The Bloodcrazed Berserker - Fury 7.0 Guide. Hello I'm Greil and welcome to the 7.0 Legion Fury Guide, we've had a few changes since Warlords of Draenor to fit a berserker which has been captured quite well. I'll be covering both basics for newcomers to the spec as well as a few more in depth details for the vets looking to improve in the following guide. This guide will also be ever changing due to consistent adjustments during the tuning phase in which will continue to occur from now and into a few weeks after Mythic Raids have been released before information really settles, so keep checking back as new info will be updated when I'm able to. The main change for fury? 2h weaponry is our only choice, as Single Minded Fury is no more. Please Note: Feel free to ask any questions if you need to clear up anything in regards to Fury. However if you do ask for assistance with DPS itself make sure to link a parse to a fight in which you were apart of which has been uploaded to https://www.warcraftlogs.com/ as this will allow myself or other vets the ability to tell you exactly how you can improve otherwise we cannot help you. With that said, on with the guide. Contents: I - Talents and Stat Priority: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#2 II - How to Play: Single Target / Area of Effect / Cooldowns: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#3 III - Warswords of Valajar - Your Artifact and you: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#4 IV - Consumables, Enchants, Gems and Racials: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#5 V - Legiondaries and the Mechanics of Fury: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056?page=1#6 Greìl69
Unyielding Steel: Arms PVE 6.2 A quick thank you to Secondwind, Colloison, Aedilhild, and all of the Warriors of the Warlords of Draenor Beta. Your hard work and dedication is testament to the warrior Community. Introduction: Hello my name is Curoar (think of it like que-roar) and I’m here to help new players as well as veteran players get a firm understanding of what's happening to Arms in 6.0 in terms of PVE. As with every other class and spec, in Warlords of Draenor everyone lost a significant amount of abilities and had major class changes. We’ll start by discussing those, before jumping into the meat of things. If you have any suggestions to add to the guide please leave it in comments and I’ll come back and check it every now and then. Update 8/6/15: Guide has been updated with a few talent choices, and a new FAQ question. Thank you everyone for your continued support and kind words. Update 7/12/15: Guide has been updated to reflect the numerous hot-fixes done to items for Hellfire Citadel. In addition the sample gear list has also been updated along side clickable links for easy viewing. Update 6/25/15: Guide has been updated to reflect the hotfix as of June 24th (I called it!) to the Tier 18 2-Piece set bonus. Update 6/22/15: Guide has been updated to reflect changes made to Arms Warriors for patch 6.2. Update 3/1/15: Guide has been updated to reflect changes made to Arms and Warriors for patch 6.1. Updated 1/21/15: Guide has been updated to reflect new mastery nerfs that where hotfixed as of January 21st. Check stat priority, and geming and enchanting sections of guide for more details. Updated: 1/13/15: Guide changed due to hotfixed buffs targeted at Thunderclap and Mastery. Check the stat priority, Glyph, and rotation sections for more details. Also added an FAQ about this drastic change in stat priority. Updated 12/19/14: Added some commonly asked questions I'm seeing on the forums here in the FAQ area. I hope to get a proving grounds video, as well as a general how-to video for Arms over the holidays. Table of Contents: I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 6.1 to 6.2 - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#1 II. Stat Priorities - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#2 III. Gems, Enchants, and Consumables - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#2 IV. Races - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#3 V. Talents - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#3 VI. Glyphs, Rotation Priority and Cooldowns - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#4 VII. Sample Gear Lists - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#5 VIII. Proving Grounds Help - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#5 IX. FAQs - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729684128?page=1#5 I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 6.1 to 6.2 We had minor changes that mechanically effect the spec as a whole. That being said our set bonuses and trinkets considerably changes our spec and how it functions. I'll be going into detail about that more later. Mastery: Weapons Master now increases the damage of Mortal Strike, Colossus Smash, and Execute by 5.2% per Mastery (Up from 4.5%) Mortal Strike now deals 6% less damage. Tier-17 4-piece set bonus for Arms Warriors has been redesigned. It now reduces the rage cost of Mortal Strike by 5. What Do I need to Know for Patch Day? Nothing really. Only major gameplay changes occur once you've obtained your T18 2-Piece Bonus. Our stat priority does not change. Curoar261
The Might of Stromkar: Arms PVE 7.0 A quick thank you to Archimtiros, Warriorsari, Artunias, and all of the Warriors of the Legion Alpha/Beta. Your hard work and dedication is testament to the warrior Community. Introduction: Hello my name is Curoar (think of it like que-roar) and I’m here to help new players as well as veteran players get a firm understanding of what's happening to Arms in 7.0 in terms of PVE. As with every other class and spec, in Legion everyone has had significant changes and their spec and abilities. We’ll start by discussing those, before jumping into the meat of things. If you have any suggestions to add to the guide please leave it in comments and I’ll come back and check it every now and then. PLEASE NOTE! This guide will be constantly updated and changed based on inevitable balance changes Blizzard will make. During this time stat-weights, talents, consumables, and enchants are all subject to change. Table of Contents: I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 6.2 to 7.0 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#1 II. Stat Priorities http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 III. Gems, Enchants, and Consumables http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 IV. Races http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#2 V. Talents http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#3 VI. Rotation Priority and Cooldowns http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 VII. Sample Gear Lists http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 IX. FAQs http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747264886?page=1#4 I. Wait?! What happened to the spec?: Changes from 6.2 to 7.0 Arms once again has been re-worked (thankfully) from the Warlords of Draenor iteration. The spec now has a true filler, a unique AoE Rotation, and a baseline reset on Colossus Smash. In addition our mastery and Colossus Smash has been changed from ignoring Armor to a flat damage increase (this is good). Finally the talent system has been re-worked as well to influence our rotation more. I will not be listing changes to individual spells, but do note that several spells despite being still in the spec, have been buffed or nerfed accordingly. (IE Victory Rush now heals for 30% of your maximum Health (was 15%)). Battle Shout has been removed. (note the majority of passive buffs have been removed from the game) Battle Stance has been removed. Defensive Stance is now a talent. Rallying Cry has been renamed Commanding Shout. Old Commanding Shout (Increased Maximum Health for 1 hour) has been removed. Die By the Sword now has a 3 minute cooldown (up from 2 minutes). Intervene has been removed. It is now a PVP talent. Recklessness has been removed. It has been replaced with Battle Cry. Battle Cry (new spell) has been added. Let loose a Battle Cry increasing your critical strike chance by 100% for 5 seconds. 1 Minute cooldown. Rend is now a talent. Shield Barrier has been removed. Spell Reflect has been removed. It is now a PVP talent. Sweeping Strikes is now a talent. Thunderclap has been removed. Slam is now baseline. It’s stacking effect has been removed. Tactician (a new passive) has been added. You have a 0.65% chance per rage spent to reset the cooldown of Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike. Cleave has been re-added. Strikes all targets in front of you for 90% Physical Damage. For each target hit up to 5, Your next whirlwind deals 20% more damage.Holy changes Batman! That’s a lot! Don’t worry we’ll go into more detail below! Curoar75
Gladiator's Resolve - 6.2 PvE DPS Guide Gladiator's Resolve - a 6.2 PvE DPS Guide **Updated for 6.2** I am Pestilent, and this is a 6.2 Guide to playing the Gladiator DPS Subspec, which is a full fledged Sword and Board DPS spec option once you hit 100 and can choose the Gladiator's Resolve Talent. Hopefully all the info present here is short, simple, and clear. I will thank Curoar/Greil first for some of the info present that pertained to gladiator I was able to copy for formatting, I would also thank, Eninya, Drangr, Piccolinni, and the many others that have played gladiator past and present and have aided the community in using this DPS specialization to its maximum performance. Feel free to post any questions or feedback about the guide or the information within, I and many other Gladiator Warrior's frequent the warrior forums enough and will help provide any additional information to get you going on this super fun spec. I. Stat Priorities - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#2 II. Gems, Enchants, Consumables, and Races - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#3 III. Talents - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#4 IV. Glyphs, Macros, Rotations, and Cooldowns - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#5 V. Weak Aura Strings and Visual Aides - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#6 VI. Sample Gear Lists - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#7 VII. FAQs - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#8 VIII. MISC - http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/16717881674?page=1#9 Pestilent678
Unleash Your Inner Fury - 6.2 Fury guide. UPDATE: Legion is coming, the new guide can be found in the following link, the following information is no longer valid as of 19/7 or 20/7 (depending on your timezone) such due to many changes and I request for this thread to have it's sticky removed and for the following to be put in it's place. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20747195056 First off I'd like to introduce myself I'm Greil and this will be my 6.2 Fury guide for both newbies and vets of the class. I will strive to keep things short, sweet and relevant so you have all the information you require in an easy to read simple format. I'd like to thank many of the warriors in the theorycrafting community (mainly collision) who've made all this information available and have contributed throughout this tedious WoD beta cycle. You guys know who you are. Due to some Faction / Server xfers throughout WoD you can find my current Armoury here if you're wanting to look at the process of gearing correctly, sometimes I may be specced arms due to how well it does for some progression fights. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/frostmourne/Greìl/advanced A moment of silence though for our fallen comrades Colossus Smash and Heroic Strike who have both been removed from Fury, rip in pepperonis mates. :'( Now with a bit of silliness out of the way on with the show! Feel free to post any questions and or feedback about the guide as I'm here as well as many other warriors vets to provide you with all the information you need to succeed as fury. Contents I - Talents, Glyphs and Stat Priority. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729594215?page=1#2 II - Single target, AoE rotations and Cooldown Usage. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729594215?page=1#3 III - Procs and Important Mechanics 101 http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729594215?page=1#4 IV- Consumables, Enchants, Gems and Racials http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729594215?page=1#5 V- Faqs http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/14729594215?page=1#6 Introduction: Now to begin fury is divided into two subspecs, Titan's Grip which utilises two 2h weapons and Single Minded Fury which utilises two 1hs. The difference between the two subspecs is minimal where TG will edge out on area of effect and cleave fights and SMF will edge out on single target fights. So which subspec is right for you? Well it's simple! Whichever subspec has the least competition in your raid for weapons should be the one you're going for since it helps gear up the raid faster as a whole. This also relies a lot on weapon drops as well. The strongest of your two weapons is always wielded in the mainland no ifs and or buts. Do not mix 2hs and 1hs you want either one pair or the other never a mixture. Greil412
Jun 27
The Iron Phalanx: A 6.1 Prot Tanking Guide I would like to open this with a quick thank you to Clutch, Protege, Buoy, Tengenstein, Gliff, and all the other Warriors who I forgot to mention who were testing during the Warlords of Draenor Beta. Without you, this guide would be nothing, but at least we'd still know which end of the sword goes into the guts of our enemies. A Brief Introduction: Howdy, I'm Lowmaine (literally pronounced like that dish you order at that one takeout place you go to where everybody speaks Mandarin), and I'm here to help you guys figure out how to be a good Protection Warrior, and a tank, as quickly and thoroughly as possible. As with every other class and spec, we lost a lot, but as far as Warriors are concerned, we got off easy (if you wanna know suffering, ask Curoar about Arms...poor Panda bastard). This guide will cover PvE content only, as that's what I feel most comfortable writing about, and will specifically focus on tanking. This guide will be a working progression throughout all of Warlords of Draenor, and is written for Level 100 PvE content in mind. While there is overlap present between then and now, keep this in mind as you peruse this writing. If you have any questions, or anything looks wrong, feel free to provide criticisms where necessary; as long as it's constructive, I don't mind being told I totally messed something up, as I'd rather fix it than be wrong eternally forever :P If you liked the guide, thanks for reading! Let's get right to it. Be sure to use the brackets for quick navigation purposes! Table of Contents: I. What the hell just happened?!: Changes to Protection in 6.0 [WUT1] II. Abilities, Rotation, and Cooldowns [ABL2] III. Stat Priorities [STA3] IV. Consumables, Enchants and Gems [CON4] V. Talents and Glyphs [TAL5] VI. Races [RAC6] VII. Best in Slot [BIS7] VIII. Dungeon Help [DUN8] IX. FAQs [FAK9] Please wait until I'm done posting before you tear my work apart, thanks! <3 Lowmaine258
May 15
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Oct 26, 2010
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Problem with Focused Rage Stacking As a Protection Warrior, I find it odd that we're given a stacking offensive ability like Focused Rage. The talents allow us to alternate between Focused Rage and Ignore Pain. However, Devastate as a filler almost always ensures that we're going to be resetting the cooldown on Shield Slam. Since Shield Slam is our primary offensive rage-generator, it doesn't make sense to wait for the necessary rage required to stack Focused Rage three times just to buff it. As a Protection Warrior, my priority is to generate rage for defense and generate threat through abilities like Shield Slam. Therefore, I feel I need to completely forgo the use of Focused Rage stacking. I'm watching out for my Ignore Pain and Shield Block durations, optimizing my defenses. I don't think I should be concerned with increasing my Shield Slam by 150% because maximizing my damage output isn't the role I'm playing as a Tank. What makes this even more confusing is that Ultimatum procs a free Focused Rage from using Shield Slam anyway. From what I gather, this is generally what the "weave" is supposed to look like: 1. Shield Slam (must be a Critical) 2. Free Focused Rage (via Ultimatum) 3. Ignore Pain at 50% the Rage cost (via Vengeance) So that 20 to 60 rage cost for Ignore Pain has basically been turned into a 10 to 30 rage cost. I suppose this means you could pool more Rage for Focused Rage dumping, but there's another problem with that when you factor in Shield Block and Heavy Repercussions. The way Shield Block works in tandem with Heavy Repercussions and Shield Slam means you're going to want to Shield Slam as often as possible. In other words, dumping Rage into Focused Rage means you're forgoing the extension of Shield Block. In addition, Shield Slam's damage is already being boosted by Shield Block anyway. The problem I'm currently experiencing in all of this is that I'm not finding it particularly lucrative to dump into Focused Rage stacks for Shield Slam. Maybe it's because I'm used to hitting Shield Slam after Devastate resets it, but it's also because Shield Slam generates the Rage necessary for building up Focused Rage in the first place. I think there's a problem with that--why is my primary means of Rage generation the same ability that consumes the ability that I'm supposed to dump excess Rage into? I really prefer Heroic Strike and wish they'd take Focused Rage out of Protection Spec. It doesn't suit it. Focused Rage doesn't seem that well though-out. Pelinkovac27
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Crazed Gladiator: 7.0.3 PVE Fury guide Hello I am Duopower or u can just Simply Call me Random , I am a H lv raider that been since the past week testing For what's currently the Best dps rotation and talent combos. For Fury warrior This guide will be divided in 2 main sections whit its sub sections: I) Rotation , II) Talents. I) Rotation Well lets take a quick look in our Base Abilities We still have Bloodthirst , Raging Blow and whirlwind. And We got some new abilities some renamed ones as well Currently Commanding shout is Rally cry and Battle cry is Recklessness and we get this new move called Furious slash Witch basically works like this every time u use it it stacks a buff that increases the base crit of Bloodthirst Witch results in Theory in more Enrage Up time. However Currently Enrage last around 3 secs. Well that's out of the way lets start whit the optimal Single Target Dps rotation. First u wanna Charge , Then u wanna use bloodthirst followed by Raging blow then u wanna start spaming Whirlwind like a maniac until Bloodthirst cd is back up or you have rage to use Rampage . if u do Use Dragon roar first then pop battle cry (recklessness) And use the rampage. Basicly for every pull u wanna try to avoid using Battlecry and dragon roar instead u want to Rage cap or have rage for a rampage then use them to max your dps output. U may be asking yourself what about Furious slash well from my testing in its current state the move results in a dps loss. all the time. No matter the situation Whirlwind will do more damage than furious slash ever would and even in theory u would have more enrage uptime well enrage currently works like a way to buff Rampages overall damage. Because of this I came to the conclusion U should not use Furious slash at all in the current state because of it a overall dps loss. Now for the aoe Optimal Dps rotation: We Currently in aoe are still great pumping allot of damage but the strats are different. We currently have a new Meat cleaver that works like this after every Whirlwind Bloodthirst and rampage hits more targets based on yards so if u have 5-6 enemys relatively close to you all of them will be hit by your meat cleave bloodthirst and meat cleave rampage's. So for the basic rotation charge , Bloodthirst , Raging blow and spam whirlwind then use bloodthirst if u have atleast 3 or more targets so u can max the dps output for when using Rampage cleaves u wanna use dragon roar and battlecry combined whit them but if both are in cd u just want to have atleast 4+ targets to Max Rampages cleave output. Again Furious Slash results in a overall dps loss. II)Talents For talents we have currently like 2 playstyles to play that I divided in a tierlist of sorts. But lets start simple and just put out all the talents in all the tiers and tell u witch beats witch. A)Lv 15 tier the rage management tier. Warmachine Everytime u kill a Target u get a 30% movement speed and 30% Haste speed buff Making it the perfect choice for aoe and dungeons. its not good in Single target because u will not be able to use it through the entire fight. Endless Rage Your Default Choice for Single target it basicly makes your Auto Attacks generate 30% More rage to huge of a dps buff because u will be pumping over all more rampages in a single target situation for aoe its good as well but not as good as Warmachine. Fresh Meat Makes your Bloodthirst work like it was wod until the targets hp hits below 80% hp. Well currently this talents is the worst out of the 3 its just to lil up time to a serious player to use currently Its just a talent that u will never use for the time being or they hot fix it to make it that bloodthirst base crit chance is back. Well Currently for this tier it is like this Aoe U wanna use Warmachine , St Endless rage. and Fresh meat is just horrible. B) lv 30 tier Stuns/mobility tier For this tier u don't need rocket science to figure out. Shockwave aoe, Stormbolt single target and Double time for fights u will really need that extra charge basicly fights like Mannoroth. C) lv 45 The choice tier. Wrecking Ball Makes your auto attacks proc a buffed whirlwind that does 200% more damage over all. This is for me the default talent in my view because it just gives to much of a dps buff and uptime to make the other stand out or want to be picked up. OutBurst Makes beserker Rage make u enrage again! and its horrible because of the uptime in enrage is 3 secs atm. Avatar Its Currently not that strong compared to its Wod counterpart. It has to big of a cd and the 20% damage buff it gives its just not worth your time atm. So for me this tier goes like this Wrecking Ball >Avatar>Outburst. Its just the wrecking ball uptime its to huge to not pick up and is basicly the default talent choice in my view. D) Lv 60 Suvival tier Again for this tier there is no need for rocket science to figure out Warpaint>Bounding strike>Furious Charge. E) Lv 75 The Rampage empowerment tier. Massacre If your executes crit u proc a rampage that cost no rage. Its extremely powerful in both st and Aoe fights because u pretty much have a 100% chance of crit in execute and u will be pumping more rampages overall and give a huge value to execute outside of being well execute. it makes the Execute phase a huge dps buff and in aoe where u will be executing like a maniac u will have allot more meat cleave rampages that whit out this talent so basicly in my view this talent is Top tier and too good to pass. Frothing berserker When U rage cap u will have a small 10% damage buff and a 30% movement speed buff. Aswell a good choice of a talent in my view but its not as powerful as Massacre. Currently u can stack this whit battlecry and Dragon roars damage buff making it a 130% damage buff to your rampages making it powerfull but it has a flaw it aint as powerfull or as reliable as Massacre. thought it is still a good choice. Carnage A passive that makes rampage cost 15 rage less putting it to 70 rage cost it is as well a good choice but again not as powerful as massacre nor Frothing berserker for that matter. F) Lv 90 The stabilizer tier. For this tier there is currently only 1 option and 1 option only Inner rage. its to huge of a damage buff makes raging blow be part of your rotation and it up time over all making for some pretty gigantic Raging blow crits and more rage regeneration. The other 2 are just bad. Bloobbath could be good if they up the up time of enrage from 3 secs back 6 secs and Frenzy is a over all dps loss because its tied to furious slash that is currently a dps loss. G) Lv 100 tier The Buff tier. Bladestorm! Makes you a whirlwind machine of death for 5.7 secs dealing huge aoe damage but it has something holding it back to greatness it cd is 1.5 minutes and because of this its up time is to low to someone care and I am sad about like Bladestorm is the most memorable move in the game and its being hold to low tier status because of its long cd. Recklessness Abandon Makes Battlecry/Recklessness generate 100 rage instantly sounds cool but its not its currently super low tier. Dragon roar Deal Moderate Aoe damage and Buffs all damage dealt by 20% for 6 sec This is currently the default choice for a serious fury warrior the 20% Damage buff its to huge to pass and it has a short cd as well making it a God tier talent its basicly a Short cd avatar that comes whit a aoe damage as a bonus. Feedback and thoughts fury future in raiding. Well currently as the future looks fury will still be a good dps to have in a raid group but not as good as it was in Wod or mist. Currently I feel Fury warrior in its current state is a Low High tier in the dps specs. So don't be surprised if u see the god tier Survival Hunters outdpsing you because it will be normal. Now for my 2 cents on Furious slash. Well I basicly come up whit a way to make it good and worth while for players to use make it so Bloodthirst have its base crit back and make the new buff that furious slash stack is a Each time you Furious Slash it reduces rampages overall rage cost by 5 and stacks up to 3 times. it will make the ability be worth while and not be a Dps loss like it currently is because it will make you deal more rampages over all. So Hope u enjoyed my guide if u have any questions Suggestions feel free to ask them below and if u want to theory craft whit me and other H to M lv Fury warrior raiders u can add me on Battletag. Random#1254 Duopower4
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The Case for (old) Overpower. This is a copy of my article posted on my blog: www.stoicbutnotsilent.wordpress.com See the original with pictures on my site. Leveling Up Arms Warrior Unlike the title may suggest this is not a post about how to level an Arms Warrior, it does however have everything to do with the fact that Arms’ playstyle and toolkit desperately need a “Level Up” to bring it back in line to the other classes and specializations. Warlords of Draenor brought a hefty amount of ‘reeling back the clock’ and most of it has been really great; however Arms warrior got reeled back into the dark ages of its rotation and it needs to level back up to the next expansion set to become fun to play again. Problem So why do I say Arms Warriors have a problem right now? Well its because I’ve been playing the latest incarnation for 6 months now and not only am I still discontent with the style which I’ve adapted to; but the same criticism that I, and most other Warrior thinkers, had about the spec still stands and most of it remains completely unchanged from the first time we set up our bars in the Beta. Its been a while since I talked about them so I’ll briefly recap. Pruning Arms got hit one of the hardest in the entire game on Pruning, It didn’t feel like a return to the core of our specialization, it felt like a forced return to the bare minimum barebones of the class. Anything and everything that wasn’t absolutely mandatory to the playstyle was axed, and what we’re left with is 1 big attack, 1 small attack on a 24 second refresh, 1 AoE attack, 1 20 sec dmg modifier mini CD and 1 big attack with a health % requirement. 3 buttons, with a 4th at the end of the fight, and 1 to work into the rotation every 20 seconds. Talents don’t offer much in the form of flavor either. Most of the viable options are better described as mini-CDs. Many are situational. I’m one of the old regime that believe that a class should be playable without having a single talent selected, or having all the passive options selected. Without Talents Arms is unbearable. Talents shouldn’t be the deciding factor on Arms. Rotation It really feels like Arms was the guinea pig for a new design experiment. Given all the hype about other games which have a 6-8 button UI and are really focused on simple gameplay, I think Blizzard thought “Hmm seems thats pretty popular right now we should try it”. The problem is that many WoW players absolutely hated those other games. We were conditioned to a high standard and playing other games just made WoW stand out as one of the best designed games (still). Wildstar comes to mind; Warrior in Wildstar was the single most disappointing thing I’ve ever experienced in another game. It lacked all the nuances and careful design which I was accustomed to. I wrote a huge article about all the things which I didn’t like, and posted it on the Wildstar forums. The responses were either WoW players agreeing wholeheartedly, or anti-WoW players chanting their usual “this is the next WoW-killer” jargon The Wildstar Warrior rotation was boring, it was repetitive, it lacked interaction, it was awkward. The signature ‘cool’ abilities were extremely underwhelming and many WoW melee spent much ink praising WoW for how well its melee played and competed. You may be reading this and thinking: that rotation description sounds exactly like Arms Warrior now…well yes, and thats a big problem. I get that in the gaming industry companies keep an eye on each other and tend to try to incorporate whatever seems to be the most popular new phenomenon, but it seems rather curious to me why Blizzard would want to experiment with their competitors worst failures. So if you’ve just returned to the game what am I talking about? You’ve likely logged back into WoW after a long time. If you last played in Classic you’ll recognise the bulk of the few buttons on your bars, and rub your hands with excitement as you read the talent tooltips. If you’ve played since then you are left with the conundrum of trying to re-arrange your UI completely as half your spaces no longer have buttons in them. I literally took a full bar out of my UI ‘thanks’ to the changes. So engaging in Arms combat usually goes something like this: you Charge in! (most critical if not you have to wait 5-10 seconds to have enough rage to open from AA dmg), you apply your Rend, next depending on when you want to open your chain of ‘mini-CD talents’ you choose when you want to burst with Colossus Smash. After deciding to open up you throw down your Ravager (and hope the tank doesn’t move), you CS and then continue through your chain of talents. If you use Bladestorm you pop it within the CS window, if not you lay in with a big Mortal Strike, with your Avatar or Bloodbath. You Dragon Roar right after the CS window closes and then you….Whirlwind. And then you Whirlwind, and Whirlwind again. Thank the Heavens Mortal Strike is back up, but then back to whirlwind, and you’re starting to wonder if you are missing something; so you open up your spellbook to the “Core Abilities” pane and you look at the list and you don’t see anything. It tells you to Whirlwind. So you keep hitting Whirlwind. You look longingly at the cooldown numbers ticking down slowly on your talents, and you keep on hitting Whirlwind on and on and on. Solution So what needs to be done to remedy the sordid state of Arms Warrior? Lets look at it like a pizza: Arms is all dough, Colossus smash adds some sauce but there are no toppings, and bread and ketchup don’t make pizza does it? What Arms needs to be a real pizza is some flavor toppings. The one thing that severely limits the scope of opportunity when addressing the developers is that unless you suggest something which fits within their paradigm they just aren’t going to listen. Period. So the Class Dev team have been explicitly clear that they are trying to go with a retro feel for the class. They want players who left in Classic to be able to come back without reading a 3 page guide to catch back up. Making long and complicated suggestions of new abilities or passives just won’t work with these guys. All that being said I think there is only 1 solution which has the potential to make the spec more fun to play but also hits that chord of being familiar and “retro”. The Solution is bringing Overpower back. HOLD UP! I’m not talking about Mists of Pandaria Overpower, that was a version of the spell that made us all turn our heads sideways, an inelegant solution to a worsening problem in patch 6.0. I’m talking about the OLD Overpower. Can any of you remember that far back? The magnificent procs of our former glory. ... So what does going back to the old Overpower provide that is missing? Well for starters it adds back a button that many players really enjoyed (pre-Mists). Its an iconic ability which enabled us to laugh over the demise of rogues everywhere, and gave us that visceral flavor when it proc’d. The old version used to proc off Taste for Blood, whose name is now a silly talent which should be baked in, I shall digress for now and continue; A re-implementation of Overpower would have it proc off rend ticks, giving Rend more value to keep up 100% of the fight. Overpower could have 2 independent proc enablers: It could proc off Rend (non-RPPM) and it could be a guaranteed free proc when the Warrior is dodged or parried which goes back even further to its first incarnation. This later mechanic has a slightly redemptive feel when that big hit gets dodged or parried by that raid boss, and it also gives a slightly more competitive edge in PvP against other melee classes. The success of (old) Overpower being brought back in relies completely on its tuning. We don’t need a efficient wet-noodle attack like the Mists version. We need a big hit which has greater value than Whirlwind yet isn’t more powerful than Mortal Strike, our token massive hit. Overpower procs would have to be worth using on proc, but not worth pushing back Mortal Strike. Currently I’d ballpark it needing to hit for around 10-12k non crit, and in the 20-24k ballpark for crits. the 60% crit modification on Overpower would make it reliably big as a hit and exciting to use. The proc would do well to have a 5 second window of opportunity allowing skilled Warriors to clinically use it for bigger numbers. Rotation So what would having Overpower back do for your rotation? Well right off the bat I think most people agree that Arms needs *something* flavorful because it is so unbelievably boring to play. Adding a proc into the rotation staves off the monotony and gives berth for great Warrior players to distinguish themselves more. This would be done by tracking the window of the proc to place it after CS for the extra damage when possible. With a reasonable window of opportunity it gives the Warrior control to substitute a Whirlwind in their rotation for a semi-reliable big hit, fulfilling the fantasy of a master of combat knowing the perfect time to place well timed blows. Additionally Overpower costs half of Whirlwind’s Rage cost which minorly smooths out the rage curve for players who aren’t brimming with crit on all their gear. Arms Rage is another topic that I could wax lyrical about and all its “feast or famine” pitfalls, however even the smallest change in being able to substitute spending 10 Rage over 20 Rage on random intervals would help alleviate those RNG droughts. Conclusion OK so lets recap shall we what bringing pre-Mists Overpower back into the current Arms Rotation would accomplish: -Arms rotation is much less Boring! -In keeping with the Developers desired ‘retro’ feel of the changes. -Smoothes out the potential for rage droughts – Certified Casual Friendly! -Interacts with Rend. Interaction! -Adds complexity to the rotation allowing skilled players to distinguish themselves. -Fulfills the fantasy of the Specialization and restores a fan favorite iconic ability. -Makes Rogues and Feral Druids cry. Our Goal in PvP. Obviously because I am championing this idea I fail to see how this isn’t a win/win for all parties, however I’m certainly not alone in wanting to have old Overpower back. Its brazenly clear that the Warrior community is desperate for something to remedy Arms, yet I think that this re-implementation would be the most fitting/accommodating to Blizzard’s trajectory and the community’s demand. I think we all agree that Blizzard may have reeled that clock back a little too far, so what Arms needs is to graduate back into the next expansion set and be fun again. Stoic500
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