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Looking to get back into raiding Howdy all, I'm looking to get back into raiding after the real life boss took me out of the game for WoD. I miss being part of a team working towards a goal, I miss stupid baseless in-jokes, and most of all the nerd-screams. It would seem common sense to just scroll through this forum and apply/whisper but due to being out of the game I feel I need to explain my situation. So my credentials are that on this pally I was a tank for <Desire> in MoP. I applied when they began H ToT progression and despite being undergeared they gave me a shot. I proved myself with good play and unwavering availability (and a little bit of OP class), remained core all the way through to Realm 2nd Heroic Garrosh (by one day). I was also the raid shot caller when our raid leader wasn't available, with my immaculate puns compensating for his superior presence of mind. Also had a history of raid leading in Cata & WotLK in <extra bag space> on Saurfang - due to tumultuous rosters I played DK tank, Bear/Resto Druid, Resto/Ele shaman & Holy Pally. The only classes I haven't played at max level are Lock, Hunter & Warrior, and other than that there are very few specs I'm not comfortable on, which is nothing a few hours of dummies & tryhard LFR's haven't cured in the past. Current 100's are DK, Mage, Shaman & Rogue. Level 90 Priest, Pally, Lock. My real life issues are cured due to redundancy from my shift role. I've kept up with the top guilds and the "How To's" of the HM/BRF/HFC bosses (though some bosses I don't know tank positioning). The only thing holding me back is not knowing where to start, or which toon to start on. TL;DR Versatile raider with history of high level raiding & leading and availability looking for new raiding home. Happy to throw ingame & IRL money (character boost) as well as necessary learning hours at what class is needed in exchange for tolerance of some raid rust & behind the curve gear level. Anyone keen for the investment or know a lower guild I should talk to? Zeraziah6
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<Endemic> Recently converted Horde Guild Hey everyone, <Endemic> is currently recruiting active and loyal members that are looking to raid current tier content and create a solid raid roster that will be utilized to the fullest in LEGION!! Guild History and information about us: We are a guild comprised of two leaders with 7/13 N HFC experience when it was fresh content. Due to the end of the expansion, a lot of players that were long time guild members have discontinued playing until the arrival of legion. We decided to leave our dying server and come to sargeras to pick up the pieces and start a new experience as alliance. What we are looking for: -Core Raiders- We are actively recruiting core raid members to create a SOLID raiding roster team to raid current tier content as well as fully implement our team upon the arrival of LEGION! Upon application to be a core raider, each member will have to go through a interview process as well as trial runs with leadership to determine your position and what the needs of the guild will be. All raiding members will be held to our attendance policy standards and most importantly asked to be humble, respectful, level headed, and active amongst the guild. -Casual's- Similar to core members, all members with the intention of being a causal member are asked to be humble, respectful and actively communicate amongst the guild. Casual members are more than welcome to join any guild event or activity listed though either our guild website or the in-game calendar. In some instances casual guild members will be called upon to fill core raider positions if we happen to have a lapse in attendance during a scheduled raid night (ultimately not our intention) -Guild Captains- As a newer guild we also are recruiting players that have proven themselves to leadership to be slotted into a GUILD CAPTAIN position. For more information in regard to their duties or this position please visit our website @ Attendance policy: All core raid members will be required to be online and ready for invite 15m prior to our scheduled raid time with flask's potions and food enhancements prepared. If you are aware of a attendance issue prior to raid night, please contact your assigned Guild captain with more information to be communicated to the Raid Leader. -BECOMING A PART OF ENDEMIC- -If interested in joining our guild as a casual member, please respond to officer VIA Battle Tag: (Cyrius) MCgiggleface#1897 (Ihealjoo) Rhyan#1558 (Endemia) Gojira#1469 -If Interested in becoming a part of our raid team, please visit to fill out a application. All Classes are welcome to apply! Cyrius0
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<KnightLights> Alliance Recruiting Hey All, We are a casual raiding guild and are looking for a few new people to join us. For us the person is more important than gear or achievements. We are currently 13/13N 6/13 heroic in Hellfire and raid Wed/Mon/Sun 7:30-10pm server time. We are currently killing Mannoroth and Archimonde each week and then moving onto our heroic progression. For raiding we are currently looking for the following: 1 DPS with a tank offspec to fill in when one of the main tanks cant make it Healers DPS - Preferably ranged Our aim is that our raids are a really fun and relaxed while progressing in content at the same time. The guild has a real mature and chilled out attitude and we would love to meet some like minded people. In order to secure a spot on our raid team all we ask is that you have a good knowledge of your class and have an iLvl of at least 685 to start. If you are below that level but want to learn, can take guidance and are chatty on vent then sign up for the fun all the same, because we are regularly running mythics to help people gear up. If people still need their tier sets we can also organise runs of normal HFC to help out. Raid times are set around real life as we all have a real life to juggle, so we do not expect you to be able to attend every raid. Even if you are not a raider, we would love to build up the social aspect of the guild even more so feel free to come join us just to hang out. So to recap We would love to hear from you if you are: Looking for a fun group of people to raid/learn to raid with Have a relaxed and mature attitude to the game Have a good knowledge of your class from dungeons/previous raid attempts Please do not apply if: You're an Elitist Jerk as it really doesn’t help anyone If this sounds like your type of guild, please whisper Allysandra, Madamcookie or Holysmitex in game for more details. Or anyone in the guild can shoot you an invite. Alternatively my real id is: mannch#1931 Allysandra1
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[A] Malediction - Two Night Mythic Raiding Malediction is a fresh two night a week Alliance guild on Aman'Thul. Raid Times Thursday (8pm to 11pm) Sunday (8pm to 11pm) Casual/alt runs on Wednesdays (8pm onward) Current Recruitment Melee: 1 Death Knight 1-2 Rogues 1-3 spots open for any other melee (tank offspec especially desirable) Range: 1-2 Mages 1-2 Warlocks 1-2 Boomkins 1-2 Elemental Shamans 2-4 spots open for any other range (healing offspec especially desirable) Healers: 1 possible slot open for a Druid or Shaman with DPS offspec Check out or website ( or add us on Battle Tag Yuqii (Guild Master) - Yuqii#1942 Kaeleigh - Kaeleigh#1791 Voli - Voli#6115 How are we getting started? Over Christmas and New Years we ran 3 mythic PuGs to stir up interest and fill raid slots. We got 4 mythic bosses down in the first week and 6 down in the second. We essentially pugged further than half of existing two night mythic guilds. We're at the stage now where we will reliably get 5 mythic bosses down every Thursday and possibly a 6th on Sunday while we continue to fill our roster. We've got plenty of time to climb to 13/13, get mounts for all our members and fortify our raider core in preparation for Legion. Why consider joining us? As the guild master and raid leader, I'm a veteran raider with years of officer experience and the following Cutting Edge achievements: Ra-den, Garrosh Hellscream (25 player), Imperator's Fall, Blackhand's Crucible, and The Black Gate. ('Cutting Edge' means that you've killed the boss on mythic before the next tier of content comes out) I know there are veteran raiders who are reaching the point where a two night schedule is much more appealing to them but are worried about taking a huge step backwards in progression. I created this guild with the goal of making two night raiding work without sacrificing progression. We may be a boss or two behind the 3 night guilds but we're always going to be progressing at a steady pace. We'll continue getting 'Cutting Edge' achievements into Legion and do so while only raiding 6 hours per week. Requirements Potential raiders should be highly skilled at their class and (at this stage) have at least Gorefiend down on mythic. Your gear should be at least around the 720-730 level (frankly, 2/2 valor upgrading makes this trivial) and you should have the legendary ring quest completed. At the moment, cross realm mythic is enabled and we are happy to conduct trials as such. You still need to be on Alliance though and have Mumble and a working microphone. If you don't meet any of these requirements but are still enthusiastic, you should get in contact anyway. Depending on your circumstances we may be able to work you into some casual runs to get gear and mythic exposure. Thanks for your consideration, Yuqii Yuqii5
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VAM[A] 11/13 M recruiting ranged dps/Heals! Hey guys, After a 12 month absence Vincere Aut Mori has come back with a bang and is looking to recruit for our 20 man roster for WoD! In short Vincere Aut Mori has been around Aman'thul back from halfway through Ulduar till its hiatus where a few of us took a break a couple bosses into Heroic ToT and have now come back to the game. We have always been quite competitive on the realm and consistently held top 5 progression spots in the realm for most content dating back to ToC/ICC days. VAM also cleared all content normal and heroic all the way up to Heroic ToT where we took our break at 2/12 Heroic. Now VAM has had quite a few players come back from breaks and also added some fresh players and in the short time together the last 3 months have progressed to 14/14 Mythic SoO and still pushing through to hopefully clear by 6.0 VAM is looking for commited raiders to raid 3 nights a week between 12:00am and 2:30am AEST (9:00pm -11:30pm GMT + 8)Wed/Fri/Sun. We are a very tight knit group who get along really well inside and also outside of game where a lot of us have met and have made friendships for many years. So we are looking for like minded people to fit into this atmosphere that want to have fun but know when its time to be serious and progress we want to get stuff down and be up there as one of the best come end of content. If this sounds like something you feel you are looking for or want to be apart of please visit our website and fill out a guild application or please contact one of the officers either myself,Excuse,Kat,Peator or Seneca in game to get more information. Current content progression: 7/7 Heroic 6/7 Mythic 10/10 Heroic BRF 5/10 Mythic BRF 13/13 Heroic HFC 11/13 Mythic HFC Currently high priority classes are as follows: * Ranged DPS (minus hunters) * Mistweaver Monk/Resto Sham Even if you do not fit one of the above high priority needs if you feel you have what it takes to be progressing through end game content please feel free to apply as we will consider all exceptional applicants. Kt109
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[A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS [A]1/13M HFC Whisperwind LFM RDPS Greetings <Helms Elite> an Alliance raiding guild that transferred to Whisperwind 9/28/15 and we are recruiting for core raid spots! About <Helms Elite>: Helms Elite formed as a raiding guild at the end of Vanilla and began raiding with the release of Burning Crusade. Guild leadership that started in Vanilla is still in place. Primarily located on the Lothar server ( as Alliance ) the guild did spend time on Chog'all ( as Horde ) for the MoP expansion and returned to Lothar and the Alliance for WoD. As one of the servers on line at release, Lothar was home to many top raiding guilds. However over the years and not unlike many servers, the active raiding player base has dwindled and now struggles to support the few active raiding guilds. Whisperwind: Our move to Whisperwind is an exciting time for the guild, with plans to expand our raiding roster to 20+ and continue our focus of clearing Heroic Hellfire Citadel and moving on to Mythic. Long term we seek to be an active part of the raiding community on Whisperwind. Raid Times: Progression Raid Group – 7/7H - 10/10H - 13/13H HFC ■Tuesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Wednesday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) ■Sunday: 8:30PM to 11:30PM EST (7:30PM to 10:30PM Server) This group is about progression and pushing to be the best at all times. Recruiting: Tanks: We have a strong interest in applications from Non-DK tanks Healers: accepting applications DPS: We have a strong interest in exceptional ranged dps players Raiding Focus: Our raiding focus is to clear all current tier raid bosses in Heroic/Mythic We are a strong group of players who are on a casual/semi-casual raiding schedule. Like many other players, we have real life commitments we must attend to. Regardless of being on a casual schedule, we still have the desire to experience and complete challenging, relevant content. Much of our play time will be devoted to Heroic/Mythic content. We're looking for skilled, dedicated players to fill our rosters. Requirements: ■ Age 17+ and in control of your online gaming time. ■ Know your class. We expect your best performance at all times. ■ Take constructive criticism and direction when need be. ■ Research the basics of boss fights on your own time. ■ Show up on time, and ready. ■ Good raid awareness. Do not stand in fire. ;] ■ The ability to listen and speak on Teamspeak3 during raids. ■ Be open-minded, laid-back and not easily offended. ■ Don't be an elitist. Show us you're good by actions, rather than words. ■ Computer/internet that can run World of Warcraft (especially while in a raid environment) without any issues. Contact: If you're interested in joining our team, you can contact any of our Officers. BattleTags: ■ Squizz: Squizz#1910# ■ Rettuclos: Rettuclos#1494 ■ Dedaol: Dedaol#1914 Feel free to whisper us in game for information Website: Feel free to visit our site and fill out an app. Squízz0
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New Horde Re-Roll Guild Hey Everyone, right now we're in the middle of gauging overall interest in forming a new Horde re-roll guild. This first started last night after I posted in the recruitment thread trying to find a guild that fit my desires in a new guild. What I ended up finding was there were numerous individuals interested in the same things I was, and not many (if any) options out there. Here is my initial post "Hey Everyone, I'm searching for either a new Horde reroll guild, or for others interested in creating one. I've been playing this game on and off for the past 11 years now and have gotten to the point where I've started to lose interest. I sat down and realized the reason I've lost a lot of the fire is because of the community at large and how it feels like there is no real interaction anymore. The times I had the most fun were back in Vanilla with smaller "family" like guilds. I realized that ever since those guilds vanished I was never having quite as much fun. I guess what I'm trying to say is I'd like to find another guild with a similar structure. As I've gotten older(30) I've come to have different goals from when I originally started. I'm no longer the hard core PvE raider type like I was early on, and really haven't been since probably BC. Don't get me wrong I still enjoy raiding, and would like to continue doing it at a somewhat leisurely pace. But with being married and having a career I have found I don't have nearly the time, or desire to spend 4-5 night a week in a dungeon for hours on end. I want to find a group of people who are at similar points in their lives. I have nothing against younger gamers, but I find it much easier to communicate with others around my own age because we have much more in common. I work Fri, Sat and Sunday all day(never on), but usually have plenty of free time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. My first choice would be to find a group of like minded individuals who have already set plans in motion for such a project. However, I wouldn't mind getting together with some people to get something going. I'm not interested in leading, as like I said before I don't feel like I have the amount of time required to keep things running smoothly and I don't think it would be fair to others. I wouldn't mind helping in other aspects though to get, and keep things going. This has gotten to be a lot longer then I initially thought it would, although I feel like I could probably say a lot more about myself and what I'm looking for. I guess I'll just summarize a few things here and if you either have something in the works, or interested in getting something going you can contact me in game. Contact Info: Carnage#1881 Summary New Horde Reroll guild Age: Around 30 Active chat server (Vent or TS preferably) Smaller community(Not a zerg guild) PvE and PvP(Not hardcore) Family like atmosphere (Supportive atmosphere, but able to give each other a good ribbing from time to time) Thank you for taking the time for reading this. I greatly appreciate it!" Since this post I have started a facebook group to keep track of overall interest. Feel free to visit, and join the group if it's something that might fit your wants/needs. Facebook Page: Here is the link to the original post in the recruitment thread: I thank you for taking time out of your day to look this over. Kazrak0
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<No Action Bars> 5/13 Mythic Now Recruiting! Basic Guild Information: Guild: No Action Bars - Faction: Horde Server: Mal'ganis (Normal/CST) Battlegroup: Stormstrike About Us: No Action Bars was created on October 18th, 2011. We have been raiding together since tier 13 and strive to down mythic content in a timely manner. Our current goal is to push into mythic Hellfire Citadel until Legion drops. The guild provides our Team with what they need to raid; such as gems, enchants, food, flasks and potions. In return we hold raiders responsible for their attendance and require our raiders to have a working knowledge of all relevant boss encounters. We also ask that our raiders be open to constructive criticism from our officers when needed. We all share the same goal to down bosses and enjoy yourselves while doing so. Past Progression: Tier 16 14/14M Siege of Orgrimmar Tier 17 4/7M Highmaul Tier 17 7/10M Blackrock Foundry Current Progression: Hellfire Citadel - 13/13 H, 5/13M Raid Times: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm CST. We are currently recruiting for our mythic roster. Current Needs: All classes encouraged to apply. [DPS] Warrior - High Priest - High Rogue - High Mage - High Shaman - Med Warlock - Med DK - Med Monk - Med [Healer] Druid If you are interested in earning a raid spot with us please feel free to apply on our guild website and we will get back to you in a timely manner. All Exceptional Apps will be considered regardless of our current needs. Applications: Contacts: Krixus#1381 - Guild Master Pasidious#1105 - Officer/Raid Leader Toradoshi#1592 - Officer Talonish#1783 - Veteran Krixus0
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[H] 13/13H one night a week - Sunday Saurfang Server #1 Ranked Oceanic (#10 in the US) One Night a Week Raiding Guild 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic, 4/7 Mythic in Highmaul 10/10N and 10/10H in BRF 13/13N and 13/13H HFC Classes Needed Most Pretty much any DPS, but more specifically (in order of need) Mage Hunter Boomkin Warlock DPS DK or Warrior Could potentially fit in a Holy Paladin and/or Resto Shaman Those with a viable healing or tanking offspec would be highly preferable. Unlikely to consider applicants below ilvl690 (would prefer 695+ as we are doing normal Archimonde weekly and Heroic HFC upper tier). Apply at our website: - You don't need to register to put in an application. Please use the template in the application forum. You can complete your initiate phase from another server/guild - but once we approve your application we will need you to transfer and join our guild. •One night a week raiding, Sunday night, 1900-2230 server time •Horde – Saurfang (Oceanic PvE server) •Xei#1632 For those who want a full explanation of where I want to take the guild, please read the below. Endless Fury – Saurfang Horde (Oceanic PvE) Vision To have a full team of friendly and capable players to be able to complete raid content at our own pace - one night a week on a Sunday evening, approx 1930-2230 server time. Mission To complete as much raid content as we can before the next raid instance, linearly, including Mythic difficulty when we get to it. Raid scheduling and planning will be done via the in-game calendar invite and/or the guild website (www.endlessfury/ I have sourced a Teamspeak3 server for us to use – make sure you download and update your TS3 client. Important points to understand when signing on to this •The reason we only raid one night a week is that we all have other commitments during the week that are far more important than WoW (work, family etc). Hence, during the week, there is likely to be very few players online from the guild. If you are after a big guild with loads of people online to do stuff with every night of the week, this isn’t the place for you. Having said that, we often run an alt/casual raid on Wednesday nights. What you can expect from Endless Fury •Strong and committed leadership. I have been guild and raid leading since WoW was born (I played open WoW beta all the way through to today). Hopefully this document gives you some sort of insight into how much time and effort I put into this. •Good communications around the intent and direction of the guild. Starting with this, but as things evolve and if our intent or direction shift, I will plaster it all over the forums and seek input from everyone. Whilst I am the Guild Leader, this is not a total dictatorship, and any future change of intent/direction of the guild needs to be discussed before a decision made. •The guild has a large sum of gold (300k), so guild repairs will be enabled for raid nights. Xeî6
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[A] <Molotov> 10/10 H-BRF, we don't do mythic Molotov is looking for some more raiders to join our raid team. Highmaul 7/7N, 7/7H Blackrock Foundry 10/10 N (Server 4th Blackhand), 10/10 H (Server 10th Heroic Blackhand) We don't do mythic content. We have up to five open dps spots on our raiding roster, however we are only specifically recruiting for: - Warlock - Shadow Priest (preferably with a healing off-spec) - Retribution Paladin - Hunter - Combat Rogue but basically if you're interested then apply. Molotov’s Raid Times are fixed to Aman’thul Server Time (which is Sydney & Melbourne time): - Wednesday 2030 – 2330 server time - Thursday 2030 – 2330 server time Raiders are expected to maintain at least 75% attendance. If you're interested talk to me in game or apply here: The Warlords of Draenor Edition of Molotov while being pretty laid-back in our approach to raiding (two three-hour nights and not raiding mythic difficulty is hardly going to see us challenging top guilds) does still operate like the progression guild we once were. Yes we ask people to formally apply. Yes we run EPGP. Yes there is a trial period. Yes we expect all our raiders to be on-server and in-guild. We also expect maturity, courtesy, and progression-level performance from all of our raiders. Molotov is not, has never been, and will never be a ‘show up, get carried, get free epics’ kind of guild. To learn a little bit more about Molotov check this out: We like to think of ourselves as a retirement home for semi-active ex-progression raiders. If that sounds like your brand of fun then we’d love to hear from you. -Rathollorn, Guild Master of <Molotov> (Rath#6607) Rathollorn3
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