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29m Returning Holy Paladin LF Mythic Guild Hello! I am looking for a semi-hardcore guild to beat up demons with come the release of Legion. I have been playing WoW since Vanilla but have taken a casual stance on the game since MoP and the release of FFXIV. With Square Enix's lack of focus on it's hardcore player base, I have started to get bored of FFXIV and am looking to return to WoW. I have a long raiding history in both games and have experienced raiding in all roles, however since the end of ICC, I mainly play healers, specifically Holy Paladin. I have experience leading groups as well, but am not looking for a leadership role. In a guild, I am looking to join a group of like minded players to spend my time with. I am not looking to be on the bleeding edge of progression, but would like to tackle mythic content with others who take raiding seriously. The most important thing for me is that the group likes to laugh and have a good time whilst knowing when it's time to put on the try hard pants. Personality wise, I am very easy going, outspoken, and sarcastic but when raid time comes around I like to get serious, prepare, min-max, slay some dudes, and receive loots. Additionally, I'd prefer if the guild was open to friends as I regularly play with a group of 4-5 friends who are currently on the fence about switching away from FFXIV. 3 who are similarly exp'd as myself and 2 WoW virgins who I met during my time on FFXIV. Some History: Vanilla: Pugged MC+BWL as Rogue on Perenolde[A] TBC: Pugged all main content aside from Sunwell where I took a short break from the game WoTLK: Joined my first actual raiding guild at the start of the expansion until about mid ToTC where I swapped to Protection Paladin for the majority of ICC. Swapped to Holy near the end of Wrath. Cata: Transferred to Tichondrius[H] where I very briefly mained Mage during BoT/BWL progression until the guild desperately needed a healer where I swapped to Holy Paladin for the remainder of the expansion. Took a break during Dragon Soul. MoP: Did not come back to the game until ToT where I transferred to Area 52[H] and was casually playing on and off until about mid SoO and left the game entirely for FFXIV. Mained Mistweaver Monk throughout ToT, swapped back to Holy Paladin. WoD: Played super casually, did not raid outside of LFR. Currently playing Legion Beta for about 6 months. For those who care about my FFXIV history: Levy Mcgarden on Gilgamesh First Coil: 5/5 as BLM Second Coil: 4/4 as BRD Final Coil: 4/4 as BRD Alex 1: 4/4 as MCH Alex 2: 4/4 as MCH All Primals cleared.Pixelpete0 29m
1h <Just Kite It>[H] seeking healer for Legion <Just Kite It> is a Horde guild on Area 52 with a relaxed atmosphere. We are currently seeking DPS to fill core raid positions as we prepare for Legion. Just Kite It offers a highly motivated and goal oriented, yet very relaxed, raiding environment. During raids we like to keep our downtime to a minimum and make the most of scheduled raid times. That said, we understand that people need to enjoy their time in this game to be at their best, so we like to have fun when we raid and we believe we can accomplish this while still being focused on progression. Just Kite It isn't out to win the world first, or server first races, but we do intend to down bosses at a pace suited to our members. We are here to kill bosses, not to kill time. If you are looking for a guild to grow with, are a beginner raider, or are looking to break into raiding, Just Kite It might be the guild for you! Our raid times are Sunday and Monday 7pm to 10:00pm EST. Seeking a non priest healer who is also comfortable with dpsing to round out our group. Contact: Mungadai#1621Jadugara24 1h
1h Group Looking for Guild Hi there, Area 52. Myself and a group of about 4-7 others are looking for a place to call home for Legion. Most of us have played since BC or before and most have raided at various times throughout the game. Most of us skipped most of WoD due to disappointment with how things were going. Not looking for raid spots for this number of people, but we are looking for a guild with a fully formed or close to fully formed group already that we can augment. Most of us are college students, aged 21 and older who have jobs, school, and significant others that eat up too much time to raid full time but it would be nice to have some more friends to share the Legion experience with. Add me ingame as Kyleadin#1845 and we can chat or leave a message on here. Willing to hop into voice chat and bring anyone from the group that's online at the time. Thanks!Kowblight3 1h
1h <Slightly Evolved> LF New/Experience Raiders Greetings and thank you for taking the time to read this! <Slightly Evolved> is a new guild on Area 52 opening its doors to raiders for the coming Legion Invasion! Raid experience and / or raid leading experience is a plus but not needed. We believe even the newest of raiders deserves a shot! So whether you be seasoned vet, returning player, or new to raiding we'd love to hear from you! We are a NEW guild and are in the building stage. If you are ok with coming in from the ground up. Please continue reading. Raid Schedule: Tuesday 9:00 pm-12:00 am EST Thursday 9:00 pm-12:00 am EST Sunday 9:00 pm-12:00 am EST Progression: We are a brand new guild, created by two cousins, that have been around the game for a long time. We have both spent our time being part of the hardcore raid scene as well as the non-raider side of the game. The GM Baristar has server first experience raiding experience and the Recruitment officer has a plethora of heroic raiding under his belt. We are looking to bring that same drive for progression on a slightly more casual atmosphere and schedule. We have both raided on the heroic level for the last bit of WoD as we both took a very long break from raiding outside of LFR during MoP and up to Hellfire Citadel. Baristar, the GM, cleared it Ahead of the Curve and our officer got his mount a few weeks ago since coming back to the game. Current Needs: Tanks: Open Healers: Open Melee: 1 Rogue and Demon Hunter slot filled Ranged: Open What we expect of you as a guild member: To become part of the <Slightly Evolved> family! We don't want to just be a raiding guild; we want to be a home to our members. To be helpful, have a sense of humor, and to make your fellow guild members feel welcome! 1. Maintain 80% attendance. I cannot stress this enough. We only raid for 3 hours each raid night. We need to be on time and ready to go. If you cannot make a raid time it is your best effort to post in the Late/Absent forum. 2. Receive and give criticism in a mature and helpful manner. We will all make mistakes. How you approach those failures and learn from them will define you as a Slightly Evolved raider. 3. Come prepared! Pots, Flasks, Food, and Strats! The guild will help where it can, but we expect all raiders to do what they can in the time that they have. 4. Have fun! Duh!   That being said, we will be approaching the content with the mindset of crushing the content on a casual schedule as well as having fun doing so. If you are new to raiding, no worries! We are here to help! If you are a veteran of the raid scene then we are here to crunch numbers and talk theorycraft. At first, our goal is of course to clear Normal and Heroic mode with the members that we have. Should we acquire a solid roster and have the desire of our raid team then we will move to Mythic. If we get to that point I must stress that it is a 20 man raid size and therefore people being rotated and sat depending on the night/week is going to happen. Everyone who puts the effort to raid with us and shows an understanding of the game at a Mythic level will get their chance at glory. Contacts: If you have any questions please reach out to us. We will take the time to answer any questions you have. GM- Amarandir#11909 Officer- TheDOZ#1247 Applications: The best way to show us your interested is taking the time to fill out an application at our website - 1h
1h [H] Holy Paly seeking raiding guild Aloha mateys! Syrenica here, seeking a weekday (Tuesday through Thursday) evening (8 pm - ???) raiding guild that may or may not be "Mythic ready," but at least looking to add a Holy Paladin to their roster in time for Legion. Not that it matters, but I've been maining on my Paladin since WotLK, however, I do have an Army of Alts... I'm just looking for a home and a chance to prove myself during raids, but most importantly looking for an open and friendly guild that is ready to tackle new content and improve together as a team... Hit me up Syrenica#1947 Mahalo!Syrenica2 1h
1h Resto Druid Looking for guild Resto Druid ( Off spec Guardian/Boomkin ) I am an active raider with some mythic raiding experience. I am willing to swap roles as needed, I can heal tank and dps with the best of them, and I am always willing to take on the odd roles in raids as needed. I am also looking for a group of like minded players to do mythic + 5 mans. Raid Schedule: Weekdays: 7pm-11pm CST Current logs ( I don't have an active raiding guild, so these are from pugs ) 1h
1h [H]LF casual late afternoon raiding guild. Howdy! Retribution Paladin here looking for a semi-casual raiding guild to team up with for the start of legion. I'm going to be working 3rd shift hours at the start of Legion and so would be available for raiding in the in the late afternoon/evening period (3PM EST - 10PM EST) I've been playing WoW on and off for the past few years and haven't raided in a guild setting since WotLK. That being said, I'm looking to get back into the game and I've had a decent amount of experience during BC and Wrath. I was DPSing/Healing in my previous guild for 10 mans throughout both expansions as a shaman. I'm a positive player who's looking to have a good time while slaying bosses with a good group of guildies. I'm willing to have a Prot or Holy offspec if that may be necessary for the guild. If interested, feel free to post or add me on Bnet (Rikkit #1747)Graeldin2 1h
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1h 2 Potential Transfers LFG Currently marooned on a server that I transferred to in order to play with friends who have since stopped playing, looking to transfer back to a high pop horde server to settle down as I'm tired of transferring around. Very brief background as I believe the best way to get to know someone you're going to be raiding with is to actually talk to them. Active 60+hr/wk raider from vanilla release to end of BC Member of multiple top server and high ranked US guilds Fulfilled roles of Class Lead, Officer, Loot Officer. Turned casual during end of WotLK Cata returned to semi-hardcore progression raiding WoD started in a semi-hardcore progression guild however due to roster issues and the lack of interest in the expansion quickly fell apart. I'm looking for a guild for legion, I will be planning on playing either a tank DH/Paladin or my Shadow Priest. I will tend to always lean towards my shadow priest but I am also able to fill other roles and I have multiple 100s which I have raid experience on. The other transfer is a holy priest who has been playing since end of BC and has a lot more gear than I do, I'll let her reply to this.Crìm8 1h
1h Disc Preist looking for raiding guild Disc priest looking for a raiding guild. Just started raiding again on this tune ( previous raided in bc ) Type of raiding: Heroic/Mythic progression for legion. Also looking to run mythic and mythic + 5 mans. Raid times: Weekdays: 7pm-11pm CST RealID: Teeyon#1417 Current logs: Side note: Despite the bad publicity Disc feels amazing, 5 man mythics and raids are easy peasy. I really don't understand why people think disc is bad right now. Experience Although I haven't mained this tune since bc, I also have a few other level 100's some with mythic hfc progression. I disabled guild invites by default, I prefer to run with people in order to get to know them. So please no random guild invites. Other Tunes I may consider maining for legion: Main for wad was: ( Resto>Guardian>Moonkin ) 1h
1h Healer/Mistweaver LF Raiding Guild Veteran gamer new to legion looking for a progression guild. Raided many games before such as EverQuest and Rift, and currently leveling a toon on Area52 to play with friends. Unfortunately their guild is full, so I am looking for a home of my own to raid with. Full availability and knowledgeable mist weaver. ThanksThedeewd6 1h
1h [H] LF Late Night Weekly 724 ENH Shammy LFGuild Late night Raiding Mon-Thurs 10p-12/1a Server- Social, Mature Crowd, (Currently 12/13H I have my Arch kill looking for Team, not interested in Hard Core. Contact: TUBBSMFC#1189 Thank you for your consideration.Speculation4 1h
2h <Currently Online> RBG Teams! <Currently Online> is one of the game’s largest and fastest growing gaming communities in WoW! With PVE and PVP teams on Alliance and Horde, stretching over 8 guilds, we are the premier destination for anyone looking for active Legion gaming. Here’s a listing of current PVP teams that will be running in Legion. Browse our website and forums to see what else we have to offer. If interested in forming your own group in CO, please skip to last paragraph for contact information! Team 2200 in Discord [HORDE-Area 52] *Fondly named in remembrance of all the pug PVPers we had to try and get into Discord (that is correct we use Discord for our RBGs…not Curse…let the shock settle in) Times: Mondays 9-11pm CST (10-Midnight EST) Recruitment: Everything at the moment (DK closed) Team Boomkin One [ALLIANCE-Sargeras] *Semi-fondly named after our Boomy who would chase away all the other boomies…they’d be there one week and gone the next. Times: Tuesdays 9-11pm CST (10-Midnight EST) Recruitment: Healer spots closed. Could use a base sitter, flag carrier and 1-2 more dps. Requirements: - Achievements for arenas or RBGs- nothing insano, but more than just a million HKs with 0 arena or RBG experience - Class knowledge - Weekly commitment (casual/slow/steady rating push- sometimes we get awesome puggers and other times we don’t…please be willing to come every week) - Must be in a CO guild/ willing to transfer and join - Times subject to change slightly (we might start an hour earlier and go three hours). Be aware of that and able to make the times if we start at 8pm CST (9pm EST) *Cant make these times? Too late for you? Not enough RBG time? <Currently Online> encourages new groups to form! Sargeras is a very high pop PVP server with lots of people interested in RBGs. In a gaming community of over 6,000 members, one group of 10 is never enough! Add me to talk about forming your own group and what that would entail! Btag: Bree#1278 (for new groups only) Discord: Bree#7256 (for recruitment on current teams) 2h
3h <Diligence> Recruiting all classes for Legion <Diligence> is an established 4 year old guild that has had a core group raiding together since MoP. The Raid Leader and GM has been playing since Vanilla and we have a mature approach to raiding. We are both former military with professional jobs, and know how to structure and lead raids efficiently with our experience in WoW and out of it. If you are looking for a guild that has a good atmosphere and clears content then we are the group for you. Please visit our website at Classes we are recruiting We are currently looking for: Mages Boomkin Warlock Strong Melee DPS Exceptional DPS applicants If you are an exceptional applicant, then please let us know and we will take that into consideration. We are looking for Pre-WoD raiders as well. Even if you don't have the gear, we are more than willing to have you along if you have previous content experience. What we expect from you: We expect you to be a competent raider. You may be called out for making mistakes in raid and we expect you to learn from your mistakes and improve as an overall player rather than to get angry or frustrated. We are willing to work with gear, but what we want is a fast moving progression that will allow to be satisfied with the content and down it quickly. You will also need a working mic, solid internet, and little to no excuses :) Raid Times We are currently planning on raiding Wednesday: 8-11 CST / 9-12 ST Thursday: 8-11 CST / 9-12 ST Sunday: Clean-up 8-10 CST / 9-11 ST We are adults with school or family, and understand that we can't be raiding 16 hours a week, and honestly don't feel that we need to in order to clear this content. This game has gotten easier over the years, and with a solid group of raiders we can accomplish that. Legion Plan We are going to be adding to our core group in this coming month before the launch of Legion. Our guild took a break, but we are coming back with a renewed vigor. We will be be leveling up together, and clearing all dungeons and content in preparation for the first raid tier. Our goal is to avoid burning out our players, so that we can be ready for mythic progression. Since we are adults, we are looking for a high intensity raid atmosphere and preparation before hand. We all have fun playing, but raid times are where we put forth the effort to down content. If this doesn't interest you then please don't apply. Contact Please contact Guild Master: Faithmelt Guild Manager: Recond#11134 Officer: Dunzo#1443 In-game contact Faithmelt, Recon (or any toon with a Recon prefix), HorrorHeals or Gaskul for questions about the guild. We are currently doing open invites and will be narrowing the pool down as we approach content in LegionRecon30 3h
3h Team Blue, Morning Mythic Raid Team <Diligence> [Team Blue] is an established raid team that has had a core group raiding together since MoP. The Raid Leader and GM has been playing since Vanilla and we have a mature approach to raiding. We are both former military with professional jobs, and know how to structure and lead raids efficiently with our experience in WoW and out of it. If you are looking for a guild that has a good atmosphere and clears content then we are the group for you. Please visit our website at Classes we are recruiting We are currently looking for all classes! If you are an exceptional applicant, then please let us know and we will take that into consideration. We are looking for Pre-WoD raiders as well. Even if you don't have the gear, we are more than willing to have you along if you have previous content experience. What we expect from you: We expect you to be a competent raider. You may be called out for making mistakes in raid and we expect you to learn from your mistakes and improve as an overall player rather than to get angry or frustrated. We are willing to work with gear, but what we want is a fast moving progression that will allow to be satisfied with the content and down it quickly. You will also need a working mic, solid internet, and little to no excuses :) Raid Times We are currently planning on raiding Monday: 9am-12pm ST Wednesday: 9am-12pm ST Friday: 9am-12pm ST We are adults with school or family, and understand that we can't be raiding 16 hours a week, and honestly don't feel that we need to in order to clear this content. This game has gotten easier over the years, and with a solid group of raiders we can accomplish that. Legion Plan We are going to be adding to our core group in this coming month before the launch of Legion. Our guild took a break, but we are coming back with a renewed vigor. We will be be leveling up together, and clearing all dungeons and content in preparation for the first raid tier. Our goal is to avoid burning out our players, so that we can be ready for mythic progression. Since we are adults, we are looking for a high intensity raid atmosphere and preparation before hand. We all have fun playing, but raid times are where we put forth the effort to down content. If this doesn't interest you then please don't apply. Contact Please contact Recond#11134 or Dunzo#1443 if you want to add a Btag. In-game contact any toon with a Recon suffix. We are currently doing open invites and will be narrowing the pool down as we approach content in Legion.Recondk6 3h
3h Any GLBT guild? Was wondering if there were any GLBT guilds or GLBT friendly guilds looking for more members? If so, I'd be interested in joining. Hopefully for raiding and grouping, etc.Nishiyo11 3h
4h Currently Online 11/13M LFM DPS 11/13 M Currently Online - Team "Antisocial" LFM Core raid group of 12/13 M &13/13 M Players looking for more for Legion !! Raid Times: All EST Wed/ Thu 8:30pm-12:00am We are now recruiting DPS , open to all exceptional players. Range DPS : ( Locks , Boomkin, Mages, Hunters ) Melee DPS : ( Death Knight , Rogue, Warriors) preferred About us: Team "Antisocial" is a raid group of CurrentlyOnline guild, with experienced leadership and progression oriented players.We are active outside raids, running old content ,optional alt runs on weekends, PVP groups for Legion and organized events, all in a calm, fun, organized, non elitist environment. Required: A positive attitude and patience Your own flasks, pots, and extra food In depth knowledge of your class and the current raid content A boss addon (DBM, BigWigs, etc) Angry Assignments Punctuality, high attendance, and a reliable functioning computer/internet To apply to Team "Antisocial" : ADD btag- Vin#12577 for a Voice Interview or go to and apply to Team "Antisocial" If you have any questions please feel free to contact: Vin#12577Rallaster10 4h
5h [H]<Arctic> Raiding guild recruiting Arctic [Area52 Horde] is recruiting living bodies with keyboards for World of Warcraft: Lesbians. What we are: - Canadian Memesters. - A small group of hardcore friends that find enjoyment in doing hard !@#$ because easy %^-* is boring. We try to min-max our characters as best we can because being bad is not fun. What we aren't: - Stupid enough to assume that we are going to be cutting edge in the present or in the immediate future, because new guilds formed by top 100 raiders in the twilight of an expansion are always successful kappa. - Serious about anything. Unless it's Harambe. What we're looking for: - Players with a willingness to improve. Real talk, everyone sucked at one point, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve the opportunity to show your stuff. And even if you aren't that great now, we're more than willing to work with you to help with your improvement. I have personal experience knowing that the only way to get good at this game is to be in an environment where you're allowed to be bad, as long as you put in the effort and have the accountability to admit your mistakes. - People interested in getting into mythic raiding, but might have been turned down by more serious guilds. - Healers and DPS. We'll even take Disc Priests. For a more specific list, check our lovely new guildsite: - Other memesters. - Proof that Harambe was in fact not shot in the Cincinnati Zoo on May 28th. What we offer: - An environment to thrive and improve as a player, and as a result, a guild. - Alptud? Requirements to Join: - All applicants are going to be interviewed, kind of, to make sure you fit our mold. Ragelords need not apply. - Your mog has to be lit fam. Our Raid Schedule: - Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, 7-11 EST (Server Time). Real talk again, no one wants to raid on Fridays and Saturdays, and I like to fish on Sundays. Mondays are lame too, you hate your job already - you might as well not hate the game on that day too. Non raid days are for things like mythic+ dunggos and farming mats and watching Animes like Cory in the House. If this sounds like something you are interested in being a part of, add njdubs#1125 on bnet or send a whisper to Gfurious, the undead warrior pirate of Area 52.Gfurious13 5h
10h Experienced Mythic Raider LF Guild. To keep it short, I'm looking to expand my horizons and I'm searching for a welcoming raiding guild to call home. I want to tank as a Demon Hunter in Legion. I have experience in tanking as a Guardian Druid. However, depending on the guild -- I will consider tanking as another class such as Paladin, Warrior, or Death Knight. For any more information on my experience and whatever else, please feel free to contact me. Btag - Puppy#11851Dovestep0 10h
11h Re-rolled on server, Looking for raid spot So my main server is about as close to dead as you can get(Cenarion Circle, Horde side) so I've taken advantage of the Legion boost to roll on this server because 1. It's highly populated and 2. It's actually in my time zone(rolled Cenarion Circle to play with a friend, then got to entrenched in the server to start over until now) Anyway, I'm looking to make a serious effort at raiding again in Legion after being so disillusioned by WoD. I want enhancement shaman to be my main focus, but I'm not opposed to playing elemental if a fight really calls for it. I am however opposed to healing and do not want a permanent spot as a healer. I do not like how healing works in WoW since the changes started in Cata and I get no enjoyment from it(and you don't want me healing a raid when I haven't healed outside of leveling content since Wrath) and in Legion, where artifacts are a thing, my resto artifact isn't going to be getting much love until I've maxed at least Doomhammer. Besides that I'm a team player. I don't like drama(never caused any and my tolerance for it became 0 the second I graduated from High school 8 years ago) I follow directions to the best of my ability. ATM I work from home, so attendance shouldn't be a problem outside of rare emergencies. If alts are allowed in the guild, I also made a Demon Hunter(because why not) that I plan on leveling and focusing on Vengeance for an alt. If things go well and I get settled on the server I plan to bring over(and level)my other 100s. As for raid times I prefer night eastern, but I'm amenable to other times. I'm looking for 2-3 days a week, for 2-4 hours a night, but I'm flexible. I definitely want to do heroic at least, but I'm interested in Mythic. This may also be a bit pretentious(read dickish) to say considering I'm new on the server and haven't raided for a while, but I'm looking for an established group/guild. I can't count the number of invites I got since rolling on the server for "new guilds that are looking to raid come legion" and again, it's going to sound dickish, but I've seen this so many times before in WoW and other games and nothing ends up coming from it. Not that I think you're lying or anything, I do believe you intend to try raiding, but as someone who used to help organize a raid group back in Wrath, it's not the easiest thing in the world and the chances for things to go wrong are abundant and I want to get into a group before legion, because once it's out, finding a good team is going to be 100x harder. Anyway, looking forward to hearing from people, but regardless, if you read this far have a good one.Ryuto3 11h
11h [H] Small group looking for raiding guild Hello. I'm representing a small group of players whom are looking for a raiding guild for legion. There are about 4-5 of us, 2 healers (Druid and priest), one whom is open to any role and another looking for a spot as tank/dps (dk or rogue). Two of us have mythic brf (9/10)/highmaul (6/7) experience as well as clearing hfc back in September. We are looking for a more casual raiding guild to progress with hopefully into mythic. We would ideally like to find a two day a week raiding guild, although three days is fine as well, with raid times ranging from 7:30-10:30 PST (due to work schedules). Also we would prefer a Horde guild, as that's what we all currently are, but willing to switch factions if necessary. Please contact me if you have questions or are interested. Btag: Vanitas#1145 Thank you.Vanítas5 11h
11h 2 vets LF raiding guild Hello, Two vet raiders here (brothers) looking for a new home on a fresh server after our current server died. I have raided with several different specs over the years (blood DPS DK, Arc Mage, DPS Warrior, Blood tank DK, Holy Pally, RSham) and back before I had a wife and kid I was a GM for a large guild (500+ members) on Mal'Ganis. I like to think I bring a lot to the table, even though I don't spend as much time on as I did in the past. we are both 34+ yrs old with families, so no drama here. we are both looking for a guild that raids 2 nights a week, 8p-11p server could do 8-12 if one of the nights was Friday. I have been playing a Havoc DH on the Beta for a while and absolutely love it, so I'm planning on Running one if I can. My brother however is planning on running a fire mage. you can hit me up anytime in game Marc#1196, I'm not on the forums much, so best place would be in game.Dëadlyshot2 11h
11h <Hold The Door> Late Night Raiding Guild <Hold The Door> Raid Times (All EST) Thurs/Friday 11:30pm-1:30am Recruitment Healer - Paladin/Priest/Monk DPS - Prefer Hunter/Mage and Rogue/Monk. Others will be considered. We're a late night raiding guild looking for a couple dedicated raiders to fill out our roster. We maintain a laid back adult atmosphere while looking to progress through upcoming raid content. We are looking for players who can commit to our raid times. 100% Attendance isnt required, but communication is. We all have families, jobs, etc and know that things come up, but we are all depending on each other to be there. The other thing we require is being committed to performing when you are there. A few people not making the effort can really affect the fun for everyone else. If our raid times work or you you have any questions please feel free to contact us. TimmyC69#1451 or t0urniquet#1874Lexxer0 11h
12h 9/13 mythic player looking for legion guild Hey guys I have some characters on A52 and im looking for a guild that has heroic/mythic content in mind. I have a flexible schedule so let me know if ur interested. I been raiding a long time and cant wait to meet you guys. My battletag is Seraphim#1213Brutalwounds3 12h
12h Looking for a Heroic/Mythic guild come Legion I have been a heroic/mythic raider for almost every single tier of raiding except for Wod. I had to take some time off for irl reasons. I am fine with raiding 5+ hours a day for progression. My main for Legion will be a Vengeance Dh so please don't recruit me if you don't need a tank. Some history of my tanking career Wotlk-mained a Prot Pally and Frost Dk for progression. Cata-mained a Feral(bear) Druid for the first tier, Prot Pally for the rest. Mop-Prot Paladin for the last 2 tiers. I am extremely versatile when it comes to alts. I will generally have at least one alt geared for healing/dps to fill in if needed. Healing history is as follows Wotlk-Disc Priest alt that I did heroic icc 2x weekly Cata-Resto Druid after content was on farm Mop-Resto Shaman and Holy Priest. I did heroic (Mythic) Soo on both Wod-Holy Priest for heroic Brf I hope that covers enough, I will be happy to fill out an app if necessary. My tag is Clint#1114 CheersVerees1 12h
12h Mage dps lf Mythic+ Guild I'm looking to get back into more progression content come Legion. Having the usual 9-5 working schedule (i.e. raid times that end by 11pm est), I'm eager to find a consistent group of strong players to push Mythic+ dungeons as well as all the raiding that a working schedule allows. Happy to act as a bench raider as long as I have a good group to hang with in game while making the most of the new progression systems. I have been playing WoW at different levels since 2006, raiding seriously through Cata. With limited time, I take what time I do have seriously and put in the preparation necessary in and out of game to get things done. If it sounds like I would be a good fit for your team, reply here or ping me in game, Hubris#1402.Tzunetai2 12h
12h Returning Resto Druid LF Mythic Guild Hi everyone, I'm a returning player looking for a legion heroic/mythic raiding home on Area 52. The last several weeks I've been playing this character pretty casually so it is not super geared, but I'm more focused on legion. I've played wow on and off on several characters since vanilla. I was most active raiding in vanilla, BC, and early WoD patches. Other MMOs that I've raided in over the years include SWTOR and FF14. I prefer a semi-hardcore raid environment which includes being prepared, playing at a high level, but still maintaining a fun and positive environment. Raid Availability: M-Thurs 8-12 server time, would prefer 2-3 nights a week. I should be able to maintain 100% attendance on this schedule, with the exception that I do have to travel for work typically one week a quarter with prior notice. Please hit me up with any questions. Frankfutter#1767Frankfutter1 12h
12h Disc Preist Looking for raiding guild Just got back into raiding on my disc priest. Plan to server transfer to area 52 or another high population server ( not rp ). Looking for a mythic guild in legion. As well as a 5 man mythic + groups. Logs: 12h
12h Holy Priest LF Mythic Guild for Legion I am a long time raider who is looking for a Mythic raiding guild for Legion. My goal is to clear content before the next tier is released. I raided on my priest for BC, Wrath, and Mop. During WoD I raided on my prot pally and cleared 12/13 Mythic HFC, but I'm not really enjoying the changes to prot pally and have been missing my priest. My availability is weekday evenings and weekends are flexible. Preference is for 2-3 days/week. I am very reliable and always come prepared. My battletag is Kamana#1384. Will provide my pallies armory link upon request to verify progress, but I am not willing to raid on her.Kamana4 12h
12h Unholy DK & Resto Druid/Sham looking 4 guild Unholy DK (ilvl 720) and Resto Druid(730/ring)/Shaman(720) HEALS looking for raiding guild. 3x a week is preferred but 2x would work if the guild was a great fit. We are available ANY day of the week. A 9 pm EST starting time is needed, looking to raid 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Looking for casual - semi hardcore progression. STABILITY, No drama, no flakes, punctual, reliable, 21+ We are returning (early summer) veteran players that have stable internet connection, are on nightly (and often in the day) either doing WoW events, running mythic dungeons, profession and gear grinding. We've always been active within the guild, always looking to run content (dungeons, timewalking, invasions, etc...) WITH guildies first. We are motivated to push content in Legion, heroic at the very least. We come to the raid prepared, on time, with positive attitudes Axva#11448 Thanks in advancePennyjack1 12h
12h [H] Returning player for serious raiding Howdy folks! I'm looking to get back into the raiding scene after a long hiatus. I've been back into the game since early summer, but haven't been raiding (not counting LFR) since WotLK. During Wrath, I was on Moon Guard in Brothers of the Fallen on a different account, a guild in which I participated in a few realm firsts in Ulduar 25 and H TotC 10/25. My availability it between 6pm and midnight EST on weekedays, any time on weekends. Like earlier mentioned, I haven't raided since, but i've gone in and out of the game since then, keeping up with stories and leveling. I have 3 100s, and a fourth on the way. I have no strong preference between them. My toons: DK- Blood/frost Warlock- Flexible, Afflic preferred DH- Who doesn't tho? No preference. Priest- Still leveling to 100. Eyes on disc, but flexible. BNet tag is Tragixx#1393. Cheers!Tragix2 12h
12h Experienced healer returning for legion I am looking to break back into raiding for Legion. I’m an experienced progression raider and I have been raiding off and on, as permitted by school, since Wrath of the Lich King. I’ve tanked, healed, and played both melee and ranged dps. Most recently raided in WoD and got midway through heroic HFC by last September before having to step away. In WoD I raided as both a resto shaman and a resto druid. For Legion I would be most comfortable raiding with either of those two characters. Though I would be open to other classes if something seemed like a very good fit. I am a little rusty at the moment but I really enjoy researching and practicing my class. So I’ll get back up to speed as quickly as possibleR. I’m looking for a guild that will push into mythic content. Having a friendly atmosphere is also a huge plus. My availability is pretty open, the only restrictions are Tuesday and Thursday the earliest I could start is 9 pm EST. Feel free to leave a post here or contact me Mazrim #1924 online.Ayyad4 12h
12h Resto shaman seeking mythic raiding guild Resto Shaman with 7/13 M HFC experience seeking semi hardcore guild for heroic/mythic raiding in legion. Start times: Between 6:00 pm ST & 7:30 pm ST End times: Between 10:00 pm ST & 11:00 pm ST Days: two days a week from M/T/W/T Please view my armoury. Add me to bnet if I meet your criteria, Aphotic#1385. 12h
12h 3 Raiders LF Home Area52 Horde Found HomeLodo4 12h
13h Hunter looking for Mythic Dungeon Group Looking for a guild were I can run or run with a Mythic dungeon group to push for some high rankings. Due to my lack of time being able to play each week raiding isn't really an option for me and would like to find a group to push mythic dungeons with. My weekends are open and instead of raiding I want to fill that time pushing mythic dungeons with some pvp on the side. I have played a hunter since vanilla wow and know the ins and outs of my class. I have been playing PvP almost every expansion except WoTLK were I tried my hand in hardcore raiding. Ever since then no raid has been as fun to me except the first few raids in WoD were I raided up until mythic. I have recently transferred back to this server and have started the search for a new guild. Challenge Modes had a perfect fit for me since I could farm them with friends or guild mates while having a busy life and still be able to push something semi hard. With Mythic dungeons coming out I wish to push my dungeon experience to the next level and try to push for some high ranks, since I can only play at night and on the weekend. My tag is: Munchiefest#1839Munchiefest1 13h
15h <Nudie Magazine Day> H Weekend Nights Nudie Magazine Day - Progression Raiding Guild - Horde - Area 52 Saturday and Sunday 7pm eastern to 10pm eastern Time Please Apply Here!!! Nudie Magazine Day is currently accepting the following classes for our core raid spot for the new Legion X Pac!!! Mage - 1 Warlock - 2 Elemental Shaman - 1 Warrior dps - 1 Death Knight - 1 Rogue - 1 Druid cat - 1 We have been currently playing wow for the better past of 10 years and this guild has been together in different variations for the last 6 years. We are a close tight knit minded guild where we have a lot of fun and get a lot of raiding content completed. Our guild is currently on the rise on our server and would like to push progression as much as we could in Legion. Please feel free to apply and enjoy the new xpac!!! BesteverbestBesteverbest34 15h
16h 732 Shadow priest LF Tues/Wens raiding guild Hi guys I am currently a 732 shadow priest that stopped raiding hardcore at the begging of Hellfire Citadel. I am looking to continue raiding again. I am currently 4/13M just pugging HFC, but i want a home. If you have any questions you can leave them below or add me TGSfaded#1173 I am willing to server transfer and possibly faction change. For times on Tuesday and Wednesday they can be at anytime those days. I would be also in a late night guild it would have to be after 1200am pst.Fadëd4 16h
16h Alis Grave Nil Recruiting Alis Grave Nil is a active guild finishing up our raid roster for Legion. We are a mature 18+ guild. We are currently looking for range dps (warlock, ele shaman). Also recruiting for casuals and part-time raiders. You can get ahold of guild leader Desdemonya or one of the officers Missjenni, Demonzblood, Alpacapacino, Takeda. Our website is another place to find information about us http://www.alisgravenil.netDesdemonya6 16h
16h [H] [Untold] 13/13M Recruitment Information: Our team is currently 13/13M HFC. We are looking to expand our roster in preparation for Legion. Team Goals: Our raid goal in Legion is to be top 10 on the server. We strive to improve in any aspect that we can while keeping our main mythic raid a priority. Going into legion, we are looking to have a solid core of 25 players. We are looking for players that: -Have exceptional attendance. -Can perform well -Are team oriented -Have a positive attitude Raid Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs :: 10:30PM - 1:30AM Server Time(EST) We start invites at 10:15pm Server Time(EST) and expect everyone to be on at that time. Our raiders make our raid days and times consistently and we expect the same out of anyone applying to our core team. Putting it simply; there are 19 other raiders that are counting on you to be online to progress through content and have a good time. *If you cannot make these days/times regularly, you can still apply for a flex position or as a casual member. LEGION Recruiting: *You can message any of our guild officers in-game to apply: -- RANGED DPS *Highest Priority* -- -Hunter (Non-survival) VERY HIGH -Elemental Shaman HIGH -Shadow Priest MEDIUM -Warlock (Any Spec) MEDIUM -- MELEE DPS *Medium Priority* -- -Survival Hunter VERY HIGH -Enhancement Shaman HIGH -Warrior HIGH -Ret Paladin MEDIUM -- Heals *Low Priority* -- -Holy Priest MEDIUM -Mistweaver Monk LOW -Resto Shaman LOW -- Tanks -- -CLOSED *Any exceptional players are welcome to apply. If you can perform, we are interested. Addons/Requirements: We require the following addons: -DBM or Bigwigs -EPGP Lootmaster -Angry Assignments -Exorsus Raid Tools Voice: -Mumble Guild Information: We started out as a tight knit 10m guild in MoP. We cleared Heroic SoO followed by Mythic SoO when the patch hit. WoD was a difficult expansion for us as a guild. We transitioned from 10m to 20m in order to raid the most challenging content. Through hardships, we strengthened our core and maintained progression. At the end of the expansion, we were able to solidify our spot in the top 15 of the server. We've all played WoW for a long time and know our classes well and we do expect the same from any applicant. :) We take our raiding seriously, but we like to have a good time while doing it. A lot of us enjoy playing other games together as well; including but not limited to Diablo III, Hearthstone, Rocket League, Overwatch, etc. etc. Please message me or any of the other officers in game with these BattleTags to apply: Kaethur09#1857 :: Kaethur (Guild Master / Raid Leader - Tank) Wolftuba#1711 :: Wolftuba (Raid Leader - Ranged DPS) Thanks for your time reading the post and we look forward to hearing from you. :)Kaethur12 16h
17h Holy Paladin and Hunter LF Guild Legion Holy Paladin and Hunter looking for a guild for legion. We are returning players who largely skipped MoP and WoD for RL reasons. Our RL issue are now completely resolved and we are looking to ease back into raiding at more casual level. We are looking for a guild who will be pushing Heroics as goal with the possibility of Mythics down the road. We are not looking to go directly into Mythic raiding as we want to sharpen our skills after our break. We want a guild that is adult oriented. We want a fun atmosphere that has a good team environment. The perfect guild will be social with groups to run 5 man Mythics regularly. We raided hardcore in BC, WoTLK, and CATA, we know what is expected. We both regularly ranked on World of Logs while actively raiding. We are always prepared with our own consumables and fight research done. We are looking to Raid 2-3 night per week, with other nights devoted to Mythic dungeons and other activities. We do need to be finished by 11:00 pm server Sunday through Thursday. Friday and Saturday nights we can go really as late as we need to. We have extensive alts at 100 with all professions all classes. my tag is Xtentions#1628Cointreau4 17h
17h Crossfire Recruting Hello all! <Crossfire> is a U.S. based Horde guild on Area 52. This is a newly formed guild that has a friendly and welcoming environment, and we would love to expand this family! We are a casual friendly raiding guild Looking to Start a 10 man raiding team, and also we will be doing other stuff like achievement runs at scheduled times. Our goal and expectations: Our biggest goal is clear the mythic content, but also to enjoy the game and have fun together. We are looking for people with positive attitude. and people who want to learn the game mechanics, we will Help you Learn them; if you need any damage boost food/flask/runes, we will do our best to help! We are a team, and we are going to play as a team. Since we are not going hardcore, wipes are going to happen. However, we are going to learn from those failures and down the boss! We understand that WoW is not everything in life, but we do expect good attendance for the raid groups you sign up for, If you have a tuff schedule no problem you can raid as an alt with us. Recruiting - We are still building up our raiding team, and we welcome all players to join and have fun with us! healers: highly appreciated! We are just starting to fill the roles, so please join us and let’s raid together in Legion! DPS: We are currently in need of demon hunter, mage, warlock and druid, but all classes are welcome to join! Scheduled times - Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday 8pm-12pm EST (Please adjust this accordingly to your own time zone!) Communication - We use teamspeak as our communicating tool. We will use it when we run raids and dungeons. We are a family-orientated guild. The members here are nice and polite, so no bad words and cussing in teamspeak please. Contact in game - Gottiboi Btag-Gottiboi45#1673 Dinotari Btag-Dinotar#1529 OR If you are interested, please apply from our website: 17h
20h [H] <Forgotten Valiance> is now recruiting! Where'd we come from and who are we?: <Forgotten Valiance> is a fresh competitive Area-52 (Horde) guild formed by my two friends and I because we all wanted to play with each other again, but also push the ranks on a populated server and see what we are all capable of. We're looking to form a team that can clear Heroic and Mythic during Legion while having a blast hanging out with each other. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to keep reading! Philosophy: Before I lay out all the details in regards to times and such, you should know about how we feel about raiding and what we're looking for in our raiders. Most important to us is having fun together. If we're spending such a large number of hours together over the coming months, we want to enjoy playing with everyone. The end game goal of this guild is to be competitive in a Mythic raiding environment. We all understand that Normal and Heroic content is something we will be working with before we step foot into Mythic, but our end goal is to make a strong push for Mythic ranks. One of the reasons we feel so strongly about this is we know this is a game and we want everyone to have fun, but at the same time players who are put into a competitive environment enables friendly competition and encouragement for getting better each and every night. On the contrary, we understand real life is stressful as it is and we don’t want to press the issue too much and lose sight of things. We don't want to force anyone to play a spec they don't like, or use a talent that forces a playstyle they find not enjoyable...But we also are looking for members that are willing to put that aside them to hopefully push further in progression. Pushing Mythic does come with a lot of responsibilities, but there is plenty of people in the guild that have been playing for a long time and are more than willing to help out. At the same time, we understand everyone is playing at their optimum when everyone enjoys being around each other, and having fun. Raid Times: The raid times are currently as follows, and are based on server time. Tuesday: 10:00p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Wednesday: 10:00p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Thursday: 10:00p.m. - 1:00 a.m. Expectations: Our expectations are set so that the group as a whole can benefit. •Attendance: We understand that WoW isn't the top priority in life. We know things come up, or sometimes you just need a night off. As such, we expect a minimum of 75% attendance. That means up to 2 nights per month of missing raid. It's hard to progress if half the group can't be there for one night per week or all the DPS show up one night but all the healers are gone. We don't expect 100% attendance, but we expect you to do your best to be there. Respect others and their time. •Attitude: In case it hasn't been made clear up until now, we are a competitive raiding guild. With that being said, don’t expect a “strict”, “military-like” environment. We won't tolerate elitist attitudes, shaming, or name calling. Wipes are going to happen. We want to down bosses, but we want to do so together and cooperatively. Yelling isn't how we communicate. Come prepared to help others and willing to accept help. Constructive criticism is something that should be encouraged at all times, and you need to understand that. •Communication: We'll be using a guild Discord to communicate more than likely. It is optimal that you have a microphone so you can communicate with everyone and ensure that everyone is on the same page. •Preparation: If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for at least one full expansion, you should know that there is plenty of resources available to you to make you a better player. As a raider in a competitive raiding guild, it is your duty to ensure that you are prepared as best as possible for every raid night. This also includes having the appropriate stat food, potions and flasks. Recruitment Needs: •Tank: Our tank roles at this time are open, please do contact us if you’re interested! •Healer: Need any and all healers! We will do our best to accommodate any healer class you would like to play. •DPS: DPS roles are currently wide open with one exception. We know Demon Hunters are shiny and new; as such it seems like half the player base has decided to main one during Legion over the past few days. We are going to wait to recruit Demon Hunters until Legion has officially launched and players have had a chance to level them and get a true feel for the class. If you're dead set on playing one, feel free to message us anyway! Contact: if you feel like you're ready to submit an application, please follow this link and fill out this form! 20h
21h Vet Veng DH seeks PvP and Myth Dungeons Hello All, I'm a returning veteran to wow. I used to main a shaman healer and was once a top 100 guy. Actually some of logs made it front page on wowlogs back in the day. That was a while ago and I have come back with new priorities. In legion I want to PvP more and do BGs, RBGs, Mythic dungeons, and some Arena. I would say world pvp but this is Area 52 lol. i have grow to love the new DH and will be playing Vengence. My plan is to be baddest Vengence DH ever, so much so that they will rename it to my typo. Please let me know if any of you are interested.Gracie0 21h
22h Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Recruiting! We are a Semi-Casual guild that raids Fri/Sat 8pm-11pm server time every week, and will be starting up raids 2-3 weeks after legion launches (gear and RNGesus permitting). As "semi-casual" we are pretty laid back about real life necessities and needing to do things on the weekends if your real life calls for it. However, we do require the following: 1. You are prepared (Illidan pun not intended) with flasks, enchants, food, and are knowledgeable about encounters. 2. You have the drive to improve. We tolerate mistakes, but if you are unwilling to assess your flaws as a raider or help the group with utility/cooldowns, we will kindly meow at you to step out (and then hiss/claw if really necessary). 3. You have a good time. This is a game, after all. Don't take it so seriously! Please message me in-game if you'd like. My BattleTag is redux32#1356. Other officers you can message in-game by character name most used are: Carebearz (guild leader) Mailharbor (co-GM) Neoplasia (officer) Kahlen (officer) Coolz (officer) Please also note that we will be taking a look at your raiding history and current gearing levels, just to give us a baseline for where you were at in WoD. Thank you guys! And hope to hear from you about joining in game! -AjiraAjira1 22h
23h Selling Eye of Shadow for Benediction If you have the two old school pieces for the Benediction quest, I have the third piece that I am willing to sell you. Please add me on battletag and we can discuss pricing. Basedmartyr#1754Basedmartyr1 23h
23h DDoS This !@#$ is retarded. Whoever has such a pathetic life that they have to DDoS a gaming server in order to feel good about themself, please just KYS.Synjax19 23h
23h Veteran Holy Priest LF raid guild Edit: Thanks for the invite. Thread closed.Madisen1 23h
1d New Area 52 Guild-<Casual Progression> Hello out there Area 52. With Legion fast approaching, I didn't want to find myself in the same position I was in for the first time in WOD and be without a guild. I tried to reach out to a few guilds, and it seems most guilds are chalk full on Demon hunters, which I plan to main and tank with full steam ahead. Because of this, and because of the massive amount of time on my hands, I am starting this new guild. Casual Progression is Horde guild focused on progression, but understanding that people have lives that come first. I'm 33, a disabled vet, and married so gaming comes in the time left over. The guild will be made up of people over 18, I want to keep a mature group even though the tone will be light. I don't really want to hear about politics or religion unless we are talking about the dwarves in ironforge in political strife or the Paladin class and Naaru :P Guild needs for Legion ATM (updated) Raid team needs Healers-Disc Priest (preferable with dps offspec kept up) Melee Dps-Warrior, Druid or Paladin with tank offspec, Survival Hunter Ranged Dps-anything we need ranged dps the most Tanks-1 dedicated dps that will hold a tank spec for a ready backup 5 man mythic + team needs 1 Dedicated Tank 1 Dedicated Healer You can apply with anything, but these are the things I can guarantee you a spot for. There are no guarantees until legion that anyone shows and keeps their slots, so hit me up! I will make the final raid lineup once everyone is 100 and serious about what they are going to raid with. Getting to 100 and getting geared and ready is how you can lock in your spot! We won't be looking to break records or get world firsts. But hopefully with teamwork and good communication we can make progression in a fair amount of time and have fun doing it. We do plan on progressing though, so we will make adjustments as needed to down the content. I ordered and set up a 40 man teamspeak. I won't be using recruit bots, nor will I have 100 people in the guild that don't know each other. The people that join the guild will be the people we quest, raid, and play with. I want to build a community that can move forward. Raid time will be 9-12 pm system time tuesday and wednesday. If we don't get that done, and if there is time on the weekend, we can schedule any cleanup raiding over the weekend. I want raiders that are going to show up reliably on time. People need to commit to the 2 nights a week if they want to be on the raid team. Pleasant people will still be allowed in the guild that aren't on the main raid lineup, but a raid slot will take showing you want the slot by being active. I am in need of an officer or two almost immediately. People that get in from the ground up have the best chance of filling those slots. If you are a casual and want to raid some but can't make every time reliably? Join our backup roster! Once we have raids on farm I will work hard to make sure everyone that has contributed that wants to raid gets rotated in to get geared. Recruitment is going slow, but I am personally approaching everyone interested because I want to start this guild as a cool community from day one. So if you join understand that it will take time to build a solid foundation into a functioning raid team. Patience will pay off! You don't have to be a pro. If you are committed to learning and can make the improvements needed for us to progress, you're welcome on the raid team. Ability to take positive criticism, communicate and make adjustments are what is going to keep us moving in a good direction! Please post here if you are interested. We got about 20 more days to get something together, I hope to meet a good group of you guys to play with and start some good memories with. *edited to add* I have experience as a co-gm and as an assistant raid leader. I've tanked every expansion beginning with BC to now. I am confident in my abilities to put together a raid and to tank, and I am open to working with the group to making it better and making it run smoother. Interested parties can contact me on my battletag Entropy#1599 I am looking forward to getting to know some of you better!Glaivus22 1d