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Welcome back arms! (Salt in the sugar) I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors, I wrote this after a long day of working in the sun. I fell in love with the arms spec back in Mists and it was really the main reason I played during that expansion at all. And because I enjoyed it so much I was almost heart broken when I saw what they did to arms when WoD came out(I still played arms but it wasn't the same); but when 7.03 came and breathed new life into my beloved arms spec I couldn't get home from work fast enough, I was so eager to try out the new arms spec and great googily moogily did you guys nail it! But I can't help but notice that some of the problems arms had in WoD are still hanging around, mainly it feels like arms uses more rage than it generates. One of the things I loved about arms in MoP was that I never felt rage starved, I always had enough rage for a whirlwind or an execute or a slam and that's still somewhat true with arms now but it still needs work. All but 1 of our core abilities(not counting talents) uses rage and we rely solely on doing and taking damage to generate rage and when we're in a group setting with a tank one of those is no longer in effect so we lose out on half of our rage generation. To that effect I thought up the following ideas. I know these ideas are probably terrible but they're all I could think of at the moment. -Mortal Strike: Generates 20 rage and when combined with the "In For The Kill" talent Mortal strike will generate enough rage for one fully charged executeexecute. -Cleave: Generates 2 rage per target hit capping at 5 targets(10 rage) -Overpower: generates 5 rage and 10 rage on crit. -Heroic leap: Generates 2 rage per target hit capping at 5 targets(10 rage) I know this is the same as Cleave but I just thinks it's a really good idea In closing I'd just like to say one more thing, I'm not a top tier raider, I don't top the dps charts, you'll never see me get a worlds first anything and I don't wreck face in Battle Grounds, I'm just a guy who loves this class. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. Hakoda1
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Hidden Mechanics Several changes in the Legion pre-patch have confused me. In the past, I have been accustomed to understanding some basic information about rage, threat, and passive mitigation. Information was typically provided through various passive ability descriptions like Defensive Stance. It explicitly stated the ability's function of "increasing threat generation", or "decrease damage taken by X%", or any other relevant benefits. While re-learning how to play a warrior with the legion pre-patch changes, there were a few times I felt the need to confirm how these mechanics would work, but there was no information readily available. Two notable examples were (1) zoning into my first dungeon as a tank and (2) selecting talents for my Arms spec. Before tanking for the first time, I had already come to accept the removal of stances. But as a relatively experienced tank, I wanted to confirm that the appropriate abilities for reducing damage and controlling mobs were in place. After glancing through my spell book, where I expected to see some passive tank abilities, panic set in. There was nothing. I began to ask questions like: Do tanks and dps have the same passive mitigation? When do I need to worry about DPS getting aggro? Did I miss something that should have given me these abilities? It was disconcerting. When speccing my Arms talents, the first talent I read was Dauntless. It makes your abilities cost 20 less rage. Obviously cheaper abilities are better, but my gut reaction was to look at how this would effect the overall rotation. Again, I went to my spell book to see how rage would be generated. The expectation was to see a balance of rage generating abilities and rage spending abilities, or some type of passive rage builder. The only ability description that mentioned rage generation was Charge. Everything else cost rage. Again, panic. How was I going to use abilities if there was no way to generate rage? Is there an undocumented way to generate rage? Did I miss picking up another ability somehow? It appears that the information I am accustom to seeing is now working exclusively behind the scenes through the Class Specialization. It is possible these bits of information were removed through ability pruning, with the goal of removing bloat or simplifying the game. I generally support both goals, but this seems to have gone too far. Auto attacks apparently generate rage, but the game doesn't explain or quantify this. Tank abilities apparently have a threat modifier, but the game doesn't explain or quantify this. Generally, WoW is a solid game that I believe is worth playing. But it feels like Blizzard has hidden a little too much of the back end mechanics. The old ability descriptions did not explain every minute detail of the programming algorithms that make WoW function, but it was enough general information to let players know what to expect. After navigating some of the legion pre-patch changes, I felt it necessary to share these experiences and see if anyone else had similar occurrences. Blizzard, thank you for the enjoyable gaming through your efforts to keep WoW evolving, relevant, and competitive. Constructive thoughts are appreciated. Skirataado0
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Request Help from Experienced Arms Players Hey guys, I was thinking about playing a warrior during Legion. I've played since vanilla (off and on) but never played a warrior before. I've been leveling a new warrior for the last week or so as Arms. Since the patch came out my DPS has tanked. I realize nobody is an expert in the new spec yet, but I figured your long years of experience might still help me with helping me find what I'm missing. When fighting a pack of trash I usually start by charging in and hitting Colossus Smash then Cleave and whirlwind until one or two guys are left. Then I use Heroic Strike, and then this is when it seems to go downhill. When facing one mob, or maybe two. I just find myself sitting there waiting for Mortal Strike to come off cooldown, and spamming Slam while I wait (assuming I have the rage). But its a lot of just sitting around waiting for the cooldown on Heroic Strike. Once the mob gets down low enough then I do some Executes of course. I dunno, I feel like that down period is killing my DPS. Sometimes that reset on Colossus Smash happens and thats cool, but not that often. What am I doing wrong, or what can I change about this to be better? FYI I'm level 72 as I type this. I see I get Bladestorm in a few levels, and that might help? I just feel like I'm doing things wrong in the new patch since I've taken such a hit in DPS (2nd usually to 4th usually on the meter in must runs) I'll probably switch to fury soon because I want to spend some time with that spec also before I hit 100 and before the expansion (so I can pick between them) but I dont want to leave arms with a bad taste in my mouth if possible. Thanks all! Consummate4
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My warrior sounds are awful =/ (Can I mute?) Let me start off by saying: the animations are fantastic in appearance! I love side-slamming stuff and the power of thunderclap! However, the sounds my character makes have really turned me off from playing her. I rolled a Worgen Warrior some time ago to level on Darrowmere with my sister and found it really fantastic that we had a wolf snarl as our taunt. How cool is that? Best. Thing. Ever. Logged in after the latest patch just to mess around and get a better feel for everything. Many things I like, but the sound of her abilities (especially as Prot, which -was- my main spec), just turns me off completely. Instead of an intimidating feral snarl, I now yell like a horribly-lonely woman. Perhaps I should turn off the sound completely, but I like to listen to the other sounds in the game - sometimes they give me queues which I appreciate. And the music really adds to my appreciation and enjoying the experience of the game. But these new ability vocalizations make it sound like this toon is dying like a pansy every time I hit a button or taunt. My favorite option would be to request a rework of the female worgen warrior sounds, however the plausibility of that I realize is very low. I thought there might be an ability to toggle off the sounds in the interface, but I haven't found such luxury yet. (Am I missing it?) For now, I'm just not interested in those godforsaken noises, and personally find my character much too loud and annoying to enjoy anymore. At this point, even though I've almost maxed Cierge I have half a mind to reroll, though I have no guarantee any other race will sound any better. Plus I don't want to really give up the effort I put into this character all that badly. Has anyone found a way to toggle the new ability-specific sounds off? It would help me appreciate my plate-wearers a lot more. (Since I've lost interest in my Worgen and Undead DKs since the patch as well.) Cierge0
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