Area 52

Sep 18 Tank Looking For A Home Hey everyone. I am a Protection Paladin with an item level of 845 as of right now. I am looking for a new raiding guild to start Legion off strong. I will be able to transfer if needed. I am looking for a guild that will be doing Mythic raids and Mythic+ dungeons. I started raiding back in WotLK as a Mage and then switched over to a Paladin nearing the end of the expansion. I stopped raiding during ICC and then returned for the end of Cataclysm. In Cataclysm i returned right before Firelands was released. During Firelands I was a raid leader for a short while. I stopped playing during the time Firelands was out, shortly before Dragon Soul was released. I skipped the expansion MoP. I only came back to prepare for the start of WoD. At the start of WoD I switched to a Protection Warrior and was in the process of clearing Mythic Highmaul before BRF was released. After one week of raiding BRF and going 9/10 Normal and 8/10 Heroic I stopped playing once again for personal reasons. Now, I am back looking for a home for Legion. I am at 845 ilvl and still working to get it higher as I have quite a few blues I need to replace. I have enjoyed this expansion more than I have any other so far. I am primarily looking for a group that raids on Tuesday through Thursday. Monday could be added in as well. If anyone needs a tank with experience in progression, please add me. My battletag is Sadistik#1591. Thanks for your time!Critsandbits0 Sep 18
Sep 18 838 WW/ MW off spec Monk Like title suggests. I'm a WW/ Offspec MW monk. I'm Looking for a weekend Mythic Raid guild. I am still very active during the week but it can be hard to commit to a tues/wed/thur schedule and my current guild just isn't active enough. so.. Bullets: Current Ilvl 838 prefer weekend possibly one weeknight (not thursdays) CST - between 7 - 11 if it's a weeknight (since things tend to run over) prior WotLK hardcore raider, part of a few server first teams. Bonus points for organized PvP Willing to transfer, prefer to remain horde. Currently on Thrall Battle tag ~ FunCrusher#1391Effu0 Sep 18
Sep 18 [H] 643 lock LF weekend raiding Hi, After dabbling with Legion, I've decided to enter the camp of looking for organized raiding again - not cutting edge, but not casual either. About the line of where heroic isn't really a challenge but mythic is longer term progression. Not one of those giant 'community' guilds, but something a bit closer-knit and adaptable. About me: Playing since vanilla, warlock all the way. Talk about an up-and-down ride. Was in the same guild from vanilla up to halfway through cataclysm, then the second the rest of the way to the beginning of WoD, then WoD destroyed three separate guilds I was in, and given my new schedule, I basically gave up and did other things. Several server firsts and progression milestones. You can see the history through armory, or I could answer any questions you have. Legion has brought me back and I've done fairly well in getting myself caught up. I'm a strong mechanical player with an emphasis on surviving and doing good damage over being a glass cannon and faceplanting every second pull. My timeline is unfortunately very strict. I work full-time salary and have a gym schedule of M-W-F, so saturday/sunday are the only realistic times I can commit to, but those days for the most part are quite open. If this sounds like something you're looking for, drop me a line through this tag: Advocate#1150. * One caveat: I'm away on vacation the last week of september, from the morning of the 24th to Oct 1, so the first weekend is nixed for me. Nothing else in my schedule though.Advoe5 Sep 18
Sep 18 Druid Tank LF a home. As the title say's I'm currently looking for a home that is in need of a tank. My current ilvl is 811 but going up, my professions are engineering and Mining. My overall goal for this game is to just raid and on off days do Dungeon runs and other various guild stuff (xmog runs, PvP, BSing, etc.) I love a guild that is very active on a voice chat program (TS, Mumble, Discord, etc.) I have them all just tell me what you use. I want a guild that raids during the week and not weekends. I'm available M/W/Th/Fri 9p EST - Midnight. Tuesday's and Weekends I will be on and off because those are the days that I do family stuff. A little about me, I'm a family guy, married, 4 kids, and a full time job. I have a sense of humor and joke about anything and everything. If you don't have thick skin then I may upset you but for the most part I'm just goofing around. I'm very serious when it comes to raiding and do my best to make sure my job (tank) is done correctly and I have that same outlook with anyone else that runs with me. Not sure what else to say, if you feel you might have a place for me then please feel free to contact me here, bnet, or ingame. My Bnet id is Buche#1684, my IGN is Buche.Buche0 Sep 18
Sep 18 DH Vengeance LF weekend raiding guild Hola! My current home is Korgath but im looking wide to find a weekend raid or early morning week days! Alliance or Horde doesent matter for me Pre raid exp BC, Wotlk, Cata, after that wow was booring untill now! My current specc is vengeance and idd prefer staying as this Current ilvl 849 Contact me anytime ingame Roberthawkin#2922 Grtz RobertTorsdag0 Sep 18
Sep 18 846ilvl dps dh lf mythic progression Can provide logs when requested of current mythic content, no conflict with any raid times what so ever, competitive player excelling in any sort of team based environment. btag: Dhmain1337#1998Dhlivesmattr0 Sep 18
Sep 18 <House Starfall> Recruiting raiders We are a more relaxed group who doesn't push super hard but likes to progress at a steady pace. We raid Tuesday & Friday 9:30 to midnight server. We need a priest healer and several ranged dps. We also welcome socials. :) Pst Vitani, Radish, Thameos/Rakkeros or Scorrilo for an invite.Vítaní1 Sep 18
Sep 18 <Dark Entropy> Recruiting Welcome all, we are Dark Entropy, a multi-faceted guild with a friendly, adult atmosphere. We are currently recruiting and invite all who want to enjoy all there is in WoW. We have a semi-hardcore raid team that plans to push current content at a steady pace while still having fun. We formed in January of 2016 and we finished 13/13 H Hellfire Citadel within a month of raiding as a guild. We are all very excited for Legion and we're looking forward to pushing mythic content during it's current tier. We strive to recruit consistent, team-oriented and strong players to reach our mythic goals in Legion! Our plan for legion is a 3 night, 3 hour per night raiding schedule and our goal is AOTC each content patch. Tuesday though Thursday from 9pm-12am est. We also run Mythic dungeons weekly and look forward to pushing mythic+ dungeons in the future! We require all raiders to have Discord and be able to communicate any critical details regarding an encounter to the rest of the raid, being able and willing to communicate any semi-important details which may facilitate the fight for others is a huge plus. We are looking for players who can quickly adapt to an encounter in the absence of strategy guides and/or when randomness occurs. Whether it's a bug, or simply bad luck, we expect you to react appropriately and make the best of any situation during encounters. Raiders must show up to all raids on time, prepared, and have current up to date knowledge of your class and boss encounters. Also, players who are able and willing to play multiple specs as necessary. Certain fights favor certain specs. As such, we expect you to be willing to utilize such advantages should we deem it necessary. Additionally raiders must able to play in a wide variety of situations, including those that are new or stressful. In addition to having the ability to preform important high skill mechanics in these environments. lastly, raiders must be able to play their class at a high level, meaning that you are aware of the proper rotation, talents, trinkets, and spec for each fight and must continuously learn and strive to improve your play style and ability. But above all, be friendly. Raiding isn’t fun in a toxic environment, and we want the few hours we spend together to be enjoyable! Any and all players are welcome but we have a few spots open for our core team! We are currently recruiting - Druid - balance/resto Monk - WW Paladin - Ret Priest - Shadow Warlock - demo/destro If you're interested, feel free to message anyone online and they can direct you to an officer. Or you can message our GM Segador#1790. Thanks and good luck!Linzii1 Sep 18
Sep 18 Experienced Warrior LF Mythic Prog Guild I have extensive experience in all of the Raids since Vanilla. Looking for start times at 8 or 9 EST running till 11 or 12 in the evening. Will be 845 by the times raids drop. Any or all days work for me.Zoreyai3 Sep 18
Sep 18 Tank looking for a home Hey all, as the title states I'm looking for a guild in need of a tank. My interests are in doing mythic and mythic+ dungeons, and normal/heroic raiding with a possible sight on mythic raiding in the future. I'm 28 years old, laid back and don't rage. Currently only tank I have at 110 is DK at the moment, but would prefer to not play it as I've just not enjoyed it like I thought I would. I'm currently leveling my monk (101), paladin (104), and warrior (101). Have a stable internet connection, new pc I built this year, headphone and mic. Prefer the use of discord/mumble. I look up fights and learn mechanics before hand, always come prepared with consumables, and just like to have a good time. If you'd like to talk more, please respond here or add my via battletag at hcteks1g#1838Numlocked2 Sep 18
Sep 17 847 Frost DK LF Heroic/mythic Raiding Guild My battletag is Kogak#1627 please add me to chat about raiding. Really looking for heroic/mythic guild that are serious for progression, but can also have a good time raiding.Lifebender2 Sep 17
Sep 17 846 Havoc DH LF Mythic Raid Team Looking for Mythic Raids on my 846 DH dps. Highly experienced and highly skilled. Self motivated learner of mechanics and class tricks for survivability. Sounds like a business application, but I like my Raids to be all business. The fun is in the progression. Took a break during MoP/WoD and just did normal/heroic for lack of available guilds on my old server. If you have an open slot and could use a skilled dps and offtank hit me up. I can scrape together some mythic 5 man logs on request or just send me an invite to one and see for yourself. gr0ov#1359Endurabull1 Sep 17
Sep 17 845 Dedicated Rogue LF Raiding guild I'm looking for a Progression guild, or one that is willing to work on Progression. I've been raiding since late 2004 with this character I have a ton of experince as a Rogue. I sim ALL my characters, I bring flasks/potions and am on time 99.5% of the time, usually 5-10 mintues early waiting at the raid. I never rage, I am mature and am willing to do anything it takes to progress as a guild. I will wipe 1000 times just to kill that boss once. At this time I am available for any raid times as I'm off work due to a work related injury. I am looking to get into a guild, prior to raids being released to get used to the guildies/ build a friendship. I am very easy going, and relaxed and laid back. IF you want a 100% dedicated, on-time and positive raider I am your guy. You can add me on BTAG if interested or reply here, Battletag : Chriffer#11437 Thank you for your time I appreciate it!Chriffer4 Sep 17
Sep 17 Warlock LF Raiding Guild 842 ilevel Hello everyone im currently looking for a raiding guild. Im geared (ilevel 842) and am ready to raid! Times available: Monday, Wednesday, Friday - 10pm est or later Tuesday, Thursday - Any time Saturday, Sunday - Unavailable Let me know if you're interested. Thanks.Maynird3 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H] Experienced Druid LF Raiding Guild 842 Feral Druid, 18 Artifact Level Looking for a semi-hardcore raiding guild preferably on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday. Have experience raiding Mythic/Old Heroic back in Cata and MoP but took a break and went casual in WoD. Not looking to be top 50 but still hoping to do Mythic. Anybody who looks like they might have an opening for a feral post here or add me at Knomma#1256.Knommer4 Sep 17
Sep 17 pls delete .Démonicchiéf1 Sep 17
Sep 17 <Talents or Transmogs> Casual Raiding Greetings! About Us: <Talents or Transmogs> is a a PvE guild focused on current content progression including: Mythic+ Dungeons, Normal/Heroic raids, and World Bosses. We will be raiding in a 10+ flex raiding environment, beginning with Normals and progressing to Heroics. Mythics are a distant dream but on the table for later. Non-raiders are welcome; however, the guild is firmly focused on PvE progression. Recruiting: Recruitment is OPEN! We currently have need of... 1x Plate Tank 4x DPS (Ranged strongly preferred) 2x Healer But please apply even if you do not fit these slots! Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10PM-1AM Server Time (EST) Commitment: 9 hours per week for progression. (3 hours, 3 nights/week) (You may want to spend additional time preparing; not strictly required.) Seriousness: -Strive for high-level play but mistakes are okay. Learn from your mistakes! -"Casual" means you respect everyone elses' time and they respect yours. Expect to show up to a raid that is ready to rock; you should be ready to rock in return! Target Size: ~30 players for progression at largest. Guild Characteristics: -Culture centered around "casual and effective" play -Real life first but commitment valued; your time is valuable -Personal Loot (first 4 clears each tier) -Master Looter (beyond 4 clears, to address raid's gear deficiencies) -Sensible guild bank / rank / role policies -You choose your own level of involvement -GameVox voice chat server (the hub of the guild; we do not use a website) -TeamUp Web-based calendar to track raid times and other events Traits Desired in Trials: (That's you!) -18+ but exceptions possible -Level 110 -- has to be said ;) -825+ ilvl average -Ability to learn & manage fight mechanics -Willingness to learn & improve as a player -Positive, team-oriented attitude Leadership: (more TBA) In-game -- Btag Calgrudel -- NinthShade#1102 Please contact me at Btag NinthShade#1102 (or any other listed leaders) if you are interested in learning more or joining the guild. Hope to hear from you soon!Calgrudel0 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H]<Haunted by Murlocs> Morning Raiders LFM! Good morning, lovely people! We're back, and ready to slay. A little about us - HbM is a relatively new guild on Area 52-Horde. We just started Mythic HFC at the end of November 2015, finished strong at 12/13M before 7.0, and finally got M Archi on July 28, 2016. Currently, we run Mythic dungeons every week, and can't wait to get back into the raid scene. BRING IT, XAVIUS. Off the clock we're an adult-oriented guild that enjoys bad puns, innuendo, and WTF-worthy YouTube links. "Giggity" and "that's what she said" are regular punchlines around here, and we're no strangers to a little friendly ribbing. Schedule is Thursday, Friday, and Monday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Eastern time. Spots available: Exceptional applicants of any class. Raider expectations: 840+ with third artifact relic unlocked by Sep 20. The rest is pretty much common sense - show up with consumables, solid knowledge of your class, a couple of strat videos under your belt, an open mind, and a respectful and professional attitude. We do expect at least 90% attendance. If you may be late or need to be absent, please use our forums to tell us, and mark our ingame calendar event as such for that day if you have enough advance warning to do so. To flesh out what it means to know your class - our raiders must be familiar with the most optimal spec for each encounter, why it's most optimal, and be comfortable and competitive on at least one offspec. (Alts are acceptable for your OS, provided that they are comparable in performance to your main.) For tanks and heals, one of your offspecs must be raid-ready dps. As much as we want everyone to play what they love, it's seldom possible to run 8 tanks and 7 healers and expect bosses to die. Questions? Comments? Sound like something you'd like to be part of? Add LolTwizted#1817 (that's me!), or apply at our website: Thanks for reading, and happy hunting!Fantazie1 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H] 851 WW/MW Monk LF LATE NIGHT RAIDING I recently xfered here from tichondrius horde, where I couldn't find a raid group. I'm looking for a group that is starting heroic Emerald Nightmare on launch day. My current work schedule puts me in a position to find a guild that raids at 11:30pm or later. I can raid everyday but Saturday, and can flexibly and efficiently switch from windwalker to mistweaver, though I prefer to play Windwalker. please message me in game, my btag is Drop#1623Drop0 Sep 17
Sep 17 Late night mythic progression <Listen Here Weeb> Casual/Progression/Fri-Sat-Sun PST 9pm-12am Raid goals Listen Here Weeb is a newly formed guild with an established raid group that recently splintered off from a former guild. We are currently recruiting additions to the raid team to fill the Mythic raiding roster. Open recruitment for any class/spec that feels as if they can contribute in a raid enviornment. Listen Here Weeb has several members with Mythic progression experience. As a casual group the raid farmed 13/13H for several months throughout HFC, failing to enter Mythic due to a lack of members on the roster. Raid Environment This is not a Social Justice Warrior group, as a close group of friends we are often brutally honest with one another and joke around in what some would call a harsh way. If your skin is not thick then this is not your home, the whole reason we formed this guild is to be and act how we are. Even though we are a close group of friends, we do not form cliques in the raid team and make people feel as if they are an outsider. The raid group is also not a free ride, we will not carry people that are performing poorly without a positive trend towards better performance. Guild Environment We currently use Teamspeak for VOIP and hang around in it whenever we are on. We play tons of different games together such as CSGO, HOTS, Overwatch and more. At the end of the day we are just friends that like to play games together. No, we are not actually weebs. How to Apply/Requirements Logs that are within 2 weeks of application done in current raid or if the raid isn't out yet for Legion dungeon logs function just as well. If logs can not be provided then we will try to accommodate in some way if we need to. Leave a reply to this post or message Evahsion#1261 in game.Mancowtree0 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H]10/13m hfc exp. Rogue here LFG no longer looking for guildTunesoffun0 Sep 17
Sep 17 [H]<Subversion> Recruiting Legion Raiders <Subversion> is a guild that raids two nights a week on Area 52 (Horde). We are former mythic progression raiders (11/13 M HFC for the core of our team) that are scaling back from the grind a bit for Legion. We have been playing the game since Vanilla and we now have lives (children, houses, jobs, friends). We are looking for players that know their class, enjoy treating their fellow raiders with respect, and are looking to spend two very productive nights per week raiding in Legion. We are currently recruiting all classes and have a special interest in melee DPS (DK, rogue preferred), tanks (bear, DK preferred), and a pally healer. See our website for more info! Raid Times: Tuesday & Wednesday 9pm-12am EST Message an officer in-game with any questions! SwankyTiger#18890 Nytok#1105 MuffVonFluff#1110 MagusZeus#1565Aritroll28 Sep 17
Sep 16 LF Alliance rogue to assist in Coup Greetings, Members of the Alliance. My name is Graustier, I am a A high ranking officer of my guild and I'm looking for a rogue/steathly to help in a guild coup. We will be having a meeting in Silvermoon city on area-52 and after our meeting we need the rogue to assassinate our guild leader. its all gonna be fun and games if you're down. Want it to be A Jon Snow Style execution. PM me on horde side area52 for more details.Graustier0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Future raider looking for a guild. Hey there. I'm currently level an alt toon on Area 52, and I'm hoping to get into to raids/dungeons in the future. I'm not really an experienced raider, I did some WoD raiding, but not much. I would love to learn though, and I'm happy to play either DPS or Healer depending on what you need. If you're willing to take me, shoot me a message in-game and I'll get back to you. :)Mönökuma2 Sep 16
Sep 16 LF 2 Rdps and 1 Mdps >Rising Anarchy< My guild raids Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 730-11pm server time. We are in need of 2 Ranged and 1 melee to fill our our 20 man roster. Preferably need a Mage or lock, Ele Shaman and Warrior dps. Plan on downing Heroic Content and pushing mythics hopefully. If your interested please add me and we can speak more. Thank you. Draynos#1879Draynos0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Fury Warrior LF raiding guild I plan on faction changing this character. Server is kind of dead. Area 52 is my home anyway. I'm looking for a raiding guild on Area 52 that's looking to push Legion raids and other relevant content. Been raiding since late Wrath. Pretty much can make it any day of the week as long as it's after 8 PM PST. Battletag is Gouken#1138. Thanks for reading.Shingouki2 Sep 16
Sep 16 Thinking of Trasnfer To this Realm LF Guild Hello i am Dexterous thinking about transfer over to this realm i need a raiding guild that does anytime before 10 Pm EST i have prior Raiding EXP In Panda Didn't play WOD i would like a laid back guild that USE VOIP(Any i don't care i got them all) i work third shift and in retail so 10pm-to 6am i am not free because there no constant schedule please post or add me to Btags(Dexterous#1698 for any question thank youDexterous0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Area52 - Mammoth train Hey everyone, I decided to record the mammoth train going through Dal on 9/16/2016! I'm in no way a Youtuber so the quality is not very good, just thought it would be fun to share it with you guys! Here is the link: Sep 16
Sep 16 <Day of Reckoning> H Rebuilding Raid Team Thank you for taking a moment to read the recruiting post for Day of Reckoning. We know you have many choices, so we are pleased you’re taking a moment to read our post. Who are we? The best way to describe <DOR> is a casually progressive raiding guild. We are looking for players who want to raid regularly, but have greater priorities such as family and/or careers. These priorities always come first ahead of the great virtual world of Azeroth. Sure, some with scoff at the idea that casuals can progress through raid content, but we have a history of doing so in BC and in WOTLK. I’m certain we can create and maintain the same culture again today with the right people. Raid Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday 8pm-11pm EST We will schedule one weekend raid a month to help gear members who aren’t able to raid as often. Needs: Currently, we have our main tank, two ranged DPS (Mage & Warlock), 1 melee DPS (Frost DK) and 1 Healer (Priest). We would like to add: 2 Tanks: Both tanks need a strong DPS off-spec Melee DPS: Open recruitment Ranged DPS: Open recruitment (Mage and warlock spots running thin) Healers: All classes welcome, but Resto Shaman is on the top of the list. Will have room for 1 Disc Priest. Raid Leader: If you have interest and experience in being a raid leader, let us know of your interest. We welcome the help! Focus: We want a guild where people get to know each other and create lasting friendships. We want people capable of creating their own fun by starting their own events and groups outside of raid nights and try to be as helpful as possible to their fellow guildies. Dungeons will be a big part of our community, with a huge interest in Mythic+. Although we recognize that we will not see server first, our ultimate goal is to clear the content while it is current. – but our success as a guild isn’t measured by our ability to create a Mythic raid team. It is measured in the fun we have on the journey. If you demand Mythic in a raiding guild, we are probably not the right fit for you. If you’re just looking for a raid spot instead of a home, we probably aren’t the right fit for you. Guild Culture: I’m sure many of you have seen the harsher side of the wow community. We aren’t going to tolerate people who tear down others to elevate themselves. It’s just not who we are or what we are about. Officers don’t and won’t get special treatment because they have a “title” – entitlement free zone! No participation trophies here: We ask that you do your best, make strides to improve, be prepared on raid nights (add-ons, enchants and flasks) and be on time when you sign up. We have a lot to accomplish in limited time, so let’s make the most of it. In addition, we aren’t looking for special snowflakes that are incapable of taking constructive criticism or coaching. We will work with you to improve your character and gameplay, but we will not settle for anything but the best. We believe our time is precious, and so is yours. People not interested in making the most of the time spent here will be shown the <DOR>. We are a sarcastic bunch who makes fun out each other often and don’t take it to heart when we are the butt of a joke because we probably deserved it. Several of us have known each other for nearly a decade, and some are family. We hope to find people of similar personalities to add to our pack of crazy. Communication: Voice Communication – Discord, its free, simple and high quality. Online Community – Guild Facebook Page - We will post all raid sign ups and strategies on FB - There is no need for the expense of a forum or website when most people push back when their required use a site. Most people have a FB page. If this is a deal breaker, I apologize but we aren’t going to change this format. Who should I contact to join? - Memnok#11948 - Razorjack#1544 - Azariel#1303 Thank you for taking the time to read this wall of text. I hope you made it all the way to the end. If this sounds like a good fit for you, please reach out to us. If you have questions about our structure, we are happy to clarify anything over Discord. Have an amazing day and remember… FOR THE HORDE!Ravenok10 Sep 16
Sep 16 <Decent Exposure>, Weekend Raiders Tl;Dr - Sat/Sun evening raids, heroic, casually serious. Curse voice. Need ranged deeps. Hey, thanks for looking! We're a group of oldschool heroic raiders returning for Legion, seeking to expand. Currently we have a very solid 10-man, but more healers and tanks than we know what to do with, so we need Deeps, and we need it now. Ranged, melee, whatever. If you can hit things and not stand in fire, we're interested. Things we don't have: hunters/Ele shaman. We plan to raid Saturdays and Sundays, 7-10pm EST and 4-7pm EST, respectively. All we ask for the first week (normal) is that whatever spec you've chosen, you're rocking at least 835 with some decent itemization, have some kind of raid experience, and have at least one gold trait on your chosen artifact. Obviously more is better, but lezbihonest, Normal shouldn't be very challenging. If all goes well, we'll proceed into Heroic for week 2, and build toward getting a Mythic group together. This isn't going to be some bleeding edge group, hence the raid nights. Just some fairly casual but skilled players killing computer dragons in their spare time. Toss me an add on B-net if you're interested. Amaranth#1265. Thanks!Doucheadin1 Sep 16
Sep 16 845 Vengeance DH LF Heroic Raiding Guild I am currently seeking a Heroic/Mythic progression guild, and am 27, currently taking classes in a University. I have been playing and raiding for a long time, about I suppose 12 years, and consider myself a pretty experienced player that learns very quickly, and will always come prepared with raid items and knowledge of a fight prior to progression attempts. Always checking Icey veins and keeping up to date with patches and changes to strategies / stat & gear priorities. But I do not have an elitist attitude, Although I do like to play fast and try to always execute rotations and strategies to their fullest. I've raided in a bunch of games including, WildStar, FFXIV, Rift, and of course wow since Burning Crusade. Schedule: M - Th from 11pm-2am, But Fri - Sun I am basically make anytime as I have no courses scheduled on those days. I would be happy to answer any other questions in game, as well as post Applications directly to any guild websites. Thank you for taking the time to read this !Rexiphar4 Sep 16
Sep 16 [H] 822 Fury warrior 8am-830pm est raiding Hello all i'm looking for a day time raiding guild pretty much anywhere between 8am-830pm est I'm looking for a progression guild. I work midnight therefore i'm not able to raid on the typical late night raids that most guilds run. Although i maybe a little behind on gear i have been quickly gearing up in order to catch up. I'm very mature, friendly, motivated, and dedicated. You'll have a raider that'll be on time and have the right mindset in order to progress heroics and mythics. I can tank or dps, if we are a good match i'll be willing to transfer servers for a promising guild. I'm looking for a friendly welcoming guild. I'm here to have a good time and get some dank loot. my battle net is senorsmoker#1216. Again I am willing to transfer! Maybe even a faction swap.Timmywichard0 Sep 16
Sep 16 Pally tank and Hpal LF raiding guild 848 pally tank and 848 Hpal looking for a raiding guild! We would like 2-3 days, weekdays(Friday counts) around 8-11est. We both have been raiding since mid wrath, and are very knowledgable in our classes and raiding. We are both in our 30's with families so our schedule and attendance won't be an issue. We just transferred from a dying server and are looking for a guild with a tank opening(harder than it seems). Please respond here if interested or if you have any questions.Frostbone1 Sep 16
Sep 16 [H] <Assemblage> Recruiting Raiders & Leaders We are currently seeking all raiding positions, and some important guild leadership spots. Chat with any guildie in game if you are interested ! Our raids will run Tues/Wed 7:30-10:30 - with a possible unscheduled night later in the week if the team wants it, and is needed to help clear more content. We will aim to have fun, and progress. To strike that fine balance. I have always said .. "It's a game, we should have FUN doing it. But, it's also not fun to keep wiping because people aren't serious enough." We're basically a brand new guild. We have 5 close family/friends - and is easier to start a guild, then it is to find one with so many specific openings. Thank you for reading & please contact us if you're interested !!Coja0 Sep 16
Sep 16 WTS Six-Feather Fan 850 ilvl Please send any offers in mail to Taragaeldi on Horde sideSitabe0 Sep 16
Sep 15 2 night a week Mythic Raid team LFM Currently Online - Team "Antisocial" LFM WoD Progression: 11/13m HFC Legion Progression: Raid Times: All EST Wed/ Thu 8:30pm-12:00am We are now recruiting DPS, open to all exceptional players. Range DPS : ( Locks , Boomkin, Mages, Hunters ) Melee DPS : ( Death Knight , Rogue, Warriors) preferred About us: Team "Antisocial" is a raid group of CurrentlyOnline guild, with experienced leadership and progression oriented players. We are active outside raids, running old content, optional alt runs on weekends, PVP groups for Legion and organized events, all in a calm, fun, organized, non elitist environment. Required: A positive attitude and patience Your own flasks, pots, and extra food In depth knowledge of your class and the current raid content A boss addon (DBM, BigWigs, etc) Angry Assignments Punctuality, high attendance, and a reliable functioning computer/internet To apply to Team "Antisocial" : ADD btag- Vin#12577 for a Voice Interview or go to and apply to Team "Antisocial" If you have any questions please feel free to contact: Vin#12577Breezéy4 Sep 15
Sep 15 Twisted Faith Weekend Raiding Currently looking for dedicated DPS, preferably range but still looking for exceptional melee DPS for our raid team full of experience raiders. Raid Times are Sat/Sun 7-9:30pm West Coast Time. Last expansion we raided and cleared HFC becoming 13/13 Normal & Heroic when it first came out. Then took a break after a long content drought at the end of WOD. Where currently know looking for people who want to clear content while wanting to be in a community full of people you trust and support. If you think this is you please contact me at bnet which is ToxicHaze510#1175 and please apply on our website at Best of Luck to all, Sincerely, Toxichaze aka GMToxichaze0 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] 821 Fury warrior day time raiding Hello all i'm looking for a day time raiding guild pretty much anywhere between 8am-830pm est I'm looking for a progression guild. I work midnight therefore i'm not able to raid on the typical late night raids that most guilds run. Although i maybe a little behind on gear i have been quickly gearing up in order to catch up. I'm very mature, friendly, motivated, and dedicated. You'll have a raider that'll be on time and have the right mindset in order to progress heroics and mythics. I can tank or dps, if we are a good match i'll be willing to transfer servers for a promising guild. I'm looking for a friendly welcoming guild. I'm here to have a good time and get some dank loot. my battle net is senorsmoker#1216. Again I am willing to transfer! Maybe even a faction swap.Timmywichard0 Sep 15
Sep 15 <The Precipice of War> recruiting for Range ! About us <The Precipice Of War> on Area 52 is ready to kill them all with kindness and you should join us in defeating the legion. We are going to push mythic and hope you can help us. The guild is led by very experienced raiders that have been around since Wrath, with most of the core team playing since Vanilla. We are a raiding guild first and foremost. We take care of everyone, work towards our goals and try our best to complete them in 2 nights a week. We will provide food/pots/flasks for everyone that raids This doesn't mean we're not on other nights of the week but it's all we expect out of you once you're all setup and ready to raid. We do old raids, dungeons, timewalking and many other things together outside of raiding. Times and Days Tue/Thu 10PM-1AM EST (Server time), Sunday 10PM-1AM EST for guild activities (not mandatory) Voice Discord: You are required to have a working Mic/Headset Loot System At the moment we will use the Personal Loot system Recruitment Currently in need of ranged dps and heals, prefer some recent raid experience as well but all are welcome to contact us for a trial. Shooting for a roster size of 25-30 so please come join us! Raid Rules: (please take a look at these so you understand our philosophy) Plus sign up @ and fill out the app Contact me @ Lintxoxo#1640 for any further questionsLintbgone19 Sep 15
Sep 15 Mage or Warlock LF morning raiding Hey all I've been playing since early wrath and raiding since MoP, quit mid way through WoD (didn't like the direction the game was going). I'm looking to get back into raiding, my raiding expierence involves heroics and mythics as a hunter. I'd like to main a warlock or Mage this xpac on this server. I really wanted to play warlock but things aren't great for the class atm so I'm open to mage. I work at nights so morning is preferable, maybe afternoon. Thanks for reading!Gothburz2 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] Vengeance DH LF Raiding Guild Looking for a raiding guild to join and tank for as Vengeance DH, preferably a guild planning on clearing at least Heroic difficulties of each raid. This is a post for a friend due to him not being able to post on the forums still, caused by a bug with his account locking his forum access. His tag is : SquaRe #1872 Or leave a message here and either he will see it or I will relay the message to him Thanks!Semerhage0 Sep 15
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Sep 15 [H] <ez> Mal'Ganis At <ez> we aim to be one of the leaders in progression on Mal'Ganis (US-Horde). We are currently looking for like-minded individuals to fill our core raid positions. While we do not expect perfection, a high level of class knowledge and mechanical execution is expected. This means proper itemization and consumables are being used to maximize your class's potential. As well as the ability to play more than one role as needed for progression. Be respectful of other raider's time. This does not mean that raiding and having fun are mutually exclusive, just that while focusing on progression we use our time wisely. With our raid schedule it is paramount that we do so. We understand making mistakes is part of the learning process on new encounters; however we will not tolerate people who continue to make the same errors. We need our raiders to be able to adapt to situations quickly and learn from mistakes made, rather than be held back by them. With that in mind, we stress that everyone works as a team and remain open to constructive criticism to become a more valuable player for the Guild. Expectations: - Come to raid prepared, IE: Flasks, food and Potions. - If information is available, study the current and future progression fights - Treat people inside of the guild and outside with respect. - Be respectful of the time people dedicate to raids - Be able to adapt quickly to changes in strategies or mistakes made during encounters. - Bring a positive attitude and be able to take constructive criticism, as well as give your own if needed. - Ability to communicate is a must, having a working microphone is a requirement. - Lastly the motivation to constantly get better and push yourself, study logs try to improve your performance and raid contribution. Raid times: *Sunday: 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT *Monday 9:00 PM CT - 12:00 AM CT Currently Recruiting: Tank: Low Priority Healer: High Priority Melee DPS: High Priority Ranged DPS: Medium Priority If your class is a low priority on recruitment do not be discouraged in applying or contacting someone in the Guild. Anyone who is exceptional at their class will be noticed and offered a chance at a core raiding position. Current Progression: (M)Emeral Nightmare: 0/7 (M)Nighthold: 0/10 How to Apply!: Battle Tag Solo#1470 Battle Tag Imitate#1825 Battle Tag Megadmg#11387 Or speak to any of our officers in game!Nohugs0 Sep 15
Sep 15 DH looking for raiding guild 8-11pm EST I want to dps but I will also keep a raid ready tank offspec. I have raiding experience from wotlk, and fully understand the reading guides, practicing rotations, having adds ons, vents etc. I have already hit 110, and am working hard to spam dungeons. (And wow, dbm has gotten even better since Wotlk) Looking for a great group of people to slay bosses with!Diyepipen2 Sep 15
Sep 15 Veng Demon Hunter/lock for casual guild Hey, whats up, I just transferred to the server with the intention of raiding, unfortunately due to some personal issues I don't know if I can dedicate the time to HC progression. So instead I am looking for a casual, friends and family style guild, t chill and have fun with. Anyways, hit me up.Fhor1 Sep 15
Sep 15 <BlackHat Mafia> Raid Team LF DPS/1 Healer <BlackHat Mafia> is a 2-Night a week raiding guild looking to round out our raid team before raids open next week. The guild was started by a group of 7 friends who came back to WoW for Legion after raiding successfully in Wrath and Cata. We are a pretty easy going bunch of guys who are looking to make a real effort in progression and getting better as a team. We are planning on running a 10 - 12 man team and expand our roster throughout the course of a couple months. We currently have 9 members (2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 dps and 1 healer/dps flex). We are currently looking for a DPS, with a higher priority on a rogue, monk, demon hunter, druid or hunter but can make it work with anything. We are also looking for another healer, any class besides resto shaman. Current Raid days are: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30 PM EST - 12 EST. If interested reply here or add my battle tag: JohnnyCage#1493Jhincena1 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] 821 Fury warrior morning/ day raiding Hello all i'm looking for a day time raiding guild pretty much anywhere between 8am-830pm est I'm looking for a progression guild. I work midnight therefore i'm not able to raid on the typical late night raids that most guilds run. Although i maybe a little behind on gear i have been quickly gearing up in order to catch up. I'm very mature, friendly, motivated, and dedicated. You'll have a raider that'll be on time and have the right mindset in order to progress heroics and mythics. I can tank or dps, if we are a good match i'll be willing to transfer servers for a promising guild. I'm looking for a friendly welcoming guild. I'm here to have a good time and get some dank loot. my battle net is senorsmoker#1216. Again I am willing to transfer! Maybe even a faction swap.Timmywichard0 Sep 15
Sep 15 [H] 837+ Boomkin LF Raiding Guild Looking for a guild that raids 2 weeknights a week starting at ~6pm est and not running later than ~1000 est. Semi-hardcore that is cool with me being an adult and missing a raid every once in a great while (I have a job with on call and once in a great while will miss a raid). I don't stand in fire and know how to raid. I'm willing to transfer. I have a sense of humor and would prefer an adult-oriented guild. Do not want to get in trouble for dropping an F-bomb once in a while. Enjoy it -ZutachZutach1 Sep 15
Sep 15 buying legion greens (45g) and blues (55g) Title explains it all, feel free to C.o.D. them to me. Thanks guys and have fun in legion.Lobey0 Sep 15
Sep 15 Late Night guild looking for ranged dps <Face Down Loot Up> is looking for more dedicated members for our raid team but willing to take in some casuals who just want a home. Our raid times will be Friday/Saturday mornings from 1a-4a server. Currently we could use more ranged dps (pref lock, mage, ele shaman) and maybe a resto druid for our raid team. for more info reply on here or pst me in game AAIIYAAA#1485 or our website good luck, happy legionAaiiyaa0 Sep 15