1d Please keep Gladiator The fate of Gladiator as a DPS spec appears to be in question. No mention of Gladiator stance in the Legion Warrior post, and several (albeit anecdotal) mentions of Blizzcon attendees who claim that developers have confirmed its demise. Gladiator stance has been a huge part of what I enjoyed in WOD. Not just from a gameplay and practical point of view, but also from a "class fantasy" point of view. There is no other sword-and-board DPS spec in the game and it makes perfect sense for Warriors to have this option. Please post with your stories and reasons why you want to keep our beloved Gladiator DPS spec. Also remember to keep things positive, it is my intention to show that there is a real fan base for this aspect of Warrior gameplay and we want to see it continue into Legion and beyond. Thank you, Gladiators!Exaltus500 1d
1d Rate the warrior name above you: II ~~<3 continued from last thread after it hit the post cap. @Bor. Simple, good name for a dwarf. 8/10Killion500 1d
1d Mining/Smithing obvious choice? Topic. With the new crafted gear and whatnot, not sure if these professions are worth leveling or if I should take a look into something else.Kraynos5 1d
1d Arms rage issue Honest question. I'm wondering if this resource should even exist for arms at this point. -There's periods of standing there doing nothing because of not enough rage. -There's cooldowns to prevent spam of the heavy-hitters. -Arms depends on some RNG for their real damage as is. Hell, rage management issues doesn't feel like it adds any depth to the spec. It just feels like it sets back everything I want to do as I stand there like a TBC Ret paladin waiting on an auto attack. Are they planning on arms warriors needing to heroic leap -> charge bosses in PvE? Or is arms going to fall into the age-old gear-dependency hole of warriors, with needing to stack haste this time for exponential returns in PvE? Rage makes sense for fury since it builds up to a 'finisher' like building meter in a fighting game. For arms... rage adds no such depth, and now I'm worrying about the cumulative GCDs worth of time pausing because 'need moar rage'. Am I missing something here for PvE arms outside of deadly calm use? Will artifact weapon and 110 magically fix this for the better? Or should blizzard seriously give up on trying to fix rage income every expansion after 10 years, and just use either fury's design, or get rid of the rage bar entirely for arms?Llysta13 1d
1d bladestorm being interrupted? Ok in the last several bgs I've been in I have had bladestorm fail completely. I don't know if its being interrupted or if there is a way for other classes to stop it mid action?! No idea...but it is soooo annoying.Warzone8 1d
1d Prot war PVP ignore pain is nerfed so bad in pvp i cant even tank IOC or AV. i can tank on my brewmaster fine. any1 else experiencing this?Knu0 1d
1d Fury Survivability Is Terrible Can we just agree that Fury Warriors have the least survivability of all classes and specs? How come ret pallys get to have a thousand bubbles but we can't keep Die by the Sword? And it's not like we make up for it in healing, Bloodthirst only heals 4% (better than 1% but still a joke). The only way to increase survivability is by combining Double Time (say bye bye to a second stun) and Furious Charge (nice talent actually) but, in all honesty, healing yourself 12% doesn't compare to parrying, absorbing, missing or dodging all incoming attacks. Stun-locks are now fatal, ranged classes are harder to fight and the damage is just average compared to what I've been seeing in other classes; in other words, the only place you'll be seeing a warrior wearing two 2h weapons in Legion is at raids or dungeons.Bullocks65 1d
1d Healing drop second wind as a talent add something else & bring back wrath second wind baseline so every time we sit in ridiculous amounts of cc we gain our hp backCutamanakua4 1d
1d Bloodthirst? more like Milkthirst Bloodthirst as it stands is a completely useless ability and does not deserve it's name. 4% healing on a 4 sec CD? Ysera's Gift heals for more and it's passive 100% uptime. This ability should be at least 12% or better yet make it 20% and double the cooldown. The damage component is hardly worth the global. With the amount of damage Fury takes in PvP as it stand without a pocket healer you are sol. Please Blizz buff Bloodthirst before launch.Hòólïgan19 1d
1d Heroic Throw still useless PVP Don't know how many expansions it's been that it's been useless for PVP, but it's been A LOT. One of our key issues is mobility, if someone can kite us we're dead. It's whatev, HOWEVER. Adding some utility to this horrible ability for PVP would be awesome, put a slow to it so we can actually catch up to something kiting us eventually, the CD is short enough it'd help us actually close the gap on someone. Thoughts?Jedimasta7 1d
1d Changes coming for Warrior? Hey guys, still trying to wrap my head around which character I want to take into Legion; this little brute or a wiry DH. I will only PvE with either one, prefer to DPS but would consider off-tanking if it allowed for more raiding (not in a raiding group, so would have to do flex or LFR). I know every change leads to an adjustment period, but fortunately for me, I haven't played in a long time so it'll be like playing either class for the first time. So, are the changes to warrior (DPS) really that negative, enough so that many people are abandoning their warriors?Kraynos5 1d
2d Halls of Valor - Meh? Is it just me or do you find the Halls of Valor to be just.... meh? You have all these other class halls with the greatest heroes and fighters of the class all gathered, where as the warriors get a bunch of Val'kyr and Vrykul that probably don't care if we are there or not, not to mention how our class order hall is a dungeon that all people can play through and that our leader is the boss of it. I dunno, but it does not feel warrior-y, and it make me feel isolated as a hero, when you have the likes of Valeera and Rehgar in some of the other halls. Feelsbadman =(Relentlessly16 2d
2d Better for raids; Havoc or Fury Just hoping to get a consensus from people who main warriors, and their recent changes. I played a warrior many moons ago, but since coming back to the game and checking out the demon hunter, I am not sure which one I want to make my focal point. For those that have played the warrior recently and are more in-tune with the changes coming, would I be better of going with Fury or switching it up completely and go for something new?Dametus5 2d
2d Outburst What exactly is the design purpose for this talent? I know it's not worth taking, but I can't figure out why it even exists. Does it enable a different playstyle or rotation that's simply subpar? Is it meant to help smooth out bad RNG? I've seen a lot of questionable talents in Legion, but pretty much all others offer something even if they don't offer the best choice. This one just seems utterly useless.Rainsinger8 2d
2d Warrior Artifact Weapons I feel as though warriors got the short end of the stick with our artifact weapons. Many of them are dull and fail to make the intimidating tone of the warrior, a long sword with Alliance specific lore, a dull sheilds and sword and two dagger-like swords? I just feel like warriors deserve more, looking at the amazing Warlock weapons and other classes. I don't even feel like these weapons are the powerful! I am really frustrated and disappointed. Warriors got the weapons with little detail and uniqueness. I want to hear the players opinions and want a discussion. Reply on what you feel and if I can't change anything, show me how to make the best of it.Duramar34 2d
2d mop second wind give mop second wind back everyday until its back also baseline reflect rend thunderclap intervene banners mass reflect and juggernaut can u plz give me something that i can use to actually outplay people? can u make my class viable without a pocket healer? can my class be fun and skillful again? why do i have 1 3 min barkskin/parry cd and 0 self healing u do realize this class is unplayable outside of coordinated arena and rbgs? u do realize that this class used to be able to 1v 2 3 4 + bad players but could still lose 1v1 to a skilled player? why are over half my honor talents previous baseline abilities? i cant do another wod plz make wars great again plz change wars plzDingo16 2d
2d Warriors - good farmers? Do warriors make good pve farmers? Is the survivability good in terms of their self healing etc? I'm in the process of leveling one right now. She is currently level 68 but I feel like I get nuked pretty quickly. I am leveling as fury right now. First time warrior - any tips appreciate, thanks. :)Aklfjas6 2d
2d Artefact Path Help anyone able to direct me to a good place or can tell me where i can find some good info on what route to take with my artefact traits??? For Protection warriorRikogear2 2d
2d Why those artifact weapons??? Hey Blizz.. Im incredibly dissapointed and dis disenfranchised... Paladins get the Ashbringer. Dks get Re Forged Frostmourne. And we get some random swords... Warriors are thr backbone of the Meelee DPS, and we have plenty of weapons Steeped in lore... Gorehowl Axe Of Cenarius Ashkandi Just to name a few... Why then some random swords... ?? Please explain...Helldrake8 2d
2d Macros for PVE Fury... anyone throw a few at me? i came back from 3 months ago and getting used to changes lets start with our opener in a raid boss fight i guess ? any talents that are good for macros?? avatar and battle cry?? also what is the opening rotation ???Skillywilly3 2d
2d Fury rotation question Just back yesterday after 5 months off and have been playing my Warrior and I'm having a hard time finding the rhythm. I understand we don't have our artifacts yet and we're not 110, but something just feels off and I'm wondering if it's me or the spec. For instance, Furious Slash just feels super awkward with it's relationship with Bloodthirst and I'm having a hard time staying enraged. I mean, when I Charge first time, Bloodthirst never crits, so do I use Furious slash with hopes to increase Bloodthirst Crit? Or do I use Raging Blow (via Inner Rage) because it's better damage and builds rage for Rampage? When my rage is up, the rotation feels a little better because Rampage's Enrage buys you some time, but too often I'm finding myself asking the same question, Raging Blow for damage? Furious Slash for increased Bloodthirst crit? Or, wait a few seconds for Bloodthirst and take my chances that I'll enrage? And if these choices fail, I have wait to until Rampage is ready (couldn't imagine how much this would suck without taking Endless Rage). Also, couple all this with the shortened time on Engrage and Battle cry, increase damage taken and it just feels like a flurry of awkward choices and missed opportunities. I don't know Maybe I just need to get used to it but right now my DPS feels a little lackluster and hoping that it's just me messing up the rotation and not the spec.Cullin6 2d
2d Slam Did I miss patch notes or did slam's rage cost get stealth increased to 20...Mitsurugi8 2d
2d Wrath second wind I think we should push for wrath second wind. As a mongo class with ridiculous damage little survivability, utility, or peeling i think we should gain a little bit of health for eating the ridiculous amounts of cc people throw at us or knowing we're gonna be trained into the dirt.Cutamanakua3 2d
2d Why did Blizzard make Fury PvP unplayable? Topic. We're all aware of this and it has been discussed, but I figured another thread couldn't hurt. They created a spec that CAN NOT function in competitive PvP. What the hell? Fury is a cool spec, I know a lot of Warriors are rolling Fury for this expansion. The artifacts are awesome, the skills have great animations, it's all good stuff. The PvP talents are cool too. So WHY does this massive damage taken increase exist? Class fantasy? I've seen a lot of illogical design choices made lately in the name of "class fantasy." They're getting it right for the most part, but wrongs this big can make all the rights irrelevant. I'm sure people will still play casual Fury PvP, but the reality is it's a perpetually gimped PvP spec. Why? Because reasons. This kinda crap is infuriating. I love Arms but I have never been a "one spec" player and I shouldn't be forced into being one. Even in casual play, who wants to play a gimped spec for more than a few minutes? "Maybe I'll try Fury again for a bit....... Oh yeah, that's why I play Arms."Durrzo6 2d
2d Cata second wind Cata second wind?Grindspice2 2d
2d Cleaving my brain. Fellow warriors... My guildies and I have been raiding BRF and Highmaul in the recent weeks out of boredom and for transmog. During these runs we found a question we could not answer. Cleave for fury is straight foreward. Whirlwind = 150% dammage on Bloodthirst and Rampage if it hits 3 targets (50% dammage for each target). So, for example, cleaving during the Iron Maidens encounter will result in 150% dammage for those abilities. The problem comes when theres less targets, but they share life. I'm thinking of the Twin Ogron in HM and Hanz & Franz in BRF. There's two scenarios. First, whirlwind hits and triggers the cleave. BT and Rampage then do 50% dammage to each of the two targets. However, the part that I cant figure out is, does that translate into 200% dammage due to the shared health pools ? Does miy hit on Hanz copy to Franz and viceversa ? That doesnt sound right and I'm sure there is an explanation resulting in a scenario with only 100% dammage.Peptobismól0 2d
2d Fury - The Secret to PvP Give this a try before you settle on an opinion for Fury PvP. This is not a "Don't Enrage guide". It's an Enrage responsibly guide. Parts: 1) Introduction 2) How to Play 3) Talents 4) Stats 5) How to use Enrage 6) Conclusion Part 1: Introduction I've been spending a lot of time in the forums since the patch was released and from the very beginning people have been complaining about Fury's survivability in pvp. The 30% damage increase is too much for most players. Indeed, it is. Flatly stated, becoming enraged is a death sentence. So how can a fury hope to compete in pvp if enraging will bring about certain death? The answer should be obvious at this point. Don't Enrage. That's right. Don't use Rampage, Furious Slash, or Bloodthirst in pvp unless you know you absolutely wont get hit. Part 2: How to play Well this goes against everything, doesn't it? Everybody knows you can't play PvP the same way you play PvE. Fury takes this to the extreme. You have 2 base attacks. Whirlwind and Execute. By taking Inner Rage you gain access to Raging Blow and by taking Dragon Roar you get..Dragon Roar. Dragon Roar is Fury's version of Colossus smash; it's your short cd damage buff. Your 4 attacks: Raging Blow Whirlwind Dragon Roar Execute Your opener should look like this: Charge(optional) >> Peircing Howl(optional) >> Dragon Roar >> Battle Cry + Raging Blow >> WW >> WW >> Raging Blow Sustained damage should look like this: RB >> WW >> WW >> RB >> WW >> WW >> repeat over and over. You just want to drop RB whenever the CD is up. When your opponent is near death, you'll be able to drop 3-4 Executes in rapid succession, essentially ensuring your targets death. Enraged Regeneration can be used 2 ways. You can either choose to use it solely as a 30% damage reduction cd or as a 35%-55%ish healing/RNG cd. To use the heal effectively, activate ER and immediately use Bloodthirst. I suggest macroing them together. Use Bloodthirst on CD after activating ER. You can activate Commanding Shout before the ER marcro to get even more healing. The 30% reduction from ER balances with the damage increase from Enraging. This will heal you and RNG will decide whether you get a heal and a damage reduction buff or a heal and a damage increase buff. The best thing is, you can squeeze 3 heals into 1 ER. That third heal is risky though. It can leave you with 4 seconds of total vulnerability, potentially negating any healing you just provided yourself. If you want to use the third heal try and time it with a stun so you wont have to deal with the debuff. Using the heal 2 times is the safest bet, overall. You can also start dumping rampages during Enraged Regeneration if you have the rage since the 30% DR counters the 30% increase. BT >> WW >> Ramp >> BT>> RB >> WW >> BT Part 3: Talents Your talents will have no resemblance to the talents you take for raiding. Tier 1: War Machine or Endless Rage For those of you who haven't noticed, you will not be spending rage much with this playstyle. This doesn't mean you wont be using it however. At 100 rage you get the Frothing Berserker buff so while you're getting used to building rage for that, Endless Rage will help a lot. Once you're confident and proficient with this build, War Machine is probably better. I rarely have Frothing Berserker up, especially since I spam my executes for KB's, so I end up using the War Machine buff more. Tier 2: Optional They're all good choices for the right situations. Since I primarily deal with AoE scenarios in BG's, I've been taking Shockwave. Tier 3: Wrecking Ball Much like overpower, Wrecking ball will proc immediately when entering combat. You will also be spending a lot of time Whirlwinding so you'll get to use it often. When it procs it's basically like an AoE version of Raging Blow. The proc is actually Fury's hardest hitting attack. Avatar doesn't provide the consistent damage that Wrecking Ball does. Taking it will decrease your damage too much, so don't try to fudge it in. Tier 4: Bounding Stride or Furious Charge. You'll probably get more use out of Bounding Stride, but don't count out Furious Charge. Since you can heal multiple times during Enraged Regeneration you can potentially heal for 55%+ of your HP. Without Furious Charge you'll still be able to heal for almost 40% and because the cd on Enraged Regeneration is so long I would still suggest Bounding stride. It's up to you though. Tier 5: Frothing Berserker First off, neither of the other two talents is any benefit to you. Secondly, this is what rage is for. 10% damage increase and 30% movement? Oh yeh. Frothing Berserker is Fury's version of Defensive Stance. Rushing to receive this bonus is the only reason you'd take Endless Rage from the tier 1 talents. *Edit* Kryptus-Uther found out that once you hit 100 rage, use piercing howl to drop back down so you can build your rage up and refresh the buff. Tier 6: Inner Rage Due to the hard hitting power that it creates from RB and the fact that RB will be your primary Rage generator, this talent is a must. Bloodbath is tempting, but you will regret not having the heavy hitting power of RB. Tier 7: Dragon Roar or Reckless Abandon Like I said, this is Fury's version of Colossus Smash. You could fudge it and take Reckless Abandon, but you'll probably end up wishing you had Dragon Roar. Reckless Abandon will allow you to receive the buff from Frothing Berserker immediately. Rather than popping Dragon Roar's you'll be popping Piercing Howl's on-demand to receive your damage buff. It's similar to the choice an Arms warrior makes when they take Titanic Might. Also, don't sit there spamming Piercing Howl every 6 seconds because your overall dps will drop. One in every 10 or so gcds will optimize your damage. Part 4: Stats So what stats do you need? Well, not mastery. That's pretty much all I can say. I'm not going to bother to do the calculations myself so you'll have to figure out which of the other stats are the best for you. I'd suspect Crit >= Haste = Versatility. The only thing to remember is Mastery is garbage for this playstyle. Haste is pretty nice, when War Machine pops you can definitely feel the difference. Part 5: How to use Enrage When an Arms is taking damage, they use Defensive stance. When a Fury is taking damage, they don't Enrage. When an Arms isn't taking damage, they use Battle stance. When a Fury isn't taking damage, they Enrage. Enraging is a good thing and you should do it whenever you can. The reason I stress not using enrage in the first part of the guide is to get you in a defensive mentality. The truth is you have to enrage, a lot. You just need to do it correctly. I sorta thought people would figure it out on their own; but seeing as this is a guide, it would be wrong of me not to include something about this. I want to stress though, DO NOT enrage unless you're absolutely sure you are not being hit by another player or by AoE damage. You'll die and then write a nasty post In the forums, so be careful! When you first start using the principles of this guide, don't enrage. Get used to the play-it-safe style. As you do your BG's, think about and reflect on when you could have gotten away with enraging. After a day or so, start trying to sneak in a few and see what happens. Even once you get comfortable enraging, always remember to default to the play-it-safe way. Sometimes you will get caught in a 1v1 fight and you're going to need to enrage to win. This doesn't mean enrage all the time, you will die. There are certain things your opponent will do that can kill you but by knowing the counters to enraging you will be better prepared to deal with them when they occur. Here are the 3 especially bad things that can happen when you enrage: 1) They stun you. If you have a trinket, now's a good time to use it. Once the stun is over you can start enraging to deal some pain for the next 25-45 seconds (depending on the class) or until one of the next scenarios occurs. Some classes have multiple stuns. Trinket the first one if you can, it's usually the longest. If you get stunned just as you start your enrage, you may need to use ER. 3 free gcd's at 30% increased damage will usually determine the winner (its not you). 2) They use a def cd. If it's a ranged class you should try to power through it or at least stay on top of them until it's over. If the cd is damage reduction then you will need to stop enraging. Absorb bubbles should always be powered through. If it's a melee class, you need to piercing howl and get out of there. If they persist, fear/stun and PH them again and kite until the cd is over. Paladins will be a problem. Once it's over you can enrage again. 3) They use a burst. For Ranged dps, use your stun/fear and finish off what damage you can during the enrage. If it's a spellcaster, be ready to follow up with a silence incase they trinket out. If you're comfortable you can continue to enrage up until that silence loses it's effect, but it's safer to stop enraging once you see the burst. If the burst is still going on you're going to need to use ER to heal. Either side of the RNG will be fine as long as you are on top of your target. Unfortunately, against Melee fury doesn't have DBTS so you cant just stand there and take it. Stun/fear them, piercing howl and run. Save your leap for when they trinket out of the stun/fear and use a Deathgrip/charge/whatever to catch up to you. Once the burst is over you can start to enrage again. Here's the rotation to pull an Enrage in a moment of opportunity: WW >> Bloodthirst >> Raging blow >> WW >> Bloodthirst >> Raging Blow >> etc. This is your basic rotation for incorporating Bloodthirst and will be used for the following burst rotations. Here's how to incorporate Bloodthirst into your burst rotation: WW >> Dragon Roar >> Battle Cry + Bloodthirst >> Raging Blow >> Wrecking Ball WW >> BT or WW >> Raging Blow >> WW >> (Dragon Roar has ended ) BT or WW >> (Battle Cry has Ended) Raging Blow >> etc. Choosing Bloodthirst in the second half of the burst will extend your Enrage time. The third Bloodthirst choice will extend your Enrage because battle cry is still active, but Battle Cry will end after that gcd Rampage is a good way to jump into an Enrage once you've built up the rage: WW >> (Dragon Roar) >> (Battle Cry) + Rampage >> Raging Blow >> BT or WW >> WW >> Raging Blow >> BT or WW >> (Dragon Roar has ended) WW >> (BC has ended) Raging Blow >> etc. You can think of your rage as the CD timer when you plan to enrage this way. You can skip Dragon Roar and Battle Cry to just jump into an enrage. Part 6: Conclusion Well guys, I hope this helps. I know it's probably not what you were expecting. It works though. You'll be an AoE monster with very fair single target damage. The biggest draw back is your heal is on a 2 min cd. Carry lots of health pots and if you got one, bring a pocket healer. Ps: Edit Another thing I'd like to mention is the damage "lost" from not using Rampage. Rampage is our hardest hitting attack, right? Well actually no, Raging Blow with Inner Rage hits as harder than Rampage and if you get a Wrecking ball proc WW will hit harder than both of those attacks! You'll be missing out on that Enrage 40% for 30% trade off, but 90% of the time it just isn't worth it. Knowing when or when not to attempt an Enrage is what's going to separate the Goods from the Greats.Grindspice63 2d
2d The issue that upsets me most about warrior We only have a handful of really attractive sets and the best looking ones S1 WoD Elite is unobtainable and Dreadnaught Battlegear is near unobtainable. The newest legion tier set looks like a scrapped death knight model they were considering until they decided to go the Lich King look. The only class I feel worse for is Hunters, they were completely shafted.Visvires6 2d
2d The all-round best Arms tier 5 talent? Hello Warrior forum! New warrior here. I was a Retribution Paladin main back in WoD, but I dropped it in favor of Arms Warrior due to Blizzard's ruining the spec. Tier 5 talents have been exceptionally hard for me to choose from; all 3 just seem so good! So I ask all of you veteran warriors, what is the all around best tier 5 talent? All help is appreciated.Kelramar6 2d
3d Haste and Shield Block CD Can someone explain (or provide equation?) how haste reduces the CD of Shield Block? It doesn't appear to be a linear reduction and I cannot think of any talent or multiplicative external haste that would change it. 13 / (1+%haste) matches my tooltips in game. So at 50% haste we'd have 8.66 CD, not 6.5seconds. Is that correct?Donivan2 3d
3d The most viable tank for legion The title says it all. I love my warrior but still want to be viable to the guild. ThanksKhiyro4 3d
3d Why require external websites? Back in vanilla these websites where only frequented by noobs. U made a talent build off them and u would be decimated. Now our talents do things other then what the tool tip says. U go into a BG today having strictly followed logic and being smart to choose the best talents off of just what they say and u get decimated. Further more u play a class off of what u like or don't and get decimated unless u first research the top pvp classes. For example I dislike that all the famous mages outside of WoW throw babys into ovens. I like that warlocks outside of WoW are probably the most genuinely nice people. But in game mages reap all of the power and rewards. Arena titles, making portals anywhere for gold, etc. So I left the clothy race just to find out I had to use a sword and play arms warrior or be upset cuz it was the only class left that I liked.Malch0 3d
3d I don't get design perspective on enrage. Of course, I’m talking about enrage for Fury. [PVE] This mechanic makes little to no sense in PVE, because you aren’t actively being targeted by the boss anyway – and rather are dealing with raid mechanics. From this perspective, Fury Warriors take more damage for no reason. The damage you take in return for the damage you deal is not worth it whatsoever. Unless Blizzard makes Fury Warrior absolute top DPS by a long shot – there is no reason, whatsoever, for the increased damage taken penalty. Plenty of other classes do the same/more damage, while in a “much safer” state. Why am I taking increased damage, but not top dps? Why don't other classes have penalties? [PVP] Hoooboy, what happened here? Taking away hamstring? Anyway, if we think about this logically, we can actually come to the same conclusion that we have in PVE. > The damage you take in return for the damage you deal is not worth it whatsoever. Same case applies. I’ve tried various builds in battlegrounds, and the damage I deal is pathetic in return for taking 30% increased damage. Very rarely, if ever, do I top damage as fury. Yet, I can pull it off as arms somewhat often, or If need be, switch to my demon hunter and smash generator into single target dump the entire BG (eyebeam when its off cd of course!) and come out in the top 3. Both of those – arms and demon hunter – do not take 30% increased damage. It simply isn’t worth it to ever enrage, and this makes the entire spec not worth the frustration at all. The damage you deal is poor even when enraged, when compared to other classes, because it takes far too long to actually get going up to 100 rage and start using rampage. It’s so terrible it’s basically “yeah so don’t enrage, um, unless you aren’t being targeted, then you can enrage, and do mediocre damage while hoping no one notices you.” I was looking forward to playing fury at 110, but it just seems like a huge mistake to pick the fury artifact now at launch. Just seems much safer, and viable, to pick arms. TL;DR Why do we take increased damage if we don't actually do that much damage compared to other classes?Lizzybelmont31 3d
3d ilvl 700 or above rings and trinkets? I already got the ring and trinket from the invasion vendor. Is there a merchant(s) that sells rings and trinkets above ilvl 700 or is my only options raids.Jbaq3 3d
3d Best race for pve raid DPS. I'm a veteran player since beta Vanilla I play here and there I really want to spend time playing legion since B.C was my favorite expac, I tend to quest to lvl 110 and raid I'm just focused on pve right now. What would you recommend as the best pve raid race i might go arms since in beta looks like arms is better at single target and fury more aoe.Deathok8 3d
3d Auto attack miss % Anyone else agree that blizz should decrease the rate at which auto attacks miss? Dueled a friend of mine, out of 15 auto attack....9 missed. With the hang time being up there between auto attacks using 2x two handed weapons, imo at least, the auto attacks should have a higher hit %. With enraged increasing attack speed by 100%, it's seem like a lot of lost damageAliminar5 3d
3d Fury Warrior insight, please Hey guys, hoping to get some insight on DPS warriors. I am coming back after being away for a couple years, and decided to roll a DH to check out. With Legion a week away, I am trying to narrow down which of the two (warrior or DH) I would like to invest more playing time in. In a nutshell, between the two, is one better-suited for heroic dungeons and raids? I know most of this will have to rely on what's been happening in the beta, but I also feel like I am relearning the whole game since I've been away for so long. I am not concerned with PvP, so that shouldn't hold any bearing.Xristo4 3d
3d What should I focus on in Legion? I've always jumped around a lot with multiple characters, but the artifact power system looks as though it's going to be actively punishing that sort of behaviour in the next expansion, so now I'm left trying to figure out what it is that I should main? I seem to enjoy mobile melee classes. Of the classes that I've currently leveled to 100, and that I enjoyed enough to get past the first cut were, Rogue (Probably subtlety for the melee mage aspect), Warrior (Can't decide on a spec), Demon Hunter, and Discipline Priest. Does anyone have any advice on which of the four I should pick?Alethras1 3d
3d Victory Rush, change please! The mechanic that relies on YOU killing an enemy doesn't work. I would rather have a reliable much lesser heal then one so limited. Victory Rush should also be a charge attack, I mean.. its a Victory Rush! I would rather have a reliable 10% heal then an unreliable 30% heal.Dairuin11 3d
3d Please bring back Heroic Strike And the change name to Harambe Strike. He died like a true warrior.Carmaine3 3d
3d Arms vs fury at 110? Currently fury is a lot better at basically everything in a raid setting. Does anything about the artifacts or level 110 in legion change this? (not being rhetorical) So far, I notice the following advantages fury has over arms in HFC: -flat out superior damage in both single-target and aoe -much less RNG in the rotation compared to arms. no procs, and rampage guarantees a minimum enrage uptime. -better sustained AOE damage with meat cleaver and a 0 rage whirlwind -gradual self-healing over the course of a fight with bloodthirst The only advantage I can see arms having is 2-target cleave damage if you spec into sweeping strikes Does this change at all going into legion? Trying to decide what spec I want to level withFlickerr7 3d
3d What needs to be reverted/changed for Legion: I think I'll make other threads for other classes, but for this expac to be a success, I'm sorry Blizzard, but you need to STOP paying the people you pay to think, and instead listen to the community. It's clear you're just wasting money. I'll start by saying whoever it was that was OK'd to say "We no longer have 'baseline' abilities that all classes have. EVERYTHING is now tied to specializations and you start as X spec at level 1" needs to be fired. That rips all character from the game to be able to start as "You're a recruit. You know two things, Jack and sh*t, and Jack's your name." But already have a defined role. Back on topic: Enrage - Ever since 4.0 we had this as a Mastery bonus in Fury. It felt hollow then and it feels just as hollow now. "You get angry and do more damage! But it's a bigger percentage!" YAWN. But whatever if it's worked for years you might as well continue using it as a throwaway mastery. It doesn't seem to really matter that much to us, aside from the stupid fact that now we take 30% bonus damage. Literally. WHY. What mortal sin have Warriors committed to deserve a literal free steroid to anyone attacking us, whether it be mobs or players? Back when you cared that people needed to think about stances, we had a 3% bonus to crit, and 10% increased damage taken. That was a big thing back then! HUGE even! One erratic cleave angle? Dead. Clipped by the very edge of an AoE blast? Dead. Sneezed at? Dead. For Fury : Why was Victory Rush removed from the list of abilites for Fury? Why is this not a baseline ability as it has been since level 62 in BC (which I know it later got dropped down to like 14-18 in Wrath or Cata or something). If anything this is more of a Fury ability than an Arms ability. You just dealt a killing blow to an enemy, and get a surge of adrenaline and vigor! How is that more inline with a disciplined seasoned soldier than a rampaging berserker cleaving bodies in twain? Stances - Honestly I forget when these no longer were a thing. I remember the removal of Berserker Stance, and I was sad, but at least we had a dedicated DPS and Tanking stance without some oddball there. I never had issues with them, but then again I'm capable of multitasking beyond rubbing my tummy and patting my head. While I would like to see stance requirements back in the mix, I can understand not having restriction abilities return, if only to make the game accessible. I loved the interaction back when I had macros and decisions to make on what stance to be in, swapping to Intercept, etc. That was all a lot of fun for me because it felt like I was having to work that much harder to outplay opponents in PvP, and when I won, victory was all the sweeter. Spell Reflection - This is now an Honor Talent, and when I was testing on the Beta, it didn't even work because Arms had no access to the ability (as in, I took the talent, and never got the ability unlocked because it was in Prot, not Arms). Hell we couldn't even -use- a shield. Regardless, these are all pruned abilities that should be restored. Warrior survivability is in the trash. Die By The Sword - Needs to be given back to Fury. There are literally 0 defensive cooldowns for Fury that do anything. Enraged Regeneration is supposed to be some kind of worthless replacement or something. "Hey, here's a 30% Damage Reduction! And Bloodthirst heals a little more!" But we already take 30% extra damage all the time. So what you're really doing is saying "Here, take normal damage for a while. And heal your insignificant amount of damage equal to one auto attack." TG vs SMF - Again, not sure when this got removed or changed, but I don't think anyone really liked being shoehorned into this. It's not going to matter with Legion weapons, but what will matter is... Forced Weapon Requirements - Hey, know how back in the day, one of the ways to improve your defense was to pop Defensive Stance and use a sword and board macro to give yourself some extra armor and health pool? Yeah, well, now you can't fight back if you do that. The requirement for our class abilities to require specific weapons (eg. Mortal Strike needs a Two-Handed Weapon now) is a horrendous and crippling thing. Yeah I get it you want to make sure Arms is using a big ol' beat stick. Doesn't mean we don't know how to deal a vicious blow with anything smaller. Arms Talent - Rend : This is in a very awkward spot because you choose between either a beefy steroid or a really nice bleed effect. Do you want the sustained addition to your DPS, or one big burst? Again we comeback to the issue of "Why was this removed from our spellbook at all?" It was always a tool for bleeding Rogues or whatever to make it so they couldn't get back into stealth, or a threat tool for tanks. And, then yeah, for a while it fueled Overpower, but we'll forget that period. Tactician - Uhhh... I don't know about this one. I mean, from what I see I can't understand why trying our mastery ability to inconsistent RNG is a good idea. We can't even game it to be controlled (like Hot Streak, for example). I think it would be best if you just said there's a good chance to refresh CS and tweak durations for it, cause as it stands it's feast or famine for me in PvP or DPS. It's frustrating and clunky. Overpower - Hey, our old baseline anti-rogue ability is back- Oh, wait, we have to choose between lower cost on our abilities (which helps thanks to the gimped rage we've been screwed by since Cataclysm) or our old favorite iconic ability. Well, this is a dilemma! It's actually a false dilemma. You choose Overpower, because Dauntless actually gimps Tactician. Berserker Rage - Why is this 1 minute cooldown, now? Why does it have to be -talented- for Fury to get Enraged when they're... Enraged? Furious Charge - Can this be something good? Maybe instead of amplifying the healing after a charge (which is pathetic) it can instead amplify the damage of your next ability? Cause I mean, it's called Furious Charge. Why not put an actual option for something flavorful and useful in there? It's in line with Warpaint (REQUIRED NO MATTER WHAT) and Boundless Stride, so it's choose better mobility, or choose damage reduction. There's not a single damn warrior who will ever take this talent, and if you make the argument that -someone- will, that person is either on your bankroll or stupid. PvP related - 4 set 'You now generate rage from damage taken' - So again, I reiterate, 'don't know when this changed' but uhh, let's just take a step back Blizzard. Joe punches you in the face. Do you A) Get angry? B) Apologize for getting in the way of his fist? Nuff said. Give us a real set bonus and just go back to Wrath. You've screwed our rage bar for years, its time to just give it back to the old days when the only thing stopping it from filling up was not getting focused or not having competitive gear. Haste as a stat we NEED - Goes with the rage argument. Anyone would rather have our old stats be Crit and Mastery. We're not paladins and if we wanted to be spam-happy crusaders mashing buttons as soon as they popped up on our bars we'd roll a paladin. We want our buttons to hit hard and feel good to push them, not just be a Raid DPS rotation applied to a player's face.Ellywicket10 3d
3d Ignore Pain being selective? So I'm running MV10, and for some reason, Gara'jal's melee hits are doing between 4.8k to 5.6k damage with or without Ignore Pain up. The shadowbolts from the adds in the spirit realm are being reduced properly, but for some reason Gara'jal's regular attack is not. Is this a known bug or some arbitrary stealth nerf to further screw warriors in old content? (as if losing the real Second Wind wasn't enough)Arkbird0 3d
3d Equipped swords swapped out with axes? When I logged in this morning, my two Calamity's Edge swords (730 and 721 ilvl) were in my bags and two, previously unowned, Greataxe of Fury axes (both 705 ilvl) were equipped. Not a big deal and I re-equipped my swords, but I'm curious as to why that happened. Anyone know?Jerun10 3d
3d Switching Mains Fury dps is so underwhelming and doesn't justify the terrible survivability. During invasions I leveled a hunter and it plays like a ranged melee class and does ridiculous damage. Hopefully they fix fury at some point, but it won't be at launch, so I'm hanging the warr up for awhile.Unkiend6 3d
3d Early stages of Fury Warrior https://youtu.be/WveqrWSSxB4?list=PLbLExJMuOHfJ3t3fxS0MU72Uxn5qptHv8 link is: FinalBossTv's Fury Warrior 1st Pass honestly, the fury warrior as of today is pretty lacking in terms of the talent tree and flavor, compared to then, there were a lot of fun talents in the early stages such as heroic strike, into the fray, etc i know we don't have our artifact yet but the talent tree right now is just one cookie cutter build. in finalboss's vid, you can see there was no furious slash at the time which is an ability that is kind of useless right now cause it's not worth the global. in the video there was frenzy which added a new ability that acted like the diablo 3 frenzy ability, applying a stacking haste buff every time it was used. this ability could've been taken for people who found themselves having poor up time. our first tier of talents right now are just so poorly designed, you have war machine which is the obvious take for leveling but in a raid or pvp environment it's not so useful. fresh meat is a talent that was not useful at all because right now we have furious slash which increases the crit chance of our blood thirst even when the target is below 80% hp. endless rage is just taken in every scenario. the third tier of talents are decent, you can choose between sustain dmg or burst, but the talent outburst which causes your berserker rage to also cause enrage is useless because of the 1 min cd when enrage is easily proc-ced. my point is, they should take another look at the early stages of fury warrior and change some of the talents we have now. although it was early stages and things weren't balanced yet, they had some pretty cool designs and bringing some of them back or even adding new ones would add a lot more flavor. Getnerd0 3d
4d Titanic might Qs In the offchance this talent is good; -I assume the 20% penalty is multiplicative, making the base 15% damage bonus turn to 12%? -Does the 20% penalty apply to the bonus from mastery? -Are they balancing arms damage around constant CS uptime or not? If so... -When will the devs get their heads out of their asses and stop designing the core of dps specs around rng procs?! Proper use of an rng mechanic to create a fun experience is divine purpose! Not tactician where arms has to hope for a proc every 8 seconds when artifact ability is on cooldown to sustain their damage! Titanic might looks like a skill to attempt to fix something that shouldn't have been broken in the first place, and after 9 years of playing this game on and off, that's aggravating to see. They had since cataclysm to get it right :/Llysta4 4d
4d Landsoul bids farewell Was an honor to have played and looked up to you way back when and still even today. Any serious dps warrior that has ever strived to get better at his or her game had to have stumbled upon his spreadsheet years ago along with the groundwork he laid out for what we have today. You will not be forgotten brother. Thank you Landsoul.Jhelnok36 4d
4d Grappling Hook vs Heroic Leap. I tried GH on my rogue and to my surprise I can easily hook to anything that's on an incline or rooftop of a building while I get a "No path available" on my Warrior leaping on anything that has an incline. Wut? O.oJustiné8 4d
4d Arms and Fury for Legion The future of warriors atm looks grim guys, many of the warriors in the alpha/beta are complaining about the rotation of warriors and as I looked over the rotations and talents a lot of it seems to conflict with each other or some are out right the only choice worth taking. Fury single target is solid enough I suppose although I don't like having furious slash as stack ability to increase the chance of bloodthirst critting, especially since enrage got lowered to 4 seconds really conflicts with our aoe and having to use furious slash in aoe rotations is cancer af. Arms has basically become a less fun and more boring version of MoP arms, bring on the slam spam blizz, and blizz and the devs are actually proud of these changes they are happy with people hating warriors http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743714420#5. Anyways if you care about warriors now is our last chance to speak up and get the Devs to seriously rethink our class design to be functional and fun rather than purely class fantasy. Hit up Twitter guys its the best place for the Blues to see anything https://twitter.com/Celestalon?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor.Oxidizzle119 4d