10h The Might of Stromkar: Arms PVE 7.0 A quick thank you to Archimtiros, Warriorsari, Artunias, and all of the Warriors of the Legion Alpha/Beta. Your hard work and dedication is testament to the warrior Community. Introduction: Hello my name is Curoar (think of it like que-roar) and I’m here to help new players as well as veteran players get a firm understanding of what's happening to Arms in 7.0 in terms of PVE. As with every other class and spec, in Legion everyone has had significant changes and their spec and abilities. We’ll start by discussing those, before jumping into the meat of things. If you have any suggestions to add to the guide please leave it in comments and I’ll come back and check it every now and then. PLEASE NOTE! This guide will be constantly updated and changed based on inevitable balance changes Blizzard will make. During this time stat-weights, talents, consumables, and enchants are all subject to change. Updated 10/23/16: Updated the guide's Single Target Rotation with Focused Rage, as well as added a Execute Phase guide, and a few Commonly Asked Questions. Updated 9/30/16: Updated the guide with the response to the changes via Hotfix. The guide has updated on talents for single target for Focused Rage, and non-focused rage builds. [i]Updated 8/15/16: Updated the guide with the response to the buff to Slam. Fervor for Battle is no longer a single target option, and has been replaced with Avatar for Single Target. In addition I've updated the wording on rotation due to confusion it caused. Table of Contents: I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 6.2 to 7.0 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#1 II. Stat Priorities http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 III. Gems, Enchants, and Consumables http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 IV. Races http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 V. Talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#3 VI. Artifact Traits and Paths http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#3 VII. Rotation Priority and Cooldowns http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 VII. Sample Gear Lists http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 IX. FAQs http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 6.2 to 7.0 Arms once again has been re-worked (thankfully) from the Warlords of Draenor iteration. The spec now has a true filler, a unique AoE Rotation, and a baseline reset on Colossus Smash. In addition our mastery and Colossus Smash has been changed from ignoring Armor to a flat damage increase (this is good). Finally the talent system has been re-worked as well to influence our rotation more. I will not be listing changes to individual spells, but do note that several spells despite being still in the spec, have been buffed or nerfed accordingly. (IE Victory Rush now heals for 30% of your maximum Health (was 15%)). Battle Shout has been removed. (note the majority of passive buffs have been removed from the game) Battle Stance has been removed. Defensive Stance is now a talent. Rallying Cry has been renamed Commanding Shout. Old Commanding Shout (Increased Maximum Health for 1 hour) has been removed. Die By the Sword now has a 3 minute cooldown (up from 2 minutes). Intervene has been removed. It is now a PVP talent. Recklessness has been removed. It has been replaced with Battle Cry. Battle Cry (new spell) has been added. Let loose a Battle Cry increasing your critical strike chance by 100% for 5 seconds. 1 Minute cooldown. Rend is now a talent. Shield Barrier has been removed. Spell Reflect has been removed. It is now a PVP talent. Sweeping Strikes is now a talent. Thunderclap has been removed. Slam is now baseline. It’s stacking effect has been removed. Tactician (a new passive) has been added. You have a 0.65% chance per rage spent to reset the cooldown of Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike. Cleave has been re-added. Strikes all targets in front of you for 90% Physical Damage. For each target hit up to 5, Your next whirlwind deals 20% more damage.Holy changes Batman! That’s a lot! Don’t worry we’ll go into more detail below!Curoar285 10h
13h The Bloodcrazed Berserker - Fury 7.0 Guide. Hello I'm Greil and welcome to the 7.0 Legion Fury Guide, we've had a few changes since Warlords of Draenor to fit a berserker which has been captured quite well. I'll be covering both basics for newcomers to the spec as well as a few more in depth details for the vets looking to improve in the following guide. This guide will also be ever changing due to consistent adjustments during the tuning phase in which will continue to occur from now and into a few weeks after Mythic Raids have been released before information really settles, so keep checking back as new info will be updated when I'm able to. The main change for fury? 2h weaponry is our only choice, as Single Minded Fury is no more. Please Note: Feel free to ask any questions if you need to clear up anything in regards to Fury. However if you do ask for assistance with DPS itself make sure to link a parse to a fight in which you were apart of which has been uploaded to https://www.warcraftlogs.com/ as this will allow myself or other vets the ability to tell you exactly how you can improve otherwise we cannot help you. With that said, on with the guide. Contents: I - Talents and Stat Priority: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#2 II - How to Play: Single Target / Area of Effect / Cooldowns: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#3 III - Warswords of Valajar - Your Artifact and you: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#4 IV - Consumables, Enchants, Gems and Racials: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#5 V - Legiondaries and the Mechanics of Fury: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#6 Recent Updates: 4/10 - Fixed typos, updated Legiondary section as items still refuse to link on the new forums.Greìl205 13h
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1m Fury dps in raids? Has anyone been in heroic EN or mythic to see how fury compares to the others? I wont raid till Friday with guild and am curious as to if its better or not.Mantoothman4 1m
3m Fury vs Arms in 7.1? Hey fellow warriors. I was wondering if fury was competitive with arms after 7.1?Kamaro3 3m
5m Fury Artifact hidden appearance? Anyone have the Fury Artifact Weapon hidden appearance yet? If so can I see how they look when there put away on your back.Deathok0 5m
16m Execute and Bladestorm adjustments I saw the hotfix patch notes today with "developer comments" about the damage adjustments to Bladestorm and Execute. A 15% increase to Execute sounds like a significant increase to me. I haven't had a chance to log in and try it out yet, what does that feel like to Arms Warriors? And what's up with Bladestorm? I usually use that as a CC breaker/blocker. Does it do damage now?Piratejimm3 16m
16m Gorehowl Artifact Skin Dearest Blizzard, Would you please consider allowing warriors the opportunity to take advantage of the absolutely beautiful hi-res updated version of Gorehowl you created for WoD? http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2014/august/axe_2h_gorehowl_d_01_hd.jpg I mean, it is drop dead gorgeous. And, in my opinion, blows away many of the Warrior artifacts that are presently in existence. Both in appearance and in lore. The thing one-shot Mannoroth, was wielded by one of the greatest warriors in lore, and currently has no owner. Not to mention, as you have proven, it is fully capable of modification in its appearance. See: Kara, SoO, and the updated version in WoD. As a lifetime warrior I feel a little disconnected from our spread of artifacts. None of them are tied to the fantasy that you are trying to create for the DPS Warrior Specs. We have no place to foster and build our identity, at least in comparison to some of the other classes. And for what I believe to be an iconic class, that is unfortunate. I understand this likely wont happen, but please consider opening this option up as a future implementation for the Warrior class. The textures are already there, so new artwork won't be as sizable of a workload. I just want so badly to be excited for the warrior class in legion, and while the new class design is very intriguing, the artifacts bring me right back down to earth. Sincerely, Long time warrior who probably cares a little too much about pixels on a screen that look prettyGearan48 16m
17m Stick with warrior or go pally? Alright so I'm coming back off a 5 month break and absolutely love taking on warriors. That being said is the nerf to warriors enough I should reroll to prot pally? I am looking to get back into progression raiding and mythic. Thank you in advance.Ajinji8 17m
19m Bajheera's Take on the Hamstring Nerf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deDVeE3EmY8 Glad to hear him speaking out. Hopefully the devs will listen to him.Omerta1 19m
21m need some help on squeezing more dps as fury need some help on squeezing more dps as fury. my simdps is saying 400k but i'm only touching 350k. unfortunately I do not have any logs to give because i don't knbow how to do them. I was wondering if the simdps is very accurate or if my weak auras is flying the coop. many thanks from your future number one fury warrior.Arreat3 21m
21m arms sucks: protest unsub im goin full bernie supporter in this mafk 22 days on the sub your move "developers" my class isn't developed enough i think you "developers" need to do your job and develop my class. maybe try playing it to get an idea for where its at...just an idea. we're missing like 3 full abilitiesHorderambe2 21m
42m War Hamstring on GCD in 7.1 - ANOTHER NERF http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749777147#1 This is a joke. Take away all the damage of it, but leave it on its own GCD, if we need to use a GCD to literally apply the only slow we have, and a mediocre slow at that, we lose 1 ability every 15 seconds (AT BEST), and at worse 2-3 abilities that could do damage instead. This is a huge nerf to an already mediocre class in PVP, and it's just slipping under the radar. This needs to be changed back ASAP.Murloch38 42m
44m Hamstring!!!!! Bajheera's thoughts! Bajheera rarely if ever !@#$%es about anything that happens to the warrior class but even he seems to be upset. He lays out his thoughts in the link below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deDVeE3EmY8Zulky1 44m
45m Fury Guide Any RECENT Fury guides taking into effect/account the changes with 7.1? How do you handle Enrage? i'm pretty much lost.Pewpin4 45m
51m Changing from Arms to Fury Any major things i should know?Chedandra9 51m
57m The HS Nerf Needs To Be Changed Hamstring being on the GCD is a very, very large nerf to warriors even more-so than the damage nerf done to Echo Slam. HS being off the GCD was not only essential to allow an already relatively easy to peel class to have a chance to stay on target but it was a major quality of life bonus. Now that HS is on the GCD and the snare is pretty short in PvP you will find yourself doing a few attacks only to have to struggle and reapply HS during the fight at the cost of damage. I understand that people would spam HS in PvE to generate tactician procs and do a bit of damage during the BC burst phase but this change was not the way to fix it. No warrior worth their salt would expect this ability to do damage. The simple solution was to remove damage from the ability. Prior to this change the warrior was bad but playable. After this change it's not only bad but unplayable. Please revert this change back ASAP. I've done a few RBGs today as arms and it is utterly miserable.Horrigan23 57m
1h Secret of the Axes .4 1500 contributions to this search. Give us something to work with blizzard.Timotec62 1h
1h BLIZZ: Deleted a 130 up vote topic Is that REALLY how you're going to interact with us? We're all this frustrated and you DELETE a topic with over 100 thumbs up admonishing your decision making? Just silent culling of our annoyances? We need to up vote this and show we're not going to take it lying down Destroy us in PVP then delete topics that hurt your feelings and are 100% accurate with suggestions on what to change (but nah that's too confusing) You devs are a joke. Really. Make better decisions. Warriors in this expansion are a true afterthought and are clearly bottom of the barrel. Whoever came up with that hamstring change provided a great arguing point for warriors: it changes nothing in PVE, ruins PVP, AND somehow was considered a buff by devs at the same time. This speaks volumes for the lack understanding of the very simplified warrior class by devs. Fix. Us. EDIT: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749678894 My attempt at being constructive despite expecting this to be ignored like all other more creative and constructive posters in our Forums. D stance and double time baseline, HS change reverted, when we take damage in PVP we need to generate high rage, AND add a strong heroic strike, off GCD, back in. Then we might be ok.Murloch49 1h
1h Frost DK... Not sure if any of you have a crossed blades with a Frost dk in pvp yet since patch but for those that have.. This is what i thought Fury's dmg should've been like in pvp considering our handicap..Stompzz6 1h
1h Warrior pvp help needed Hey guys. I'm not gonna lie about it. I'm a terrible warrior. I boosted this character hoping to take her into BGs and I hit like a wet fish and die almost instantly. I need your help. Arms or fury? What do I need to know? How can I improve? What sort of gameplay should I be adopting? Cheers.Pepsimarx3 1h
1h Oppressor Nerf Thanks, blizz. Don't know why I didn't see it coming. Literally the one thing I was enjoying about Prot PvP in this expansion, of course you come through and wreck it for no reason. Was actually having fun with my friends, picking out targets and working them down. Literally the only way I could get people off my back about being the tank was pointing out that I can increase dmg taken by 20% on a healer. Now my already laughable damage has been nerfed 15% in any solo fights. Now the DPS beating on me while flag running lasts longer. Now I'm back to being a useless piece of garbage, just like every other spec available to me. IT WASN'T EVEN GOOD. IT NEVER EVEN MADE UP FOR HOW UTTERLY BADI AM IN EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF PVP. How do none of you look at everything you've taken from me since Legion launched and say, "Hey, this is more than a little messed up. We're really screwing our players over by nerfing them with every patch. Maybe it's wrong to have our customers invest hundreds of hours in something just for us to COMPLETELY DESTROY IT. Been making excuses for you, Blizzard, for months now about how you're working so hard to balance things and it's not easy and there's a lot going on, but this is one kick in the nuts too many. It's obvious to me that the people directing this game are completely unqualified to do so. When Legion takes that FAT subscriber drop in a few months, I hope that you incapable "developers" know that it was because of your failure to address issues like these.Morty6 1h
2h Help - Need Feedback with Logs Did heroic EN tonight, and wanted to get a good grasp of my DPS on Ursoc, however, I noticed that for some reason on each boss fight I feel my execute damage is on the low side for some reason. I am wondering what I am doing wrong, I am only 853 ilvl and not sure if that is what seems to be causing my lack of execute damage, I am currently missing rage of the valajar on my artifact and sense death. Any feedback looking at my logs would be great! https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/xTfM7g8PJtFjzQaA#fight=8&type=damage-done&source=26&sourcebuffs=-201009 Also what about "best perf. avg" on my character in warcraftlogs? I see some things as high as 54 and others as low as 34. EDIT: I am sure you can find these somewhere but I will post my stats crit - 16% haste - 27% mastery - 35% Vers - 2% My main rotation for execute phase is: Execute spam > Rampage (only if proc'd) > BT/RB (only if I need rage) Is this correct?Treehugginz0 2h
2h Hamstring lol All the whining and crying because you cannot keep a player snared 50% 24/7 off of rage so adapt and quit crying or re-roll for pvp... My blood death knight destroys warriors anyways so hamstring wouldn't do !@#$ to me. Now give me 100 thumbs down you QQing babies.Canyoulift9 2h
2h Arms Warrior PVP and PVE: Changes. Let's try Constructive Posting - Round #73. I think that Blizzard will ignore/delete this as is usual with them, but maybe they'll accept that changes really have to be made. To start - I will be focusing mainly on Arms here, with some design philosophies leeching over into Fury. However, I will not pretend to be an expert on Fury PVE/PVP, nor end game tanking. I have a fundamental and strong grasp of Arms, the changes to Arms, and how Arms has worked in the past in PVE and PVP. Finally, Arms and Fury - PLEASE Itemize for these classes better. We don't want Crit, at all, and yet all our T19 gear has Crit on it despite having bonuses we need. This really sucks. Arms Warriors in PVP are trash. Absolute, unadulterated t-r-a-s-h. With the latest nerf, Hamstring on GCD, Warriors are now relegated to being worse than any other melee in arena. This isn't hyperbole, it is the absolute truth. We are now required to spend 1 in 6 global cooldowns on slowing players in PVP and being able to do any damage. This means we lose significant damage in PVP, not only because our global cooldowns are filled with a no-damage ability, but also because we won't stick to enemies at all (even less, somehow, than we did before). Arms Warriors in PVE, while doing lower-middle of the pack DPS, also need help. We do the lowest DPS of any class in PVE. Spec wise, we're middle of the pack for both Fury and Arms. Fury Warriors, in PVE, should be doing the most damage in the game given how they're built at the moment. I will begin with Arms PVP Analysis then move into PVE. Overarching Issues with Arms Warrior PVP in Arena: Low Tier Damage (bottom 30%) Low Utility Low Mobility Worst Survivability of Any Class Forced to choose between getting to Mid Tier Damage, Utility, OR Mobility - one of three Poor Stat TemplateSo to begin, we don't do much damage anymore. That's a major issue. We also have very little utility compared to other classes in arena. A major issue. We have poor mobility, UNLESS we spec for double time. If we spec for double time, we have less utility. We have horrid survivability (one defensive ability on a 3min cooldown. Defensive Stance lowers incoming damage by 20% and lowers our output by only 10% and we're still outdamaged by 30+% in Arena). Our stat template is absolute trash. How do we fix Warriors in Arena PVP without making them Overpowered? Make it harder to focus Warriors - Give us back RAGE GENERATION for taking damage. This is vital - if we get trained, we do much more damage. Give us one more defensive cooldown that is either active or passive, i.e. make current Second Wind baseline and then give a second wind talent that allows us to, when we go below 20% HP,recover 50% of our HP over 5s, ICD of 120s (can be tuned). Make Defensive Stance baseline. Then make that tier (Defensive Stance, Heroic Leap, Second Wind) focused on defensive cooldowns that work in different situations. Give us a Rage Dump that does damage via Mortal Combo. This means providing us an off-GCD ability similar to Heroic Strike which does more damage as you take more damage, forcing people to switch targets and not just train the Warrior REVERT the Hamstring nerf - this is absolutely key. Make it cost 10 rage, but not affect Battle Cry CD reduction OR Tactician Give us Shattering Throw (also a 2s stun) in Stormbolt (with a 1 minute CD), Shockwave, and a new talent (in the CC/Utility vein). Make Double Time baseline Make Spell Reflection baseline, but only make it 1s Make Spell Reflect Talent spell reflect ALL spells cast on you or teammates for 4s Make Intercept go in the same tier as Spell Reflection (3s variant), make it break roots Change Echo Slam back to 7.5% of enemy HP, but limit to 1 per 5sI don't think Warriors need that much more damage if Echo Slam and utility goes up, and Mortal Combo+HStrike act as a dissuading force from focusing Warriors. Arms PVE: Middle of the Pack DPS despite low Utility, needs to be higher, FR pigeonholes WarriorsArms PVE Buff: Minor Make Mortal Combo add Heroic Strike as an Off GCD rage dump that does similar damage to slam. This is necessary to stop being pigeonholed by FR if we are lucky enough to have Legendary Gloves because otherwise we have no rage dump. This alone allows another build than FRFury PVE: Major Buff - No utility, taking too much damage. Fury has a fun rotation, but quite simply needs to not take so much damage UNLESS it's competitive with the classes at the top of the DPS meters Buff damage output to be commensurate with damage increase taken. Additionally, play on mechanic that the more damage taken, the more damage you do to a pointHappy to discuss these points, some of these would be necessary changes, but there's a fundamental issue that Warriors don't have enough tools and don't do enough in Arena to warrant a spot. In PVE, we do lower-middling damage as Arms or Fury. Arms should be in the top 40% (my opinion) and Fury should be in the top 10% of classes for DPS. Warrior PVP is just a sick clunky joke, we need some tools back and a bit more utility. [b]FINAL NOTE[u] Warriors are the lowest CLASS in overall DPS - No other CLASS has less DPS than we do, but we are middle of the pack in regards to specs. This means Warriors are actually lowest DPS in competitive environments where guilds choose to be competitive. Warrior PVP is the worst it's ever been with this HS change, and that's not an exaggeration Changes need to be made. Badly. Warriors are fun but we're playing a class whose best abilities were taken away then given to other classes.Murloch10 2h
3h Need some Prot stat priority help. Hi All, Thanks in advance for reading. Been gearing up according icy veins and they changed it again. According to them it's haste > mastery >/ vers. Anyone else agree with this? I understand the reasoning, mainly shield block uptime. However, I seem to be doing ok in most mythic and mythic + dungs. If you take a look at my stats I'm about 11% (they recommend 20-30%) mastery with much more in mastery and vers. My personal opionion has always been mastery for block value and vers for damage reduction and damage increase. I can switch out some gear but I'll take a huge hit to vers and mastery with gains to critical strike. Most gear that has haste that I've found has crit strike. Any thoughts? I wanna start tanking kara and not sure if this haste thing is good or bad. Sorry for formatting etc. on mobileTagy2 3h
3h Prot Gripes Number 1: Intolerance is positioned in such a way on our Artifact's talent tree, as to be almost unavoidable. This talent, in itself, is salt on a wound. Our incoming / outgoing rage flow rarely leaves us with more than 20-ish rage, at any given point. Even with ten mobs on you, you'd have to refrain from spending any rage for about a minute solid, before you even got to full (100) rage. So what possible use is a 30 rage increase to our otherwise more than adequate pool? Intolerance is a cruel joke. It should swap places with Dragon Skin... Number 2: Neltharion's Fury. What about this ability doesn't suck? Even if you could move while channeling it, it would still be pretty worthless... Number 3: If we're fighting anything but an enemy which physically swings at us, we go to pieces.. Our only defense against non-physical damage depends on having the rage to dump on IP; which you won't have, while nothing is physically swinging at you... Number 4: Damage that bypasses Armor. This never needed to be a thing in the first place. Now; it's rampant. Damage that doesn't bypass armor, is very much in the minority... Don't get me wrong. I love Prot. I've played Prot, almost exclusively, for over 10 years. And I'm not saying that Prot isn't loads of fun to play... These are just a few "what in the hell were they thinking!?" type points.Runemauler26 3h
3h A Homesick Warrior a long winded Letter An Open Letter to The Design and Balance teams From A homesick warrior I want to begin with my experience of warriors and what I feel is iconic and special about the class. I played a rogue in vanilla after being dissuaded from playing a warlock by a friend, but on the launch of BC the first alt I ever leveled was a warrior, and it on the warrior where I first found real success. That was a particularly formative point in my life, and it marked a change of how I viewed gaming. I began looking at it from a much more “try hard” and analytical perspective and that era has permanently shaped how I view the classes in wow. Some things from then remain true, warriors still pair well with druids and paladins, and they still require a babysitter, and some things are no longer true rogues don’t get hit for 30% by overpower as an example. While BC was many years ago the archetypes from those first 4 seasons are burned in my brain and I think it did a lot of things right. When I think of warriors I think of a hulking mass of plate, wielding a Giant two-hander who both protects allies with his bulk and pressures enemies in a merciless assault. When I think of warriors I think of a Boa constrictor that applies more and more pressure while the fight drags on. When I think of a warrior I think of checkers…wait what? Warriors have never been a complex class, they have had some complex executions and tricks but generally speaking they have had a limited number of tools and complexity. Checkers is a simple game, with simple rules and the difficulty in checkers is not in execution but it is in utilizing these limited tools to the greatest effect. Warriors never had polymorph or cyclone or vanish tricks, they never had frost combos or ledge pushes, they never had careful range placements on pets or totems. We had some mobility, interrupts, some damage, a fear and most importantly mortal strike. The rest was up to you. What made the difference was great warriors were the ones who could most effectively and creatively utilize that kit to bring down their enemies. In the era of resources being actually resources rage was a powerful advantage. You never had access to limitless damage on demand like mana, but you also never went dry knowing the ebb and flow and the costs of stance dancing was vital and managing it correctly gave you the advantage in the long games. Currently I would say rage is one of the weakest resources in the game. Its one of the few classes which can suffer from starvation (Ironic given the history) it is one of the few resources which is the bottle neck for the characters output, and it has the most inconsistent generation. I think recapturing the idea of warriors gaining power over the fight as being iconic to the class is something we should strive for even if rage no longer functions in this compactly. This picture of warriors has crystallized in my mind from those early seasons; they are an attrition fighter utilizing plate armor mitigation, rage, and mortal strike to win in the long term. You might not start out strong, you might not have the most burst but if you can maintain your pressure through the swarm of CCs and resets you will win. The counter play was also well known, to beat a warrior your goal was to end it quickly, to force resets, or to control the warrior denying his obvious objectives. These asymmetrical matchups gave rise to complex counter play and were pivotal in making arena feel dynamic and gave every class its distinct flavor. I feel that warriors have strayed away from their identity of an attrition fighter more and more with each expansion. When I think of this powerful fighter clad in plate I think of the Black knight with each limb being sequentially stricken off. An arm with the removal of stance dancing, a leg with the removal of stun from charge, another arm with the removal of piercing howl, and now the last limb of hamstring by being put onto the global is also being hewn away. Our core remains, our body, head and soul embodied in damage, charge and mortal strike. These remain as essential as ever but without the rest of the support warriors have fallen over. A few weeks back prior to the Patch and its accompanying warrior nerf, I was speaking to my long time friend and Arena partner that the nerf was going to be too much, that the balance team was going too far. That they should have implemented the pve nerf then see how it effected pvp before the specific pvp nerfs hit live. That warriors at that time with 2 golden traits were as strong proportionally as they would ever be, and as other classes continued to unlock good traits warriors got a 9% heal on mortal strike and 30 max rage. I said that the balance team needed to be very careful when they nerf warriors output because they have robbed us of all utility, all we are is damage, and if we don’t bring among the best damage in the game there is no reason to bring us at all. Not all is lost many good warriors have suggested a number of things which can help warriors out in pvp without pushing their ability over the top in PVE (although that’s a whole other topic). I think warriors need to regain their identity. Firstly our damage. Our damage is low but if we gain utility it wouldn’t take much additional damage to be competitive. 1) The extremely good warrior Bajheera suggested Buffing echoing slam from 5% to maybe 7-7.5% splitting the difference of pre and post nerf. I think that is a decent idea it could definitely use a buff. 2) Perhaps increasing the damage of Hamstring to be possibly 65-75% of slam making it more of a rotational ability rather than a huge dps loss would make the global cool down cost less striking. 3) Make slam non trivial damage. Even in a raid where I'm spending every ounce of left over rage on slam its accounting for less than 15% of my output. It simply needs to be higher. These changes would help just inch warrior output to being in parity with other classes. If mortal strike reduces healing by 25% but we are doing nearly 25% less damage than other classes its not a very useful ability. Defensives Warrior defensives are on the weaker side. For a guy in plate we sure fall over easy. Some possibilities include: 1) Again Bajheera had a suggestion of allowing--through artifact talent, the use of Victory rush while in defensive stance making it more of a rotational ability. This might open the door for warriors running with non healers which has only been rarely possible in the past. 2) Make an Honor talent in the second row increase the healing you take, possibly tie it to defensive stance as well if need be. This might reinforce idea of warriors being attrition fighters they deny your healing and receive more of it themselves. 3) Make Berserkers rage less niche perhaps for example have it be like a pseudo demo shout of old, make it so you take 10% less physical damage during its duration giving us a mini defensive CD and making it more of a risk when using it purely to break cc. Utility This is a golden opportunity for warriors to regain some of the lost utility and they can do so in a variety of ways. 1) Charge needs to stun, tie it to Double time so that warriors aren’t gaining every stun in the book, warriors will not care. Not only does this let us do some of the plays of old but it means we can actually hit paladins during their pony freedom, druids at all, and we at least get a single global off on mist weavers. 2) Hamstring needs to be buffed, currently I can be on a druid spam hamstring over and over as a druid chain shifts and the druid gains distance on me, with any kind of slow on me or peels by the druid’s teammates forget about it. Hamstring either needs to be 70% or 50% and non-removable. 3) If hamstring won’t be buffed, then Piercing Howl is needed. Currently if a target like a mist weaver gets away from us we will never catch up. If we charge the monk can use one of a few different methods to reestablish that gap and we run out of mobility before the monk does. This devastates our ability to apply pressure. 4) Bajheera (name comes up a lot) Suggested that Sharpen blade is a good place to look for a powerful utility buff. The idea being if Sharpened blade had a cool down of 15 seconds then the warrior gains a big power spike every 15 seconds essentially functioning as a a stun on a healer. Not so crazy when you think about the kind of Crowd control powers casters have access to. That would be good but then Sharpened blade cannot stack with focused rage it would be too strong. I think another route would be to have Sharpened blade replace Focused rage. The new skill would say “Every stack of Sharpened blade will increase your mortal strikes power by 30% and increases the heal debuff by 5-8%” This means warriors can have the strongest mortal strike debuff at 40-50% with 3 Sharpened blade stacks but it takes time and rage to set up and their overall consistent damage will take a hit. If slam were buffed this would then be a more considerable loss than how it would be as we stand today. The idea being warriors free to damage will put healers behind without putting direct cc on them. I think this particular idea is interesting as you spend twice as much rage to effectively do less damage, and you can’t mortal strike willy nilly or risk resetting that big heal debuff. It effectively gives them a half cc where players can still play the game, they can use defensives they can cc us, they can still kill us. But it helps give warriors two paths. A spike path built around Sharpened blade with its large singular hits setting teams back, and more consistent DPS with Echo slam and 2 charges of Mortal strike. Both directions push warriors more towards the direction of warriors being a “drag the game out kind of class” setting them apart from other melees and helping create asymmetric gameplay. Some other notes is a weird situation were warriors want to cancel their own bladestorms because the damage is so poor. This might just be a weird “me” thing but I don’t tend to think of Cool downs as being disadvantageous Its as strange to me as a Ret paladin Canceling wings to do more damage. I don’t think the days of warriors using Sweeping strikes recklessness Bladestorm were healthy either But it would be nice for it to either Just make us immune to CC, do more damage so we aren’t losing rotational output to use it. The PVE topics are a whole other nut to crack but some of the talents need substantial tweaks. Currently warrior has a few nearly unusable talents. Sweeping strikes, Rend, In for the kill, Titanic Might, and Ravager. These need substantial buffs to be useful. But as I only claim to be an above average PVPer I’ll leave that to better minds. I don’t think warriors need every change mentioned, or even these changes specifically but Warriors really do need to have the problems addressed here to be solved. They need more utility or the damage needs to return. They need more utility and defensives with a slight buff to output to really solidify a new identity and role in a team. Personally I think they need to become distinct from other melee styles to help diversify area gameplay which encourages different teams to tackle different problems…well differently. Thanks for your time.Derlangsamer15 3h
3h Fury warrior dmg in 7.1 Hey guys I haven't gotten on wow since the patch release to see the dmg that fury warriors do in patch 7.1. So I just wanted to ask you guys if he buff we received noticeable??Sawgrass2 3h
3h Help getting to skyhold I have tried to stand in the portal up to skyhold at the landing in Dal, cant seem to get to skyhold. What am I missing???Skólár9 3h
3h losing interest on prot hidden appearance. Day 13 AK11 .. I am losing interest on this look ( since i saw so many warriors have it before hotfixed) , but i will still "farming" this everyday but surely wont feel exciting while the moment i got itTsun17 3h
3h Warrior Melee animations issues I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with the new Melee animations since Legion's launch as it appears that I can no longer play my beloved warrior as the new spell animations give me headaches and eye strain, this has not occurred in previous expansions as I've played since vanilla, I know that there has been some concern in the Legion Beta about eye strain and headaches but those posts have since been deleted. ----Protection Melee animations---- Main animations of concern: ⦁ Devastate ⦁ Revenge ⦁ Impending victory -----Fury Melee animations---- Main animations of concern: ⦁ Bloodthirsty ⦁ Raging blow ⦁ Furious Slash ⦁ Execute Lesser concern: ⦁ Whirlwind ⦁ Blade storm ----Arms Melee animations---- Main animations of concern: ⦁ Colossus smash ⦁ Mortal strike ⦁ cleave ⦁ execute ⦁ victory rush ⦁ Execute I will probably get down voted for posting this but I have genuine concern that I will no longer be able to play due to the new Melee animations, not everyone is lucky enough to have perfect eye site, some people suffer from eye strain and headaches and even migraines I hope Blizzard realises this. Does anyone know if one can simply turn off the new melee animations? so that one does not simply get a melee animation that flashes red and blue and white streaks of light across my character?, or if one can't turn them off is there any way to tone down the brightness of the spell effect so that it would not flash so much, it kind of sucks not to be able to play the class that you have played on and off since vanilla due to a spell animations, any input into these issues would be greatly appreciated. P.S I know Tmorph can remove spells and change them completely but I don't want to use a third party program that may get me banned. All I want to do is play my Prot Warrior spec without feeling sick.Grimicarus4 3h
3h Nature's Call good for Arms? Questions in the title, i rolled an 865 Nature's Call, is it stronger than WQ 835 Str+Mastery trinket?Gorgar9 3h
3h Fury Opening rotation Icy veins suggests Use your Potion just before the pull. Cast Charge Icon Charge. Cast Dragon Roar Icon Dragon Roar, Avatar Icon Avatar and Bloodbath Icon Bloodbath if taken. Cast Battle Cry Icon Battle Cry and Bloodthirst Icon Bloodthirst to trigger Enrage Icon Enrage. Continue with single-target rotation. what I do is; Cast charge (macro) Cast avatar (macro) cast dragon road (macro) cast battle cry Bloodthirst odyns RB BT i've been told to follow icy veins, and im wonderin why. My logic is since avatar lasts longer, might as well get 20% more damage on dragon roar right? Also, i was told that the order should be BT>RB>Odyns>Bt>RB because "if you've got enough haste you can squeeze in RB into battle cry as a guaranteed crit" but given that I don't, can i just maintain my current order? O.oAliantonn3 3h
4h Warrior 7 Nerf's Feedback: Must Read you nerf us 6+ times so i knew it was train and i was right after 7.1 making it that 7th time you nerf us. http://imgur.com/a/IP3P0 i wanted to share a photo new demon lock trend going on all of them are doing this much damage, even after being train as the main dps target to focus http://imgur.com/a/IP3P0 if you going to strip us warriors down as low life peons shouldnt we be doing as much damage as that demon lock trend? also it seems ret pallys are the new warriors they get buff every patch so thats other reroll that i have my eyes on. that photo i post is a good idea of people abusing mechanics and buffs. facing ret and demon look at the damage they were so bad. we cc super hard yet lol the outcome dont matter like DH's damage on release. recap the photo total ret 6,800,000+ mill lock 25,400,000+ mill Lock doing 25,400,000 million damage 25? i think i own this thread and this topic and this nerf after nerf, you made me reroll druid that does as much damage as my main warrior HAHAHA and i have to make my hands bleeed to make my warrior good not a lock that presses 4 buttons this is real rage real madness, i'm lvling ret and lock btw so i can abuse the system and climb rating ty blizzard killed my main for 7+ years love from no one important your bud sol btw this is facts FACTS! anyone else has photo facts post it and drop the mic mic drop.....Sòlbadguy4 4h
4h Focused Rage in 7.1? At this point, should I even bother with the Focused Rage build? Most sites I've read recommend not going focused rage, instead going trauma/opportunity/in for the kill. My own adventures with focused rage have gone for the better after I realized that I should CS/MS every time tactician procs, not just when I have three stacks of FR, and using a macro that combines FR and slam, but I wanted to ask you guys for advice.Kateka6 4h
4h Ursoc's Rending Paw: Fury Ursoc's Rending Paw, I just got this trinket off a bonus roll and was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on it, I know the tooltip was bugged pre 7.1, but now it's fixed. There were a couple warriors running it, including Archimitros who is one of the top fury warriors in the world, and he regularly parses above 99% with that trinket comboed with Angerboda. I'm wondering if it would be worth using above a spiked counterweight, or a few others. I know simcraft this that blah blah, and i do use sims, but It's never the same as actually using it. Current trinkets available to me: -Unstable Arcanocrystal: 860 -Spiked Counterweight: 860 -Ursoc's Rending Paw: 865 -Chrono Shard: 855 -Terrorbound Nexus: 855 I also have a few others but they aren't even worth mentioning. Thanks in advanceMashingspoon6 4h
4h Ask Mr Robot and Fury Versatility So I noticed today AMR is listing fury warrior stat priority as Haste > Versatility > Critical Strike > Mastery > Strength and weighing Versatility higher than crit/mastery. Noxxic, Icy-Veins, and even AMR before today say that Mastery is 2nd though, not 4th. Did fury warrior stat priority change? It doesn't even make sense if they had mislabeled it as the arms stats because Mastery is king there, not Haste.Wrathicus8 4h
4h Crit for Prot Warrior? Got the 870 version of these bracers yesterday http://www.wowhead.com/item=141439/ettinbone-bracers&bonus=0 I am not sure if it is worth using in place of my current bracers. I always have a hard time taking something as an ilvl upgrade if the stats are wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.Lazarius18 4h
5h Arms or Fury in PVE - 7.1? ?Orekk3 5h
5h Hamstring Someone at blizz obviously tore a hamstring, explains the nerf. Thats how their balance decisions seem to me atm.Klash2 5h
5h New Rotation (Pve/Pvp) New Dps Roation, all specs, Pve/Pvp: ESC >LOGOUT > CREATE NEW CHARACTER > BEGIN LEVELING (its super cake walk fast now with Heirloom gear) Went back to Assassination Rogue, its like a Warrior. Evasion 100%dodge 2min cd(die by the sword 3min), Feint -30% dmg taken with 100% up time at the cost of energy(20% d-stance), Vial for 30% heal(victory rush is a joke), CoS for casters(spell reflect or commanding shout, i guess?), Vanish for escape(none for warrior), shadow step(charge or heroic leap), 2 stuns and a silence(only 1 as warrior storm bolt or shockwave), free snare apply on attacks(no resourse or gcd required), Vandetta-Kings Bane-Exsanguinate-Tricks of The Trade, not counting %buffs from talents(Battle cry, CS,Avatar) and you always move 15% faster and have sprint to close the gap. Free mortal strike effect on attack(0 downtime). Its a no brainer, everything a Warrior USE to do well the Rogue does better.Böò2 5h
6h Fury; How much haste? Just wanted to geta feel for how much haste most people are stacking. Ive found abt 30% with food buff is good for me.Reinhurt7 6h
6h Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker Pt.2 Last post reached its limit. For those of you just joining us, Dev's have confirmed this skin to be a daily reset. The conditions to aquire it are as follows: 1.) Gain Artifact Knowledge 5 2.) Read the story of the shield in Skyhold (One time requirment) 3.) Be in Protection spec (required to see the shield, not to spawn it) 4.) Run to Nealtharian's Vault or fly to Obsidian Overlook. 5.) Run into the cave. If the shield has spawned you will hear a VERY LOUD ROAR and recieve a emote. 6.) Check all the gold piles within the cave until you locate your shield (Note: You must be in Protection Spec...see point 3) People have also chosen to run the following macro as the roar and emote sometimes fail to happen even when your shield has spawned. /run local Q,P=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted,print; if Q(44311) then P(' Shield Available') elseif Q(44312) then P('Try Again Tomorrow') else P('Head to the cave and try your luck!') end This will return a result of "Shield Available" if the shield HAS spawned. If it returns as "Try Again Tomorrow" YOUR SHIELD HAS NOT SPAWNED and you must check again tomorrow. If you recieve "Head to the cave and try your luck!" then you have not used your daily chance. It is also note worthy that a very small group has been able to loot the shield inside of the Neltharian's Lair dungeon, but this appears to be they would have been able to loot it inside the cave regardless and just received it inside due to running the dungeon prior to using their daily check. Edited because words are hard :{Thanatos324 6h
6h Alternatives to Hamstring GCD Lock Nerf Lets help brainstorm some things OTHER than whats being done to hamstring to fix the PvE / PvP issues at hand. I've read a lot of comments and didnt see many good suggestions so far.Hoboedd21 6h
7h Need serious help with dps Guys, aside from not prepotting with old war, I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. I strive for maximum enrage uptime. After that always prioritize using RB 1st and foremost with FS being filler. I use my cooldowns when they come available stacking them as much as possible. Execute phase is keep executing to keep juggernaut up while filling with rampage to keep enrage going and the occasional RB or BT to keep rage up. I'm stumped and could really use the help. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Vdp1yDjPxNRGAkYtMâdcow10 7h
7h Wanna hear a joke? Warrior pvp buffs... HAHAHAHAHAHAMcbone1 7h
8h How to dual-wield the Warglaives of Azzinoth? I have been farming BT for the past year or so and I finally got my offhand. But I can't seem to get them to work. Or at least, it keeps telling me I need to use a 2H weapon. I switched to arms spec to see if they had changed things around, but arms can't dual-wield anything (still). So what now? Am I stuck? Is this a tremendous oversight on Blizz's part? Or is there some trick somewhere that I'm missing. How do I use these things now that I got them?Madamoiselle21 8h
8h Fury - dps help/advice please Armory - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/Katilina/simple Wowlogs - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/15821815/latest I am finding that my dps is significantly lower (208k on dragons heroic) than what I sim at - which according to mr robot is 300k dps single target fight. I dont know if its my rotation or just the nature of fury to have massive burst at the start of a fight then just slowly bleed dps the rest of it. Any advice or tips to maintaining dps would be great. I have been doing my best to line up CD's for use during enrage and the general icy veins rotation. Thanks!Katilina14 8h
8h warriors aren't that bad half of you guys are complaining about not doing any damage when most of the time its your own problem with either rotation or gear itemization. with my gear as arms and fury i can put up about 300k single target so try to figure out what you're doing before giving devs a hard time because your class actually requires half a brainJokerzwild22 8h