2d FrostFire Hidden Artifact Skin Whatever you do if you get teleported to the "wrong" area just stay there the skin is epic but extremely random looks like.Pegesäs2 2d
2d Mage Questions! Hello all, just a few questions from a warrior looking for a new main alt (or possibly main later on down the line), DK and hunter just aren't doing it for me. First off, while I messed around a little with Frost in WoD, I am a complete mage noob. I was wondering everyones opinions on how the specs stack up currently, and how they're looking for 7.1.5? I'll be honest and admit that from an outsiders perspective, I was leaning towards Fire. However, I saw a post about how they work and their problems that was very well-written and seemed very informative, so now I'm undecided. Just looking for any general mage advice, as coming from a warrior it's very different haha, and I'm just looking to improve!Belorey4 2d
2d Night Elf Mages Has the story, either in game, or in your mind, changed since the release of Legion? I feel that as much as this seems a paladin, warlock and demon-hunter heavy expansion, the mages have a great amount to draw on for character development - even if it just runs through you mind while killing murlocs in Azsuna. I feel Suramar, the Withered and Farondis give us opportunities to really define who we are, and what we stand for. Or not stand for, as the case may be. Let me know your thoughts :) Knowledge is power, use it well.Sericeus1 2d
2d PTR Are mages being nerfed or buffed for 7/1/5Beanbean6 2d
2d New PTR build is out, and you know what... I'm sticking with frost. let me give a little context here for everyone. So 3 weeks ago, when the PTR went live and some of the most played specs ( MM hunter, Fire mage, and Shadow priest ) where getting there heads cracked open by Ion and his "class fantasy" goon squad, I, like many people decided that it was a good time to level an alt, just in case my hunter was no longer viable, and i picked Frost mage. So here we are, 3 weeks into this PTR, this new build, while it may not be what we want, it does have buffs. Buffs for hunters (both BM and MM) buffs for arcane and i guess we are going to call these buffs for fire? i mean...anyway. Everyone knows that frost mage is currently in a pretty bad spot outside of their ST or 2 cleave. Its hard to get into high mythic keys as frost unless you take your friends, because the trash is what matters in these instances. So i did some thinking, thought about my frost mage, seen there wasnt any AoE buffs, seen there was infact more FoF pruning, and i sat here for about an hour, thinking about switching to fire, and you know what.. I decided im not going to do it. Frost is fun to me, it like the spec, i like the rotation, and i enjoy blowing the asses out of people with RoP/IL burst from the bushes. Tl;dr. I'm not going to let blizzard decide my spec anymore, frost mage is fun and im going to stick it out. Yeah it needs some love, yeah the tier set for it right now is trash, yeah they are nerfing FoF procs, but !@#$ them. i'm empowered. Thank you for sharing this moment with me everyone.Damack2 2d
2d Looking for Arcane trinket help! Need help figuring out which are the best trinkets for Arcane. Currently have the following: Bough of Corruption - 865ilvl Wriggling Sinew - 865ilvl Twisting Wind - 865ilvl Swarming Plaguehive - 865ilvl w/socket Devilsaur Shock-Baton - 845ilvl Naraxas' Spiked Tongue - 845ilvl Twisting Wind - 865ilvl Unstable Horrorslime - 885ilvlHealthrïsk2 2d
2d firemage trinket guys i have ilvl 870 swamming plague (ilvl 845 baton ) bought 865 which one is the best ? crit 62 haste 12 mastery 14 ver 1 with swammig plague sometime bought trinket was doing well sometime bad sry for my weak emglishAcessxx10 2d
2d I don't how you mages could reroll after being used to having slow fall and the ability to teleport anywhere whenever you want.Landorac18 2d
2d Cheese Orbs in Timewalking Is it just me... Or do Felo'melorn's flaming cheese orbs always come back after timewalking? I find myself constantly turning them back off.Forben1 2d
2d any changes for norgonnons foresight coming? Got my sephuz. Just had this drop. Are there any changes planned for this? Just being wishful. Would be nice to eventually have a legendary that does something to my DPs or mana.Demographics12 2d
2d Why i quit Playing, Fire Mage, Current State WTF is up with fire mages right now. they take zero skill and just nuke everything that is in their path. I'm so tired of the class unbalance. I've been playing since Beta and i'm sick of this sh*t.Plastidippin5 2d
2d Fire Mage changes in latest PTR build are... still a dps loss. Better luck next time.Soj0 2d
2d Frost Needs Deep Freeze. Seriously. This spec is struggling so much right now. Deep Freeze is everything Frost needs. Imagine: 5 icicles. Apply Frost Bomb >> Deep Freeze >> 2-3x Ice Lance >> Glacial Spike >> More Ice Lance. That fits almost perfectly into the window frost bomb lasts, and it makes a second talent in that tier appealing. Move Ice Nova to baseline and put Deep Freeze in it's place, or hell, just give us one real spec-specific spell that matters. It gives Frost a way to burst while moving (mostly) just like fire mage can, but trades the instantaneous nature of it for a decent setup time and increased utility for the Spec as a whole, something Frost is seriously lacking considering every other Mage spec can get most of Frost's utility through the same talents Frost takes. Blizz pls.Biggiãns20 2d
3d Am I doing enough damage for my ilvl? I'm currently sitting at ilvl 828 as a Fire Mage since I recently swapped about 5 days ago from a different class. My opening burst is around 300K, but after 3 minutes of constant DPSing I drop to a consistent 150-155K and this is without time warp. Is this normal? I've doing literally everything that Icy Veins is telling me and using my rune of power with either Combustion or Flame On (I'm excluding the Flame On activated with my combustion opener, I'm referring to the first time Flame On comes off of CD) Would anyone want to recommend something for me? Or is my gear just not up to par yet? I'm at 42.97% Crit, 10.41% Haste, 5.53% Vers, 18.15% Mastery, and 23,320 Intellect.Xecta17 3d
3d "Did you just assume my specialization?" so i was in my daily heroic dungeon today and there was this really geared boomkin in the group. you could tell it was the type of person who likes to show off their mad deeps in heroics and so they pop all their cd's and tryhard the first boss in VotW and do a slamming 600k dps. now as it turns out i am also one of these people and i crushed this boomkin into the dirt with my 900k burst (keep in mind we both had time warp), and after the fight this boomkin says, "That fire mage burst though." and so i looked over at my water elemental and was all like "Did you just assume my specialization?" TL;DR: We're not all fire mages.Frophy13 3d
3d Low fire DPS I can't for the life of me figure out why my DPS is so low. I have tried everything I can think of and I'm out of ideas. I normally do around 119k single target which is not at all good. Any tips, suggestions or constructive criticism would be welcome. Thank you.Funkeln14 3d
3d Any word on the compensation for quickening? I'm not a fan of quickening so i'm glad it's being removed. Has there been any word yet on how they will re balance us based on this missing ability?Demographics4 3d
3d 7.1.5 Frost PvP - No more Shimmer + Ice Floes From: They're moving ice floes to the same talent tier as shimmer, so you have to take your pick now. Imo this is worse than any of the recent damage nerfs, ice form cd nerf, etc. The combo of shimmer and ice floes is what allows us to actually get our damage and cc off. I've heard a lot of people say they have issues with shimmer not working properly without ice floes up anyway, so we'll see what happens. It may depend on the comp you're facing, but i'm thinking in general we'll be better off sticking with shimmer and picking up ring of frost on the lower tier. Thoughts?Scarlin13 3d
3d Not enough haste? I am fairly new to fire (since Legion launch) and my dps is all over the place. On some Mythic+ and Normal EN fights I'm around 300ish dps. On others as low as 175. I have very inconsistent damage output. I know that a lot of it is due to my skill level and I need to practice movement/casting rotation in between combustion. I was wondering if my stats are off and if I should reduce my crit and add some haste in there. With the mediocre gear I have acquired, I have no choice but to sacrifice some crit for haste. I have simulated my current setup and SimCrafter says I should be at 320k dps. ThanksNevindaal9 3d
3d give mages remove curse back plsHorizons16 3d
3d Frost Mage pvp guide help? I was hoping someone could give me some links, videoa, or names of some guides that would help me learn the mage class for pvp well. Maybe someone or something that helped you when you first started playing mage. I'm interested in battlegrounds and arena, but mostly just want to learn the class as best as I can. Thank you!Loliloliloli2 3d
3d Stat priority for Glacial Spike PVE I recently respected my artifact path to go black ice up to Chilled to the core, and was wondering what stats to prioritize for Glacial Spike. Thanks in advanced.Vionn7 3d
3d Frost Mage Help I am new to frost, I was formally Arcane. I have used simcraft and ask Mr. robot and both sim out at 375k but I can only pull 250k, any suggestions. Rotation is as follows: potion of Prolonged power, Icy Veins, Frozen Orb, Frost Bomb, Dump Ice Lances, Ebonbolt, dump Ice Lances, Frozen Touch, Dump Ice lance and Frost Bolt as a filler and when Water jet is going off and frost bomb when it falls off.Mordreedd3 3d
3d Lets Crunch the Numbers Crunch!Countchocula1 3d
3d proper frost mage So I have been stacking haste and crit on my frost mage even taking ilvl downgrades to get rid of mastery and versatility. My dps ranges from about 200k-210k single target if i dont use any cooldowns and can go upwards to 300k if i use cds and such. what can i do to improve my mage and be better so people actually take me to groups? ;_;Stinkysteve2 3d
3d Why does MI/RoP/IF tier still exist? Blizzard had stated that they want to overhaul talents that everyone or nobody takes. Mirror Image is almost never taken. Why does it still have to compete with RoP and IF? It's useful for leveling but that's about it. Rune of Power is nothing more than a cooldown on top of our other cooldowns. Wasn't it Blizzard's prerogative to remove cooldown stacking? It also forces mages to stand in one spot and can lead to a lot of frustration when it fails. If the buff was on the player, it would be one thing. Having it be on the ground when we have little control over mechanics outside of timing is ridiculous. Volcanic affix demonstrates this. Incanter's Flow has an interesting concept in a buff with varying potential, but most people do not even pay attention to the charges and treat it as a passive. For those that do, it does nothing but overly complicate a class that relies on casting. Eg: You have to cast Mark of Aluneth at 1 charge to get the explosion at max charges... What's fascinating is that this has been one of the loudest complaints from the mage community. People just begrudgingly accept Rune of Power because when it works, it really works and yay big numbers. It's just that rather than be excited for the upcoming damage boost, you just breath a sigh of relief after it's over and you managed to make it work. If Blizzard wants to reduce mage mobility via the removal of Ice Floes, then Rune of Power no longer has a place in the game. Being stuck and unable to strafe around the rune makes it a hassle to use. Not to mention that the upcoming 10% reduction is going to make it less rewarding for the same effort. Just delete the tier already like you deleted Quickening with ease. Make Mirror Image baseline (to give us some identity...) and buff mage damage appropriately to compensate for the difference. In its place, provide mages with QoL choices. For Arcane, you can have a tier that revolves around improving Evocation perhaps. Maybe we can finally get a tier that gives us actual burst damage abilities rather than just passively improving ours. I find runes to be a fascinating concept, but they should be of defensive nature like those in Halls of Valor. They should be something you WANT to stand in that keeps you safe. If we're just vulnerable while standing in one then it's pointless. Perhaps there can be ideas for a defensive rune tier. If you TRULY insist on keeping RoP, then can the visual be fixed already? Why do we have to memorize the max radius to properly use it? Half the radius is invisible.Mythlos25 3d
4d Frost Mage Artifact Path Question PvP New mage here. I was working towards chilled to the core but made a small mistake. I started heading down Clarity of Thought but realized i should get Icy Caress.. So now i have 3 points in Icy Caress and 2 points in Clarity of Thought. Would it be best to head down towards Ice Age or Orbital Strike. I know the added damage to flurry would be nice, and not sure if Orbital Strike would be that beneficial. So would it be better to cap off Clarity of Thought and head to the gold trait with ice age? I know you will eventually get them all, but trying to save some time. On a side note.. is anyone else having problems with losing your target when using your pet freeze or similar spells? I seem to lose my target a bunch and it isn't something they are doing on their end to drop.Tilu3 4d
4d Frost Mage PvP; 7.1.5 So, I am reading the spec changes: And I'm noticing some things there, bear in mind that this only applies to Frost Mages and for PvP. Our Brain Freeze was changed, it says it still applies Winter's Chill, but doesn't specify the duration of it. Cold Snap was added back in, but at a 6 minute cooldown, it will need to be used strategically - I'd like it at 3-5 minutes, tops. Fire Blast is back! I for one am super excited for this change, can sort of be used as an execute, similar to Ice Nova, since it always critical hits. Our Frost Armor being removed and being baked into the armor is a little troubling, since our Ice Barrier can be easily dispelled, or even torn through. Frostbolt nerfed from 210% to 195%, along with Deep Shatter from 200% to 150%, will definitely affect our Glacial Spike, despite it's buff from 750% to 1000%. I also heard that we lose Ice Floes, but we gain Frigid Winds which increase slows by an additional 15%, I'd say that is a pretty strong trade off in terms of PvP. Additionally, Ebon Bolt finally got a buff, as it now gives Brain Freeze - my concern though, is that we could potentially lose on a Brain Freeze proc since the charge is only limited to 1. Lastly, I'd like to conclude that I'd love to see the return of Deep Freeze, or even have it baked into Glacial Spike again.Kiekö27 4d
4d Frost M+ Help A few friends of mine have returned and play alliance and mostly PvP - I main horde but have a Mage that I would like to play with them. So here are my questions. I will be playing frost - ive read up on Icy Veins and Altered Time Websites, but I still need help on clarifying these two things: 1- Best overall M+ build - focus on AoE/Trash damage 2- What is the actual AoE Rotation? Thanks for the help!Greeneßud12 4d
4d Sword doesn't fit my transmog Well, my current sword almost fits but that purple rag hanging from the hilt doesn't. There are a few wands that would be great. It would be nice of the fire artifact had more options than just one hand swords. /dream.Blastinya1 4d
4d Good build without quickening? OK, I am on H Odyn, and due to it being so movement heavy my quickening stacks keep dropping. I was wondering if anyone here had a good talent build that did NOT include quickening that is doing solid raid numbers. Any help is appreciated!Darknothing2 4d
4d Ebonbolt Ebonbolt doesnt fit into frostmage. The skill feels clunky and doesnt mesh for me. Does anyone like it/enjoy it? Personally id replace it with something along the lines of Reduced cast time, down to 2.0 sec base, the the damage adjusted to suit it. (so about 1/3 less damage) Instead of FoF/Flurry, it either buffs the mage for the next X amout of frostbolts, or marks the target (makes the target supercold or you supercold for flavour text) so that the target counts as frozen for them, and only them as well as doing aoe damage. Justification, The cast time feels far to long for frost, i dont think we should have a 3sec cast The Aoe because most other class gets AOE out of their artifact trait. The Frostbolts FoF/Flurry doesnt really sync with any talents Casting Ebonbolt takes a long time, so critical mass pretty much falls off making their only use to extend TV, but FoF is going away anyway. Flurry its hard but it doesnt do anything else. With this new form, Not only do these Frostbolts keep Critical Mass up, they harmlessly fit into the rotation of TV without extending the duration which blizz clearly doesnt want. As for GS, they empower it but still fit into the rotation as you dont dread casting it. and then for Comet storm who cares, because its a silly spell to start with. So does anyone out the like ebonbolt as it is? (Edit: i tried to make a thread before this but i i didnt think it posted so if there is 2 up sorry in advance)Suiteki13 4d
4d Mage frost is good for solo content? mage is nuke class, and frost don't have fire dmg (top dps spec)... so, frost mage CC is useful in pve? worth leveling, world quest, mythic+, raid, etc with frost spec?Khye1 4d
4d I like the new Mage changes! 1- Polymorph no longer restores health on the target 2- Fire Mage: Ice Barrier is now Thermal Barrier that reduces all damage taken by 35% for 15 seconds and causes fire damage to enemies within 5 yards. 45sec CD 3- Blink now has 25 charges and teleports you 40 yards per charge, objects in the way do not effect your blink. 4- Pyroblast has been removed from the game and has been replaced with Greater Pyroblast. Greater pyroblast damages the target for 1/3 of max health. Works on raid bosses and can proc from hot streak. 5- Rune of power increases damage by 50% as long as you stand in it, lasting for 30 sec, if an enemy walks within your rune of power it instantly explodes killing that enemy and any enemy within 100 yards. 6- Fire Mage: now have a baseline crit level of 80% 7- You can now cast blink on a friendly or enemy player teleporting them 40 yards away 8- Arcane Mage: have been renamed Battle Mages and are capable of wearing plate armor. Spells remain the same, Arcane Barrier has been added shielding the battle mage for a total of 6x their max health, lasts 15 seconds with a 15 sec CD. 9- Frost Mage: Ice block has been replaced with Glacier Block, same benefits of Ice block but you can still move and attack. lasts 10 seconds, 30 sec CD. 10- Fire Mage: Upon death the mage explodes causing thermal ignition, this ignition instantly brings the mage back to full health with a 25% damage output increase. This effect can occur every 30 seconds and can stack.Vodoo11 4d
4d Zann'esu Journey I got my first legendary (the belt)! But I don't know how to use it. It increases Blizzard's damage by 35% each time I cast Flurry, up to 5 stacks. Do I always take Arctic Gale (even on single target)? Do I cast Blizzard on cooldown? Do I always hard-cast Flurry before Blizzard if I don't have at least one stack of the buff? Any advice would be welcome!Jonisage9 4d
4d Arcane trinket choices currently have choice between 845 shock baton 850 sinew 850 spiked tongue 865 bough of corruption 860 horn of valor with socket just wondering which 2 I should choose, I've found rankings for fire but not arcane, and I suck at the whole simcraft thing.Tsabrek2 4d
4d What talents for what bosses Im very confused am I swapping my talents on each boss? Also what level 15/90/100 talents are the best those are the only ones I can see changing per fightLosifur3 4d
4d Arcane Mage DPS Problems I'm an arcane mage with an item level of 858. I have 22% Critical Strike, 14% haste, 38% mastery, and 5% versatility. I also have 31k intellect. I'm having troubling doing good dps in mythic+ and I get judged severely because of it. I pull about 200k dps constantly on single targets and I can pull more doing AoE. Hoever I know I'm not doing well enough at all when I the dps I'm doing and can barely hold my own. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I'm not sure if it's my gear or if it's meMiffedt2 4d
4d This is sad They had to nerf fire because it is Op and all the whining and crying made them buff Arcane that's why you haven't heard much crying lately. Must be nice having Arcane be the strongest dps spec in the game for ANOTHER expacShockazulu6 4d
4d Star's Design clips ground on Undead Female The hidden artifact skin Star's Design dropped for me today while getting my herbalism blade. Super excited, until I applied it. While it does look amazing, on an Undead female it is massive and clips the ground anywhere from noticeably to markedly depending on how she's moving and the terrain. Does anyone know if the other skins also increase Felo's size? Given that the standard skin comes close to clipping the ground, I assume anything that makes it larger is going to have the same problem.Maeld7 4d
4d How to get pet to stop casting freeze? Please, don't just say "right click". I've played pet classes the entire time i've been playing this game. Previously, I USED to be able to toggle pet freeze off with right click, and have it available to use as an off-GCD FoF generator and freeze. I just noticed today that I can no longer get my pet to stop casting it, except for when I put my pet into passive mode (substantial DPS loss). It appears as a borderless icon on the pet bar now, similar to how the ferocity instant - rez appears on hunter's pet bars. Anyone else know how to change this? It was working fine when I had my follower originally, but stopped working as soon as I went into a dungeon.Diabeetus3 4d
4d What to do when a feral opens on you What am i supposed to do when a feral druid incarns and then opens me? waste my block right away? I feel like i'm having a lot of trouble with ferals and any plate wearer when in skirmsGlehnd11 4d
4d Best Mage DPS Currently vs 7.1.5 Just curious, but which mage spec currently performs the best in PvE content for dps/dmg? Also, from those of you testing the PTR what is it looking like there? I know nothing is final on the PTR, just curious about the current build.Icerayne25 4d
4d Strongest race for mage Draenei have natural affinity for magic. Night elf has been changed because power of Well of eternity, so, this race is ascended form (so, have affinity for arcane magic). Gnomes and Human are smart, and learn fast. So, lore wise, best race for mage?Árkhos12 4d
4d Make Mastery Boost Frostbolt I like that our Frost rotation has become more varied, but I also miss Frostbolt being powerful in its own right. Icy Veins currently rates Mastery at about half the value of Haste or Crit, and if you use Lonely Winter it's even worse. How about making Mastery boost Frostbolt directly, and have Icicles be a base value of that, say 33%? That way it would actually stack with our other secondary stats, and it wouldn't suck.Wikipedia8 4d
4d Which spec might work for me? Hey folks, I have a neurological problem with my hands that makes rapid button mashing and casting while moving difficult. I've been searching for a class and spec that might work for me in Legion for solo PvE, dungeons and maybe some LFR. Some posts in other class forums resulted in several people suggesting Mage, as cast times slow things down and make you largely stationary. Question is, which of the three Mage specs would probably work best for me? The qualities that would help me the most, in order, are slow rotation, stationary combat, and simple rotation. Thank you for any advice!Goatleaker30 4d
4d Mage raiding spec for 7.1.5? So, I know that the PTR hasn't had a chance to progress yet, but I'd still think that someone might have an idea on which spec would be the most viable for raiding after the nerfs in 7.1.5. All I've seen over the last couple days are a bunch of "It's the end of the world (of warcraft)" posts and not much actual insight on where the class is going from here on out. I'm only asking because I'm just now getting a chance to play this expansion after my job decided to switch to a 7-12 schedule a week before the expansion dropped and I'd like to try and get somewhere with my mage. I'm way, way behind, but would still like to try playing! So far, when I've had the chance to play, I've been investing AP into Fire and I'd just like to know if I should just bank my AP until more info is known, or just go ahead and start investing in Arcane/Frost. (or Fire if all the "Mage is dead" posts are wrong) It sucks that blizzard decided to go against their word on not doing any major changes in the middle of the expansion. I was really enjoying fire up to now, but if it turns into a spec that nobody wants in their raids then what's the point in playing it? I did consider trying to main one of my many other alts (Every class at least 90, with 8 at 100. I've got an altoholic problem), but it seems like all the other classes are in an uproar over their specs as well so not very many ways to go about that.Frostmager4 4d
4d Best Race For Mage? What is the best race for pve mage?? I was told Draenei are the best for pve mage becuase of the dmg increase from Heroic Presence But then i was also told human are also pretty good due to versility passive But does the Secondary stat of 100 Versility beat out the main spec of 65 int, also with 65 in agility and strength? I mainly want to know if i will technically get a dps increase by becoming a draenei since i really like there hair styles..but im not wwilling to give up dps to do itFrostyamum12 4d
4d Quickening Has Been Restored Now lasts 1 second, only activates from Arcane Blast, is baseline and damages you for 99% of your health every time you lose your stacks and will summon an image of Celestalon who will laugh at you and send a copy of your browser history to your dad. #stopwhingingFailedwizard5 4d
4d Cancled Blizzard removed the option to type in why you canceled your account and only lets you select from a few multiple choice options, so I wanted to post here in hopes that they see it. I don't have as much time to play this game as I used to, so when you do things like gut a spec, I feel like the game is ruined for me. This expansion has made it overly painful to switch specs due to legendaries and AP, and nearly impossible to have a relevant alt. Also I am sick of blizzard lies. They say that they wont make people regret their spec choices due to AP and then they gut a class. I mean they have been telling us since BC that they will have an expansion out every year, and every expansion they fail to deliver, but they keep saying it over and over again. They said there wasn't going to be a content drought at the end of WoD and there was a huge one. Now they say there won't be a content drought at the end of Legion but its lies lies lies lies. I am sick of your lies blizzard, there is no post you make that I even remotely trust. You have lost my trust and this is the final straw. I put my money where my mouth is and canceled. C ya neverGooa1 4d