Website Bug Report

Oct 11 Login Looping with Chrome Browser on Forums We are aware of an issue affecting some Google Chrome users where trying to log in on the Forums may result in the login process looping forever. Makes it hard to browse/post! :( Google has an update scheduled for October 18th (Version 54) that will resolve this issue. On the 18th, please update your Chrome application by opening the menu and selecting Help > About Google Chrome. In the meantime, we recommend using another browser until this update is released if you are affected by this issue.Glaxigrav0 Oct 11
Oct 29, 2010 Forum Guidelines and Reminders Welcome to the Website Bug Reports forum! Please report any issues you may experience while using the new World of Warcraft community site in this forum. Community forums work best when participants treat their fellow posters with respect and courtesy, so we ask that you take the time to read through the forum Code of Conduct ( and guidelines ( before posting. Important Reminders: Search The search function at the top of the World of Warcraft community site is extremely effective and robust. Before you create a new forum topic, please be use it to search for similar topics, blog posts, or web pages that may contain the answer for which you are looking. Making a new thread on an existing subject can result in your thread being deleted or, if you continue to re-post the same content, the loss of your forum privileges for spamming. Rating The forum rating system can be used to promote positive discussion, demote unhelpful comments, and even report posts that violate the forum Code of Conduct. By hovering over a post you'll be presented with several options, including a "thumbs up" (Like) and a "thumbs down" (Dislike) icon. Clicking the "thumbs up" icon will rate the post up. If enough people like a post, it will gain a Highly Rated status and appear at the top of related search results. Highly Rated posts will also have a highlighted background. Clicking the "thumbs down" icon will expand a drop-down menu which will include "Dislike," "Trolling, "Spam" and "Report" options. "Dislike" will rate the post down. If enough people dislike a post, it will be darkened, and with a lot of dislikes it will be hidden completely. You can also quickly report a post as trolling or spam, or use the report function to fill out a more comprehensive description of a violation. Please note that you can only rate each post once. Use your power wisely to help foster a positive and helpful forum community. Have fun posting on these forums, and good luck with your adventures in Azeroth!Lylirra1 Oct 29, 2010
Sep 10 Meet Baardoch We have a goal to provide more updates, feedback, and clarity around issues that pertain to our website and forums. With that in mind, please say hello to Baardoch. Baardoch has been at Blizzard for many years, first in our Customer Support group, and now as a Program Manager on our Web team. I've personally enjoyed working with him on the new website and forums for the last few months, and I'm really glad that he's here to talk to you in this forum.Kaivax4 Sep 10
Oct 19 Current Web Armory Profile issues Hey everyone, Since there have been a few threads on similar topics and I wanted to consolidate the discussion and acknowledge that we are aware of the issues the community is seeing. Character Levels, stats and items not updating: In Progress We have identified issues with character profiles that are preventing them from updating properly. We applied a partial fix yesterday, so some of you may begin seeing characters update once you logout. We are close to a larger solution, but I don’t have a firm ETA yet. Character images and portraits not updating: In Progress We’re currently working with the game team to figure out the root cause and implement a solution so that you can return to seeing your Character in all their Legion glory. Demon Hunter weapons not showing: In Progress We believe that we have some solutions in place as a part of the larger Character Image update, and it should roll out at the same time as the image and portrait updates. We don’t have an ETA on when exactly to share right now, but we’ll try to provide an update when we can I wanted to make sure I shared some information on the issues in the interest of ongoing transparency and I’m hoping to keep this updated as we as we go. Please continue to report items here and we’ll make sure to take a look.Baardoch53 Oct 19
1h Armory When is the Armory planning on being fixed?Jagermeistr3 1h
1d T19 displaying wrong skin in Armory Hello, Long-time readers of the website bug report forum may remember the problems with T17 skins from BRF breaking in the Armory. The issue was that Heroic and Mythic skins looked like Normal in the Armory, which made everyone who developed careful transmogs look like clowns. Myself and many others were ecstatic to discover that this problem, first identified in February 2015, was finally fixed in August 2016 with the launch of Legion. But guess what? I was milling around with my guild in Heroic Emerald Nightmare and picked up some T19-lookalike shoulders off Cenarius. They are the Heroic skin, with bright blue icicles jutting out everywhere. But in the Armory? They take on the golden hue of the Normal skin. The exact same problem that we had with T17 is now being reproduced, once again, in T19. Considering that the timeframe for past resolution was 19 months, I can only hope this issue is fixed sometime before March 2018.Zargus2 1d
1d Cannot Search for myself on here Seems to work on WoW Armory App, but if I try to search myself here on the forums it just doesn't seem to find me. I know it takes a while if you Faction/Server change, but it's been over a month at this point. I was Horde before, and I can actually still find my Horde former self from a month ago. What to do?Suhdeaux0 1d
2d Sunsong Ranch plows Returning player farming motes of harmony on 5 characters but the plows on each do not work. I have to till each spot by hand. Any help or suggestions welcome. Thank you.Szyna0 2d
2d Guild doesn't show up on armory The guild <Super Sand Legend> on US-Azgalor (US-Connected Thunderlord) doesn't show up on the armory, which causes it to not show up on raiding progress websites. The guild was created on November 18, 2014.Dumper1 2d
2d New PVP leaderboards lost functionality Why did you change the PVP leaderboards website where you lost mostly all of the useful functionality? How do I filter by class? How do I filter by spec? Those were the ONLY reasons I used that page, to see how certain classes/specs were performing by looking at the number of players of a given class/spec that were highly rated....Aew10 2d
2d New Halloween rings not showing on character It shows you are using no ring and drops your stats to match. I have an 835 ring from the horseman which now registers as blank and drops my stats from 809 to 758Sheerbliss2 2d
2d Legendaries missing from guild news feed No longer seeing legendary items on the guild news feed, neither on the guilds armory page or through the API. Items prior to and following the legendaries are there, so it is updating, just skipping the legendaries. 2d
3d I'm really sick of the forum eating posts. I spend a good little while typing up a post of a few issues I'd like answered, and when I go to post it, I never get redirected to the post of the thread. Instead, I get redirected to the main forum. Where has my post gone? To the damned Twisting Nether, that's where it's gone. It never shows up. Now, I have to try and recall what I posted and spend even MORE time trying to get my questions on the forums for people to answer. This is absolutely infuriating. Most forums have a draft system that auto-saves posts. I suggest you adopt it. Or else take steps to make sure crap like this doesn't happen.Caladoran0 3d
3d Can't submit hacks reports After filling out all the fields, nothing seems to happen after I click the submit button.Forums0 3d
4d Total likes/dislikes - not on mobile So.... I see in the website patch notes that on mouse hover of a posts score, you can supposedly see the total likes and dislikes..... I can't tell if it works because there's no way to see it on mobile. Which is bizarre since the forums have been redesigned specifically for mobile responsiveness. Does on hover work if the score is at 0 (equal amount of likes and dislikes)? Suggestion (I've made this request before)- show both all the time. Both thumbs up and down next to each other. I believe this will also help people who get discouraged when they post valid threads ans can only see downvotes. Not knowing they see 50 down votes but they also got 40 upvotes.Melianthe0 4d
4d Some Legion reps not showing on Armory The Nightfallen and Valajar are not showing on Armory for my Horde characters Is showing OK for my Alliance Characters eg: But not my Horde ones eg: 4d
5d Web site blue bars on sides Hello, So ever since the overhaul of the wow site, when i open it in google chrome, there are blue bars down each side, like 2-3 inches wide which block out most of the site and links. The left one is empty, just blue, but the right one has like log in options and links to click for other blizzard games/sites. If i open in internet explorer i dont have this problem but cant close it or get rid of it in chrome. Any help is appreciated! here it is 5d
6d Can't log in to forums using Chrome This is a weird one, and it's happened one time before - which seemed to be fixed by a Chrome update. Not this time! Up until yesterday I could post, reply and upvote/downvote on the forums as normal - and then suddenly, literally when going to another topic, the option to do any of that was gone. Instead of seeing my "posting as" icon top right, I see "Your Account". And selecting "Log In" takes me to the login page where I type my email and password and, instead of being taken to the "now authenticate" page, it just reloads the "enter email and password" page with my email filled in and the password blank. Previously when shenanigans like this started happening with the forums (once in a blue moon), I'd just hit "account management" from the app to re-log in automatically without having to deal with the authentication step. Now, that logs me into my account management just fine in Chrome, but the forums still refuse to let me log in. So here I am in Microsoft Edge, of all things, because it's the only way I can post to report this! ;) For the tech types over in forumland, by the way, my current version of Chrome is: Version 54.0.2840.34 beta-m (64-bit) (Yes, I'm on the beta channel and no, I can't just switch to the non-beta channel without complete uninstall/reinstall/etc; it should not be an issue anyway.)Audrena26 6d
6d Forum changes to promote interactivity We do know the Devs do read our posts on our forums but some how due to the lack to replies in the forums often we felt ignore...this tend to lead to a lot unhappiness and anger. To be fair we can't expect to have the Devs to constantly reply to forums posts. I might would like to suggest adding feature of having a blue tick shown on the corner of a post when a dev glanced through our post. This feature is something similar to how Whatsapp (not sure how many people use Whatsapp in the states) indicates when someone has read a text message that you have sent. This way at the very least players who places their posts on the forum are able to know "Hey! a dev read my post".Lesbomancy0 6d
6d Crimson Vile It's only healing me for about 16-19% when it says heals me for 30%.Jingelbel0 6d
6d Forum post deleted? I made a detailed forum post over at the guild recruitment thread, however, after I clicked "Create Topic" I'm unable to see it. Is there anyway to get it back? It says I have 10 posts, however, when I check my post history I only see 9. Any idea? :/Aedyn2 6d
Oct 20 Emperor Dagran Bio on Battlenet is incorrect This is a fairly small issue but Emperor Dagran Thaurissan's biography on Battlenet is the same as Ambassador Flamelash's. I'm not sure if Princess Moira Bronzebeard is supposed to have her own as well but it has the same issue. I really enjoy reading about these bosses so hopefully this is an easy fix, thanks!Rhalt1 Oct 20
Oct 20 My progress got lost in DS LFR Hi, I have already completed the raid "Dragon Soul" in LFR but i realized that in my profile ( the progress got lost in that mode, you can check my achievements (example when we did it and wiped... or the same day when i completed that raid in LFR), you can check the dates and verify it, i hope you could tell me why this is happening and correct it in my profile. This error has been happening since 6 or 7 months ago. Thanks in advance.Daviddo13 Oct 20
Oct 20 Event Rings not showing up on Armory I have 2 of the rings that drop off the Horseman during the Hallow's End event currently equipped & they just show as blank spots when you view my character in the armory. No big, just figured I would let someone know.Lorrimar2 Oct 20
Oct 19 Role appropriate loot from faction chests Just received An'she's Infusion of Light (INT trinket) from a Highmountain Tribute chest while loot was set to Retribution spec on my paladin. Is this intended?Fîré0 Oct 19
Oct 19 I cant search my own Character in Website anyone got any idea why i cant search my own character in website. it show me error and result not foundXautumn3 Oct 19
Oct 19 WoW Auction House App price error I was searching through the AH for a ring to purchase. I found a 845 ring with a socket listed for 13000g. When I bought it, it charged me 130,000g!! Something is wrong My confirmation to buy was also 13,000g so it wasn't a blunder on my part. Is this a reported issue? Please advise as that 130,000g is a big deal for me ATM.Jymbic0 Oct 19
Oct 18 Blizzard Website - Blinding White Flash This happens only on chrome which is what I use regularly. Every navigation to will cause a blinding white light for 0.1 sec on my monitor. For example, if I refresh this page, the page will appear white for 0.1 seconds, and then everything loads. Is this happening to anyone else? Super annoying while browsing forums during the night time.Leredditarmy10 Oct 18
Oct 18 Proposed change to like/dislike system Instead of showing the likes/dislikes of a post combined into one number, they should be separate. If someone has zero likes and 30 dislikes, then that's very different from 500 likes and 530 dislikes. In the first one, it's pretty unanimous that nobody likes the post, but in the second one the community is split. I think that both should be shown to give a more fair view of the feedback people are giving through the like/dislike buttons. (this is obviously not a bug, I just didn't know where else to post this)Redder0 Oct 18
Oct 17 Cannot Post on Forums Bug: Very Odd! Dear Bug Report Staff: I thought I would report something very odd. I don't know if this belongs here, in the technical support forum or the bug report forum. I place it here because this seems like a really major bug. If I google "world of warcraft", click on the link and go to forums I cannot post. What happens is it says I "must create a character in game in order to post" Instead of my character icon, there is just a world of warcraft "W". I can read the forums fine but cannot post in any fashion. Obviously, I have a work around, as I am posting here. This is what I must do: I do not google "World of Warcraft" I google "Eldre Thalas forum". That link comes up and takes me to my server forum and there I do have my character icon and the ability to post. If I go from there to general forums or any other forum I can post. As an aside, I note when I google world of warcraft and go to the forum and cannot post I also have discovered that my server forum for Eldre Thalas is nowhere to be found. I don't know what to make of this. It is very odd. In any event, that is my report. I hope it is helpful to fix the problem or at least informs other players of the work around. Best Regards, RastlinRastlin0 Oct 17
Oct 16 Character not showing up on website This character, Xendu on Kilrogg server, cannot be found on the world of warcraft website. It is also not updating that I am not in Knights of Freedom guild anymore that I left several days ago.Xendu0 Oct 16
Oct 16 New Armory The new Wow Armory ( Is terrible. Where is the class/spec Filter Why can't we see the class spec of a player in while listed Why would Blizzard downgrade their armory, just for appearance? 1. Less functions 2. Less details 3. Everything zoomed like it's meant for my phone (adjusted to 75% to look normal) Why? Note: when things like this happens, other people create what what you are missing. AKA, someone will now create a website with the details that are missing on your armory. Oct 16
Oct 14 Unable To Edit Thread Titles Was going to update my guild's title, in the guild recruitment section, but there appears to be no way to change it anymore.Manager117 Oct 14
Oct 14 Color of bolded font It's not really a bug, but the color of the font when bolded is basically astraight white, compared to whatever slightly less bright off white is normally used and it's quite disruptive, even uncomfortable, contrasted against the darker background. It would be neat if it could be made the same color as the normal font. For demonstration purposes.Nixxia0 Oct 14
Oct 13 [Request] Relics/Talents added to Artifact UI It would be nice if we could see what relics a player has in their artifact (as well as their artifact point spread) on both the mobile and web armoury. As far as seeing relics this could function like gems added to slotted gear does. then just have a separate option near player talents to see artifact points. I believe in you Web Development Team! You can do it!Cowzerker0 Oct 13
Oct 13 Unable to use the Remote Auction House Hello, For a week or so I have been unable to use the remote auction house. When I try to buy or sell items, the page cycles back to the origin and none of the bids/posts go through. The javascript has errors, so i'm guessing this is what is causing it. I've tried enabling popups, allowing all javascript and insecure connections (just for this site), as well as Safari, Firefox and Chrome all with the same result. Is this a known issue? is there a work around?Juanis2 Oct 13
Oct 13 Timewarped gear ilvl bugged on armory again. Recently got the Hourglass of the Unraveller, timewarped, warforged, ilvl 835 in game, however on the site it still shows as 675 and giving it it's old stats, making askmrrobot and other sims not work correctly when gear is included.Daarìo1 Oct 13
Oct 13 Price up no humans around Need help, I pay 6 months at a time, while I spend the last hour on the Battlenet site as will as other places, I can not find any information to get a hold of anyone, left several tickets anywhere I can find, the auto call thing does not work, the online support does not work. so.. 1) why did Blizzard raise my rates... only been around since BC.. seems fair.. 2) what is wrong with the website? Why is nothing working in the support area? 3) how do you expect real people to get real answers? You are charging my more then I have ever paid, thanks to online banking I have the proof you raised the rate without any warning to me.. this seem legal? Please someone that works here respond and tell me what to do to speak to a real human.. Think I will post everywhere in the hopes someone contacts me.. ThanksRedseal0 Oct 13
Oct 12 Thank you Blizz! Can Use Forums Now! Thank you blizzard for addressing the issue of people with banned accounts connected to their not being able to post to the forums on their main accounts. I accidentally added an old wow account to my that I didn't realize had been banned, and support could not remove it for some reason or other. Never bothered me before until the site update and the new bug where you couldn't post or reply if you had a banned account tied to account. Thank you for fixing!!! Much appreciated. Unclebender0 Oct 12
Oct 12 Report Post Error It appears that the message to go with a report of a forum post will only accept a certain number of characters (250? -- 261 failed repeatedly, 246 succeeded first try). That part is fine, but what is not fine is that: a) there is no indication that there is a max length before you submit, b) the report errors out with a generic message (still no max length indication), and c) the textbox is cleared so you'd have to retype it all if you wanted to try again -- which may result in the same error because of a and b.Kirsia0 Oct 12
Oct 11 2v2 ladder has no results The 2v2 leaderboard[1] hasn't been populated since Legion season one started a couple days ago (the 3v3 and RBG leaderboards are populated, though the latter currently has 12k+ entries instead of the typical ~5000). Perhaps this is intentional, but if so it should be removed as an option on the leaderboards page instead of saying "There are no results to display." [1] Oct 11
Oct 11 Legions "Release schedule" page incorrect Good afternoon! On the page The information about dates for Raids unlocking (raid finder) Are incorrect. ... Wing two has already been unlocked for a week, and wing 3 will be unlocked tomorrow? the 11th See you in game! -ScottManiacalz1 Oct 11
Oct 11 Characters not showing in armory I've been using the armory fairly frequently in the past few weeks to check other players' characters and guilds on my server when I run into them in-game. Those guilds and characters constantly aren't showing up in armory when I use the search feature. Never seen this problem before and its happening a lot. I think it might be a problem with the search feature. Some characters that haven't shown up by using search, I've managed to track down by searching a different character in their guild and find the original player I was looking for on the guild page. So their character is in the database, but the search feature isn't displaying them when I type their name.Lauroria1 Oct 11
Oct 11 News RSS Feed does not work the news rss feed does not appear to work any more. The page links to a feed that hasn't been updated since the switch to the new site. can this be updated please?Prettiestman1 Oct 11
Oct 9 Unresponsive page Ever since the new forums I've gotten slow/freezing pages and on Chrome it says "unresponsive page" message. It only happens on this website. Is there a new script or something? I have my browser updated to the latest. No idea why this is happeningFaerilea0 Oct 9
Oct 8 Fel rush disconnect Fel rush, move camera slightly, disconnect. Has been hapenning to me a lot lately.Killarys0 Oct 8
Oct 7 Duplicated xstoken cookie Hello guys, Everytime I try to access the auction house web I notice that system creates two times the same cookie, xstoken, one for path / and another for path /wow. This makes impossible to buy anything, redirecting all attempts to the first page of the auction house with the message: "The page you're viewing is not yet available on the new World of Warcraft website. Sorry for the inconvenience!" So I have to delete the cookie from path /, refresh the tab and then I'm able to buy again. Could you please tell the devs about that? I'm pretty sure it's simple to fix : ) Thank you in advance!Furiouslock1 Oct 7
Oct 7 Deleted character still in character list So I deleted this character, the one I'm posting on, a year or more ago. It still showing in my character list on the website and the armory app. Any way to get rid of it? I've tried creating new characters with the same name and realm but when I delete them this one shows back up.Kowatara2 Oct 7
Oct 7 Main Account Unable to Post/Reply to Forums I have been unable to post or reply on the forums for over three weeks now using my main account. If I try to create a new topic, a Log In button will pop up, but it does nothing but refresh the page. If I log in on the home page (not forums home, wow home) and I go to the forums, it doesn't even show the little "Posting as:" thingy at the top. I talked to a GM and he/she pretty much said "lol sorry we can't fix it." Really?!?Mumush5 Oct 7