PvP Mage Macros- Suggestions add your own. I'm interested in sharing what I've got so far, and what else is out there. Not everything I have is originally mine, but most of it I've created myself. Keep in mind I made my mage a few months ago and haven't played much arcane. Original macros have been edited, mostly my own where I've seen the error of my ways, and some have been combined with ideas posted by other players. All credits will be listed. Since this is a thread I created please don't be upset if you post a macro and it is not reflected in the list. Chances are I either somehow missed it or I just don't believe its beneficial, or carries too much risk. Enjoy Pet Macros - Player attacks, Pet attacks player's target,pet defensive ... - Cast Frost bolt, Pet attack player target (on harm), No harm cast Arcane Brilliance ... - Super Polymorph Macro -Lanceløt contribution ... - Pet Freeze, just adds ! to any target area ability ... Miscellaneous Macros! - Makes food while holding shift, consumes food if not ... - Uses Flying Mount if possible, if not uses ground mount. Holding shift uses slowfall ... - Target any of a list of players macro, was useful for tol barad dailies(lower down gives priority) ... - Flame Orb (using cool orb icon, since normal looks like garbage) ... - Rocket Belt (using rocket boot icon from drop-down choice) ... Trinket, Damage, And Utility Macros - Deep Freeze Focus ... - Deep Freeze harm, Arcane explosion vs no harm(stealth) ...- Fire Blast vs harm, molten armor if not(fire spec) ... - Fireblast vs harm, Mage armor if not(other spec) ... - Fire blast Focus (impact) ... - Scorch vs harm, Arcane brilliance if no harm, cancel iceblock ... - Ice barrier has priority over mana shield (will force second mana shield at times) ... - Ring of frost ! ... - Stopcasting->iceblock ... - Cancel iceblock, ice lance ... - Spell steal, cancel aura ... - Damage Cooldowns (no time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns (time warp) ... - Damage Cooldowns, (Combustion) ... Other User Submitted macros - Counterspell Focus (can't believe I forgot to add this) -Lanceløt ... - Spellsteal focus -Lanceløt ... Mosez185
6.1 Fire Mage PvE Guide *As of right now, I'm not updating the guide for future patches. This might change briefly if I decide to update it for 6.2. For both current and future guides and theorycrafting, I heartily recommend perusing through in order to learn about Fire. This subforum is dedicated to Fire, and there is more than 1 guide available based on your level of play. Another resource is* Hello Mages! This is my guide to the Fire spec. I originally wrote it right before the Mists of Pandaria expansion was released, and I've decided to attempt to keep it updated through this expansion as well. I've been playing since BC and raiding since WoTLK, and back in Cataclysm, I got as far as trialing with a couple different US 40 guilds at the time, but realized that atmosphere wasn't for me. I did some raiding until the start of T16, SoO Now I mostly do LFR, CM's, and level alts while keeping up with all the latest theorycrafting. Suggestions, comments, corrections, etc. are welcome. I want to thank the mage community, Elitist Jerks (even if you're now an out of date source for mage theorycrafting, you were an invaluable source for my learning and what I put into this guides original publication), Altered Times, Lhivera, and Mageski for the discussions of mage mechanics that helped me in writing this guide, as well as the effort put into the mage community. With the retirement of Lhivera at the end of MoP, who was a very prominent mage theorycrafter from Vanilla onward, I would like to dedicate the continuation of this guide to his memory. Even if most people didn't agree with your views on the Invocation and RoP talents in MoP (which were terribly designed, in my honest opinion), you will be missed. I attempted to maintain a balance between being comprehensible to the newest of players and at the same time serving as a useful reference for some advanced mages. Consequently, there are many sections where I endeavor to use as little math as possible in my explanations, if at all. If you have any questions concerning the Fire spec or about some of the theorycrafting underlying the spec, feel free to ask! Table of Contents 1. Talents & Glyphs 2. Stats and Reforging 3. Enchants, Gemming, and Gear 4. Professions and Consumables 5. Single Target Rotation & AoE Damage 6. Resources & Addons 7. Frequently Asked Questions 8. General dps tips & tricks Before I begin with the rest of the guide, I want to address some of the main things that changed with WoD: 1. Fire Mages have a new passive ability called Incineration that increases the Crit we get from all sources by 5%. 2. We no longer have access to a few different bomb choices; in Tier 5, Frost Bomb and Nether Tempest were replaced with Unstable Magic and Blast Wave, leaving Living Bomb as one of the talent choices. Arcane can choose Nether Tempest, and Frost can choose Frost Bomb instead of Living Bomb. 3. Hit, Expertise, Dodge, and Parry have been removed from the game, while Multistrike, Leech, Versatility, and Avoidance have been added as new stats. Leech and Avoidance are not really worth mentioning, as they do not directly contribute to dps. 4. We've lost multiple abilities, since with the WoD patch, Blizzard decided to remove abilities from most classes in order to simplify the game, since the number of abilities we ad was a bit out of hand. The main abilities we lost were Arcane and Frost spells, especially the ones that tended to be in other specs' rotations. We still have Frost Nova, and most of the utility spells such as Blink and Ice Block. 5. Related to #4, we've lost Mage Armor and Frost Armor. Additionally, Molten Armor is now passive, and it increases our crit by 15% and reduces damage taken by 6%. 6. To help with our raid utility, mages now have an ability called Amplify Magic, that increases healing taken for all group/raid members by 10% for 6 seconds. Playstyle Historically, Fire was considered both an AoE spec and a spec that typically required ramp-up time in order to achieve good damage, as part of its damage came from DoTs. Fire has been heavily reliant for Crit for a long time as well, and has been known to be quite the RNG spec. In WoD, Fire is more of a cleave spec that's closely tied to Crit; our spec still has quite a bite of ramp-up time to it and thus lacks burst when compared to Arcane. However, some of the damage is composed of DoTs, and Fire is also known to have some risk vs. reward type of gameplay that can be quite addictive, and this has to do with setting up our big cooldown: Combustion. Abbreviations Mages also have a set of abbreviations used for commonly used phrases: AoE- Area of Effect. Basically any ability having effects on more than one target. BL-Blood Lust (Time Warp/Heroism/Ancient Hysteria, depending on which class applied it). CD-Cooldown DPS- Damage Per Second (should be interpreted differently than just Damage). FB- Fireball (also means Frostbolt, but that spell won't be used often by Fire Mages, could also be Frost Bomb). GCD- Global Cooldown (the clock-spin after using a spell that forces to wait a time interval before using another ability). IB- Inferno Blast ICD- Internal Cooldown (for example, an ability may only be able to proc once every 40 seconds; that would be its ICD). LB- Living Bomb Pyroblast!- The instant-cast version of Pyroblast you receive from Heating Up. RNG-- Random Number Generator (If something is described as "RNG", it means random; out of ones control) ROP - Rune of Power ChangeLog 2/25/2015 - Updated for 6.1 12/28/2014 - Updated for 6.0, WoD expansion 7/17/2014- Updated Resources and list of streamers, and slightly changed stat builds 9/10/2013- Updated for 5.4 8/2/2013 - Updated AoE section 5/23/2013 - Updated for Patch 5.3 3/5/2013 - Updated for Patch 5.2 12/21/2012- Updated for 5.1 Hotfixes, mainly AoE and Critical Mass changes 11/29/2012- Updated for Patch 5.1 11/16/2012- Updated Single Target Rotation 9/28/2012- Updated for patch 5.0.5 9/24/2012- Added stat conversions, general updating for MoP 9/14/2012- Added information about AoE damage, general housekeeping. 9/7/2012- Added Abbreviations list and General Tips 9/4/2012- Guide Published Coopthefat289
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BG/RBG Players, pls help! :) My main has mostly been a priest but I've always loved to try mage... I just never took enough time to get good at it in PVP. But this time around I'm really thinking of rolling out a mage and playing it as my main and my priest as an alt; healing just isn't doing much for me (so many CC's and interrupts even with the PVP talents for immunity to interrupts every class has some sort of CC to spam and negate that for us) and I'm not interested in only being able to do rot dmg with dots with little to no survivability. Luckily I have a month before Legion comes out to try mage out! But I need your opinions! I've looked at YouTube and it shows plenty of.. Arena and Duels... but I'm more interested in RBGs. Anyone here have some experience and opinions on Mages in RBG/BG PVP? I'm looking to main Arcane as it always appealed to me and Fire as the "off-spec". Frost seems kind of dull (?) but maybe someone can tell me otherwise? I was playing last night and felt as Arcane my mana went down SO QUICK but that may be because I honestly had little idea what I was doing (let's say I was "on something" hehe) and was casting a lot of ish with 4 stacks so my mana cost was a bit ridiculous. What I did LOVE was the multiple blinks we have, that was a lot of fun! My talents consisted of: POM, Double cold snap, Incanters Flow, Charged Up, Ice Floes, Erosion, and Quickening. I'm not a fan of ROP as I don't feel like I will be very stationary, also I will be rolling a Human mage for the racials. My thinking with the talents are that I will probably end up kiting a lot so that's why I went with POM, Charged, and Ice Flows. With blink and displacement I didn't feel the need for double nova but RoF might be good in RBGs although I feel most ppl know you step out of it? I'm a little "blah" with cold snap TBH... the heal seems very low and having to sit in a full ice block I feel like gets my enemy the opportunity to fully reset on me, what are your opinions? Sorry I typed a lot just thoughts coming in while I'm typing this and I'm at work so ssshhhhhhhh. Franchezzie8
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PvP wishlist for Legion Hello fellow mages! Many classes have lost something dear to them, but this topic will focus on mages and on what we lost - its effect on PvP. Furthermore, we can all agree that CC needed to be toned down, unfortunately that meant the removal of Deep Freeze - a CC that was instant, but had requisites in order to be met, such as a frozen target or fingers of frost charge. Here are some things I'd like to see the reintroduction of, possibly scaled down or in full force. Remove Curse: This spell was and is an iconic mage spell, akin to that of Polymorph or Frost Nova. Its removal seemed unwarranted, because it was mainly used to buff mage damage in PvP with a glyph, but with the removal of glyphs, it could still be used to decurse. It didn't used to have a cool down and was able to be spammed, but keeping it at a 5 sec cool down could still work. Blazing Speed: A fun spell that all fellow mages hopefully agree was an unfortunate removal. It was used to close gaps or create gaps. It even got a stealth nerf that didn't allow you to blaze and slow fall. The fact that this spell is baked into cauterize just seems like lazy design. Please bring it back. Cold Snap: Our heal that is now baked into Ice Block at a measly 3% with 50% reduction is PvP. How is this even fair? I know DPS should not have strong heals, but how do Hunters and Warlocks get away with it? Exhilaration is just tons better. Bring back Cold Snap, and slap a 3 min or 5 min cool down at 30% hp. Altertime: A magnificent talent that allowed you to survive the onslaught of melee assailants. Now back in the form of a PvP honor talent, but not nearly as effective with a shorter duration. I doubt this would make it back, but it was sure a lovely talent. Deep Freeze: My frost mage feels so incomplete without this talent. It is almost impossible to peel melee off you or to interrupt a caster. It was powerful back in the day, then was toned down to break on Ice Nova or Ice Lance, which I didn't have an issue with. I'd like to see this spell make a comeback, maybe even as an artifact talent for frost mages. 4 second stun on a 30 or 45 second cool down. Lastly, Comet Storm finally doesn't split its damage, why does Meteor still split its damage? It's silly and needs to change. Make meteor awesome as its effect and impact. Thank you all! Please contribute on why a spell should or should not make it back. What do you miss? Kiekö0
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7.0 and Mages: What Would YOU Like to See? Ladies/Gents/Wizards, This thread is being posted to see what things you would like to see from 7.0 (Legion) for the mage. Some examples might include thoughts on "feel" of the class or a certain spec(s), areas of overpower/underpower, and/or places where a ball was dropped. I will ask (in vain) to please keep the answers CONSTRUCTIVE as these are the answers that earn some kind of response. Strongly worded, highly opinionated responses are fine so long as they are factual, constructive, and respectful. Saying "lol blizz sucks, rerolled lock" is ...well, useless. Fire's playstyle felt like a run'n'gun spec. It was punctuated by what felt like a high mobility setup, but lacked any form of punch. It was like being in a western shootout while wielding airsoft pistols instead of revolvers. Potentially pulling Scorch off into another tree or allowing Scorch to be immune/exempt from tree-wide interrupts. Fire's damage was also hilariously weak in all but the highest echelons of gameplay (so it seemed). This was disappointing to be leveling a healer that was landing higher hits on average than some of my mage's hits in dungeons. Potentially increasing the overall damage per crit (instead of relying solely on ignite) may prove to be a better mechanic (think fire getting hotter as it burns more). Arcane felt very much like a sentry gun/turret, requiring one to basically position, lock on, and sit unmolested. This is rather neat, but that lack of sustained or increasing damage made it incredibly vulnerable when coupled with the lack of self healing and COMPLETE lack of mitigation/escape from the endless melee closers. If we are to be turrets, I would like to see the immediate or gradual increase in damage to make a turret a powerful and scary thing, rather than a foolish caster with no true means of mobile damage. This expansion seemed to improve/shine/dote on Frost to the exclusion of Fire and Arcane. While I'm not hating or judging decision making process, the constant silence on mages and the seemingly apparent lack of care towards mages has been a constant source of disappointment this expansion. Potentially more vocal on why or why not on changes? :-) Lastly, can we get away from the reliance on cheap tricks like Prismatic Crystal? If it functioned like the bombs in Mechanar (that float and follow), it would be significantly more useful to have it chase the target at matching speed. Even then, it focuses on bursty and one-trick PvP/PvE...which isn't incredibly fun as it becomes binary (cooldowns up = win, cooldowns down = dead). Meteor damage splitting is a tad...irritating. Warlocks have a SIGNIFICANTLY higher damaging effect of similar function, why is the "AoE" spec forced to share damage on this spell with less damage?. -Hate Hateborne114
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