Dec 13, 2013 Tier bonus vs. Item lvl I recently got scroll of res'd having not played since the end of BC, when I was raiding with an arcane mage. I hit 90 about 5 weeks ago and in order to get some bridge gear and experience with my new class I entered the glorified cesspool that is LFR. During my LFR misadventures I wound up with a pair of 528 LFR tier gloves. I just started running reg SOO on a semi regular basis and a conundrum crossed my mind. If I were to get a pair of 553 reg gloves I would say "Yippy", enchant and upgrade them. Herein lies my question, if I were to loot the reg tier chest off Sha I would have a choice. I could either equip my 2 piece and put a piece of 561 gear in the bank, or I could say my reg gloves are much better eff my 2 piece bonus. My gut tells me that the 2 piece isn't that great and I should take the better gear all the way, but I feel inclined to defer to those who may be more experience than I.Calvinball1 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 Will Green Fire Be Sold In RMAH? I heard Jay Wilson is taking over as lead dev. If so a Real Money AH shouldn't be far behind. Just wondering if I can pay $250 for Green Fire directly to Blizzard. I have time to earn real $$$ at my job, don't have time for a 2nd job raiding for BiS gear to get green fire. Stick to what you're best at I guess. =/Romavictor37 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 is Uvls even worth it after the nerf? is Uvls even worth it after the nerf? or every Siege trinket is betterMalacath10 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 When to switch to GoSac. So I know the whole deal about switching to GoSac at a certain point of mastery as destro because it makes you do more damage rather than your pet attacking. Im at 15757 mastery. Is this a point to where i should go for GoSac?Marillina3 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 13, 2013 new to warlock Was hoping to get some info/advice from the seasoned warlock community. I'm pretty intrigued by the demo spec so that I think will be my spec but have not decided yet. My first question is; Could you please provide a brief/general description and contrast of the play style between the 3 different specs while leveling/pvping/end game? I will be a casual player due to RL responsibilities so I was wondering if I would be able to have general success compared to other classes even though I will not be able to devote a great deal of time? Thank you for any help/tips you can provide.Totegrimm16 Dec 13, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Locks in MoP Pt. 1: How Talented We Are HOW TALENTED WE ARE: An evaluation of Lock talents Greetings my fellow Warlocks. We, who walk the narrow path between absolute power and total corruption, have seen a great deal of change this past year. With Warlords on the horizon, we find ourselves at a prime point for reflection and mutation. I have played a Lock since late BC, and participated in several Betas. I have been in different states of casual to hardcore at different times in both PvP and PvE content. What I want to see is the Lock class in a state that is both balanced and fun to play, with plenty of variety and meaningful choices. To start this off, I'd like to take an in depth look at our Talent tree and discuss how it is now, and how it can be improved going into WoD. What we have liked in MoP and what we want gone, created, or changed. Tier 1 : The Healing Tier Dark Regeneration - A solid talent and one that feels well balanced, fun, and practical. It provides great burst healing, but on a long CD. In combo with a Glyphed Healtsthone, the healing we receive is enormous. Soul Leech - Another solid option in the tier. The passive nature of it reduces the amount of buttons we need to keep track of, and the stacking shield lets us build up a little buffer. Harvest Life - This ability has seen a significant change since its original implementation. While I agree that the AoE version it used to be was lackluster, tt is now merely a buff for Drain Life. I have several problems with this ability, all of which culminate in it being a dismal talent choice: 1. It provides less burst healing than DR, and less passive protection than SL. 2. It is a DPS loss to use. The utility of the spell and the way it works is mechanically inferior to the other talents in the tier. 3. Does not heal our Demon. 4. For PvP, it is a long channeled ability that cannot be cast while moving. My proposal for the ability is this: ... The idea is that it can provide passive healing in the form of a DoT. It would compete with DR in being able to provide healing more frequently, but for less burst. It would compete with SL by providing more survivability when used efficiently, but being something that the Warlock has to manage rather than being passive. Tier 2: The CC tier Demonic Breath - This ability was added into the Lock arsenal when Howl of Terror was made baseline. It is an inferior choice to both Mortal Coil and Shadowfury. To be a competitive talent choice, it needs to provide something on the same level as an AoE stun and 3 sec Horror + heal. To that end, I would suggest the following revision: ... Cone spells are more difficult to get off than a targeting reticule or instant single target cast and thus have a larger 'budget' in what they can do. Mortal Coil - A decent spell choice. The go-to for PvE encounters where there is nothing to CC (for the heal) and a solid choice in PvP for both the heal and Horror, which is a rare form of diminishing return relative to other things. Destro has the ability to cleave this spell with Havoc. Shadowfury - All around great ability. AoE stun at range on a med CD is both versatile and strong. As stuns are a common form of CC, it will DR with other abilities more frequently the the other tier options. Tier 3: The Defensive Tier A well balanced tier, with good options all the way around. Soul Link has great passive reduction, and a pinch of healing. Sac Pact is a good med CD Shield, and Dark Bargain is fantastic for powering through intense damage. This tier can remain as is. Tier 4: The Health Cost Tier This talent tier can use a good look at as a whole. Blood Horror - A nice way to get breathing space against melee, especially Warriors who can break Fears a lot easier than most. Downside is that it can be Spell Reflected back at us, which shouldn't be able to happen. At 5% of max health, the cost is respectable for the effect. Burning Rush - Increasing our run speed by 50% as a toggle and making it so that we cannot be snared below 100% max speed is a decent effect. The Health cost is absolutely enormous, especially in a PvP setting where Battle Fatigue effectively increases the Health Cost by increasing the amount of healing needed to offset the cost. I believe this ability could use a slight buff in the form of reducing the Health Cost to 2% max health per second and increasing the min speed while running to 125% could make it an ability worth taking outside of raiding. Unbound Will - An extra Trinket and dispelling all magic effects is quite strong. This does come at the heavy cost of 20% of our health. The main problem I have with this ability is how much health it costs, and not being able to avoid dispelling things like Unstable Affliction and Vampiric Touch. If this ability was changed to be an extra CC break on a 1 min CD with a 10% health cost, with no dispel, it would be a bit better. Tier 5: The Grimoires This Tier is pretty well balanced in mechanics and I love the options it presents. Having more Demons, Stronger Demons, or becoming more powerful yourself are all compelling options. I think this tier is good as is. The only change I would suggest is making it so that when a Demonologist choose GoSac and Sacs a Felguard that the ability given to the Lock would be some for of Axe Toss, rather than Pursuit. Tier 6: The Situational DPS increase tier This tier has had a bumpy ride in MoP, with every talent in it having a considerable revamp at some pint. Archimonde's Darkness - A straight forward talent that allows better placement of Dark Souls during a fight without wasting DPS by not using it when off CD. An all-around good choice. Kil'jaeden's Cunning - Making each Lock spec's Nuke cartable while moving is a fun ability that has obvious practical application. I do think that Demo should be able to get a bit more about it, since it gains far less from KJC than Destro and Afflic. For Demo, I think that KJC should grant cast-while-moving to Shadowbolt while in caster form, but to Soul Fire while in Meta. It would provide about the same increase in utility to Demo as Destro and Afflic with this change. Mannaroth's Fury - An increase of AoE size and damage is one of the more fun talents available. It has the potential to be really good, but in some situations is useless. A fine situational ability. Tier 7: The 'Define your play' tier As we are not even in WoD Beta yet, I thought it would just be fun just to discuss thoughts on this tier and speculate, focusing on mechanics rather than 'numbers'. Chaotic Resources - Just gonna say that this is quite boring for Affliction. Perhaps if were changed to something more like this, it could be a bit more appealing: ... For Destro, the increased amount of Ember generation could have a larger impact on PvP, where more burst inside of a Dark Soul with the increased Embers can really hurt, yet one could also quickly generate Embers really quickly and convert them into Health via Ember Tap. Being able to keep up a steady stream of AoE with Fire and Brimstone to cover nodes in PvP is also noteworthy. I am most excited for Demo with this ability. Being able to be in Meta for 100% of a fight sounds like a highly appealing gameplay option. Cataclysm - Definitely excited to have Cataclysm finally added into the Lock arsenal (officially, rather than the bug which allowed Locks to use it briefly in 5.2.) Applying each specs main DoT is a nice perk. I would hope that add in the uninterruptible/cannot be stopped while channeling that the first iteration of Cataclysm had. Demonic Servitude - Perma Infernal or Doomguard? I am sure that every Lock has dreamed of this at some point. What I am most curious of is what abilities they will offer. Perhaps: Doomgaurd Command Demon ability - Cripple, reduced movement, casting, and attack speed. Secondary Ability - Provides some kind of passive healing for the Demon and Lock. Passive Ability - a CC break for the Demon. Infernal Command Demon Ability - Some kind of Meteor AoE attack, like when you summon it. Secondary Ability - Provides some passive damage reduction for the Demon and Lock. Passive Ability - a CC break for the Demon. All in all, Lock talents are for the most part good, with several needing adjustments. Getting some discussion and hearing from different perspectives is what this thread is about, so feel free to contribute and defend what you say with reason and logic. Coming up next - Locks in MoP Pt. 2: Glyph'ted with Style!Malithos17 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 It's all in the opener (destro) Good morning everyone! Would really love to know some other people's perspectives on openers. I have tried a ton of different things and can't seem to raise my dps. So what works well for you as an opener? Any other tips would also be appreciated ^.^Icystòrms8 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 warlock mage rogue or monk PVP PVP wise what would be the best to play? i love destro lock its my favorite but its not very viable and is kinda gimpd . also mut rogue is my second favorite spec in the game, the whole stealth thing for world pvp is so fun to me, but i like being a caster alot with the big hits. let me know strenghts and weaknesses please for all the classes .Napkinz3 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 I've been using askmrorobot for my gems... Is that the correct way to go about this? I usually top or come second or third on the dps charts in LFR (which i know won't mean much) but I'm just curiousGemswarlock6 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Best Horde race for warlocks for SoO? Thinking about race changing from Goblin to something else. What is going to be the best race for warlocks, in Siege?Roxi37 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Can't break 200k dps sustained on bosses.Help Hey guys I've reforged my gear and gemmed it according to me robot, I am starting to think my trinkets are my barrier to breaking 200k sustained, I hope this is the case otherwise I'm actually gonna give up on this alt.Gobbiemaster17 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 PvP Trinkets VS PvE Trinkets in PvP So I have a Raid Finder Purified Bindings of Immerseus, and I was wondering if it's a wise choice to use this instead of say, a Grievous Gladiator's Badge of Dominance. I realize that having 2 PvP trinkets gives you a Resilience boost, but the 6% mastery and crit bonus sounds too good to pass up. Any thoughts?Exolight2 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 How can I improve my LOck I know I still have long ways to go till Flex Raids, but what can I do to improve my lock so far? plaease take a look at my gear/stats (I am destro)Firewily17 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Improving Warlocks... Okay, This is my second thread...I hope Blizzard is actually paying attention to the Warlock Forums because they are becoming weaker and weaker with every new Patch. I know 7 people that have deleted they're Warlock toon because of the awful changes made to Warlocks. Below is what most people and I think should be improved about Warlocks. 1-Drain life should heal 2-3 times more than what it does now. 2-Dot Spells deal more damage, Right now they deal a low amount of damage. Whats the point of choosing the Affliction spec if your just going to stand there and watch your opponent heal/dispel them knowing that the DoT spells are dealing a very low damage, Its a waste of Mana. 3-Fel and/or Demon Armor improved. 4-The Demonic Circle healing the Warlock, Whenever the Warlock teleports to the Demonic Circle he would get healed Low/Average amount of heal every 10 - 15 seconds. 5-More damaged dealt by Ranged spells, Right now Soul fire is the best ranged spell, its uses quite a lot of mana and it deals an average amount, Which is kinda useless for a 4 second cast. 6-Life tap does not take away a lot of health. I think that should be the good thing about being a warlock, being able to life tap for very little or no heal at all. 7-No one becoming Immune to Howl of terror...Its the only way for a Warlock to escape melee attackers. Okay i have gathered all of the above Improving-warlocks thoughts from many different people, I really do hope Blizzard pays attention to warlock, Its not fair that all of the other classes are having a major improvement while Warlocks are going downhill. If i missed something, please add your thoughts. If anyone disagrees with me, Play as a Warlock or read the rest of the Warlock threads, you will understand the struggle every warlock is going through.Draleen2 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 How does Destro manage the t4 Proc (15% crit) I wanna know how are you guys managing this procs... I have seen many vids and I found too many ppl doing it in diferent ways like: -Immolate on EveryProc. -Chaos Bolt on EveryProc. -Ignoring. -Saving conflagrate for it (the most retard thing I've seen). I just wanna know how are you guys doing it.Flufs3 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 GoSup vs GoSac Im a relatively new lock, and I understand that Gosac outscales Gosup at certain Ilvls but it seems to me GoSac is better for destro no matter the Ilvl, I would love an explanation as to why GoSup is taken so often. Any tips on playing a lock would also be appreciatedTicherious8 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Is Harvest Life a viable talent? Now hat it is not AoE I don't see anybody using it. In all of the tutorials I've seen for demonology drain life isn't even in the rotation. So would I be better off with another talent for pve? ThanksHarizima14 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Green fire eqivilance. What have you done in wow that was the equivalent to this fight? For myself, farming raptor in Arathi Highlands for a quest that had instantly low drop rates 10/10 took like 6 hours, minus ganksters, was a tier two above undergeared kara in bc.Kilvegan1 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 How to play Demo? Playing on a 45 warlock, tried demonology out for a bit but I was only pulling about 300ish dps on a boss rather than the closer to 1k I get as destro. When should I be using Soul Fire? How do I AoE correctly? I've been trying to weave hand of guldan into hellfire, like using it when the DoT ends but I feel like an idiot running around on fire in melee range. Do demo locks get better AoE later or that's pretty much what I should be doing?Graveclaw10 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 5.5 Destro vs. Afflic It appears to me that over the expansion there has been a legitimate gap in dps between Destro and Afflic. In 5.0 it was big, 5.1 smaller, 5.2 even smaller until now in 5.4 where, with best in slot gear, the gap isn't so big. I'm kind of bummed out that there won't be a 5.5 because that was going to be the patch, or so I predicted, that Afflic finally pushed over Destro. I understand, play the class that you love. I do, I love affliction and I prefer it over any class ever. However, when I'm raiding Destro is just BETTER. I was upset I didn't get to see Affliction push over. Ps. Blizzard, when you made warlocks you said "easy to play, hard to master." So don't doubleback and make us a retard class in WoD. I like the micromanagement to push as far as I can. I like input=output.Songfire4 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Good to be back! So i've came back to the game after sitting this expansion out and some of Cata. I've taken my warlock back up and plan to raid and endgame pve and pvp with. Right now i'm level 86 on him and was wondering if you guys could clue me in on what spec I should level in? i'm imagining that destruction is the endgame pve spec right now (i'm honestly not sure). Right now i'm leveling Affliction, seems to be ok but should I get a feel for destro and play it while i level?Banduras3 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Please help for the love of god! Ok so I quit wow for a year or so, just finished School, and I want to get back into it. Thing is I am so confused about these new masteries, and builds etc, is there anyone willing to help me find a guide for leveling and telll me the difference between afflic/destro and which is better for which now? I am not new to wow btw, played for 6 years pvped to Grand Marshal and Glad, but the game feel weird. Thanks again for anyone that responds, before you say do some research etc, it would be helpful just to post a link to lead me to the path I will do the reading myself.Obamalol2 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Affli - A question about Haste break points I'm not sure if this gets asked a lot, and I'm sorry if it does and I'm repeating the question. If I'm using the 9778 haste break point and I'm sitting at 125% mastery (raid buffed) would it be wise to go to the 13737 haste break point and sit at 117% mastery (buffed). I mean I don't see it as a BIG difference in mastery, is there some kind of rule-of-thumb with these sort of things?Trucidario3 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Why is kanrethad so hard? Whats the point in making this guy so hard? the reward is changing the color of our spells. i do not feel this warrants the level of difficulty and/or gear check that this guy is.Intervals69 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 12, 2013 Demonology seems broken and makes no sense. So Ive been playing this demonology warlock, but the class seems 100% broken. The tool tip on metamorphosis says that it grants me 24% bonus damage. However, the buff I get from it says it is currently granting me 0% bonus damage. This is true, because my shadowbolt and soulfire hit for exactly the same as when not in demon from. In addition, soulfire does less damage than shadowbolt hits for. (but twice the cast time) This makes 0 sense. Soooooo... wtf?Demondragon17 Dec 12, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Legendary Meta or Burning Primal? For Destruction. I've heard that the Burning Primal is slightly better.Speedracist9 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Green Fire Tips for Casuals/PVPers After weeks of beating my head against the wall on Kanrethad & realizing I'd never have the PVE gear to really outgear the fight (I don't PVE - at all, i510 PVP gear), I had an epiphany. Why not treat the fight as a destro lock facing WMD in 3's - go full out tank spec and rely on huge hp pool to let me overcome gear disadvantage/mistakes. To that end I got hit capped and then stacked stamina to the heavens - I wanted to ensure I had well over 1M hps with defensives going. Sta food, flask, battlemaster's trinket, etc... resulted in 714k hps self buffed and about 1.05M with bulwark+trinket popped during felhunters. Long story short - it worked! Even felhunters can't chew through 1M hps very fast, esp. if you have mortal coil and a 85k/sec drain life going. These tips are aimed at casual players and/or PVPers w/o access to raid PVE gear which would have made this sooooooo much easier. In no particular order: 1- Sac voidwalker, not imp. You want that massive def cool down for felhunters. Losing an 8 sec dispel is pretty meaningless when your hps regen is so massive. 2- Drain life spec works great while you're learning. Even w/o cd's going it heals 275k/5 secs and lets you reset anytime you mess up dispelling or if you're ember starved. SL/SL baby! 3- Soulshatter for felhunters. This was what I had been missing. You can tank felhunters with this setup but not if you're dealing with boss and/or unenslaved pit lord at same time. 4 - Tank felhunters with defensives, don't get cute and try to stun them like in Serious' vid. Half the time it'll bug out, other half it'll result in pit lord getting unenslaved. If it feels like you're tanking a war + hunter at same time, banging defensives and hp spiking up and down, you're doing it right! 5- Portal chaos bolts, save defensives for felhunters. 6- Fear pit lord at start of fight and charge first curse of ultimate doom cast. With bad PVE gear you need that extra dps time to make up for your poor damage. 7- Keybind absolutely every single ability, just like you would in arena. Everything. 8- Glyphs: Conflag, Siphon Life + Drain Life/Ember Tap 9- Spec: Drain Life/Dark Regen, Mortal Coil, Soul Link, Unbound Will, Sac, KJC Huge thanks to whoever it was that got me thinking about LFR which led me to realize the futility of chasing PVE gear - could not have done it without your negative encouragement lol. Now I'm off to get blown up by 1300 backpedaling warriors while eating reflected green fire - can't wait!Romavictor31 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Returning Lock seeking Help Hello. I'm a returning player, haven't played since TBC. I've decided to go Destruction, after trying Affliction and Demonology. Was wondering if anyone has any tips for someone who has been out of the game for as long as I have.Ruldar0 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 48k - 53k dps ilvl 501 lock = bad? I obviously don't have enchants, since I'd eventually get new armor, so I see enchants as a waste of money. I know that I must get a new trinket, though it seems no matter what creature I kill on timeless isle, none will drop yu'lons bite. I've been doing raids obviously hence the raid armor, though is there anything else I can do to increase my dps? Is it too low for my ilvl?Sæturillt31 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Warlock horse Why the warlock horse don't fly?Cuqueraz18 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Glyph of Burning Embers If someone, be it the devs or an experienced destro lock, could please answer a quick question I would appreciate it. Why was the Glyph of Burning Embers removed from the game? I know that destro locks now have four embers as a baseline now but why not let us have the option of having five? Would it really make destro locks that op or unbalanced compared to other classes?Guldrack4 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Amusing Kanrethad glitches tonight Got so close, but sadly failed at Imp Swarms, lost track of stepping in my portal and ate a Chaos Bolt unaware when Kan was at 16% or so. But the last few attempts each had some nifty things happen. The one in which I failed so VERY close to the end, I had just re-enslaved the second time and looked up to see how long until I needed to pop my purification potion, only to see that I had 5 minutes left on the debuff. My assumption: Kanrethad has Pandemic, and accidentally double-cast the debuff at the start of that round. I sure didn't mind saving a potion from what turned out to be another failed attempt. On a later round, good old Kanrethad skipped summoning the first Imps completely. I've had him not make his move to the middle for fake Cataclysm before, because I used the Charge stun at the right time. But somehow this run through I had him so confused he didn't even try bringing out the imps. I figured this was due to him focusing on getting the 7 minute timer debuff active on me, and I was focused on interrupting that and only that with Charge. So for kicks I loaded up Dark Apotheosis and sacrificed Felhunter so I would have lots of interrupts available to me. See if I could make the entire fight just be him trying to land that dot and failing. Sadly it appears impossible to interrupt that cast with anything except Charge >< So anyway... hopefully I find some more amusement and oddities along the way to finally paying proper attention for the end of Kan's lifespan. These two made my night ALMOST as much as getting through would have.Haayt25 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 The real problem with pvp - Not the Devs Its the players. Arms Warrior strong? Every one roll warriors. Frost Mages strong? Everyone roll mages. Just because it may be easier to hit 2k+ with one of those classes, doesn't mean you cant achieve your desired rating with another class or spec. Every spec of every class right now can get you whatever rating you want. I don't want to hear " OH ONE BOOMIE HIT 2.5k STILL BROKE DOH" the reason is because he pushed for that. There are barely any boomies because everyone just plays whats OP which in the end makes arenas a mess overall. People want to point out how many warriors are 2k+ ( What is it now, 17%?) thats because they are the without a doubt the most played class out of the current FoTM re-rolls. Had the people who re-rolled for a easy ride stuck with there class, that number would be lower and other classes numbers would be higher. Would warrior still possibly be #1? To tell the truth most likely, but not anywhere remotely close to 17%. This applies to Frosties and Resto Droods as well. I am only 1829 right now, but i bounce between 1850 on average and lower 1900s as Fury. I do not play Arms. I run Fury/Aff/Resto Sham. I am prepared for the inevitable flame, but the facts remain. Any class/spec can get glad if you are good enough and want it. No excuses. Getting glad on a OP spec doesn't make you a better player. I see 5.0 2.2k+ warriors who cant even get out of 1700-1800s right now. Because getting a high rating during a season where a class is strong still doesn't Magicaly make you a better player. Earning it with your main class of choice does. /end rantNelthàrion8 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Demonology GoSac PVP spec Assuming you have well over 15% haste, would a GoSac spec for imps be worth it in any form of pvp? Constructive criticism as of why it is or is not viable please!Baranubus20 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Terrorguard/Abyssal They look different than the original demons, but are the Terrorguard and Abyssal affected by Grimoire of Supremacy beyond aesthetics? Do they gain 20% increased damage and health? From my observations, they don't seem to gain any new or improved abilities, either. I was a little disappointed.Charisma6 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 My Kanrethad Green Fire 5.4 tips After 2k gold in repairs - I blame my crappy laptop left click button not working snappily on Rain of Fire (!), finally downed him last night (hooray) and felt like I needed to compile some pointers to save others grief. 1. Serious' is the best video guide which in the end worked for me (apart from some variations below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8cRZpiNBIQA 2. Glyphs - get enslave demon - no debate. I didn't find Siphon Life as useful as Endless Resolve, and I took Havoc, too, but this is up to you. 3. Talents - I took Mortal Coil for extra heals (couldn't find a use for Shadowfury and didn't want another recticle to manage), Unbound Will for an extra dispel, and Soul Link for the extra health. Grimoire of Sacrifice is a must, and Archimonde's Darkness is nice for burst on the Imps and Fel Hunters. Sacrificial Pact didn't work for me; if your health is already dented (say through dots), it doesn't really get you out of trouble - and it's kind of the wrong approach to try and soak chaos bolts, so what's the point? 4. After failing 2 times to the enrage timer (tried mashing the pit lord's pet bar until he got pwned, too!), I took a flask, pot, and food in the end. 5. Variations from the video and what else worked for me: - you can and I did fear the Pit Lord at the beginning for 20 seconds more alone time with Mr K before he finally lands his Curse on you - use the Pit Lord's breath to dispel yourself as often as you can in between Singe Magic and Unbound Will -- it's always worth avoiding the damned Seed stun - save and then use a Dark Soul charge for both the imps phase and fel hunters - pre-cast chaos bolt before activating the Pit Lord charge on Cataclysm cast; you want to get at least one, ideally two bolts in each stun; saving 2 embers for the fel hunters is good - I felt more comfortable FnB incinerating the imps rather than dps'ing the boss and only using RoFs Fel hunters - grrrr - such a painful mechanic that wasn't as smooth for me as in all the videos but this is what ended up working for me: - don't tunnel K too much during cataclysm after the imps; go and get ready for the fel hunters - make sure to cleanse yourself of any dots before moving to the right of his portal -- move the pitlord to the other side of it - soul shatter soon as K starts summoning - he will start dotting the pit lord instead of you once the fel hunters appear (and might even chaos bolt him instead of you) - literally do not move once you're in position - activate dark soul - lay down 2/3 rain of fires across the width and depth of the portal entrance - do nothing else UNTIL you confirm you got aggro on the third fel hunter <- this is the key - only after that, havoc one, chaos bolt the second, get the pit lord to charge and stun them all (the two felhunters will die once the bolt hits) - then the Pit Lord will go back on K by himself, and the third one will still be on you - just nuke him and get ready to LoS K's next Chaos Bolt - other tips: remember to refresh your teleport after the fel hunters, and yeah re-enslave the pit lord during the first Doom Lord summon - everything else is as per the video On my last pull of an infuriating evening, as my flask was running out, and my gear was all yellow, I finally got him with minutes to spare on the enrage timer. Fittingly, after my killing blow on K, I then got stunned by a Seed exploding that I didn't dispel, so I couldn't finish the scenario until the debuff wore off :P It made me go crazy, and I'm not sure I like all the new green spell icon buttons, but this a great challenge/mechanics fight for Warlocks and you can do it! I hope this helps someone.Staralfur36 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Rain of Fire suggestion - Blues please read. So I am not sure if this has ever been requested, but it seems likely that it may have been requested in the past. Pardon if this may be a duplicate thread but I couldn't find any others making this suggestion, so here goes: Rain of Fire in its current state, to me, is kind of annoying. It is in our best interest to keep it rolling, regardless of the amounts of targets it is hitting, to generate burning embers quicker. It is a targeted AoE spell that you place on the ground. I believe a good way to add some variation to this spell is to do the following: 1) Create a glyph (minor preferably) that removes the ground-placed AoE mechanic of it, and replaces it with a targeted spell that rains fire on all enemies within X range of your current target. It could either move with the target or remain in the area that the target was in when the spell was first cast. The purpose of this proposed change is to make keeping Rain of Fire up a little less taxing on the player, removing the need to place the spell in an area on the ground every 6 seconds. I've personally found this kind of annoying, however other players could disagree. If you do disagree with this, please post constructively below with your opinions. Blues, could one of you please acknowledge this and shed some light on what the official opinion is on Rain of Fire, if there is one? Any type of acknowledgement would be great. :DSuprterror11 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Destro lock question Fairly new warlock here, just two simple PvE questions for you fellow demon slavers! 1. When using Chaos Bolt on a boss, how many burning embers do you typically save up before launching them at their face? As soon as you get one, or 2-3? 2. And when the boss is below 25%, should I use only Shadowburn and completely stop using Chaos Bolt? <(--<) Here's a Voidwalker to tank any trolls. Don't be surprised by his size, he's actually quite fierce.Mahzrim2 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Did haste gain Dps in Destro? I recently asked robot my self and it basically made me reforge all my crit to haste? I thought crit gave higher dps? And on my Weights on Ask mr robot it even shows crit as a higher dps yet it still tells me to change it to haste?Mecasses18 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 11, 2013 Expertise/Mastery gems I was curious and checked out ask mr robot, it's telling me to use expertise/mastery gems in my red slots. I don't see how that would be better than int/mastery gemsVìlify4 Dec 11, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 The ultimate Kanrethad guide Yes I said ultimate, and I meant it. This guide will show you how to handle the entire encounter and the best part is it completely removes skill from the equation. For those who have not yet gotten green fire because they cannot handle the mechanics of the fight will rejoice as I show a genuine lack of interest in the mechanics of the fight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y97SNJtKMqg&feature=youtu.be ENJOY YOUR GREEN FIREVarlth22 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Demonic Gateway 7 - Varlth's Stalker Edition coz old one capped. ...Voidrith500 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Couple Aff PvP Questions 1.) How often and under what circumstances do you ever use fel flame? 2.) I've seen mixed opinions on the haste breakpoint, some people say don't go for it and just go straight mastery. Can I get the pros and cons of getting the haste breakpoint as opposed to just going for straight mastery with haste as a secondary stat?Taskforce2 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Kanrethad Fight: Felhunter Solution I've been playing as a warlock for only a week now and just last night completed the green fire quest. My main struggle in the fight against Kanrethad was the felhunter phase. However, after viewing several tutorials, reading several guides, and experiencing the fight myself, I found that five factors truly impacted the outcome of this phase. 1. Don't move your character at all once your pit lord is in position/felhunters are being released from the portal. This can be tricky and you need to be fast with step 2 in order for it to work. 2. Place your pit lord to the side of the portal. (Not in front, directly behind, or on the same side as you). Make sure it is behind, but not directly. **For the most part I winged the placement and 75% of the time it did not cause a dispel. 3. Reign of Fire on the portal when the first felhunter comes out or generally close to that time. Timing does not have to be perfect, but make sure you make an effort to do this step. 4. Havoc/Chaos Bolt/Charge. In essence, Havoc the first felhunter, tab to or select the second, Chaos bolt, Charge at 50-75% of your cast (Dependent on the distance between your felhunters and your pit lord. 50% is safest). 5. Burn the final felhunter. I found that this is a very iffy part dependent on how the last 3 steps went. I find that using shadowfury (Stuns 8 enemies for 3 seconds, Talent) is essential as it will give you extra time to dps it down, will allow you to use the pit lords felbreath to dispel you, and also you can use the pit lords healing ability in case you took damage from the fel hunters or dots. (At this point you may move while the felhunter is stunned if needed.) Side notes: It is most important to stay calm during this phase and to learn when it comes during the fight so you may prepare for it. If you are hit with a purple swirl it is best to prepare for a rough time, pop a defensive and wing it, this was the main instance in which my world crumbled during the felhunter phase. So make sure you do 1-5 extraordinarily quick to avoid any chaos bolt interrupts from the swirls. I hope this provides some help for people who are struggling. However, do not expect it to work right away, but if done correctly you will get past the phase soon. I want to thank all the other warlocks who have posted their videos and forum guides, without them it would have been...well very very hard haha. SPECS: Destro lock Ilvl 514.Causarious0 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 About that haste cap.. what about meta gem? If you're going for the 10124 haste cap, should you be figuring in the Meta gem and raid buffs? So how much haste should you actually stack? Our GM is a bit of a lock-snob, and insists I need to be running Mastery>[Haste to 10124]>crit>haste. I asked him about the meta gem in the calculation and all he said was "use the meta gem". To reach that softcap, btw - I need to use a haste gem. I know it's lame - I feel like a schmuck having a haste gem on my gear, embarassed to log in at the shrine and all.Nitromethane9 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Green Fire Quest This has got to be one of the best quests in the game. Ive been playing since vanilla and I had put off the fire quest because I heard how hard it was. Took me like 5 straight hours to do it, but damn was that rewarding. I havent had this much fun in the game in such a long time. This should be done for every class. Not only did the quest introduce some interesting warlock npcs, it laid out some lore and gave our powers some backstory. We didnt just suddenly gain the ability to morph into demons, and theres a reason we can sacrifice our pets for some power. They should do this for every class. Fire druids? amirite?Meatbola5 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 I HAVE to level to this Warlock to 90.. I recently stated playing wow again and i got back on my Holypally , got him to 90 and next week he should be full Grievous , as pvp is my main interest. My decision to level up this toon and do pvp with him is based off of how much damage warlocks are doing right now in the game. I wanted to know what spec was at the top of arena and justa little bit of input and advice from any of you other fellow warlocks. This was the first character i ever played in wow so he is quite special to me i just really need to re learn the class.Rylakjr22 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Questions From a New Lock I've been refreshing my dot's when they are at half time to take advantage of pandemic. I clip Malific Grasp a lot, is this the way to do it? Or should I let Malefic Grasp run it's course before refreshing a dot? Is Synapse Springs a good enough buff to cast Haunt? Or should I wait for a trinket/misery proc? As for an opener haunt misery apply dots MG until both trinkets are up reapply dots Should I always wait for both trinkets to proc?Uglug8 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 Warlock Green Fire Advice for 5.4 I just switched mains from SPriest to Lock and spent the week snagging gear and getting lucky in both LFR and the Isle(burdens). So I thought I would give a whirl to the green fire quest. It's pretty tough and reading a lot of guides or posts on here they seem to want to insult peoples intelligence and make it seem like an easy one shot. If you are seeking help or a guide obviously you are having trouble and I think that it stems from trying to manage too many things at the same time. I literally got my green fire just now(woot) and while the info was fresh in my head I thought I would put up what worked for me and maybe it would help somebody else. The most important thing that you want to do, is put dmg on the boss. When the boss dies, you win. To that end the mechanics, diversions and phases must be done while doing dmg to the boss IMO. I didn't use any tricks like purification pots to extend the fight. 1. Use the bosses stun on cooldown until the 2nd cataclysm(the first cata is always a juke, but treat it like a real one and stun and DPS like you normally would), line up CB's or any solid dmg you can for this stun. Use the bosses breath to remove your curses and debuffs as well as deal dmg. Use your sacced fel imps ability to spot remove especially in transitions when you aren't close enough to get the fel breath removal. 2. Don't waste time porting. The only thing that could really be useful for porting is the bosses Chaos Bolt, but this can be avoided by using twilight ward and Sac Pact. Those 2 cooldowns will be up in time for each CB if properly used(IE. only used for CB). That means you will have more up time dealing dmg instead of running around. 3. Before the felhunters come out, soul shatter. Once I started doing this, it helped me so much. The boss will focus completely on your demon(the one you're enslaving). Drop a line of Reign of fires from inside the gate to yourself. COE, conflag, Havok, change target, CB. The first two should die. Immolate, conflag, incinerate(how ever many times needed), Shadowburn the 3rd down. Live in your mind... in that world of what you are doing. Don't worry about the pit demon, the boss, nothing. Just kill those doggies! If you get and keep dmg on them, 9/10 times they wont eat your enslave! 4. Personally I wanted the boss dead before the 2nd wave of fel doggies and when I finally beat the boss, that's what I did. This took me well over 30-40 tries to finally complete. You will run into RnG, and it will take a while to get into your groove. If you are having a bad run of tries, then stop and take a break. Get pumped up to do it and give a whirl a couple hours later. I used 3 macros for the boss: Enslave Macro for start and when or if you have to re-enslave /target Pit Lord /cast Enslave Demon Boss Charge Macro that I had bound to a keybind /target Kanrethad /cast Charge /petattack Debuff Fel Flame Macro (use this as your main cleanse and line it up with your stun and CB to put out some nice dmg) /cast Fel Flame Breath My gear is all raid finder, timeless isle and a drop off of a celestial. Make sure you're hit capped! There are plenty of more in depth guides out there, hopefully this helps somebody out there and gives you confidence it can be done in 5.4! Good Luck!Yuckteef14 Dec 10, 2013
Dec 10, 2013 [PvP] Destro or demo I tried affliction but im very uncomfortable with the spec, i admit is a good spec, but im not a support class, i like focused damage and cooldown dependancy. Im just having not fun with affliction So there is a recomendation if i must play destro or demo? specially for rbg's and 3v3... or warlock is not the class for me?Raviël15 Dec 10, 2013