5d I saw the Khadgar harbinger episode late... First, this was the most compelling one to me, but then I prefer things focusing on mages. And to blizzard, note that the one that showcased the damn MAGE was the most popular of all! That's because we NEVER get cinematic love, and people want to see REAL power being displayed and not just some mundane sword play! .... but I digress What I realized is something similar to the main specs mages choose. All the min max mages that chose fire for top dps that preferred frost or arcane, are like mages who took the demons temptation for fel power instead of refusing it. Some of you wanted to be fire, but others, and you KNOW who you are! You gave in to power at the cost of preference. Take the lesson of Kadgar, a true arcane mage, with that focused blast of power.Jonaléth2 5d
5d Fire Mage Stat Discrepancy advice? I'm a new fire mage.... so I've been on sites like noxxic and icy-veins....both have VERY different stat weightings... the biggest difference in INT vs. Crit....icy veins has crit being more important than int and noxxic has the other way around... any ideas or a different place i can go? noxxic Intellect [9.01] Crit [7.51] Versatility [3.01] Haste [4.51] Mastery [6.01] icyveins Intellect: 1.00 Critical Strike: 1.30 Versatility: 0.84 Haste: 0.81 Mastery: 0.76Polymorf1 5d
5d Frost/leveling/buffs Given the new frost buffs coming next week, do you think it will be good for 100-110? I shelved my fire at 102 because of the survivability (I don't have good gear) I'm hoping the frost buffs will make it more enjoyable ?Pewps4 5d
5d Marquee Bindings of the Sun King Hey everyone just got this today, and wondering if anyone knows of an addon that shows when the proc happenes.Spike3 5d
5d Frost/Arcane mages being asked to respec? Just curious if others of you out there in raiding guilds are being asked to respec to fire to get invited back to your raids? Edit: I should note that my guild is awesome and they are not asking me to respec. I have heard of other arcane and frost mages being asked to respec though in other more hardcore guilds and it makes me sad. It would be great if we can get an update from Blizzard on upcoming changes so people don't jump the gun on this.Baztax26 5d
5d Who else picked Ebonchill? I am not a min/max player. I pick what's fun and I LOVE frost. I just got this guy to 100 because of the invasion and fell in love with frost. The special effects of comet storm and the sounds are so fun. The crackling sound of ice in my headset is so real. Don't get me wrong, fire looks pretty amazing as well, but everyone seems to be fire (for a good reason I'm sure but as I said I am not a min/max). Anyone else going this route? How do you like it so far?Qeladria42 5d
5d Frost mages lowest DPS in game. Day 3 Stats. Day 3 stats. 75th percentile, heroic aggregate I, for one. Will be welcoming our buff overlords.Ebah30 5d
5d Water Elemental Animation I notice that the Hall of the Guardian Order Hall's Water Elementals have a pretty cool graphic and design. Would like to petition that this be introduced to Frost Mages as the design for our Elemental Pets. Yes / No?Iggby4 5d
5d Glacial Spike Crit chance Hey fellas looking for a little clarification or help here. I will typically cast a glacial, followed by a pet nova or Ice Nova on the target immediately after cast (or slightly before it hits if someone is on that target) to attempt a shatter combo. I've been finding lately that it's not seeming to follow the shatter rules, often i'll get in the 30-40% crit amount all BG long while landing mostly shatter glacials. Is this immune to the shatter mechanic? As far as I know for frost shatter is calculated when spell HITS not when spell leaves the hands right? Anyone else experiencing this?Novah1 5d
5d question about icy veins fire opener please from icy veins Pre-cast Pyroblast at 4.5 seconds on the countdown. Cast Fireball I Cast Fire Blast when Heating Up activates. --------------------------- but what if heating up dosent happen from pyro and fireball? please and thanksTiforn16 5d
5d Unstable Horrorslime vs Horn of Valor Hey guys I am currently using an 850 horn of valor. I was wondering if unstable horrorslime (from dragons in EN) 850 with a socket is better then the horn of valor. I'm not exactly sure.Nibgit2 5d
5d Brain Freeze is just a cumbersome FoF It's taken me some time to articulate why I don't like Flurry and I realize now that Flurry is just a very roundabout way of getting an FoF or two. Since Winter's Chill lasts 1 second at most after the last hit of Flurry, the only other spell that could possible benefit from it is Ice Lance. Furthermore, if FoF happens to trigger during Flurry's animation, then it's consumed by the necessary subsequent Ice Lance, wasting the Winter's Chill/FoF, depending on your perspective. For all intents and purposes, Winter's Chill is just a bad FoF. What about Flurry? Even though it does more DPS than Frostbolt we will never hardcast it and will only cast it under Brain Freeze, because of all the bonuses attached to Frostbolt (including Brain Freeze itself). At 1.05sp * 3 damage, it beats out FoF Ice Lance's 0.76sp * 3 only before you factor in Chain Reaction, Shatter (though it seems Flurry's Winter's Chill affects subsequent Flurry hits), Frost Bomb, etc. What would the difference be if instead of Brain Freeze and Winter's Chill, we simply got 2 charges of FoF for the same proc rate as Brain Freeze? Not much. Except missing out on 3 applications Bone Chilling, a trade I would gladly make for +2 seconds on Icy Veins with Thermal Void. Suggestions: 1) Remove Flurry and just give us more FoF. A boring but simple solution. 2) Bake Flurry into the Frostbolt that procs it. We really don't need another button bind for Flurry given its current state. Passive: Flurry Frostbolt has a 15% chance to launch a Flurry of ice shards, hitting the target 3 times for a total of 1.05sp * 3 Frost damage 3. Each hit applies Winter's Chill and reduces the target's movement speed for 70% for 1 second. 3a) Make Winter's Chill last 4-6 seconds. People have suggested Flurry applying 2 secs of Winter's Chill, stacking with itself in duration. Most people will probably use this time to get in more Ice Lances. For PvP'ers, they can also get in a Glacial Spike. 3b) Make Winter's Chill AoE, around the target. 5-8 yards? Would allow it to work with Comet Storm, Blizzard (to an extent) and Frozen Orb (although rarely will you get Brain Freeze during an Orb) 3c) Both AoE and stacking Now we're getting somewhere. This will allow Flurry to help Glacial Spike as well as Comet Storm, Blizzard, Frost Bomb, Frozen Orb, even Splitting Ice and Ice Nova. The potential synergies are far above and beyond the narrow one-off skill it is right now 4) Have Winter's Chill simply double Frost damage taken from the mage. A small change which only serves to remove the overlap between FoF and Winter's Chill. It would also slightly buff Flurry as it has a low chance to deal 4x damage. 5) Have Flurry launch 20 shards over 3-4 seconds, rather than 3 shards over 1. Damage remains the same (because it doesn't really matter). This idea is more radical. The idea is to effectively extend Winter's Chill by hitting the target over a longer duration. Could also give it a pseudo AoE effect by having the shards hit random targets around the main target, spreading Winter's Chil around. Such a spell would live up to the name "Flurry" much better than the wimpy 3 particles we have now. Finally, I'd like to say that Frost has more fundamental problems that need to be addressed first, next to which Flurry is only a minor issue. Even so, I'd like to see a change to this spell eventually. It is a very excessive mechanic that we don't really need or want, and seems like a stubborn holdover from older iterations of Frost, along with Blizzard and Cone of Cold, the other two cases of "why do we even have this?".Jinjunmei8 5d
5d Floaty fireballs everywhere! Half the reason I'm not playing fire (a spec I've traditionally loved) is cause of the silly floaty balls that just look ridiculous IMO. The mage class hall (which is a pretty cool place) looks even more ridiculous now, though. It's just an ocean of these floaty fireballs everywhere. Sorry for the whiny, Debbie Downer post, but really, it just looks silly.Wyler1 5d
5d Mage Damage CD in PvP and Purges Why are the damage cooldowns in all three mages the only baseline damage cooldowns in the game that can be removed by a purge? While it can be hilarious to spellsteal (functions like a purge) other mage's spells (unless you're Arcane in which you're saving your precious mana to spellsteal yours back...), I find it jarring that mages are so uniquely susceptible to dispels in the game. Priests have Power Infusion, but it's a talent. Warlocks have a minor 10% damage buff. Is there anyone else? It just seems outdated. As I understand, purges still exist in order to counter HoT healers, but Mages are caught in the crossfire. Every single buff we have is a Magic effect, and while that plays with class fantasy, it's glaring how every other magic caster doesn't have the equivalent even though the same logic can be applied to them. To use Fire, Combustion is basically "Fire form". Shaman have their own Ascendance spells that function similarly. Why is Fire's capable of being removed but Shaman's isnt? It wouldn't be an issue if Arcane Power, Combustion, or Icy Veins weren't major cooldowns but they are. Our specs are balanced around them, yet they're countered by one of many dispels Priests have, shaman purges, etc... That's what breaks class fantasy. Why am I, a master of magic, so easily countered by someone else? We have enough weaknesses already. We can't heal except through gimmicks. We have to hardcast. Our defenses can also be negated through purge. Enough already. I'm fine with Ice Barrier remaining purgeable. It's annoying given that it's our only defense (well...temporal shield but same idea), but it still falls within the "purge the heals" thing going on. Might I suggest just reworking the damage CDs to "Form" spells? Before anyone claims they're Shaman 2.0, they're already in the game just under different names. The names don't have to change for nostalgia's sake. Ice Form is already a PvP talent. Make the visual baseline and the effect non-dispellable. Combustion is already setting the mage on Fire like a human Torch. Just make it non-dispellable and change the flavor text. Arcane Power has an outdated visual (Ironic since crackling with thunder is a Shaman fantasy not a Mage one), and implement the Arcane Form (some have suggested Archon form from D3), and make it non-dispellable. This is already in the game via the Nightborne, much like all their other Arcane spell effects that we, as players, don't have -_- Problem solved. TL;DR: Make the major damage cooldowns of mages non-dispellable with elemental forms for the sake of PvP fairness, visual fidelity, and consistency.Mythlos38 5d
5d Fire Mage PvP Damage Is it bugged cause it feels like I do no damage.Venns5 5d
5d My thoughts on Arcane After leveling a mage through most of the legion content I feel like my favorite spec (Arcane, duh) is under preforming quite a lot. I played around with Fire and it was incredibly fun with high dps but Arcane feels like something is missing. Here are the problems I see so far with the spec: You feel very weak unless at max Arcane Charges which can take a couple seconds to build up if your haste isn't high. Not a horrible idea but your mana drains so quickly at max charges that you can't stay that way for long, making you give up your stacks so you can start over again Arcane Missiles just don't proc that often. It's a flat chance, not increased by crit or any other stat so your dps is up to the RNGods making it very frustrating when you're 7 Arcane Blasts in and your mana is completley drained with nothing to show for it Arcane Barrage feels more like a stack dump than a useful damage spell. It does about as much damage as an Arcane Blast, so the only real reason to use it is to dump your Arcane Charges so your mana doesn't flatline. This makes the ability pretty boring and a little dull. Final thoughts: Arcane is supposed to be overwhelming your target with massive magic attacks, which it totally delivers on but in only super short bursts and with very little AoE potential. If I wanted something that was only going to be fun for around 15 seconds but then was followed by disappointment and crying then I'd hook up with my ex.Noolore5 5d
5d Polymorph woes I'm sure this has been asked. And same issue I'm having with my shaman's Hex First off ty blizz for the polymorph Variants Dropdown. Very good idea, but, Why can we not Add Sheep to the same drop down?? I have been trying to get my old cast random+focus Poly macros working. But no luck. Things like sheep and porcupine just won't work right. Anyone have a working Macro to share?Grimstout4 5d
5d Cauterizing Blink nerfed in 7.1 15% to 8% :( RIP soloing big elites. Back to squishtown.Plastics45 5d
5d Fire's best Legendary just got buffed So I saw this post while eating lunch: We applied a hotfix today to adjust the power of multiple Legion legendary items with the intent of leveling off the power they provide. If you've been concerned a legendary item is too high or too low, please check again. Thank you for all of the feedback, it has been tremendously helpful! I ran to my computer to check if Arcane's leggings were nerfed and I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that it was unchanged. I looked at the Cord and it went from 25 to 40% mana threshold. Not bad. So I go to see if Fire's got nerfed, cackling in anticipation cause I'm a salty Arcane Mage. My jaw dropped. Bindings of the Sun King went from making your next non-instant pyro deal 200% extra damage to doing 300% extra damage. Ya know.... It was already 10k dps ahead of the other legendaries. Now it's going to be even higher. In fact now it's probably going to be a bigger DPS boost for Fire than the kilt is for Arcane. It also makes their spec more dynamic by adding an element of hardcasting Pyroblast. So I'm scratching my head here. Their best legendary just got buffed. What gives? I mean I'm happy for Fire mages but do you just REALLY want all mages to go Fire this expansion? I'll do it if I have to. Just don't lull me into a false sense of security in that you want to make DPS specs be close to each other when you keep buffing the already best spec before launch. The salt is real.Mythlos49 5d
5d Fire Mage weaker than holy priest Hey everyone! I just did violet hold with an arrogant DH who posted a meter after every single fight. The group was me (fire mage 809 ilvl) 3 DH and 1 holy priest. The holy priest was only 109. The arrogant DH had an 853 ilvl. In many of the fights, I was out DPSed by everyone, including the holy priest. I followed Icy veins DPS guide for legion mages and I felt like I was following it well, with the exception that I wasn't using scorch when I was moving and I still haven't mastered the use of ring of power efficiently. I pop combustion basically on cooldown and ring of power as often as I can during a fight but often have to move out of it for mechanics. I try to gain hot streak as often as possible. Generally expending my fire blast charges, flame on, and charges of phoenix flames as often as often as I can to gain hot streaks. For a couple of the trash pulls I used flamestrike instead of pyroblast to see if I could boost my damage with AOE. My DPS was still embarassingly low. Do holy priests have some secret DPS power that I didn't know about? Do I completely suck at WoW or is everyone else having a similar problem with having inferior DPS? if it's just me, I might reroll a DH so i can !@#$ DPS all over everyone else no matter what my rotation is.Zai15 5d
5d Shard of the Exodar Issue Legendary Ring Issue (Shard of Exodar) ---- So two members on our starting roster for raid both received the Shard of Exodar Legendary Mage Ring. Happy days! Lucky! However, there's an issue with the ideal functionality of this legendary I hope someone at Blizzard can address: Ideally, the ring functions to allow you to be able to Lust (Timewarp/Heroism/whatnot) yourself with each set of your mage cooldowns (example as fire). Ex: LUST ONE: Mageguy lusts for the raid using his OWN Timewarp spell. Spell goes on cooldown for 5 minutes and everyone in the raid -but- Mageguy with his Legendary is now Sated (10 min debuff). LUST TWO: When Mageguy's CDs come back up, he asks for a lust from the raid, because he has no Temporal Displacement debuff due to the Legendary. LUST THREE: Mageguy's Timewarp cooldown should now be done. (5 mins). For his third set of mage CDs he can now re-lust himself. ---------- That is the ideal scenario. However, when two mages in your raid have the legendary ring. They both cannot lust on the opener without giving -eachother- sated. We tested this, and we did give eachother sated, even though we were both wearing the ring. This needs to be fixed, as it makes us go to extreme workarounds that are extremely poor quality of life: Some kind of trickery with being out of raid group and lusting pre-pull or some such then getting re-invited? It's awful. Please fix this issue and don't punish us for getting (un)lucky?Chillplaya20 5d
5d Really? Nerfing Cauterizing Blink? That 15% HP gain for every Blink in PvP was slightly useful. Now that it's going down to 8%... it seems downright worthless. So many nerfs to Fire, I have no idea what the hell is going on through the dev's minds.Razgorb7 5d
5d Mage PvP? Bliz just gutted my monk, and left it for dead like rotting road kill , smoldering in the hot summer sun on the side on a black road. I use to love Frost Mage in MoP. How are Frost mages looking these days from a 1. PVE - dungeon/raid view point? 2. PvP Arena 2's? (With a DK friend of mine) 3. PvP BG's standpoint?Zenin11 5d
5d Fire Mage ladder ice flows?? Ok all the pros on the ladder are using ice flows a pvp talent that allows you to cast while moving. 3 charges. Question is why....? Is it just to land poly or do they use if for something else?Swidgun2 5d
5d Frost-Mage Constructive Criticism would like feedback about frost mage, please don't whine, please don't make the topic "Simple" IE: "they need tuning, need more damage, need more utility" say what needs tuning constructively. please just keep this as focused on what it lacks, what it needs, and lets hope frost gets a decent haul.Skumlord26 5d
5d Fire Mage Damage - Go figure So I am currently levelling a Bremaster with an ilvl of 730. My mage is 830. My brewmaster does higher crits. Go figure.Mindfister14 5d
5d ARCANE Mage Nether Tempest Rotation Hey what is up guys, it is fluffy the number one casual scrub on the planet. Do you feel like you aren't up to par as an arc? Do you feel underpowered? Mana starved? I have a solution for you! Spam Nether Tempest until you die. Video: Enjoy your higher dps.Fluffysenpai11 5d
5d Aluneth Perma-Unsheathing Weapon Can this be fixed please? I understand that the animation makes the weapon be used but Light's Wrath's ability works just fine so I can't see why this can not be fixed.Adias4 5d
5d Talents For some reason when I hit level 102 it isn't showing the talents available past 100. Am I missing something?Nipnub3 5d
5d Arcane Changes Brainstorm Thread Please post any changes for Arcane that you think would be interesting, fun, buff, or nerf for the class that you wouldn't mind seeing. Obviously not everything listed here should happen at once, but one or two would be a nice quality of life change. Passive: Nether Augment - You gain 75% of the damage you take as Mana (including barriers). Mastery: Savant - Mana regeneration bonus is greatly increased out of combat. Passive: Temporal Protection - You enter a time frozen state while using Evocation, becoming immune to damage. Passive: Blast Mastery - Using Arcane Blast at 0 charges grants 2 Arcane Charges Talent: Words of Power - Now gives a flat increased 5% chance instead of 1% per 20% mana unspent. Talent: Charged Up - Grants the user 33% of their maximum mana when used. Talent: Erosion - Each stack also grants an additional 1% chance to activate Arcane Missiles when attacking the target. Talent: Arcane Orb - Also grants a charge of Arcane Missiles per target hit. Talent: Overpowered - Also causes Arcane Blast to reduce the cooldown of Evocation by 0.5 seconds per current charges when used (2 seconds at 4 charges per cast of Arcane Blast). Passive: Arcane Renewal - You regain 3% of your max health for each Arcane Charge you spend.Vasmi20 5d
6d Frost Mage PvP Why did they remove Deep Freeze from Frost spec and let Fire mages keep Dragon's Breath!? Why!? Overall, I'm disappointed in the balancing, AGAIN! (Meaning I'm probably gonna quit again and then come back in a year when casters don't get dumpstered on.)Zorthi0 6d
6d Arcane Missiles Proc Chance Questions Hi Fellow Mages, I wanted to re-post some questions from Reddit regarding arcane missiles. Thank you to karatous1234 who thought of asking first: "Arcane Missile has a 15% chance to proc from casting a spell, but its doubled the chance on Arcane Blast. Looking at the Lv15 Arcane talent - Words of Power does that apply to the 15% base, or apply to the 30% after the game notices you're casting Arcane Blast? Additionally, looking at the Arcane Mage Artifact staff, and its artifact trait - Ethereal Sensitivity it grants an extra 3% proc chance. Would this be applied to the 15% (thus making the double effect for blast 36%) or would it apply after the double effect on Blast, making it 33% And finally, (this is a mess) the tier 19 2 piece for Arcane gives an extra 5% proc, so same question. Do we know if that goes before for after the doubling on Blast." If no one knows, I might try some trails to find out. Thanks All!Whitewinters9 6d
6d Archmage Vargoth Question I know bodyguard's damage scales with their item level, but for people who don't actually follow you around, but instead give you an ability, does their ability's power increase as well? I guess this would be relevant to Kalec too, but I was mainly curious if the damage boost you get from Vargoth's Intellect would go up as well. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate some help with this.Alhrin1 6d
6d Cauterizing Blink Nerf lololol? What justification could there possibly be to completely ruin any sort of survivability fire has? Compare the self heals EVERY other dps has to our cauterizing blink and its very obvious this is stupid. Nerf it inside BGs/Arena or w/e but don't ruin any sort of soloing ability the spec has with this idiotic change.Wyndoor27 6d
6d Polymorph variant macros Does anyone know how you switch which polymorph variant is used in macros? For some reason my arena 123 macros are set to monkey and I have no idea how to switch them.Sevenpolys0 6d
6d Thank you Blizzard For making temporal shield not share a cooldown with ice barrier. Now it is actually a useful ability and i can actually have a chance at surviving. Resubbed my account. Also thank you for nerfing overpowered rogues/dh. Game is looking a lot better now.Biolojik28 6d
6d Arcane legendary I was doing mythic Violet Hold last night and the game decided to give me my first legendary...yay me! But it's weird...I was fire and my loot spec was set to current spec (fire) but the legendary it gave me was the arcane pants (the one where arcane barrage gives you back mana per charge spent). I'm not one to complain about a legendary...can't say no to that 895 item level...but it seems odd to give me one that wasn't my current spec. And arcane is a tad lackluster at the moment. Has this happened to anyone else?Eisenhart0 6d
6d Fire mage 4 shot combo ! hansol is awesome ill prolly never be that good lolCrimsonitaa5 6d
6d Frost PvE and Shatter :'( By now, I imagine most Mages have seen the statistics that confirm what we all knew for a while: Frost is basically unplayable in PvE in any serious sense. I believe a large portion of this weakness is due to our defining trait, Shatter, being entirely blanked against Bosses. I don't know any other spec in the game that has such a huge, class-defining characteristic completely mean 0 in PvE. I could be wrong, I'm not claiming to be an expert on every class in every situation. But this is like telling Assassination Rogues that Bosses are Immune to Bleeds. The very class description revolves around "shattering" enemies with frost magic. Why can't we Shatter bosses? Why can't Freeze, Frost Nova, and Ice Nova just place a debuff on a boss that is eaten up after two/three Frost crits? Frost is the only spec I've ever played where you queue a dungeon, and suddenly your coolest thing just doesn't work. "Ugh, let's just get through this boss so I can Shatter mobs again" is not a fun playstyle.Snaredlol16 6d
6d The Lich King speaks to Fire Mages? I was just doing world quests in Azsuna and the Lich King started talking to me through the sword, I was curious if anyone else has experienced this?Mentalfrost8 6d
6d Arcane in Emerald Nightmare As expected sub-par DPS (middle/bottom of charts) from both arcane mages in our raid. Fire mage was almost always at the top of the charts on trash and bosses.Baztax60 6d
6d Uhmmm What? Cauterizing Blink: Activating Blink heals you for -4.8%- 2.4% of your maximum health over 6 sec. Thats a nice nerf to the no survivability we have in PvP. Like whats the reasoning behind this? We can't get away from the already op melee classes that'll kill us in under 10s, and we can barely get any damage off to hit them in the first place, unless we spam instants. Dragons Breath is currently useless in PvP other than for damage reasons, everything breaks it, it never broke off of DoTs, and now all of a sudden it breaks from 1 Ignite tick? Its a useless cc now, might as well give it no cc, and reduce the cooldown on it. But nerfing our self healing in which we really need? 14% 3/3 over 6 seconds is great, its not totally enough, however now its around 7% over 6 seconds... that's absolutely nothing. I know 7.1 isn't going to be for a while and things may change but.. I don't get it.Fåelystiri9 6d
6d Fire Floaty Balls These don't match my transmog. Please help blizzard sosShady2 6d
6d Mage is garbage? Leveled a rogue and DH to 110 so far, now I have a 103 hunter and mage (lol). All these other classes I have can pull infinite mobs and like instantly aoe them down and come out fine, or blow up single mobs instantly, while my mage is just garbage. My arcane blast with 4 charges hits for less (!!!) than an aimed shot on my hunter of the same level, like WTF? Not to mention that my mage actually OOMs and my hunter has infinite focus basically. Don't even want to get started on the melees Also fire seems to be just as bad if not worse. Just spamming 22k fireballs while my hunter can hit 99k noncrit aimed shots, it has barrage and sidewinders -> marked shot for killing infinite mobs, etc..Kåmi39 6d
6d Fire or Feral for PvP Hi all, I tried researching to help my decision, but it seems the only people that post are people that absolutely think the class sucks, so I figured I'd give in and just ask. I have a huge problem with commitment and find my arms war quite boring to play, so I am thinking of rerolling. I will mainly be gunning for PvP. I am torn between a Feral Druid or Fire Mage. I enjoy the play-style of both, but am torn between which would be more viable overall in BG & 3v3. Which does more burst? Which relies more heavily on a teammate(s)? I'll be posting this on both forums, will be interesting to see the replies. Thanks in advance! P.S. I probably would have chosen Druid if the class hall wasn't so lame (to me), such a generic forest-y fairieland.Xienyi8 6d
6d Fix Ray Of Frost Please! When i first saw the ray of frost talent was going to be in the game i thought this is really good design. Everyone knows mages lose to people sprinting away out of line or sight and wearing mages down. I've been complaining since i first used it in pvp. Why can druids instantly shapeshift in and out to cancel the long channel time? Like honestly? They already can out of snares and are immune to poly. Instead of Ray of frost a possible counter play for people running away with no cooldown up to stop it which is how it should have been designed. Instead classes can shapeshift anytime and cancel it instantly.... PLEASE ANYONE?Jeepersthree5 6d
6d Fixing Frost I have a couple damage boosting and quality of life ideas to boost this spec up more. Expand on the artifact weapon black ice upgrade. First, the black ice icicles should show up above the mages head as black icicles, and when they combine into a glacial spike, the resultant spike should be a darker shade of color depending on the number of black ice icicles combined into the final structure. This is all cosmetic though, if ANY of the icicles that combine into the final glacial spike happen to be black ice upgraded, the spike should PIERCE the target and lodge itself in the chest dealing frozen dot damage each second from 2-10s (2s per black ice icicle). To get a visual, use Gray Fullbuster as facing Mard Geer as an example. After he was anointed with devil slaying magic, this is the result. This is after all an expansion focused on repelling a demon invasion, it could not fit any more perfectly with the theme. This is both a damage upgrade for frost, and a really cool visual idea. flurry... This should be changed to an instant cast like fireblast with multiple charges. Moreover, each of the three blasts of the ability should add a 2s debuff that makes ALL frost spells that hit the target be considered frozen. That's 6s to hit the target with things like a shatter empowered glacial spike or other frost spells. This more consistent synergy with glacial spike will increase damage. In pvp, the flurry ability should be altered where it loses 20% of its slow but gains a debuff on the target that prevents movement abilities (i.e. dashes, heroic leaps, shadowstep ports) they can still walk, but this near INFINITE mobility of melee needs to be tamped down, and this would make frost a bit harder to just IGNORE our slows and snares, get hit by one of these and all that mobility will be diminished for a time. The duration? No less than 6s, they can still walk to you, just not teleport a dagger into your eyeball every half second like rogues currently. the pvp version of frozen orb should be the standard version, double damage and being able to place it at a target location is superior to the standard version in every way. The talented blizzard should be the standard blizzard, and in it's place should be where the comet ability is, but change it to a channel for 8s where a wave of comets rains down each second. Haste increases the rate of comets over time of course. This would go a long way to allowing frost to have better AoE, which is not ideal now. That is all I have for now, there are other ideas, but that is a good start. EDIT: I forgot frosts mastery. Each percent in mastery should increase the chance an icicle is a black ice icicle by 1% (in addition to the other stuff it already does). This way the more mastery you get, the higher percentage your icicles are double damage. The exact numbers can be tweaked, but this is a mastery buff to be less low damage.Jonaléth5 6d
6d Aegwynn I really liked the story about the guardian Aegwynn and wielding Aluneth but was disappointed that I couldn't find her grave at Morgan's Plot. It would have been cool if Aluneth had something to say about her.Fugs4 6d
6d Frostbite in PvP Does anybody like this in PvP? I do like it, however the DRs are insane. In arena for instance, since it can proc off of your frost armor, a rogue whacking you on your back will proc this effect at least once. This means that when you go to frost nova or pet nova him, it will have a reduced effect. This can be crappy - sometimes your frost nova ends up only rooting him in place for 1 second. Anybody else have any experience with this or have any thoughts?Hyper9 6d
6d Arcane in it's current state Okay, so I play fire on alliance and arcane as horde. The developers seriously can't be happy with how arcane is performing right now. It's ridiculous. The play style is like a spit in the face. The only way to be relevant is to NT (nether tempest) spam for missile procs as to stack quickening. This rotation is so painful that I honestly can't believe it made it into live. Not to mention arcane is performing horrible (without NT spam and even then its meh). I'd love to know what the devs want to do to fix this playstyle and class. I would suggest making Nether Tempest no longer proc missiles and bring the talents in line and then buff what needed to be buff'd to bring the class itself in line. Would love to know what the other arcane mages think about this the state of the spec.Muladhara31 6d