Jan 3, 2012
Low Prot DPS - Why? I realize that tank DPS isn't usually a major thing, but I can't help but feel I'm doing something wrong. I co-tank with a bear who does on average at least 6-7k more DPS than me (although from my understanding he gears almost exclusively for crit, and he does go Kitty when he isn't directly tanking the boss, although I've seen him clear 20k without ever going Kitty). I barely hover around 12k or so on a good day, following the normal ability queue of Shield Slam > Revenge > Devastate as filler, HS (w/Inner Rage) when above 50 rage. Due to latency spikes I'll sometimes miss an immediate S&B proc as it won't kick in until after I've hit a Devastate (which I spam when Revenge hasn't procced and SS is on cooldown). Here is a recent parse from an Ultrax 10N kill: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/zzaexjws6zf2gm0m/dashboard/?s=7444&e=7749 The bear tank, Mangling, did around 21k DPS (I would guess that he went kitty when I was tanking but I'm not 100% certain as I wasn't quite paying attention to him). I, a Prot Warrior, did only about 12k - that's almost a 9k difference between us and that seems fishy. I've gotten a few gear upgrades since then (helm, bracers, boots and Souldrinker) but I've got to be doing something wrong and I'm not sure what that something is; I seem to be following the priority system correctly, my spec is correct, my gemming and enchanting strategy is correct, yet my DPS is pathetic even by tank standards - according to RaidBots that was only in the 25th percentile for Ultraxion 10N (in comparison, Mangling was 92nd percentile). Any advice to improve? I can't help but feel that even though it largely isn't the deciding factor, my tank DPS will hold us back as we move forward into hard modes. Arothand16
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What happened to us? I haven't been around since before Wotlk expansion, and before hand as a fury warrior I did very well in pvp... and Pve as well. Before you tag me with a trolling sticker, let me explain my dillema. I returned last week to play a deathknight, which I have really enjoyed. Seeing huge crits and doing exceptionally well in 1v1's, 1v2's even. I thought I would dust off my warrior when I found out we could now dual weild two handed weapons, this excited me alot hearing this! I thought well I was fury before with 1 handed weapons, so with two handed weps in each hand I should do double the damage, right? I'm pretty sure My warrior pre-wotlk did more damage than now. Obviously the armor stats have been increased, resilience, among other things. I barely see a crit over 1500 now, with brutal glad weps. Before cata, I was bloodthirsting for that easily with 1 handers. What happened? It's like everyone got super powers, and I got nerfed beyond repair! It seems the deathknights are now the new fury warriors, or am I missing something? Right now I'm specced fury just like the sticky here with a couple tweaks. I do half the damage of my lvl 59 DK. Almost the same amount of damage when I quit before Wotlk... with twice the gear. Really sad, and confused. Is there a better way to spec, now? I'm using slam, when it becomes free. Bloodthirst seems next to my best skill... And this new skills, the one that hits with both weapons, doesn't hit very hard. About the same as a bloodthirst hit. I think the highest dual hit was 890/780 which doesnt add up to much.. Just barely beating a normal 1500 Bloodthirst hit. Am I better off going with quick 1 hand weapons? Arg, I'm just not seeing the sustained damage I used to when dw. I havent tried just a two hander, I'm afraid to. Thanks Dartanian8
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Linkkiller I don't think you take peoples gripes seioursly ! If you had people that can really balance the fairness into classes, the game would be more fun for all ! I have played for almost 40 months and have spent more time on this game than I probably should ! I am retired and see the unfairness between the classed as well as anyone ! I have a Fury Warrior! He hits well, but he cannot heal worth a darn..cannot unstun more than once or twice depending on the spell! All I see are characters that are immune to hitting, but can hit as well as I can ! They also can stun over and over and heal well ! The armor is actually a moot point! Mages cannot be touched and can stand back and shoot you over and over and stun and stun you ! Rogues are about the same..stun stun stun ! Unless my gear is much better I do not have a chance against Warlocks, Paladins, Rogues and Mages! I have worked very hard on my character and have pretty good gear ! But what good can I do against a Blood Death knight..he heals constantly like Druids ! My cooldowns are too long 2 and three minutes ! Others do not run out of healing and ability to stun! Check my game stats and you will see I have done more than the average person ! Arenas are almost impossible for a Fury Warrior to win ! Even with great gear ! If you want to make this game RIGHT...play some of these characters and weigh their attributes and abilities against others! Do you not like Warriors ? I have spent too much time working on this character..the only one I really use! Do the right thing and balance these characters out much better than you are doing ! Makes me wonder if you just are blind to the big problems some of us have ! This is not a threat, but the frustration is getting me thinking about stopping playing because of the inequities that are plain to see in this game ! Please try to make us all equal ! The difference is in ability to play your character and I believe I know how to play with Linkkiller ! Thanks, I hope someone does read these ???????? Linkkiller Linkkiller11
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