Aerie Peak

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[A]<Blasphemous Latin Term>Social Raiding LFM your many words hurt my eyes, please sum up: Aerie Peak Server, Alliance Social progression guild Raid Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday 9:15 - 11:30(ish) Eastern Time (6:15 - 8:30 Server) Website: Raid Role/Needs Tank: low (1-2, be willing to DPS) DPS: high Healers: low (2-3, be willing to DPS) More information on our background and goals can be found here in this post as well as in our Guild Charter. If you are interested in joining or learning more about our group, please feel free to post an inquiry in our recruitment forum or send FreakMasty#1933 (that's me!) a whisper. The Guild Charter and Recruitment Forums can be found at our website: We are a social raiding guild that likes progression, but raids at our own pace. Our goal is to complete content while it is still relevant. We are looking to fill out our raiding teams in Warcraft. For membership purposes, we consider social/cultural fit into Blasphemous to be the sole criteria. Since hardcore/competitive PvE progression isn't a concern of ours, we'd rather be patient and bring in members that will enjoy their time with us (and vice versa). We will accept players of all skill level and experience with the expectation that members are interested in improving and contributing to the team. Our goals in Warlords of Draenor involve starting out with Normal and then Heroic progression. If we have the numbers and the desire we will then move onto Mythic. Mostly we want to have fun killing bosses with minimal ceremony or drama around people in which we can enjoy our limited time together in game. We spend a lot of time in our mumble server which can (basically) support infinity users. Beer and cocktails are encouraged... maybe even required sometimes. ;) Our guild is predominantly comprised of working adults without the luxury of structuring our lives around our games, so we do our best to structure our games around our lives. That said, we have scheduled raid nights of Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday beginning at 9:15 Eastern time (6:15 server). Typically we raid for a little over 2 hours and try to be finished by midnight (9PM Server Time). A handful of our members will also be found regularly outside of those events taking on other aspects of the game such as leveling and gearing alts, PvP, or transmog farming. Tels2
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A- Echoes of Eternity recruiting WoD/Mythic Who: Echoes of Eternity, Alliance Guild on Aerie-Peak. <<==Brief Guild History=>> Echoes of Eternity was founded by players that have played from Vanilla-Cata. The guild consists of top-in-class players that set top 10 US parses in damage from TBC all the way to beginning of Cataclysm. Needless to say we are veterans of WoW. During Cataclysm EoE ran 10 mans exclusively with a focus on server first kills. EoE is a collection of tight-knit players that have played together for 7+ years. EoE has been inactive since the beginning of Cataclysm and is now reforming again for WoD. <==Warlods of Draenor==> We are once again planning to raid and turn heads while doing so. Our plan is to maintain a roster of about 20-25 players (for Mythic). We enjoy the idea of a small, specialized group of talented players as opposed to the bloated roster of a large noisy guild. Because of this, every person counts. We are therefore looking for players that can hold their own with the rest of us. Even tho every guild advertises the "no drama" policy, we are truly DRAMA free, we all know each other and we all joke around and have a lot of fun while playing but we are extremely stress free. We are not able to dedicate huge amounts of time to raiding so we are looking to raid twice, maybe three days a week, it has been enough in the past, and it will be enough again. With the expansion, the game is hitting the BIG "RESET" button on gear, therefore I do not care what your gear is like, or what you achieved in MoP (MoP did not happen as far as I'm concerned). Vanilla players are preferred but not required, just be skilled, easy-going and mature (not too mature tho). If you are returning to the game as well, and are ready to hit the raid scene in WoD, and do not want to raid 4+ nights a week in a crappy overcrowded guild, log into AP, /w draganovich and talk to me. EoE raid philosophy: Go in -> smash !@#$ up -> collect purplz -> get out and /ice cream Recruitment Needs: Mages, Warlocks, Priests, and pretty much anyone thats a badass in any class. Recap: Small guild of exceptionally talented players looking to add about 10 more players for 10-30 size raids and Mythic Raids in WoD, 1 or 2 times a week. Contact: Draganovich (Aerie Peak Alliance) Battletag: Dragan#1176 Draganovich14
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Returning Prot./Ret. Pally LF active Guild WoD has drawn me back to WoW, but my Guild is basically empty now... so I guess it's time to find a new one. I am looking for a Guild that is active and flexible with Raiding due to my work/real life schedules. My work schedule is 12 Hour Rotating Shifts. The days I work one week are the days I have off the next, and every two weeks I switch from 6am-6pm to 6pm-6am. Because of this, I do not mind being just a backup Tank and will be maintaining a DPS and Tanking sets to fill in wherever needed. I also plan on maintaining at least 1 or more of my Healing Alts and will not mind using them to Heal if they are needed (most likely my Shaman.) A little history about myself. I was one of the few Protection Specced Paladins in Vanilla and in BC became one of the main Tanks for my Guild. In Wrath I ended up changing guilds to my current one and was very active in Raiding (usually as Off Tank or when needed Healing.) Cata I changed my offspec to Retribution, but was burned out from Raiding in Wrath so stepped down from Raiding. Towards the end of Cata, I was feeling burned out on WoW in general so finally took a much needed long break. It wasn't until almost patch 5.2 that I even got MoP. I played for a few months and stopped again until details of WoD attracted my attention. In addition to my work schedule, I also have a small side business selling Anime Merchandise at Conventions/Online. This does take up some of my time, including several weekends where I have to travel out of town. Nylan2
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Clever Meme Reference is back! (Cat comic) Hello Aerie Peak! It's been too long. Clever Meme Reference is back in action! For those that have been here for years, you might remember us as one of the only 25 man guilds on the server along with Alone, Uprising, and My Other Mount is Tauren. For those who have transferred here such as all the Convert to Raid guilds, welcome to Aerie Peak and hello! We are the guild that typically raids weekends and keeps a light schedule while trying to keep up with Alone, but always ending up 2nd. Apparently much has changed since our leave of absence, Uprising has since moved, Convert to Raid has come here, Insanity has moved here, welcome to you guys, Invictus is.....still here? I really don't know, I haven't seen any of them since being back. Hopefully the cat comic below draws out a wild Chaingirl. To cut to the chase, CMR is happy to be back on this wonderful server and looking forward to reminiscing with old friends and meeting the new guilds who have since moved here. If you don't know anything about us, we kill bosses, and hovered around 2nd-3rd on the server. Which means, Insanity, we're coming to reclaim our rightful spot as Alone's competition on the server ;) P.S. These forums do not have the life they used to, let's change that. I will be doing my best to post cat comics (in true CMR fashion) as I did before to keep up with the server happenings. In closing, glad to be back, and if you see the <Clever Meme Reference> tag, feel free to say hello, or catch up if you knew us years ago! Goodluck to all guilds in the coming expansion! Please enjoy the following cat comic of what CMR has been up to since leaving. Lauxx0
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