Website Bug Report

Aug 5 Spoiler Tag Is there a way to put spoiler tags around information within forum posts? I tried [spoiler] [/spoiler] but that doesn't seem to do anything.Marilata2 Aug 5
Aug 4 RAF linked but "no referrals" in act mgmt Last month i made a ticket and had a GM check to see the 2 accounts were linked as it shows in both accounts under management that there are no active RAF referrals . In game we are indeed linked as the summon friend ability and bonus xp is active. The GM said the accounts were linked just fine however it could be a web error and to submit it as a bug. Is there any work around for such a bug? How will I be able to select the RAF mount if it shows as no account linked?Grenne4 Aug 4
Aug 4 Character search showing duplicates Searching for the character "Rocksolidd". I know this person's toon is a warrior. However, for some reason the search was hyper simplified and only gives you "relevant results". I guess this now means that the only person I could care about is this hunter below, as blizzard so kindly offered his profile twice. From a design standpoint, I would recommend a "Top 2" or "Top 3" view like you already have, but also have a button that allows me to see all characters with the same name across all realms. I feel really bad for people who use the built in name generator... I am not going to report this as a bug and also open a feature request, seeing as the two are linked. No sense in opening the same topic twice.Semiceri0 Aug 4
Aug 4 Floating Combat Text Floating combat is going! I don't have any add-ons running just the blizzard UI, but the heals floating text is still there .. Any help would great.. Thanks.Warpal1 Aug 4
Aug 4 [bug] Background video flickers... Environment: Chrome 52.0.2743.82 (64-bit) on OS X Version 10.9.5 build 13F1911 Reproduction: * Navigate to on os x in chrome * scroll from the top of the page down to trigger transition of the navigation * the background video has white flicker Expected: When scrolling on os x in chrome the background video should be smoothly transitioning. Actual: The background video transition but with some severe flashing on the user's screen. Aside: this seems to be happening around the same time the the div with SiteNav has SiteNav--thinFull appended to it.Mönch0 Aug 4
Aug 4 Armory is showing blacked out character both of my characters are not showing their models in the armory and they are just blacked out help?Frostpuff5 Aug 4
Aug 3 Transmog on Armory I'm currently using the tier 17 Mythic dk shoulders as part of my transmog in game, but on the armory they show up as the heroic version which are totally different and ruins the look of my character. :P Jw if that's a common issue and if there's anything I can do about it.Skulldugery4 Aug 3
Aug 3 Armory issue I cannot see players in the armory when I view their profile, only a shadow. It has been this way for some time now, when will this be fixed?Hampy1 Aug 3
Aug 3 Remote Auction House constantly refreshes Viewing what auctions I've got up, trying to post new ones, just sitting quietly looking at my bags, the AH screen randomly refreshes for no reason. Had this issue on both Firefox and Chrome, Win10 and Win7.Waveform0 Aug 3
Aug 3 <{[-_ Broken HTML Entries 4th edit still can't break HTML entries in title. Still can't edit the title thoBluspacecow0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Interactive Map? Thoughts about creating an interactive map. Almost like an atlas feature?Cromian0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Character Information should link for example the info found under Character Information should link to other parts of the site. i.e for human game page.Cromian0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Can't see home page on mobile (blue screen) Is anyone else having this issue? I'm completely unable to view anything on the wow home page using my phone. There's a giant blue box covering 90% of my screen, it seems to be a menu of some sort. Here's a link to a screenshot of what I'm talking about: ... This is occurring on an iPhone 5, running iOS 8.3, for context. I'm having the issue using both data (4+ bars of LTE) and wifi. Thanks for any info.Albertsmith0 Aug 3
Aug 3 Realm Status Inaccurate Hi, love the new site. Cant wait for the New Armory! The Realm Status displays all Realms up but they are all down ATM for maintenance. That is all.Gabbins1 Aug 3
Aug 3 Having Trouble seeing downvoted posts I am having trouble seeing downvoted posts. Many downvoted posts are not bad. The forums have enough trolls who downvote posts until they are faded, even if the post is correct and/or good. Is there a setting on my end where I can tell the website not to fade out the posts? It kinda hurts my eyes.Lynnaru11 Aug 3
Aug 3 New site only shows half my characters Yes, even when I select "view all characters". The new site character dropdown only shows six of my toons from the main page (and those six do not include the toon I'm currently logged in as).Ànyîng13 Aug 3
Aug 2 Character Image not appearing in Armory In my armory profile, my character image is blacked out, as well as in the thumbnail that appears when posting in the forums (like this post). Any help would be appreciated. I upgraded from Starter Edition about 5 days ago. I know this relates to something so I thought it pertinent.Alrikthecow1 Aug 2
Aug 2 Armory showing a silhouette on characters Per your own FAQ, Blizzard, the armory page for any of my characters should only show a silhouette for things like freshly made characters, or characters I haven't played in a long time. Yet I have multiple characters, including the one I'm making this post as, showing as a silhouette for a long time now, even though I log on those characters every single day, usually multiple times per day, and at all different times of day, both peak and off peak hours. I even logged in, unequipped a piece of gear, logged out, waited, logged back in, but that piece of gear back on, then logged out again. All in an attempt to force the armory to update. For bonus points, this same character I am making this post as does not show up in my "View All Characters" screen on the main page. There are already several threads of people posting the same thing, and it has nothing to do with my character having alt code in his name as other people are having the issue on characters with no alt codes. This thread isn't specifically about that, but I felt I should mention all the website issues I am having.Òrganoth0 Aug 2
Aug 2 How to link items? Such as on this post: The second poster links an item; how do we do this???Mattyfresh7 Aug 2
Aug 2 Unable to find my own posts Clicking on View Post History is currently giving me no results found. I've posted plenty both today, recently, as well as in the past.Cathbadh1 Aug 2
Aug 2 FireFox - Partial Fix! Post sequencing, quoting, and more are addressed in this Mozilla-approved partial fix for the crap Blizzard handed us. Run, do not walk to this guy's twitter and follow the link to the read-me and download. It works flawlessly. Hat tip to a CS Forum Lounge MVP. You can go there to see more if you wish to edify yourself regarding the author of this fix. GL, and bless ur little pea-pickin' hearts!Klaytu1 Aug 2
Aug 2 My Archimonde Kill is not showing up Killed Archimonde on Mythic last night in HFC. The achievement is showing up in the armory recent events logs, but hovering over the kill counter shows 0 kills. Wowprogress can't pick it up as a result.Marius0 Aug 2
Aug 2 What a waste... Dear Blizzard, First of all you should fire whoever designed this website. I know as a business owner I would. It is completely useless. Yes the background is cool but other than that this site is unusable. The armory doesn't work. I've spent hours trying to find my guild and the characters that belong to friends, with no luck. My own characters don't even show up in the "My Characters" tab. WTH?Pùrê1 Aug 2
Aug 2 Website Search Bugs Whenever i search for something on the home page search bar it turns up little to no results. Eg. i search for "Caiti" (an alt) and it will only show 2, that are not mine. I KNOW there are at least 3 servers that also have that character. Also it will only show 6 forum results.Praxïs0 Aug 2
Aug 2 It's Hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. The Website, It's Hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. /in voice of the republican nominee for president. /please fix.Mugosbomba4 Aug 2
Aug 1 Inception-isque voting window When I click on one of the option and click vote. It open a FULL second world of warcraft main page inside that voting area. With support/account name and all. Just awkward! I am on Window 10 on firefox.Vyndicu0 Aug 1
Aug 1 Bug with thread starter. It's early. Can't apparently make a coherent title just yet. Regardless. I'll add this to the rest of the forum bugs. Can't edit the original post of my thread after this forum update which will get in the way of guild recruitment.Velum0 Aug 1
Aug 1 Official site takes me to europe Dear guys from blizzard I'm from Chile and I usually visit the site in spanish but, right now, is taking me to the route /es-es which is Europe's Spain site, and when I click on "forum" it takes me to Europe's forum which is wrong. I'm sure this will happen to many people, and it's because Google Chrome has "Spain Spanish" by default, even when you download it from latin america, so the site needs to use user's country as reference and not browser's, this was fine on previos game site but it's wrong in the new one. Greetings.Gulva11 Aug 1
Aug 1 Can't log into sites using Chrome There is no error messages, the login screen just refreshes every time I try to log into Bnet. It works on other browsers though. I've tried clearing cache and stuff already. Thanks.Kythor0 Aug 1
Jul 31 MoP short stories missing I posted this in the story thread as well, and I hope this is a better place for it. I went to the new WoW site and for some reason all the short stories pre-WoD are completely missing. The Cata ones I can understand as Blizz is trying to sell Paragons maybe, and anyways they are saved elsewhere. But why the MoP ones? They were really good and important lore that helped enjoy the game. The authors must have worked hard on them. Why are they, and the video series (though it is on YouTube still I hope) competed removed? I can honestly think of no justification. I simply don't understand it. So please Blizz, can you give us back the short stories? They were fantastic pieces of literature and lore, and made the game world more rich.Saeyokotan1 Jul 31
Jul 31 Website suggestion Can you guys put something on the forum that indicates which posts you have read and replied in. I know it does this, but if someone else posts in it changes back to the same coloration as all the "other" threads and gets lost. PS this may be in the wrong place, but I'm okay with that.Froststrike0 Jul 31
Jul 31 Add breadcrumbs to bottom of forum post page There needs to be breadcrumb links on the bottom of forum posts so you don't have to scroll back up to navigate back into a forum.Breech3 Jul 31
Jul 30 When will we be able to see other players? We can't see other players looks anymore from the forums? When will it be back? I'm a stalker thanksMicaiah0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Can't find my character. I typed in one of my characters name in the search bar, but I'm only seeing 3 toons with that name and none of them are mine. Lilymist 100 Pandaren - Kil'jaedenNelashena8 Jul 30
Jul 30 Blog/Article reply indent distance The indentation of replies in the blogs/articles (such as in the "News" section) need to be much greater. A couple times now I've made replies to people not noticing that they have replies already. This is because the replies are indented too little and thus not easily noticeable.Levíathan0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Old lore section gone All the old lore parts of the site have been removed, this is a terrible mistake. Such as the story stories, comics, Li Li's travel jounrnal and so forth. Also the entire novella Quest for Pandaria is now also gone, this new site getting rid of all this old content is terrible. If you're not going to transition this content to the new site, at least give an archive option.Zoheel0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Please fix the forum for iOS. I actually have this problem since the overwatch forum. I usually use iPad to browse the web. In both overwatch and the new WoW forum. The posting or reply text box. I.e. the spot I'm typing now. It's really hard to type. I think sometime it register the box as a normal text that's not typable. Like when you hold your finger in the type box it should show the zoom selection. But it select a part of the word to be copy instead. Sometime I have to keep touching outside the box then inside the box repeatedly before the type cursor show up. This is quite annoying. I didn't post anything in overwatch forum because there are no web support over there. But if you intended to change all forum to this type. Then please fix this problem.Mairil3 Jul 30
Jul 30 Website not updating char.... Website isnt updating this toons picture. I gave her a transmog'd outfit and even changed it but the website doesnt change from this one.Canadiana0 Jul 30
Jul 30 Item Restoration Filter freezes page The new Item Restoration page on the Support site freezes its tab when I attempt to filter items by level. Eventually part of a list loads but I cannot do anything with it and am forced to close it.Thecheat0 Jul 30
Jul 29 Story: Characters The new site isn't too bad and I realize that its still under construction. But being a lore addict, I really hope they include more than just the 8 Characters they have posted right now. I wanted to go back and look over the lore they posted about Jania; I realize whenever they write about her, they fail to bring up Arthas/The Litch King, which to me had not only the the largest impact on her, but also was her first noticeable appearance in the Warcraft universe. Unfortunately She was missing from the list, like so many other Heroes/Villains such as Arthas himself, Thrall, Varian Wrynn, Deathwing and the Aspects, Ect. Dont get me wrong. All the Lore and Story being included and added on in Legion has me very excited. But it would also be nice to remember where it all began from, and the Characters who shaped Azeroth as we know it in the game today. It would be interesting, and answer allot of questions for newcomers interested in the backstories of their favorite heroes. Even for Warcraft Veterans like myself, it would fill in the gaps in the story many of us have come to know and love.Turkrus2 Jul 29
Jul 29 Line Quoting Can you no longer highlight a selection you wish to quote from another post and quote that versus having to quote someones elses "entire" post then delete the irrelevant stuff? Previously i could hightlight a small portion right click then select quote and it just enter that now i have to go in delete everything else that is a PITA to useBraellynn0 Jul 29
Jul 29 Inconveniences to be fixed... - Bring back the ability to get to the News section straight from the forum section - Add a link at the bottom of pages to allow us to go back to whatever sub-forum we're in so we don't have to scroll all the way back up to the top. - On the mobile site you can navigate to any sub-forum from a pull down menu. We used to be able to do that on the old desktop site. I'd like that functionality returned. - Please add the Guild name and realm information to the side portraits when people post. - An option to subscribe to threads would be nice.Marilata0 Jul 29
Jul 29 Next Blizzard Post Button Bug This has been around for many years and is still present with the design refresh. Blizzard posts sometimes will randomly not have a button to go to the next Blizzard post. For example, as of right now this post: has no button to go to the next Blizzard post, which is later in the thread: Jul 29
Jul 29 New website is impossible to use. For someone who accesses this site on a 32" 1920x1080 monitor, I can barely even read the main page. It's HUGE. Everything is catastrophically zoomed in, or appears to be. Also the flash background, no matter what adjustments I make, runs in about 2 FPS, which looks horrible. The old website was very zoomed out, which was very pleasant to look at, and very easy to navigate. The forum pages for the new version also feel like they are missing a HUGE amount of content, and now if I want to post on a realm I don't have a character on, I don't even know how to do that, or if I can. All in all, this is miserable to view from a desktop. Can we have the old website back for desktop computers?Liquidclaws4 Jul 29
Jul 29 "Change Character" section slowing page loads I noticed that several people - myself included - have been experiencing slower page load times since the forums got a facelift. I looked at Chrome's F12 dev tools and noticed that there were a lot of JavaScript requests hitting on each page load. After looking closer at the JavaScript, I realised that the time wasted was being spent on getting my toons' profile pictures. It looks like these requests are done synchronously, as shown here: Additionally, the images that are pulled from the render API service do not appear to have any cache headers associated with them whatsoever, meaning that they are redownloaded on each and every subsequent page load. Between the synchronous loading and the lack of caching, I can see why some players in particular would be complaining about performance on the new forums, especially if they're altoholics. :P IMO, it would be best to make these requests asynchronous and then have some sort of caching in place. You could either have short cache expiry limits (I noticed that most avatars have their cache expiry set to 180), or you could re-validate cached images on new page loads. Either way, there's some low-hanging fruit there that should massively speed up page loads. :)Kodiack1 Jul 29
Jul 29 Forum descriptions cut off Quite a few of the forum descriptions have been cut off with the new website. e.g. "New Player Help and Guides New to the World of Warcraft? Ask questions from experienced players and learn more about the" "Customer Support Blizzard Support Agent moderated forum to discuss and inquire about in-game and " This is a graphical display issue as I can copy & paste the full sentences, they are just hidden underneath the constricts of the boxes displaying them to create uniformity.Tandesse0 Jul 29
Jul 29 Please allow us post creation during timer. As the title says, please allow us the ability to formulate our posts during the timer between posting. This was doable on the old forums, not sure why the feature was removed. To make it clear, I am not asking for the timer to be reduced, or removed. I am just asking for the ability to start writing while we are waiting for the Post button to light up again.Khelekh0 Jul 29
Jul 29 Demon Invasions links to 404 Page Love the new design guys! Killer job. I'm a UI Developer myself and really appreciate an awesomely done redesign... so kudos to your team. Just wanted to point you towards a 404 page. From Homepage: - Legion Pre-Expansion Patch Survival Guide - Under New Content & Features > Demon Invasions! Currently links to this URL: which redirects to a 404 page. Keep up the great work!Rotagg1 Jul 29
Jul 29 New Topics not showing up Every time I've tried to submit a new topic, it doesn't show up in the main list and I can't see it in my post history. Edit: And of course this one gets through...Nuadorel0 Jul 29
Jul 29 WoW Website Bug. I'm in North America, and when I go to the WoW Website, I can see my character logged in, when I click on the FORUMS button, it always takes me to the EU forums, and no characters are logged in. Don't know what would be causing this, so I thought I would report it. Has only been like this since the update. Not really an inconvenience, as most times I only lurk, but still! Have a great day/night. p.s sorry if this is in the wrong section, I don't normally frequest this close to the top.Drillas2 Jul 29