5d How much haste/crit So was wondering how much haste/crit is ideal for a demo lock? Should I keep some mastery or focus all stats on haste/crit?Caajin0 5d
5d Call of voice of Demonology - Movement skills Again this is a issue that all demonoly wants. Will be fix the clunky playstyle and will be fix our problem with the dps. Lets do DE skill can cast in movement or Hand of guldan!! With out this change, we are so bad in bosses or mythic with constant move.Ayrho1 5d
5d Consumption back to 2 second cast? so what they are removing the buff to instant in 7.1? What was the problem with it casting instantly? it's not like we can spam it and it require a sh^& ton of set up to get a good shot So WTF? blizz seems to be making things worse rather then betterDarkmn0 5d
5d Best lock specs? Whats the best leveling spec for locks and the best pvp spec?Moonfrrosst4 5d
5d Demo DPS expectations for <ilvl 845 Hey guys! I've managed to almost reach the 40% haste mark and I'm kinda curious, I've been trying to play with my rotations and for single target I'm now pulling 200-250k ( depending on amount of movement for a fight ). That still puts me in the bottom 10-15% of Demo DPS. Sure, that's overall and lumping me in with Method's best and most geared Demo locks and everyone in between, but it leaves me with a question. What kind of DPS expectations would people have for a haste capped 845ilvl Demonology lock?Specula4 5d
5d PvP Talent Rot and Decay is NOT working Fellow Locks!, Please go here to my post in the bugs forum and add your support! No one else has made the bug report for this from what I could find and Blizzard needs to see it!!! It is making my pvp AFF Life VERY difficult! Skill can only get you SO FAR! http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749866702#post-1 The above post TLDR version basically says that channeling drain life only adds 1 second/tick to your existing dots per tick of drain life damage. Meaning that it DOES NOT REFRESH THE DURATION of your dots like it says it does and SHOULD DO! So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE just go to the forum link above and add a like or comment to increase chances for Blizzard viewing. Thank you in advance! ~Storm "Once Duelist, Someday Glad"Stormwalkerr0 5d
5d Picking a caster to play Hello all! I was hoping to get some advice and insight from my fellow lock/caster friends. I am looking to start leveling a caster, I have ALWAYS played melee, ever since vanilla. I feel like trying something new and playing a caster. I've been looking into warlocks, demonology specifically and shadow priest. I am more of a pvper, but I'm also looking for something that is generally fun. Looking to hear all your experiences and comments, any suggestions (even other casters) are greatly appreciated. Thanks!Zexian3 5d
5d taking out flag bearers pvp Does anyone have any tips on taking out the flag carriers in bg's? my usual sequence is they run off at lightning speed and my felguard is playing in the dirt and can't get his stun off, or it lands and they just run off anyway so I end up having to mount to catch up.Aeondight12 5d
5d Implosion/snynergy question Was wondering if Implosion counted as a casted spell or pet damage. Haven't been able to find an answer, just that the talents do work together.Corruptîon2 5d
5d Help me with my destruction dps.. So I just rolled warlock. Looking for advice on my rotation/stat priority and also talents , artifact path, ect. any threads that will point me in the right direction would be appreciated. thank youHabalock3 5d
5d Anybody staying for 7.1? Being nerfed in our current condition is unacceptable. If you wanted to make talents more competitive, you need to make our survivability baseline. As far as I'm concerned, any warlock I see 7.1 will officially be an uncle Gul'dan. See you guys in meleecraft.Meaty28 5d
5d Specs for Mythic + I'm just wondering what specs you guys have been using for mythic+ and what seems to be working?? To me it seems... Affliction???? is useless Destro, can spec for AOE but loses a ton of single target or vise versa... Demo, slow and clunky... great single target... some ok burst/aoe with implosion It sucks when you have to force a felhunter out .. lets say.. like in the Arcway +8 for interrupts.... UGH ....... HELP?!Lotharios13 5d
5d Affliction dps in raids so i just finished doing LFR with five of my friends (we are all 850). and i kept coming top dps in every fight in the raid. except one boss i came second place lol. anyways, when i come on forms all i see is QQ about affliction being the worst dps spec in raids. so im confused. then my friend told me its because its LFR. (most of the people were 845+ and only there for a chance on a legendary). anyways is LFR scaled differently than normal/heroic ? also i have 24 traits in my affliction weaponLmfaø17 5d
5d Dreadstalkers in 3s? As demo running implosion/soul conduit, I feel as thought casting dreadstalkers is a complete waste of time and soul shards due to casting cc's or demonic impowerment and HoG. Just feels like it takes away from spamming for imps into my artifact into implosion is the only, which is hard enought. Anyone else feel this way?Reww8 5d
5d Demo Grimoire Help So I was playing around on a target dummy trying to figure out talents and I'm kind of stuck on the grimoire tier. Please keep in mind I'm still leveling(106), so I'm not sure if I will notice the gaps increasing between the talents as I reach a more appropriate gear level. Supremacy is just kind of out, my dps didn't suffer horrendously(actually seemed to give pretty decent sustained over a roughly 8 minute session), but I found myself missing the flexibility of my doomguard for a dps cooldown or the infernal for the stun. Service seemed to give me the highest dps, and the flexibility of having an answer every 1.5 minutes for a multitude of situations seems like a pretty powerful cooldown to have. Synergy, which I thought was going to give me the highest dps gave me the lowest and that just seemed very odd. So odd I actually ran Service and Synergy again to see if I just messed up. Mind you, it wasn't a substantial loss, but still a loss. My questions pretty much boil down to, is there a breaking point in fight duration where I will see synergy become the clear winner for sustained dps, and is that worth losing the flexibility of service? Is there a point where my stats make one or the other better? From looking myself I feel like I'm going to stay with service but I wanted to have an outside opinion. Thanks for any replies and advice.Humblepuffin0 5d
5d Affliction Hidden Skin HELP! Hey all! So i spent an entire day farming the item to start the hidden Artifact skin. after a painstakingly long time and wondering if sticking forks in my eyes would be more fun - it dropped. Now, i need help with these 13 skulls i have to collect from Legion champions(elites). i know they have to be Humanoids as the quest states but it does not mention at all if these champions have to be a 'gold frame' WQ only! it seems the skulls only drop IF they are a WQ for that day. if this is true, then this is ridiculous as this is day two of there being NO HUMANIOD WQs MOBS! if i have to collect 13 skulls and there are literally maybe a couple of WQs that will drop the skull per week, this will take me a VERY long time. ive seen other classes start/finish their skins in one day with no issue.... Am i missing something here? anyone have some advice to help speed things up? are there any mobs that are NOT WQs that i can farm the skulls? all help appreciated! *please keep it helpful, im not after a free hand out. i am just asking if there is a better way or a way i can farm them out without having to rely on what random WQs are avail each day as this could take months!Wifire14 5d
5d Demo pvp Hey I was just wondering if anyone could let me know the state of demo lock in arena and what comps work best with it. Im interested in leveling a caster alt and was having fun with demo. I've heard of the nerf to survivability and am worried with that and little mobility it will be hard to play effectively while having to hard cast most of the damage and cc. ThanksDemonkane2 5d
5d Soul Effigy Focus/Casting Macro Figured I'd share this with y'all. I really don't like the way that Soul Effigy gets targeted immediately after casting, and due to it being in the same 'class' as totems, macro function [target=Soul Effigy] doesn't seem to work. So I came up with a work-around: The first macro is to be pressed immediately after casting Soul Effigy; if you have low latency, it will work well for you. This will target your Soul Effigy, set it as your focus, then target whatever you used it on. /target Soul Effigy /focus target /clearfocus [mod:alt] /targetlasttarget Now for your spells, you can either set a Focus-Cast modifier in Interface -> Combat -> Focus Cast Key or make macros that leave room for other bindings: #showtooltip Corruption /cast [mod:shift, @focus] Corruption; Corruption This will allow you to cast a spell on your effigy without having to manually select it. If someone with more macro/scripting experience has a better way to do this, please share!Xonez29 5d
5d Solution: First Tier Talents Haunt now also increases periodic damage by 30%. Agony now also ramps up twice as quickly. Drain Life/Soul is now castable while moving.Quidproquo6 5d
5d Demonology - Help w/ Stat Weights Hi All, I had heard from friends in game as well as sites like icy-veins & amr that the stat priority for demo lock is: HASTE > INT > Critical Strike > Mastery >Versatility I just downloaded SimCraft because I was curious to check out some numbers for different builds/etc and I saw that using my single-target raid spec, that the weights were: Intellect > Haste > Mastery > Versatility > Crit Does anyone have any thoughts on how I should be prioritizing and which weights I should be using? Thanks!Jezzakz2 5d
5d WILL YOU UNSUB AFTER CHANGES TO DEMON SKIN? Im just curious does anyone feel like this is a deal breaker? For example those of you that main your lock, or those of you that invested countless hours grinding your artifact weapon. Im just wondering how many of you are willing to either A. Stick it out with the lock even tho its gameplay wont be enjoyable B. Start/resume another character and level/gear that character and main it from here on out. C. UnsubIalfizzle19 5d
5d If You're Frustrated With Aff PvP.. Watch this guy: Wizbasky https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJOJnY4FekQXakw5h79hJ0A He's an Affliction Warlock streamer. By his own admission he's an average player so don't watch him because you're looking to watch a pro own everyone. He does unrated BGs so don't watch him for high end arena or RBG play. Watch him if you want to see someone who understands the idea behind the class, is positive about it, and has fun playing it. Enjoy!Khaosfury6 5d
5d Why is it a dagger? I understand the appeal but dang. I got this cool sword to drop but no...no no no I can't mog it and i've been farming it for 2 months now R.I.P indeed. I was just wondering if maybe we could solve this lil problem by little I MEAN BIG LIKE COME OOOON MAN, LIKE WHY IS IT A DAGGER LIKE NO ONE WANTS A FKN DAGGER. I mean look at previous expansions most locks and by most i mean 90%, 10% were new to the game :P, used swords. WHY?!?! BECAUSE THEY LOOK COOL XMOG-WiSE.(Locks used staves more than anything but 1h swords were def number 2 in my book) Post is minor. It will be buried shortly. Please consider allowing daggers to be transmogged into swords... even tho I don't see that happening. Our mog options are limited as demo weapon-wise? idk. Most daggers look bad and the ones that do look okaaay arent really possible to get without bartering a few rogues.... I'm aware that there are some really good dagger mogs for example the Fang of the Pit(mythic) as well as some intellect daggers but like I said impossible to get and those intellect daggers look blaahh IMO ofc. By the time these raids are soloable at heroic+ difficulty we will probably be in the next expansion or last tier. Who knows? I'm outta points so my arguement ends here.Abstraçt22 5d
5d Soul Conduit instead of Demonbolt? I've been wondering if this is an acceptable substitution, or if it's way behind Demonbolt. Would Soul Conduit be decent in all fights like I suspect, whereas Darkglare is for AoE and Demonbolt is for ST? I just really hate Demonbolt's graphic. It can make it hard to even see if I'm standing near something dangerous (or, sometimes, on top of something dangerous). I also was hoping to use a build that is useful on all EN-H fights instead of having to use respect books all the time.Rotrude5 5d
5d Is aff a viable cleave class to destro As a demo lock I've accepted they are the class to go to for ST. But for fights that are cleave oriented they just don't do well and Im not too interested in Destro locks. I was wondering what the viability was of swapping to affliction for cleave fights compared to playing destro? Also wondering if running affliction is worth it for M+ or should i stay demo on that as well? I was interested in this when checking warcraft logs and understand that have super low parses so it just may not be the case compared to the other specs with WAY more parsesErazul8 5d
5d Fire mage>all lock specs 1. Top tier mobility 2. Basdline interrupt 3. Active damage mitigation 4. Top tier single target damage 5. Balanced talent system that allows decent AOE damage without hurting single target damage Meanwhile warlocks have nothing but class fantasies. Thanks blizzard for finding a whole new excuse to trash a once excellent class.Formulation12 5d
5d Warlock talent balance proposal with 7.1 coming I feel as though the devs are further hamstringing the survivability of Warlocks by instead of giving us more options, they limit our choices even more (see Demonic Circle and Demon Skin talent swap). I propose a class-wide change to our CC and defensive-based talents both in the normal talent tree and the honor talent tree: Normal talents at teir 45: Howl of Terror *newish* -Unchanged, but baseline for all 3 specs Mortal Coil -Unchanged Shadowfury -Now instant cast with cooldown increased to 45 seconds. Comments: The changes here, are about giving Warlocks a on demand CC that is instant cast but incurs a considerable cooldown. Mortal Coil would be better suited for survivability, but Howl of Terror would be good for fighting melee in PvP, as taking melee damage reduces its cooldown by 1 second, allowing for more uses. Shadowfury would be useful vs. casters as it has a ranged cast on it, but has a slightly long cooldown, also serves as an opener to more CC. Normal talents at teir 75: Demonic Circle -Unchanged, except broken down into two abilities for ease of use for new and old players Burning Rush -Unchanged Dark Pact -Unchanged Comments: I understand now why devs put Demonic Circle in the talent tree, it use is to act as an escape but it is not always what you need, sometimes you need to just move out of the fire, or eat the damage, hence why the other talent options exist. Believe me, I'd love if Demonic Circle was baseline but it doesn't make sense for it to be so. It should be two abilities however, if you have to make a fancy macro to cancel Demonic Circle and summon another, doesn't fly in the face of making the class easier and more approachable to new players? It is not like there is a guided tutorial on how to macro, that took time and study to figure out the syntax for macros, something a new player doesn't want to bother with. Pvp Talents, numbers 4, 19, 37: Demon Skin *newish* -Unchanged Infernal Cascade -New: Instant ~ 1 minute cooldown: Unleash a wave of pure chaos dealing chaos damage split evenly to all enemy targets within 12 yards. This effect also occurs when the Warlock dies, regardless of cooldown. The damage dealt is determined by self-damage (from effects like LIfe Tap) as well as Overkill damage up to a maximum of 50% of the Warlocks health. Curse of Madness -New: Instant ~ 15 second cooldown: Increases the haste of the target by 2% every second for 10 seconds. at the end of the duration or if this effect is dispelled, deal 40% of all damage and healing dealt by the target affected by the curse to the target as shadow damage. This ability is usable on both allies and enemies and shares a cooldown with Curse of Weakness, and Curse of Tongues. Comments: Welcome to Demon Skins' new home, it is the more defensive option of the three choices, and is in the low honor level position, and still has meaningful choice options for different situations. Infernal Cascade is for heavy melee Comps as it can do massive damage when you die, or used manually to trigger some well-timed burst. It's effect builds both from Life Tap and Overkill damage primarily and its spilt evenly amongst enemy targets. Curse of Madness is for those gridlocked arena fights where you and your enemies are evenly matched, this tips the scales by seemingly buffing a target, but at the end if that target did a lot of damage or healing hurts them quite a lot. The comment about it sharing a cooldown with Curse of Weakness and Curse of Tongues, means that both CoW and CoT are baseline spells but all 3 share the same cooldown (15 seconds). ~~~ The reason Curse of Tongues and Curse of Weakness are baseline, is because they both have many uses outside of PvP, as they can act as game changers with world quests as well as dungeons in crucial moments. Having them share a cooldown still requires you to make a descision but now you don't to respec everytime you want a different curse. Curses are part of the Warlock fantasy, they should be baseline for that reason, if there is no other.Ooglaboogla4 5d
5d Destro PvP - Cautiously Optimistic Really hoping the current 7.1 PTR build goes Live for Destro. We will actually have 3 viable builds with different playstyles - an exciting time. Entrenched in Flame actually gives us back a bit of utility as Destro - hopefully it's enough. We still REALLY need an Interrupt from sacrificing Felhunter back. Like really badly. Without Sacrifice our Dark Pact is too weak to be the strong defensive we need in addition to Unending Resolve. We need both of these defensives to be strong in order to survive between kill setup windows. Take Havoc and Mana Tap off the GCD and i think Destro will actually be complete from a PvP perspective (in addition to giving us back the interrupt from sacrificing felhunter). People are going to cry endlessly and loudly about Focused Chaos, but the reality will be > Train the Lock until it flops. Don't let the Lock cast. As such we need to be hugely rewarded for actually getting off a Chaos Bolt. All Focused Chaos really does is bring us back to WoD level damage. Except CB now costs 2 shards instead of 1 and we have less CC (viably chosen anyway) to create CB casting opportunities. People still gonna cry though :(Drakaeon17 5d
5d Warlocks have useless artifact traits Afflic: On ST fights we only have one gold trait, and even that one is terrible. Destro: We have both a PvP talent and an artifact trait that affect drain life, but destro can't even use drain life. Whats up with that? How did that survive the beta? How is this not being fixed for 7.1?Napoleonmayo4 5d
5d 7.1 Affliction, am I reading this wrong? Am I reading this wrong? ... - Agony going from 22.7% of SP to 214.4%? - Corruption going from 33% TO 254%? - UA going from 92% to 386% With these changes(if im understanding this right) how are people still complaining? The spread pressure UA deals now will be significant and wont be abyssmal like before, Or maybe im just reading this wrong and ya.. demo is still clearly #1 :[ If I am wrong can someone possibly explain the DPS increase possibly?Moistyy10 5d
5d Why does Blizzard hate us? What did we ever do to them? Sure we were broken for 2 months during Vanilla and then again for 3 months in BC, and it seems like because of that they have to reign us in. All I want to do is to be able to main a warlock, do my raids, and be top of the meters in recount. Is that too much to ask for a pure DPS spec?Napoleonmayo6 5d
5d Blizz:Why shouldn't I just play a mage? Destro and demo are both doing worse than fire mages at similar skill and ilvl. As a pure DPS spec, we should have atleast one spec that is able to be at the top of the meters.Napoleonmayo2 5d
5d Afflic buffs are a slap in the face Honestly give us a real buff. In addition it seems that Blizz isn't aware that destro and demo also need huge buffs to be competitive in raids.Napoleonmayo2 5d
5d Glyph of Felguard and CM weapons I've seen locks who have CM weapon appearances on their Felguards through the Glyph of Felguard and I can't work out how they do it. Since I can't equip any of the weapons Felguards can use, I can't mog the weapon. When I send 2-hander BOAs with the mog on it to my lock, the transmog is stripped off the item. Can anyone explain how this is done? I'm sure I'm missing something blindingly obvious...Arakel1 5d
5d Alythess's Pyrogenics I just received this legendary ring for destro great stats however the equip bonus has me a little confused. It doesn't seem worth it to waste 3 shards on a raid boss for RoF and it's 6 second increase fire buff by 7%. Are other locks just ignoring the bonus or are you getting RoF into your rotation?Promethesis2 5d
5d Defensive talent discussion As you can see in the "Please revert the demon skin talent swap" thread, most locks really want portal back as a baseline spell. So I want to discuss some ideas I have that imo would be better talent choices for our 45 and 75 talent rows. First portal should be baseline as mentioned before, and burning rush should be moved to the 45 talent row where it can compete with mortal coil and shadowfury. In the 75 talent row you can have: Dark pact- is a great talent as is, no changes there. Demonskin- now that demonskin competes with Pact it should be reverted back to its prepatch form. Dark regeneration- On use health regeneration+ healing increase cd We would have to pick from strong shield, small shield that passively regens, or a health regen cd. Now THOSE would be real choices. If you don't agree with bringing back dark regen, other talents that would make sense on this row would be: Eternal resolve- I read that blizzard loves to put in passive choices for the people who hate to press extra buttons. This would be PERFECT for them, you no longer have to press UR and now have a passive 10% damage reduction. Dark bargain- It was very situational in both pvp and pve but even this would make more sense than having portal as a talent. If you have any other suggestions or like my ideas post here and maybe someone can pass these ideas to the devs. Edit: phone typosDemoniclily3 5d
5d Worth it leveling warlock as an alt? Was wondering to get some opinions from you guys, I used my character boost on a Mage but really didn't enjoy the play style it offered while as I enjoy leveling my affliction warlock. My question is are warlocks really in that bad of shape at least pve wise at 110 and dungeons?Armoredvìrus24 5d
5d Affliction Mythic+ I know a few threads exist on this already but most people just say "yeah affliction is fine at higher keystone levels" without giving much detail. So, without further adieu, 1) What talents do you use? Why? 2) What is your general rotation? 3) Why this over other talents/rotations/specs? Thank you <3Vyzzle21 5d
5d Glyph of Wrathguard this is important, why hasnt it been added, im tired of being forced into using red mogs just to match my stupid pet. bring back wrathguard so i can give him 2 cloudsong glaivesNoxxa1 5d
5d New PTR build w/balance changes "very soon" http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749677095 ... No mention of warlocks/affliction but fingers crossed? It's something to look forward to at least.Sapph34 5d
5d Pillars of the Dark Portal bug Blizzard, please add a vendor gold value to these, I can't seem to sell them as intended. I tried for five minutes, so I think it's bugged. 1/8 chance, and my first Legendary is the vendor loot... On the other side, it was my key, +6 Darkheart Thicket.Chaosgodloki6 5d
5d I honestly enjoy demo. It's true, and I know many of you don't share the same feelings, for different reasons. I enjoy it's theme, it's precision, and its viability. I've made the spec work for me, of course I do share some gripes such as DE, and our mobility, but I just want to post this, so some people know, if they want to try out demo, it's not a complete disaster, and some may enjoy it like myself. Keep putting out good feedback on negatives though, there's a pretty hefty post on it, just be constructive and detailed. Hang in there guys.Revlol25 5d
5d Destro Supremacy in Mythic+ for interupt I was wondering if anyone is running Supremacy in mythic+ content. I'm finding a massive deficiency in not having an interrupt in the standard destro build. The doomguard however has his 30 sec cooldown interrupt. I'm wondering about about what kind of DPS loss there is as compared to Sacrifice and Service. On the plus side you can tailor which pet is out for each encounter. IE. on a single target boss you have the doomguard, but for aoe you've got the Infernal. So there are obvious upsides to supremacy. But I'm sure it's also a pretty big DPS loss overall. Anyone try using Supremacy in mythic+ have any comments about it, positive or negative?Fappy1 5d
5d Demo: Trinket & Haste Help Hello fellow warlocks I'm really struggling with keeping 30%+ haste at base. Right now I'm at 29% haste which is okay since I use augmented rune for raids and +300 haste food, but I'd like it to be higher. I have a BiS trinket according to ivy veins (850 Wriggling Sinew) that's crit and on use. My current trinket is 835 1073 int 882 haste. Also, it might be worth mentioning that I use supremacy for raids and dungeons. Is it worth swapping that lovely 835 trinket out for Wriggling Sinew?Mesoc8 5d
5d Stop the UA nerf. Speak up warlocks!!! People seriously need to speak up, Why is affliction getting butchered even more because of inexperienced players?Solarstorm13 5d
5d Demonic Circle Dear Blizzard, Why do you require warlocks to use a macro to effectively use demonic circle? I assume that new players (and some veterns) would like to use abilities without use macros to control their abilities. Please return the 2 spells for Demonic Circle like it was in previous expansions. Thank you. Sincerely, A concerned warlock.Maikeru4 5d
5d Please stop putting mastery on everything.. 94.87% mastery...... that is what I sit at as a destro warlock...because no matter what drops it has mastery galore. And if you are curious...even this high of a mastery is crap in dps :|Lockedheart12 5d
6d Devilsaur Shock-baton?? Where does this drop? I was under the assumption that it's from World Quests only, but I've never had it as a reward yet. I've also heard that World Quests are based on what actual quests you've done. And I recently faction swapped, which reset all my f***ing quests, so I'm about to go KMS depending on some feedback here, thanks!Skilly4 6d
6d Unstable Affliction Tooltip is incorrect Tooltip: Cast # 1 - 61,555 Cast # 2 - 55,131 Combat Log: Cast # 1 - 61,555 Cast # 2 - 63,402 Recount: Min: 61,555 Max: 63,402Feridius0 6d
6d Pvp Opinion of demology There are a few things I think should be fixed for demology talent wise because of hard casting. tier 2 talents we all know in the comming patch that demonic circle will be swapped with demon skin. -personally I believe it is a horrible change because warlocks need this spell to become baseline and with the ramped up power of mele destroying you while casting everyone will almost certainly choose teleport for survivability. This is a step backwards from the problem of people favoring one talent over the other. -if you really want to make this talent tree fair I would give back warlocks demonic circle baseline because druids have cat form and stealth, mages have blink, priests have huge escape from damage seeing that an do certain instant heals. Warlocks have unending resolve but almost every time they are forced to sit there because they can't get away and it goes baseline to a talent. That right there is one of the biggest screw ups. I think this should just be 3 cc spells in this talent tree or the way it is. Or even better move demon skin to artifact trait and an artifact trait to talent. demology final talent tree- the only thing dominating atm is choice 3 because the other 2 don't work for pvp. I feel like blizzard should aim to create talentry trees with spells that work both for pvp and pve. mastery- I feel like mastery needs to change to increase the damage,haste,and hp of all of your demons by x amount based on mastery rather than having demology depend on demonic empowerment. Almost all warlocks I have seen don't use demonic empowerment in pvp because the fact of how hard it is to hard cast in pvp. I feel like demonic empowerment is one of the spells that was created but not even getting used as intended. Demology needs the stats for there demons just cause of the fact that they get trained by everyone. There is no balance at all and going backwards rather than fixing the problem right now is only going to get you stuck where u were by making demology complicated. I'm also hate the fact that we go through several expansions with demo form and some how it just gets completely removed. Even though npc have demon form including the previous expansion raid such as hell fire citadel. There was no fix in this expansion but rather bring back locks 5 expansions backwards. What do you guys think and what is your solution for a fix if possible.Girlofshadow5 6d