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Oct 29, 2010
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"Change Character" section slowing page loads I noticed that several people - myself included - have been experiencing slower page load times since the forums got a facelift. I looked at Chrome's F12 dev tools and noticed that there were a lot of JavaScript requests hitting on each page load. After looking closer at the JavaScript, I realised that the time wasted was being spent on getting my toons' profile pictures. It looks like these requests are done synchronously, as shown here: Additionally, the images that are pulled from the render API service do not appear to have any cache headers associated with them whatsoever, meaning that they are redownloaded on each and every subsequent page load. Between the synchronous loading and the lack of caching, I can see why some players in particular would be complaining about performance on the new forums, especially if they're altoholics. :P IMO, it would be best to make these requests asynchronous and then have some sort of caching in place. You could either have short cache expiry limits (I noticed that most avatars have their cache expiry set to 180), or you could re-validate cached images on new page loads. Either way, there's some low-hanging fruit there that should massively speed up page loads. :) Kodiack1
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Missing Forum Features So I noticed a few features missing from the new forum setup that I feel need to be addressed, or at least have their absence acknowledged, since they have an impact on Class Forums specifically. If this thread doesn't belong here, I'll happily move the conversation elsewhere. Renaming Threads I can understand why this may have been intentionally removed, however maintaining, say, class guides within Class Forums relies on this a lot, as its easier to just reuse a stickied guide's stickied state to ensure that the latest guide is at the top of the forums, rather than trying to get the old thread unstickied and the new thread stickied. For example, having written a 7.0 guide, I'd now need to make a new thread for a 7.1 guide because that guide now permanently says "7.0". I can't necessarily assume that new players or players looking for such content would look into a thread that seems outdated by virtue of its name. More an issue for already established guides, but given the amount of guides already written, especially in the Warlock forums, this is going to cause some unnecessary headaches. Requesting Stickies As far as I can tell there is no longer an option to request a sticky on a thread. Again, Class Forums have been a good source for guides, but without bumping threads and possibly having them deleted or locked due to forum rules, there's currently no way for us to ensure that players see that guide without breaking forum rules. This is going to be prohibiting when trying to make the Class Forums a good source of information since any helpful guides will fall of the front page in a day without discussion, which is uncommon for most guide threads. I feel like in the midst of implementing the new forum style, which appears like the Overwatch forums, that this may have been accidentally hidden, so I'm hoping that's a rather easy issue to address. Aldeen8
[BUG] Armory does not show character model. I have had this issue since the first day the new armory was released. I ignored it earlier because I figured the site was still being developed, but now I realize that I was wrong. This is what I see. A big black box instead of my or any other toon model. I know there is a toon under that box because when i load the armory, for a split seconds I cna see a model there posed however the owner posed it. Then this big black box appears and blocks it all. I removed Adblock Plus and that did not help. Anyone experience this? Anyone have any idea how to fix it? Trombone18
Official site takes me to europe Dear guys from blizzard I'm from Chile and I usually visit the site in spanish but, right now, is taking me to the route /es-es which is Europe's Spain site, and when I click on "forum" it takes me to Europe's forum which is wrong. I'm sure this will happen to many people, and it's because Google Chrome has "Spain Spanish" by default, even when you download it from latin america, so the site needs to use user's country as reference and not browser's, this was fine on previos game site but it's wrong in the new one. Greetings. Gulva10
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Issues I have with the new layout 1) Everything is gigantic. I understand it is likely for mobile friendly purposes, but holy's a little TOO big everywhere. Chrome saves zoom settings per site, but you still have to do that on all of your PCs/devices. I'm also not the biggest fan of someone being able to read the page I'm viewing from 100 yards away...WoW forum users aren't always the most professional of posters :P 2) No bread crumb navigation at the bottom. When you post, the page doesn't refresh to the top, it stays on your post (not a bad thing). But having to scroll up, hit 'home', etc etc seems unnecessary when navigation bread crumbs have been on your forums forever. 3) Transparency seems to differ slightly browser to browser, and the green part isn't the easiest to read on. 4) Parent forum thread listing page doesn't show most recent poster, just original poster. 5) You cannot get to the last page of a thread without clicking it unless you've posted in it before. And the fact that you've posted in it before is saved client side it seems, so if you go to a different device you don't get the arrow. 6) Guild names no longer show on toons. If someone is posting something so abrasive that it might affect the reputation of a guild, people are going to click to view the person's profile any way. 7) the mini sub menu on the bread crumb to navigate to other forums is gone. This means that unless you have a forum bookmarked, you have to look at the forum listing page where image links to each forum is like 300x500pixels each...again, more gigantic things. I do like the icons for each forum, though :) I hope the pruning of these things wasn't to fulfill some "forum goers fantasy" ideal someone has. :P The in-game pruning was rough enough! Dangerjosh15
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Report Post Function Bugged Since the change today the Report Post function is broken. I can select the report option and type up my description of the infraction however submitting it results in "Error Reporting" message. I have cleared cache and cookies Logged out and back in Windows 7 Firefox 47.0.1 (most up to date version) All scripts are enabled for bnet. Note that I do not have this issue on the OW forums which use the same software. Strawberries5