Jun 7, 2013 Fresh 90 and Specs Hello all. So hit 90 on my Warlock and having some fun on it so far. Really fun ranged/caster class. I was wondering what specs shine and each gear level I guess. Starting Heroics (5mans/Scenarios): First Tier Raids: Current Tier Raids: Just looking for some advice since I've never PvE'd on a Warlock at all. Any advice is much appreciated.Shelinthdrae2 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 Zandalari Elder Council as Demonology Sometimes in LFR or on normal, I notice a demonology warlock pulling insane dps on the council of elders fight in ToT. I check their gear, and oftentimes they're around IL 515... nothing too special. But these guys are scoring 250k+ dps the entire fight, which is streets ahead of anything the rest of us can pull, even though we have the same item level or higher. I know the standard demo rotation and everything, and my gear score isn't that far below these other guys, but I can't even come close to matching their numbers, even when I manage to keep doom up perpetually on all 4 trolls. TL;DR: is there some secret demonology strategy for the council of elders fight?Honeyflash8 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 7, 2013 The Only "Nerf" I would Apply to Kanrethad... I'm working on the fight now. It's frustrating, I just can't micro-task as well as some. And while I would say it's a bit overtuned, the fact that so many have beat it says to me that the fight itself doesn't need to be nerfed. The one thing that should be nerfed is the repair bill. If we're going to wipe anywhere from 20 - 40 or 60 (or 100+) times, we're looking at thousands of gold in repairs. Essentially, there's a gold sink for green fire. Now, you could say technically there isn't if you beat it in less wipes. But the average person who has green fire wiped quite a lot. The fight itself is punishing enough, as well as the time and skill necessary to beat it. Who actually thinks we should be punished further with a several thousand gold sink?Cathia23 Jun 7, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 For the HORDE! Hello all With this week Blizz decided to cut all character services in half, I thought I would take this wonderful opportunity to transfer my character to the horde side. So my question is this, which race? I do pvp more than pve and have been looking at troll and undead, but cannot decide between the two. So I am asking the community to help me out in deciding. If you guys could tell me which race I should pick and why that would great and I may even give you a cookie!Hâthor12 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Demonic gateway question I remember at one point, the description on Demonic Gateway said "Enemies will prefer others", or something. Meaning you dropped threat level. Does DG still lose threat for those that use it? I'm experimenting and it doesn't seem to reduce my threat? Did it change last patch?Loçk4 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Staff or Main + Off hand (pvp) As the title says, which should I get? I have heard both ways and I am not sure.. i heard something about being able to enchant both pieces gives it overall better stats? I am going to be buying my malevolent weapons very soonKrankheit5 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Affliction PvP: Why not haste? Borgriot on skillcapped posed the question, why not haste? With no response there, it seems you can get to a breakpoint with enough haste without losing any significant dps. Why do affliction locks stack mastery instead of haste?States14 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Trinket help I was looking for some help with my trinket selection. I currently have the lfr versions of Cha-Ye's Essence of Brilliance and Unerring Vision of Lei Shen and i just picked up the normal Breath of the hydra off of normal magaera my question is which should i replace if any? Breath: http://www.wowhead.com/item=94521 Vision: http://www.wowhead.com/item=95814 Essence: http://www.wowhead.com/item=95772 I also have the 522 trinket from Shado-pan assault is that makes any difference.Doromo5 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Have a spec question on leveling Hello, so I am currently leveling as Affliction. I switched from Demonology to try it out and I was wondering, would Affliction get better, or should I just switch back. It feels like I get more action from Demonology, but Affliction feels faster killing. I don't know! Please help.Amorothela2 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Lock Terminology + Tips Could anyone explain to me some of the abbreviations I see used around this forum? I see things such as UA lock and such, but I don't understand what they mean lol. Also, does anyone have general tips for a lock in 3s, such as how to peel, what cds to use in conjunction with one another, etc. Thanks!Spaghettiqt4 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Doomlords won't let me beat Green Fire. Me again. I took your guys' suggestion, i let my pit lord charge/breath on the doomlords and then i immediately take the portal. But, somehow that is still the most obnoxious mystery to me is that the doomlords STILL attack me after awhile. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. And if i just try to fear/banish everything just gets EXTREMELY MESSY and then I just get overwhelmed and die within seconds. Back to getting more pve gear, because I just can't survive any damage at the moment.Aliciousness8 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Highest DPS Warlock Race Horde Hey was just about to level this toon and decided I'd get the full benefit out of it and swap it to a higher dps race. Was curious what race was sitting at the top since I can't find anything it. I'm not worried about aesthetics (though I'm not fond of UD as an exception). Anyways any help would be nice. Thanks.Kallik8 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Destro PvP help I used to PvP alot in BC and felt like I was a contributing member to a bg. I picked up the game again, maybe a year and a half ago, and finally started PvPing again. At first I looked at my damage and thought "What is going on? I can't do anything! I'm so confused..." Only to remember I wasn't geared. So it was all going to be okay. So I just focused on CC and Curse of Enfeeblement. Well now I'm almost all geared in season 13 stuff and I'm still not doing very much damage. I would say I'm mediocre. I won't go into detail, because you all know locks have a whole bunch of tricks up their sleeve to survive and, let me tell you, I have so much fun pissing people off with that, but I feel like I'm okay at the staying alive bit. So if I can stay alive and I'm geared why am I not doing damage? I don't know! I really don't. I just kind of do a very simple immolate, conflagrate, incinerate wash, rinse, repeat thing until I get a bunch of burning embers and then I pop dark soul and let the chaos bolts fly. I know for a fact I don't use my embers very well. I die with them all the time. Also I still CC and curse a lot. Like if there's a group I'll curse, fear, immolate, conflagrate, they'll probably break it so I'll fear them again and then move on to the next person. So that's probably part of it to but isn't my number one job as a lock to CC? Doesn't that do more then damage? I would love general advice about how you do damage as a lock or how you feel you make an impact on a bg. I one day hope to RBG so I can transmog my coveted field marshalls set. It would be glorious! Thanks for your time in advance!Wheatsolo12 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 need help spending valor and some 2cents does anyone have any ideas on gear or gear upgrades through valor im not in a raiding guild so normal or heroic runs are impossible for me and if i do find a group they want to know your exp and dont give a noob a chance but in my opinion noobs dont die with good raid leadershipVaasik1 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Time for a Warlock Tank - Don't Rage Please OK! Before you all start raging on about "no way there are too many tanks as is!" I totally agree, I'd rather see a beast warlock tank than a monk any day. Also if you're just going to respond with "no", "terrible", "bad" etc etc don't reply. I'm completely open to positive and negative feedback or possible alterations to my idea. Just curious what you all think mostly. With that said blizzard already has the ideas and platform already in game to allow a warlock tank with only a few tweaks. Here we go! First off, any of you who have ever run Glyph of Demon Hunting for leveling or PvP know just how much of a "tank" you can be. Between Fury ward self bubbles, to Provocation taunt, and the increased threat and reduction in damage taken as a whole you're basically a tank. Now a lot of you pvp demo locks like to run this (along with myself) for bgs, rbgs, and arenas for that quick survivability boost and would hate to see it go away from a dps spec (trust me I would too) but I think having a tank spec would make it worth it. A fun, active, tanking style would be a refreshing change from the pallies, druids, and dks of the game. Now to make it a tank and it's own unique spec only a few minor tweaks would have to be implemented: FIRST: Allow this new spec (call it what you will, demon hunter, dark apotheosis etc I don't care about this part) to use shields. Keep the base stats the same so intellect shields would be preferred. Only shaman and pallies use these right now and they can both use offhands also so I don't think they'd really suffer from one extra spec using it. This will add a little extra survivability/armor to the spec. SECOND: Since hand of gul'dan, demonic leap, and carrion swarm are unique to demo take them away. Instead of hand of gul'dan add an AoE cone spell, just use the old animation from shadowflame and give it 2 stacks (or something), deal damage, high threat and add a 5% damage reduction (or whatever) when it hits a target or something like that. It'll help you keep aggro and keep you alive. Keep fury ward as a survivability tool. Replace demonic leap with some charge or something or a new spell and like a "meteor rush" just use the same animation as the falling meteor glyph and have it do a small aoe damage attack when it hits or something crazy like that. Simple enough. Maybe have the DA stance add more armor or something to boost the survivability. And maybe toss in an extra CD for keeping yourself alive. THIRD: Pets are fine the way they are! Tanks would probably choose imp for the self heal or voidwalker to share aggro with you and "off tank" You could even make a glyph where pet aggro is transfered to you or just build it into the spec FOURTH: Talents work as well! No shock here all of the talents would work! Only talent you probably wouldn't swap out would be mortal coil for the 15% heal. The rest are interchangeable. FIFTH: Come up with an interesting mastery like "bubble for x amount of damage done" or something crazy like that SIXTH: Give it a stance like Demo has DA or Meta. Just make it like DA basically but maybe add in a little better damage reduction or something. FINALLY: Don't make the damage output too insane. We don't want anything on the Blood DK level in PvP. Just want something interesting for PvE that isn't warlock lovers could get into. TL;DR: Just read the damn thing. You came here to read this post, don't be lazy.Locktopus78 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Best PvP trinket for Affi lock? Was thinking of getting the Shado-Pan trinket but I think it might be overkill. Do you think I have enough haste or not enough? I used to stack mastery but found out I've done better in PvP with haste.Terhy2 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 lol another CB ninja nerf? now im hitting 80-90k under cd 120 with BL on bgs man what the !@#$ blizz?Evilhussy4 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 So pumped For green fire. I've been reading the lock forums for over a week now, and a lot of threads I see are about Kanrethad. Reading about how hard the fight is, really makes me look forward to it. Now that I finally have my Backlash (I think its Backlash) that reduces the cast time/cost of my main damage spell, I'm really having a blast leveling right now. And reading all these Kanrethad threads, has me really pumped to fight him! I started playing mid Wrath, just before LFG came out. Around that time, there weren't any hard fights like this. Stuff was either to hard to solo and required a group, were easily soloable, or were soloable for tanks, and required clear-cut tactics like preventing damage, and restoring your health through-out the fight. There wasn't anything like this that was really hard to solo, but do-able, as long as you learned the mechanics. Either you bulled your way through something, or you couldn't solo it. Anyway, I have no clue what the point of this thread is exactly...>.> Just wanted to say that I'm excited to fight Kanrethad. At first I really wanted green fire just because...You know, green fire! But now I think I'm actually craving the fight more then wanting to get the reward.Traedorina11 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Which trinket do I want for PvP So this weekend I got the LFR version of Wushoolay's Final Choice which has been pretty awesome, but would the shadopan haste trinket be better than it? Right now I can hold out til I have 9 stacks and then reapply dots with dark soul, troll haste, and engineering gloves so I get like 12k int and have 65% haste on my dots. Would the haste trinket be better than this?Applebear3 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Warlock Pvp Tank Guide Hey guys just wanted to bring up tanking in pvp as it's kind of fallen off in the last couple weeks as blizzard has taken the liberty to gut the viability of it in RBGs by throwing us into the "actual FC" debuff category. With that though it is still one of the most entertaining specs in my opinion warlocks have had in a long time. While it's almost impossible to solo healers in this form the overall damage is still there and fun as hell. If anyone's interested in learning more about how to handle warlock tanking I just posted a video regarding everything you'll need to know about how to play it. Hope this helps and enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7QH6KySXDZ8Lockpower2 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Affliction : PvP [Need some help] Hello guys, I just hitted 90 and I was wondering hows affliction in this patch 5.3 - I heared affli is good for 3s, 5s and RBGS for their dots and pressure. (Is that true?) - Still being destro better? I hope u guys will help me. I will appreciate it a lot. I really like affli dots and wanna do some pvp "competitive" (not high rank), Wanna do arenas and RBGS so need some help. Btw do u guys knows GG guides for destro and affli? about : - Gems - Reforge - Talents - Tricks.Afflictive6 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 6, 2013 Need help back from a year+ off I have been on a break from wow for over a year so before the last expansion. Before I took my break I had only played for a year or so. So I had just really got to where I was pretty good. But now I feel like Im back to step one. The talents and build seems different and the warlock has seemed to have changed a lot. Ive read up a little bit on icy veins but am still a little lost. I like to run demo on my lock and im just not sure how may actions bars and rotation should be set up. So any helps and tips for PVE and doing quest and for when i start back doing dungeons would be greatly appreciated. If I need to add any more info please say so and I will. Oh and Im not concerned at all with PVP so im not building towards that at all.Xanderlise1 Jun 6, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 RBG PvP, Demonology or Destruction? Title says it all. I like the specs equally, but as I plan to get into rated pvp when I get geared at 90, I'd like to start practicing the better spec now.Twistedchaos5 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Affliction Rotation PVP help i'm looking for some pointer's on a decent rotation for affliction in PVP is seed of corruption highly used ?Nermah5 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Simcraft is frustrating me It keeps saying "unable to open html report" I looked at their website can't find an answer. It was working before now it stopped. Really want to sim myself but of course nothing ever works. Any fixes?Teepayne1 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Demonology PvP: The Tank Alternate This is an overview of Demonology for tanking in PvP. Information will be updated and corrected over time, so feel free to provide feedback with regards to all information in the following posts. Index 1. Race Alliance Horde2. Talents Level 15 Level 30 Level 45 Level 60 Level 75 Level 903. Glyphs Major Minor4. Professions 5. Stats & Reforging 6. Enchants 7. Gems 8. Defensive Cooldowns 9. Spell Usage 10. Macros 11. Best in Slot: Trinkets All choices and suggestions in this overview will operate under the focus of maximizing defensive capabilities and prolonging survivability in PvP. 1. Race Alliance Recommendation: Human > Dwarf > Worgen >= Gnome Explanation: Human allows you to use both a stamina trinket and battlemaster trinket at the same time while still having access to a medallion through Every Man For Himself. Horde Recommendation: Orc > Troll > Goblin >= Undead > Blood Elf Explanation: Hardiness (Orc Racial) stacks with Nether Plating and the Powerful Primal Diamond Meta gem, granting 60% reduced duration on stuns. Da Voodoo Shuffle (Troll Racial) stacks with Nether Plating and the Enigmatic Primal Diamond, granting 60% reduced duration on snares. 2. Talents Level 15 Recommendation: Dark Regeneration > Harvest Life > Soul Leech Explanation: Dark Regeneration compliments many of the spells and passive talents for Demonology Warlocks. Harvest Life's benefit is dependent on your ability to channel uninterrupted, which is highly unlikely if you are to be a flag carrier, and your damage output will be far too low for Soul Leech to outperform Dark Regeneration. Level 30 Recommendation: Mortal Coil > Shadowfury > Howl of Terror Explanation: Mortal Coil is not only useful for crowd controlling healers whilst your teammates kills enemy DPS, but restores 15% of your health. Howl of Terror is simply too easily countered and not as easily dependent due to all the fear counters within the game. Level 45 Recommendation: Soul Link > Sacrificial Pet > Dark Bargain Explanation: Soul Link is required for this particular build which will be utilizing Grimoire of Sacrifice as it provides you with a 20% increase to your total health. If you were running with a pet build, Sacrificial Pet is recommended over Soul Link. Level 60 Recommendation: Blood Horror > Unbound Will > Burning Rush Explanation: Blood Horror only uses 5% of your maximum health, is on a relatively short cooldown, and can assist you against a melee player. Unbound Will could be useful if for instance you're layered with several rows of debuffs and DoT effects to justify the 20% health consumption for its use, otherwise I think the cost is too great. Level 75 Recommendation: Grimoire of Sacrifice > Grimoire of Supremacy > Grimoire of Service Explanation: If prior to sacrificing your pet via Grimoire of Sacrifice you use Soul Link, Grimoire of Sacrifice will also increase your total health by 20%; it also restores 2% total health every 5 seconds, which compliments (and adds) other spells and talents for this build greatly. Level 90 Recommendation: Mannoroth's Fury > Archimonde's Vengeance > Kil'Jaeden's Cunning Explanation: I've found that the increase in AoE attacks is far more useful than AV. Immolation Aura hits just about everything, Hand of Gul'dan is increased so more targets are snared, and Carrion Swarm also increases which means more players can be knocked backwards. 3. Glyphs Major 1. Glyph of Demon Hunting (Required) 2. Glyph of Healthstone (Required) 3. Glyph of Siphon Life (Required) Minor 1. Glyph of Falling Meteor (Required; you could fall from any distance and you'll never die from falling whether you use it during the fall or jump off an elevated location) Note: Glyph of Nightmares received a silent nerf. You no longer receive this effect in Battlegrounds. 4. Professions Recommendation: Blacksmithing > Jewelcrafting > All Explanation: Professions that increase mastery are superior than professions that increase strictly intellect. 5. Stats & Reforging Recommendation: 6% Hit > Mastery >= Stamina > PvP Resilience > PvP Power >= Intellect > Haste > Critical Strike Explanation: Stamina now provides more effective health than PvP Resilience and eventually surpasses Mastery in terms of survivability; once you've acquired 20% physical damage reduction while in Dark Apotheosis, I'd prioritize Stamina over Mastery. 6. Enchants Cloak: Enchant Cloak - Greater Protection Chest: Enchant Chest - Superior Stamina Boots: Enchant Boots - Pandaren's Step Gloves: Enchant Gloves - Superior Mastery Legs: Ironscale Leg Armor Weapon: Enchant Weapon - Windsong Shoulder: Greater Ox Horn Inscription Bracer: Enchant Bracer - Mastery 7. Gems Meta: Powerful Primal Diamond > Enigmatic Primal Diamond All: Fractured Sun's Radiance, Solid River's Heart, or Puissant Wild Jade 8. Defensive Cooldowns Blood Horror (30 sec cooldown) Carrion Swarm (12 sec cooldown) Dark Regeneration (2 min cooldown) Dark Soul: Knowledge (2 min cooldown) Demonic Circle: Teleport (25 sec cooldown w/ PvP gloves) Demonic Gateway (5 charges, 15 sec cooldown) Demonic Leap (10 sec cooldown) Fury Ward (30 sec cooldown) Mortal Coil (45 sec cooldown) Sleep (no cooldown) Unending Resolve (3 min cooldown) 9. Spell Usage The foundation of this build and specialization all revolves around one thing: Glyph of Demon Hunting. By entering this form, you gain access to many Metamorphosis exclusive spells and talents, such as: - Aura of Enfeeblement (Replaces Curse of Enfeeblement) - Aura of the Elements (Replaces Curse of the Elements) - Carrion Swarm - Demonic Leap - Demonic Slash (Replaces Shadow Bolt) - Immolation Aura (Replaces Hellfire) - Sleep (Replaces Fear; mechanics like Fear Ward do not work against Sleep) - Void Ray (Replaces Fel Flame) - Nether Plating Through Grimoire of Sacrifice, you gain one spell from a pet (the spell being dependent on the pet you sacrificed). For our purposes we will be sacrificing the Voidwalker to obtain Shadow Bulwark (Instant, Temporarily grants the caster 30% of their maximum health for 20 sec., 2 min cooldown). I would suggest trying to balance your spells and talents between non-cooldown-based defenses and cooldown-based defenses. Non-Cooldown-Based Defenses include: - Aura of Enfeeblement - Siphon Life - Grimoire of Sacrifice (health increase/regeneration) - Fel Armor - Mastery: Mastery Demonologist (reduced physical/magical damage taken while in Dark Apotheosis form) - Nether Plating When receiving moderate pressure, I'd recommend the following spell usage: - Aura of Enfeeblement should be maintained at all times. - Carrion Swarm should be utilized to knock players off elevated locations (the roof of the flag room for example) or simply create distance between yourself or your healer against enemy players. - If you selected the Siphon Life glyph, maintain Corruption on all nearby targets. - Demonic Circle: Teleport can be used liberally, although if any nearby enemy players have knockback effects I would save the cooldown for such instances. - Demonic Gateway is something I typically leave for friendly players given the effective mobility of Demonology. - Demonic Leap is on such a short cooldown that it should always be used to create distance and put a pause in pressure; with the minor glyph it can also prevent fall damage. - Demonic Slash will spawn Wild Imps, generate Demonic Fury, and deal moderate damage, so make sure it is used off every cooldown. - Fury Ward has a short cooldown, absorbs all forms of damage (physical included), and should be used whenever possible. If you're an Engineer, I'd recommend macroing Synapse Springs with Fury Ward, as the amount of damage Fury Ward absorbs is based on your spell power. - Hand of Gul'dan will apply a moderate snare and generate Demonic Fury, use whenever off cooldown. - Immolation Aura is great for hitting stealthed players and deals moderate AoE damage; I would advise use when Demonic Fury is greater than 200, but pay attention to crowd control effects on enemy players so you don't inadvertently break them. - Soul Fire should be cast whenever Molten Core procs, don't worry about interrupts. - Void Ray is a decent filler, an AoE, and adds 4 sec. to Corruption, use in conjunction with Immolation Aura for added AoE pressure, do not use unless Demonic Fury is greater than 200. When receiving high pressure, I'd recommend the following spell usage: - Blood Horror earlier rather than later due to its consumption of health to briefly crowd control an assaulting melee. - Dark Soul: Knowledge should be used in the presence of several melee, as the added 18,000 mastery will reduce physical damage taken even more (the reduced magical damage is a constant 15%, not an advised cooldown against casters). - Mortal Coil is something I typically try to time with needed crowd control (typically on an enemy healer) and when I need health restored (below 70% health). - Unending Resolve is something I try to time with needed crowd control due to its interrupt protection; I will typically use if below 60% health. - Burst Heal macro is something to be used when your health is equal to or less than 30%, refer to macros section for "Burst Heal". As a general rule of thumb you want to spread the use of your cooldowns out over a period of time rather than use them all at once. Use your cooldowns proportionate to the offensive cooldowns used by enemy players (2 minute defensive cooldown to counter 2 minute offensive cooldown, etc.). 10. Macros Burst Heal: #showtooltip Dark Regeneration /use Battlemaster Trinket /cast Command Demon /cast Dark Regeneration /use Healthstone [Notes: Command Demon will use the spell you've been granted through Grimoire of Sacrifice, in this case Shadow Bulwark from the Voidwalker.] Focus Mortal Coil: /cast [target=focus] Mortal Coil Focus Fear/Sleep: /cast [target=focus] Fear [Notes: The macro will work as a Focus Sleep when in Dark Apotheosis] Focus Command Demon: /cast [target=focus] Command Demon [Notes: Useful if you sacrifice a Felhunter for Spell Lock] Best in Slot: Trinkets 1. Tyrannical Gladiator's Emblem of Tenacity 2. Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage 3. Jade Warlord FigurineRilaks29 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 When should I go to Affliction again? hi guys, My guild just started on H progression and killed Jinrokh (don't laugh, we only raid twice a week). I have been running destro/demo so far, and doing quite well, at ilevel 522. I know that at some point I will want an affliction spec, but I put together an Aff build on MrRobot, with haste-centered gems and reforges and all, and simmed it, and it comes in 17k below my Destro build (146k DPS, vs. destro at 163k DPS in the same base gear). I do have two RPPM trinkets ( Wushoolay's Final Choice and Breath of the Hydra) and Sinister Primal Diamond. So my question is two-fold: 1) At which ilevel should I go Aff? 2) Which spec should i drop for the sake of Aff? My concern with question #2 is that generally, both Aff and Demo are powered by multidotting, while Destro exploits cleaves, so while Demo might be better than Destro on a number of fights, Aff will mostly be better than Destro on the same fights as Demo would; so to optimize my overall raid utility (on all the various fights), I suspect Destro/Aff dualspec will be more useful. On the other hand, Demo is godly on Leishen specifically, and on Consorts as well, due to the duration of Doom. So would it be worth it keeping Destro/Aff dualspec, or would Demo/Aff dualspec be more useful overall? Or should I run with Destro/Aff, and respec to Demo when we hit Consorts? On the third hand, I understand that swapping gear between Aff and Demo will be fairly simple (just reforge mastery <=> haste) but swapping Aff and Destro would entail regemming to optimize properly. I would love to hear alternative thoughts on the issue. Thanks guys!Cassandrá19 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 How to play demo... Perhaps it's just that I'm very very undergeared.. but I have a hell of a time getting a melee off of me. And I can't take much of a beating. Could just be my very low stam. Or is it all about using our ports?Opeatz6 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 How far behind is Affliction at low ilvls? Hey everyone, I haven't been part of the warlock community since ICC 25. Just started playing this character again and I had a quick question. I know at T15 H affliction is competitive and that destruction/demonology is better at lower ilvls, but affliction is the spec I'm most comfortable with and was wondering how far behind it is at lower ilvls. Any insight would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance!Apothanatos2 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 demo lock pvp gemming what are other demo locks gemming pure int gems seem weakKeflex8 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Green Fire I leveled to 90 4 days ago and just started doing quest on the thundering isle today. Some guild members wanted help killing a rare so I did and while questing I saw another rare and got the same two people to help. Long story short I killed 2 rares total on the isle and this tome dropped. Being the broke alt-holic that I am I was wondering how much it sells for.Smoltz8 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 demonic fury question So I mostly go into meta when I get a trinket proc or when I cast dark soul. However, assuming I'm not under any dmg bonus stuff, when should I transform? at cap, 900 or just whenever? I ask this because I see other demo locks constantly in meta form and it feels like I don't have that consistency. Any advice would be cool =).Cheddars2 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Explain Demon Hunting please real quick... So am I correct in the assumption that when you have the Demon Hunting Glyph in your glyph page and it is actively available to use... As long as you don't use the spell (AKA enter the form Dark Apothesis) you don't drain fury at an extended rate, or lose any dps, and all your spells would be the exact same as if you didn't have the glyph inscribed? So, in other words, there is no down side to actually having the glyph currently inscribed in your spell book, correct? (Other than the obvious, being that it is taking up a glyph spot)?? Thanks!Koroleanda6 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 What's your demons' names? I'm curious what other locks got, let's see if we got some interesting ones out there. Fel Imp: Gibsy voidlord: Galanix observer: Bragrak shiva: Delzabal wrathguard: DagradathMannorak1 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Destruction and grimsac Uhhh, so it's probably been this way for awhile, I just rarely play destruction and haven't noticed, and when I do I use supremacy...but seriously? Destruction gets 20% bonus hp from grimsac, along with ember tap??? Why does affliction not have at least the bonus hp from grimsac, considering it also doesn't have the self heal.....just...wow.Sothasil6 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 What just happened? So I was in Eye of the Storm today fighting this Shadow Priest, and in the middle of the fight, she drops a Psyfiend. So I get feared, and right when the fear goes off, my Grimoire gets cancelled and my Felhunter is running beside me. I'm not 100% sure it was the fear, but that's when it happened. I was casting at the Priest, feared by the Psyfiend, and poof, my pet's back and my buff is gone. Has anyone else had this happen before? Is it a bug, or can Priests cancel a Grimoire of Sacrifice buff? I don't know anything about Priests as I've never played one. Also, I'm pretty sure my buff didn't expire. I had just rezed at the GY about 3 min before this happened, and my Griomoire, and Dark Intent are macrod to my mount, so they were fresh buffs.Azradath14 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Clarification on Demo PVE gems/reforges As subject states. I'm hoping to get some questions cleared up on which gems would be better as well as reforges. I know there's SimCraft to use to weight my stats, but that confuses me. It shows me as haste>crit>mastery. I read a lot about how demo stats are pretty much equal to each other. But then I also read from other locks and from a couple sites on how stat priority is mast>haste>crit. Seems a bit contradictory to me vs SimCraft. Why have mastery as the last stat on SimCraft if its stated from sources to the be #1 go to stat? With that said, here are some of the questions I have pertaining to SimCraft's results and to sites I've read. Is there such a thing as too much mastery to the point of wanting to go more into haste? Reason I ask is because a post I saw stated about going 8000 mastery rating and from there, go haste and ignore crit. I've read how mastery and haste synergize better together. Which leads to another question. Haste. I read on MMO-champ were reforging for haste breakpoints aren't rly worth it. I saw a youtube vid of a pretty good lock showing reforge priorities as haste to 3036 for the extra Doom tick. From there, mastery then crit. I read so much on sites and from other locks pertaining to demo about stats, that I'm all sorts of boggled. And all that brings me to the issue w/gems. Saw a post about the UVOLS trink stating for gemming, its best to go with the int/mast (artful vermilion onyx) for red, pure mastery for yellow (fractured sun's radiance) and for blue, to use the mast/hit gem (sensei's wild jade). Atm, that is how I am gemmed. Is this wrong? My DPS is pretty good w/the way I've been doing things, but I keep wondering if I could do more and squeeze more from my gear by reforging / gemming a different way. I would appreciate any help from more well knowledgeable demo locks who are better with the stat weights and getting the most out of gear. And please, no trolls or negative responses. I'm really confused and am asking serious questions.Ravenhäwk2 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Kanrethad 7min marker What kind of dps do you need to have to beat him within his first cast of doom without the use of the potion?Gimmedatloli15 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Demo: Doom and Overall Damage % Warlock Community, I have recently gotten used to using the SimCraft tool, but I came across something that looked strange to me: I was looking at the results and it shows Doom being my second highest damage source, behind wild imps. After a LFR this afternoon, I looked at boss recounts and it shows that Doom was average 4-5th damage source, behind Soul Fire/Touch of Chaos/Shadowbolt. I had a pretty solid upkeep time but it just seems strange that it was that low on my damage sources. Is that normal? (sorry for no logs) I also switched from Mastery->crit->haste reforge priority, not sure if that makes a difference or not. Thanks for any input in advance!Endijor3 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Race Change Hello everyone, I've decided I hate the goblin race, I cannot stand being that small and can barely see my armor. I was wondering on what other race I should switch to? I was considering Orc or Undead. Your thoughts would be well appreciated. ThanksMënace19 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Warlock Races Hello Everyone! I have been thinking about making a warlock. I am completely for the alliance though, and I would like to have my second character be in my guild on Alliance. I was thinking about doing a Dwarf warlock, but I was starting to think that human may be better. I do not want to do Warlock or Gnome for obvious reasons. Dwarves are cool looking, but it seems that Humans have better racial abilities. The only turn-off about humans to me is their casting animations. I want to do a male, but the human casting animation just looks ridiculous. Dwarf doesn't, but some gear on them looks pretty weird. Anyway, I'm looking for opinions to see if I can get over the casting animations for humans, or the way gear looks on Dwarves. Thank you for your opinions!Cyndirs11 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Over 1,000,000 Health ^_^ http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t160/Acann/Demo-Health_zps9b17ee60.jpg Can't wait till I have full Tyrannical and utilize all my gems :)Quidproquo17 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Observer "taunt" I apologize if this was posted or discussed already, I did a basic "front page scan" and didn't see anything relevant so decided to post, if this is duplicated, my apologies. I have a question or more of an observation leading to a question based on the Observer (the demon for Warlock). This happened all this week during heroics, I am a fresh 90 I haven't been 90 more than 7-days and I just started heroics, been doing them back to back extremely eager to get into new raiding once again as I was years ago when I originally played WoW. I've just returned a little over a month ago so I am by far not an 'awesome' lock, simply a newb. So this question outlines something I may not know of my own class. Recently in heroics certain tanks - the first time it was a Paladin, second and third time it was a Death Knight have told me in Instance-Chat "Lock, turn off taunt on pet", I am using the Observer as I always do... taunt? There is no taunt... I replied during that first experience and told the tank simply that the pet had no taunt, I was kicked from the group minutes later; for something I obviously cannot control. I want to know if other Warlocks are having issues? It seems like since the Observer not only dispels the useful buffs on enemies, it also steals them and then in turn heals itself based on that successful steal, that this much like a healer, would cause aggro or a "taunt", if the unknowing tank does not have full aggro on said group before my attack where the Observer makes his buff-claim. I've also noticed that while we progress in dungeons, we have had groups come from behind us to attack us, groups no one touched, and I notice that when the group finally reaches us they are casters or magic classes and my Observer pet is dead... almost like the Observer has a mind of its own, searches for magic classes, picks a fight, fails to tank them and leaves the group to clean up behind him. Is anyone else having similar issues or noticing anything with the Observer? I just know I'm sick of being harassed in groups for "not knowing how to play" when my pet is simply not doing anything out of the average -- aside from this, a druid in my guild decided to tank for me to see if my Observer was doing anything, he said he not once noticed it 'taunt' a target. So my question remains, does anyone else get dogged on for 'taunt' on their Observer, notice any unusual pet behavior with the Observer going off on its own to other random mobs, or pulling aggro from less-taunted mobs due to their dispel, buff and heal technique?Pipikaula19 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Kanrethad - Impossible in PvP Gear. I have full Malevolent gear, some upgraded, and I can only manage to get him to 45% health at the THIRD round of imps, and I maximize my DPS as thoroughly as I can! It's just so unfair how PvE geared players have such an insane advanatge... I crit 250k average chaos bolts while in Dark Soul + DPS trinket activated, players in PvE gear hit 400-450k... Please blizzard fix the scaling, make it scale with gear and give players in PvP gear a chance at this. I seriously don't want to farm a full PvE set JUST for this fight! If anyone has done this in PvP gear, please let me know! I don't think anyone has. Please help blizzard D:Volcanis86 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 5, 2013 Wraithguard/Felguard and threat (I know I'm writing this on my mage..forgive that) I have two Warlocks (one H one A) and when in Demo, I use the Wraithguard. Unfortunately there seems to be a problem with him doing too much damage and pulling aggro off the tank. This has happened plenty of times and I have even made sure to turn off ALL of his special attacks (not just Threatening Presence but Cleave as well). Still, he pulls aggro off of tanks. Are these tanks just not keeping up to snuff and my DPS is just that OP or am I doing something wrong?Liadra4 Jun 5, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Repairing / break on green fire quest questio So, my armor got crapped on. Needed to repair, so I hearted out then it wouldn't let me just teleport back in to the instance. Is there an easy repair that doesn't involve me hearthing out to bumble!@#$ and flying all the way back? And when you go back do you pick up where you left off?Aecros6 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 More Green Fire I even waited to get my gear higher and still this eludes me. Seems like no matter what I do the imps get me. I just want to say those who pull this off....well done! I think I may give up, way too frustrating. Another thing I noticed is sometimes cataclysm and chaos bolt are cast much too close together to use the interrupt. I sometimes use the line of sight for the chaos bolt. Once he cast chaos bolt while the imps were out....impossible.Perditíon6 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Kanrethad Kanrethad Kanrethad Kanrethad Stop with the kanrethad threads, all I ever see in here!!!Snail19 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Raiding Lock DPS Help (Logs Provided) Hi folks: Not thrilled with my overall output lately and asking the warlock community for input. My AoE is fine, I can pull over 400k under the right circumstances, but clearly the bread and butter are single target/boss mobs and I feel like with my gear I can be pulling more than 80k on average. Spec: Demonology Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/thunderhorn/Oricalum/simple Overall log: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/hb996rc9sxlnuemp/ Detailed log/rotation example: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/zpnuuhl7q36zo5ks/xe/?s=3937&e=4367&x=sourceName%3D%22Oricalum%22+and+fullType%3D602 Hoping for input to help me squeeze some more dps out. Thanks in advance, y'all.Oricalum13 Jun 4, 2013
Jun 4, 2013 Coming back from hiatus - how's aff/demo? I'm coming back from a year and a half break since I've got some free time until next semester. Before MoP, I played affliction almost exclusively in PVE and PVP, with a demo spec every now and again if I got bored. I'm not a fan of destro turret style, as I also play an ele shaman and currently love the turret-play style. Basically, I'm wondering about the status of each spec and viability end game. Is affliction still able to compete for top dps? I've noticed the play style hasn't changed too dramatically, haven't had a chance to test demo yet. Are both specs viable for end game right now? Which spec is performing on the higher end as of late?Streygo3 Jun 4, 2013