Oct 8 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez187 Oct 8
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5m Arcane Mage Post 7.1 - Some Numbers Hope some people find this helpful :) Pre 7.1 Stats for 861 iLevel Moderately geared mage Arcane Blast - 59.867 damage for 33,000 mana (0 charges) 261,432 damage for 165,000 mana (4 charges) Arcane Missiles - 67,665 damage (0 charges) 245, 495 damage (4 charges) OVERALL DPS during burst phase (10 trials) - 272,449 DPS Overall DPS during 5 minute boss fight (10 trials) - 218,094 DPS POST 7.1 Stats (Gear hasn't changed) Arcane Blast - 69.809 damage for 33,000 mana (0 charges) 306,396 damage for 198,000 mana (4 charges) Arcane Missiles - 78,885 damage (0 charges) 346,2302 damage (4 charges) Overall Burst DPS - 309,867 Overall Sustained (5 minute fight) - 242,332 This was a pretty big buff for arcane. Overall, we do very slightly less damage during our burst phase, because it is shortened so much by increased mana costs. Our increased damage overall is nice, though. Sustained damage using 2 or 3 arcane charges drains our mana significantly faster, but it is still possible. (At least at my stats) 49% mastery, 22% crit, 13% haste for those wondering. TL,DR: My personal DPS increased by about 9% during burst, taking into consideration shortened time, and by about 11% sustained. The rotation I used isn't significantly different. N.B. - This was done against training dummies. Decrease DPS appropriately in any situation that requires movement.Lyaelan5 5m
5m You can now hide the fire orbs Fire mages can talk to Archmage Melis to hide the floating flame orbs of Felo'melorn in Patch 7.1. YAY, finally no more annoying orbs :DZyandrel6 5m
5m Fire nerf. Legendaries are still stupid. Let me start by saying that the nerf isn't that bad, I know. But for some players it is bad, here is the point I want to make. I've seen some youtube videos of Mythic top 100 Fire Mages and their damage is ridiculous. They all have the bracers and the time warp ring somehow (of course) so their pyro damage is outrageous. Semi-hardcore/Casual players like me who don't have time to make 2 mage characters and farm legendaries for a living are heavily affected by nerfs like this. It's bad enough that our class is so heavily dependant on crit that we are forced to play at a lower ilevel since we can't use any gear without crit. Couple that with the legendary RNG and it's not uncommon for a fire mage to be playing 5-10 ilevels lower than the rest of their guild without having a legendary, which in itself is a great disadvantage. Having to balance the game around some people having overpowered legendaries and some people not having any doesn't work. When you nerf Pyroblast on mages without legendaries you are nerfing what doesn't need to be nerfed, although the people with the 1 or 2 BIS definitely need that nerf. Why don't they nerf the legendaries instead? And if they let us choose our first legendary that would probably be a better system than the crappy one in place now. What were they thinking? They put together a pretty solid expansion here and then decided to make a semi game-breaking RNG mechanic based around the most powerful items in the game. And even if you get one of those items, there is a 50% chance you'll get a useless one.Starblooms12 5m
5m Fire Mages? So I am at work and haven't gotten to try anything out yet. What is the state of fire mages since the slight Nerf? And is it still the primary spec for PvE?Karmakey0 5m
5m Deep Shatter Stealth Nerf Why weren't the Deep Shatter nerfs included in the patch notes?Brokendamage0 5m
6m Is Frost ignored for M+ etc.? So I wanted to try something different and rolled a Frost Mage. I was wondering if they are ignored for Mythic+ or Heroic/Mythic raids? I mained Feral for a little while and I would often get asked if I was Balance. Naturally when I told them Feral I was instantly declined. If I roll Frost, will it be the same story? How is it looking for 7.1? All I can find is information on Arcane and Fire. Thanks.Pachyderm4 6m
15m Cauterizing Blink and Pyro Is it me, or did Pyro get nerfed more than the 6% stated? I could have sworn I was doing ~153,000 pyros and now my tooltip shows 135,000. I'm no accounting major, no wait, I am, but that's not 6%. Am I missing something here? Can anyone else share their before/after to clear this up? And why was caut. blink nerfed 50%? I didn't see anything on notes about it. It's actually a significant nerf to both pvp and pve, moreso pve as the relics are amplified garbage now. This is my hammer of disapproval blizzard. Hear me poundDoctaboom1 15m
23m Rate that Transmog! You know the drill my mage brethren and sistren!Balaerion40 23m
25m Stop crying fire mages!!! Seriously 5% nerf to only one of ur skills is not a lot, arcane is doing wwwaaayyyy less damage and y'all start crying over a 5% nerf???? Gtfo and keep playing ur overpowered specRagingpowers39 25m
25m Here is the problem with Arcane This will be my second post about Arcane issues, the first was general Legion feedback after I had been playing for about a month. ( This time around I'm going to focus mainly on what I see as the ideology behind arcane, its mechanics and why it's an issue. First off, the basic premise of Arcane right now is that there are 2 phases for dealing damage, burn and conserve. The reason this exists is because arcane still operates based around mana, and we generate charges which increase our damage output, but also our mana costs. So our burn consists of casting our spells at full charge, until we deplete our mana, which we can then recover with evo and mastery regen and using our conserve phase until we are ready for the next burn phase. And this is where the problem occurs. You see, to function properly this way, it stands to reason that our burn phase needs to provide a higher damage output then our conserve phase so that the average overall is similar to what other damage dealers provide. However, this also puts us in a unique position where the timing of the fight, and not only our gear, but our party members gear has a huge effect on us. It also means that without mana, we can't function at ALL which does not hold true for any other DPS spec. (correct me if i'm wrong) Balancing this suddenly becomes a huge issue. If we can spend the whole fight in our "burn" phase, then technically speaking, based on the way arcane is setup, we should ALWAYS be the highest DPS compared to specs without burn/conserve because our burn naturally has to provide higher output to make up for the lower output of our conserve phase. This is on top of already existing extra CD's like arcane power, combustion, trueshot, etc (sorry, im not familiar with what all the other classes have for CD's) which would only make the problem even worse. Naturally, this wouldn't really be fair to all the other dps if we operate this way. This is why I see the current Arcane mechanics as such a mess. By sticking to the old mana system, yes it makes arcane unique and interesting, but it also means its a nightmare to try and tune. If you try and balance around our maximum output, then you need to somehow make it even for classes with a more consistent output which seems to be forcing downtime upon us either through mastery regen, evocation or just sitting and drinking between pulls when not in combat. If you are balancing around both our conserve/burn phase, then you run into a problem where if the group or player is geared enough and we can spend the whole fight in in burn phase, its going to be completely lopsided to everyone else. This also means that depending on which path of balancing you are trying to do, anything that upsets that has a massive and dramatic impact on us. If we miss an evocation, it cripples us, extra pulls or chain pulling if we are "designed" to have some downtime to regen hurts us. Fights that are short enough where we never have to leave burn would favor us. Frankly this only seems to be getting worse as gear scales up, and especially with the introduction of legendaries, which in the case of arcane, can completely change our rotation and mechanics (barrage returning mana) which can either make or break the spec. I honestly think that arcane needs to be completely reworked away from mana to solve this, which i dont see happening during the course of this expansion which leaves us most likely to be balanced around our "maximum" output compared to other classes making our play very complex, clunky and wildly lopsided.Nyccia20 25m
38m Arcane questions I have a few questions about the buff and rotations. I have the lengdary kilt so I know that we got buffs but also a nerf to mana management, that wouldn't effect me too much with the kilt would it? Will I need to switch up the rotation any? I am thinking words of power is the way to go with the kilt but not sure since everythIng I can find says arcane familiar is better. One more thing is quicking, since I'll be throwing in AB a lot during conserve phase, should I just go into arcane power to buff the burn phase? Just a couple questions thanksRainon6 38m
46m Burning Determination nerf? Did the burning determination nerf go through? I can't find any info about it, and I'm at work so I can't test it out.Downbound1 46m
54m Lonely Winter (Loneliest?) Still at work so there's no way for me to test but reviewing the notes, looks like the elemental pet is getting pretty significant buff and it just makes me feel a flat 5% buff on this talent with a total of 28% after "It's cold outside" is simply not enough. (come on, can't even give us a flat 30?) Some of my complaints for the pet is that it somehow gets jammed and stuck on certain things, accidental pulls (guess that's just a general pet issue), etc. Getting stuck can somehow hurt in Mythic+ because they would be out of range for freeze and water jet. The way I've been working around this is make them passive and then back to defensive. The pet is just a pain to manage but with decent damage and buttload of utilities, I just don't see Lonely Winter is good enough unless the it adds like 35-40% damage on those specific spells.Sixmeridian2 54m
1h 7.1 Patch Notes - Frost Discussion 7.1 patch notes are up It looks like a 5% buff to most of our damaging abilities. Also a sizable 50% damage increase is being tacked on to brain freeze and effectively flurry since that's the only time it's ever used. Our water elemental is also being buffed as well as lonely winter (I still don't think the loss of the elemental's utility and FoF generation is worth it yet). To the few frost mages (and anyone else looking to join the frosty side) what do you think? Is this what we need DPS-wise? is more needed? Any mechanical issues you think should be addressed?Mondal32 1h
1h Aftershocks I think we all can agree that this trait sucks. I think I'd rather have Sephuz's Secret. In all seriousness though does anything think Blizzard will do anything to make this trait more beneficial or maybe change it all together? Anyone have any ideas to share on how to make it better or replace it?Milinthrak24 1h
1h 7.1 latest change Seems like my arcane is getting buffed without the mana tune. Thanks blizzard, And frost my offspec is getting quite a buff too. Though i really think blizzard is trying to force us into conserver burn phase, they just dont have that time for the mana tune. Anyway i'll happily take the buff which we need.Fuyumaho41 1h
1h Getting Arcane Artifact at 110 Anyone have any tips for doing this, specifically downing Bilaal, at 110? I've done literally everything I can, and I can't get this done. I'm on a fire mage that just dinged 110 a few days ago, ilvl 816. I've read, and read, and read. I've tried and tried and tried, to the point I had to zone out to repair because my gear was literally destroyed after so many deaths -- then found out upon coming back in that the entire thing had reset and I had to do it all over again just to get back to Bilaal. I've done the remaining 1 or 2 artifacts at 110 on three other characters without anything remotely approaching this level of frustration. Nothing in this expansion has been as frustrating as this. I've tried tweaking my talents. I've blown every cooldown available (long cooldowns like ice block and time warp aren't resetting after each attempt for me, so this is taking a very long time). My rotation is correct, I use my cooldowns wisely. I literally just can't do enough damage to him before he kills me. Yes, I know, I need to git gud. That's why I'm asking.Ivmeyerlife8 1h
1h Mage Classes Who Can Have Healing Abilities I want a Mage Class, who can have a 4th Spec and be able to Heal! We are Playing a Fantasy aren't we, I'm sure we can come up with a 4th Spec for Mages that can Heal! or 4th Spec for Priest who Can DPS besides Rolling as a Shadow! Is that too much work, for you guys @Blizzard! Think about it!Pennyweaver1 1h
1h Mage Tower 6: git gud these threads r slow nowSmallestcat110 1h
2h New 7.1 Simcraft up 2h
2h staff, sword, or dagger. which weapon does everyone favor? personally I like the sword and dagger, because of the option to have an offhand item to boost haste and versatility. staffs tend to be stronger in attack, but when you use spells it seems like its just there for looks.Slappydoodoo5 2h
2h Why don't I cast ebonbolt with my staff? Am I the only one thats bothered by the fact that we don't actually use our staff to cast our artifact spell? We're the only class. Even windwalker monks cast a spell through their artifact. I was excited when I got my artifact because it had a remorseless winter animation around me. I thought if I cast it, it would happen again and maybe leave some ice in it's trail. While I have the grand opportunity to complain, why are mages one of the least flashy classes? Warriors have more spark than a mage, aside from arcane.Boxez8 2h
2h What does 7.1 change For mages? I saw the actual changes but I am not WoW smart enough to figure out what that means for raiding, 5mans, and PvP since ive been fire for pve and frost pvp it looks like arcane will be top for pve?Losifur17 2h
2h Question on Woolmancer's Charge I finally saw the exploding sheep in the mage hall today and clicked it until it blew up. According to Wowhead, the next step is to go to Runewood and look for an Extremely Volatile Sheep, and then click on it till it blows up. I went to Runewood, spent an hour riding through every bit of it... but saw no sheep. My question is this: For those of you who completed this stage, was the Extremely Volatile Sheep in Runewood there as soon as you arrived, or did you have to make multiple tries. is it also a random daily roll just like the sheep in the order hall? And if you did find it, please confirm that you actually did find it in Runewood.Mistwynd9 2h
3h Arcane Mage artifact quest is making angry I have been playing WoW continuously since beta. I even have my little "thanks for being here" statue. For the first time since I started playing I have found something that has put in me an absolutely raging hatred of the game. Something that makes me want to just stop playing. Seriously. I am sure it sounded fun when these class quests were proposed in some meeting, the point being to grant an artifact weapon, but what they really amount to is a test. I hate tests. Tests aren't fun. I play WoW to escape my problems and to be entertained, not to have something placed in front of me designed to test if I am worthy to play your game and see your content. Do these specific things in the way we believe the class should be played or no game for you, sucks to put it mildly. I am actually quite furious. Anything that gets me this angry is not something I should be paying for and after this many years the fact that I am considering hitting the cancellation button surprises me.Kazim69 3h
3h out of place Does anyone else feel out of place being in the dps race? I started playing my warrior and seen how easy being a warrior is, a friend of mine is leveling his hunter from a shadow preist and feels the same way as me. I feel as if there is to many dps classes and i would like a entirely new roll for range casters. What roll would you like to see casters have?Magone4 3h
3h Fire Mage Trinkets Hey guys, I'm having a hard time choosing between the trinkets available to me, I usually try to swap them to increase my effectiveness based on the encounter requirements. Would appreciate input from more experienced mages, what trinkets do you use in raids? Are they different from your mythic+ trinkets? Is there any you'd swap in for AoE vs. single target? High movement vs. static encounter?Tuskmaster10 3h
3h Average Fire DPS? What's Fire's average DPS? Mine is 160-200k depending on how much movement the fight has. I'm just trying to figure out if my dps is low or not.Magejpmlls5 3h
3h arcane familiar bug? just switched to arcane from frost, and i've got to say it feels much better to play, but the arcane familiar talent seems to constantly desummon itself or get killed or something. i find myself having to re-summon it constantly. its really kind of annoying. is this intended?Zipaldo8 3h
4h Fire Mythic+ Set Up I have a set up I enjoy and pull great DPS with in raids, but I'm looking to find advice on a different set up when it comes to me running Mythic + dungeons. The only thing that I want to say is I loathe Rune of Power and refuse to use it. I'm thinking of giving the talents Conflagration, Living Bomb, and Cinderstorm a go in Mythic + dungeons as they might be better dps for the whole run overall... However, I wanted to see if people had better suggestions, maybe something like Meteor being better than Cinderstorm for some reason.Forben5 4h
4h Fire mages, what is your rotation? Okay so! I have been (and will continue to be, even with the 125% mana cost bump in 7.1) an arcane mage. But I've been putting AP into my fire now for a while, for fun. I'd really love to learn to play it properly and so any rotation or play-style tips would be greatly appreciated! Fire is just so unfamiliar to me now, it feels like learning to play wow all over again. - ThistleThìstle4 4h
6h Is it worth to equip Norgannon's? I just got Norgannon's Foresight in a heroic raid. (My first legendary yay). However as a fire mage i am not sure they are worth equipping since : 1) They lack crit 2) We can ignore their special ability. (Never procs when you really need it). I have got 865 boots with crit / versatility. Are they better then these Stats: Norgannons: 1479 Intellect, 662 Haste, 496 Mastery 865 Boots: 1119 Intellect, 384 Crit, 651 VersatilityPeacoqulus11 6h
6h Glacial spike and meteor These abilites are the coolest for class fantasy! I wish they were more viable in raiding scenarios. Cis or the passive almost always outclass meteor and glacial spike is outclassed by void :(Fatmole9 6h
8h my weles are unique 8h
8h 3rd Finger of Frost useless for PvP? I'm just wondering about this (I'm close to 18 points into Frost for my Mage's artifact, I got Black Ice and am going for the Ice Form bonus dmg at 19). I saw an older video from Venruki I think and he had the point in that talent (I forget the name) to allow you to have 3 fingers of frost at once. Now I see Xaryu doesn't have it. After reading Deep Shatter description again that I should unlock today, it would seem like the only way to obtain Fingers of Frost is from Ebonbolt... which only gives 2. So is this artifact talent 100% useless for PvP (since Deep Shatter is pretty much mandatory) or is there something I'm missing here?Neosoul6 8h
9h PVP focused - Orc or Undead or Gob I mostly duel and BG. Orc for Stun relief + free dps trinket Undead for Touch of the Grave damage + free fear trinket Goblin for Haste bonus + Extra blink rocket belt and tiny sizeLinabean4 9h
10h Lonely winter viable? Is it any better now? Sadly in pvp it isn't that great due to the loss of freeze which is very important, but in pve the question is, is it bale to outperform rof in the long run? Also why patch notes say it was increased to 25%(from 20%) yet the ingame talent says 23% right now?Râlph5 10h
10h Can Tuesday just be here already? Have some respect for frost mages.... Look at me. I am frost mage. I do not get invited to anything. Every group I join kicks me when I am frost. I am sick and tired of this poop pie. 12 times today, 7 group wipes, I only finished 3 mythics. This is some bull puckie. Soon as they see I am frost: "oh we are doing +3 chests and you are frost, sorry we are kicking you".. How are they going to kick me, when I likely will do more dps than their whole entire group, unless there is this one so called beloved fire mage and even then fire mages with equivalent gear rarely do more dps than me unless they have their rotation mastered perfectly and a couple item levels on me... Then in the groups with rogues, dks, monks and hunters give me a chance, the good ones compliment me because I can out dps them as LW/GS build and they are 10 ilvls higher. Unless they are really bad, then I double their dps even when the fights last like 3-4minutes and they are 12+ilvls higher and yelling at me how to play my class when they should be dps'ing. I should have taken screen shots this last month. I've had a lot of trash cans I have grouped with. Anyway thank you beta testing frost mages and blizzard for giving us a bad name. This is my alt... I can link you logs but when I am in a good +3 chest group with a +2 key I do 350k 400K dps in a 1-2minute fight with LW and 500K as RoF. I had all dps wipe, and I still pulled 315K over 3 minutes in 861ilvl and a generic legendary. Then I replaced my ice lance relic because everyone says +1 ilvl(110 intellect) is better over all for raids and I do literally 20-70k less depending on how many ice lances go out in a 2-3minute fight. Please people, Start showing frost mages some respect... I am sick of this and stop following cookie cutter builds and giving advice to other mages that do not follow all builds, but follow your build and your play style only. Do not get me wrong, I love the new system, it feels vanilla ish where people can use and make their own play styles, but the players are not used to it yet again. People not trusting build styles because the majority of people do not know how to play their spec, people only inviting cookie cutter specs, etc. Vanilla all over, which is fine but the population and community needs to grow up and build some trust in the players that are good and challenge themselves - frost mages. Mages are the smarter bunch, we are not like every other rogue and their mother. Yet the rogue and his mother that pull 150-250k gets invited over the frost mage 100% of the time any day of the week even though the frost mage is in better gear. When is the community going to mature and stop being mean to frost mages? I am sick of this. Is it Tuesday yet?Meilingzhou30 10h
11h How does Black Ice (frost artifact) work? Can anyone explain? Is there a visual effect, spell wise or buff, where one can tell when this triggers? Thanks!Requiem4 11h
12h Fire PvP I leveled fire so now I’m stuck with it and PVP. I’ve been playing PVP on many classes since vanilla, and while I like many of the PVE changes, the mage and priest that I play most just don’t feel right in PVP. Part of it is clear that I am having trouble adapting to the new play style, but I just keep getting mowed over by melee classes who stop my movement, locked me out of fire, and rapidly do insane amounts of damage to me. I find that my damage spells do very little despite having a higher level weapon. Do any other people feel this way about fire in particular, and casters in general? What is particularly strange is that I never see mages in the top five overall damage in battlegrounds, and I have been playing a lot of battlegrounds lately. Any constructive thoughts would be appreciated.Dorarren5 12h
16h Water Elemental Needs a Model Update I shouldn't have to glyph to avoid looking at this eyesore. Give it some love or at least let us use those rad Water Eles from our class hall.Pancakes2 16h
17h fireball crit more damage than pyro crit k blizzardGloworm9 17h
17h The Direction of the Game I understand the mentality of blizzard/activision. I really really do. You are a business. And it makes FAR more sense for a business to do anything and everything possible to entice new players to join by making them feel like the transition into this world is not that difficult, as opposed to appeasing long time veterans, who might have indoctrinated themselves into blind loyalty by now anyways. More simply put... new players don't want to feel like they will never be as good as anyone else, and blizzard wants new players. The problem with that mentality, though, is that WoW was built with the EXACT opposite approach. WoW became great as its complexity GREW. As time passed and the game became more intricate and deep it became its own greatest endorsement. People wanted to play and get better, and outsiders saw that excitement and dedication and were drawn in. Mastering a class felt like an amazing achievement. Sometimes you failed, because it was almost NEVER easy... and that's what made the game great. It seems Blizzard has become afraid of letting players fail. I will never be gladiator. I reached Duelist 1 season and that felt amazing, and of course it would be amazing to reach gladiator but in all reality, I am just not good enough.... and that is OK!!!! I don't need the game dumbed down and the opportunities for skillful plays "pruned" more and more just because others are more capable of using those abilities better than me. I LOVE the challenge of getting better and so do sooo many other people that these class prunes are marginalizing and dismissing. And pruning will not make this game more playable. It will make it more simple, and there is a difference. We hear people talk so much about scripted game-play, and yes it has always been a part of wow, but never before has combat felt so one dimensional and archaic. Yes classes were becoming slightly homogenized. Warlocks were becoming more mobile and Mages were more tanky. Everyone had a heal of some sort, and there was a TON of niche spells. Why was that a bad thing??? It allowed players a thousand opportunities for small incremental increases in their skill at playing the game! For example: Learning to keep an eye on curses/Hex on teammates and removing them asap became a point of pride for me and something that people recognized, and it felt great! Did It come easy? No. But achieving things, even little ones like that, shouldn't be easy. That's why they are rewarding. Skillful play leading to positive results should ALWAYS be the goal of any game that is capable of achieving it! I will close with saying that I know you're trying blizzard. That is evident and appreciated. I am by no means saying the game is "easy" atm. Nor am I saying that "mages need buffs", or "nerf Melee!!!". I am mostly speaking to the overall feel of the game and the direction it seems to be heading. I truly believe that the more complex the game becomes, the more rewarding it will be for veterans and newcomers alike. I'm sure there are some who completely disagree and I am truly happy for those people, because it would seem they are really enjoying this new experience you have created for them. But for anyone at blizzard that might happen upon this post, I hope there is at least some discussion towards bringing back some of the intricacy and skill that these prunes have in many ways removed. And to any players that agree with this I hope you can continue voicing your own opinions about it in these forums and perhaps we can start moving the game back in a positive direction. Thank you to any and all that took the time to read this novel lol, and happy gaming to everyone! TLDR: removing the complexity of the game in order to attract newblood will only make the game feel more anemic and bland. This game was at its height when it was close to being at its most complicated due to so many ways to outplay your opponent , and that is what pruning is sacrificing, the ability to outplay anyone.Ryodin6 17h
17h Legendary boots Fire So is it just me or are these completely useless? I have an 840 in the slot because they out preform the legendary boots. Perhaps I missing something, but I already have an ability that lets me move and cast. Combine that with shimmer and the orange effect is useless. I just need some clarification. Do these suck as bad as I think they do? Thanks in advance.Pewzapboom5 17h
17h Frost Mage PVE Openers Being that there is a ridiculous amount of ways to creates FoF procs I was curious to see what people are using as their openers on a boss fight. My opener is as follows. Pre-pot Ebonholt (2.5 seconds before pull timer expires) Frost bomb Frozen Orb Icy veins Ice lance until all procs are used Frozen Touch Ice lance until all procs are used OR when there is only 10 seconds left on Icy Veins in which... Ray of Frost then Frost Bomb Ice lance whatever is left from frozen orb Frostbolt with Water Jet Ice lance Then just go with whatever is up I also always flurry after all ice lance procs are used then single ice lance (unless hero is up.) SOMETIMES I throw Rune of Power into my rotation which would be right after the first frost bomb. Then 1 sec before i cast ray of frost I Rune again. If you see anywhere I can really amp it up an extra notch in that rotation please feel free to advise me. With that rotation I can typically keep Icy veins going for a minimum of 45 seconds with thermal void. Sometimes I can get to my 2nd frozen orb, I'm sure if I were able to get the legendary hands I could easily keep it going until 2nd frozen orb.Winnryy21 17h
19h Arcane needs a major buff anyone else agree? why am i the only dam dps class in the game that goes oom with subpar dps? with the mana cost of a 4charge arcaneblast it should be critting for ALOT more to compensate. fixes. -reduce the increased mana cost to 50% per charge? or -increase the base damage of arcane blast -give a slightly higher proc rate on arcane missiles -make arcane power reduce mana cost by alot more 50%+ -make evocaton 1 min i dont want to be overpowered at all. i just want to feel on par with other classes and not be put down for playing a spec because i like it. ive been kicked from heroics for playing arcane because everyone has something about fire being the only viable dps spec and we should never be punished for playing a spec that is INTENDED to do dps.Venga25 19h
19h WTH Is Blizzard Thinking with Arcane?! This latest "buff" that everyone is rightly calling a nerf (referring to the slight damage boost which is more than offset but the huge mana increase) has taken me from a state of frustration and confusion when it comes to Arcane to simple bewilderment... Of all the things they could have done to address the myriad of issue plaguing Arcane at the moment they went with the most counter intuitive and downright peculiar (not to mention lazy and uninspired) route. As it stands right now the spec is one huge contradiction. You have NO choice period when it comes to talents, let alone a meaningful one. What's worse not only are virtually all of the talents anything but engaging or play-style altering but they are outright clashing with each other and exacerbating all the weak points of the spec rather than improving them. All of this is made a million times worst by the fact that the devs. clearly know exactly what the problem spots with the spec are but have chosen to gate the solutions behind potentially unobtainable legendary items instead of creating meaningful talent choices. In addition to that Arcane has some of the most annoying (such as RoP) and in some cases (such as Blink, Arcane Familiar, etc.) clearly bugged abilities that have gone completely ignored since their introduction. And the cherry on the cake is the fact that unlike Fire and Frost, Arcane has no spec identity! Fire can literally be explained in a nutshell as "Big Balls of Fire," as long as you crit you will keep pummeling your foes with them! That's it, pure and simple yet devastatingly effective. In terms of execution in-game, Fire is as close to perfect as can be in its current iteration, although that certainly hasn't always been the case. Same with Frost. It's all about "Let it go, let it go..." wait where was I? Oh right Frost's identity: pelt your opponent with frigid ice until they freeze and then shatter them into a million pieces! As far as in-game execution goes right now the tools Frost mages have to achieve the spec's identity are somewhat clunky and lacking on the numbers but at least that has begun to be addressed and at the very least is certainly fixable. Arcane, on the other hand, has no identity and no clear path forward! Sure the lore explains it beautifully as the raw stuff of magic, it's very essence, "phenomenal cosmic power" if you will. But how did the devs. translate that in-game? Ity-bitty pixels you can barely see. Oh it's not that they lack the ability to make those animation, it's not even that the animations aren't already in the game! It's just that they decided to only give them to NPCs. And in terms of execution the best the devs. came up with was: "oh idk we will just tie it in with your mana bar somehow, how about we let you hit like a truck for several seconds after a lengthy and awkward ramp up phase and then have you crash and burn until your cooldowns reset." How that can be anyone's definition of fun is entirely beyond me. At this point I am genuinely struggling with what to do from here. I am several traits away from unlocking the final artifact trait (Ancient Power) and the spec is going from bad to worse with every new update rather than getting fixed. As many others have pointed out I feel as though the vast majority of my time played is spent eating conjured food and contemplating jumping off of the Violet Citadel without slowfall whenever I hear Aluneth's cruel barbs about finding my constant need for nourishment amusing. I don't know if that's how you guys feel but I'd sure like to hear about it and so should Blizzard! P.S. I feel like I should be offering you the proverbial cookie for having read thus far but after all that conjured pudding you should probably lay off of sweets for the foreseeable future!Fyrell34 19h