5d JTFC! Tomes are now 150g on AH Is 150g for a tome of the clear mind per fight in HFC working as intended for Warlocks Blizz ffs. 25g was a pain but I can deal with it. It now will cost: Assuming 1 tome per fight (ignoring re-talenting for trash) 13 * 150g = 1450g per clear Guess I'm off to the fecking Goldshire Inn to earn a bob or two. /rant On a serious note could some beta players confirm there are mechanics in place to deal with this come legion?Poynty10 5d
5d Pet Macro help Hey guys I'm trying to setup macros for my Warlock that I want to main in Legion for pet spells. I'd like to have one for focus and mouseover targets (2 total macros) for each spell but they don't seem to be working. The first one is #showtooltip /cast [pet:felhunter][target=focus] Spell Lock /cast [pet:succubus][target=focus] Seduction /cast [pet:imp] Singe Magic /cast [pet:felguard][target=focus] Axe Toss For this I put Singe Magic just cause of the position I want this macro to be in my action bar, and only Spell Lock seems to be working. #showtooltip /cast [pet:Felguard][target=mouseover[ Axe Toss /cast [pet:Felhunter][target=mouseover] Spell Lock /cast [pet:succubus][target=mouseover] Seduction For this one only my Spell lock is working again. Any help would be great and thank youTychondrious0 5d
5d Anyone to reach out to? Do we have anyone at all we can reach out to about the state of warlocks, even just someone to go through the forums and say yes we've taken a look or hold tight guys we know whats up ANYTHING at all?Eodum17 5d
5d Gimp PvP Affliction Artifact Traits Hey guys. So I might be a little late to the party but I have been looking over all of the artifact traits and I noticed affliction locks have major artifact traits that require a kill to proc. This is fine for PvE but in PvP (specifically arenas), kills are rare and if you get one the game is probably over. Here are the traits I am referring to: Soul Flame When you kill a target, its soul bursts into flames, dealing (150% of Spell power) Shadowflame damage to all nearby enemies. Wrath of Consumption After you kill a target, your damage over time effects deal 2% increased damage for the next 20 sec, stacking up to 5 times. Seems rather odd that 2/4 major artifact traits require us to land a kill to have any impact. Do you see these being changed for PvP or are we just not going to be spending artifact power to activate these traits?Wartortle9 5d
5d Lock or Mage for PvP? I want to gear up either a mage or warlock for pvp. Looking to do 2v2, casual bgs and duels. I probably would be playing destruction/affliction on the lock and fire/arcane on the mage. I'm looking for some input from players who pvp with both classes. Any info would be appreciated.Autoshawt6 5d
5d Warlock leveling spec? So I was leveling this character up in invasions but now that it's been nerfed I figured I'd go back to the old dungeon grind. I don't really have much experience with warlocks since the pre-patch and honestly all the specs seem pretty awkward for contributing in dungeons while levelling. Am I just missing something or is that the case? I know Affliction has always been bad for that. Demo seems like it has a lot of ramp up time as well. Can I just spam HoG and do decent damage to trash packs that way? Destro kinda seems like the best of a bad lot but with hardly any AoE or cleave without talenting into it and constantly switching them around for questing seems kinda awkward as well.Jinksey5 5d
5d Roaring Blaze nerf and Backdraft bug So as we all know Roaring Blaze was nerfed from 60% (Blizz said 50%) to 25%. I don't know if it is as commonly know that Backdraft's duration is reduced by haste. Yes that's right, the duration is reduced by haste. The tooltip reads: "Casting Conflagrate reduces the cast time of Incinerate and Chaos Bolt by 30% for 5 sec." With absolutely no gear on, at an item level of 0 when specced into Backdraft, the Backdraft buff will last 5 seconds. At an item level of 743 with 41% haste (4062) when specced into Backdraft, the Backdraft buff will last 3 seconds. So when geared or in the process of gearing, I am actively punished for having that gear if this is intended. I'm going to attempt to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt and say this isn't intended, but as of recent it's getting difficult to think we aren't being singled out.Draxtor19 5d
5d Destruction What happened? I un-subbed in early Warlord and re-subbed recently to try out the new class and revisit some old ones. I get on my warlock and, to my dismay, see that I am no longer bursting into flames nor even generating embers. In fact, soul shards are back. What was the purpose of this change? I went through a lot of trouble getting my green fire because i thought it was awesome how you burst into green flames as you generate embers. Soul shards are just silly. For affliction, they make sense, but soul burn is the only soul related spell destruction uses and it's optional. For all this talk of class fantasy, this decision seems unjust.Totestwisted6 5d
5d Rip Water Walking Dreadsteed there is No Glyph of Nightmeres In Legion :-( NOW I HAVE to use Water Strider In Legion. Where the Warlock Class Fantasy in that???Chizuru17 5d
5d Green Fire Quest? I've been gone from WoW for quite a while, so please excuse my ignorance. What is the "green fire" quest, and where would I find it? Are there any other warlock quests I've missed? I haven't had one since the Dreadsteed.Fintaan9 5d
5d DH or Lock re: PVP ? This is with regards to damage and survivability only. Not how boring the gameplay is, etc. I'm having fun on both and don't have time to play more than one main since I'm looking forward to RBGs so I am looking for others insights that have played both specs pre-patch and/or more so the Beta and 110 or knows someone who has. On my Lock I would be Dest/Demo, and DH ofc Hav/Veng. With that said the Warlock artifacts and storyline are making it difficult as they seem more interesting since DH is pretty new, has anyone tried both class story lines in the beta? Did you feel like you were very involved in something epic? Did you feel like the story connected with the story and lore of Azeroth? I feel like with my Lock I am very stationary but pretty tanky. The only issue is the amount of stuns and melee do make it difficult for me to get any casts off. On my DH, I spec into Demon Appetite talent so there is RNG to for soul frags to spawn for me to heal and it's work out pretty well w/ regards to survivability as Havoc but other than that I feel as though I am easily kite able by ranged. DH definitely has more mobility than my Lock and other classes so being kite able seems pretty fair. Anyone with experience in 110 pvp on both of these classes? How does damage feel for both and survivability? I also ask because when I do random BGs I sometimes, which I know is dumb, wander off on my own and feel like both classes are decent in 2v1 fights... The artifact Weapons like Scepter of Sargeras also look to add more survivability for the Lock (ie: life drain buffs) and 3 charges with a 45sec cooldown to drop portals for added dmg seems like it would help a lot with melee cleave and being interrupted. While the DH Havoc artifact trait is a 1min CD and an aoe ability which appears to be easily avoidable (?). Do you feel like one weapon over the other benefits the class more when speaking about damage and survivability? What are you opinions on how PVP talents will help the Lock vs DH? Do you think when we are more into the expansion (like 1-2 months into the expansion) classes will become more balanced so I should just choose the class with the story that excites me more?Horvoar0 5d
5d Pretty telling :( https://m.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/4y1cwa/what_are_you_maining_in_legion/ That is allRaalos26 5d
5d Hidden change? Is it just me or do warlocks feel tankier than the previous few daysVoodoobox3 5d
5d Green Fire Passive in Demo So I've always been attracted to Fel Fire/Green Fire, which is why I immediately went and did that quest when I had the opportunity. Since the pre-patch however, the only spec of warlock that can show off their Green Fire is Destruction (unless you take the Burning Rush talent, but not everyone takes that one talent). I remember from the old Demonology spec that your demon form went from purple to green. So that either went from Shadow Magic --> Fel Magic or it went from Shadowflame Magic --> Fel Magic. So this idea that ONLY fire magic gets turned green is not a real argument since we have an example here of when that is not true. I'm going to be generous and say that the original demon form was Shadowflame and not Shaodw, that's why it got turned green (because it still had some fire in it, even if it was a mix of shadow + fire). What this all breaks down to is that I think in this new demo spec, the Shadowflame spells should be turned into a dark shade of green if you have the Green Fire passive, that way more specs can reap the rewards of doing that long questline with the particularly hard boss at the end (instead of where we are now, with just destro being able to experience that green fire). Small Note: I notice an effect around the player when they cast Demonic Empowerment, which looks like purple fire going around your character while the buff is affecting your pet. I don't know what this is supposed to be, but if it's Shadowflame, then it should be changed to green too.Kreyadil4 5d
5d Warlock for Legion Would leveling a warlock for legion be an all around bad idea? I was told they're not in a great state and were gutted pretty badly, however I have always liked the idea of playing one. Do you think they will still be viable for pvp/pve? I receive a lot of comments saying go mage. I have a main mage, but was wanting something to flip back and forth to.Aklfjas5 5d
5d Nerfs and Class fantasy Judging from the misery of warlocks on the forums, I can definitely say that the warlock nerfs have turned the players who main them into the best representation of the warlock class fantasy. Look at the agony expressed, and the destructive fury all over the forums. Good job Blizz, +1 for thinking out of the box!Vaspein0 5d
5d Shadowburn I'm tired of the amount of ramp up time chaos bolt needs in order to be effective so I thought I'd try using an ability that has instant damage. If I have Shadowburn talented what should my rotation and other talents look like?Zaraxa2 5d
5d Give Warlocks Back the ability Speak Demon Simply warlocks have been able to speak demon or make others speak it since Vanilla. We have to communicate with our demons some how and we are supposed to be able cast our spells in Demonic So yea give it back, no reason that Demon hunters should have it. Or atleast be the only ones to have it.Badmaan14 5d
5d Blizz is not even reading warlock tooltips. The Roaring Blaze nerf stated it went from 50% to 25%, but it was actually 60% to 25%. If they can't even spend time to read what they implemented in a game, they sure as hell won't read the forums. Next Nerf: Chaos bolt now does 10% less frost damage. Next Buff: Warlock's frost bolt increases immolate dmg by 29%, increased by armor penetration.Neuropsych14 5d
5d Done. Going to my Priest. After years of playing my Afflock..Im done. Blizzard have proven themselves to be as biased and incompetent as any developer could be. They gave in to the BS cries for nerfs and we got slammed in survivability. I went finally being able to stand up to melee to getting my butt handed to me WoD style all over again. I dont wnat to here crap about this is lvl100. Dont tell me to wait for 110 because the writting is on the wall...again for Affliction. We have been gutted to death and now we have no way to deal with melee. The nerfs to demon skin and versatility were over the top as always because Blizzard cant nerf in small increments. Doing invasions and getting destroyed by every Paladin, DH, DK, Rogue, Druid...its just too much. Im just disgusted at this point. Anyone with even the smallest amount of intelligence knows that if you have slow, ramp up damage and little mobility with your big hitters and fear on cast timers and your heal on a channeled spell, would know that that kind of game play requires survivability and they took it away, again. The same fools that cant understand that dots on many targets = huge over all damage but small single target damage and that cant only see "most damage done" in a BG, that cant comprehend that a 4k tick spell like corruption of 10 targest would look like 40Kdps but in reality is only 4k dps on a single target, that cant understand padded numbers and spread pressure, that cant fathom a class with NO burts to speak of, one would thing that any class like that would need to be tanky. But no....those same fools are the ones that got us nerfed with their stupid, ignorant rants and spam threads and once again, our survivability is in the tank....again. Blizzard. You guys are seriously out of touch with your own game. There are WW Monks literally ripping people apart in less than 5 seconds...From 100% health to nothing. It IS happening and I have experienced from a fellow guild member showing me how it works. Rogues are freaking shadow striking people out of the air in 4-5 hits. The game is so darn out of whack right now and the ONE class you pick on is Warlocks....AGAIN! You tell people to discuss crap on these threads and make points and speak with civility while you habitually ignored beta testers. While turn a nose to anyone that speaks against your "vision" of this game and how classes work. You claim that you get conflicting input from one player and then different input from another yest you always seem to make the decision that screw the same classes over and over again while the same ole classes that have been OP for 2 freaking expansions and some more than that, continue to be so. The fact is, people screamed about Frost DKs in WoD for months and months and you did nothing but BUFF them. But let one darn person say one thing about a Warlock and you guys roll out the nerfs like its DEFCON 1. Im sick of it. Sick to death of it. Im maining my Disc Priest so Im sure you will be killing that class soon. With contempt and anger, -Rougaroux PS...we just got another nerf to our intellect and more nerfs in Legion concerning Casting Circle which was a big ability for dealing with melee. Also Im sure many of you if not all also know that the damage from UA being dispelled got shot down to. Enjoy! I'm going that way----------------> *points to the Priest Class.Rougaroux31 5d
5d Ideas to address Destruction spec issues [copied from another mega thread] Here're my opinions on the Destro spec based on lv110 in beta, also leveled a Fire Mage and a Boomkin for further comparison and perspective. Hope a dev reads and finds it helpful. Destruction 1. Partial RNG resource building is "clunky" and feels really bad when rng isn't on your side. People throw the "clunky" term around a lot without specifying what it means, I will try to elaborate with the help of a few scenarios. In any situation where we need to pool shards for either burst damage or to prepare for a dungeon pull, it adversely affects the value of a) Soul Conduit b) Feretory of Souls legendary c) Shadowburn sniping. If any combination of these 3 factors exists, we run a high chance of overcapping shards on lucky proc streaks from Immolate/Conduit/Feretory if we are trying to pool. On the other hand, if we try the safer route of keeping our shard count low, we run the risk of poor RNG and not have 3+ shards when we need it, UNLESS we go against a standard rotation and also pool (and waste) conflagrate thus resulting in lower dps. While pooling resource is not new to the game, it simply feels bad and doesn't work well for the Destro Warlock because of the RNG nature of our resource system which often results in feast or famine situations. This will feel even more unpredictable once we get legendaries and the artifact trait that returns shards on Chaos Bolt. Solution: I very much prefer a playstyle where we can focus on keeping our shard count low and thus executing our rotation naturally, with options for -burst resource- building when needed. Some ideas as follows; a) Soul Tap (replace Mana Tap) – *Consumes 10% of your current health and mana to gain 10% damage for 10 seconds, the next spell you cast is free. 25sec cooldown* Mana Tap currently is the lowest pick of the tier by far, this could make it more attractive while solving the problem of on-demand aoe. It also reinforces it as a 'flexible' talent pick that boosts both ST and AoE. b) Soul Harvest – existing effect + *gain 2 soul shards on activation and 1 every 5 seconds for the duration* You should gain soul shards from harvesting souls, right? c) Channel Demonfire – existing effect + *gain 1 soul shard per second while channeling. cooldown increased to 30 seconds, can move while channeling* CD can be adjusted so that average shard gain per minute is similar to Soul Conduit. All of the above are the least popular picks in each tier, I believe any of these options will kill 2 gnomes with 1 healthstone. 2. Chaos Bolt vs Havoc vs Legendaries tuning. After playing around with the legendary that has a 30% chance of chaining per bolt (meaning you can get 4 CBs on a havoc), I can already see how this will be a HUGE problem in 2-3 months+ time which may result in yet another over nerf. **First, I want to emphasize that getting quadruple chaos bolt chains is FUN and AWESOME. This is very important for us at a time when everyone is complaining about flavour and playstyle. Do not EVER change this aspect.** That said, once we are geared and fill our artifact tree, Chaos Bolt scales from 2-4 targets and anywhere between 2-5+ casts in a row depending on RNG procs. Do you see where this is heading? In a key moment on a multi-boss fight where all cooldowns, pots and bloodlust are blown, the damage difference between a lock who gets 0 legendary proc and 0 shard return proc versus the lucky one blessed by RNGesus can be staggering. This does NOT feel good at all especially when ones performance is scrutinised in a serious raiding guild. Now, legendaries are meant to be impactful, and it's true other classes' legendaries on their own offer the same swing in power, that's fine. The problem is when you stack this on top of Havoc AND our rng resource system AND our rng Mastery that hilariously compounds the wild swings in Destro performance on a per encounter basis. I get that the entire theme of Destro is CHAOS and this may be intended after all, but let's try to strike a sensible balance between chaos and consistency. Additionally, because of how well Chaos Bolt scales with Havoc and Magistrike Restrains, it severely limits it's single target damage potential which has been extensively highlighted by many players. Solution: I propose that Magistrike Restraints and Havoc be changed in the following manner: a) Havoc – Havoc target takes 20% less damage. This damage reduction does not apply if Havoc is on your primary target. (so that Odr, Shawl of the Ymirjar retains it's function for ST while offsetting Havoc on cleave) b) Magistrike Restraints – 100% chance to chain chaos bolt per cast off primary target at 25% damage, 50% chance to chain off Havoc target at 25% damage (feel free to suggest actual math) This should make it easier for devs to make Chaos Bolt / Incinerate feel beefier and slightly improve our ST/AoE damage without overpowering our cleave. I feel these are all slight tweaks to existing items/abilities without huge mechanical overhaul that could really improve our QoL and address most of the current and future problems with Destro spec.Valthael0 5d
5d Pet graphics Is there any way to bring back the old pet graphics for when you had Grimoire of Supremacy? Like a minor glyph or anything?Ilexivant2 5d
5d Main Spec I need help deciding my main spec for legion. What's everyone else going for? I originally made a warlock for demonology, but it just doesn't feel right to me. The class is clunky, and the rotation is so boring and tedious with the spamming of demonic empowerment, as well as the end game fantasy of summoning different kinds of demons just isn't there. I've never tried affliction, but I heard it's honestly just not that good of a spec anymore as well as it just doesn't appeal too much to me. I'm currently leaning towards destruction. I stayed off of it originally until I got my fel fire because using the regular fire made me feel like a mage (which I didn't want). This class seems ok, but for some reason my damage just isn't there. It's probably due to me either not doing the rotation 100% right, or just undergeared. Tldr: So far I'm looking at 50% destruction 45% demonology and 5% affliction. How about you guys?Zaraxa7 5d
5d what class are u hopping to so i think i'm gonna main vengeance demon hunter if i can tolerate the playstyle, if not maybe ill just stomach afflock will probably rename my warlock to "hedohatesblizz" and make my demon hunter the "real" hedo i could elaborate for paragraphs about how much i love the warlock class but hey yanno BLIZZ anyone else class hopping?Hedo82 5d
5d Some suggestions for Affliction Warlocks Devs have just ignored us completely. I still wanted to throw out some suggestions that I feel might improve Affliction warlock fantasy and play style Warlocks need a base single target nuke spell that is not a long CD. Haunt could be it but it does no damage what so ever. I would suggest - making UA one soul shard and do all of its damage on impact and buff our other DOTS on the target for x amount of time. Maybe 5 seconds - Also have agony/corruption give a proc chance to make next UA free and instant cast. - The artifact reap soul ability should be equally satisfying for a 30 second fight or a 6 min fight. I suggest Making reap soul be a DPS cooldown that could be our opener that doubles all damage for the next 20 or 30 seconds. I mean the whole artifact is a mess and I could go on about it for a while. I will focus on just the first ability here. - The grimoire talent row is just plain stupid. I would say get rid of it and use some imagination but that wont happen. So keeping with that, make grim of sac stronger. It was a great talent in WoD that rewarded pet free play style. No reason to change it. And to have a 1.5 min DPS CD cost one soul shard.....come on. - Get rid of effigy for gods sake. Give us a choice between some strong talents that make them worth taking. Make phantom singularity be a strong AOE nuke..like catclysm for aoe fights. Turn effigy into a single target nuke. An instant or even a long cast that stores all damage done fora period of time (maybe 5-10 seconds) and then unleashes on the target. The passive effect of UA returning shard is good, but only if UA does damage which it currently does not. I could keep going but it doesnt matter. The silence would increase frustration. Devs..we need you help and feedback about this specMikrolock2 5d
5d Demonology Raiding - Legion Hello my Warlocks Fellas! So, Regards all the talking about the necessary changes (that exist no matter how much Blizzard avoid to answer them), I am trying to look the bright side on my favorite spec right now: Demonology. It has many problems, I know. And I do understand that the nowadays playstyle (t18 4p + Arch Trink) make it feel a little better than it really is. So, I started to search some Logs about Demonology raiding on Legion, the only problem: the recently logs just show up Destro locks, and some few Affl locks. So, anyone had a recently experience regarding raiding as a Demonology ? I know that it's the lowest dps spec now, but I do trust that they will get better. One of the problems is: the class' Legendaries are so nice and, I think, they might imagine that with the legendaries the class is really balanced. My problem is that, JUST a few parcel of the Warlock Community will have those itens, the other half will just avoid playing a unfinished class.Irenikus4 5d
5d Warlock causing WoW to crash So after 7.0 i've been farming LK for his mount on all of my characters every week, except my warlock. The reason for this is that every time I try to log onto her and use an ability it either crashes WoW or causes an insane drop in my frame rate (talking like 100fps to 2 fps). This only occurs on my warlock and only occurs when I'm in combat attempting to use any ability. Is this a known problem or am I just lucky?Kieya5 5d
5d Destruction feedback - Returning player I know we're about two weeks out from Legion launch and there's not really any time for stuff to change, but as someone who's mained a warlock for twelve years I wanted to give my gut-feeling feedback on Destruction warlocks: They're not fun. We've lost mobility, health regen, and AOE potential. The ramp-up time just to casting a Rain of Fire is just depressing. We're currently hitting like a wet sponge compared to other classes. I'm still trying to understand the design rationale behind making a spec less compelling to play and less enjoyable on a purely visceral level. I'm sorry I can't be more specific than that, but I'm coming back after a long break to a completely new class. Well... That's my feedback.Zeppo6 5d
6d Affliction leveling I am currently 72, I recently installed skada. Seems I am low on the dps scale, is it better to go demonology or destruction for leveling in instances, or are melee just OP atm.Skarbriella1 6d
6d Minor Glyph: Felguard So I spent years searching for Axes, Polearms, and Two-Handed swords to come back to a game where my Felguard can't even use them anymore? I'm really disappointed in this. I hope they change it so he can cosmetically change that ugly Arcanite Reaver to any of the weapons I worked hard and put a lot of time into to get.Paulywally10 6d
6d Shadowburn+Green Fire Can you please change Shadowburn to actually look cool and light the target up in.. well burning Fel magic?Dairuin0 6d
6d When Chaos Bolt lights up on toolbar It reminds me to cast Shadowburn twice. Shadowburn Pros: - Can cast while moving - Instant damage - If you time it right you can cast it 7 times in succession - Cannot be a target for spell lockout which is your basic destro warlock PVP experience (gg having no disarm but numerous classes can spell lockout) - Can rotate back and forth between Shadowburn and Conflag making it feel like your spec actually has synergy (warriors are easy to grind down while you're walking backwards in pvp since they can't spell lock you) - Fun to spam against hots spamming druids Cons: - <EDIT> Bearpuncher is correct it does not use mana (that's another Pro) so just one shard to cast - Costs a talent point - Doesn't look cool (sounds cool) - RND damage but feels okay for cost/speed - Named shadowburn but just shadow damage instead of shadowflame (always been shadow dmg anyway so eh) Chaos Bolt Pros: - Looks scary to enemy players (lol fools) - Can take a sip while casting during boss fights Cons: - Takes forever to cast - Takes forever for the super slow missile to get to enemy players giving them ample time to heal - Forced to stand still while casting - Easy to interrupt/ample target for spell lockout - Moving targets easily get out of range before casting is done - RND damage that is never devastating even when it crits - Why does chaos damage even exist what's the point?Sariias10 6d
6d Warlocks and Mythic+ Dungeons/PvE content What do you guys think of Warlocks current state in beta concerning Mythic+ especially? I'm going to be affliction main and destro off-spec most probably, but will that work for Mythic+? Are affliction even viable in these dungeons? I will also be PvPing, but that's a whole different story on its own haha. I'm new to the class and it will be my main no matter what, but I just want to have a little more knowledge going in if anyone has any wisdom they want to bestow upon me. Thanks in advance.Vinnygomorra12 6d
6d Why isn't Demonic Embrace A self buff at this point? I think this is the most blatantly obvious QoL buff that the spec could receive. It would make the rotation so much smoother.Icy1 6d
6d Demonology Ideas- Legions I would like to experience being the Demonology spec a lot more fluidly with the game in Legion, personally. I've had random ideas so I figured Id share a few for kicks :) I dont post or read much / have been absent a long time >.> no idea is truly unique anymore right? Its all about how its innovated! Enslave Demon- For real this time, Hunter style. Let me make a demon my permanent butt kisser for a week and listen to him complain about it the entire time. Maybe I'll take his soul, maybe I'll him go when I find a better demon to toy with emotionally...I just want the ability to decide :3 Personal Nether- I want to master my own legion of mindless minions, establish my own twisting nether of forces to call from dark passages. (Some portal that can be attacked, has a channel time, and periodically calls demons from my servitude to fight for me) Maybe even a little index and achievement string for collecting them all, idk! Better Combat Feel- In the past this spec has always just felt wonky and awkward, with weird timings and rotations and nothing that ever seemed to make you feel like a powerful master of demons... What if some of our spells weren't exactly to summon demons, but to just get their aid for a moment. Like a spell that calls one of your Ereder Lords to pierce the veil and death-beam your enemies before retiring back to your realm. Maybe one that calls a Pit Lord to breath fel-fire onto the battlefield through a massive rift in the sky! I get it, you cant go toooooooo big, but c'mon.. My battlefield image- Two twisting nethers down, spewing out my demonic minions. Noz'Grozub, my obedient little fel-puppet, taken from his warm home in Darkheart Thicket, unwillingly shreds his former allies asunder while I cackle with glee. This is MY HOUSE! All while channeling a rift for my Ereder Lord's assistance in combat. Maybe I'll lose some demons but no matter.. at this point my legion recruits its self, its so massive. I'm coming for you Gul'daaaaaaaaan *twisted crazy smile and beaming eyes* lol, sorry- just had to share! :)Miniria0 6d
6d My destro damage I don't think I'm doing my rotation right, my damage is not where I think it should be. Here's my rotation right now: Summon imp, havoc if there's another target, immolate, double conflagrate, chaos bolt, incinerate until I have either enough soul shards for chaos bolt, or I need to re-apply my immolate. And during bosses I always use doomguard/gservice imp.Zaraxa4 6d
6d prepatch HFC I come to this forum before raiding HFC to get in touch with my inner dark side,demons and self loathing. When i walk in the HFC front gates its like when Marvin shoots the Vogons with the sympathy cannon, all the mobs just fall over depressed and moping.This forum is so dark and gloomy, like any good warlock forum should be. Started playing around on a monk, but the forums are just so full of hope and encouragement, even tho they are the at the bottom of that straw poll with us, i just cant stand it. ps. mages and hunters and rogues can suck it. Especially you hunters, your 120k sustain aint impressing no-one.Skwatchin0 6d
6d RBG Destruction Spec Do you think this would work well to spread pressure? Talents: T1: Shadowburn T2: Mana Tap T3: Up to you, I'd prob go Demon Skin? T4: Fire and Brimstone T5: Dark Pact T6: I'm at a loss idk about this one? I go Service right now for extra CC/Silence from Succ/Fel but maybe Supremacy for Infernal AOE dmg, I don't like RNG a lot so idk about Sacrifice T7: Wreak Havoc PVP Talents: T1: Glad Medallion T2: Mind Quickness T3: Idk! I'm thinking Tongues to slow healers T4: Casting Circle T5: Incineration T6: Firestone It seems scattered no? Mix between AOE and single target... I'm just thinking I would Havoc one healer, immolate everyone, and cast incinerate since it will refresh my immolate on targets it hits and FnB spreads incinerate so up time on Immolate should be decent? Then Chaos Bolt/Shadowburn when targets get low. I'm thinking I'd also have no problem on shards since a lot of targets should have their immolates refreshed and Firestone is always ready. I just think there's not enough support for it.. maybe I should get the reduced casting time talent when using Conflag and Reverse Entropy for quick bolts but then again I don't know that I'd be using bolts much if I go shadow burn. I was thinking Cataclysm but does it do enough damage and idk about the 3sec cast time... D: I also realized I could've gone to wowhead and got a link but it's too late now!Horvoar0 6d
6d How is Mage > Lock in PVP? Yes their mobility might be better but I feel like single target damage-wise I do better as Demo/Dest and seem to survive a lot better vs. most any other class... Maybe I'm doing mage wrong/played against poor mages but I felt like when I needed to stop and cast at some point, with respect to ALL the specs but 95% less with fire duh, it's like I'm dead pretty quickly and melee can catch you no matter how many blinks you have/use. For example Arcane, I used blink to get away from a demon hunter, they fel rushed, I nova'd and used ice floes to cast while moving, fel rush again, Displacement, then fel rush again, ok blink, and by this time their rushes have recharged I basically cannot get away! For Fire yes I can cast more on the move but again melee can catch up easily and most likely I'm snared.. If a melee get's on me as a lock I cannot get away but I force their interrupts easier so I can spam other spells. Example: I'm casting life drain bc an outlaw rogue is poking my lil bb booty, its interrupted well I can still cast demonbolt/dreads, etc since I believe the interrupt stops me from casting shadow only and not Chaos. Can anyone confirm this for me lol but I think I'm correct in thinking: If they interrupt a Chaos spell ALL spell schools are locked, but it fire/shadow is interrupted I can still cast Chaos spells. I see a lot of ppl switching to mage because they don't like the way Locks play and how Aff got nerfed, can anyone explain why Mage > Lock for PVP? Reading the forums has really discouraged me from my lock which I know is dumb but I take others opinions who are more experienced that me srsly so I sit here daily like "Shoot do I want to spend all this time getting 110 on my Lock and the Artifact (Maining Destruction and Off-Spec Demonology) only to find out they're not needed in RBGs at all??". I'm having a lot of fun and I think the story is going to be amazing.. I can't wait to find out how we got the Scepter of Sargeras!!! But anyways, why Mage over Lock for PVP?Horvoar6 6d
6d What just happened to affliction locks? I just dueled a retribution paladin, who killed me in like 2 or 3 globals. What just happened? I could survive long enough a couple a days ago and now I don't stay alive long enough for my DOTs to tick their complete duration!!Branol23 6d
6d I like my lock..... I am loving affliction atm on beta for pvp. havent played much on live but it's still fun to me. alot of people have been complaining about destro. I don't really play destro so not alot I can say on behalf of destro lock mains. but I hope aff will be good in pvp because I am thinking of maining itAroisu5 6d
6d The Black Harvest So how come the Black Harvest acts like they've never met me when we meet up in Legion? I kind of murdered their old leader and have been going around calling myself Galgasang of the Black Harvest for the last 2 years.Galgasang3 6d
6d Farming Soul Shards > Waiting on Conflag Sucked not having the bag space, but arguably now with even more limited access to soul shards to enable meh abilities and unleash wet noodles is not compelling in the slightest. RND soul generation (granted immolate doesn't do it anymore so all we have left are talents and conflag cooldown) doesn't feel like a reward either, just an "oh, finally." At least Shadowburn can get a soul from anything just by killing it, even critters, that's refreshing- but chances are those souls are going to vanish before I get back into combat again. There's no way to be fully prepared for a fight now, all three specs are about ramping up and then spending and then waiting to ramp up again. Life Tap should cost a soul, we're warlock we should be burning souls for more power, not our own life. That would actually give the class more of a decision process and management by deciding to save a soul for a damage buff or spend it now for a spell. As it is now we have to spend our life and our mana and our soul shards to get the best of our DPS which is going to RND anyway. It's even worse for destro because we have no way to regain that life once we spend it, unless we talent coil or use healthstone and even the heal from THAT is minimal. I like that warlock is a risk for reward class, I always have, but right now it seems we have all the risk of a claw toy grabber with just about the same reward potential. We can risk all we want but we're still not going to knock the snot out of anything.Sariias3 6d
6d Class Preview - Demonology Feedback This is the direct quote from the class preview for Demonology which was released on November 10th, 2015: ... Here is a link to the class preview for Warlocks as well: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/news/19955662 What happened to all of the feedback and input that the playerbase helped with throughout the Beta and PTR? I tried out Demonology finally the other day since I didn't have a Beta invite until very late, and it seems very unfulfilling. Having Demonology revolve around Demonic Empowerment in its current iteration is not fun at all. It feels like I am being punished if I don't remember to use it right after I summon any demon.Tulzurak14 6d
6d Legion is ending before it even started Every day I'm getting more and more discouraged with the way Blizzard is handling our beloved warlock class. I don't like the way the class plays. And not even sure if I like the direction they are taking the gameplay. I really only log on to look at my xmog. So many issues, so little communication. Obligatory #plzbuffdestro #makelocksfunagainRaalos11 6d
6d Blizz Decides Demon Hunters Need Nerf So they reduce Chaos Bolt damage by 20%Sariias0 6d
6d What we have to look forward to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9X5asMl-tRg Brace yourself for another season of melee trainSconkee0 6d
6d Forcibly Hearthed out of Combat Training I just made a new Warlock and boosted it to 100 with my free character boost. I wanted to play with the new specs in a learning environment since I haven't played Warlock for some time. However I was not able to choose my spec and was forced to go Affliction. Then once I entered the scenario I was forcibly hearthed out of it to Stormwind for no apparent reason. How can I have my character go back into the scenario and as the spec I wanted to learn about (Demonology)?Skulky2 6d
6d Blizzard completely lost with affliction I like how the plan was to put damage into warlock dots and move away from the drains that enhanced dots. Now they are forcing most damage to come from ua and the only way to keep ua going is thru drain life. Gj blizz.Doovox5 6d