3d 7.1 changes.....? damage taken during enraged lowered to 20% and warpaint brings it to 15% now. But.... I have been reading the forums and seeing that people are saying we are getting a 8% overall damage increase? Is this true? If so, why is it not stated in the patch notes?Kiddoo3 3d
3d Your Warrior Song Whats everyones warrior song? i.e. a song that gets you in the mood to smash faces. I'll get it started; Dethklok - face fistedHremly166 3d
3d Horn of War Class Hall Upgrade I was so excited for this research for my class hall to be finished. Figured I'd send the girls out on a Heroic dungeon quest or one of the !@#$tier Blue quests in Surumar city I hate doing.....only to find out "Ability cannot be used on that quest type. ............. >_> MOTHER %^-*ING HORSE !@#$Brookbreaker5 3d
3d Any Response? Blizz C'mon, at leats u can post some reply saying "we are going to review Warriors..." or "We dont care just reroll or delete Warr..." i mean something, anything will do, any sign that U actually care what ppl post here... And more nerfs coming in 7.1... You just gona make me quit wow...Ohr3 3d
3d Just got my first Legendary! Why are the boots so garbage. Huge upgrade for me on stats alone but this does not FEEL legendary.Ellywicket60 3d
3d Chrono Shard So due to some bad luck or good luck however you have it I have the following choices: 870 Neck from Ursoc that gives Haste/Mastery 870 Neck that pairs with Chrono Shard for set bonus and is Vers/Mastery Many trinket options which include an 850 Grotesque Statue, 855 Phantasmal Echo, anything up to 865 of the random Str/mast etc, and I also have an 845 Chrono Shard. I'm gonna test out the Chrono Shard combo to see how I like the spiking haste. Anyone run this? What are your thoughts and how would you feel about this compared to some of my other options?Drakeen2 3d
3d Speak Now Or... forever hold your peace. Voice your opinion on all the warrior nerfs! Let Warriors be heard. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749837217#1 Feel free to use twitter as well. @warcraftdevs @watcherdev @celestalonJimmyfresshh7 3d
3d UI Anyone got a nice UI they wanna show me? I just downloaded elvui and someone suggested I try to find a good warrior profile from someone. I also got omni, tmw, skada, and gladiusFford5 3d
3d Tell Me When Hey! I have two questions for other Tell Me When users! 1st, How can I set a condition for my icons to only show up when I am in Combat....period. 2nd, How do I delete Icons that I have created?Thebayne0 3d
3d Make Revenge Great Again Currently Revenge is viewed negatively by the prot community, to the point that in single target it is viewed as a 'wasted' GCD. There has to be a way to bring Revenge into being a useful cooldown, something that you want to press. Now, we know that Blizzard views just tacking rage generation onto the ability as a non-starter, so we need to work within that confine during the discussion. At the same time, we have to keep in mind that Revenge is undervalued by 18% because almost no one takes the 3x Revenge artifact talents. This means that a flat increase in damage might result in overtuning the ability. On top of that, both of these 'solutions' are boring. What would be more interesting, in my opinion, is to add some utility to the ability that is valuable in a single target situation. Here are a few thoughts, I'm deliberately not including numbers because I don't want the discussion to revolve around them, but the concepts. - If Revenge only strikes a single target you gain an additional x% (chance to block/haste/crit/versatility) for y seconds. - If Revenge only strikes a single target it applies 'exposed' to that enemy increasing all damage taken by x% for y seconds. - If Revenge only strikes a single target it applies 'exposed' to that enemy decreasing their armor by x% for y seconds. - If Revenge only strikes a single target it applies 'staggered' to that enemy decreasing damage dealt by x% for y seconds. - If Revenge only strikes a single target it applies 'staggered' to that enemy decreasing their haste by x% for y seconds. - If Revenge only strikes a single target it has a 50% increased chance to be a critical strike. (still sorta boring) Something along these lines would make revenge worth pushing, without having a multiplicative synergy with other abilities. Any other ideas? Thoughts? Again, try to stay away from numbers in this discussion, it should revolve around interesting ideas, not specific tuning.Cartavius12 3d
3d So whatas actually Prot Stat prio. Icy veins only had 2 stat Prios. Vers > Mastery < haste - for full DR. Haste > Vers > Mastery - for SB uptime. I see plenty of Heroic and Mythic Raid Tanks running Haste/Mastery. Xavius for example, High Haste for SB Uptime, and High mastery for better Crit Block. help a lot with the incoming boss damage. I also see a lot of Mythic+ tanks Running High Crit. More damage, more SS Crits, More Ultimatum Procs, more free IP. So really what should we be going for? I have a full Haste/Vers and Vers/Mastery set, and a near complete Haste/Mastery and a Crit set.Bêtty9 3d
3d Fury Warrior Sims? Why is there such a huge disparity between Fury warriors ACTUAL DPS nubmers on live vs the numbers posted in the simcraft list why is it so inaccurate and misleading?Cheedori6 3d
3d Prot Stats Hey there fellow warriors, So I had a few questions about where our stats should be around. Is there a mastery cap? I'm at 35% mastery Where is vers at for you? This was a pretty low stat for me and I found myself taking a ton of damage. I was around 5% but now I'm up to 9 base + 2 trinket procs that boost me up to around 25% temporarily. Haste is up to 13, 16 for crit, 3 for leech and 5 in avoidance as an added bonus. For my rotation I'm mostly firing off IP asap and using my vengeance to reduce the cost. Also try to focus on having shield block up most of the time. I don't really find an issue with threat but I do take a ton of damage when up against larger groups. Thanks for the help and any tips provided!Farnswörth5 3d
3d WARRIOR CAMPAIGN QUESTION Recently lvl up my warrior, after getting the quest "Capturing the Gateway" it sent me to do some class hall mission. I finished the first one, yet nothing follow up. do i have to wait for the next class hall mission? or something is wrong?Snake1 3d
3d Arms/Fury: 30 Talent Tier Make Double Time baseline, replace with Shattering Throw. Now there is a non-stun utility, and warrior mobility is improved. Thoughts?Mythrindale5 3d
3d Question Legendary/Primer Stats As a casual raid player, I always try some change and test them on the field. I'm not a pro but I try hard to do my best. But I still have 2 question about my spec and stats. Maybe guyz can u help me with this, I want ur advice on the subject =) I know the primer Stats as fury = Haste - Str - Mast - ver and crit at the end. And I feel more stronger on meter when I follow the order =) BUT 1) Is a legendary can interfere in primary stats ? I mean : I have the legendary Helmet (+10 rage when enrage) So do you think that can make MY CRIT more important than my Vers because of this ? Crit suppose to give me more chance to enrage on BT (+10 rage) and more on my execute phase. Or the order still be the same with vers before crit ? 2) Do we have a Minimum of crit to not pass out ? I feel like if I'm better to keep a 10-15-20% crit for a lil bit more of chance on enrage proc (BT/execute) but it's just a feeling. I know the difference between Vers and crit is not big on paper but I wanna know what u think about this. Keep the same order or getting crit before vers because of legendary gear (helm and ring) PS: Sry for my English, it'S not perfect =P Ty for answer Actually Have 12% crit - 32% haste - 37% Mastery - 2% versRhagnarok0 3d
4d Will Fury Warriors be viable in 7.1? Just want to know your guys thought's on fury warriors in 7.1. Will they keep on sucking, or will they compete with Arms?Trione24 4d
4d Question regarding Fury Hello warriors and conquerors, From reading these forums is it safe to come the conclusion that fury is good with low end content, but currently has short comings compared to other classes regarding high end mythic and raid content? If that's the case what exactly are those short comings? Thanks in advance.Saiva4 4d
4d help with dps..please help logs inc. im so inconsistent..can someone tell me what im doing wrong in these logs heres Ursok.. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/DjtbvkJ8KFW2ZmCf#fight=14&type=damage-done herses eredur https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/LV2pJMdAhYjK3kCN#fight=6&type=damage-done i cant compete with numbers from mostly any other classSkillywilly9 4d
4d Prot is looking better than ever Recently hopped onto my protection warrior and ran a few dungeons post ignore Pain nerf. I got to admit, Blizzard was right. The game play is now engaging and requires a higher skill curve. Ignore Pain as a whole just felt like a gimmick.Justinbeibar8 4d
4d Arena of Glory Chest of "Riches" As currently playing fury, I have to attempt to get the chest around midnight/3am to stand a chance against the protection warriors, but aside from this has anyone looted anything significant? In my two successful (once a week) chests I've totaled 1.97g (actual number) and 300 Artifact Power. I honestly feel duped for selecting this "upgrade" thinking it would be fun, but I now just feel stupid for not going for the 20% mission timer. Would love to hear all your experiences.Perdwee17 4d
4d New to Fury, need some help. I'm new to warrior, and i'm using this build for fury PVP. http://www.wowhead.com/talent-calc/warrior/fury/c6pc It has gigantic burst. I even wanted to swap my stormbolt out for double time for the extra healing and because everyone is orc relentless now anyway. Is this a bad build? Seems like it has the most damage available but i would really like some opinions from other fury warriors.Roxicodone6 4d
4d [Fury PVE] Am I getting this right? Apologies in advance for a noob/spoonfeeding post, but I've been scratching my head after following multiple fury guides and still feel incredibly inadequate about my performance. I understand that Fury is on the lower end of the DPS spectrum but regardless I don't feel as if I'm playing my spec to its full potential, maybe there are other warrior newbies who feel the same so I was hoping to get some advice with this post. I am at ~830 ilvl and chain running heroics at the moment. I don't have any Warcraft logs in raids or anything to show and it might seem silly to bring this up when I haven't even began mythic/raiding, just want to verify some doubts I have as I progress slowly. The gist of Fury PVE as I understand it: Stats: -Haste > Crit/Mastery > Everything Else General Rotation Notes: -Maintain Enraged buff via critical Bloodthirsts and Rampage procs -Use Raging Blow/Execute only when Enraged, fill in Unenraged moments with Furious Slash until next Bloodthirst -Savor the Enraged buff and avoid overlapping Bloodthirst w/ Rampage -Align Odyn's Fury with Battle Cry/Avatar for maximum burst -Try and maintain Juggernaut stacks during Execute phase but be realistic about upkeep and weigh it against standard rotation damage potential AoE [3+ Targets]: (I chose Avatar over WW talent) -Whirlwind for Meat Cleaver buff -Alternate between BloodThirst and WW until Rampage Proc -Rampage w/ Meat Cleaver and Repeat Points of confusion: 1) Dragon's Roar or Reckless Abandon? I've been enjoying the burst gameplay of RA but have been frustrated over the downtime between CDs: all I do is wait for an Enraged proc via BT/Rampage and get a Raging Blow in there before it wears off. What will Dragon's Roar offer in exchange for the insta-burst RA offers? It comes off to me as a buffed WW proc at the moment. My current Burst Rotation: Avatar + Battle Cry > Rampage > Odyn's Fury > Raging Blow > The Usual Minor one being without Avatar and the AoE variant consisting of getting an enraged/Battle Cry Odyn's Fury in there. 2) How much DPS should I be pulling to not be deadweight in a normal Mythic Run? Knowing the fights and general PVE awareness aside, what is a good benchmark for Fury warriors? Any and all suggestions/advice would be appreciated!Bizen1 4d
4d Im in need of Arms help I just cant seem to grasp this character. I love warrior, love everything about arms I am just really bad at it. Im prioritizing haste/mast. Try to keep 100% CS up. MS is on CD and slam as a filler... I do think my biggest issue is when to use Focuse rage? Im sitting at 853 ilvl and I can only seem to pull maybe 200k. Ive done the icy veins and noxxic. Ive watched Barjheera (I think thats how you spell it) stream. Any tips I can get before I completely just forfeit the warrior to the trash can?Maye2 4d
4d T19 horribly itemized warrior set I know it's not even out yet, but the T19 warrior set pieces all have crit on them. Crit is by far the worst secondary stat for all warrior specs. T19 is going to be totally useless apart from maybe the 2pc bonus unless the itemization is fixed. Put mastery and haste on the pieces.Arrindier11 4d
4d Calculating DR Hello warriors, It has been some number of years since I have last tanked in a serious way. Pretty sure that yogg was the last face I had the pleasure of smacking around in a non alt run. All of this brings me to the differences I see in the wikis and guides floating around the Internet. Back then it would be a simple search for parry rating and I could have at my fingertips the ins and some of the outs of how parry should change my incoming damage. Where are all of the stat Values? I love to dive deeper into stat priority than most sites care to explain. So far I have been able to work out rough values for the secondart stats at far as how much haste I need for 1% and the like. I have run into more problems with things like parry diminishing returns. Everyone claims crit is garbage discounting the parry chance it gives. And I am sure they have some good reasons. But, even simple questions such as boss hit tables seem just elude my Google fu. Everything I find is either people speculating wildly or 2-3 expacs out of date. All of this boils down to one question, are there any sites that have up to date information and/or current formulas for how the different secondary's contribute to mitigation? Thanks for any help you can provide, and I hope this won't turn into a generic list of priorities, goodness knows we have enough of those.Karsuth0 4d
4d Instanced PVP as Prot? Just curious if anybody is finding prot to be in a good spot for pvp?Amishka11 4d
4d "Class Fantasy and Ability Pruning" http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749887267 Someone made a thread on GD about class fantasy and ability pruning and I want to make sure that everyone on the Warrior forums knows about it so that we can make our thoughts heard on this issue. We have to take these issues to places where they can get the most visibility and that means heading over to GD. Please share your thoughts on ability pruning and class fantasy as they relate to the Warrior class in Legion and support this thread to keep it visible to CMs!! ...Ghostshoes1 4d
4d Considering a Fury Warrior for Legion PvP Hello Warrior Community, I main an Enhancement Shaman, and I have been considering some alts for PvP in Legion. The Warrior is on my list, so I was curious to what some of the longtime Warrior PvPers here think about the changes coming in Legion. I’m talking about Fury PvP in particular. I have watched some videos regarding the changes, but I’m not entirely sure what to make of them since I don’t know much about Warriors, nor do I have Alpha access to do any testing with it myself. Also, I'm not after super high rating or anything like that. I just play casually in 2's and random battlegrounds if that helps. Any information is welcome! Thanks!Cryogenica19 4d
4d Hamstring on GCD in 7.1? If so that's a huge nerf for PVP. I read it in posts but that's a massive nerf and unnecessary. Is that actually the case?Murloch7 4d
4d Threat generation compared to other tanks Opening statement: So in my experience, the warrior is tough to hold threat in a raid against another tank like a DH or a pally tank. They deal considerably more dmg with abilities off of GCD and I feel their rotations are a lot more fluid and enjoyable. Paladin rotation: I also play a prot pally Ilvl 863, and its rotation to keep mitigation up is very smooth as their SOTR is off GCD and their LOTP is also off of CD, so all you maintain is concs, hammers, shield throw and throw in a SOTR when it falls off to keep the mitigation up (also should be noted the talent to instantly give 3 more stacks of SOTR is also off of GCD). Druid rotation: I just made a druid also and their rotation feels comparable to a pally, while its abilities are on GCB their high damage ones like maul, or mitigation like frenzied regen/iron fur are off of GCD. Problems with warrior: Now to my point, with a warrior it feels I have to have good SS crits for a free focused rage (considering you're speced into it) and spam devestate to hopefully proc another SS to maintain SB for 100%, all while making sure you keep IP up and stacking it, but maintain enough min rage to reapply SB if it falls off. AKA if RNG is not on my side on me opener, and I'm MT, the boss may shift to the OT (happened on Xavius when we were progressing week 1 of release, I had to ask the OT to not go all in on the pull and let me build some rage). Final thoughts of warriors vs. others: While our IP is off of GCD....being nerfed makes it underrated compared to keeping SB up 100%. I focus on 100% SB and using IP or reapplying IP when dragon scales artifact trait procs along with a focused rage proc to get a full rage IP and max absorb IP. I still feel the warrior lacks in comparison to druid/pally in mythic + progression, in AOE scenarios I find it extremly difficult to maintain 100% uptime of SB, due to the need of using GCD with revenge and thunderclap. A lot of times I have to even use taunt to pull a mob I didnt generate enough threat on when a BIG D DPS is going ham on the AOE. With pally I never have this problem... I just drop cons and throw some hammers out along with my mitigation, and easy as that, range caster? No problem throw the shield at them! This is why my pally has a higher ilvl than my warrior...I feel the pally excels in mythic+ progression compared to the warrior. Thoughts? TL;DR: Warrior rotation feels rough compared to pally/druid w/ their abilities off GCD.Scóre9 4d
4d Help Please I've been playing arms now since legion launched. The problem I'm having is that I can't get above 180k in EN. I'm hitting a dummy 2-3 times a week refining what seems to be the spell priority. I use Weak Auras to track my buffs but still not seeing the increase to my dps. I'm currently ilvl 845. Any help would be greatly appreciatedCaoka2 4d
4d Arms pvp I've read posts saying warrior bgs are not fun, which is whatever. My concern is 3s. I've always had a soft spot for warrior and I don't want to be a warlock anymore. Is warrior good in 3s? Or is pvp just too difficult as a warrior at the moment?Guljosh18 4d
4d Prot: where a 1 rage saving is a talent. Ultimatum and vengeance. Pair these two tree items up and you save ONE rage. Just ONE. And you know what? These are still the best talents in their rows!! How is that a balanced tree? Two rows combined to save one rage. That's 1/60th of an ignore pain. 1/10th ofor a shield block. It does not ever add up meaningfully. These really need reworked. Or since ip has been nerfed double hard, revert the nerfs to this combo all together. It's obvious that these were meant to be top picks, look at the other choices in their rows. They had to have known these would be the go to. Fix prot please.Dunkbelieve3 4d
4d Do not let the hamstring GCD change go live My fellow warriors who intend to keep playing the class, please do whatever you can to prevent the hamstring change from going live. This is a tiny change intended primarily for pve yet it will absolutely delete warriors in pvp greater than any other change in the history of nerfs. Warriors will have no ways to stick to classes like Druids, and will have to spend like 1/3 of uptime applying hamstring. I can charge a Mage and at least hit him with Cs before he blinks away. With this change, I have to choose between hitting him or slowing him. Please blizzard.Worstwarrior42 4d
4d T19 Sets must be reworked As it stands now fury set is completely useless while the arms one is godlike. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Fury (2) piece gives Furious Slash an extra 5% bonus to BT critical strike, which is almost useless since Furious Slash right now is only used as a filler and it giving more % to BT critical is irrelevant. Fury (4) piece increases Enrage time by 1.5 seconds, which is also useless since right now it is possible to keep your Enrage up most of the time, specially during execute phase where Fury dps is higher. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Arms (2) piece bonus increases duration of Battle Cry by 3 seconds, which is amazing since you should be running the BC talent to remove the rage cost of your abilitys, making this set bonus a solid bonus to Arms burst. Arms (4) piece bonus makes your Slam/WW/Execute have a 20% chance per target hit to reset the cooldown of Colossus Smash. This is a direct buff to the Arms playstyle that already functions arround reseting your CS cooldown, and also a huge buff to Sweeping Strikes talent and Arms AOE in general. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Now don't get me wrong, I don't want the Arms T19 set nerfed, I just want the fury one to be on par with it. As it stands right now you're better off getting pieces by stat priority and just ignore the T19 set if playing fury.Amarantine8 4d
4d Rage of Valarjar... Resetting AP? Hey fellas... So I made a mistake when I started levelling in legion and went something like this, http://www.wowhead.com/artifact-calc/warrior/fury/Ixs5IjA9QBPWAT2AE9kBPaAT2wE9wDPdAz3gM98DPjAz5ANU0BA ---- When I should have gone something like this http://www.wowhead.com/artifact-calc/warrior/fury/I_5MIjA9QBPWAT2AE9kBPaAT2wE9wDPeAz3wM-EDPjAz5ANU0BA ---- As you can see if i went with the second link, I'd have Rage of Valarjar coming up next. Instead now I'm having to work on the first of three Battle Scars traits (Starting at 105k). Is it worth me taking the hit on the 105k and resetting my AP or should I just ride it out? We're going to start Mythic EN soon and If it's going to improve my DPS drastically I'd rather just take the hit. However, I've heard it's just not that good. Cheers..Ooglyboogly7 4d
4d Glad I'm Not Alone I really feel like I'm betraying my warrior by boosting a rogue but the PvP survivability is just bad. I just can't... Everyone else has a bubble and/or heal and we have parry, com shout (rally) and DStance (which is honestly sad that we have to take.) Compared to monks, rogs, ret and even surv hunters, it's just a travesty. I get the concept of a bruising, battle hardened hulk that just smashes !@#$. I just don't think the spec is where it needs to be in terms of survivability and burst. One of the two needs a significant buff. Bring enraged regen back or make impending victory baseline.Wompdonkey0 4d
4d Arcanite Bladebreaker bugged? The odds of nobody finding bladebreaker skin at this point are already pretty low. If nobody finds the bladebreaker skin by the time 7.1 comes out, will blizzard devs actually look at the quest triggers and confirm that it is in the game and working as intended? Thousands of warriors all over the world have been looking for this hidden artifact appearance since release. All other skins except frost DK (probably similarly bugged) have been located, and most were found within a week or two of release. The most likely explanation at this point is that it's bugged and not triggering as intended. How long is needed until Blizzard admits there may be issues with the quest line?Arrindier18 4d
4d ST target idea for Fury? What if they made Meat Cleaver a variable skill? Right now the ability makes the next BT or Rampage hit up to 4 additional enemies. What if they took out the BT proc (leaving it just for Rampage) and it did damage based on how many extra enemies are in range? So if there are 4 additional, it works as it does now. If there are less, it ups the damage your next Rampage does. So in a single target rotation, Meat Cleaver would make your next Rampage deal 200% increased damage (or something similar). Doesn't skew our AOE abilities up unfairly (I think the increased damage in 2, 3, and 4 enemy scenarios would compensate for the loss in BT proc. Not often is it just a pile of 5+ enemies all the time.), but gives us more competition in ST. I took out the BT aspect because I think in single target we'd just spam WW/BT over and over again.Tabernackle3 4d
4d Help our Arms Warrior guys! Hey guys, my guild is looking to start doing mythic EN but I dont really think we have the dps for it yet. A lot of people on logs are doing around the 9th percentile and barely pushing 200k! So I'm taking the liberty of making a thread for each of them and sending it to them for help. Want to help out our arms warrior left, since I don't play one im not sure what he can do to improve. Your input would really be appreciated, whether it be his spec, talents, stats, or regular mistakes. Here are his logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/adhbzjyAVw8x6JQF#type=damage-done&fight=3&source=18 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/adhbzjyAVw8x6JQF#type=damage-done&fight=5&source=18 https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/adhbzjyAVw8x6JQF#type=damage-done&fight=1&source=18 THANKS WARRIORS!Versachi15 4d
4d Fury DPS and Mr. Robot Anyone know just how accurate this is? Here is my main's profile http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Dr%C3%A3cov/simple Haste is low and I'm missing a couple of enchants. Anyways, I run around 220-230k over 100mil on a dummy. No flask, food, drums, etc. Mr. Robot is simming me 250-260k over the same fight length. Biggest difference is it that is showing a wildly different proc rate for Rage of the Valarjar and has strength Flask. RotV procs all over the place on live. Sometimes I get back to back. Sometimes I get 2 over 10 minutes. I think Mr. Robot is estimating roughly 1 per minute. Tweaking gear for crafted/840 replacements only yielded a 25k increase in the sim despite a 13% increase in Haste. Even tossing in the Legendary Helm I was still simming under 300k... Damn...is Fury that bad?Ráge3 4d
5d 7.1 Fury buffs.... Have a week until we can try out these "fury buffs" dont know if im the only one who is some what excited to see where we are placed on the dps totem poll after theyre released... Know theyre not the buffs/fixes weve been asking far, but anything is better then nothing am i right?Mantoothman19 5d
5d Artifact weapons So after coming back from a break of wow for awhile like most did to play legion I seem to have made a mistake. I chose fury to level 100-110 with. After reading these forums today and seeing the survivability problems with fury I wanna switch to arms. Problem is I took fury weapons at 100. I hear you can choose another weapon coming shortly in the next few levels but I wanted to get my shield because I plan on playing tank warrior come 110. What's my best bet and options right now? Thanks guys. Hope everyone is enjoying legion as much as I am!Krajén8 5d
5d YOU OVER NERFED WARRIORS ! Blizz why you over nerf us so bad, warrior is so !@#$ing useless now... Please fix this.Diimitrii13 5d
5d Let's see what happens Greetings my fellow warriors, I'm often reading the forums in my free time to see if any development is made on the arms hidden artifact as well as reading other threads that grab my attention. I've been playing since the end of vanilla and start of TBC and all this time this character has and will remain my main and pretty much the only character of mine that I play. I've tried other classes before but there not fun or enjoyable for me to play, warriors on the other hand are just so much fun for me. Currently in Legion we warriors are facing a lot of issues; arms no longer having much utility that once made them PvP/arena kings and at the start of this xpac were doing great damage in PvE/raiding has now been nerfed and use a RNG mechanic, fury for no reason takes more damage than any other class and there damage output is low, prot started out as very strong tanks and have been hit by the nerf bat and many are saying there play style isn't fun. Warriors are essential to RPG and MMO games IMOH and Legion is becoming aggravating and stressful for long time and new warrior players; I love this class it's so much fun for me to play but the developers need to stop bashing us with the nerf bat. We're warriors! We charge into battle and beat the ever loving crap out of our enemies! So this morning I took it to the only place I could think of to get the attention of the developers, twitter and sent them a tweet asking if they hate warriors and don't care about us. I doubt I'll get a answer but it's a startTokiwarbeast0 5d
5d artifact traits question i'm currently at rank 23 in arms and have enough AP saved for rank 26. i have no idea which traits to take seeing as they're all garbage. the only notable guide i've seen is saying to take one against many the garbage cleave thing..i just dont see the point. should i take that or execute crit? or maybe void cleave. they all just seem like a waste.Pain0 5d
5d Fury AP Weapon Procs I can understand Fury is in a Terrible place and we need buff's across the board. But one of the biggest issues i see with fury is out Golden trait do almost nothing to do vs other classes who are getting noticable to significant dmg increase. Fury Artifacts procs need a major buff since even the !@#$tiest trinkets proc a lot more than our Artifact skills which we spend days farming to get. Most of our skills are designed so poorly, Juggernaut u never get to realisticlly proc it past 10 15 in most cases. Our golden Traits you are extremely lucky if they proc once per raid boss in raids. Even the when they proc they are desgined in a %^-*ty way where u build up and then it falls off right after reaching maximum potential. Fury Artifact procs and golden traits need some serious looking into. Most of them don't even make noticable difference in DPS over 3 to 10 min long fights let alone significant like WTF was point of gathering so much AP.Berzorcer1 5d
5d Please help me out! (Fury DPS) I've been looking at Warcraft Logs recently and I am feeling as if I could be doing much more dps, that is why I am coming to you guys. I am totally confused as to what it is that I am doing wrong, so if you guys could shed some insight that would be lovely! ARMORY: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/area-52/Thistlesmith/simple Warcraft Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/9701139/latest Thank you all so much in advance, looking forward to your replies!Thistlesmith0 5d
5d Fury Melee Attack Range Lots of work is going into balancing Fury's core abilities which is fantastic. Please also consider increasing our melee attack range by 1.5 yards. I feel it's currently a bit too restrictive. I wouldn't mind if it was a PVE only adjustment. Thanks!Secksydeeps2 5d