Immolate, every 3 seconds your apprentice links enemies together with a line of chaotic energy that blasts them and all enemies inside it for moderate chaos damage. Master and Apprentice After casting Chaos Bolt, your apprentice will attempt to mimic you, casting a Chaos Bolt of his own for 20-40% of your damage. Learning Curve Having surpassed even your ability to duplicate your spells, your apprentice will perfectly duplicate his shadow bolt to all targets affected by havoc. Artifact Traits: Flames of the Pit: removed. Replaced by Greater of Two Evils: Your mastery coefficient rolls a 2nd time, and always picks the greater value. Impish Incineration: removed. Replaced with Prodigal Son: Increases the damage of your apprentice’s shadow bolt by 18%. Eternal Struggle: new functionality with Empowered Life Tap: your spells generate an additional 5% shields to your Demon Skin. Lord of Flames: reworked. Now causes Rain of Fire to cause a stationary lesser Infernal to spawn in the center, pulsing hellfire around it for moderate fire damage to all nearby enemies. Planeswalker: reworked. When you regain 1 charge of Dimensional Rift, replenish all remaining charges. Chaotic Instability: now provides 4% damage per rank (up from 2.5%). Dimension Ripper: reworked. Incinerate now has a 7% chance to automatically open a Dimensional Rift on the target. Does not function with Planeswalker. Legendary Items: Magistrike Restraints: Chaos Bolt has a 25% chance to strike an additional time on a random enemy affected by Immolate. Alythess’s Pyrogenics: Every soul shard spent has a 5% chance to make your next Rain of Fire deal 50% increased damage, and cost no soul shards. Pillars of the Dark Portal: Increases the range of Demonic Circle by 20 yards and lowers the cooldown by 15 seconds.Ufacejaraxus8 2d
2d Spec scaling? Demo vs Aff? Is it true affliction beats out Demo at a much higher gear level? Might start gearing towards demo but wont bother if this is the case.Defury1 2d
2d @Warcraftdevs Okay, Mages got their back rub and a tuggie, now how about Warlocks? We'd settle for a foot rub.Nebekinezzar2 2d
2d Can someone pls tell my why ? Why on earth are they completely messing up warlocks even further in the next patch? I just don't get it. It's like they are making changes just for the sake of changing something. Nothing of what they are doing makes any sense and pretty much anyone that plays a warlock can blatantly see it. It's like the dispel backlash nerf. It made absolutely no sense, yet they made us sit through THIER MISTAKE for a month before they caught on and buffed us. The next patch feels pretty much like it's going to run the exact same course. I understand that they started down a certain path with the next update, but come on, abandon ship already. Why continue on with a train wreck that NOBODY in the warlock community wants. Is this about devs having fun playing around with stuff or about having warlocks actually like playing this game. Looking around, I can tell you, not many warlocks are enjoying how it plays right now. And Just like the dispel backlash, we are telling you weeks before the next update goes live that it is bad. I could go though the patch notes one by one and tell you why each one is garbage, but it's posted a million times over already in any warlock thread you pick. So pls, for the love of fel puppies, can you tell me why this is going on ?Zogs1 2d
2d Reap souls This is just one ability that grinds my gears ... The rng on the reap soul generation on boss fights without adds is frustrating and simply an annoyance in pve. It can make or break your dps on encounters with factors like how many reap stacks you get in the opener during lust or even how many you get during a boss encounter It would be nice if we would be able to start a boss fight with a low baseline amount of souls as to not have crazy ramp or just get dominated by bad rng in the opener of a fight :c kind of lame that UA is currently worked around thisPreciousyipz5 2d
2d If your strugglin' at affliction..... Check out these videos! I really think it could help you out:) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt1CZNPXiKU - single target commentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvv_pGwSVSE - lookin' at your logs!Preciousyipz24 2d
3d Aff Lock Interrupts? Hello everyone! I'm hoping to get some clarification on how Aff Lock interrupts works. I was healing in 2's yesterday and this Aff lock we were facing seemed to have infinite interrupts. I think I was interrupted four times in 25 seconds. If this is a true mechanic of an Aff lock I'm okay with that, just hoping for some information from you guys :) Have a great day!Maplésyrup8 3d
3d Who's sticking with aff? Just curious how many of us die hards are sticking with the spec even though atm we're having a "rocky" relationship with legion. As for myself I'll always stick with affliction, I ventured away when WoD came out but returned for legion and realized/remembered how much I love my lock. Anyone else sticking with it?Illmatter32 3d
3d 7.1.5 Secondary Scaling/Lore Comments Cross post from http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/786735-secondary-nerf/ to add more Warlock specific discussion. ...Cloontang0 3d
3d Which spec is the most fun At higher levels, & viable in pvp? I like aff the most right now but I'm only 28 so can't really get a good feel for it. What do you enjoy and why? And don't tell me to roll Mage. Maining DK at launch was a struggle, I know how it is for locks right now but I enjoy them overall regardless. I'll probably hit 110 on this guy then unsub for awhile tbh but still would like to hear your thoughts on the different specsÐäntë0 3d
3d Blizzard, Remember What Legion Was About You came at us at Gamescon with the idea that this xpac we're focusing more and more on " CLASS FANTASY! " and " CLASS BALANCE! " Where anyone could pick a spec and do just as much as anyone else. Affliction, a spec I've come to love and want to keep playing, is everything I wanted as a thematical class. I love the idea of withering my opponents down slowly, making sure their entire remaining life is just painful agony. I -LOVE- it, but I don't feel it. Ever have that kid who kind of just kicks you on the back of an airplane repeatedly? To the point where you ask their parents to just stop? That's essentially what I feel like is going on. " Hey boss! FEEL THE A PERMANENT CORRUPTION! FEEL THE AGONY I HAVE IN STORE! " " U-Uhm. Can you please stop? You're just really annoying me.. Why are you doing that? Stop! " It's not fun, when I get pugged into groups, it's not because I'm some SUPER COOL LAZY WARLOCK, but it's because the group needs AoE trash killing. Other than the insane AoE I bring ( which isn't even part of the fantasy that you want to give Affliction, mind you ) All I do is bring up lock-rocks and a cardboard box to imagine my friends in. I noticed on the first build of PTR you made Drain Soul baseline ( Replace Drain Life ) which was good! Replacing Drain Soul talent with Malefic Vision ( When you're casting Drain Soul, your damage over time effects deal 20% more damage ) I -LOVED- the idea of it. While I'm draining their soul out, my agony and corruption hurt MORE? Please! Looking at the build and after being on the PTR, I can't seem to find it. It's mindboggling. I've loved Affliction after the very first time I saw it, and I -WANT- to continue playing it. It's hard when I'm not brought to a group because I'm social, or because I'm just kind of casual and they need a 5th player to bring in, but because I'm great at AoE. Might I remind you what your fantasy was? To bring about a class that withers the soul of it's victim, to reap the souls of the damned, cause viscous agony, an endless corruption where the only escape is death. I'm not feeling it, Mr.Krabs, I feel like a kid kicking the seat in front of him on an airplane. Nothing more than a pest for bosses to deal with.Phruck0 3d
3d Bough of corruption so I'm sitting here with this thing, sounds good, but I'm wondering if anyone knows if this thing is worth it for ST, aoe, or at all. It's 860 ilvl war forged, and I'm using in place of an 845 stat stick with 1177 Intel, 915 haste, 150 socket haste.Revlol1 3d
3d 5 man spec? Leveling this Alt. Which spec is best for 5 man dungeon content right now?Vaelfear3 3d
3d Better leave Affliction and only... Make Siphon Life baseline, really, i can cope with the !@#$ty golden traits, i can even enjoy soul effigy with a great weak aura i got and 3 focus macros. But really, don't make me choose anything away from WiA and absolute corruption, if you want to mess with talents do it some rows down, but not on those 2 lines. With SL baseline the tree opens up for better ST and AoE combos. That is all thanks and enjoy.Deathchíld1 3d
3d How do we counter turbo as aff? Thoughts? Anyone else really struggling with turbo, after warrior buffs been finding that enhance and war just destroy me through cds both mine and healers and games rarely last more than a minute.. How does everyone counter them? I've been 2.2k this season so please dont respond with stuff like "Fake Cast" lolShadowstorm3 3d
3d I don't even... If you guys know we are screwed why nerf us even further? atleast keep warlocks the way the are until 7.2... We don't need the nerfs in 7.1.5. we don't want the nerfs in 7.1.5. just stop... STOP.Vülgrïm5 3d
3d Refund AP I am at the point now where its basically new game time .... but if you have admitted as you have that there are no solutions for the problems you created in the near future... then as a consumer I would expect a refund and by that I mean a chance to roll all of my progress from my Affy lock onto the re-rolled toon of my choice .... If you have no answers at least give us an option to progress from point Z instead of re-roll from point A and have to grind all over again ... that again is just not a fair or fun solution at all.Yaz2 3d
3d DPS difference between grimoires? i have been looking around and watching videos and what-not. From what i have been seeing there is very little difference between the different grimoires. I'm just wondering if anyone knows/has math to prove this? I personally don't care for supremacy b/c of how large the doomguards wings are and the all around size of the Infernal. Service seems to be good also. I haven't had the chance to try out sac yet. I only play affy, its whats i have played since vanilla and its all around just what i like. Again just wondering if anyone knows/has the numbers for these?Sinfect3 3d
3d Some simple fixes for Demo So apparently the issues are too complex to fix easily. Well here are a few simple things that should be doable that will make Demonology at least much more enjoyable. 1. Shadowflame needs to be baseline. Did you know Demo has zero instant casts besides Doom? Oh, and Life Tap. We move, we do nothing. Some mobile shard generator (NOT demonwrath, that doesn't do anything but drain mana) is badly needed. 2. Demonic Empowerment needs to be instant. Again, Demo has zero instants. If you're trying to pile a couple of demon casts together (Hand of Gul'dan followed by Dreadstalkers) and then empower them, you're talking 4+ seconds of casting standing still. That's a long time. Even 1 cast is a long time when you add in DE every time. Demonic Empowerment being instant wouldn't add any stationary DPS because it's already a quick cast but would make it so we're not totally screwed by a knockback and a GTFO right after summoning stuff. 3. Normal demon summons should be instant, maybe with a 30-60s cooldown on the instant part. We're master summoners, we should be able to hotswap minions. It's definitely a big part of "class fantasy" to rip demons out of the twisting nether at will when you happen to need their abilities, then send them back. Ideally, this would be a lesser version of Grimoire of Service, where it swaps your minion for another one for 15 seconds, then swaps back. 4. A lesser version of Burning Rush needs to be baseline (for all specs). There's just too much emphasis on speed in this xpac for a class to be completely without any movement boosts. I did an Arcway 12 the other day with two Warlocks and the spider boss was incredibly hard to survive if both of us got the web thing that required you to run away. Set the normal version at 25% and the talented at 50%. 5. Shadowfury needs to be a much shorter cast time, if not instant. Seriously, 1.5s base cast for a targeted, talented AOE? Using it to help out your tank on Necrotic takes some serious coordination with the tank, otherwise you miss. In PvP you don't even need to interrupt it, you can just calmly walk forward when you see it casting and you'll be out of range before it gets done.Vszoid0 3d
3d My dps compare to simcraft So on simcraft it says 302712 but I only pull around 240k-260k. I have immolate up at all time and I barely sit on 5 soul shards. So I was wondering if it's because of my rotation or what. My rotation on single target is havoc (because of my cape makes it deal 8% more damage to target with havoc on) > immolate > conflagrate > chaos bolt > incinerate > chaos bolt > use all rifts > if I have 2 or 3 shards i conflagrate then chaos bolt > incinerate > chaos bolt, if i have more than 3 I chaos bolt first then conflagrate > then I repeat. Am I doing something wrong here, if so what can I do to have higher dps. Also if linking the results of simcraft helps can someone tell me how to cause I couldn't figure it out.Noxiousfever6 3d
3d Demonology or affliction T.T I am mostly into 2s, wpvp, bgs, and running mythics with friends. With that in mind which would be the better choice ?Lesaiya2 3d
3d Blue Post from Ian on Locks Sinistër11 3d
3d Felhunter - stay on target? What's the best way to put my felhunter on the main target and keep it there no matter what?Feridius6 3d
3d Core Problems:No Time or Solutions Im sorry, but what? Soul effigy, demonic empowerment and embers were the BIGGEST complaints on these forums since Legion BETA. Early BETA In return there were no blue posts addressing any of that feedback at the time while other classes in much better shape got several. Warlocks wered simply ignored. Blatant ignorance to ALOT of beta feedback testing including me who if you go back to the beta forums you can see me begging to change these things way early in the development cycle. This is on you blizzard. This isnt a 7.1.5 development time cycle issue. This is a entire legion beta issue of poor feedback, communication and imbalanced class attentionDfgsdgdsg2 3d
3d Currently, your game, that I love, is not fun Two months ago I made a thread called ‘A Long Rational Post About Affliction’ in an attempt to get a dialogue going with the community and the Blizzard developers about the state of Affliction and how it can possibly be fixed. Unfortunately, like many threads on the Warlock forums, it was largely ignored by Blizzard but the suggestions and discussion by the community was great. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749285422 The tone of that post was positive. In the past Blizzard have nerfed locks and boosted locks and messed around with locks but they always tended to fix anything that became broken so I had faith that the same would happen in Legion. That faith is all but gone. I have played this character since Burning Crusade through all the changes and for the first time ever I am actually hating playing it. Legion is an incredible expansion when it comes to content but I am not having fun playing it because for the first time since I started playing this game, no matter how well I play my character, I still perform poorly. I just can’t believe the lack of communication from the development team about affliction. They are not stupid, I daresay they are far smarter than I am. I therefore do not understand the reasoning behind some of their decisions. Why would they want a class to have to choose between being able to do AOE or Single target when they have so many classes that don’t have to make that choice? In pure single target with no adds, Affliction does middle of the road DPS. I’m fine with that. As soon as you add cleave or AOE, we become low to bottom of the road by a huge margin. If we take Sow the Seeds to fix that, we become low to Botton on single target. It is so disheartening and this is just one of many baffling design decisions that we need addressed. While I’m sure this will fall on deaf ears, I have to try one more time to request the dev team to please communicate with us. They asked for rational feedback, they asked us not to do spam threads and create angry threads with little information they can use. We have done that and been rewarded with silence. We have invested months in legion now. It is time we were given feedback. Blizzard, if you are not going to fix Affliction, please say so and we will reroll or quit. Just don’t leave us in limbo. Currently, your game, that I love, is not funLacrimamorti10 3d
3d Finally a warlock buff! Not. Out of the 3 specs I have as a warlock not 1 shines at any roll. I have invested 30 lvls into my demo AND destro weapon and I am still getting outdpsed by many classes who I outgear . Demo st = 300-400k Destro double target with havoc = 300-500k dps depending on mechanics This expac i was forced to play 2 specs to be taken in my guild raids because if i invested heavily into destro like i wanted I would SUCK at fights like nynth or ursoc or any ST encounter. Even with wasting my time mastering and finessing TWO specs I am still getting outshined by classes that only play 1 spec tunnel vision. I use simulationcraft and take my !@#$ serious yet warlock dev team cant give me 1 %^-*ING SPEC that can do a good job if i put in the effort. With the way blizzard balances things who knows which of the 3 specs will come out ahead. For now I feel completely dissapointed with my bad decision making and investing so much time in a class that out of 3 %^-*ign dps specs not 1 is viable.Magiko10 3d
3d Forced into Life tap Blizzard, take my words to represent literally 100% of the warlock community. NO ONE LIKES PLAYING WITH LIFE TAP. It is literal garbage. And now being forced into Empowered life tap...WHY? Why would you force us into a spell that does damage to us? What kind of class fantasy is this. It uses a GCD...can potentially be the death of us...for a dmg buff that was applied with chaos bolt previously. Why not get rid of the trashy buffs period, and buff our spells...like you do EVERY other op spec. Come on man, I understand Warlocks only make up a small percentage of the player-base and you have to adhere to the mass numbers of other classes. I understand the finances behind it. But get rid of the damn class if all you're going to do is trash us into not existingFelokahn38 3d
3d How mandatory is demo lock? After reading a lot of guides, measuring dps on dummies, retalenting, redoing my artifact tree, etc. I'm getting about 170k dps as affliction, and about 230k dps as demo on my warlock (my artifact is slightly more powered as demo). My haste as demo is 26%, my mastery as affliction is 74%. Demo seems to be generally considered "the good one", but I've honestly seen solid dps out of all 3 specs, though they all had crazy good gear so idk what to conclude there. Tips on dps are welcome, but I'm really more here to ask if people can pull off affliction for mythic raids and such because I really prefer the spec and don't want to have to hop to demo just for the privilege of not getting kicked from raids. I know 200k dps is the magic number, and given the data I've collected I have 2 main questions: 1.) As of right now, there is about a 25% difference in dps. Is the 60k dps difference going to stay constant at higher ilvl, is the percent going to roughly scale, is it going to converge to roughly equal, or is it just going to go crazy one way or the other? 2.) How geared will I need to be to hit that magic 200k dps (single target) and not get kicked from EN Heroic (to specify, I'm fully comfortable with mechanics and such I just have lower dps as affliction)? I'm not really hardcore enough to care about mythic and super speed runs or anything, I just want to /actually raid/Korwin23 3d
3d Reap souls This is just one ability that grinds my gears ... The rng on the reap soul generation on boss fights without adds is frustrating and simply an annoyance in pve. It can make or break your dps on encounters with factors like how many reap stacks you get in the opener during lust or even how many you get during a boss encounter It would be nice if we would be able to start a boss fight with a low baseline amount of souls as to not have crazy ramp or just get dominated by bad rng in the opener of a fight :c kind of lame that UA is currently worked around thisPreciousyipz0 3d
3d Cant get passed ilvl 850 Title Past* No one accepts me for mythic keystones. Ever.Gashadokuro12 3d