Aug 1 PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ...Mosez186 Aug 1
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6m I'm debating going Arcane... Do I do it... I'm 856 ilvl... I'm only doing 400k on mythic 3 bosses and 200-260k in heroic EN as Fire. Do you guys think Arcane is going to be good for the general population? Or is it going to be an ilvl 870+ only spec?Aurelionsol0 6m
13m Beginner Spec I've decided to play the Mage class, but I'm new to the class and DPS in general. Which of the 3 specs would be the easiest to pick up and be proficient at? Which one has the easiest rotation?Zodiack4 13m
27m Arcane conserve phase Every top-tier arcane player I've seen (on warcraftlogs) uses NT spam gimmick there to keep quickening stacks up, and they never ever use arcane barrage. And that's even after the hotfix, where quickening caps at 50. So when I try it (on a dummy) my NTs rarely, if ever, proc AM. So my DPS plummet even with >30 quickening stacks and I end up using mana instead of conserving it (due to AE casting to keep quickening up without AM procs). So what I'm asking is if is there a high DPS log from someone who doesn't use that gimmick (i.e., uses the traditional conserve phase with arcane barrage)?Foxstride18 27m
44m The Arcane Mastery Rotation (Softcap Hit) For anyone interested in the revised mastery build, I've hit the non-lust soft cap with excess mana between evocation cycles. The Infinite Burn (post Bunerf): It currently sits at about 65% and gives you an endless, steady, slow burn phase with hard burns when cooldowns come up with zero downtime. Right now the soft mastery cap sits at about ~65% with 2% haste (weapon) + quickening. In the video with minimal splash, I had an excess of % 30-40% mana by the third Evocation cycle when evocation came off cooldown (this is due to quickening de-synchronizing). (This is perfect for squeezing in lust) The overall single target damage rested at about 275k minus 5-10% from minor splash. No haste. If you pursue this path it's crucial that you prioritize Supernova and Tempest (without refreshing) in your rotation, and missiles at the higher points of your mana pool. My research on this still isn't complete, but I hope that this helps to settle the volatile post bunerf currents. Stat priorities Mastery (To soft cap) [Haste]* Crit Vers Haste is extremely special. With quickening and zero haste, we have an average of 58% haste if we cast on cooldown. Haste has a 1.1 gain compared to 1.0 crit and 0.875 vers. 58% haste has a 65% mastery soft-cap. Adding 1 point to haste demands that you increase mastery by 1.1 (65/58) past the stated soft cap of 65% At this point, I'm unsure if haste is a worthwhile stat to pursue due to diminishing returns in both high mastery + 'high' quickening haste. Granted you get your own lust ring, you can afford to raise the mastery cap. Come T19, this soft-cap will drop drastically. I have about 10% (8+ 2 from trait) crit at the moment. And we could reallocate stats from mastery back into Crit, and if/ we get multiple legendaries that easy mana management, into haste after we've stacked a sizable crit amount.Lycoan2 44m
55m Why do frost mages think mastery is bad? 2 out of 3 of our golden traits are buffed heavily by our mastery, and several of our talent options are as well (like glacial spike) but every other frost mage i talk to says it's a garbage stat that does nothing for us... i just don't get it.Bunnise8 55m
1h Arcane in PvP Arcane seriously needs a few tweaks in PvP, even free casting in arena with rune of power down and the enemy using no defensive's I'm hitting like a wet noodle. Im not sure if im just doing it wrong or what but please feel free to give me a few pointers if you have found a good spec/play style. With that said i really think that the template for PvP needs to be tweaked to give us more mastery or something, its insane how hard i have to work to still do below average damage. Thanks for your time/adviceArkaden5 1h
2h Unclear on trinket choices! Hi guys, I'm trying to pair my trinkets for best damage and multiple websites have conflicting information and I don't know how to sim. I have an 850 Naraxas' Spiked Tongue and an 850 Infernal Writ I have an 835 Devilsaur Shock Baton and an 835 Wriggling Sinew I'd appreciate some help or guidance. Very confused. According to my favorite sources, the NST and the DSB are the best, but when I tried them out my dps was not very high compared to the DSB and the Infernal Writ. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.Hyperdrive7 2h
2h Did Glacial Spike root get nerfed? It breaks on like 1 damage now. I read no patch notes about this. Just randomly breaks so fast now. As if Frost mages are dominated in PVP as it is just another nerf to make it even weaker. ThanksAthan0 2h
3h Frost mage buffs were a start... So I have been testing the changes in the emerald dream normal, and I've about averaged 200k bursting much higher which is nice, with ilvl854. Still pretty low but as I feared it seems lower than it should be. This was a good start, but we still need more to be done. I don't need to be top dps but comparable to other classes and specs. What say you? Speak up so the devs can hear us. They said they are reading constructive posts...Captworgin24 3h
3h Fire Mage DPS Practice. Hello all, I came up with a bit of a mini-game to focus on overall mage cooldown alignment. To start- Find a dummy. Take whatever Talents you prefer but you must pick Cinderstorm at the final tier. No use of prepots/food/lust for any testing. Open on the dummy with your normal rotation and continue your normal rotation until your SECOND combustion expires. When it expires- immediately halt DPS. ***This mini game will tremendously improve your rotation/CD management: and is an easy way to track your progress. ** Post results here- Total time : 2:25 Total damage: 41.2M (284k DPS) Good luck all mages. Keep up the practice!Daay0 3h
3h what are the stat weights for each spec what are the stat weights for each spec? I can't find any updated informationSubziro4 3h
3h Suggestion: Make Arcane Blast Cool. Instead of a cast time spell with basically no graphic it would be cool to rework Arcane Blast to act more like the Void Ray attack from Starcraft 2. 10 second channel time. Every 2.5 seconds while channeling the mage gains an arcane charge and spends mana, scaling with haste. I'd imagine it having a beam like graphic that would get larger/brighter with each arcane charge. This would make arcane feel a lot less slow because you'd have constant ticking damage during the channel and would fuel the fantasy of being at full charges to see an actual impressive spell effect that grows with arcane charges. Other than how this would interact with ice floes, I don't see this changing the balance or tuning of how arcane blast already works, it could be introduced to the game as a rune.Spaceodin3 3h
3h Glacial Spike Hello, i will start to say that I am VERY happy with the frost mage buffs that happened last patch so that they could finally be competitive. However, that being said, we got a huge nerf for those using Glacial spike. it use to be that the root for Glacial spike lasted 5 seconds regardless of the damage done (much like the old Deep Freeze Ability used to do). This allowed the mage to get a solid 3 ice lances off before the effect expired. But now, it will break after 1 ice lance. Can we please get this effect back. Or at the very least, keep the new effect for PvP and the old effect for PvE? It was a huge help for targets that could be frozen, but even with it we weren't topping dps charts...but it was still necessary to at least help keep up, not to mention that (just like ice nova) it will break if group mates deal damage. So please revert this change.Vogekth1 3h
3h Molten Armor Nerf Molten Armor Increases your spell critical strike chance by 15%-->10% and reduces all Physical damage you take by 6%. Mage - Fire Spec. Mah crits :(Danklol0 3h
4h Levelling as fire mage a bit boring? Thought I'd go back and try my old favorite and dust off my mage from the shelves since I've always been a fan of magic and spells. Since I heard good things about fire mages I thought I'd give that spec a shot. Does it get any different as you level up and hit 110? I found myself a little bored playing with just fireball, fireblast, phoenix flames and pyro only - especially in dungeons. On trash mobs I was actually playing with only 1 hand till we got to the boss. Reading up on some of the end game guides, it doesn't seem like much changes. Are you mainly sitting there waiting for hot streak procs? Does it get more "interesting" with different spells or abilities?Sanethraya1 4h
4h Glacial spike root Logged on today and noticed the root portion of glacial spike is now breaking from damage, is this intended like the tooltip says or some kind of bug??Ifoundu10 4h
4h Valorous Kirin Tor boots? Hey all, just lookin' for some transmog advice :D I think I've got the look I want with the Valorous Kirin Tor stuff, but I can't find boots that fit right as an undead. I'm currently using Silkwood Treads and they're aaaalmost perfect, just too bright. Any suggestions for a better replacement, or are these about as good as it gets? (fyi, I prefer the bigger boots because they match the bigger gloves and being undead makes for weak shoes, lol)Abracadaver0 4h
5h The recent arcane changes were amazing ..... on paper. Works out to about an extra 20k dps but other than that im hardly noticing anything. Nearly 50% mastery here and on occasion my burn phase can last a good minute, sometimes even more... damage just isnt there unfortunatly. I can reach 200k dps if the rng gods are on my side.Thalassa6 5h
5h Whats your dps? I just wanna know if im doing well or bad. Im 850 frost no legen and doing 200k dps.Noelaitzs35 5h
5h Mage Tower 6: git gud these threads r slow nowSmallestcat87 5h
6h Lonely winter: 20% isn't high enough. so i'm doing this math from a level 105 frost mage, so the values won't be representative of a max level geared frost mage, but the scaling doesn't change so for my purposes i would consider this accurate. right now my water elemental does 12k damage with it's water bolt on a 20% longer cast time than frost bolt, so it casts 4 for every 5 frost bolts, dealing a total 48k damage in that time. right now my frost bolt hits for 27k damage, so in 5 casts it does 135k damage without critting (assuming you and your elemental crit at the same intervals, crits will not be factored in) (and while i understand lonely winter also increases the damage of ice lance, flurry and frozen orb, you won't be always casting those, but i will do the math for those after i finish frost bolt.) so in order for lonely winter to just break even for frost bolt it needs to generate 48k damage in 5 casts, however since frost bolt (as stated above) naturally does 135k in 5 casts a 20% increase is only 27k, almost 50% of what it would need just to break even. not to mention that with the artifact golden trait losing the extra 5% FoF procs in an extended period of time this will also make you lose casts of ice lance, which is in turn only made up for by lonely winter as opposed to being a buff. so flurry is a spell we only cast with brain freeze, which has a 15% natural proc rate (21-27% with artifact trait/relics) for the same of arguing both sides of this i will present the math for the lowest and highest end of these values. on the low end in 100 casts of frost bolt brain freeze should proc 15 times. in that time the frost elemental will cast 80 times, for a total of 960,000 damage. so in order for flurry to break even with this, not even factoring in the lost gcd from casting it, it needs to make up 960,000 damage in 15 casts. without it's buff it does 57.5k damage, so after 15 casts this is 862.5k damage, meaning even with the 20% buff it gets nowhere even close to making up 960,000 damage lost in that time. (after the 20% buff it gains 172.5k damage, just for the record) (on the high end the damage made up is 310.5k, still only a third of what it needs to break even) lastly ice lance, with a base proc rate of 12% off of frostbolt and frozen orb, assuming that you cast frozen orb twice in the time you'd cast frost bolt 100 times we'll assume it procs 36 times. (critical hits from shatter will not be factored in due to the critical damage of ice lance being higher than typical with the artifact) as stated above, not including the lost gcd from casting frozen orb, the water elemental will do 960,000 damage in this time. so ice lance deals 48k damage without critting in this time, after 36 casts this value is 1,728,000 damage. with the 20% buff this value increases by 345.6k, assuming that you have reached the 33% crit cap that value will increase to ~794k, still very short of the requisite damage required to break even. and i did the damage calculation for frozen orb, they aren't even worth mentioning. so in conclusion, in order for lonely winter to not just break even, but actually be a buff worth taking over the alternatives, it's damage bonus needs to be increased from 20% to 50%. and the golden trait should grant a 2% additional chance to frostbolt and frozen orb to generate FoF. Edit: i did forget to mention that i'm sitting at 60% mastery right now, due to poor quest gear optimization, while i understand this value will be lower at higher levels, i don't anticipate my elemental's damage going down until i'm in the late stages of stat optimization post 110. on a side note, perhaps the talent could be altered to scale by 20% damage boost and then half of our mastery? because that'd end up being a 50% damage boost for me, which is what it would take to make this talent worth taking to me(for the damage i'd be losing), and those who have less mastery wouldn't need to make up as much damage, and therefore it would naturally be lower... but this is more a rant at this point.Bunnise2 6h
6h arcane fixes for pvp suggestions?Heyhowareyou22 6h
6h [frost] does crit hard cap at 33%? With the shatter effect at 33% crit it would multiply it by 1.5 for a total of 49.5% and then it adds 50% for a total 99.5% crit chance against frozen targets. So it seems like that would be the cap. Sorry if this is a noob question but I'm a tad new to this and want to understand how everything works as best I can.Bunnise3 6h
7h Frost Bomb Idea I was thinking that frost bomb could explode again at the end of the duration dealing damage equal to the amount of shatter ice lances put into it. So, say you apply frost bomb and are able to cast six shatter ice lances. At the end of the duration frost bomb would deal the sum of all the damage done by that frost bomb again all at once. Also that final explosion could spread frost bomb to nearby enemies.Mondal8 7h
7h Dragon's Breath Breaking Randomly? There is a bug with Dragon's Breath that causes the 3-second disorient to break immediately. This is very frustrating because it is one of the core abilities mages rely on for peels and CC in arena. In this video posted by Hansol, you can see that Dragon's Breath breaks immediately as it hits the target at 1:02 and 6:20: you pause the video, you can see that Dragon's Breath hits the target and that the Atonement debuff does not refresh on the priest. This means that the priest did not "Death" the Dragon's Breath (with Premonition) but it instead breaks randomly. On top of this ability being nerfed by 25% a few weeks ago, it's also not working as it is supposed to and I hope Blizzard can fix this soon. Thank you.Noobfiremage15 7h
7h Secondary Stat Pooling Hey all, call me out if I'm wrong, but I feel that ever since my crit has hit 60%, its been very difficult to get it to rise any higher, despite numerous gear upgrades. Is there a soft cap implemented which might limit my ability to raise this stat any higher? If so, at what point should I start pooling my secondary stats into, say, mastery? Thanks all.Drbootyhole0 7h
7h Are Mages Desirable? Hey guys; So I've REALLY struggled in the past getting into a core raid team; I blame a lot of this on cesspool guilds over saturating the game, and the general "know the fights or kick" mentality most serious guilds have nowadays. I know we commonly joke about how after only an hour of a patch launching, people expect you to "know fights", but seriously - it's deterred me from getting "serious" about PvE. NO MORE! I want to find a RDPS spec in which I'm desirable to core-teams. S-Priest suffered a huge nerf; Warlocks are evidently not in a great place; and people still hate hunters. How is the mage fairing? Best spec?Bertraz8 7h
8h Frost AoE any ideas on how they could make it not !@#$? I was thinking something like make frost bomb actually do damage or cone of cold do actual damage. I dont get why fire has dragons breath which is basically the same thing as cone of cold except it actually does damage and its cc is actually useful in dungeons. Also I was thinking what if like FoF or maybe flurry proc (tho i feel it wouldnt occur enough) would make blizzard instant cast and do an increased amount of damage. Blizard and cone of cold really feel like useless spells. I dont really understand the point of aoe skills if they dont really do much aoe damage. or maybe some kind of proc to refresh ice nova cd? tho that may be a bit op since it does so much burst damageKooriaisu8 8h
8h Anyone else really dislike the new Arcane? I really loved Arcane in WoD. It felt precise, measured and controlled. You needed to maintain your mana above a certain threshold (93% I believe it was), manage your AM procs to bring you back over the threshold to maximize damage at 4 charges, and once you had everything up you could line up all your CDs and go absolutely nuts with a MASSIVE burst phase. I also don't get the hate for Prismatic Crystal, it was by far one of the most satisfying cooldowns I've played with. Unloading Arcane Missiles into it with Heroism and Arcane Power felt amazing. Now, it seems that Arcane has lost its way. In WoD, it had a very well-defined niche: it was the be all end all single target spec, where as Fire was the cleave spec. Sure its AoE wasn't great unless you got good RNG with Prophecy of Fear, but if you were on a fight with few adds or high single target uptime, God help us all. Of the little of Arcane I played in Legion, it seems clunky and unintuitive. Instead of actually keeping your mana above a certain threshold to maximize DPS, Blizz basically tells us, "don't go OOM." AFAIK there aren't any well-defined rules on what to do, besides just keeping your mana above zero before Evocation comes up. Then there's the talents. I don't really understand them at all. Half of them seem to be focused on cleave and the other half seem to be focused on single target, but the single target ones (PoM, Erosion, Quickening) seem to drain your mana far too fast to be reliable. What happened to spec identity? Nowadays Arcane seems to be a mess of random AoE and single target spells, with neither being intuitive or well-designed. This is evident in the clearly unintentional playstyle that emerged, the NTSpam build that exploits broken mechanics to maximize DPS because the conventional style is so awkward. Thankfully that was swiftly fixed, but what we have left is, in my opinion, a broken and unfun spec, even if it pulls solid numbers.Dioneia1 8h
8h What to do? So I have to ask for myself and other mages who went Fire, what are you going to do now? I rolled fire for the start of this xpac thinking it would stay top dps and with blizzard saying they wouldn't make any real changes I thought it would be a safe bet. So here we are, a week after the first raid and a ton of AP spent in fire. Patch drops and arcane is top on the sims. Arcane 290k, Fire 276k. So now in order to compete with the top dogs I have to get all new gear and start fresh on the arcane weapon. I know things are subject to change but this leaves me feeling like I'm starting a fresh 110 and AP grinding really, really, reaaaaally blows. So...what do?Supercooly25 8h
9h Fire Artifact Appearance - Need to be fire? Sorry if this indeed has been answered in some way, but I've not been able to find an answer. Simple question: Do you need to be in fire spec for the hidden fire appearance to drop? Thanks.Shiruyumi6 9h
9h Your Mythic Dungeon Talents for any spec. Just curious what everybody is running talent wise for Mythic dungeons. I've been trying a few different setups with varying results. I figured why not make a thread for all mage specs to discuss what they feel might be the best mythic dungeon talent setup. Please specify talents, ilvl, buffs (pots/flasks/major artifact upgrades/etc) so we can dissect what you got going for you. Keep it clean and informative please :-) and thanks for your input!Winnryy10 9h
9h PvP Ray of Frost? Is it any good? It feels kinda good for securing kills at least since people tend to pillar hump really hard once they get low. You can kinda kite/chase with it using shimmer, and its sort of bugged right now where you can't 'interrupt' it through typical means (or rather you can cast it while frost locked), so it should be pretty good, no?Kenjiin6 9h
9h dps help/advice plz hi folks so small background, i been away from wow since early MoP. havent raided since early cata and back then i was a resto shaman. so i havent really play/raided with mage since wotlk. i was curious if people could assist me. my dps is appartently pretty low as fire. i was running a mythic with my stepson and he said i was only pulling around 130k dps. this was when i was ilvl 832 or so. i have since gotten 1-2 pieces of new gear but i dont think that will make that much of a difference. i know my gear is pretty bad and not optimized to fire (lacking crit). sadly when i find gear upgrades, they seem to never have crit =(. im guessing though that going from a ilvl 825 piece to an 840+ is still worth it though just due to the int alone? as for my rotation, i do rune of power and fireball blast pyro is usually my opener and then from there i try and maintain as many hot streaks as i can with phoenix flames/fire blasts. if no crits, i just fireball spam. i use living bomb on CD and meteor on bigger packs along with dragon's breath. any advice would be appreciated. thanks folksXalmek2 9h
10h PvP: Killing Healers 1v1 Can anyone lend any suggestions to kill healers? I'm a returning player and I've found it difficult to solo healers. This primarily matters in a world PvP perspective. I can't get them in a position to burst them down with the removal of Deep Freeze. Background: I ran into a Resto Druid who I just couldn't seem to dent. With no self heals he eventually just out lasted me to death. I didn't have the last column of PvP talents yet, so no Kleptomania. Are other specs more suitable than Frost? Is Fire strong with Dragon's breath?Auren1 10h
10h potential fix for arcane conserve phase dps how about make quickening not reset once you cast barrage? seems like a simple and very effective way to make a conservation phase have decent dps without a gimmicky NT rotation. thoughts? feedback?Shhredd2 10h
11h mage spec so whats the best mage spec at the moment?Totemhugger1 11h
11h Arcane/Fire questions, and Mr. Robot Arcane: (Ignoring the NT spam since that seems over at this point) -is there anything that different about our conserve phase from last expansions? Because of mana restrictions I'll find myself clearing charges with AB sometimes at 3 or right after hitting 4. -I've seen NT suggested several times for single target, why not Erosion? NT seems like it would only benefit from 3+ mobs -Many guides say to go for Arcane Rebound before Touch of the Magi, even for single target, which makes no sense to me, Arcane Rebound only works at 3+ targets. -For those who have it, how good is Arcane Rebound? Does it change your AoE rotation that much? Should you still be spamming AB or building charges then clearing since you have Arcane Rebound and Resonance? -Is Arcane Power dynamic? Many suggest casting Mark of Aluneth before AP, I'm guessing so the bonus is in time for the explosion. Fire: -How does Cinderstorm fit in a rotation, both ST and AOE, or when is it ideal? It seems so random and lacks synergy except for with Ignite. Wouldn't the Meteor dot or even Kindling be better in some situations? Btw, I recently discovered you could blink while casting Rune of Power and it finishes the cast, can put you right up in range for DB or AE. Probably something many know, but it's a little tricky to teach the muscle memory at first. -Is Conflagration basically better at 2+ targets? Same with Living Bomb I assume Finally, how is Mr. Robot in terms of reliability? I see Arcane still has Crit ahead of Mastery, wasn't Mastery to be found the best after the buffs? You'd think crit would have little effect on Arcane, and if that were really the case, Fire would obviously eventually surpass itJelako0 11h
11h Winter is coming... Or is it? Howdy y'all, newly respected frost Mage here with the intention to use frost primarily for pve and I have a question: Why is there a lone wolf style talent for frost When our mastery and one of our artifact gold traits specifically buff water elemental? The mastery has no effect on this talent and the gold trait both becomes boring and loses a minor utility by taking this talent... It really seems more like a self nerf when you could alternatively gain a LAZOR >:{} So there's my question, and please don't crucify me for being a baddy like the warlocks did when I asked them about grimoir of supremacy on my demo lock.Bunnise10 11h
11h New to mage Returning player here. I've been mostly playing Druid and Daeth Knights but I decided to use my token on a mage because I always liked the idea of an arcane mage. Granted, I'm fairly new to the class so it's probably something I'm doing wrong but I have a hard time questing (not to mention the arcane artefact quest which was a real pain). Can I hope to quest as fast as my DK with practice / better gear?Malgalad0 11h
11h Arcane Opening Sequence and Rotation What is it, exactly? I know there is a burning phase and conservation phase, I was just curious as to what they are? I just switched over from Fire, and trying to play around with Arcane to get a feel for it.Xaramar15 11h
12h Rule of Threes Question So I recently picked up this artifact trait and was wondering if anyone knew how it worked. It's description states, "You have a 33.3% chance to fire 3 additional Arcane Missiles", however, upon reaching 3 stacks of arcane missiles its duration will just refresh. But what is confusing me is the wording. It says you have a 33.3% chance to fire 3 additional missiles, meaning you would have a limit of 6 arcane missiles instead of 3, not refresh the duration of arcane missiles. Am I misreading it? Or Is this intended? I'd like to know how this skill works.Jeszs4 12h
12h Ebonchill Hidden Appearance Macro I made a modified macro to check for the Frostfire appearance roll in the Hall of the Guardian after reaching artifact knowledge level four on Ebonchill. Feel free to put this on your bars to hit when you get to any set of stairs like I do each day. /run print(format("Does Blizzard hate me? %s", IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(44384) and "\124cff00ff00Yes\124r" or "\124cffff0000Maybe\124r")) Cedric0 12h
12h mage and heroics what spec to play for heroics until gear? im doing 100k as fire :/Calienté13 12h
12h . .Baztax55 12h
12h Ray of fros problems Ray of frost feels great to use, a 10 sec channel that deals massive damage, but honestly, i think It has no place in frosts rotation, Its 10 sec where you cant cast anything else, anything that comes off cd during the cast just sits there, you loose 10 sec of icy veins wich you could be using to get more FoF procs and It sometimes you loose FoF procs fue to the elemental getting one whilr you are At 2 stacks. What do you think?Noelaitzs14 12h
12h Flamecannon PvP Talent Is this the go to? :)Kratia0 12h
12h Next Week's Arcane and Frost Buffs Sources: Mage • Arcane o Mastery effects increased by 20%. o Arcane Missiles damage increased by 9%. o Arcane Blast damage increased by 10%. • Frost o Frostbolt damage increased by 8%. o Ice Lance damage increased by 13%. o Flurry damage increased by 38%. o Blizzard damage increased by 36%, and mana cost reduced by 50%. o Splitting Ice (Talent) now causes 80% of normal damage (up from 50%). o Ice Nova (Talent) damage increased by 13%. o Ray of Frost (Talent) damage increased by 28%. o Glacial Spike (Talent) damage increased by 15%. Thrilled to see buffs to make the other two viable. It looks like everyone who stuck it out is getting rewarded for their patience.Ragnetar58 12h