Area 52

Mar 26, 2015 <Praxis> LFM! 10/10 Heroic Late EST guild <PRAXIS> (HORDE) Server: Area-52 Guild 'Mission': To raid end game on a working man's schedule. Raid Schedule: - Mandatory: Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays @ 1130p-230a (EST) / 830p-1130p (PST/Server) - OPTIONAL, additional progression raiding during the first weeks after new raid releases. - OPTIONAL, Alt Raids. *We understand that at times its necessary to miss a raid due to real life, but in general we expect our raiders to have a consistently high attendance on mandatory raid nights. If you are unable to regularly make Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday, this may not be the guild for you.* Progression: - Highmaul: 7/7 Normal and Heroic. 2/7 Mythic (Kargath and Twins). - Blackrock Foundary 9/10 Heroic Recruitment Needs: Even if your class is not currently in high demand, don't hesitate to contact us if you're a solid player and your raid schedule aligns with ours. High Demand Healers: - Priest - Shaman - Paladins - Monks High Demand DPS: - Mages - Boomkins - Elemental Shaman - Warlocks About Us: <Praxis> was originally a guild made 2 years ago by a bunch of real life friends on the Quel'Dorei server as Dark Scion. During Cata the guild was able to go 6/7 Heroic Firelands and 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul before being disbanded early MoP during HoF progression due unavoidable real life circumstances. Those who continued playing the game went on to continue their Heroic progression elsewhere while keeping in contact with one another. In April 2014 everyone was playing the game again and decided to create our old guild and build a new team and raid together like we all once did. We moved the guild to Skywall and renamed ourselves Dark Animosity and began to rebuild our team. So far in WoD we are relatively happy with our progress, but we would like to fill out our ranks with players that can be consistent to allow ourselves to progress to farming Mythic. As a group, we are a fun young group of people who like to raid Mythic but on a slightly lighter schedule and without all the hardcore influences that usually come with top Mythic guilds. As a guild we challenge ourselves to be the best we can while killing as many Heroic modes as possible and have a good fun time while doing so. All we ask is all our raiders keep up to date with their class and performs at a level that is on par with the rest of the group. We do have some funny and crude humor that happens in raids at times so if your not easily offended and looking for a great guild, with great players and great personality than we might be a good fit for you. What we Have to Offer: - Experienced guild leadership - Provide flasks and food - Guild repairs - A loot council style loot system where gear get's handled fairly and evenly. (Each raid member is aloud one winning roll from dropped loot per raid making a fair loot distribution, of course if no one needs something else after you win your first roll, that piece is still fair game. Coined items do not count as a winning roll. Attendance is also taken into account in the event that someone has consistent unexcused missed raids.) - A guild full of friends and raiders alike looking to compete in raiding. - Guildies online outside of raids doing stuff in the world ranging from achievements to PvP and a group of us that like to play some League. - Plans for Gold Challenge modes for those interested. - Guild Webpage coming soon. - Log Recording on Our Logs: Future: We plan to hit BRF hard in the coming weeks, so if you share that desire to tackle the depths of the BRF we are the guild for you! Contact Information: If interested you can contact us in or out of game via Battletag. - Raid Leader, Enhancement Shaman Abstracted - Zykenwolf#1890 - WoW Guru, and DK Steen - EggsTyrone#1394Abstractèd10 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Prot Warrior LF raiding guild I am looking for a raiding guild that runs raids no earlier than 10 pm EST until around 1 am(ish). Feel free to armory my gear etc, if you want to know more about my experience etc please PM me in game or send me in game mail. I'm in my 20's so i'm not interested in joining a high schooler guild no offense intended.Morowin2 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 10/10H Group LF Mythic Raiding Guild Our previous guild evaporated. We are looking for a Mythic progressed raiding guild to join. We have a Tank,Healer,2DPS. Jazminy-690-War Tank/Jazzminy-686 Prot Pally Logs- Armory- Dotrekt-689-690-Disc Pirest Logs- Area 52 Turalyon Armory- Zerstort-691-BM Logs- Armory- Keefara-690 BM Logs- Armory- Please respond to me in game or bnet me. Certifiable#1648Dotrekt0 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 680 Disc Priest LF Progression Guild . Most of all I am looking for a guild where the members are motivated strictly for progression. Including showing up on time, helping recruit, mix/maxing. All the stuff that goes into having a successful raid team. I prefer a starting spot and not on the bench. I am willing to compete for my position. I have logs. I have spent this tier raid leading. I know the content well. Unfortunately, with mediocre progression 8/10H Brf 2/7M, our recruitment suffered in the way of talented players. Soon after the ones who were talented left for greener pastures for the most part. I have made the decision, based off of lack of motivation to find a new guild as well. I can raid: Sunday through Thursday, the times are from 7pm Eastern to 2am Eastern. This is firm. I am looking for a guild that is 9/10H Brf and 4+ M hm, and getting ready to work on mythic BRF. Please feel free to reach out to me on here or faithmelt#1960 I have to be picky as i expect to remain with this guild as long as we are like minded. Thanks.Faithmelt9 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Casual Raiding Guild LFM Hello! <Azeroths Battered Souls> on Area 52, is currently looking for more dps and 2 healers(preferably a MW monk/holy pally) for both of our raid teams! We are a casual guild so we understand that RL happens. we have an active and very friendly roster :) current progression is 6/7N HM 4/7 H HM, 3/10N BRF, our current raid times for each team are as follows: Raid Team #1 Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00pm - 10:00pm EST Raid Team #2 Fridays and Saturdays 11:30pm - 2:30am EST If interested, add my battletag and we can talk some more! Irrelevant#1350Irrëlevant1 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 669 Frost Mage LF week evening raiding guild Hello! So here i am looking for a new guild....again....bleh, the guild i was in was falling appart, we had to pug people every week and i got tired of sitting around doing nothing I'm available on week evening until around 11 pm EST, tues/wed/thurs preffered I am looking for a well established and drama free guild who i can raid with and have fun doing so I am reliable, i show up on time every raids prepared with good knowledge of every fight and consumables in hand I know i lack experience so far in BRF, i just refuse to pug :( and the guild i was in didn't raid much since it's release, i do have AOTC from highmaul and 7/7 heroic kills My battletag is Gormenghast#1986 or feel free to whisper me in game for more detailsGormenghast8 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 [H] <Lucid> 9/10H BRF LFM DPS + Heals <Lucid> is a Mythic raiding guild on Area 52 looking to round out our roster with more quality, progression minded players. Current progression is 2/7M HM and 9/10H BRF. Lucid began in 2011 as a 10 man raiding guild, and made the transfer to Area 52 in 2012 in order to have the opportunity to play on a more active server. We strive to provide a mature, fun, drama free environment, while also maintaining fast and solid progression through raid content. Raiders are expected to give maximum effort in raid. This includes being familiar with strategies, using appropriate consumables, and taking responsibility for your performance and mistakes. You should be willing to accept constructive criticism, and always be looking to improve your character and performance. Recruitment is currently open to any exceptional 665+ players, particularly skilled ranged DPS and heals. Mage - High Warlock - High Elemental Shaman - Medium Hunter - High Shadow Priest - Medium Balance Druid - High All healing classes - Medium Frost/Unholy DK - High Enhancement Shaman - High Raid Times - EST (Server) Tuesday - 9pm - 12am Wednesday - 9pm - 12am Thursday - 9pm - 12am ------------------------------------------------------- Potential recruits should submit an application on our guild website, Feel free to contact any of our officers or role leads for more information: Brandei - Brandae#1704 (Officer) Grievyr - Griever#1860 (Guild Leader) Psychë - Psyche#1729 (Officer) Jolopy - (Officer) Flicker - (Officer)Brandei40 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 .sold. .sold.Apathyx0 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 Sick Society - 5/7 mythic HM - 9/10 H BRF Sick Society - Area 52 is currently recruiting DPS. We are looking for great, dependable, and reliable DPS. We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8 pm - 11 pm Eastern U.S.. We are currently 5/7 mythic in Highmaul, and 9/10 heroic in Blackrock Foundry. We do have an online guild application at - Our Guild Leader is Bloodysurgen - His battle tag is Bloodysurgen#1836 Ranged Officer is Janglybits - His battle tag is INCH75Chris#1900 Healing Officer is Darksdestiny - His battle tag is Darksfate#1445 Tanking Officer is Alinthos - His battle tag is Xenostehba#1763 To talk in game just whisper Bloodysurgen, Janglybits, Alinthos, Darksdestiny, Legendshot, or Adorãbella. We also have a few rules just to keep the raid/guild environment to stay fun and relaxed. Here is the link to the Sick Society Guild Rules - Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 685 protection paladin LF guild Tank main LF guild moving into mythic BRF or 10/10H. Raid times between 6-11EST Add Leoric#1627 for more infoCarharith0 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 679 ret lf raiding group between 5-11pm 679 10/10H exp looking for a group anyday between 5-11pm server timeNopantswoo0 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 Star Power 9/10H T/W 9:30pm-1:30am LFM! STAR POWER Raids: TUE/WED 9:30PM - 1:30AM EST T17 BRF 9/10H T17 HM 7/7H T16H 11/14 T15 25N 12/12 Recruiting 1 Rogue Recruiting 1 Windwalker Be 670+, Positive, Mature, Reliable, and ultimately looking for a guild that raids as serious, but as infrequently as we do. We aim to play only a few nights a week, and a few hours a week, while still progressing and having fun. This means that we will from time to time, extend a raid lockout to help get through the content. This also means you will have to put in extended hours when we are at the beginning of a new tier on your own time, whether it be running LFR/World Bosses/etc or levelling at the beginning of an expansion. We also run Loot Council as a means to ensuring the raid itself benefits most from dropped gear, in the hopes that we can clear and start to farm these bosses. Requirements Maturity - We recruit adult raiders. Respect - We require that everyone is treated with respect. This goes for differing skill levels, and extends to people outside the guild as well. Performance - You should know your class, and know how to get the most out of your character on each fight. This requires you to do homework. People who cannot perform and are holding the raid back will be replaced. Preparation - Since the raids only happen twice a week, the expectation is that you come prepared. Attendance - You must be able to attend on time, and for the full raid. Be 10minutes early. Contact: In Game - Cyclonüs ( alt+0252 ) Battletag - Cyclonus#2116 www.starpowerwow.comCyclonüs27 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 Chapter of Lost Souls, seeking raiders Greetings! This thread could become just another dull LFM raiders for team sort of thing, but I would prefer to not be another dull cookie cutter type of recruiter for getting Chapter of Lost Souls' soon-to-be second raid team going. Instead allow me to decimate that way of talk and introduce you to what we're all about before you decide if you should really take the plunge! We are in the works of forming a second raid team within the next month or acquire more laid back filthy, and corrupted individuals to conquer all that endgame fun and excitement and launch a solid Mythic team by the next patch. Chapter of Lost Souls guildies seem have this bad habit of working together to succeed and have fun doing it. I could go on and on about how awesome we are and lie to you that we are the elitist of elite raiders, but that is not our ways. We socialize, we joke, we're messed up, and we have fun doing all the great things an active guild does! We have teamspeak and use it on off raid days. We worship all things bacon. We even sometimes bring broken promises of cookies. But enough about that, we want YOU (yes, you!) to try us out and help continue to form the foundations of one of our action packed raid teams or just chat it up with some very laid back people. New? Returning after 3 years from the game? Play so much that you never leave your computer? We like helping each other out! We even help daily gear and coach people. Anyways I will knock off my boasting fest and give you the information to get started with us. Blue Team raids (currently Normals) every Saturday and Sunday currently at 7pm-9pm Eastern Time. The plan for this team is to move to Heroics in preparation for introducing a Mythic team in the next couple of months. Currently 6/7N HM & 4/10N BRF Recruiting (1) TANK and DPS for BLUE TEAM. You can reach me, the guild leader via battletag at Mamers#1527 or even an officer via /who all Chapter of Lost Souls. Feel free to ask questions or throw one of your alt toons in here to see what we are about! And Yes, if you ask for a sales pitch, the answer will be met with: Bacon. :) Sincerely, TriageuTriageu2 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 [H] <Dubstep> Recruiting All! Hello everyone, I'm Atlas, the GM of this brand new guild of Dubsteppy awesomeness. It's cool if you're not into dubstep, but I wanted to throw this out here for anyone looking for a guild. Though we're a new group, we're all avid gamers and so we're looking for other people that play the same games we do! Hearthstone, SC2, D3, etc. etc. the list goes on. Feel free to chat us up and see if you can meet someone that has the same interest. We're also putting together a semi-hardcore, fully casual raid team for Wod here. I know we got a late start, but I've been raiding since BC, and I've got lots of tricks up my sleeve. Feel free to chat me up if you're interested in us! Blue#1985Atlàs2 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 657 resto shaman LF raiding guild Hey all, im looking for a spot in a newly formed raiding guild or one not to progressed yet, im vary xp and know my class vary well, i can raid anytime after noon server and any day. (prefer after 8 pm server) if your looking for a great resto shaman please message me up :)Warrendude1 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 LF Recruit a Friend Hello I'm looking to recruit a friend, I prefer high population PVP realms like Darkspear and Tichondrius. You can choose the faction. Please contact me by email: my battle tag is: fallenpriest#1159Ninjutsu0 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 [H] 9/10H BRF<Untold> is recruiting for BRF! Hello! My main is Kaethur (Prot War) and I am the GM of Untold. I have been raiding since vanilla World of Warcraft on either this character or my priest. Dark Paradigm on Argent Dawn was my first raiding guild. Recruitment Information: We are always primarily recruiting for Mythic content. Our team is currently 9/10H in BRF and looking forward to what we will do with a solid roster for Mythic. We are looking for players that are skillful, know their class/spec, and how to maximize respective role in a raid setting. 18+ Please. We have 1 core mythic team of 20 people. This core mythic team is taken from the heroic team of 30 people. -This means that we take the best 20 people from our heroic team as our core mythic team. -THIS CAN CHANGE EVERY TIER OF RAIDING -The remaining 10 from the heroic team that did not make the core 20 for mythic would be considered backup raiders. These raiders would be interchangeable aspects of the mythic raid; just as important as the core team. Raid Times: Tues, Wed, Thurs :: 10:30PM - 1:30AM Server Time(EST) Looking for: MYTHIC CORE: Currently LF2M; 1 DPS and 1 Healer -~675ilvl -At least 6/10H BRF experience preferred, but will consider others. Addons/Requirements: We require the use of DBM, EPGP Lootmaster(We don't use the point system. Just for easy loot distribution), and Weak Auras 2 (All addons off curse). We also use Mumble for voice chat. Our members make these days and times and we would expect the same from any new member. Of course things like holidays, anniversary, birthdays, and things like that are understandable. We do enforce an attendance policy though. If you have any questions please message me in game. Please whisper me in game to apply. We are also always recruiting Casual members that just want to hang out and possibly be backups in our raid team. Guild Information: We started out as a tight knit 10m guild in MoP. We've all played WoW for a long time and know our classes very well and we do expect the same from any applicant. :) We take our raiding seriously, but we like to have a good time while doing it. Our main raid team is 9/10H BRF. We are NOT a hardcore guild. If you cannot handle wiping to progression, you should look elsewhere, but just because we are NOT hardcore doesn't mean getting hit by "reverbs" on Kromog or "Detonation Sequence" on Iron Maidens is acceptable. We are looking for people who are respectful. If you see yourself suddenly growing a huge epeen, being a huge dbag to anyone, or downright having no manners then we don't want to talk to you. We also have a growing interest in PvP and are looking to start a PvP oriented section of the guild. A lot of us enjoy playing other games as well. Including but not limited to DotA2, League of Legends, SC2, Diablo III, and Hearthstone. We all tried Wildstar and were a bit disappointed with the end-game. You can reply to this post or message me or any of the other two officers in game with these BattleTags: Kaethur09#1857 :: Kaethur (Guild Master - Prot War / Balance Druid) TayTay#1699 :: Tasiya (Guild Officer - Resto Shaman / Holy Paladin) Wolftuba#1711 :: Wolftuba (Guild Officer - Ele Shaman / Balance Druid) Jixxling#1917 :: Saladis (High Council - Prot Paladin / Blood DK) Thanks for your time reading the post and we look forward to hearing from you. :)Kaethur35 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 [H]<Cryogen> recruiting for T/W 9-12:30 Greetings! Cryogen is recruiting adult players with past raid experience that like to have fun AND get stuff done. We have a strong core group and are just looking to pickup a few punctual and reliable players to complete Heroic BRF and begin our push into Mythic. Schedule: Primary Raid(s): Tuesday & Wednesday 9-12:30 server time Secondary Raid(s): Sunday 9-12:30 server time This night is typically more relaxed and has been focusing on normals (currently 9/10). Geared alts are sometimes brought on Sundays when approved by the group leaders. Progression: Currently 8/10H We have 2 x 3.5 hr raids per week, so you can expect progression to be a bit slower than the normal 3 main raid night guilds. Environment: We're an adult guild with a great appreciation for humor/sarcasm/tomfoolery, but we buckle down for progression content or when farm bosses aren't dropping like pre-teen panties at a Justin Bieber concert. Good attendance and execution is important for critical roles such as Tanks/Healers, and will become increasingly more important for DPS classes as we move from Heroic mode flex content into the more rigid and less forgiving 20 man structure of Mythic. We understand family/real life issues and events are important to everyone so absences are understood and generally unpunished. With that being said reliable attendance and exceptional performance are noticed, appreciated, and will be considered if benching is necessary for progression content or if group composition adjustments must be made. Recruitment: We're currently seeking skilled/appropriately geared: Rogue Shaman-Elemental Outside of the specified classes/roles we would also consider exceptionally geared/skilled players as tryouts. New recruits can expect their first raid to be a Sunday night normal run, and then a trial period at the "Tryout" rank. Promotion to "Raider" status will commence upon officer discussion and approval. Joining: If interested post here, or contact us in game: Udderbrudder / Udderlust (on any of my Udder alts) Rysha our GM Trathos our Raid Leader For more information check out our Website: or our Guild Profile on Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 [Empire Inc] Looking for Sat Night raiders! Reposting on my correct toon below.Kàós7 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 [H]<Apostle> 9/10h Recruiting Apostle, an Area52 progression guild, is recruiting exceptional players to fill out our ranks. We are doing heroic progression, with the intent of going back into Mythic. We are currently 9/10 Heroic. Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9pm to 12am eastern time. What we expect from you >Know your class inside and out, and be willing to do what it takes to min/max as much as possible (e.g professions, races , etc). >Come prepared to raid. >Try and have 100% raid attendance. >Don't stand in fire. >Have teamspeak installed. If interested, please fill out the application on our site Our current recruiting priority is as follows. deathknight (dd) high deathknight (tank) high druid (balance) high druid (feral-dd) high mage high monk (tank) high paladin (protection) high paladin (retribution) high priest (dd) medium rogue high shaman (elemental) high shaman (enhancement) high shaman (restoration) high warlock medium warrior (dd) high warrior (protection) highBaeuric6 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 11pm or later raiding guilds out there? I can do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday after 11pm EST. My ilvl is not high on this toon, but I'm 8/10H BRF experienced.Deathklone0 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 <Àdrenaline> is looking for dps / heals! We are currently recruiting healers and dps for our core team. WE DO NOT NEED MAGES. WE DO NOT NEED HUNTERS. I would love to find a warlock. For healers we could really use a priest, but we will take any healers we can get. If you're interested send an ingame mail and I will follow up with you. Thank you!Wiggletongue1 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 666 Arcane Mage LF a new home Currently 7/7 Norm HM, 6/7 Heroic Highmaul and 7/10 Norm BRF(on my spriest Älexa-Blackhand) Recently have switched mains from my spriest to my mage. On this toon, I am currently 5/7 Heroic HM, 5/10 Norm BRF and 4/10 H BRF. I am looking to raid 2 nights a week between 6:30 - 10:30 CST. I am looking for an adult casual yet progressive raiding guild that understands the importance of RL and has fun while raiding. I am not interested in any serious hardcore raiding as I do not have the time to commit. I can be reached either through these forums or via my battletag Ellestaria #1874.Ráynna12 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 672 WW monk LF Raiding Guild I am currently looking for a new raiding guild. I have 8/10 Heroic and Normal Blackrock Foundry experience. In Highmaul I have 6/7 in both normal and heroic. I am looking for an evening raid guild starting and ending somewhere between 6 and 11pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or on the weekend at any times. I also am working on a healing offset, but still need practice before raiding with it.Boozerr10 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 Late Night Friendly Guild (H) Lágrimas de Sangue is a fun close knit guild looking for more active members. We have a wide variety of events on the calender for all to enjoy no matter what level you are. Old school - Fun Runs - Alt Runs - Mount Runs - Progression Raids - Achievement Runs to name a few. We also have a raid team that is requiring some new members to fill out the team. Raid times are Tues 10:30pm - 1:30am and Wed 10:30pm - 12:30am server times. Currently we are 6/7 Heroic and normal HM and 6/10 Normal BRF. Pugging core roles have been holding back progression as we know we can do a LOT more with a tight team. We aim to keep the group small - around 12 - 15 members - and to push progression on those days. . We ask for around a 650 ilvl and to be able to attend both nights 99% of the time. Please be prepared to do a little homework and get to know the mechanics of fights and be comfortable with pushing the class you play. We seek a positive attitude towards the group and the game - Elitist or negative attitudes will not be tolerated. Food and Flasks can be supplied by the guild as long as we have the matts donated to the bank to cover it. Some repairs are also covered. Saturday nights we host a Fun Run of HM (Some heroic some Normal depending on the team on the day) This run is used for alts as well as seeing improvement in our new members. Monday nights have a different twist to it with a different non-raid related activity each week for ALL members to enjoy. Feel free to contact Baijou or Shufflen in game or to leave a message here and we will try to contact you. Thankyou for your time.Baijou1 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 682 hunter LF Late Night Guild Hello all , I am looking for a late night guild on the weekends . Something like 10pm (central) to whatever Sat and Sun nights . I have 7/10H exp with Maidens sub 10% . I am not to worried about being all hardcore , I just want to come in have some fun and down some bosses =) If you have any questions feel free to ask here or add me in game jointpain#1182 .Jointpain4 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 680 Fury War and 678 BM Monk LF raiding guild We are currently looking for a raiding guild with a good positive atmosphere that is progressing through BRF heroic with hopes of pursuing mythic. We are 9/10N and 7/10H. We are available Mon-Thurs 9pm-12am Server Time, will also consider weekends. Looking for 2-3 full raid times a week. Our btags are Paragor#1503 and Strix#1427 if you wish to contact either of us. Hope to hear from you soon.Daimona1 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 [H] <Constancy> 2/7M 9/10H LFM! Greetings Area52 residence. We are looking to fill our ranks to progress in BRF, where we are currently 9/10H (we’ve gotten Blast Furnace to phase 3 15%) and 2/7 Mythic HM. We want dedicated players who are willing to learn and GTFO of things that kill you :). We also provide flasks/post/food for regular raiders. We are a pretty laid back guild, with seasoned vets dating back to vanilla days. We have serious attitudes towards current raid progressions and are experience raiders. Raid Times: Monday 8PM EST - 11PM EST Tuesday 8PM EST - 11PM EST Thursday 8PM EST - 11PM EST (Optional Raid Day Wednesday 8PM EST - 11PM EST used to raid Mythic HM or Reg BRF for ALTS or mains.) Classes we need: Druids: Feral, Boomkin, Resto Monks: WW Paladins: Ret Shamans: Ele, Enhancement Rogues: All specs Mages: All specs Warriors: Fury/Arms Priests: Shadow For more info please feel free to visit our site to apply or contact Humbledundle(Co-GM/Main recruitment officer) Battle Tag: kelfuries15#1651.Humbledundle3 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 . Delete pleaseXaníon1 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 7/10H Recruiting for Mythic Raid/Casual Guild Horde Core is a casual guild that fields a relaxed but serious progression raid team. The guild has has been around for a couple of years (and its core has been raiding together for much longer than that). We have all the normal perks including repairs and the ability to set up events. We only have one rule - Don't be a butthead (i.e. ruin the game for others or give our guild a bad name). Our progression raid team is currently 7/10H but recently lost two of our members due to real life events (job changes that don't match our raid times) so we are now looking to find two more folks to run with us. We are looking for a ranged dps and a heal/ranged dps hybrid to round us out that works with our comp. We are full on hunters but are open to other class combos. Our raid comp currently is: Tanks: DK/Warrior Heals: HPally, RShaman, RDruid, HPriest, DPriest RDPS: Hunterx2, Lock, Mage, Boomie MDPS: uDK, Monk, Roguex2, RPally, EnShaman The same butthead rule applies to our raid team along with a couple more items. 1. Be reliable for our raid times of 1930-2300 Server Tu and We 2. Be able to be on Mumble and willing to communicate to help the group 3. Don't be all about me, now, and loot - we progress as a group and are fair to everyone 4. Be raid aware and open to improvement If you are interested in general membership or in raiding hit me up in game at Ops#1155. Thanks, OpsoOpso2 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 BM Monk + Disc LF causal raiding guild. Hey, there. My friend and I are looking for a casual raiding guild. Im playing a BM monk, 640 ilvl. He is playing a disc priest ilvl 645. We're looking for any laid back raiding guild. We can raid after 7pm EST on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Looking to end before 11pm est. I am 10/10H. 2/7M. He is a new player but learns very fast and I will personally guide him. Leave a post with btag and I'll add you! Thanks in advanceSoleionn0 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 What server is Merged with Area 52? Hello fellow Area 52 friends, I am planning on transfering one of my mains to Area 52. I just want to get a quick heads up what realms are merged with this server? I would be highly appreciated if anyone could point me to the right direction. Thanks, nice to meet you all. ^_^ Also is there a list I can find that will tell me what realms are merged/connected? Thanks again! Hope you all have a nice day. :)Crawlar1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 RestoShaman 8/10H BRF LF 2night raiding guild Ilvl 682 Unable to raid fridays, saturdays and sundaysHydroxycat0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 667 Resto Druid LF guild No longer searching for a guild, thanks. ______________________________________________ Hi. After doing some casual raiding since WoD's launch, I'm now in search of a higher-level and dedicated raid group. I'm currently 6/7 HM Heroic, but only 3/10 BRF. I've been raiding off and on since 4.3. I have plenty of experience in a raiding environment. Additionally, I usually have perfect raid attendance and come to raids prepared. If I cannot make a raid night, I will give plenty of warning. I'm available any day of the week from 8-12. Weeknights are preferred, but I can also do weekends reliably at the moment. Send me a whisper in game or post here if interested. Battletag is Moodcreator#1275. Thank you.Pluet1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Dark Asylum 8/10H LFM Dark Asylum - Area 52 Progression: 8/10H 10/10N Raid Times: T/TH/F 6:30 to 9:00 Recruitment Dps DK, Warrior, Monk, Feral, Boomie, Spriest, Lock, Ret Heals Holy priest, Monk, Druid About us If you want to get to know us better you can visit our site: Want to join? If you would like to have a trial run with us please feel free to fill out an application on our site or you can add Hoxsey#1546Warhoxsey0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 656 druid tank LF semi casual raiding guild. Hello! I am looking for a semi casual raiding guild on Area 52 EST time. I main tank but can possibly do off-spec feral dps. I can be available to raid on the following times: Tuesday: 6pm-9pm est Thursday: 6pm-9pm est Friday: 6pm-9pm est Sunday: 6pm-9pm estBatzarroz1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Looking for a guild ? Are you looking for a guild that's more than a name and some perks? Do you want raid progression? How about dungeon runs, farming days, or social events? Or are you just looking for a fun, relaxed place with friendly and experienced players with whom you can hangout and level? If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions then The Art of Warfare, here on AREA-52, is the community for you! For those who are raid ready and interested, our progression team is currently 7/7 normal Highmaul, and 2/7 on heroic Highmaul, we are 3/10 normal Black Rock Foundry and we raid at 7 pm EST/server Tues/Wed/Thurs. For those who are not raid ready but who are looking to learn fights and get gear, we have a secondary team that is currently 6/7 normal Highmaul, who meet at 9:30 pm EST/server on Mon/Wed/Thurs. Are you interested in PvP? Are you a pro who wants to be able to help out the newbies? Are you a newbie itching to slaughter some Alliance cronies? Then join TAW - where we're currently building a PvP program that will cover all areas of player versus player from fun battleground excursions to competitive teams. And if you have no idea what you want to get into but just want a helpful, friendly guild that actually interacts with each other and does weekly events, then The Art of Warfare is the community for you! Feel free to Whisper Vetflyer or any other member in game or apply on our website at we look forward to meeting you soonVetflyer0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 <The Sixth Sanctum> Recruiting DPS/tank We are a Semi hardcore Raiding guild in need of solid reliable players for our core team! We raid Wednesday and Thursday 8pm to 12pm Eastern Standard Time. Must be 660+ for raiding But all are welcome! Ventrilo is required! Apply at our website: See you guys online!Bazzaka0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Resto Shaman Looking for home Hey, i am looking for a home after a long break i just had, i am only 651 itemlevel but i know my class, if anyone is intressted or looking for a resto shaman the raid times i can make are: any day 11:00 pm server till later in the am. thanks :)Warrendude1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Lf Raiding Guild 678 ww dps lf competetive raiding guild. 2/7 Mythic HM and 7/10 Heroic BRF Exp.Brööklyn10 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 682 Unholy DK lf Raiding guild - 2/7M 8/10H Hey, Currently 2/7M Highmaul and 8/10H BRF Old raid group fell apart after the leader went on Hiatus, looking for another raiding guild with Similar progression. Looking to raid at least 2 nights a week. Anytime after 6PM EST is good really except for Saturdays. Switched to frost from unholy a couple weeks ago. Heres a link to the latest logs i have: Still learning which talents are best for each fight, but I'm getting better.Shryne6 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 <We Kill Dragon Now>8/10H LFM Dps <We Kill Dragon Now> [U.S Horde-Area 52] We Kill Dragon Now is a new guild created(2/10/2015) and led by veteran raiders. The guild is in its early stages and is encouraging all players interested in Heroic and Mythic raiding to apply. We are building, not only a solid core(20Man) raiding team, but a tight community of skilled players to hit future expansions/tiers. Our aim is to clear content in a timely and cutting edge fashion while maintaining a drama free environment of like minded players striving for success. We are primarily looking for players ready to step into Heroic BRF and soon after begin Mythic progression. Raid Schedule: Tuesday:9pm-12pm EST(Server Time) Wednesday:9pm-12pm EST(Server Time) Thursday:9pm-12pm EST(Server Time) Current Progression: 7/7H High Maul 8/10N BlackRock Foundry 8/10H BlackRock Foundry Recruitment Needs: **Damage** -Warlock(HIGH) -Warrior(HIGH) -Mage(VERY HIGH) -Death Knight(VERY HIGH) -Hunter(Medium) -Priest(Low) -Monk(Low) -Rogue(Low) -Druid(Medium) **Healers** -Priest(HIGH) -Druid(Medium) -Holy Paladin(VERY HIGH) -Shaman(Low) -Monk(Low) Type of Raider We Kill Dragon Now is looking for: *Extensive knowledge of class,spec and role(you know where and how to research your character for maximum performance) *Looking for a home. We are not a loot or achievement pitstop *Understand progression raiding and enjoy it(Whether through previous progression raiding or some other source of how it generally works-Wipes happen, be prepared to deal with that) *Able to take constructive criticism well(This is not the same as being called names for 2 hours. If you are called out for a problem, it is to fix it for progression purposes) *Working Mic and Mumble We Kill Dragon Now's Atmosphere: **Drama free and Mature-18+ please and act it **Team players that work together **Competitive raid environment that strives for excellence **No "Carrying"-All core raiders are expected to pull their own weight within the team **Easygoing and like-minded personalities **Experienced leadership Website: ****If you believe this is the guild you would like to potentially call home do not hesitate to contact us in-game or submit an application on our website! You can contact us via Battletag @ Calienya#1240 or Ursoc#1443. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hope to chat with you soon!Vekxi31 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 DPS warrior LF raiding guild I'm looking for a casual guild progressing through normals or heroics to raid with on my alt. Have full heroic experience on my main. Would prefer a guild that raids less than 10 hours a week, current progress does not matter. Availability: Mon-Thurs 5 pm-~9:45 pm, Fri 5 pm-2 am. EST Would prefer Fridays since that is the day I do not have to raid on my main, my main raid starts at 10 pm Mon-Thurs.Cord1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 [H] <We Do Boss Now> 7/10 N, 2/10 H <We Do Boss Now> is a semi-casual Horde raiding guild on Area-52. We’re comprised of a core group of friendly and welcoming players with significant raiding experience throughout WoW’s history. We currently raid on Wednesday and Friday nights with a start time of 7:30pm and a more-or-less rigid ending time of 10:00pm (EST). We’re working on finishing Normal BRF (7/10) as well as progressing through Heroic (2/10). To this end, we are seeking additional consistent and competent players to join us. What we’re about: A dedicated raid team. We have experienced players that know how to clear content and kill bosses. We know how to have fun in raid and ventrilo while also instilling the respectful accountability that’s needed to progress through content. Consistency. We have a very consistent and predictable raid schedule that almost always starts and ends on schedule. Raiding twice a week on a set schedule makes it easy for many of us to fit raiding into busy lives. Respect. We joke around. We can be vulgar. Sometimes we don’t act our age. We will probably tell you to stop getting hit by trains during Operator, but at the end of the day, we maintain a positive and fun environment. What we’re not about: Hardcore, cutting edge progression. We love to raid and progress, but we are not a Mythic guild. Certainly this could change in the future depending on several factors including recruiting needs, but right now we’re focused on progressing through normal and heroic content. Drama. It happens everywhere, but we tend to be a pretty laid-back group of friends who get along well. Players completely new to raiding. Everybody has to start somewhere, but our goals can only be achieved through the efforts of individuals who have a foundational understanding of raiding mechanics and a history of success. You don’t have to be the best, but we expect you to put in the effort required to succeed in your role. Who we’re looking for: All DPS classes A reliable, competent tank with a DPS offspec. A healer, preferably with a DPS offspec. All healing classes will be happily considered. If you’re interested, please reply here or message me in game for more information. (BattleNet: Arlo#1459, Character: Tuskslap/Gingerslap). You may also contact my co-GM (BattleNet: Bloodbathe10#1976, Character: Holeêcow). We welcome transfers, although it’s best if you join us for some cross-realm trial raids before committing to transferring.Tuskslap0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Legions of Doom Guild recruitment <Legions of Doom> is a fairly new raiding guild that is recruiting Rdps/Heals to fill core raid spots. We need 2 healers (no druids) and 2 ranged dps. We are Currently 6/7 N HM 1/7 H HM, Raid days/times Sat/Sun 1 AM - 4 AM Server Time! Prospective Raiders need to have a 650 ilvl for progression into BRF. Individuals interested in raiding can post here or send an in-game mail to Mandiqt on Area 52. Interested raiders will have a vent meeting with Mandiqt (GM) to review raid charter and raid rules. During the vent meeting, feel free to ask any questions. MandiqtMandiqt0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Area 52 Legions of Doom: Guild Recruitment <Legions of Doom> is a fairly new raiding guild that is recruiting Rdps/Heals to fill core raid spots. We need 2 healers (no druids) and 2 ranged dps. We are Currently 6/7 N HM 1/7 H HM, Raid days/times Sat/Sun 1 AM - 4 AM Server Time! Prospective Raiders need to have a 650 ilvl for progression into BRF. Individuals interested in raiding can post here or send an in-game mail to Mandiqt on Area 52. Interested raiders will have a vent meeting with Mandiqt (GM) to review raid charter and raid rules. During the vent meeting, feel free to ask any questions. Thank you, MandiqtMandiqt0 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 4 Players Looking to Transfer/Join a Guild Hi all, as the title says me and 3 of my friends are looking for a Mythic Guild on Horde Side. We are looking for a guild that starts their raids after 930 PM EST and ends by 1230 or so. About the players: note armory hasnt fixed their recent ilevel increase The 4 players are: Myself-685 disc priest or 680 Boomkin-Priest- Druid- 686 Ret Pally- 683 WW Monk- 686 BM Hunter or 675 WW Monk. Hunter- We are looking for a guild thats at least 9/10H as we have all seen phase 3 of BH on Heroic. Any questions hit me up on here or on btag bigsox1176#1537. Thanks,Ferbed1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 22, 2015 683 Fire/Arcane Mage LFGuild Looking for a guild that is farming H BRF and doing Mythic content. Need clears on the weekend preferably, but also can do some weekdays nights too.Shedboy9 Mar 22, 2015
Mar 22, 2015 DisturbingThePeace LFM Raiders! DTP is a nice group of people looking to kill content at our own pace, we are not trying to go for a world first but want to do the best we can, we raid Sat and Sunday some times Friday from 6:30 pm server till later. we are currently looking for a healer and a couple dps we are 6/7 heroic HM and got some in BRF down also. Contact: Warrendude (ingame) Warrendude#1174 Btag or post bellow Thanks :)Warrendude1 Mar 22, 2015