Some clarifications on Warlocks at 110 I'm seeing a ton of arguments that the three specs are bettered by artifacts. And as someone who has put in roughly 80 hours on the beta testing warlocks (and priests/druids), I'm here to clear some things up. 1. The artifacts don't enhance the gameplay as much as what you would think they do. For example, affliction's Reap Souls ability (initial artifact ability) is largely a push and forget button, that in most cases (at least in 5 mans) you use as an execute to buff your soul flame padding.Wrath of Consumption and Harvester of Souls are, again, passive traits that have no interaction with the spec. You hit something to gurantee the buff/soul flame proc and go back to afk spamming dots. Destruction's Dimensional Rift is, again, a push and forget button. No traits in the artifact (other than dimension ripper which gives incinerate a MINISCULE chance to reset a charge) even buff or interact with this artifact ability. Lord of Flames just lets us use Infernal once every fight as a single target cooldown for sake of class fantasy, and Conflagration of Chaos is just a small passive damage buff to conflagrate that doesn't even have an aura tied to it by default. And Demonology? The artifact ability Thal'kiel's consumption IS a great idea- but it's impossible to maximize without addons tracking how many imps/dreadstalkers you have out at any given moment. With the latest nerf too, it does nearly half it's regular damage. And again, the artifact gives no interaction with the rotation, all 3 gold traits are boring passives that either trigger a buff to shadowbolt, cause shadowbolt to cause a short bit of aoe, or buff your demons damage when your imps pass away (which, atm, it's barely worth it to cast dreadstalkers so this ability really only buffs your doomguard and whatever your active pet is). Basically, the artifacts for Warlocks barely add to the gameplay mechanics. So what does this mean? What you are seeing in this prepatch, is essentially what 110 is going to be like even with artifacts 2. A few comments have warlocks as doing high damage in the pre-patch. Well I hate to break it to you- prepatch tuning is irrelevant. I can personally say all 3 warlock specs are at best, average, and at worst, below average. Shard generation at 110 is nonexistent for aff lock and destruction until you've stacked haste to around 6.5k (22%ish). Even then, rng can !@#$ you out of shards hard as both specs. All 3 warlock specs are so reliant on haste to make their crap design of soul shards work, that without it they fall flat on their face. Currently, the general agreement is that destruction is the most viable spec to run for mythic progression; agreed on by furty and multiple locks on the beta community. It is on par with affliction's damage, but also target swaps much faster. But it is still worthless compared to a spriest/mage/boomkin. Warlocks are in a majorly sucky position for raiding and pve in general. Affliction can cheese M+ dungeons with higher number of adds with soulflame, but with the inevitable nerf to that trait, it'll die out. Demonology in general is just not viable in PvE- raids and M+ dungeons. Their ramp up time, lack of mobility, complex rotation for such little payoff, and poor burst drops them below the other two specs in terms of performance on anything outside of a patchwerk fight. I know this is a lot of doomsaying, unfortunately it is true- you will rarely see Warlocks in mythic progression guilds in Emerald Nightmare, and even if you they will be for specific fights like Dragons of Nightmare to cheese full wreak havoc uptime. There has become a literal stigma in the Beta Community, which WILL spread to live, that Warlocks are useless. Even at 865 ilvl with 3 gold traits, my aff lock will be denied entry to a M +7 dungeon or higher in favor of a mage or dk 20 ilvls below me. Keep shouting guys- our class needs major redesigns and Blizzard needs to be called out for their lack of communication. If you have any questions, post them and I will answer to the best of my ability. Thank you for reading. -Anui Anuî25
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Let me vent... I just want to talk a little about my perspective playing WoW on and off over the years maining a Warlock. My ideal Warlock is the one I remember playing in Burning Crusade. Sure I had 10 full action bars of spells but really I only ever needed the fraction of those in my rotation. The rest of my spells were options to trade into my rotation or situational spells like all those fancy curses I used to have. Now I have a single rotation to get me through any situation. I imagine its very handy for new and casual players but I assume its hard to balance that single rotation across different encounter types and they have to make it entertaining as well. Well personally... its not fun, and it hasn't been for a while for me. I stopped playing my warlock entirely when I hit heroic dungeons in MoP because the stats on my gear gimped by damage as a des lock which just put me off playing entirely. In WoD I went back to playing Affliction and it was ok, it definitely wasn't the powerhouse I used to have playing destro and I didnt have any of the utility my class used to be known for so my Warlock has been largely neglected lately. Now comes legion! "Oh its a great time to be a Warlock" is the vibe I get, and what changes have Blizz made to my favourite class to get me back in the spirit?... Dunno... I read the class preview for Affliction saying they wanted to put the emphasis back on DoT's and so I figured it might play a little like in BC with thoughtful curses and DoT's up to your ears but instead they just changed the function of drain life/soul while still making it like half my damage and changed UA so the class plays like a rogue or druid, building and dumping soul shards like their energy if energy was a random resource they occasionally got. Destro is pretty much the same. Its even slower which is another reason I stopped playing Destro and I wont really comment more on Destro because it still bores me to tears so I'm not playing it. Demo I thought might be interesting and wow was I wrong... What a pain in the !@#$ that is to play. Its so clunky and the payoff doesn't impress me at all so yeah no thanks, I preferred being possessed by demons and kicking %^-*. I can play with crap dps. I learned how in WoD with mythic raiders redoing heroic dungeons for rewards which doesn't make the game fun btw... but what I cant do is seem to find a way to play my Warlocks that is fun to me, being quick and rewarding either through utility or damage, so I'm sad at the prospect I might just need to give up on playing my warlock in groups... which is kind of the point in WoW. TL;DR I didn't ask any questions I was just venting. Ashwilliams6
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Not sure how to do Silver Proving Grounds I'm trying to complete the Silver-difficulty trial in the Proving Grounds, so that I can queue for Heroic dungeons, but I keep getting stalled on the 7th/8th wave. Normally what I aim to do is: - Demonbolt to get shards (possibly proccing a free Dreadstalker call), - Call Dreadstalkers (with imps on the back so I now have 5 demons), - Hand of Gul'dan (for more imps, and instant Doom to whatever's there) - Demonic Empowerment (to Haste my minions) then either - Demonwrath (if there's 3 or more that won't die to Doom), or - Demonbolt (if there's 3 or fewer) In this case, I'm usually using Demonbolt as there isn't a lot of need for AoE. That gives me shards (or a proc) to get Dreadstalkers and Hand of Gul'dan again, then I can repeat as required. After switching from Felguard to Felhunter (to interrupt heals) I can get through the first 5-6 waves without too much hassle, so long as I make sure I have shards saved up for the next wave, and when wave 7 comes I have to run across to take down both defensive illusions (the ones with the barriers preventing them from being attacked from the front, who are facing each other on opposite sides of the area). I've managed to get through Wave 7, but then Wave 8 happens and I need to kill the healer, take down both amber illusions (the ones who stun), and the constant movement is meaning I can't deal enough damage before the time runs out. I haven't played in a while, but I'm told iLvl671 is above the items dropped in heroic dungeons, so this shouldn't be anywhere near as difficult as it is. How should I go about completing this damned thing? Kittenpox15
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WoW LEGION: Warcraft Forum Sticky Guides ... NOTES: Affliction: Aff Talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745676091?page=1#5 Aff mechanics http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745676091?page=2#38 Destruction: Destro talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20745676091?page=3#49 Demonology: original post \/ recklessfear, varith*, and hedo are all either quitting wow or not playing warlock in legion (*idk but who cares abour barlth) that means all of our guides will be utterly irrelevent (besides my logging guide, but more on that later) in this thread, we should discuss anyone who wants to write the new ones because let's keep the best class subforum decent in legion no matter what's happening i know theres a ton of you out there who plan to play warlocks and are capable of it, so post -p.s. i'll at the very least need a list of logging queues that i can update my logging guide with. while i'm most likely going to copypaste it to DH forums, there's no reason why i can't update it here--but because i'm not gonna main warlock, i won't know what to look for. edit: report the current guides (BESIDES LOGGING) for outdated once prepatch drops Report > Other > "Guide is outdated, is for 6.2" Hedo57
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Current Concerns with Affliction Hi, So quick background, I have been playing my warlock since vanilla and only missed out on Cata (Some say that was a blessing) but I have been a raider and PvPer through each expansion on my warlock. I have played mainly affliction and destro (I didnt like demo once demo form was added) and with the pre patch I do think demo is alot better but I have a few concerns with affliction in its current state. First, the spec has become in a sense mindless. I mean this in the way that I now am pulling around the same numbers as before with little to no thought behind it. My rotation is literally 3,4,5,1,3,4,5,tab,3,4,5,tab,3,4,5. I add in 2 once I get to around 4 soul shards but for the most part I dont have to focus on anything anymore. Affliction has nothing to monitor at this point, and the shard dump is so underwhelming and disappointing. Before you could monitor your dots while trying to maintain the shard count to keep haunt and the buff that came with burning a shard along with it up. Second, Most of the talents are noob traps and frankly have no chance of ever being used in there current states (Sadly this goes for each of the warlock specs but focusing on affliction for now). A good example of this is the level 100 talents, Currently soul effigy is just the only option. Unless blizzard turns into bungie and makes every fight just a cluster of add that you have to survive through and aoe phantom singularity just isnt viable. Maybe if its cooldown was cut in half it could hold a candle to a sustain in dps but as it stands it is just a cool dot that results in a DPS loss. Next is Soul Conduit, originally i thought this was going to be the only viable talent but after playing around with the spec I realize it is absolutely useless. Not only do shards regen at a moderately good rate, but you dont even really need to dump shards to maintain your dps making this talent pointless. Personally I hope blizzard doesnt nerf the rate at which soul shards regen to make this talent viable but i kind of feel thats the only choice they have. I realize that artifact weapons could change all this and its even possible that trinkets will change rotations but currently affl doesnt really have one, and I hope blizzard fixes it. How can they fix it you might ask? One way I would do it is make haunt a lvl 100 talent (personally I would like to get rid of effigy as it is just a miserable mechanic to the whole spec) and combine it with the old soulburn haunt to make the spec slightly more burst and also give the warlock some rotational choices. This would also help solve the tab problem, lets face it tab targeting between 2 things to refresh dots just isnt fun. The old drain soul was the filler that made everthing pop, if we dont want this to be core anymore at least give some uptime on drain life/soul (depending on talent choice) and getting rid of effigy will do that. TL:DR current affl has no impactful choices in raiding needs a good set of tweaks. Whisla15
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Warlock Affliction Weak Auras Hey everyone just wanted to share a few weak auras I made for Affliction Soul Shard: dKZgkaWsrjTlPQQTPO2NuuntIiZvumBv6Mer9nfzNeAVWUrP9lkv1pjsdtPmocgQOuPblkvmCPYbjc3wP6yk5CsPfkQAPIs5YKwovEOOepf5Xs0Zr1HvyQImzQY0PCrrPkNxf5zc66cTrrLtlPntuBxkYRLQsFvf10e47sv(Rk8zjmAvvJxkCsPQYTuvUgkUNuuoUuv8BvzzuvJfsGgibdehKF)36FB)NaTdYdKhsGAivwMRgYfmhe4pn3kmVecNfMG8xWeOtsLL5QbXpHwqC9kNDFvwduEPPKujlPSxUeiNwuFSPtDkOc3l2bInUNC1Ic1XH4cu1de9I3SF2H(hoq33WdjqrUEuEhCoiZfvqU3vrc0E8AvKGbdKnUkRHeO941Qibdgi3Ourc0E8AvKGbdu5DW5ibIxzlUkOZsKnjjnlzfgmqAJUbRN6H8WavIeexibQ8DFoKG4c5yw(RPGTjg)5wgbMji)XecrFKBEsyj0U83czMBNBdH8hJaedrUGwHTaMviJ)S)kqqaYFmHqmaIlyGojvwMRge)8xtGCAr9XMo1PGmTHfDkitByrNcQFSM6KhLAgj88KYYZCwh9vIOBWZiz1RoYK0gw0P8muFIdNEC(VAkiZvlkuhsGStDkiUnSihu3RN6oEDQByphOM3mqrUE096PoKhK2KYAGO)HZJdkY1JiB1qEqrwTjL1anI2du3RN6afaQmYT3(XF1tbz1D1dgOQhiIcaXg3tUArH64qCbQx1Z(rUjM2wHWLGWuOWwqqlK)cMb9R1IFdI(BGUVHhsGIC9O8o4CKhKBuQibApETksWGbkY1dENwI8GSXvznKaThVwfjyWaX70sKaXRSfxfIlyGkVdohjq8kBXvbDwISjjPzjRWa5Exfjq7XRvrcgmyGAivwMRgez2GbrFKa1qQSmxni(fUbYPf1hB6uNcY0gw0PGojvwMRgY9nnhYST5hUTj4ZW0UG8xaditByrNcQFSM6KhLAgj88KYYZCwh9vIOBWZiz1RoYK0gw0P8muFIdNEC(VAkOQhiIcbzUArH6qcKDQtbXTHf5G6E9u3XRtDd75a18MbkY1JUxp1H8G0Muwde9pCECqrwTjL1anI2duKRhr2QH8G6E9uhOqqLrU92p(REkiRUREWa1R6z)i3etBRq4sqykuyliOfYFbZGyJ7jxTOqDCiUa9R1IFdI(BGUVHhsGIC9O8o4CKhK7DvKaThVwfjyWaf56bVtlrEq24QSgsG2JxRIemyG4DAjsG4v2IRcXfmqL3bNJeiELT4QGolr2KK0SKvyGCJsfjq7XRvrcgmyGkF3NdjiUqoML)AkyBIXFULrGzcYFmHq0h5MNewcTl)TqM5252qi)XiaXqKlOvylGzfY4p7VceeG8htiedG4cgmigIeOY395qcIlKJz5VMc2My8NBzeyMG8htie9rU5jHLq7YFlKzUDUneYFmcqme5cAf2cywHm(Z(Rabbi)XecXaiUGbYPf1hB6uNcY0gw0PGojvwMRge)8xtGmTHfDkO(XAQtEuQzKWZtklpZzD0xjIUbpJKvV6itsByrNYZq9joC6X5)QPGQEGiYhK5QffQdjq2Pofe3gwKdQ71tDhVo1nSNduZBgOixp6E9uhYdsBsznq0)W5Xbf56rKTAipOiR2KYAGgr7bQ71tDG8bvg52B)4V6PGS6U6bdeBCp5QffQJdXfOEvp7h5MyABfcxcctHcBbbTq(lyg0Vwl(ni6Vb6(gEibkY1JY7GZrEqUrPIeO941QibdgOixp4DAjYdYgxL1qc0E8AvKGbdeVtlrceVYwCviUGbQ8o4CKaXRSfxf0zjYMKKMLScdK7DvKaThVwfjyWGbQHuzzUAq8BT2GbXaKav(UphsqCHCml)1uW2eJ)ClJaZeK)ycHOpYnpjSeAx(BHmZTZTHq(JraIHixqRWwaZkKXF2Ffiia5pMqigaXfmqoTO(ytN6uqM2WIofudPYYC1G43QDdKPnSOtb1pwtDYJsnJeEEsz5zoRJ(kr0n4zKS6vhzsAdl6uEgQpXHtpo)xnfK5QffQdjq2Pofe3gwKdQ71tDhVo1nSNduZBgOixp6E9uhYdsBsznq0)W5Xbfz1Muwd0iApqrUEezRgYdQ71tDGwGkJC7TF8x9uqwDx9GbQ6bIOfOEvp7h5My8BdyecxRW5G5qFi)fmdInUNC1Ic1XH4c0Vwl(ni6Vb6(gEibkY1JY7GZrEqU3vrc0E8AvKGbduKRh8oTe5bzJRYAibApETksWGbI3PLibIxzlUkexWavEhCosG4v2IRc6SeztssZswHbYnkvKaThVwfjyWGb6KuzzUAq8ZFnbdgOMG4kWFdga Affliction Dots and Haunt Tracker: dSZDnaWsuPSlPIABeYmPaZMk3wvDtkuonrFJsCzHDsO2lSBQA)Qe9tuXWufJtL05vPgkQeQbRsy4OQdkbpgPoMeDokKfsjTuPslMcA5I6HIepvzzuQEoIjIkbMkktwetN0frLGUQiPNPk11vXgLqhwkBgjBhvc57sf(kQunnkAEuOYivL4ZemAujnEvjDjPIClkLRjvDpku1FfPEnQe9BjnkbdRbgumcM9o)0zJ6SfSpwcwcyyVYHIIekkkYsF)Br9pxlFxAX8Xeu2mnc7Mdffjui2UrD(55XUPzP5Ji79yKWrXfxLEfZkhgJJXmGlSidlhcYQNDZhyc56HhZF(SSuqiYeiUetMGvGIYjPvz1F5fCbvLG5QTeWWoKinTRriyA(ey5Qlad7FCQemOqX0Ml8kyy)JtLGbfkwUrhGH9povcguOy0UgHaggr6fCbg3l01aoPWnOqXIx5B(KibgcfJgmiUemSMx(BQS6bdJOTScggFoiHIrCYKWWQQ1p2HePBoEU2GHqX(nPhmm(CqcfJWl9y6nFGrFiA9dfkMMLccrgmSAhEoE3nSID8sftBzHqXscdpuuSB(a7LcDnwXunaZ3(bbmiUelvprBg6IlVOafLtsRYQhkg9HO1FAUktcmv(JeOyUAlbmSdjst7AecSILB0byy)JtLGbfk2HePj8bnSIPnx4vWW(hNkbdkumAxJqadJi9cUaJ7f6AaNu4gumcFqdggr6fCbexcflxDbyy)JtLGbfkuSejH31UN2O5scwN4XYHGS6z38bMKU6XKjyPwa7Mdffjuu0w)Jir9MwS8uAX8Ti7MGYMPj2RCOOiHII26FejQVV0I9R2T0BAAbu2m7X8NpllfeImbIlXORvxsTdpScfITdgMMLccrgmSAhEoE3nSID8sftBzHqXscdpuuSB(a7LcDnwXunaZ3(bbmiUelLAoF4vz1dfJ(q06pnxLjbMk)rcumxTLag2HePPDncbwXYvxag2)4ujyqHIDirAcFqdRyAZfEfmS)XPsWGcfJWh0GHrKEbxaXLqXODncbmmI0l4cmUxORbCsHBqXYn6amS)XPsWGcfkwIKW7A3tB0CjbRt8y5qqw9SB(atsx9yYeSuQ5m2nhkksOqSn7xT05NNNsrwUAks0vSx5qrrcffT1lYUrMg9yKPPDlx7TFfu2mfH5pFwwkiezcexIrxRUKAhEyfke)gmmnlfeImyyhVuX0wwiuSKWWdff7MpWEPqxJvmvdW8TFqadIlXkiu93qXOpeT(tZvzsGPYFKafZvBjGHDirAAxJqGvSC1fGH9povcguOyhsKMWh0WkM2CHxbd7FCQemOqXi8bnyyePxWfqCjumAxJqadJi9cUaJ7f6AaNu4guSCJoad7FCQemOqHILij8U290gnxsW6e)LxC5fxEXLx0jcwoeKvp7MpWK0vpMmbRjGDZHIIekkAR)P8TfrwklT8y5A)7EqzZ0e7vouuKqrrBM9pVfvk66Jf7VnsKrMGYM5vm)5ZYsbHitG4sm6A1Lu7WdRqHytWWoKGvRovYddX0SuqiYGHD8sftBzHqXscdpuuSB(a7LcDnwXunaZ3(bbmiUe7L2XRqXOpeT(tZvzsGPYFKafZvBjGHDirAAxJqGvSC1fGH9povcguOyhsKMWh0WkM2CHxbd7FCQemOqXi8bnyyePxWfqCjumAxJqadJi9cUaJ7f6AaNu4guSCJoad7FCQemOqHILij8U290gnxsW6epwoeKvp7MpWK0vpMmb7L2XRy3COOiHII26FkFBXI5JrImFEEF9bu2mnXELdffjuuuKOstrwE6nTl6D)tzpOSzAbZF(SSuqiYeiUeJUwDj1o8WkuiUhmmnlfeImyy1o8C8UByf74LkM2YcHIrFiA9NMRYKatL)iblhFS3yhs0n(Wkwo(C4JCtRzmJZ4X8TFqadIlXs1t0MHU4Ylkqr5K0QS6HILegEOOy38b2lf6ASIPAaumxTLag2HePPDncbwXYvxag2)4ujyqHIDirAcFqdRyAZfEfmS)XPsWGcfJ21ieWWisVGlW4EHUgWjfUbfJWh0GHrKEbxaXLqXYn6amS)XPsWGcfkwoeKvp7MpWK0vpgDT6sQD4HHyYeSulC5fDJu5XELdffjuu0w)Jir9M92V2F1Uz)7hqzZSh7Mdffjuu0w)JD7xFBuPOslMg1)icu2mnX8NpllfeImbIlXAE5VPYQhmSFt6bdtV5dm(CqcfJphKqXOCsEOqHcXIadtZsbHidgwTdphV7gwXoEPIPTSqOy0hIw)P5QmjWu5psWYXhRh7qIUXhwXYXNdFKBAnJzCgpMV9dcyqCjwk1C(WRYQhkwsy4HIIDZhyVuORXkMQbqXC1wcyyhsKM21ieyflxDbyy)JtLGbfk2HePj8bnSIPnx4vWW(hNkbdkumAxJqadJi9cUaJ7f6AaNu4gumcFqdggr6fCbexcfl3OdWW(hNkbdkuOy5qqw9SB(atsx9y01QlP2HhgIjtWsPMZxEr34WJ9khkksOOOTEr2nYuKrMImY00(tVDqzZue2nhkksOOOT(N3IEUA2BXUzVPrL9GYMPjM)8zzPGqKjqCjwZl)nvw9GH9Bspyy6nFGXNdsOy85GekgLtYdfkui2cyy3COOiHII26FkFBXsPzP9hZ(RVlbLnttSx5qrrcffTzA5A)J5JDtZ3M2TC1eu2mVILdbz1ZU5dmjD1J5pFwwkiezcexIjtWkiu93xEr34WJPzPGqKbdR2HNJ3DdRyhVuX0wwium6drR)0CvMeyQ8hjy54Jzb7qIUXhwXYXNdFKBAnJzCgpMV9dcyqCjwbHQ)gkwsy4HIIDZhyVuORXkMQbqXAE5VPYQhmSFt6bdtV5dm(CqcfJphKqXOCsEOqXC1wcyyhsKM21ieyfl3OdWW(hNkbdkuSdjst4dAyftBUWRGH9povcguOye(GgmmI0l4ciUekgTRriGHrKEbxGX9cDnGtkCdkwU6cWW(hNkbdkuOqHIXfbXLM2FGca Enjoy hope some people find this useful and any way to make this better is always welcome and if you guys have any weak auras for any other specs or any you need help with I would be happy to help Have a wonderful day. Nazall8
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